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  1. Ho boy.. I dropped the ball on this... Turns out setting up and running a Kickstarter kinda... dominates one's existence... I believe i've missed enough to be ut of this, but I'm hoping I can come back in October! However, everyone's painting is still AMAZING! So I'm super happy to see everyone still knocking it out of the park! Keep rocking folks!
  2. Oof I tried.. got a couple of Katashiro done.. I'll put em up soon.. but yeah gonna have to claim first mulligan.. This month has been a weird whirlwind of trying to figure out social media and trying to get my stuff out there.. it's very exhausting and time consuming and I'm sadly not sure it's working... ANYWAY! Some amazing paint jobs as always from the people managing to stay at it! Super impressive.
  3. @dannydb Yo! I'm down in Bristol, though I've been to a couple of Wayland Games' tournaments and me and my housemates intend to attend more once.. we can again. Yourself?
  4. I hope this is ok to tack on to my introduction. But Thought i'd plug my new available-for-free one-page rpg. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/310839/GEMSTONE-WARRIORS It's a bit of fun in these dark times. maybe some people on here will like it! =D
  5. @Rathnard The murder monkeys were in fact @Diddick not mine. Though the bases do look amazing! I have done hot coals on a fair few of my models but not any of the ones this month (and it's not nearly as impressive as Diddick's bases!)
  6. I painted a Dawn Serpent for a friend! quite pleased.. I think I could have been a little more careful with the colour blending on the hair.. but generally I'm pleased with the overall thing. Also a first foray into using pinning to attach models to bases.
  7. @catsgamesandpizza Thanks! Sadly I don't have photos but I'll do my best to explain what I did. I painted the Red (just a mid red with a red wash over the top) first, partly because I only decided to do the Flicker glow afterwards. The green was primarily two colours, from the citadel range. The deeper Warpstone Glow, and the bright Moot Green. I started by coating on a fair few layers of very thin Warpstone Glow. It didn't blend too well with the red, so I suspect there's a better way to go about this bit. I did put a coat of Ork flesh contrast paint on it, but not
  8. And I have done it. Playing some more with the blending I was trying with the poison Gamin I decided to paint my Ohaguro Bettari that's been lounging around unused and half-painted for a while. I believe this will complete my pledge for the month! Pretty pleased considering it's the first time i've properly tried anything quite so bold painting wise. The git is that I've now basically backed myself into having to do the same effect for every Oni.. WELP.
  9. Oops! Didn't post till now! For April I decided to do my three Poison Gamin. I then noticed they were 5 points not 6.. so I need an extra point.. I am working on that... but for now.. the tumultuous attempt at poison gamin! So I decided to try a new thing and do some blending, having them go from yellow to green! I think it worked pretty well for a first try.. however... I then made the mistake of trying to wash them with a contrast paint.. which just completed owned the whole model.. so.. damn.. I decided to just try painting again.. this time slig
  10. Woohoo! Fingers crossed I can get a smoke Tara crew this time!
  11. I did it! just.. I didn't do Miss Fire in the end, but did get a rail Golem done instead so still met my points pledge amount! So this month, for a total of 18 points: Carlos Vasquez Rail Golem
  12. And here we are. My full Wildfire crew! Technically I have a couple of firebranded to make and paint, but i'm not likely to use more than the one I don't think (even though I love them) and I reckon I have other stuff I want to move on to. Pretty pleased with them as an overall crew. I think they look nice and cohesie as a whole crew and I'm proud of them all together. None of them are the best paint job ever (saw an amazing Kaeris crew on a Wyrd place yesterday that made me feel a tad inadequate but what ho) but I am happy with this!
  13. Half way there with a finished Carlos. I really liked his tattoos.. but now that the contrast paint is on i think he just looks a little dirty.. Guess that serves me right for trying an easy 'paint delicate tattoos then cover in contrast to make them look like they are not just painted on' approach.
  14. This month I shall pledge my Miss Fire! And my Carlos to finish my wildfire crew! (Lets ignore the two firebranded I haven't made)
  15. I did it! I finished them. So. Much. Fire. Pretty pleased. I don't thnk they quite stand out as much as I want but they do look nice and cohesive in the crew with the other models.
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