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  1. Wow, that Alpha Crawler is amazing!! Loved the sharks too!
  2. Brace yourselves, crappy pictures incoming! I wanted to share with you guys my Samael Hopkins, almost finished. For the base I'll use the Greenstuff terraint paint, this cracking paint that leaves it terrain like... the only problem with my tests so far is that if I apply it directly from the bottle the effect is very nice but too pale for my liking, so I'll have to play with inks so "brown it" a little. (it never ceases to puzzle me the hammer in his back, is like he just walks around with it waiting for a "Test your might" game to suddenly appear) Sonnia is almost done too, but that's for another update.
  3. Love both models, I have the Binh Nguyen from the KS but I'll get that one for sure!!
  4. Hi! For me May brings the following models to the table: * Sonia Criid: 15 SS * Samael Hopkins: 9 SS * Purifying flame: 2 SS * 3 x The Changeling: 12 SS (4 X 3 SS) (Optional) * Monster hunter: 6 SS For a total of 38 SS (44 SS if I get to paint the monster hunter)
  5. Hi there! here's my pledge for April: * Ryle: 10 SS * Abuela Ortega: 5 SS * The scribe: 2 SS. Two photos for him since I take crappy pictures and wasn't able to get at the same time the suit and the mask. * Lucius: 15 SS * Nino Ortega: 7 SS For a total of 39 SS
  6. Hi there!! After a long journey through the desert, it seems demos are back in town! With the upcoming M3E edition new people is becoming attracted to the game, so it's demo time! Remember, if you want one on your own PM me or schedule it with our friends at the LGS. Where: GoblinTrader Norte (Calle Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid). When: Thursday, 2nd of May, bank holiday in Madrid. What: Malifaux M3E demos.
  7. Great news! I specifically like this part: "For example, the Wong crew box is staying mostly the same from Second Edition to Third. However, we are adding one new model to that box: Alphonse LeBlanc. Players won’t need to buy the new Wong box just to get Alphonse, though.For the first year, store owners will be able to work directly with their distributors to special order individual models, such as our Gremlin friend Alphonse LeBlanc. " Since I have the complete Outcast + Arcanist factions, and most of the guild plus several crews from the remaining factions, having the chance to pick those models instead of the whole crew is great! Even if the crew has been remodeled, after putting the effort in painting the M2E version in some cases just getting the new model will be enough, allowing me to save money to spend in the seven books, the core book, decks... yep, that's my wallet crying!
  8. laughed a bit too much at this... 😂
  9. Amazing models, both those painted and those converted!
  10. I guess that @Kyle saw my 170+ Malifaux models still to be painted and decided to push the release date a bit back so I can paint some more before buying a couple of Bayou Bash (huge circuits for the win). 😂
  11. Not really, because I'm the only one that can go and now I'm with the other Spanish team as they were missing one player (they forgot I won last year's wooden spoon)
  12. Hey Wyrdos! It's about time we have our first TOS league at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid). Join us for some games to decide who will be our first champion! What: The other side league, dual commander. Where: GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid). When: We'll start on the 22nd of April, regular league + playoffs. How much: 10 euros fee, all for prizes.
  13. So, I just ordered a few new decks and then comes a Waldo and destroys my wallet again... bad Waldo, bad!
  14. Yeah, me too... every big sale I'm all excited thinking this might be the one but... next turn, GenCon '19. Hopefully we'll get some updates before!
  15. @Caedrus those MNM...oh man... If I have to choose which one I like more I would be in a tough spot! And the skin is great too! Can't wait to see it finished! I'll try to post pictures tonight of my two finished models so far, Lucius (with the classic colour scheme) and the Abuela, and next comes Ryle.
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