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  1. Very well deserved, I got to see it personally and was amazing!
  2. That's my secret plan for the UK Nationals!
  3. Amazing conversion skills and crazy painting jobs, good work everybody!!
  4. Hi there! Definitely @Caedrus has my vote for a second term! Now for my November pledge and still rushing to have every possible model for the UK Nationals available I'll still focus on the Guild. These are my models for this month: * Peacekeeper: 10 SS (because he's very cool!) * Jonathan Reichart: 10 SS (one of the two missing models from my Basse's crew) * Mounted patrol: 8 SS (I'm not sure this model will make the cut to the UK nationals, but it's quite cool) * Riotbreaker: 7 SS (same reason as the Peacekeeper!) * Exorcist: 6 SS (just to have one of every possible model!) * Austringer: 6 SS (same as the exorcist) * Frontiersman: 5 SS (aaaaaaand the last model from Basse's crew) * Guard Patrols: 2 x 4SS (well, they look cool) For a total of 60 SS. I've already started since it was a bank holiday on the 1st of November, and with the help of the airbrush I've done massive progress on both robots so hopefully I'll be able to post pictures on Wednesday.
  5. Hi there! Chou reporting here! * Brutal effigy: 4 SS * Dr. Grimwell: 9 SS * Guild investigator: 7 SS * Death Marshall recruiter: 7 SS * Domador de cadáveres: 7 SS * 3 x Sanctioned Spellcaster: 12 SS (3 x 4 SS) * Pathfinder: 6 SS * 4 x Clockwork traps: 8 SS (4 x 2 SS) For a total of 60 SS @Caedrus. Lessons learnt this month: no PS4 and using the airbrush for the same colour in all models (in this case, red) really sped up the process.
  6. Hey there! On the 23rd of November we will have a new M3E tournament at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid). Starting with this tournament we will be now allowing multilpe masters and DMH, so bring back your Collodi and Ramos! WHAT: M3E Tournament WHEN: 23rd of November WHERE: GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) WHAT ELSE?: - 10 euros fee, all for prizes - Fixed faction, multiple masters allowed per game, DMH allowed - Three rounds, 2 hours per game - Schemes and strategies will be published in advance to allow players to bring their bands prepared - We will start at 11:00 and finish at 19:00 (times may vary according to how the tournament goes and if all players agree)
  7. NDA sent for the Spanish translation!
  8. Beautiful models, I really like the metal parts, and the cleanliness is remarkable!
  9. You can always release this model plus a Waldo model for the upcoming Black Friday sale... just saying...
  10. Hi there! For October I'll keep my painting rush trying to have all the models I need for the UK nationals. * Brutal effigy: 4 SS * Dr. Grimwell: 9 SS * Guild investigator: 7 SS * Death Marshall recruiter: 7 SS * Domador de cadáveres: 7 SS * 3 x Sanctioned Spellcaster: 12 SS (3 x 4 SS) * Pathfinder: 6 SS For a total of 9 models and 49 SS. If there is time I'll add four clockwork traps for 8 additional SS.
  11. Chou reporting here, @Caedrus! * Lady J (15 SS), Scales of justice (2 SS) and The judge (10 SS) * The jury (8 SS) and 2 Death Marshalls (10 SS) * The lone Marshall (9 SS) and Bernadette Casse (2SS) For a total of 56 SS
  12. @Adontis I've assembled and painted mine, maybe I can help you. The only problem I found was with the bandanna as there wasn't a clear spot, so I glued where I think it would go based on the box art. I'll post pictures tonight, luckily it will help you.
  13. Hey there! We are proud to host a new edition of the GoblinTrader League. This year it will be held in both GoblinTraders in Madrid, Norte and Sur, with the help of Sur's henchman @BimVooDoo. * M3E League!! * 10 euros fee, all money will be used for prizes. * Dead Man's Hand and multiple masters alloed. * 50 SS, players will be divided randomly in two groups; at the end of the regular seasons the top players will go to the playoffs. * Two factions per player (optional), but following all the M3E rules for hiring a crew. * Players will be able to play at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) and GoblinTrader Madrid Sur (C/Enrique Fuentes 16, Madrid). * Kick off on the 13th of October! For the rest of the bases please follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1397705950379605/ Painting prizes, Wyrd prize kits, raffles, beers and laughter await, so join us!
  14. Hi there! My pledge for September will be a quite ambitious one, as I'm moving from Casse's crew to Lady J for the UK Nationals. Here are the models: * Bernadette Casse: 2 SS (didn't like the idea of having him without his totem) * Lady J: 15 SS * Scales of justice: 2 SS * The judge: 10 * The jury; 8 * The lone marshall: 9 * Death Marshall x 2: 10 SS (5SS each) for a total of 56 SS... I'll leave the death marshalls for the end as they are the cheapest models besides the totem.
  15. Hey there! I didn't get to finish my models this month, the beach got the best of time (and now it seems I bathed in Chestnut wash). Apart from the monster hunter and the Steward y finished earlier this month, these are my models (the bases will have to wait until I return to Spain). So in the end, 15 SS for Basse, 10 SS for the frontiersmen, 6 for the monster hunter and 6 for the guild steward for a total of 37 SS, @Caedrus.
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