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  1. Chou

    Lazarus seems a bit rubbish now...

    I've tested Lazarus during the closed beta and it's really cool. The shockwave it's great, but also with Assimilate you can copy the Deadly Claws attack from the Desolation Engine (including suits printed and triggers, so you get the free heal), and with a mask you get to repeat the action. Lazarus + Desolation, best friends forever.
  2. I agree completely with @Burnin' Coal. The level of detail from, for instance, the warped or the black ops is at least the same as any Malifaux models, and I have 250+ Malifaux models to compare with. Yes, it might be annoying some issues but as he states all of them are easy to solve; regarding the gaps in the models I've seen many, many players gluing their models with superglue not really caring about those gaps and painting over them so I puzzles me seeing these many critics. I for one am happy to have all the models ready to play (and I do like assembling the Malifaux models) and really don't mind fixing those gaps.
  3. The thing is that we have compared models in our community and there is lucky people with flawless models and then unlucky people who got their models assembled on a train, at night, with no lights....by Michael J. Fox.
  4. Hi there! It's tournament time! And with the brand new third edition rules and model stats! Where: GoblinTrader Norte (Calle Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid). When: Saturday, 23rd of February. What: Malifaux tournament with the new M3E rules and stats! The cost is 10 euros, all money will go for the raffle. We will start at 11:00 (please be there at 10:45 so we can start on time) and during three rounds we will be getting the pulse of the new edition. The schemes and strategies will be from the GG2018 published on the 20th of February (fixed faction, multiple masters, 50SS). Please feel free to contact me for more info!
  5. Chou

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    Buy this man a beer! I'm completely agree with him, I prefer people having mulligans and still painting that quitting after failing to meet a target. I think the badges are a cool idea but they are not such a big thing to miss in case you use a mulligan.
  6. Chou

    TOS in Europe

    Hey there! Here in Spain we have started receiving it, me being one of them. Let me split it in two: * After chasing Diacash and Wayland and having full written confirmation from both of them that they didn't have our stuff we contacted again Wyrd via the customer support program stressing out how annoyed we were, specially without having any single piece of real information and extremely worried once the two theorical distributors confirmed they had nothing to do with it. Here I have to comment that I got a very fast response (kudos to Desiree, you rock girl!) and the next day we got the FedEx message confirming the delivery date. On a related note we had to pay customs although it was supposed to be UE friendly but we saved that as a come back later issue. * Regarding the box itself I guess that the customs did took their toll on it as some boxes were opened and in poor shape but as I say I put that on our customs fault. Only the boxes were in poor shape, the models and everything was there and in mint condition. For our german friends, I strongly recommend reaching Wyrd through the contact support and requesting more info. It would be so easy just entering your names to see in the database your orders, when and where were they shipped and to whom so you would know who to chase next.
  7. Hey there! New year, new models! Let's see if I can make up for the crappy last month of the 2018 Challenge. This month I'll try to paint: * Patti Ramone for 7 SS, finishing the Wild ones crew. * Witchling Thrall for 9 SS * Brutal emissary for 10 SS. * Executioner for 9 SS For a total of 35 SS.
  8. Chou

    Monthly Painting Challenge - December

    First of all, happy new year! Second, sorry for the delay but I was on holidays away from home. On december I managed to paint only two models due to social events, holidays, Bloodborne on PS4 and some other lame excuses. Eli Ramone for 7 SS Iggy pup for 4 SS For a whopping total of 11 SS.
  9. Chou

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Oh boy, it's Friday! One of the reasons is my favourite day is because we get another "Project update" mail! These mails have become my favourite piece of fiction, even better than the Chronicles!! Remember this part from the 27th of November? "The word from the UK shipping houses is pretty much everything has shipped. There is a small handful of packages we had to provide clarification on addresses so that the orders could be shipped out. Please check your spam filters for tracking numbers, we have been told that they have been sent directly to you from the shipper." Now it was a pity that our stuff was in the Narnia shipping houses, or that all the Spanish backers addresses needed clarifications never requested but hey! Bad things happen, right? Then on the 7th of December, "The balance of international shipments, some regions orders were not shipped from our European shipping house. Delays beyond our control, but we were told that the balance of shipping would start today and wrap up early next week. Please check your spam folder for tracking". First appearance of the "next week" mithological concept! Loki, god of lies, could learn a thing or two from Wayland! And finally, from last week,, on the 12th of December: "We are hoping to have a solution for each order before mid-week." Now this one is on us, they say mid-week, but not which week's mid-week!! Well played!! Meanwhile Wayland it's on a need to know basis, this is, you need to know nothing so go playing with your imaginary friends, boy. Somebody could say maybe we are a bit frustrated with all the overflowing information we get from the parties involved but don't mind testing us and giving some more. In fact, could we get a mention in tonight's mail? Something like "and warm regards to the Spanish backers who will get all wasted during Christmas so they won't miss they ks for another month or so".
  10. Chou

    TOS in Europe

    Yes, really wonderful statement from more than a month ago. Maybe, and I say maybe because we are in the seasons of miracles we could get some actual info; and before I read something deep as "Wyrd sent it, they can't do anything", if somebody buys a car and once he paid all he receives are messages like "well, your car was supposed to be here, but the truck driver is who knows where, reach him, bye bye" would it be ok? Of course it would not be ok.
  11. Chou

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Day 362: I've ordered at Domino's just to have something delivered. It felt nice. The pizza boy even hugged me when he saw me crying.
  12. I see myself gaining the red joker and the black joker badge the same day . Great idea @Caedrus!!
  13. Chou

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    So, on a lighter note... UK guys getting the pledge before the rest of Europeans is part of Theresa May's program to get the best out of the Brexit deal? The delays make me thing that the european hub has to be Spanish, that performance can only be achieved here! Or it might be in Paris, I'm pretty sure I saw this guy with the yellow vest throwing some King's Hand to the police On the bright side I'm happy with how it turned out, I bought the dual pledge so the horde was a present for my girlfriend last year, and it can be also this year's present! Talk about getting the best value out of something!
  14. Chou

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    After that mail, we wrote them with the contact info of two backers, one of them myself, who ordered dual commanders. This is the reply, again first in English then in Spanish: * Content removed as requested by the distributor * And in Spanish: * Contenido borrado a petición del distribuidor * UPDATE: 12/13 I've talked via phone with Diacash and first of all I apologized for sharing those mails and they kindly explained me their role in all this. In short, they know as much as we do about the KS shipping, what they got was TOS stock and TOS demo kit for the LGS, but they didn't get any KS nor are planning receiving it, so we are back to square one. Once again, my apologies to Diacash.
  15. Chou

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Since we don't know where our stuff is and after reading about the distributor, we decided to reach Diacash as they are the distributor for Spain. Please find below the answer they gave us, both in English and in Spanish (the English translation is mine, so please excuse any error). I guess that is safe to say that Diacash and Wyrd are not on good terms. * Content removed as requested by the distributor * This is the original mail: * Contenido borrado a petición del distribuidor *