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  1. @Adontis I've assembled and painted mine, maybe I can help you. The only problem I found was with the bandanna as there wasn't a clear spot, so I glued where I think it would go based on the box art. I'll post pictures tonight, luckily it will help you.
  2. Hey there! We are proud to host a new edition of the GoblinTrader League. This year it will be held in both GoblinTraders in Madrid, Norte and Sur, with the help of Sur's henchman @BimVooDoo. * M3E League!! * 10 euros fee, all money will be used for prizes. * Dead Man's Hand and multiple masters alloed. * 50 SS, players will be divided randomly in two groups; at the end of the regular seasons the top players will go to the playoffs. * Two factions per player (optional), but following all the M3E rules for hiring a crew. * Players will be able to play at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) and GoblinTrader Madrid Sur (C/Enrique Fuentes 16, Madrid). * Kick off on the 13th of October! For the rest of the bases please follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1397705950379605/ Painting prizes, Wyrd prize kits, raffles, beers and laughter await, so join us!
  3. Hi there! My pledge for September will be a quite ambitious one, as I'm moving from Casse's crew to Lady J for the UK Nationals. Here are the models: * Bernadette Casse: 2 SS (didn't like the idea of having him without his totem) * Lady J: 15 SS * Scales of justice: 2 SS * The judge: 10 * The jury; 8 * The lone marshall: 9 * Death Marshall x 2: 10 SS (5SS each) for a total of 56 SS... I'll leave the death marshalls for the end as they are the cheapest models besides the totem.
  4. Hey there! I didn't get to finish my models this month, the beach got the best of time (and now it seems I bathed in Chestnut wash). Apart from the monster hunter and the Steward y finished earlier this month, these are my models (the bases will have to wait until I return to Spain). So in the end, 15 SS for Basse, 10 SS for the frontiersmen, 6 for the monster hunter and 6 for the guild steward for a total of 37 SS, @Caedrus.
  5. Thank you for the update, and as stated before, I definitely prefer waiting a couple of weeks more rather than have anyone anywhere overworking, crunching or whatever you call it.
  6. Hi there! Back to school and back to Malifaux this September! On the 21st of September we will be checking if those summer nights you've been training or like me just lazying around! WHAT: Malifaux M3E Tournament. 3 rounds, 50 SS, one master pre crew, no DMH WHERE: GoblinTrader Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) WHEN: The 21st of September, starting at 10:45 with the checking, 2 hours per round. WHAT ELSE?: 10 euros per inscription (all for prizes), schemes and strategies will be published a couple of days earlier to prepare your crews. Proxies will be allowed for non-released models as long as they match the size and the base.
  7. I'm more like @Nikodemus, I try to paint every day as it helps me relax, or if there is something going on in my mind my brain is working on it in background mode while I paint and it really helps, so I can't really say I've been burnout. Truth to be told, I rarely paint on weekends, it's more videogame time (Sekiro it's a demanding mistress) so maybe trying to schedule your painting hours to have days off can help. That, and a timeline, for me this year is the UK Nationals so I'm pushing to have all the guild models painted (or as many as I can) so I can lose in a fashionly way. Once said so, here are a couple of models finished so far, the monster hunter and the guild steward with four crappy pictures (my trademark).
  8. Hi there! For August I'll try to finish the following models: * Monster Hunter for 6 SS. Trying to finish all the keyword models for Perdita! * Cornelius Basse for 15 SS. The new master in town, can't wait to lose with his crew! * Bernadette Basse for 2 SS. The last model to be painted this month, 2 SS is too cheap! * Three frontiersmen for 15 SS in total. I don't want Cornelius to feel lonely. * Guild steward for 6 SS. Just want to see how long will take to lose the feather in his hand. For a total of 44 SS.
  9. Oh man, it pains me seeing such a wonderful collection on sale due to necessity. I'm pretty sure I can't afford the lot, but if you feel like selling stuff separately I will definitely pick several things. Good luck with the sell my friend!
  10. Hi there! Just before I post my pictures I wanted to acknowledge the wonderful models I can see in this thread! @Viruk, @Franchute, @bedjy, @Caedrus, @Wintergloom and the rest of you people, amazing job!! From me for July, I have the following models (plenty of pictures because I feel bad for not posting them earlier): * Three Witchling stalkers for a total of 15 SS Two more pictures from the guys on both sides: * Three guild rifleman for 18 SS A little close up on each one: * A thallarian queller (6SS) and a witchling handler (7 SS) For a total of 46 SS, @Caedrus. The lesson learnt this month is that I have to do sharper transitions with the airbrush, instead of using a colour and then the a high contrast and let the airbrush do the transition, I did it by mixing the paints so in the end the airbrush basically painted everything the same. Let's see next time.
  11. Definitely, I really hope is a surprise for this gen con
  12. Wonderful model! And great to see new releases for TOS!
  13. All Henchpeople are in the same situation, we are waiting for the new M3E tournament packs. I guess that launching the game, the stock issues and preparing the Gen Con must have them quite busy, we'll have to wait for a while.
  14. I really hope we get the dual master option, is the only way to see some masters on the table with crazy combos (bearing in mind that I play with only one master). Regarding the unreleased models, once the faction books are released those models are good to go, and as stated in the rulebook we can proxy them with other Wyrd models as long as we match the base size, right?
  15. I really like this thread! And those Viks are amazing, the splattered blood on the right one is so cool!
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