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  1. I really like this thread! And those Viks are amazing, the splattered blood on the right one is so cool!
  2. In Spain (Madrid, to be accurate) this last Saturday our LGS got everything but the book, and in good quantities. In the original order they got only some preorders were covered but now we are on a fine spot, just waiting for the book.
  3. Hey there fellas! If you are in Madrid you will be melting with the heat we are enjoying, so join us in a trip to the other side of the breach with a M3E tournament this saturday! Where: GoblinTrader Norte (Calle Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid). When: Saturday, 13th of July. What: Malifaux M3E tournament. The cost is 10 euros, all money will go for the raffle. We will start at 11:00 (please be there at 10:45 so we can start on time), three rounds with two hours for each round, 50SS. The schemes and strategies will be chosen from the available ones in the new rulebook, and published a couple of days before the tournament so you can prepare your crews. Please feel free to contact me for more info!
  4. Hi there! For July I'll keep focusing on the Guild to try to have all my models painted for the UK Nationals (or at least as much enough as to be able to have a big pool to choose from). Guild Rifleman (6 SS) x 3 = 18 SS Witchling Stalker (5 SS) x 3 = 15 SS Witchling Handler (7 SS) Thalarian queller (6 SS) 8 models, but the riflemen and the stalkers are basically long coats and tunics so with the airbrush it should take no time completing the biggest part of those models (lights and other stuff aside). In total, 46 SS for me (quite ambitious!).
  5. Hi there! Chou reporting, sorry for the delay! Here are my three models for June, family pictures: And from left to right, the doppleganger (8 SS) The pale rider (11 SS) And finally Dashel, for 15 SS @Caedrus this will make a total of 34 SS for me!
  6. I'm fine with those numbers, I'm currently ranking among the top 38 players, not bad!
  7. Here in Spain we are not getting anything due to the high temperatures melting everything on the spot. We've suggested delivering during the night or covering everything with the stuff the NASA uses for the re-entry of their ships. Jokes aside, so envious seeing all the goodies arriving to the UK...
  8. I think we should do the first ever Aruba's Malifaux tournament to celebrate the M3E release, using these drinks with tiny umbrellas as soulstones.
  9. They look really cool!! I'm sending this to my community, I'll be making an order really soon!
  10. Thanks for the updates! I really like the "get your PDF free" concept, easier to carry them. Regarding the app I think it's a cool idea not updating the current app so people who prefer playing M2E can still get the full of it while we get also a new one with all the experience gathered from the M2E one.
  11. In our community we said so a few months ago, that Rhinos were stupidly strong. I've only used it twice, the first time when they taught me how to use it and another match and as @Rathnard says I've decided not to use them unless the rival is very aware of what they do and it's experienced with his/her army, and even though I'd have second thoughts about it.
  12. Quick question here, will DMH's models be allowed in the tournament?
  13. I love that list with the players at the moment... it's the highest I'll rank for sure!
  14. The Chosen One has arrived! Welcome!! And as @bedjy says we've been expecting you more excited than when you wait for your friend bringing the beer! (well, not that much, but close!)
  15. Hi there! My pledge for June will be only three models as a I need to paint some Blood bowl models, so... * Dashel Barkers, 15 SS (because I need to maximize the amount of SS per model for this month 😂) * Pale rider, 11 SS (he will be best friends with Sonnia and the Riot breakers) * Doppleganger, 8 SS (I need her for the Lucius list)
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