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  1. I really like this! The rulebook with some lore and everything you need to play, and then books with art, stories and other stuff (I like this much more than mixing everything in one book, and this gives the chance to expand each lore without getting a huge book). I can already see myself buying all of them, plus the one for the new faction when the time comes!
  2. Nope, you are 100% accurate. I had to order mine during the last Black Friday, other players in Spain that got it was from Wayland or straight from Wyrd.
  3. I just received today some wonderful package from Wayland, where the sun shines and the new releases arrive. In Spain the only thing we have received from TOS where the starter boxes and the first additional unit for each faction, and that's it. The titans, the Horomatangi and the others must have been lost in the warp. Diacash says it's not a problem on their side and Wyrd says it's not a problem on their side, so we don't have a problem at all... except for the fact that our LGS don't receive the stuff and we have to buy it elsewhere, so our LGS says they won't support the game as we don't buy it. It makes me wonder if this is happening to the brand new game, what's going to happen with the M3E, hopefully it won't have all the "support" TOS is currently enjoying.
  4. Hey there! I've finished Papa Loco (not picture, sorry) and almost finished Santiago, so halfway there!
  5. Without knowing plans for new models with the upcoming M3E: * Alt. Hoffman: please, so very much this one. I'd love to have Hoffman but the current model is a definitely no for me. * Alt. Nellie: a strong female war reporter, instead of the teenager reporter writing for her High School newspaper vibe she currently has. * A Mrs. Adeodatos, sorry but I can't think of a witty name for her. And finally, a new Slate Ridge Mauler, I don't know if it should go into the Alt, Mr. o Mrs category, but a new one would be great.
  6. In defense of the rhinos, I was the second player agains @Razhem and he taught me how to do the evil things with them! Now on a more serious note, I agree with them; now that I know how to do it, if I do that to someone who hasn't suffered it yet it would take the joy of playing away. I know that the British have this artillery attack in a stratagem that deals also a lot of pain, but if I recall correctly it's one use only, but the rhinos can do it every turn. As I told Razhem during and after the match I see this rhino bomb quite overpowered; I think I won't be using it in future events as first of all is not enjoyable for my rival, and second because I can see how tempting it would be to overuse that tactic, I'd rather use other not so effective tactics involving different models. I'm all aboard the custom rules @BimVooDoo proposes.
  7. Hi there! For March I'm starting the Perdita crew, such a lovely family! * Perdita Ortega: 15 SS * Santiago Ortega: 8 SS * Francisco Ortega: 9 SS * Papa Loco: 7 SS For a total of 39 SS (few models but quite pricey). In case I finish them in time I have some non-Wyrd models to paint (consequence of being a friendly drunk), if I manage to finish those too I'll continue with the Ortega family, but I wouldn't bet on it.
  8. Hi there! Here are my (crappy) pictures for February, this month I completed my pledge, yessss! First of all, the Emissary (10 SS). Thanks for the kind comments regarding the bone! I did it with Kislev Flesh as the base colour, then Pallid Wych Flesh for the lights with some white for the final touches, and a little bit of Tuskgor fur added to the Kislev Flesh for the shadows (all GW colours). For the cage I tried to paint it as if it was something like lead, ugly to see, wasted after countless uses, contrary to the rest of metal but I don't think I got the effect (however it looks better in hand). Then the Forgeling for 2 SS. I don't like the model and I just painted it to have all the Mei Feng starter painted, especially now that totems are free. He doesn't like me either. For 5 SS each I painted three rail workers, these guys hit the gym every single day because they are ripped!! Baldie here didn't miss the chance to get in Towelhead's picture. Towelhead in all his glory (which isn't that much). So I painted a total of 27 SS, hope you like it!
  9. Definitely, if you add the shipping costs plus the customs (which are quite a lot in Spain) it's as you say, you have to really want it... I think it's only worth it if it's something you can only get during the Gen Con or Black Friday and you are sharing expenses.
  10. Definitelt distribution could be done much better. In Spain there hasn't been any new TOS item since November when the starters arrived with those few extra boxes, and we are almost in March.
  11. Some wip of my emissary, it's almost done except for some details like dents in the sword or the buckles in the boots. I'm currently painting the poor dude caged and then I'll finish the coffin, and that's it with this model.
  12. Hey guys! For February I had a change of plan, my original idea was painting models McCabe could use but with the M3E edition those models have left the building . But McCabe's loss might become Mei Feng's gain, as I plan to use them together sooo... * Emissary: 10 SS. This guy should be finished soon, I feel like cheating because I started him last month, but well! * Three rail workers, 5 SS each: 15 SS in total. * The forgeling: 2 SS So it would be a total of 27 SS.
  13. @Caedrus yes please, if you don't mind! Had several setbacks so I couldn't finish the emissary, I plan to gain those SS back in february!
  14. Here are my models for January. Sadly I didn't finish the emissary, so he will be my first model for February. A total of 25 SS * Patti Ramone for 7 SS, finishing the Wild ones crew. * Witchling Thrall for 9 SS * Executioner for 9 SS * Brutal emissary it's still in progress, so 0 SS.
  15. @bedjy I love all your models, but that Hinamatsu really shines!!
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