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  1. loved your models, really like the colour scheme! good job!
  2. wow, that's an amazing table to play on!! It took a lot of work for sure but it deserved every minute, congratulations!!
  3. Would definitely love to have this model as an alt. something for Lucius.
  4. I really love the model, can't wait to get it!
  5. Argh, I though I had posted my pledge for June and I hadn't! So here it is, with some delays, my pledge: * Draugr (7SS) * Lampads (2x8 = 16 SS) * Bone pile (2x6 = 12 SS) * Mortimer (8 SS) * Gravedigger (6 SS) For a total of 49 SS, and finishing Reva's keyword. And since I just came to post one finished model, here is the Draugr And my three favourite paints, in no specific order are: * From Vallejo's Model air range, the Duck Egg Green (no joke). Whenever I don't know which colour use to highlight, this baby comes very handy. * GW's Deathclaw brown, I like the colour itself, covers everything (as all GW layers) and it's a wonderful starting point when painting brown. * GW's Reikland fleshsahde, not exactly a paint but I like it a lot, it helps when metals are way too shiny and clean, and do wonders with skin tones.
  6. Quick question: I made an online shop to a UK based FLGS and sent the receipt to Wyrd for the promotion, but didn't said in the message about the "extreme FLGS" as @Nathan Caroland said in his message (since I'm from Spain), do I need to send it again, or is there any promotions email account to write to and let them know? Or the third option, do nothing at all.
  7. Hey there! For once I'm finishing before the due date, hooray! Here are my models: * Reva Cortinas (15 SS) * Vincent St. Claire (9 SS) * Corpse candle (2x1 = 2SS) * Restless spirit (4 SS) * Shieldbearer (3x6 = 18SS) In total, 48 SS, @Caedrus.
  8. Such very good news!! Thanks @Nathan Caroland!! I'll tell my community and at least I will wait as long as I can before the May promotion ends to get my models from Diacash and our LGS. There you go, good things happen too.
  9. Hi @Kyle, Sorry to be that guy, but in Spain we have serious issues with the new releases. The latest ones were the Dreamer batch, for instance Von Schtook which I bought from Wayland in November or Euripides in December haven't arrived yet. How are we supposed to buy in our LGS if there haven't been new releases for more than half a year? I bought the pony crew for my girlfriend and I really want to get those models, but if I can't get them by buying in Wayland (in the end, some other people LGS) there is no way for me to do it, and the same as me all the Spanish community (and I guess that goes to also for France and Italy who shares our distributor).
  10. Hi! So for May I'm starting a new crew, Reva! * Reva Cortinas (15 SS): I like the alt. model, but prefer this one don't know why. * Vincent St. Claire (9 SS): Reva's hooligan. * Corpse candle (2x1 = 2SS): loooove this models. * Restless spirit (4 SS): I don't know if it's good with Reva (haven't checked her on M3E), but this model fits perfectly with her. * Shieldbearer (3x6 = 18SS): they look like your regular MMORPG characters, or as if they are on their way to play Monster Hunter. In total, 48 SS.
  11. Hi there! Sorry for the delay @Caedrus! here are my April models: * Manos proxy (9SS): * Dead Dandy (2 x 4 = 8 SS) * Crooligans (3 x 4 = 12 SS) * The Forgotten Marshal (7 SS) * Night terrors (2 x 5 = 10 SS) In total, 46SS.
  12. The new faction can't arrive soon enough. It's this pandemic thing it's over and we have a Gen Con like it should, or at least a Gen Con sale, and the Explorer Society it's in along with the nightmare models for the pony crew... yeah, that's my wallet crying in the background.
  13. @Caedrus wow, love those gravediggers! The big guy with the OSL and the base with the mud... brilliant!
  14. Some beautiful art you have in there!! Keep them coming!
  15. Hello everybody! These are the planned models for April, in case we continue with the quarantine beyond the 11 of April (in Spain), I guess more models will be added. * Manos proxy (9SS): I'll be using the Binh Nguyen model from The Other Side until I get my real Manos, I guess that in that moment it will become a Goryo as I don't want 8 Senshis. * Dead Dandy (2 x 4 = 8 SS): I love this models, I'll paint 2 out of 3 as I think three won't ever be in the table at the same time. * Crooligans (3 x 4 = 12 SS): I don't like this models, but since they can be summoned by the Fogotten Marshal... * The Forgotten Marshal (7 SS): I think he works well with Molly, and I like the model with its Clint Eastwood vibes. * Night terrors (2 x 5 = 10 SS): again, some models I don't like, but I think they are useful. Just will paint 2 out of 4. That will make 46 SS and 9 models. The April Challenge 1. In case of doubt when mixing paints for highlighting, a pale flesh do wonders. 2. With the airbrush, always use thinner, even if it's just a drop or two and the colours chosen are from the air range. 3. Use the brush cleaners and restorers products, your brush will like it.
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