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  1. So we just need now the pandemic to go away so @Clousseau can run a Bayou Bash wild night the Friday before the UK Nationals... man, do I miss tournaments! I guess it's been confirmed elsewhere, but can we set up the track the way we want it or is it fixed to be always an oval? Two boards joined together, twice the fun!
  2. It might help you, here in Spain we received them last week with no mail in advance, they just showed in our respectives mailboxes.
  3. I really like the Yan Lo KW, as luciousmccabe says the colours are vibrant and very catchy to the eye, great work!
  4. I usually prefer building my own models, but after checking the quality of the latest preassembled models (the Pandora alt. crew and the Fat Cap) I don't mind these models being already assembled. Comparing my models from TOS against these latest preassembled model the increase in quality has been so good that I will buy these starters without any doubt.
  5. Glorious model, would love to see it next to a regular model to see its size.
  6. Love the crew!! Completely agree with @Harlekin, your Gorar is amazing, and the ice bases are really cool!
  7. Don't know, I wanted Hinamatsu too and saw that was out of stock in Diacash and Wayland, then the Black Friday sales came and there she was so I ordered one along with other items.
  8. With the upcoming release of the Explorer's society, Yan Lo, McMourning, etc. I'd really like seeing some new LGS promotions because my wallet is already crying in anticipation.
  9. Now in Madrid we just need the government to lift the restrictions so we can run tournaments again, and here we go!
  10. I've only used her with the Bete Noire, so Asura summons the mindless zombies and then the Bete can do her zero action to unbury next to it and charge for free. But as they say, it needs several resources as first you need to summon the mindless zombi with the trigger to summon it in base contact with any table edge (so you can hunt down models that usually stay behind), then you need to attack the Bete Noire so she can bury and finally activate her. She's is not in my roster for Von Schtook, who is the only Resser master I've played so far, I'll start with Reva and Molly and see if she f
  11. Mature this, mature that... damn you man, now I have to go to one of those 18+ websites.
  12. Hey there! For August I'll pledge what I have left to finish my Resus (for the moment!) before I jump to the new Misaki crew and friends. * Datsue Ba: 9 SS * Seishin x 3: 6 SS * Guild autopsy x 2: 10 SS * Kentauroi x 2: 16 SS For a total of 41 SS. I've already started but forgot to post it, so pics should arrive soon enough.
  13. Wow... all models are impressive, but Ama no Zako is just on another level, congratulations for such a beautiful crew!
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