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  1. Only two weeks until the Malifaux Spain Nationals! We are happy to announce that we have a new sponsor, Army Painter! They will provides us products for the painting prizes, so sharpen your brushes and bring your best models! Also as a reminder, among those who play with all the crew painted we will do a raffle every round! ************************************************************************************************** Ya sólo quedan dos semanas para el Nacional, y estamos contentos de anunciar la llegada de un nuevo sponsor, Army Painter! Amablemente nos darán premios para el concurso de pintura, así que afilad los pinceles y traed vuestras mejores minis! Y un recordatorio, en cada ronda habrá un sorteo entre aquellos jugadores que usen toda la banda pintada!
  2. I could open them without any issue, at least the Spanish cards. Might be silly, but check that you are not opening the ".Wyrd_TOS_xxxx.pdf" files that appear at the beginning (if you have the show hidden files option on Windows).
  3. Chou

    ITC25-26th May 2019 - Element Games, UK

    yesssssssss! Quick question, can we already make the payment and secure our place?
  4. Chou

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    I feel you... I have all the Outcast models, everything from the Arcanists, around 75% of the Guild, a lot of Resus, some TT... and then The Other Side with its Cult of the Burning Man.
  5. Chou

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One Voting

    Voted! Great skills, there are some real masterpieces!
  6. Chou


    Got my mail yesterday, yessss!! Great appetizer for the main dish!
  7. Chou

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Here is a wip of Kang. I'll try MNM for the hammer, will update when finished! "Thor? Never heard of her. Now, check these biceps, you might call me Kangsteroids!"
  8. Chou

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Hi there! For September I have several models planned but I'm not so sure I can deliver all (too many social events including running the first Spanish Malifaux Nationals): * Kang (9 SS) * Mouse (4 SS) * Emeberling (3 SS) * 3 Railworkers (5 SS each = 15 SS) * Arcane effigy (4SS) The idea behind these models is finishing all the models I need in my two Ironsides lists plus finishing the Mei Feng starter. 7 models for just 35 SS.
  9. Chou

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Thank you very much! I I have to keep practicing but so far I'm quite happy about, it's something I wouldn't do for every models (I'm looking at you, 5 SS peons) because it still takes me a lot of time. Next step is learning to do it with the airbrush!
  10. Chou

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Here are the pics of my models from august. In total 41 SS (3 Oxfordian Mages = 18 SS + Mei Feng = 15 SS + Joss = 10 SS). Family picture of the Oxfordian Mages. The one in the left lost a lot of detail due to the primer and then the paint stripper. Oh well... Rumor says she shouts "Squirtle!!" in honour of her favourite pokemon when playing with water. Levtitating can be achieved having dinner at Taco Bell. You can achieve this look for a low cost cosplay if you spill gasoline on your hands. This one it looks like Mei Feng is about to deliver some foot to poor Joss. Joss wondering where he left his watch. Mei Feng cracking wood because reasons.
  11. Chou


    Still waiting for the mail, do we have a deadline by which the mails should have been sent?
  12. Chou

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    I'm going to copy Caedrus and check in, and tonight I will update it with pictures. This month I've painted the three Oxford Mages, who survived a horrible encounter with a mal functioning primer spray, then I jumped for a moment to the Ten Thunders to paint Mei Feng with my first attempt of MNM, then back again to Arcanists and painted Joss (my second attempt for the MNM). Here are a couple of pictures of Mei Feng and Joss in progress. In retrospective the transitions in Joss' axe are quite rough but well... It stays like this so when I came back to it I can see what to do, what not to do and (hopefully) my progression with the MNM.
  13. Hey Wyrdos! On the 25th of August we will be having a new Malifaux tournament at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte, so join us in a day of flipping cards and training for the upcoming Nationals! * When: 25th August, Saturday. * Where: GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7) * What: - 50 SS, GG2018 - Three rounds, 2 hours per round - Fixed faction, multiple masters - 10 euros fee, all for prizes. 16 places, more could be opened if needed. - Registering at 10:45, first round at 11:00. Prize ceremony and closing at 18:45 - Schemes and strategies will be a couple of days before the tournament
  14. Hi there! A couple of updates! During the last few days our LGS has been contacting all the players via the mail provided when purchasing the ticket; the mail is just to confirm your are in, please reply back to let them know you still are coming. On another matter, due to the huge success of certain cosplay thread in the "A Wyrd Place" facebook page, we want to encourage our players to bring their best/worst Malifaux cosplays to the Nationals. We will be having a special raffle among those who come disguised to the first round of the Nationals (first match on the morning of Saturday the 29th of September). Let's see what you are capable of!! *************************************************************************************************** Hola a todos! Solo un par de cosas por comentar. La primera, durante estos días habréis recibido un correo de la tienda donde será el evento para confirmar que estáis apuntados, por favor contestad diciendo si venís o si finalmente no. En caso de que alguien haya comprado entradas por más personas será el comprador quien reciba el mail. Por otra parte, si habéis seguido el hilo del cosplay de "A Wyrd Place" habréis visto que ha sido tremendo. Por ello vamos a hacer un sorteo especial entre aquellos que vengáis el sábado por la mañana del Nacional disfrazados, traed vuestros mejores Cosplays de Malifaux... o los peores y a reírse!