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  1. Between what you've got there and the Bayou Engineering box (Mech Porkchop, Sparks and 3 Survivors) you've probably got enough to run Mei Feng. Then metal gamin and Neil Henry to complete the keyword although they're bundled with models you already have so you might have to look for second hand. I don't have any experience with Misaki or Lynch yet so not sure about those.
  2. My pledge for this month is Dawn Serpent, 1 Ruffian and 1 Huckster. ...And my first completion is Dawn Serpent for 9ss. I've been loving this guy with McCabe and Asami and now that we're slowly transitioning back to real life from Vassal games I was eager to get him painted. My first ever attempt at fire - I'm pretty happy with how it looks although not sure it looks like convincing flames, I'll take it as a first try though and I think it still looks cool on the mini. Excited to see what everyone else gets up to this month!
  3. More wastrels ready to steal your stones. Both of these models were incredibly fun to paint. Definitely didn't take any inspiration from a popular assassin video game for Desper... Some lovely looking minis by all this month, as always! Desper LaRaux - 8ss Huckster - 6ss Making my total for this month 14ss.
  4. My pledge for this month: Tanuki. I need to get better at taking before photos but I always just get carried away painting before I remember to do it. These guys were so fun to paint, I'm pretty happy with how they came out, I was torn on what colour to go for with the pots but I think terracotta was the right decision - I think the green liquid provides a nice contrast to that. So that's 5ss x 3 = 15ss for this month. In terms of inspirational painters: 1. Angel Giraldez - I'm sure someone has already mentioned him. Although his skill level is way beyond anything I will ev
  5. I find myself putting trained ninja on a tanuki a lot if I think my opponent will have any ranged threats. Then I just keep him behind the rest of my crew to hand out focus and healing, and if they want to get rid of him they really have to go after him which 9 times out of 10 is probably a bad decision. The added bonus of having unimpeded as well is super handy if I need him to run up a flank to drop a scheme or heal a key model.
  6. Apologies for the super late update, it's been a pretty hectic couple of months for me. I did actually manage to complete my June pledge, I just didn't get round to posting them. I did a couple non-wyrd minis from mantic. I'm gonna count both of these as 30mm bases as one is slightly smaller and the other bigger so I think it evens out. First up, an Enforcer Sergeant for Deadzone. Very happy with this scheme and I will be painting the rest of the strike force to match. The second is a very quick job on a Dreadball MVP. I was testing out a quick technique here with contrast paints and
  7. Managed to get the main man done in time. I've still the bases to do but thought I might as well do all of my Wastrel bases in one go. Here we are: Lucas McCabe, Relic Hunter and his identical twin brother Lucas McCabe, Dismounted Hunter. Pretty happy with McCabe himself although I'm not convinced by how those blues look in contrast with the horse. Hopefully the base will tie it all together nicely. I'm not sure if to count this as 15ss or 30ss (2 x 15ss).
  8. I burnt myself out painting McCabe’s horse so I decided to take a break and painted up Kang. Pretty pleased with how he turned out. Will post better pictures once I finish the base. So that’s another 9ss for me @Caedrus, putting my total for April at 14.
  9. My friend and I are relatively new but have been putting the games in over Vassal and would love to join in. If there's anyone in the UK without a team that wants to join us then feel free to send me a message.
  10. We tried out Bog Roll Brawl today, so I thought I'd do a bit of a report of the game in case anyone is interested how it went. I played Ten Thunders McCabe and my opponent went for Guild Lucius. Standard Deployment Bog Roll Brawl Scheme Pool: Hidden Martyrs, Sabotage, Claim Jump, Breakthrough, Runic Binding I chose Hidden Martyrs on Ruffian (Bob) and Desper, and Breakthrough My opponent chose Hidden Martyrs on the False Witnesses, and Breakthrough Crews: Ten Thunders Size: 40 - Pool: 7 Leader: Lucas McCabe Totem: Luna Hires: Desper
  11. Thanks for your thoughts! 1. I didn’t really think of that. What would you suggest the markers be treated as? Severe perhaps? 2. That’s a good point, I didn’t consider enemy unbury effects. Maybe just changing that to all Burying causes markers to be dropped would be fine? I don’t think that would work too much to the detriment of Bury-focused crews as they can still put enemy models in inconvenient spots? 3. The idea of Poison +1 was definitely more of a conceptual one than anything else and I did think this could be problematic with some crews hence the “or Distr
  12. So my friend and I recently got into Malifaux, sadly the current situation has made games practically (and reasonably) impossible but we didn't let that stop us so we decided to carry on learning the game together over Vassal. Anyway, we were joking around with the idea of doing a game of Malifaux in which social distancing rules apply, and off the back of that we decided to have a go at making our own Strategy to reflect the times. So, here it is. I want to point out that we're both very new to Malifaux, neither of us are game designers, and we haven't actually tested this yet (we're going t
  13. I am setting myself weekly goals this month so I will just post as I go, and then take proper pictures with finished bases at the end of the month. So far, I've finished this Ruffian. Not as clean as my first one but I'm very glad to be done with him. I think I went over the face about 5 times before I was even remotely happy. I'm still not entirely satisfied but decided to call it done before I make it worse. McCabe is up on the painting table next. The April Challenge Three things that have massively improved the quality of my painted minis: 1. Thinning my paints.
  14. Thanks! I'm not sure I'd call it colour theory, more like just throwing colours that I think will look cool together 😅. For the jeans I used VMC Dark Sea Blue, it's a lovely blue/green shade and will most definitely use it again on trousers! I have just started painting McCabe for next month's pledge so you definitely haven't seen the last of that style. Thank you for the kind words.
  15. My pledge for March is now complete. I present to you one Ruffian and Malifaux's goodest girl, Luna. Considering I don't plan on leaving the house a lot for the foreseeable future I may still add something to this but for now, here we are: Ruffian - 5ss Luna - 2ss Total - 7ss
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