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  1. I'd like to buy into the 2020 challenge and commit to the Enforcer level pledge. This month I finally managed to finish the Half-Blood and Asylum models from the m2e starter set. I'm very new to Malifaux (and especially m3e) so I will also treat this as a log of my first steps into Malifaux. So, here are the models: - Dr Grimwell - 9ss - Nurse Heartsbane - 7ss - Orderly - 5ss - Orderly 2 - 5ss I started the Asylum models around 3 years ago. You can see some of the shading and highlighting on Dr Grimwell and the leftmost Orderly is quite messy as they were mostly painted when I originally got the set. I just added a few details and fixed them up a bit to go with the freshly painted Nurse Heartsbane and other Orderly. I'm pretty happy with how the latter two came out - this was the first time I consciously tried blacklining. - Angel Eyes - 9ss - Maurice - 7ss - Bloodwretch - 5ss - Bloodwretch 2 - 5ss Having been away from regular painting for a good few years, I had a bit of re-learning and discovering to do. I knew that these models probably won't see much game time in the future so I decided they were the perfect candidates for trying out the (in)famous Contrast Paints *gasp* 😱. All but few details I actually decided to pick out have been painted using solely GW Contrast Paints (over a zenithal highlight undercoat). They're nowhere near showcase quality obviously but overall, I think they're a respectable tabletop standard, all done in a grand total time of 6 hours. So that's it from me for January. A total of 52ss. I'm already planning what to paint for February... 😁
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