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  1. I love that idea. It would also explain the renaming of the Scion of Black Blood to Maurice - sounds a bit more aristocratic, doesn't it?
  2. Hamelin has Nix who’s a henchman. or should I say... henchdog?
  3. Thanks @Caedrus! I'm pretty pleased with how the colours turned out. Next thing to work on is definitely metallics. For some reason I just hate using metallic paints, I never seem to get them to blend in well with the rest of the model and end up dulling them down quite a bit (see: Sidir's gun). Any tips on getting true metallics to look decent are welcome! I'm toying with the idea of trying enamel metallics but I should probably focus on getting good with acrylics first. Anyway, I'll be starting on a Ruffian next. If I get him done by the end of the month I'll add him to my pledge, otherwise he'll become part of my March pledge.
  4. I’ll try and take some better pictures at some point but that’s Sidir done! I really had a lot of fun painting this model, but I’m excited to paint something with a bit less white 🙃 So that’s 9ss to complete my Enforcer pledge!
  5. Personally, I’d do a final highlight on the skirts (?) and be done with them. I think the rest of the models look finished. You can always keep highlighting more and more but honestly, I think they look great!
  6. Some great work already happening here! My pledge for this month, the first model for my first proper Malifaux crew: Sidir Alchibal. This is one of the most badass miniatures I own and I’m very excited to paint it. I’m thinking of going for white robe with red trims and red turban.
  7. I'd like to buy into the 2020 challenge and commit to the Enforcer level pledge. This month I finally managed to finish the Half-Blood and Asylum models from the m2e starter set. I'm very new to Malifaux (and especially m3e) so I will also treat this as a log of my first steps into Malifaux. So, here are the models: - Dr Grimwell - 9ss - Nurse Heartsbane - 7ss - Orderly - 5ss - Orderly 2 - 5ss I started the Asylum models around 3 years ago. You can see some of the shading and highlighting on Dr Grimwell and the leftmost Orderly is quite messy as they were mostly painted when I originally got the set. I just added a few details and fixed them up a bit to go with the freshly painted Nurse Heartsbane and other Orderly. I'm pretty happy with how the latter two came out - this was the first time I consciously tried blacklining. - Angel Eyes - 9ss - Maurice - 7ss - Bloodwretch - 5ss - Bloodwretch 2 - 5ss Having been away from regular painting for a good few years, I had a bit of re-learning and discovering to do. I knew that these models probably won't see much game time in the future so I decided they were the perfect candidates for trying out the (in)famous Contrast Paints *gasp* 😱. All but few details I actually decided to pick out have been painted using solely GW Contrast Paints (over a zenithal highlight undercoat). They're nowhere near showcase quality obviously but overall, I think they're a respectable tabletop standard, all done in a grand total time of 6 hours. So that's it from me for January. A total of 52ss. I'm already planning what to paint for February... 😁
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