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  1. Superb paintjob. The lamp and relative effects are fantastic. Very great model. Congrats. Wonder would you dare using it playing.
  2. Hello, Hope all of you are healthy .... and painting. It was a very long month as I suppose for many of you. I'm not in the numner of many ones closed inside home, I was spending most of my time working harder than usual. And that's good. Anyway, I could catch the time to work after my pledge and get something completed, too. I tooke the chance to rework the rooftop for some old buildings or for scenics to come. Thisones are really 3D rooftops cutted out of plastic sheets. Guess it's the best part of my buildings indeed. Then, I worked to completion (and reporting to @Caedrus) a 3 level building from Streets of Venice...... Not a great time inside real Venice this year, up to date...... hoping better chances for time to come. Stay home,.... Stay healthy!
  3. Hy there, I'm happy to know things are going fine for you and waiting to see your painted stuff for the current month. Here, in Italy, it's a "challenging" time..... I'm very busy at work and my days are long, so long that I'm very tired at dinner time. Anyway, I consider myself a lucky one: days are endless for people on the first line against covid. I trust I'll have something to present this month too, may be next days.... must be next days because March is passing away soon. Good luck and stay healthy, everybody.
  4. Hello, This month I'm going after some more scenics from Streets of Venice range:
  5. WIP "THE PURPLE MANSION", planning to pledge and complete it next month.
  6. Superb model here. It looks like you made a great use of metallic colours....... I just wonder what I could get out of this model using GSW shifting colours.
  7. They look great. I have yet to come back to my Warcry scenics and complete them. Congrats for your painting a good suggestion about the way I could paint mine ones.
  8. Hello, Down here is my pledge for current month.: @Caedrus I thank you in advance for estimating the ss score.
  9. Hello, some 10 days ago I was on the way to complete my Corner Shop when by accident it gone crashed. 😠 No way at all to repair it.! So, I moved to a different scenic: 3 floors Noble Palace from Streets of Venice range. Down here a couple of pics documenting the relative WIP:
  10. Hi everybody, my pledge for current month includes the couple of small scenics (ruins) I left unfinished past month and a new Corner Shop from "Streets of Venice" Range (in the pic): I already primed the main componets, till to be glued altogether. Happy painting all of you!
  11. Hello, I completed large parte of my pledge for current month: 3 scenic components that can be arranged to get a large ruined building and the 2 ruined city fountains I was going after for some past months. In the pics I spawned around some old Malifaux minis painded in past years to give you a better idea of the size of the scenics I pledged. Hope you liked it all. I please @Caedrus to estimate how many ss my pledge could be worth.
  12. Great paintjob here. I love your use of white paint.
  13. My congrats: she looks alive. Great palette, BTW.
  14. Transparent minis look better than I expected. Raspy and Wendingo are superbs. Congrats.
  15. Hello, here is my pledge for current month: Some small scenics from Warcry set and 3 larger scenics I recovered I plan to re-paint with the same palette I'm using for Warcry. My congrats to all great achivements I can admire from many of you.
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