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  1. If I'm not wrong 15ss for Rasputina, 30ss for Venetian town house.
  2. Anche se poche settimane fa alcuni sostenevano che la mia proposta fosse al di fuori dello spirito di questo gruppo che non avevo a pieno compreso, credo di saper distinguere ancora un commento da un'offesa.
  3. I do not know: I'm just the dumb one that waste his time "spray painting" plastics and posting here.
  4. Hello, WIP of a couple of ruin scenics I'm going after. I tried to get a gostly look but some colours are masked by the strong, artificial and direct light I'm using for these pics. Hope to improve the overal aspect with washes. Wooden and metal details till to be worked.
  5. They are from GW Warcry starting box: 5 main scenics plus a lot of small parts: ruins, barricades, pontoon, fountains.
  6. Hello, here are the 3 scenics I plan to go after in next weeks: A. It's one of the larger scenic in the kit. It has a stone and a wooden part, so I consider it quite easy to paint. B. It's the larger section of ruins with a stone, a wooden and a metal part. C. The smaller scenic in the set has the same components (stone, wood, metal) as B. I plan to airbrush the stone parts and brush paint the metal and wooden ones.
  7. Nothing is decided for me too. I'm going after scenics, but till I have a mess to assemble and primer before launching a pledge.
  8. @Viruk, great painting job and guess the two models look even better live on the play-table. My only observation is about the palette used for the beast's fur that looks like wood.... may be that depends on the light conditions used for the pics. My sincere congrats.
  9. My congrats. Guess a picture of the winning models (Kirai Crew) will be apreciated!
  10. Adding to my pledge, the set of ruin from Warcry Starter Box. The ruins are quite flexible in so far you can combine componets in different way after you assembled and panited them. There are six major scenics and other spare elements. Wooden stairs and pontoon are all mobile. At moment I'm till going after the cleaning phase having to remove a mess of mould lines. I plan an airbrush step to paint stone ruins followed by a brush step to add details, paint wooden elements and other details.
  11. @Wintergloom, @muraki and others, I may agree on many of your words. I think it a was a mistake to use the term competition, although I wrote "frindly competition". As regard the voting it was something in the formula of the official Wyrd competition. I'm not seeking for a true contest because I know it's something I cannot win . I may only add I took part, past year, to this triple challenge and I got a lot of fun trying to get out of my brush my best getting at the same time a model to pledge in this our month challenge.
  12. I'm on the way to build a new Nighthaut Army (Age of Sigmar) from the beginning, so I need to paint a lot of models into a reasonable time. Beeing most of models ghosts, I plan to aibrush them quickly with light colours and wash them someway. Then I could use a black or anyway a dark GSW Intensity Ink to paint the cloak. It's just a starting idea I could change, may be using a black traditional wash rather than a black ink.
  13. @misterfinn, @Stranglelove and others: I was talking about a frindly competition, nothing but painting one model for the next three months on a specific subject. I undestant that all of us are going after own plans and most of time we have to manage them fighting with few time for painting. Mine was an open idea, we can discuss about best way to realize it, so we can remove the "voting" if that bothers you, most of you. It's true that "painters are at a variety of skill levels" anyway we are commenting painted models, techniques and achivements and no one seems to be disturbed because of it.
  14. We need not a lot of explanations to understand there's a lot of painting efforts and mixed techniques behind your great last models. BTW, I bought and I'm on the way to experiment with GSW Intensity Inks that look to be an equivalent tool, but the fact GSW presented it before GW: Did you have any chance to try them?
  15. Hello, If I'm not wrong this year we missed the traditional Wyrd painting contenst: Femme Fatale, Testosterone and the Beast. So, I suggest a frindly competition inside our monthly pledge for the 3 months to come, dedicated to that topics. If you agree, I suggest @Caedrus to take charge of the order the 3 topics will we playble per month. Then, to make things easy and do not charge @Caedrus with extra jobs I think members could vote their preferred mini by adding their "like" to JUST ONE of the uploaded pictures for the contest. Of course members will be free to pledge any other mini or scenic too.
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