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  1. @Burnin' Coal I missed The Other Side kickstarter and with all Malifaux2 models in my stock pile - also known as the "pile of shame"- I could keep painting for the rest of my life. On the other hand, I'm impressed by the high quality of minis hitting the shelfs in recent times. Few days ago I got my kickstarter pledge for HATE and must say those minis have an high quality and richness of details to the point I'm tempting to go after painting them...... probably it could be just more meat to be added to my pile of shame.
  2. These minis looks great for pre-assembled figures. The lady with the umbrella is my favoutire: you are doing a fantastic painting job...... as always!
  3. Congrats! Very well Painted. Your palette is so realistic that your models seems alive!
  4. I'll try, but I cannot get more than a video with my cell. May you gently suggest some web site for uploading videos without registering to?
  5. Very personal skin palette! I like it a lot!
  6. Yours is amazing! Congrats! I'm till engulfed with my Dropfleet Commander starships. Hope to be back on Malifaux and my Mech. Rider next week.
  7. Thanks. Indeed colourshift paints are fully apreciated when the miniature is moving around or when the observer POV is changing. So, I should upload a small video rather than a static piucture to put in evidence colourshift paints power.
  8. For February, I'll pledge to finish The Mechnical Rider.
  9. I had chance to paint this same model few months ago. I like a lot your original choice of palette and your clear care of details. Congrats. BTW, a pic of your Lillith crew will be apreciated.
  10. Guess Tomorrow is now..... no news as regard?
  11. I like it. Colours look clean and well defined. It seems like you did not make use of washes.
  12. Do not use direct lighting or overlight your minis when taking pics. Filter light by using a paper sheet of a white cloth. If possible built a photobox. Try different camera setting/filter till the time you will get best pics..... or what do you consider the best pics!
  13. Like all of them and cannot decide which one I prefer
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