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  1. Give a try to https://it.imgbb.com/ It looks like a local clone of imgur but at least its working.
  2. Hello, closing my pledge for current month I have to add Rosacroce (The Church) and its Tower, for 50ss. Buy the outer side, this time I painted also the inner side of the main building where I placed some resin scenics I already presented during current month pledge: Altar and Sarchophagi. The ceiling cross-shaped has been spawned with leds and a dedicated electric cirtuit to switch them on/off. You can see some "by night" pictures at "24 hours in Malifaux". The Tower has been painted with a mix of traditional air-paints, GSW Colour Shifting paints and marbling paints. More pics of the Church and the Tower, surrounded by other buildings at my topic, "24 hours in Malifaux": For @Caedrus, my overall for current month was 95ss, if I'm not wrong.
  3. Hello everybody, Few weeks ago @Caedrus kindly asked me for some pics of my table. Goign after that I spawned some scenics I had painded in last past months and some Malifaux minis of mine and I shoot pics with the ambition to present them in some original way. Hope you'll like.
  4. @Caedrus, I thank you for the kind words of apreciation about my attempts with marbling painting. I already described the tecnique here: Let me know you would like to get into some more specific detail. As regard my pledge for the current month I have just finished the centerpice scenic and I'll manage to post as regard soon.
  5. Great job here! I like your palette as your great care of all details.
  6. Set of six sarchophagi casted in resin: I experiemted different immersion movements during the marbling painting. Rotating the object while sinking it in the marbling bath can be very interesting. Then, I experiemnted different washes to finish the objects. @Caedrus, guss the full set is worth 10ss.
  7. Hello, I completed the Main Church Altar:
  8. Church Main Altar Hello, I completed the Church Main Altar casted in resin. As a starting point I used the marbling painting tecnique layering 2 marbling layers. Then, I completed the job with hand painting and acrylic washes. As a last touch I glued some plastic gems produced by GSW. @Caedrus, I estimated this scenic 10 ss worth, because of the size, the hours spent after it and the experimentation of the marbling painting.
  9. @Viruk, at first glance I liked a lot your Stitched Together models.
  10. June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints Although I already posted as regard, I must say that I just begun using GSW Acrilyc Colors and I'm impressed by their quality. I got a good coverage with a single layer of paint while with other brands I need to apply 3 layers. They are very flexible, beeing suited for handbrushing as air brushing. They look very brilliant. Did anyone have a chance to try them? Well, guess I'll need more time to practice with GSW Acrilyc Colors but it could happen I'll have to change mind as regard my favourite fave paints. At present time the only negative aspect is that they are not available from local hobby stores, so I need to buy them from GSW on line shop and wait for some 10 days to get my supply at home.
  11. BTW, while some artists produce their works using IMP tecniques alone, I start with IMP to create an advanced base to work over with more traditional tecniques used in modellism.
  12. IMMERSION MARBLING PAINTING I introduced it in a brief post. Down here one of many tutorials you can find on the net:
  13. Time for mid month update...... I almost completed the Church and the Tower. I begun going after a new large palace having to mod some SoV stuff with a home made component. I'm experimenting with floors marbling at present. I'm at work after a large resin casted altar and some sarcophagi to place inside the Church. Some pictures of my achivements are available at the link: My congrats to many of you for the great models you are showing.
  14. Sarcophagus painted by IMP. I plan to finish it with dark waters.
  15. The top terrace of a MDF Church Tower was worked by IMP. This component was then finished by recovering the original color in the lower section by airbrushing. In the pics you can see 2 of the four sides of the tower:
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