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  1. My mid month pledge update....... 1. Till WIP, my Ghost of the Laguna (aka Poltergeist): I worked it with coulourshift paints over a black matt primer washed with grey. I have not yet a clear idea about highlight management. 2. The other 3 Malifaux figures are in development: I'm optimistic about chance to finish at least 2 of them. 3. I'm engulfed with scenic basements: I have very much of them to go after and no one has been finished yet. 4. Out of pledge, I worked hard to complete my second batch of starships. Guess I could take care of last details in the first pause I could get between my painting duties I pledged for the month.
  2. .... and the base looks clean!...... I had always some troubles with those swamp bases when Still Water "interacts" with grass tufts.
  3. I don't think so: your last minis are fantastic. I liked a lot the guy with the lantern.
  4. I used TAP Quickshade sometime on Malifaux models, but guess it's a powerful tool when you have to paint a lot of minis in a short time. Age of Sigmar cought me when I was on the way to complete an huge army of Warhammer Ogrees. My disappointment with the new rules (or the absence of serious rules) was great to the point I never finished removing the shining from Quickshade from my Ogrees adn they are till laying unfinished in my stockpile of the shame.
  6. UCM fleet: painting technique Pressed by the need to get ASAP a versatile and flexible fleet, I serched a way to paint starships quicky without having to sacrifice their final looking. So I decided to use very effective Colourshift Paints from GreenStuffWorld airbrushed over black glossy primered models. Starships hulls are then worked with washes. Some model details are worked out with traditional paints and washes (for example engines, sensors, weapons systems). As a last touch, I highlighted or recovered Colourshift painted spots with the original paint or a mix of a Colourshift Paints and some Silver Paint. Here are few pics of the some ships I painted to completion up to date: All pics have been shot in my photo-box but with the same lightining conditions; no camera filters or special effects where used. In the first 3 pics I used a black background; a white background was used for last 2 pics. The blue reflex you can see at some spots must be considered a camera artefact and not a colour shifting effect.
  7. Dropfleet Commander is a game of starships engagements going from small skirmish to huge battles. Four factions, 2 humans and 2 aliens, fight for the control of planets. All actions in Dropfleet Commander take place nearby planets with the objective of envading and conquerinfg them or to prevent an enemy invasion if you already are in control of a planet. Starships of different factions have unique abilities and weeknesses you must master to get victory. The game is always well balanced. The complexity is medium to high considering the tactical and strategical richness of the game system. Fogs of war, the shifting activation of battlegroups, tactical cards you can play make any game turn unpredictable. Starship models are cast in plastic or in resin. They present a richness of details yuo can go after so long painting them. At present I'm assembling and painting starships of UCM: United Colonies of Mankind.
  8. Hi everybody, This one is the second topic I open following Purple Mist's Crew: While Purple Mist's Crew is dedicated to Malifaux models I painted and I'm going after, Lost into a Purple Mist presents pics of models and scenics non Malifaux related and not produced by Wyrd. Hope you will enjoy!
  9. Guess basing those models was not so easy....... Very nice bases!
  10. Hello, I know I have not yet completed my predged stuff for the month but I wonna add this model to my pledge: It's a white metal model from Godslayer range I will paint as any one of the many ghost model we have in Malifaux: Graveyard Spirit?; Poltergeist?..... I'll decide about its identity at the time I'll have to base it.
  11. With UMC fleet almost completed I'll get more time to go after my pledge. Picture shoot in very bad ligh conditions, anyway the colour shift is till apreciable. @Franchute, do you have till doubts about converting to GSW shifting colors?
  12. @Kimberly words are very tempting to try GSW shifting colors on non metallic models. My only regret if that at presen time I have none assembled ready for painting. Guess I'll have to postpone it all no next month. As regard @Franchute quesit I have to add that GSW shifting colors are easily managed with airbrusher. You have just to spray 3 thin layers to get you work done. Past month I used also one GSW shifting color hand brush. It was quite difficult to dose the layer, expecially on small surfaces.
  13. I think GSW Shifting colours are very effective and look great in reality before than in pictures. Yes, with photos you can select the best pic to post and can optimize lighting conditions. In reality you see models shifting their shade live as you change your point of view, and that simply great. Using GSW Gloss black primer you exalt the metallic effect, to the point it can be too strong; that not a problem you can using washes to modulate shining. It's very interesting the result got by @Kimberly using a non glossy primer: colours looks more soft and less metallic but they keep their colour shifting property. That's interesting because it denmostrates you can use those colours to paint non metallic surfaces as a demon skin rather than a wizard robe. Of course on this last consideration of mine @Kimberly has the last word because she could see the effect live. As regard @Viruk he's so advanced in painting tecnique I cannot say when he got an effect with GSW paint rather then using traditional colors.
  14. I plan to open a topic here dedicated to my non Malifaux models. I'll talk about Dropfleet Commander there.
  15. You wonna say @Kimberly's paints? We must admit the did a great job with the solarium, definitaly better than me with the Mech Rider!
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