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  1. Cool model. I like a lot the contrast between the shining gold and the opaque colours you used. Great palette.
  2. @muraki I got a lot of fun assembling the riotbreaker, main troubles beeing with wiping off molt lines. I assembled the two arms after completing the painting duty: it made easier to air brush the model and to work with brush some details. Good job with your Ronin models. I see you are painting fast, keeping a very personal style and palette. Congrats. On my own I begun going after the second part of my pledge working some scenics (bridges). I'm worried about the raising of temperature: over 30 °C it'll be impossible to spray primer new models so I could be forced to give up with new models and scenics and resume working over stuff from the box of shame.
  3. Hello, I just completed the Riotbreaker for 6 ss. Basically, I used a couple of shifting colour: MARTIAN GREEN amd DARK BLUE. Both of them shift from their primary shade (green and blue respectively) to purple. So, this time, the secondary colour (purple) is the linking element in the model. MARTIAN GREEN was used for the robot plates, while DARK BLUE for the railgun. The shield was "highlighted" adding some silver to MARTIAN GREEN keepinh the native properties of MARTIAL GREEN, but getting a lighter and more brillian shade. Models was finished with silver metal and brass on exposed mechanical components. The feet of the robot has been worked with pigments to get a dirty effect. The purple shift is more visible on the large plate surface of the shield (top and bottom): P.S.: @Franchute hope I successed getting you the reflex of the Purple Mists surrounding my world @muraki, I'm impressed by the clean and very effective palette you used with your Vanessa. Congrats.
  4. Hello, Going to pledge a Riotbreaker for 6ss: Surely I'm going to paint some new spaceship too: sorry for @Franchute but they'll be dark blue and not purple! I plan to work some new scenic component for my modular table...... guess this month will have some bridge. I'll post the relative picture as soon as I'll have assembled them. Happy month and nice pledge to all of you!
  5. Great mini and so realistic; the leather jacket with fur is impressive!
  6. Unbelivable! I must say they look like true..... I mean they look alive. Congrats!
  7. There's some videos at their site too about rolling bases with different stuffs.
  8. @Franchute, my best congrats for your homemade wood bases; they are definitely better than the best ones we can fing on the market. Now, I'm looking to buy all I need from GreeStuffWord to homemake my bases too. May I ask you what stuff did you used on your own? May be milliput? I read it's important working with stuff not sticking to rolls. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, Here's the second part of my pledge: Alt. Barbaros, 10ss. @Caedrus with this one the overall pledge value for the month is 165 thaks to the mess of terrain components I already posted. Good luck to everybody for the conclusion of own pledge and big congrats to the many ones that already presented gorgeus painted models.
  10. @Caedrus I'm impressed by your painting art-job on the base that I well know and used for some of mine models. I'm eager to see the full mini completed.
  11. I used that same shades that I used fom many of mine brick factory bases I posted in post times. I trust the colour of the bricks on the basements will give a great contrast with the sea water play-mat I plan to use. Then, I have a lot of buildilng with bricks to build and paint till: I plan to use a terracotta/orange-brown shades on them. Thanks for your interest and for kind words of encouragement.
  12. Hello, I just completed my first Heavy Battle Cruiser:
  13. Hello, I completed the basements I planned to work as a part of my pledge for the month. 1. Twelve 10x10 cm basements (5ss each): overall 60 ss 2. Six 10x20 cm basements (5ss each): overall 30 ss 3. Four 20x20 cm basements (5ss each): overall 20 ss 4. Nine 20x30 sc basements (5ss each): overall 45 ss The overall ss value, if I'm not wrong is 155. It was mainly an airbrush exercise. The brick walls have been airbrushed with orange paint and the hand washed with GW CARROBUNG CRIMSON. The paved street/square surfaces have been airbrushed with GW FENRISIAN GREY, hand washed with GW NURN OIL, completed with Vallejo MEDIUM GUNSHIP GRAY by airbrush to get a marble/stone effect. I experimented that I had a more effective result airbrushing a dark colour other a light one, rather than the contrary.
  14. @Caedrus you Wendigo is great. I'm planning to do the contrary: I'm waiting for a transparent resin Ice Golem that I could put on an cracked ice and snow base worked with Secret Weapon stuff.
  15. Guess the "Company of the Shame" is huge around here. On my own I have till to start painting minis I primed in 2017. I like a lot your Oxfordian Mage, although I think your pic is more exalting the base (it's simply perfect) rather than the figure.
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