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  1. Hi there, I completed the part 2 of my pledge, worth 15 ss. Here is the pic of the 3rd City Wells I Painted: Here is a pic documenting the status of Rasputina model:
  2. In last years I gave up with painting at night, although during winter months I'm anyway forced to paint with artificial light. The bad thing is that my painting sessions are not so long as some years ago. In last months I worked a lot with the airbrusher: that was because I was going after scenic componets. Well, that was that I was telling myself. Today I spent some time after Rasputina model so I had to paint with brushes and firm hand. I cought myself, in more instances, painting using the "blind eyes painting tecnique": you move the model far away to estimate details position, then you fix them in your mind and move the model closer to paint them..... In other words it's time to change my glasses and to prefer to go bed one hour earlier instead of painting.
  3. Hello, I have a couple of City Wells just finished, for 10 ss. Till working on the 3rd one to fill it with water.
  4. Thanks. I have to decide a lot of things before doing them. The fur border all around the the robe could be dark blue or dark grey, drybrushed with pale blue and white, That will created a good element of contrast with the robe. I till have dowbts about Raspy leghs: bare skin or dressing stockings? Anyway Raspy must have a very pale skin. I consider myself lucky because of the Venetian House and the City Wells to go after I can gain some time to think about best choices for Rasputina..... then I just assembled my team for Warcry and hope to can start painting it ASAP.
  5. Hello I had few hours to go after my pledge. I decided to give Rasputina a white robe. The challenge here was to work in a realistic way the shadows because of the high number of folds. I tried to go after this idea layering with airbrushed lighter colours over a black washed primed robe. Here are the results so far. On the front site the internal folds of the robe are till WIP, needing to smooth the black effect of washes: The base is till WIP too. It was worked with airbrush layering and washes. Next I plan to hand brush the floor stone.
  6. Hello everybody, this month I'll divide my pledge in 3 part. 1. A town house I'm working from the previus month. it should be worth 30 ss as the twin building I completed in July 2. Three town wells (50 mm in diameter) for 15 ss. 3. Plastic vintage Rasputina for 15 ss Wishing you all a great time
  7. Hi @Caedrus, hi everybody. I completed at least a part of my pledge with the building (Venetian Casa A) in the pics: The house was mainly painted by airbrushing and finished with pigments to age it. I'm not happy with the bidimensional roof provided in the kit. I have pre-ordered some sheets of plastic tile roofs but they are till unavailable at presetn so I plan to "upgrade" the house roof in the future. I have also a twin house model I'm going after: I hope to be able to finish it by the end of the month. Added next pic, shot before pigments aging, with a model to give an idea of the house dimension:
  8. Indeed it reminds me of Catholic Cardinals because of the hat and the purple red of the robe. Great mini anyway: the golden details are perfect with the palette you used.
  9. The really bad thing is that having to get the job done before Friday you have not many time to think about what you should paint......
  10. @PetitDalek I like a lot the shade of the skin of your gremlins: it's original and realistic at the same time.
  11. I'll begin July pledge with a couple of scenics I'm going after from previus month: I'm waiting for 3rd Edition card decks, faction books and rules (some of them have been shipped from the seller few days ago), but I have not plan, for now, to buy new models having till tons from 2nd Ed in my stockpile and in the box of shame. I could try to pledge also a master model for current month too but this hot summer will not help me painting, then there a tons of projects I'm going after..... so, will see!
  12. Yes @Caedrus, I used GSW Chamaleon Paints..... I could say I'm painting with those paints only in last months. I also confirm the scenic are from Streets of Venice range. I like a lot those scenics although I'm discovering there's a lot of work to do with 1mm cardboard components. Now I'm going after the couple of small buildings in the pic but June is finished and I have not chance to complete them. They'll be the core of my pledge for next month.
  13. Keeping going after scenics....... At moment I have just cut, cleaned and sticked toghether MDF components with rubber bands. And of course I have procured a lot of cuts on my fingers.
  14. @muraki It looks like you have a great mercenary force.... Nice palette of brillian colours. congrats! @Diddick Nice base; it remembers me the lot of Skavens I left, since a long time, in my stockpile of shame. Back to your mini, you are doing a great job: I like a lot the greenish touches on the model. My congrats.
  15. My painting table is going to be covered with scenics....... houses, palaces, bridges....... Unfortunately, because of the hot summer I cannot spray-primer them..... But I can keep assembling new ones!
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