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  1. When going after MDF scenics I'm used to emply some sealer that looks as a sort of resin layer. In theory that could reduce MDF thirst for paint. I wrote "in theory" because I never painted MDF without sealing it before so I cannot say how it all works without the sealer. Not secondary, you building is looking great so far.
  2. Hi there, I'll keep going after Warcry scenics for December too. My ambitious target is to complete the major stone-ruins in the set, leaving behind palisades and fortune bridges and other bits. Wishing happy painting to all of you.
  3. I was considering using that same tecnique to try texturing the wooded floors that look quite flat, so far, in my scenics. Indeed my priority for December is to complet the painting of the major stone-scenics leaving behind the wooden palisades and other obstacles. BTW, I bought a box of Warcry Defiled Ruins too, so I could be busy over this kind of stuffs for al ot of months to come.
  5. I realized Warcry scenics are quite popular here. @Stranglelove, good job with your Warcry scenics. Bricks are very realistic and add colour to the palette you used. I like your choice but I'm too much lazy to go after a lot of details. @lusciousmccabe, the reddish palette you choosed is very original. I'm waiting to see the main components. Rightmost scenic in your pic was not in Warcry starter box: are you going after Warcry scenic expansions, too? Of topic: Old Major's Vacanze Romane.
  6. Hi @Caedrus, I consider "painted" the first scenic: Added some Malifaux minis to give an idea of the size of the scenic.
  7. Hello, I completed the airbrush painting of all stone components: There's till a lot of work to do. I plan to complete at least one major scenic so to retain my last mulligan.
  8. Great painting job and superb palette. I'm always positively impressed by red hair on female models, but your Miranda is perfect.
  9. Experiment trying a metal paint; green should work fine. Mix the starting paint with bright silver or platinum metal paint and layer (or drybrush) the bottle (in part) with the resulting paint. Repeat the process more times. Wash it all lightely to mask the metallic look.
  10. Going after the "scenic pledge" from previus month; added more components.
  11. Hello @Caedrus, I've nothing to present for this month, so I'll use my first mulligan.
  12. Ci sono regole logiche e semplici che vanno oltre le difficoltà ed i fraintendimenti che l'uso di una lingua superficialmente scritta (mi riferisco a me) possono alimentare: citare una frase altrui, facendola seguire da una propria affermazione, è un esplicito commento al testo originale. Nel caso specifico il commento poteva solo suonare offensivo. Colgo l'occasione per ringraziare @Caedrus per le parole di incoraggiamento e per l'uso della mia madrelingua. Auguro un felice proseguo a tutti gli altri.
  13. If I'm not wrong 15ss for Rasputina, 30ss for Venetian town house.
  14. Anche se poche settimane fa alcuni sostenevano che la mia proposta fosse al di fuori dello spirito di questo gruppo che non avevo a pieno compreso, credo di saper distinguere ancora un commento da un'offesa.
  15. I do not know: I'm just the dumb one that waste his time "spray painting" plastics and posting here.
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