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  1. Hello @Caedrus, hello everybody, first of all I must congrat with you all for the great figures I could admire this month, too. For me it was a long month of hard work, made even harder by this second Covid Wave. Well, it was, but all, a good month for painting. Although I missed some of the targets I planned (I was unable to complete Lazarus and the big fountain because of "still water stuff" shortage), I had goot times assembling some heavy cruisers and battleships for my Drop Fleet Commander force. I also assembled and primed more Malifaux figures for the months to come, th
  2. @astapable great job with the last two minis. As regard pics, my suggestion is to employ filtered light. Using a home made photobox is common choice. About best size of the photobox and the color of the surfaces I have till doubts...... Guess you have to size it considering that most of time you'll take shoots of one single miniature. Then, for the color of photobox surfaces, black was the most common choice and most of times it gives best results. On the other way you can try using light filters: baker paper is cheap and seems to work very well. Cold bulblamps can be enveloped
  3. @Caedrus and @Viruk I thank both of you for clarifications.That model looks huge; I'm sure with Viruk's experience and painting talent we will see soon a great mini. I begun going after Malifaux at the time of 2nd Edition; honestly I'm not a big fun of metal minis and the only M1E ones I collected are the plastic remakes. I consider I bit odd Avatars were left behind with M2E, that's from my "collector" point of view. Talking about that with M1E games I got their opinion Avatars were unbalancing the game.
  4. May I ask you what's the mini with the big figure going out of the wall and which box does it belong to? Best wishes for your impressive painting program for the end of this year.
  5. Pandora and Candy....... Main job done.....hoping not to get bad surprises unpinning the two minis. I'll evaluate the opportunity to add some highlights to Pandora, but my attention now goes to the fountain and Kitty Dumont. Some stuffs I bought online are till somewhere in EU; at worst I'll have to search my stockpile of bases to finish the job.
  6. Is it Malifaux range your first time painting minis? Did you startet painting minis from other companies? May I ask you which ones if any?
  7. I like a lot the horse. Although you used only brown paint you perfectly evidenced the muscle and the animal. Very well done and a great collection.
  8. Pandora is almost done: I do not like the dark blue corset and collar so I decided to repaint them in leather brown in the same way I did for the robe.
  9. Hello, here is my mid-month update: First of all I have to thank @Caedrus for the link to running water. BTW, I knew that site because in the past I bought some molds from them....... And yeah, we could launch a challenge about the modellism stuffs we have stockpiled! Now, the tutorial is very interesting but too much complex. So looking for an easier solution..... As regard my pledge: I just primed the fountain. Lazarus is almost done, as Baby Kade. I'm going after Pandora and Kitty Dumont. I just primed Candy. BTW, I'm waiting for water stuff I bought on line
  10. You are right. I have a very big problem: I have almost no more space left to stockpile minis.
  11. Last update related to my Malifaux Collection:
  12. I completed the assembling of Pandora Box M2E minis. I also decided to add to my pledge a scenic element: a large city fountain. While the airbrushing of the scenic will be fart, the layering of water will take me a lot of time. I wood like to create some sort of falling water between the plates of the fountain. Any suggestion about the tools/stuff to get that effect with transparent, water-like medium (like Vallejo Still Waters, jost to name one)?
  13. In my experience the background for photobox must be changed depending on the minis you are going shooting. Clear background on dark minis and dark background on clear minis works better as a rule of thumb. Then, some filters enabled on the cell camera can make the difference. Also, I must say that different cells produce own peculiar photos...... At present I own a Huawei where the dominant color is blue whatever filter or setting I tried to use. As regard your last pics you should try to increase the contrast between the brass metal components and the base.... Just my opinion.
  14. Yeah, I know. I see a post of yours about that past month. I wish you all the best!
  15. I'm not sure but I suspect that's the perfect move to get you divorced.
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