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  1. @Polar43 Nice! How do you do this "goo-looking" base??
  2. Hello there! I finished my 3 Necropunks, each one of them in a different style With this I'd say I've got those: CROWS: 1 Black belt in blanchitsu (round 2) 3 Borderlands (black lining) 11 Ooh! Shiny! (infinity style) RAMS: 1 Despicable Me (put love into 3 minions) 5 You’re all individuals! (treat 3 equal named minis as individuals) TOTALS SO FAR: Crows1 - Black belt in blanchitsu3 - Borderlands8 - Victorian Painting9 - Buddhist11 - Oh! Shinny!Tomes 13 - My eyes! the googles do nothing!Rams1- Despicable Me 5 - You're all individuals!Masks1 - Wham!6 - Mastery in a bottle8 - Break the Seal
  3. Aaaannd... the 3rd Necropunk is done! This makes my April pledge complete,3 necropunks at 5SS each -> 15 SS for April And here's the family pic:
  4. The second necropunk is complete. This one was suposed to be blanchitsu style, and was WAY faster than the 1st, and I'm quite happy with the results. Just one more to go, I want to try a 3rd style, maybe "Infinity style" but I'm not quite sure i really get what that means 😕
  5. @Caedrus this NMM gold looks amazing! Congrats
  6. The comic style necropunk is done 🙌 For the next one I ll give the blanchitsu style another try, applied some texture to the robes, let’s leave it dry...
  7. First WiP of the first necropunk. I wanted to try something new, so Roberta (I named them ... 🙃) is going to be painted in a comic style, first step, blacklining!
  8. Cool to see that we’re just on April 2nd and there s already finished stuff! 👏👏👏 I finally made my mind and will work on the Necropunks (not sure how many SS are they in m3e...). my plan is to paint the 3 of them in 3 different styles and get some of the “cards” from the “wyrd deck of painting achievements”
  9. Damn! I ve been busy lately and i didn t realized that March’s over... Glad to see the challenge is on and with great jobs!!! I have to figure out what to pledge for april. Nix will be an afordable pledge, or maybe the necropunks... 🤔
  10. OK, i'll go for the easiest and maybe at the same time the hardest of the deck 13 my worst miniature: This is a barbarian from MOM miniaturas, a very affordable minis brand, I use it for a custom Zombicide black plague character. What makes it really bad is that is not even one of my first ones, this one was the first one after a long hiatus in the hobby, and apparently i forgot how to highlight and the meaning of contrast and every other single basics... Crows 1 - Black belt in blanchitsu (although I'll try again with at least one of my necropunks) 8 - Victorian Painting 9 - Buddhist Tomes 13 - My eyes! the googles do nothing! Rams - Masks1 - Wham!6 - Mastery in a bottle8 - Break the Seal
  11. Thanks for the comments! The truth is I still struggle when it comes to big surfaces... and i was afraid i'd make the back of the coat too bright, so I rather preferred to keep it darker than it should be
  12. More pics of the midnight stalker:
  13. Here's my 8SS for march, the Midnight Stalker finished! Tried to give him this moonlight effect i was looking for, I'm not sure I got it right, but I don't think I got it completely wrong either... My usual assistant helped with this mini too: @Caedrus before I began I checked again Spiraling Cadaver's blog again, and I truly didn't dare to try it for this mini, I'll try it in the future with a light effect i feel more confortable with, but what i found out is that he's the guy who painted the most amazing mr graves that I've already seen in the past when researching for OSL for my Soul Porter, truly stunning light knowledge 👏
  14. This was my first thought when i got the mini, but i’d rather keep him in the dark 😏 i’ve seen one done like that around the web, and it looks very cool
  15. I found about him when i joined the "deck of painting achievements" and is definitely a style that I think fits perfectly for the midnight stalker. What i had in mind was a pretty dark mini, and a really bright monocle, knife and blood in the floor I'll try to go for it, and see what's the outcome Thanks for the tip!
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