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  1. And here it is, Hamelin finished for 15SS
  2. WiP of my Hammelin: 1st the base, pretty much done And here's Hamelin, still hair, boots, and some highlights and OSL left Can't wait to put them together!
  3. Congrats @Wintergloom ! Great job in all the minis, I specially like the grey warped with the super bright orange πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  4. Hello there! My pledge for june will be Hamelin himself for 15 SS. I intend to try a diferent lighting for him. My idea is adding a pretty high OSL from the base... let's see how successful I'll be 🀞
  5. @Phinn the rat osl looks great, and that hamelin's face... Hamelin will be my june pledge, and i'm telling you i'll have this pic as a reference 🎩 Also, I'm very curious about the colorful clothes that can ve seen in the picture
  6. That's a great idea! 😱 Damn me for not thinking about that! Also, lovely crew all togheter, manos is amazing, and your chiaki looks very "ghostly" πŸ‘
  7. The stolen are done! And with them plus Nix, my May pledge of 11 SS I painted them pretty fast and tried to give them a very pale skin tone. Added some green glow to the bases to match the rats and Nix, and in the eyes to make them creepier (and avoid painting very detailed eyes Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― )
  8. Nix is done! Honestly is my least favourite mini form Hamelin's box, and probably my least favourite malifaux mini so far... Even though, I painted him with love and tried to add some background to the character with the base, also it gave me a chance to practice painting black.
  9. I'm still not sure how to paint it... I thought either 100% realistic or realistic with a bit of spooky glow, but ethereal is an option too... I'll learn a bit more about Nix lore and make a character appropiate decision
  10. Nooo!!! he's such a cool mini, i built mine without the plague cloud thing, just him and the staff, i have the base already done, and the idea is ading a strong OSL from the bottom, if i manage to get what i have in mind might look cool. Nix has a very big base, and needed something to fill it up XD
  11. Quick update, Nix has his very own way of spreading the plague...
  12. Hello there! Again is cool to see so much going on already! @Nikodemus this crime boss looks amazing! @Purple Mist this flexible table looks really promising, looking forward to see action shots of it @Boomstick my respect for you and anyone who dares to do conversions on wyrd models @Stranglelove i feel you with the Goryo... I had to let about a month pass between building the first and having the strenght of going for the second, it was so frustrating and infuriating πŸ˜• @Athiko you have a lot of work in your hands with all those ToS minis... the bases look already great My May pledge brings the outcasts back to the table, this time is Hamelin's crew turn, and I'll paint the 3 stolen and Nix ( 3 + 8 -> 11 SS)
  13. @Purple Mist you don t really need the UV light to see it, if you use one it might make more of a difference, but the point as nikodemus said is that they are specially bright and intense. @Nikodemus i use several of vallejo fluor colors, and I find that they have a different viscosity than other paints, and they are really hard to work with... how do you thin them? Bc in my case either they re to thin that i have to give lots of layers to get the color, or i just have so spread an unthined chunk of it to get the desired color πŸ˜•
  14. @nicodemus this is one of the best manos i ve seen πŸ‘ The clothes are awesome and before i read your comment i thought β€œcool! A not-green magic bird!” And i really think it fits in the mini. P.s.: i feel you, fluor magenta is worse than heroine XD
  15. The face is 11/10 πŸ™Œ The not blended highlights in the whole figure are spot on, i wish i could nail those as you did. if i have to say sth i’d say, the shade of green between the skin & leaves is too similar, and makes it a bit repetitive. and the braid doesn’t pop at all... but don t know how i d fix this, maybe in a lighter background would look better? A copperish/β€œorangier” pan would pop more in the figure too. anyway, grat job!
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