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  1. @Caedrus thanks for the nice words ^^. TBH Asami's mini was no way near any of my favourite sculpts (fun fact, i liked it more while painting it, i don't know why, something about the details i guess...), when i face one of those I try to think how to make the process more interesting, in this case the "forced motivation" was trying to give a spooky ghostly vibe in the face, and speed paint the fabric (I spent much more time in the tengu cloak than on asami's dress). I also experimented with the hair, the base color is dark blue and then washed with black, a lot, result: can't tell if it really makes a difference, so lesson learned 😬 @Viruk I really like the color pics of bases and minis, and the work in the fur is amazing 👏
  2. hello @GroundPounderX welcome to the forums 🙌 First of all, nice job, this base is super cool, love the reds with the blues & the green leaves. Second, this thread is intended to push ourselves to paint some minis monthly, and share with other users while learning in the process. You pledge how many soulstones value in minis want to paint every month, and you should commit to it and share it here, for more detailed and better written info, check the 1st post in the thread So i'd say is not the wrong place to post this, plus i'd invite you to join the monthly challenges, Caedrus is in charge, and if i'm not wrong you might join mid year, not sure though, it's up to him
  3. Done with Asami. Togheter with the tengus will make a total of 27ss for june.
  4. Finished the Tengu! (for a total of 12SS ) SInce it's an early finish for this month's pledge i'll try to do Asami herself too for june
  5. Nice job, if you're not a big fan of basing, i have to say that how it's now it looks good and consistent. But if your'e still up for working on baby kade's one, I've definitely remember seeing a base with something drawn in blood, a 5 pointed star i think, and it looked great, you could add some candles too (just wanted to put a simple link, can't figure out how to avoid the autoformat 😕 )
  6. I wanted to try a different color precisely bc the red was already on the base, but it is true that since i cannot make the highlight work as much as i'd like with hue, i might as well try with saturation 👌 Thanks!
  7. Thanks, this bit was very "highlighteable" there was plenty of space and the curve was going in outwards which made it easy to handle, the small folds in the trousers and the back of the cape are a different story... just the eyes, the NMMs and the oni-style red glow bases to go and will be done.
  8. Hello everyone! Here's some WiP for the Tengus happy with the beaks (the guy on the right has an almos finished beak) and the cloth (the guy on the left cloack will be the to-go color) not so happy with the feathers 😕 the intention is go from a dark green and highlight to purple/magenta colors (the guy on the center has the best version so far) I feel i'm missing sth here but not quite sure what, any suggestion is more than welcome EDIT: i used already paint 2, and 3 of my favorites list (might use #1 too for highlights in the beak)
  9. Hi there! My pledge for June will definitely be the 3 Tengu. June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints 1: 2: 3: Those 3 are my most consistently favourite colors, but the truth is I find myself finding new "favourite colors" every month or so XD Among the most recent there's the model VMC green sky i used for the jorogumos skin, and later the whole fairy flesh set by nocturna models, comes with the right colos and a quick guide and basically is almost "auto-pilot" skin 🙃 There are some wips using just the set
  10. Hey there! How's everybody doing? I finally finished my Jorogumos ( 27 SS total ), highlighting the legs on the 1st one was hard, so bc i'm lazy i gave a try to drybrushing for the other two (haven't tried that for a while), and honestly, it took 1/10 of the time and looks much better, the spider bits just happen to have very small irregularities, which were great for the drybrush. For the NMM i repeated the yokais recipe, which i think worked pretty well, and will add crew-consistency. For next month i'll keep doing Oni for sure, probably tengus 🤔
  11. Hey @Viruk i saw that your spiders got featured on greenstuffworld's facebook and instagram, congrats! They do look really cool, well deserved 👏
  12. Finished the 1st Jorogumo, 2 to go!
  13. yeah, the idea is to use glossy paint & varnish, but i reckon that some propperly added highlights might help to look better, maybe no very strong ones? 🤔
  14. Hi there! finally figured out the jorogumo skin, here's a WiP. Next will be struggling with the legs, i want them to be very glossy, and i'm not quite sure how to aproach the lighting & shadows on glossy surfaces.
  15. Hi there! I built de Dawn Serpent recently, and was trying to figure out how to hold it in a base while flying. At the same time I wanted to give my pending "last blossom" crew a "sakura vibe". This week i decided to get a wiggle on and figured out how to do both and I wanted to share it here. It has nothing to do with my pledge for this month, but the serpent's basing got into my head and had to try it out. I'm still up for the painted jorogumos. Gotta figure a way to paint pale skin that looks good...
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