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  1. I'll add a couple of close ups of my Goryo which I pledged for february's monthly challenge:
  2. Hello there, here's my first post in this thread, I'll use the same guys I just posted in the monthly painting challenge. And with them I'd say: 1 - Black belt in blanchitsu. Well, at least this was my intention with Goryo on the left... I'm not sure if I achieved it or not, if anyone can point me to what shouldn't be there or what should to make it more "blanchitsu" I'd appreciate it. 8 - Victorian Painting: is subtle... but there's some OSL rocks on the bases 9 - Buddhist: swords have been painted using NMM 1 - Wham!: use a fluorescent paint: yep I actually used 3 (magenta, orange & blue) 6 - Mastery in a bottle: the skin is Vallejo Game Color bonewhite and washed with Agrax Earthshade (does it count as a painting recipe??? 😱Do i deserve this? 9 ) 8 - Break the Seal: It's hard to tell, but for the right goryo spirits I used a mix with neon blue for the first time.
  3. I just finished my February pledge, 2 Goryo for 8 SS each (in M3E), for a total of 16 SS !!! Before: After: They look a bit different because I'm going to join this other cool challenge in the forums, and I already started trying stuff I'll have to begin thinking who's going to be in March pledge... I'll probably go back to Outcasts and go with Hamelin or the Midnight stalker... 🤔
  4. @Boomstick You're gonna be busy... How did you do the bases?? are they made with green stuff rolling pins? Also, looking forward to see more pics of the converted talos
  5. Thanks @RStrickland! Here's some more, with the terracotta warriors It was very satisfying because it was just a matter of basecoat, drybrush and add details and the result was pretty good.
  6. This viktoria mini looks really cool? Is it an alt? or a previous version?
  7. Hello! My pledge for February will be 2 Onryo, (10SS on m3e). @Caedrus I saw that I'm not in the excel, can yo add me please? In January i submitted an Ashes & Dust for 9SS in m3e. here's the link to my post Thanks! And keep up the good work!
  8. Back to Yan Lo’s crew, the ashigaru:
  9. Not much to add to the painting tips, the more you work on it the more you'll know your tools and your skills and the better results you'll get from them. And about the pics, those 2 quick videos gave me the ABC on mini photo shooting Basics of the setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFN77P-SN60 How to take nice pics with your smartphone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZtE6HWXg0E My setup is pretty simple: I use 2 lamps with a white cloth around them to soften the light, and then a black t-shirt lying over my open laptop screen to be the background/base. Then is just a matter of focus and adjust the brightness. I never zoom, neither take the pic too close to the mini, I'd rather adjust the size and the desired position in the pic later. here s a pic: Just do some tests with the camera settings and the bg colors and find the setup that better suits your needs. Hope this helps.
  10. Thanks! I was afraid that the final result would be too colorful, but at the end i was pretty happy with the not-so-creepy more cartoony looks. What is a shame is that the dust storm and the A&D sand whirlwind colors are different, and i prefer the dust storm one, but... I made it so long ago that i couldn't remember what palette i used to get the result. 😕
  11. I recently finished A&D for the painting challenge: And here's with his parts
  12. And here's my January pledge finished, Ashes & Dust (for 9 SS) is finally done, pretty happy with the result: And just adding a "family" pic, I had the Ashen Core and the Dust Storm done since a while ago And already presenting the pledge for February, the Goryo: I'll try to do a fast paint job on those guys, i had such a bad time assembling them that now I kinda hate them
  13. And here's Izamu The Armor
  14. Here's my Yan Lo crew: Close up of the master: And his totem, the Soul Porter. I tried some heavy OSL in this one:
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