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  1. @Burnin' Coal amazing as usual. I can't stop looking at those purple socks.
  2. After three straight months of painting TOS, I'm ready for something else. And it looks like there's something in the water because I'm also working on Kirai's crew. Here's my April pledge:
  3. These were lovely on the board we played on. Thanks, Kim!
  4. @Rathnard I love your style. Man, those models really are some of the best Wyrd has ever put out. What are you working on next?
  5. Thanks! I used my Cult of the Burning Man company. The Rhino and Portals were the judges' favorite minis.
  6. Guys, I won "Best Painted" in the Adepticon The Other Side tournament!! 😬💫
  7. Thank you, that's so kind! I believe the photo of my leader is washed out, but it was tricky to highlight him and I was probably more subtle than I should have been.
  8. I adore your bases, @Athiko I might keep working on mine as I slowly finish the rest of my CotBM garrison. I needed to use more of a base layer on the trays. Really didn't have much experience with anything but Citadel's astrogranite before this project.
  9. Here is my pledge for March! Just in time for Adepticon. It seems that the points have changed for The Other Side models. Are we retroactively changing points from previous months @Caedrus? If so, my new total points will be at the bottom. (it arrived!) And here are photos of the previously painted units, now based: That's a company! Special thanks to my father, @Magnus for assistance with the basing. Total points for the Monthly Challenge since January: 195 soulstones
  10. Put me down for a pledge of another Portal fireteam, Adeodatos, and (if it arrives in time) an Immolated Rhino. I'll also be basing my entire CotBM company.
  11. On pg. 43, End of Encounter states: Since there is no way of tie-breaking an Encounter that ends with players having equal VP, perhaps there should be a Waldo's Walkthrough on the philosophy behind leaving a tie unsettled.
  12. Here is my contribution for the month. Unfortunately, I was waylaid by strep throat and didn't finish the full unit. Maybe one TOS fireteam is worth half, @Caedrus? For a total of 4 stones (rounding up). Next month is gonna be the big one. Need to finish the rest of the Portals, Adeodatos, and then base the entire company before Adepticon. Wishing everyone good health and good painting. Everything I've seen in this thread has been wicked and inspiring.
  13. @Diddick wow those turned out great! The basing is awesome.
  14. @Athiko Based on the Lady, I am supremely excited to see your entire crew. She has a wonderful graphic novel-esque style that's pleasing to look at it. @Caedrus Thanks, I only have 6 of them to paint. 😛 Love your Sloth. I was just looking at the Crossroads Seven box. Do you have plans for the whole band? They're begging for a cool stage.
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