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  1. So, after finishing this behemoth of a piece: And after spilling an entire bottle of hexwraith flame on my clothes and carpet... I'm honestly pretty burnt out on painting ๐Ÿ˜…. For now, I'll just pledge two Hanged: Hope everyone is having a good summer (or winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere)!
  2. Hey @Caedrus I had 68 ss for May. Thanks! June pledge coming soon. Been painting a lot of non-Wyrd stuff that I probably won't show off until it's all done.
  3. @bedjy ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
  4. @Caedrus put me down for 68 soulstones please!
  5. @Wintergloom Yay Cult of the Burning Man!! They look great @PetitDalek Sweet Ophelia! Are you gonna work on the Young Lacroix. My father's been painting them and they have such great sculpts.
  6. @Viruk Thank you! Love your crew, especially the cuddly monkey and the happy little jackalope. I think I need to push my highlights, in general. And get a better camera. I also have some pre-release stuff that I'm itching to put together. Gonna be a good (expensive) year
  7. Finally got a chance to admire the lovely pledges thus far. Great work, all! Here is my finished pledge: Kirai Class of 2019!! Total May SS count: ...to be calculated later And here's a bonus Bushido model I finished in anticipation of 2nd Edition:
  8. Pledge is nearly done, mostly just need to finish basing. In the meantime, here's a finished Jaakuna: Nothing too special. Skin has been a particular challenge for this crew because I've been using GW's Ironach Skin and changing its tint with shades. It's such a light color that every inconsistency shows up. Makes for really tedious touch-ups. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this month's pledges!
  9. Perfect timing. Just got my pledge primed and went looking for this thread. Gonna finish up Kirai's crew, and I'm glad I found cheap boxes on eBay because it looks like they're not making her M3E stuff for a while. And here I must rant again: These Goryo were the most infuriating minis I have ever assembled, and I've put together TWO Kingdom Death Phoenixes. Just an absolute nightmare of confusing contact points and no space to work with. In general, Wyrd's build instructions are shameful compared to GW or KD. Probably won't paint them this month, I need to put magnets in their butts and nails in the bases. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Have a great month, all!
  10. Could do. I donโ€™t think itโ€™s necessary. May I ask how you got the subtle rust effect on this and the pork chop? Love it.
  11. So, I have a confession... I despise painting eyes. I delay doing it. I make mistakes and have to repaint the face. It never looks the way I want it. But I know I have to do it because otherwise minis don't look finished. Here's Kirai and Francis: Not great, but that's the best I can do without angrily chucking something. @Caedrus My total for the month is: 57ss Thanks!
  12. But itโ€™s supposed to be camouflaged!
  13. @Athiko love the fire aesthetic and basing!
  14. Hi everybody! Feels like it's been a crazy month. Really glad for the long weekend, and it made me run out of excuses to finish my Kirai box set crew. Here they are! I also painted some zombies but haven't figured out their basing yet: Happy Easter, all! Looking forward to going through all the submissions this month.
  15. @Burnin' Coal amazing as usual. I can't stop looking at those purple socks.
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