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  1. Finished Jedza's crew. The snowy bases contrast with this Texas heatwave 🥵. Also got back into the game proper with them and they have a very interesting play style. Need to go back and catch her goggles. I'll probably assemble and paint the rest of the Seeker models before returning to the Crypsis Corps. Have a good week, y'all.
  2. I got the Jedza box and felt inspired to set-up a makeshift painting area:
  3. I'll also be taking a mulligan this month. Couldn't get the painting table set up in the new house.
  4. Attempting to finish the On the Hunt box and Zoraida's box as well in May.
  5. Took a Malifaux mulligan this month, but I did paint some of the Cursed Box Set. Have a great weekend, all.
  6. Fun fact: @Magnus named me after the Highlander. For April, I'll pledge the On the Hunt box and Zoraida's box. Her puppet seems destined to be completed with a single brush.
  7. I was able to finish Lord Cooper's box, but I sadly did not complete the primary colors challenge. Great sculpts, very pleased with the Explorer's Society. For the month of March – in which I started a new job and bought my first home – that's 69ss @Caedrus thanks! Everyone's work continues to be inspiring. So many different perspectives and styles.
  8. Here is Von Schtook's crew. I realized that I had plastic cemented them to their bases, so the wood slats weren't happening. I still need to complete a mini with only basic colors. Then, I'm taking a break as I am totally burnt out on painting.
  9. For March, I'll be completing the Von Schtook box set and preparing Cooper's crew. I need to order a set of primary color paints, if only to get a hold of the elusive black and white paints that have become scarce.
  10. Super impressive work this month, y'all. The creativity and originality of this group is always motivating. I finished the 1988 crew which was a real nightmare to assemble. Had to get creative. I also managed to complete the Blood Hunter in a day. Today, in fact. And I completed Von Schtook, using the undercoat method. He's getting a wood slat base soon, maybe tomorrow. @Caedrus That's 33ss for me, thanks.
  11. I had originally planned to finish 1988 crew and then start on Cooper's crew, but my Mini Market order has been delayed. I'll finish the 1988 and then try to speed-paint Von Schtook's crew using the same dramatic undercoat plus contrast paint method that I used for the Bloodborne mini. Haven't decided what mini to assemble and complete in a day, but this is my favorite challenge thus far.
  12. Very much looking forward to seeing your Fat Cap.
  13. Pretty phenomenal work to start the year, guys. I finished a few of the 1988 Nightmare crew. Assembling the fish bowl mini made me use many bad words, so I had to take a break. I also received my ridiculous Bloodborne shipment and started painting them up. Really great pre-assembled minis: @Caedrus The 1988 minis plus my McCabe crew comes out to 86ss. Cheers! Have a great week, all.
  14. Are you looking for feedback on a specific part or a specific goal you had? I think your colors are really vibrant and lively. I'm sure from three feet away, the models like striking on the board. Up close, the paints haven't really blended. Maybe your layer paint is too thick. The pants, for instance, look kind of stripey because there isn't a gradient between the dark brown and light brown. One way you can unify the two is a pre-made wash (like agrax earthshade). Another way is a mid-tone paint glazed between them. Same is true for the eye glow, but I am definitely not expert at OSL so I leave that to more talented members to explain.
  15. These are non-Wyrd minis, but I have to show off this photography light I got from kickstarter, called BIGSOFTI: No light, just iPhone camera With new BIGSOFTI light I am super pleased with the difference it makes. I got it to take photographs for a board game I'm designing, and I think it will be perfect. 😁
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