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  1. Finishing my Last Blossom crew is my main goal for August. A stretch goal is getting started on my Nekima crew.
  2. Here are three Thunder Archers to add to my Brewmaster pledge for July: I also painted up some 1.5 metal Malifaux minis for a game I'm developing. I won't count them because they were just a rush job for playtesting, just want to show off the OG sculpts: Hope everyone is having a good month and staying healthy! Can't wait for tomorrow's Gen Con sale; Mei Feng's Nightmare crew is a must-have. @Caedrus My total for this month is 101ss. Thanks!
  3. I pretty much ruined my Perdita crew with a matt varnish and won't be varnishing Wyrd miniatures anymore because of it. Unless you are manhandling your minis on a daily basis, varnishing plastic minis isn't necessary.
  4. @Diddick Excellent! You will not regret the purchase of an airbrush, but it does come with some new challenges. I recommend watching Marco Frisoni's 'Airbrushing for Miniature Painters' series on youtube. I also highly recommend investing in a spray booth. My best piece of personal advice is: thin your paints, even airbrush-specific paints. It makes cleaning more efficient.
  5. @Nikodemus Thank you! Can't wait to see yours! @Purple Mist Thanks so much. I mixed Vallejo air Wood brown and Beasty Brown. Simple and clean.
  6. Here's Brewmaster and co: On to Misaki! Hope everyone's having a good month. đŸș Cheers
  7. Brewmaster time, followed by Misaki. Three favorite painters to watch/read: Duncan Rhodes Darren Latham Mengel Plus tons of Honorable Mentions: Sorastro, Pete the Wargamer, Mezgike, Robpaintsmodels, Squidmar, Midwinter Minis, The Painting Coach. Whenever I need inspiration or help understanding a miniature, I usually look up videos and pictures. The number one impediment that keeps me from painting is not knowing color scheme.
  8. This has been a productive quarantine for me. Here's Lynch's crew: the third Illuminated has a different fate... Thanks to @Magnus for getting this crew and these bases years ago. @Caedrus Thanks for the kind words! My total for the month is: 151ss
  9. @Diddick @Taxidermied Cheers, thanks for the suggestions. @Magnus found Baby Kade's teddy in his cabinet, but I like the idea of trying to make candles to break up some of the bases. I think I'll try making some with green stuff.
  10. boo The happy family Not sure what else to do with the basing that won't distract from the models. Baby Kade needs something and I lost his little bear autopsy - maybe something written in blood. I'm generally not a fan of basing; it never looks the way I envisioned. I got these Death Ray Design bases and followed their youtube tutorial. Quite pleased with the turnout. That's an early pledge completion for me, so I'll probably start another crew. Have a good weekend, all!
  11. For June, it's Pandora's crew (DoppelgÀnger and Baby Kade are taking a bath) Three Favorite Paints Citadel Mournfang Brown - consistent, vibrant brown that can be used as a base or a highlight to a darker brown Citadel Incubi Darkness - lovely deep green that can build up to a blue or a green Vallejo Bone White Game Air - the best warm base coat I've found for Contrast paints Halfway through the longest year, keep up the great work everybody!
  12. @ScourgeOfWorlds Outstanding, love those.
  13. Finished all my Fae! Wish I could get the Waldgeist to complete the keyword, but it appears that they no longer exist to order. I liked working with this metal cast after dealing with Wyrd's plastic for so long. They should do more imo. That's a total of 87ss for May @Caedrus Pandora's box will have to wait for next month. @Sol_Sorrowsong Awesome work, especially Ashes and Dust. For Imgur, copy and paste the Direct Link of the image into the comment form and it should auto-fill. Happy Memorial Day Weekend, all!
  14. Titania box set finished. On to the Howling and the Alt Killjoy. I may save Pandora for next month, I'm seriously approaching painting burnout.
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