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  1. @Athiko Based on the Lady, I am supremely excited to see your entire crew. She has a wonderful graphic novel-esque style that's pleasing to look at it. @Caedrus Thanks, I only have 6 of them to paint. 😛 Love your Sloth. I was just looking at the Crossroads Seven box. Do you have plans for the whole band? They're begging for a cool stage.
  2. For the M3E games I've played, I find myself talking about crews most often in terms of the markers/conditions they utilize. Euripides = ice crew Misaki = shadow crew Titania = thorny crew Yeah... that's all I had to contribute. Good thread.
  3. In February, I'll be finishing my Cult of the Burning Man 1 Commander company for 20SS (Portals, Commander, and another Breachling). Here is a WIP on a Portal thingy. Experimenting with washes and dry brushing to try to differentiate the creatures from the portal itself: My other goal for February is to get a better set-up for taking photos. Happy Friday, all. 😀
  4. @Caedrus I completed The ECB Black Ops, The Warped, and a Breachling for 21 SS, thanks.
  5. Misaki's crew mostly has this ability: "Laugh Off: If this model would be moved during an enemy model's activation or from an enemy's effect, it may choose not to." Does this include pushes?
  6. A lot of the models I’ve had criticisms about in the open beta have already been changed. Not saying they were changed based on MY feedback, but enough voices get Wyrd’s attention. Definitely a useful beta, arguably more useful than the closed beta.
  7. Love the basing! Simple yet varied. Awesome fireteam!
  8. Yes, everything is over-exposed. I'm just using the iphone software. I'll try a different set-up with the next batch. I want to do a charred ground effect, as if the Cult scorch the earth when they teleport. I would do basing beforehand but I feel like trying to pin/glue the models afterward would be an even bigger pain. Some of them have just toes touching the ground.
  9. Finished my TOS units for the month. Still trying to figure out how to take/edit good pictures... Anyway, I feel like I learned a lot this month and was very inspired by everyone else's gorgeous paint jobs. Now onto the Portals and Commanders! Eventually, I'll have to face my biggest fear: basing 😰
  10. I agree that the lack of synergy between the Family models is confusing and not ideal. They also don't excel at any one thing. What if their Bravado ability allowed them to push friendly Family models along with them? It would be a kind of soft Accomplice.
  11. Annnnnd I just saw the new updates. Convict Gunslinger now costing 8 feels right and would have changed some of Barrows Player's hiring decisions. Thanks, Wyrd!
  12. M3E - Perdita v Parker S/D: Plant Explosives/Standard Schemes: Breakthrough, Search the Ruins, Hold Up Their Forces, Power Ritual (forgot to flip for a 5th) Stranglelove playing Perdita w/10 cache Crew: Enslaved Nephilim, Francisco, Santiago, Papa Loco, Nino, Monster Hunter + Expert Marksman Strat: 0 VP Search the Ruins: 0 VP Hold Their Forces: 0 VP Cutmastacut playing Parker Barrows w/4 Cache Crew: Doc Mitchell, Sue, Mad Dog Brackett, Convict Gunslinger x2, Bandido x3 Strat: 2 VP Search The Ruins: 1 VP Breakthrough: 0 VP Game Time: 3 hours, 4 turns Final Score: 3-0 Parker Turn 1 Perdita Player (P-Player) won initiative and discarded pass token to draw card. Barrows Player (B-Player) had Bandido drop scheme and move into trees. P-Player discarded last pass token and drew a card. Gunslinger Bob charged and shot Nino, dealing 5 damage with a Severe flip. P-Player decided to let Nino die. Should he have more defensive traits if he deploys in the shadows? Perdita moved to other side of the board to eventually engage Bob. Gunslinger Billy moved up, followed by Santiago. Doc Mitchell moved up to Billy. Papa Loco concentrated to push and then moved the rest. Sue moved and shot Papa Loco for 3 damage. Monster moved and fired, but Sue flipped the Red Joker. Bandido discarded scheme to gain fast, moved, charged, shot Papa Loco for 2, then fired again. Papa flipped red joker. Francisco concentrated to push toward Bandido, then used it to ignore her concealment. Francisco flipped 13 of ram, declared critical strike, and killed Bandido. Enslaved Nephilim obeyed Papa Loco to concentrate, pushing him 4 toward Sue. Bandido charged Pap Loco but could not kill him with Grit and Tough as Nails. Parker moved to charge Papa Loco and killed him. Turn 2 Perdita concentrated to push toward Gunslinger Billy, then fired twice and killed him. He used his defensive Quick Draw trigger even though he was dead. Should he be able to? Sue shot the Monster Hunter, then hid in trees. Monster Hunter pushed toward him, then charged. P-Player realized he should have instead dropped a scheme marker for Hold Their Forces. Gunslinger Bob moved across the board to drop an explosive marker. Francisco moved toward Sue and charged and killed him. Sue gave up the explosive marker. Can Francisco hold 3? Doc Mitchell moved up toward Perdita. P-Player discarded pass token and drew a card. Bandido discarded scheme dropped by other Bandido to gain Fast, moved up and dropped a scheme near Perdita and co. Santiago shot one Bandido for 5 damage and another for 2. Even with triggers, the Ortegas can’t kill well. Mad Dog moved and charged Monster Hunter, but she defended. Parker moved up and charged Perdita, dealing 4 damage. She dealt 4 back with Quickdraw. Nephilim moved toward Mad Dog. Barrows Player scored 1 for Strat. Turn 3 P-Player won Initiative with Red Joker. Perdita killed Bandido, wounded Mad Dog and Parker. Had two negative twists on damage both times, flipped 6 cards, all moderate. Despite this good luck, she could not kill Mad Dog or Parker. Parker dropped marker and tried to kill Perdita, but couldn’t. He killed Monster Hunter instead. Francisco charged Mad Dog, but all good cards were out of deck, so he did nothing. Mad Dog disengaged and blasted Francisco for 3 damage and pushed him back. Santiago pushed and tried to kill Bandido but failed. Bandido killed Nephilim. Doc Mitchell healed Parker twice. Barrows Player scored 1 for Strat and 1 for Search the Ruins. 3-0. Turn 4 Barrows Player won Initiative and had Parker kill Perdita. With only 2 models left and no VP, the Perdita Player conceded. Final: 3-0 Parker Overall Thoughts Parker Barrows and his crew were well suited for this Strategy. Their "Run and Gun" ability to charge with a ranged action is extraordinarily powerful. They all essentially have a 17 inch charge and may shoot twice. The new rule that you do not need to target an enemy before charging means that they can charge out of cover, shoot, and move back into cover. The entire crew having this ability seems a bit much, especially when facing the Ortega’s, who are gunmen without any ability this powerful. For example, the Convict Gunslinger is a 7 cost model who may charge with a 2/4/5 ranged attack and has a built-in positive twist. Francisco is a 10 cost model with a 6” charge range, very low damage output, and low survivability. Parker’s crew was able to keep the Ortega’s on the back foot for the entire game. The Ortega’s had some work done between closed and open beta, but they don’t do any one thing very well. The P-Player did not necessarily play them effectively. He realized that they do not benefit at all from being near each other. They should have been deployed across the entire deployment zone and should have used their Bravado ability whenever possible. It is the only way to give them some survivability, yet it is only a 4” push that does not ignore severe terrain. The P-Player saved high Masks to get a bunch of attacks, and it seemed that even with those, they were unable to effectively kill models. A 2/4/5 damage spread for pistols and Francisco’s 2/3/4 sword did not feel powerful enough to kill anything but minions. It took Francisco 4 attacks with the most powerful cards (the cards that would have saved Nino) to kill Sue. Around Turn 3, the P-Player felt like he should have just ignored everything and used Bravado to try to get to the enemy half of the board, stacking Focus. Perhaps Bravado could be buffed a bit. Do defensive triggers take effect if the defending model is killed by the damage flip? “Quick Draw” does not have a clear timing window. For Plant Explosives would Francisco be able to pick up a 3rd explosives marker from a killed model if he already had 2 on him? Discard Pass token + draw card is an interesting mechanic, but being able to out-activate with models still seems to be more powerful. This is a 180 from these players' first game, in which they wish they had taken more soulstones instead of models. The Barrows Player felt he had a significant advantage by bringing more models.
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