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  1. For June, it's Pandora's crew (Doppelgänger and Baby Kade are taking a bath) Three Favorite Paints Citadel Mournfang Brown - consistent, vibrant brown that can be used as a base or a highlight to a darker brown Citadel Incubi Darkness - lovely deep green that can build up to a blue or a green Vallejo Bone White Game Air - the best warm base coat I've found for Contrast paints Halfway through the longest year, keep up the great work everybody!
  2. @ScourgeOfWorlds Outstanding, love those.
  3. Finished all my Fae! Wish I could get the Waldgeist to complete the keyword, but it appears that they no longer exist to order. I liked working with this metal cast after dealing with Wyrd's plastic for so long. They should do more imo. That's a total of 87ss for May @Caedrus Pandora's box will have to wait for next month. @Sol_Sorrowsong Awesome work, especially Ashes and Dust. For Imgur, copy and paste the Direct Link of the image into the comment form and it should auto-fill. Happy Memorial Day Weekend, all!
  4. Titania box set finished. On to the Howling and the Alt Killjoy. I may save Pandora for next month, I'm seriously approaching painting burnout.
  5. Moving to Neverborn this month. Pledging Titania's box set and Pandora's box set.
  6. Finished my pledge and stretch goals for the longest month ever! Got a lot of practice with GW's Contrast paints and am officially a fan. Added a Pale Rider I had been slowly working on for months. Yan Lo Class of 2020. Love the sculpts in this crew. Alas, my Secret Weapon bases did not arrive. All the ss costs add up to 126ss, so I'll say the four Wyldwood trees and scatter terrain add up to 24 for an even 150ss. Thanks @Caedrus! Love what I'm seeing this month from everybody. Let's keep going strong through May.
  7. The Goryo were the most frustrating assemblies I've experienced, bar none. All those parts intermingled, the cloaks that wouldn't stick the base, the ghosts that had to be held up while drying. On the plus side, I did get better at pinning from that experience.
  8. Making progress on my pledge. Don't think the bases I ordered for Yan Lo's crew will arrive in time.
  9. My main April pledge is the Yan Lo crew: Plus the Souldrain Forest: With a stretch goal of finishing the Latigo and Tormented keywords: My three pieces of advice after painting minis for two years: Invest in an airbrush if you're serious about the hobby. Don't forget the 3-foot rule; you want to see those details from the table, even if they look a bit garish up close. Take care of your drybrushes and they'll take care of you.
  10. @Caedrus I love your Wanyudo. That would look outstanding on the gaming table. The Mourners' faces are terrifying. Very creative! @Wintergloom Gorgeous saturated colors as always. @TeaCrusader Awesome pieces. Especially love the Rail Golem's metal muscles and Carlos's tats. @muraki I haven't seen many of the Nightmare Lucas set, but you made them very fun and colorful. Lucas's comic style NMM sword also turned out really well. @Diddick Looks straight out of the rulebook. If I were Wyrd, I'd show that mini on Ama No Zako's store page. Just outstanding. Also, I played with Misaki in a Vassal game and Minako Rei popped out two Katashiros. She flipped a natural 12 for one, to my opponent's dismay. They are nasty. @Rathnard Very pretty Stormsiren. She really stands out from the bugs. Love the bright blues. You continue to tempt me to start working on the Gibbering Horde. @Purple Mist I'm happy that you're safe and healthy in Italy. The buildings look subtle and beautiful as always. @naicigam Nice orks! I don't play 40k, but I've been tempted by Kill Team for a while. @Boomstick That was one of my favorite games growing up. Very creative and it turned out well! Are you painting the whole crew like that? @Viruk Thanks for the kind words. Not sure what you meant by green for the bases. Like OSL? I like the subtle purple in the gigants a lot. They look like they'd fit in with your Marcus crew. Are you tackling the rest of the Savage keyword next? @lusciousmccabe Love to see the old 1.5 stuff and yours are appropriately brooding. I recently found the Dead Justice box, unassembled. Tempted to put them together and experiment. @Harlekin You have some really nicely painted models, but they're kind of hard to see. Could you try cropping the pictures to make them bigger? @zesty You clearly understand color theory quite well and are excellent at glazing. Is that a desaturated blue/green for the jeans? I'd love to see the rest of that crew in that style. @Nikodemus Beautiful as always. The stippling effect works great with minis in motion like Minako. She's a beast in game. @Pastori I ordered BrokenToad bases because of your minis. I opted for the ratcatcher sewer bases for my Lucius crew, didn't want to totally copy you. The NMM gold turned out beautifully, and you managed to make my least favorite Wyrd mini (Agent 46) look great. I still can't bring myself to order him, I have to figure out a suitable proxy. He's just so static and lame @Barbercat Striking greens! What's the plan for basing? Really inspiring work this month from everybody. Can't wait to see what y'all show off in April.
  11. @Caedrus Thank you! That makes sense as it was done almost entirely with GW products. Corpsewrack Mausoleum recipe: I made an air paint out of Incubi Darkness and undercoated everything with it. Then, I broke up the stones with Mechanicus Standard Grey, filled in random cracks with watery Mournfang Brown, and washed all the terrain with Agrax Earthshade. I then drybrushed the buildings and fence posts with Thunderhawk Blue, followed by Fenrisian Grey, and finally Grey Seer (without cleaning the brush in-between). The metal bits were done with Warplock Bronze, washed with Agrax, and highlighted with a Bronze Scorpion drybrush. The oxide verdigris resembles Nilakh Oxide, but it was actually all done with Vallejo's Metallic Green Mecha Color. I finished the rooftops with a Bronze Scorpion drybrush. The skulls were done quickly and haphazardly with a Grey Seer undercoat, washed with Skeleton Horde contrast paint, and drybrushed with Tyrant Skull (I did not catch them all 💀). All flowers and petals were quickly touched with Aethermatic Blue and Militarum Green contrast paints. Some rocks were covered in Wyldwood contrast. I did not want them to distract from the rest of the piece. Here is the final product: I'm most pleased with the stones. I'll count the terrain set as 50ss. Combined with the two Goryo and Fenton Brahms, that's a total of 81ss for the strange and long month of March. Tomorrow is my birthday 🥳, but after that I'm planning to crack down and have a very productive April. More Warcry terrain, my last warband, the ASOIAF Lannister Army, and the Yan Lo crew for Malifaux. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!
  12. Hi, all. Hope everyone is staying healthy. I'm more than a little disappointed that Adepticon was canceled. I was looking forward to competing in the Malifaux tournament and seeing one of my best friends from college. It has honestly burned me out of painting Wyrd stuff for the month. Instead, I'll be fueling my dismay (and my time off work) with... spooky terrain! Keep cracking on, chums. This month has seen some of the best work showcased for this challenge.
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