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  1. Now that... that looks like an adventuring party. Possibly a... cooperative one?
  2. For January, I'm gonna round out my CotBM company with 9 Twisted Horrors. I also have Abuela primed, so she'll be a stretch goal. Tyrant pledge this year is gonna be fun!
  3. I considered very seriously painting my Latigo posse in that style for the December pledge. I decided against it because that crew is just one of a kind.
  4. Here is my December entry: 1 Latigo Posse 1 Warcry Terrain set (a superglue mishap turned into a nasty wound on the nephilim's backside.) That's 48ss for the Family and let's say an even 100ss for the terrain (it basically makes a terrain board). @Caedrus My total is 148ss for December and a grand total of 628 for 2019! Happy New Year, all! 🎉
  5. I see now that there's a consensus on buying back in. Works for me!
  6. Thanks so much for doing this again @Caedrus Hi, everybody, I'm Stranglelove. I joined the Painting Challenge last January to get motivated to paint The Cult of the Burning Man for the Adepticon tournament. After winning Best Painted Company, I was pretty much hooked. When I finish my December pledge, I'll have painted over 500ss worth of stuff this year. My favorite part of the challenge is being inspired by the unique paint schemes and basing that everyone makes. ADVICE FOR NEWBIES: I highly recommend clicking the Follow button at the top of the thread so that you receive emails when others submit their entires. It's a great motivator (and a nice distraction at work). I like @Wintergloom's suggestions for terrain evaluation, and I agree that it should stay 2 mulligans and you're out. The more leeway you give, the less of a challenge it becomes. TOP GOALS FOR 2020: Taking better photographs. I've been looking at small light boxes online and might pull the trigger on one. I'll be asking for feedback as the year progresses. Finish painting The Cult of the Burning Man. Paint another M3E crew to the level of my Parker crew. PLEDGE LEVEL: Tyrant 😈
  7. This month I'm returning to my plan to pledge the Ortega crew, including Santana This model exhibits some of the best Wyrd has to offer. Easy to assemble, well-sculpted, and animated. I might end up proxying her for Perdita. Thinking more about it, Santana is just too similar to Perdita for both to be on the field.
  8. @Purple Mist funny you should mention that... Old Major's relative became bratwurst and Italian sausage.
  9. Hi everybody! The Thanksgiving break gave me time to finish my November pledge. I did not end up basing my Rabble Risers as I am slowly experimenting with balsa wood to make wood slat bases for a ship theme. This was my first time trying a water base. The ripples did not work out, but I like the rocks and the clear blue water. I also painted some Warcry terrain, which has been a huge hit at my school's board game club. It works very well with Malifaux. @Caedrus my total for the month is 46 plus I'll say 14 for the terrain = 60 total. Thank you! BONUS OFF-TOPIC PIC: This guy has been visiting my ranch, and my father and I have dubbed him Old Major 🐷🙂. See y'all in December.
  10. @Kyle I resubmitted an order and am cancelling the original one. Thanks for your help, everybody!
  11. @MattM Thanks for your quick response, all the same. I sent a message to customer service to see if I could switch a box for Euripides. Fingers crossed.
  12. Well, I've already checked out, so that's a bummer ☚ī¸
  13. Added Euripides to my cart and was then told it's sold out. Is that true or a website bug?
  14. Here is my straggler pledge for November: 3 wokou raiders 3 dead outlaws 3 rabble risers (which I may have counted in a previous month but need to base) 1 gaki I may also have some finished Warcry terrain to show off.
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