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  1. Are you looking for feedback on a specific part or a specific goal you had? I think your colors are really vibrant and lively. I'm sure from three feet away, the models like striking on the board. Up close, the paints haven't really blended. Maybe your layer paint is too thick. The pants, for instance, look kind of stripey because there isn't a gradient between the dark brown and light brown. One way you can unify the two is a pre-made wash (like agrax earthshade). Another way is a mid-tone paint glazed between them. Same is true for the eye glow, but I am definitely not expert at OSL so I lea
  2. These are non-Wyrd minis, but I have to show off this photography light I got from kickstarter, called BIGSOFTI: No light, just iPhone camera With new BIGSOFTI light I am super pleased with the difference it makes. I got it to take photographs for a board game I'm designing, and I think it will be perfect. 😁
  3. Love it. Especially Big Jake. Still one of Wyrd's best sculpts.
  4. That color scheme actually looks pretty similar to the one used in this video, however with clearly delineated sections: TL;DW Vallejo's Rosy Flesh/Warlord Purple/Royal Purple or equivalent tones seems to be the right color scheme for the left bear. No Royal Purple for the other bears. Hmm, now you're making me want to assemble these and try it out.
  5. I started out of my planned order, and then I couldn't stop until McCabe's crew was finished. The third Ruffian had a different fate. Have a good week y'all.
  6. For January, I'm pledging the 1988 crew as well as the McCabe crew. My painting resolutions for the year: 1) Complete more of my non-Wyrd backlog: my Nasier army for Wrath of Kings, the Slaanesh warband for Direchasm, ASOIAF Lannisters, and Blackstone Fortress. 2) I painted 10 Malifaux crews last year, so paint another 10 Malifaux crews, I guess. 3) Improve at painting skin and faces. If the face is the window to the soul, then most of my models are soulless. That works for Rezzers, not so much for the Guild.
  7. Hey @Maogrim, I use Imgur. I click on the photo in my album, copy and paste the "direct link" into the comment body and it automatically fills it with the photo. There is no limit that way. I'm sure there are different photo album services as well that others might share.
  8. Finishing off the year with the M2E Viktorias box set with an Alt Taelor: I really struggled with the skin on these girls. Tried several methods and wasn't overly pleased with any of them. I'm also not crazy about the bases; the Vallejo desert kind of looks like cake batter. Happy to have these off the table so I can finish the 1988 Mei Feng crew. Then, it's onto the Explorer's Society. That's 47ss for me, @Caedrus Thanks for all that you've done this year.
  9. Had to drop everything and start working on this guy: I'm a big fan of this pre-assembled hard pvc. Could this be the future for Malifaux minis? No more 16-piece gremlin sprues??
  10. I'm returning to the Viks this month to get them off the already-full paint table 😅 @Diddick "What do you struggle with the most when painting a mini?" I struggle with envisioning the mini's final look. It's why I rely on painting tutorials and google images for reference; I can't even get started until I see a paint job or a combination of colors that I think will suit the model.
  11. Taking my first mulligan of the year. Because it's football season, y'all:
  12. Here are Nekima's Nephilim and the Half-Blood Princes: Many of these Nephilim were primed years ago with a spray can when I didn't know what I was doing, giving them the fuzzies. Bonus Wrath: Box o' Shame: Unfortunately just a lot of stuff I'm uninterested in painting. Maybe someday. That's a whopping 101ss, thanks @Caedrus Be well, everyone.
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