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  1. Pledging Parker Barrows and co. for September. Here's a work-in-progress Parker:
  2. @Caedrus thank you for the kind words. My total for the month is 41ss. Everybody in this thread continues to impress me with their skills and imagination. So glad I joined this community. ☺️
  3. Hi all, Managed to finish my pledge even while starting to teach high school this month! Next up: Parker Barrows & co.! Have a good week, all.
  4. Pledging the Jack Daw crew box this month!
  5. Disregard post. Archie has been acquired.
  6. @Caedrus it's a mulligan! I painted some Bushido minis this month but no Wyrd. I'll get back on the horse in August. Excited to go through this thread when I get the chance. 1 more day til Gen Con! If you are going, have a great time. Would love to see photos of the tournament crews.
  7. @Caedrus My total for June was 16ss, thanks! Since I'm here, I'm thinking July will be my first mulligan... Will still enjoy seeing what others are working on. Have a great week all!
  8. @Wintergloom Oh, my mistake. No need to change the rules! I'm sure many people are working on non-Malifaux stuff they haven't counted. My total is 16 @Caedrus
  9. Lots of great stuff in this thread! Here is my pledge for June: And here is another shot of the Black Coach, which definitely burned me out of painting for the month: Unless there is a different rule, I'll consider that a Titan for 25SS. @Caedrus June total is 41, thanks! Happy Monday, everybody!
  10. So, after finishing this behemoth of a piece: And after spilling an entire bottle of hexwraith flame on my clothes and carpet... I'm honestly pretty burnt out on painting πŸ˜…. For now, I'll just pledge two Hanged: Hope everyone is having a good summer (or winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere)!
  11. Hey @Caedrus I had 68 ss for May. Thanks! June pledge coming soon. Been painting a lot of non-Wyrd stuff that I probably won't show off until it's all done.
  12. @Caedrus put me down for 68 soulstones please!
  13. @Wintergloom Yay Cult of the Burning Man!! They look great @PetitDalek Sweet Ophelia! Are you gonna work on the Young Lacroix. My father's been painting them and they have such great sculpts.
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