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14 minutes ago, Fetid Strumpet said:


Zombie Mastiff (Instead of chihuahua).

Yin is another frequent offender in the "eww, I'm not fielding that" category. But that's her point, so wouldn't she take more of a 'counts as' Twisted Alternative than an 'alt'? :P

There are so very many ways to go with an alt zombie chihuahua. Easy to build option. Large option. Dr. Dufresne's handbag dog option. (a.k.a. the chihuahua in a cat costume)

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Philip because he's such a useful model and only available in the box many of us with the older models don't need. But I'll cave and buy it anyway before this alt model will be available, so instead I'm asking for..

Nightmare Seamus 70's Disco style box. 

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Alt Valedictorian would be great, along with Sebastian.


On a similar vein, the ability to buy Students individually.  I'd love alt Sculpts for them, but I'd also be happy being able to get specific students rather than buying additional transmortis boxes.

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