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  1. spafe

    Another Bayou board

    stunning board dude!
  2. spafe

    godswearhats' Beginner's Guide to Ressers

    What end of the country do you play in? If you're down south I might need to book up for the next tournie you're going to!
  3. spafe

    Copy cat killer help!

    yes, that's what I ended up doing, paperclip from base to crotch with plenty of superglue. Not had any issues wih the belles yet though
  4. spafe

    How do I use the Ice Golem?

    Is it worth then considering the armour upgrade to up his df to 4? does he become more worth it then?
  5. That looks fantastic! so jealous of this terrain!
  6. spafe

    January 2018 Errata

    That's brilliant, thanks! Hopefully by next years errata they'll have sorted out a European printing house so the postage isnt almost as much as the card order lol. Least that's all the cards that my group will need up to date now.
  7. spafe

    January 2018 Errata

    Can I ask about the bundles... are they for the actual cards or for downloads? When I click on an individual card it comes up saying premium us poker card, but the bundles just say bundle... Thanks for any help
  8. spafe

    Alt Sculpt Stories.

    where is the alt sybelle story?
  9. spafe

    Tales of Malifaux Podcast

    Well I've jsut found this... binged the first 8 espisodes in one sitting.... this stuff is so so good! (and makes me so happy with my choice of seamus and mc mourning as my first masters!)
  10. spafe

    Attacking a Buried Bete Noir

    I didnt think you could stack stuff... so you cannot be buried again as she is already buried. So she would be dead dead at that point due to not being able to bury. I think.
  11. spafe

    Hello from Wiltshire (UK)

    Hi there! I've jsut started out too, I'm in Reading, so close but not quite local! Did you have any luck?
  12. spafe

    Alternate Starter Set crew

    I started using the Neverborn from the starter set but we didnt like the guild side so used Sybelle, 3 belles and the Copy cat killer as a roughly equal force against. Worked well enough for us to learn the basics.
  13. spafe

    Seamus vs Reva

    Heya, I'm very new too, so do bear that in mind. I'm also in a similar boat (3-4 friends to play with, non competitive scene). I've had a blast playing Seamus, being able to teleport about and shoot stuff is great fun, and easy to learn/get into. The belles, SYbelle and Copy cat are all also quite fun to use, and tend to synagise really well. I've honestly not played or looked too much into Reva so couldnt help you with a comparision, but I'd deffo put in a good word for Seamus being fun and a useful crew box!
  14. spafe

    Nico starting idea...

    Yeah I'd read about them... seem really useful jsut not totally sold on the athestic... so might get them further down the line for now. Will keep them in mind though! Molly ey... Okay, I will keep her in mind (and likely ahead of the Kentauroi too) as a future purchase, she's never appealed as a master to use, but I do like her looks and its a useful as heck crew box from what I can tell. Optimized isnt that high on the agenda, I'm only playing with my wife and a couple of mates who are all very chilled and (half) arnt really too into TT games so easy going is best!
  15. spafe

    Nico starting idea...

    oo okay. I'll have a read up on PMF about philip then. Thanks! I'd not thought of the card hungry-ness of the list. Maybe I'll drop the emissary initially then, as I think I prefer the model of the Asura Rotten (and it gets me 2 extra Zombies!)