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  1. (Keenan)

    List of alternative models

    Gremlinette alt slop hauler
  2. (Keenan)

    Make 2 intro crews in NB

    Have you ever given any thought to demoing with a non-timed Henchman Hardcore setup? Check the thread below for some good samples for that.
  3. (Keenan)

    Purple Mist's Crews

    Love that basing choice for alt Nekima
  4. (Keenan)

    Simplest master in NB?

    Isn't there info out there saying that in 3rd there won't be anymore generic totems? I'd definitely skip Gorar for pukesnake until then, but it won't be the same next edition, if I remember correctly.
  5. I'd check with your local Henchman to see what the policy will be for Dead Man's Hand and if you get the OK, don't worry about. They'll be supported with rules and cards etc and legal for casual games. The only thing you may run into is some opponents practicing for tournaments that want to face tournament legal lists.
  6. (Keenan)

    Do you consider Ten Thunders intrusive?

    I haven't come across this sentiment myself, but I disagree wholeheartedly. They've done a decent job writing the fluff for the faction, touching on how they infiltrated every part of Malifaux and how they got there without going thru the big breach. It seems to me like those are the views of someone who got into the game in first edition before TT werre really a thing and feels wronged by an additional theme maybe? That's the best case scenario I can come up with.
  7. (Keenan)

    Who is the best Grem master vs Neverborn?

    I agree with @Adran about bringing models with higher WP, but also add in some that have high ml/min damage. A lot of the faction has lower end df. Take advantage of it. That said, you should always want to be a pirate, so Zipp is the correct answer.
  8. (Keenan)

    First feelings M3E

    If Chompy is out, there's a good chance I'm out too. I like Dreamer and the fluff and all, but Nightmare edition Chompy was one of the models that got me to buy into the game way back when. That said, I doubt the company would get rid of him.
  9. That was kinda my point. Band together to destroy the one who destroyed them, then go back to hating each other? Just wishful spitballing at best though.
  10. (Keenan)

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    Who would do such a thing?
  11. (Keenan)

    First feelings M3E

    Assuming that's how they both work in M3E that would be amazing
  12. (Keenan)

    Unofficial M3E FAQ

    Awesome thanks
  13. But wasn't that before the queen rose?
  14. (Keenan)

    Unofficial M3E FAQ

    Did they state that in person, or written somewhere? That's pretty exciting if true.
  15. I think they would have a commonality of surviving and returning. They were banished and defeated before, there could be a storyline where they form a loose association to defeat their common enemies, i.e. current masters who are powerful enough to defeat them again, especially if they team up.