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  1. (Keenan)

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Consider me disappointed. The only alts i would have been interested in were Graves & Tannen and they just are kind of blah in my opinion. Admittedly I am partial to my Graves that I painted like Michael Clarke Duncan, and I think the original Tannen just gives the right impression of his personality. That said, the only model on that list that I'd be interested in is Gwyneth Maddox, and I can wait. Pretty disappointed that the models from a year ago aren't all available yet and we've been getting Monday previews for things that will come out 'sometime'. EDIT: I could see the alt Graves with wings and a sword make a good Nek-He-ma
  2. (Keenan)

    You Can't Take the Scrip From Me

    I had that thought too, but it seemed like Lynch would be less modelling and sculpting. Of course it would be a proxy for whatever model the OP wanted.
  3. (Keenan)

    You Can't Take the Scrip From Me

    That's a tough one. Maybe Lynch with without the hat and Book's hair sculpted on top or a different head? Or have a go with the TTB multi part kit? That might still require some modeling for his hair, but you should be able to get something from that. Might have to wait for some different models to come out and just have Book be on Haven or something.
  4. Thank you all for the kind replies
  5. @Phinn requested to see these. This is my first painting post, and fair warning I don't claim to be good at painting, I just don't like playing with gray crews.
  6. (Keenan)

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Of my madnesses? Let me figure that out and I'll create a post for them.
  7. (Keenan)

    July 2018 Errata

    That's never been the nature of this game though.
  8. (Keenan)

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    @anencephalous Is your main issue with the crew the anachronism of it because my little pony is from 1981? If so then there is quite a lot more for you to dislike, especially in gremlins.
  9. (Keenan)

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    I'd love to have a grown up Dreamer alt sculpt. I've been periodically searching for appropriately sized cricket bats to model onto a TTB model but I just can't seem to find one. I can't believe I forgot Sammy and Trixiebelle! Also taxidermists are McMourning.
  10. (Keenan)

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Are you counting just the alts?
  11. (Keenan)

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    I remember seeing that too. One of the creepiest things I've seen in my life. Inspired me to paint my insidious madnesses flesh colored, which were not painted to the same quality, but were pretty creepy too.
  12. (Keenan)

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Merris is copying Kaeris. I feel like I read way back in 1st edition that the somer and the hat thing was copying what they thought gave humans authority. Wrastlers and mancha roja aren't copying named characters, but copying people per the Wong story. And the Lightning Bugs are copying Oxfordian Mages. Zipp and his whole crew are copying the people he stole the ship from I believe. There may be other parallels but I feel like they'd be too much of a stretch.
  13. (Keenan)

    Nightmare Ulix box

    I like it well enough, but it isn't for me. It's fun and odd and frankly, my little pony is the stuff nightmares are made of. It just doesn't grab me the way the Dark Carnival, Wild Ones, or Xmas Rasputina did.
  14. (Keenan)

    Trying to start a League ((ADVICE NEEDED))

    Tabletop players are definitely your best bet for recruitment. Playing games with your friend and/or having demo days when GW and PP players are there for their regular nights should get some interest, especially if your models are painted (decently, not professionally). For demos, I like the idea of a 'Henchman softcore' game. Teach the mechanics without overwhelming the new player with things to keep track of, and don't put a time limit on it.
  15. (Keenan)

    Trying to start a League ((ADVICE NEEDED))

    Do you have players that have committed to playing in the league, or are you trying to generate interest in the game by starting a league? If you have players already interested tell the owners, show them a sign up sheet, and maybe that would convince them to carry the product. If the league is to generate interest in the game, I'd personally say that's really ambitious. Demo days are a better option, or playing the game at those stores to get some attention to it.