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  1. Faction packs will not be reprinted. We've done three print runs, and they were meant to be a stopgap between editions, not a long term product.
  2. If you haven't heard back with questions from customer service, then everything is good. Now the folks sending in hand written receipts with 'Malifaux' on it ... eeeh ... those are going to get questioned.
  3. Oh, I'm sure there are a dozen different ways some will put it. End of the day it doesn't make a load of difference.
  4. There was jack all of a direct to retail feud with Lion Rampant. It coincided rather nicely with Asmodee now owning them. But hey, a feud sounds more exciting ...
  5. I wouldn't. It's not the exact process we use for printing/coating (its just not available for the POD at this time) and thus you would likely leave marks. Sleeving would be the best option for those.
  6. Welp, the nice thing is that Dia Cash has finally pulled their thumb out, or more importantly, the fella that runs things over there is back in charge after it has been brought to his attention (multiple times, but hey, life). They placed a rather sizable order last month, and have been on the ball when calling for orders again, so hopefully that is some good news. While I could point, holler and bellyache (and I do privately ), we can't twist someones arm to pick up something. I do have some hope though that it'll be sorted now that its back proper hands. In the case of the folks that are getting jacked over on that side of the pond and are now picking their stuff up from Wayland or others who have been stepping up, put a note with it indicating that you've had to go 'extreme FLGS' on it and we'll take care of you. At this point, as long as a FLGS somewhere is benefiting, and not just some Amazon retailer or someone who has setup shop in their garage, we'll be happy to support them, and you, for the efforts. Again, you can pick up directly, curbside, OR have it shipped to you, and we'll honor it.
  7. Sign out. Try to sign in, say 'forgot password', will send you a link.
  8. Have we ever rehashed stories between editions? Tuco is in the new book.
  9. As of a couple hours ago - anyone that had their picture posted had already received their certificate. Depending on how busy the front office is, they might do so again before they day is over in the next two hours, otherwise no other vouchers will be handed out till Monday when the busy gal working on them returns to the office. We could have waited till after the contest was officially 'done' but frankly that would suck right?
  10. And it's up ... Sorry folks, had to dig deep on a few things, thus the time.
  11. Well, what is now technically April releases due to the delays we've experienced, will be up. Yaaay CORVID-19. Avatars are a warehouse find - so they'll be packaged in the ol' M1E packages and of the material of their day, metal and/or resin. Only one that was ever done in plastic was Hoffman and I'm not even sure we have that one around - wasn't in that pile I found the other day. Got the folks looking in the morning so it might be added on there.
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