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  1. Well, perhaps they should reach out for IP use and permission as these folks did and there might be a larger knowledge of it.
  2. A community project by the Gentlemen Gamers to bring Malifaux to Tabletop Simulator. Just another way to enjoy gaming while wading through this pandemic.
  3. Congratulations Ian F, Justin B, and Ian B on winning a Malisaurus Rex. Check your emails! https://www.wyrd-games.net/giveaways
  4. Sadly, nothing official as of yet, though there are a few projects in the making that might sort that down the road (not an any time soon for the public though ..).
  5. You figure out how to do that in an economically feasible manner and I'm sure you'll do very well in this industry selling such a luxury. As it stands right now, that one ranks right up there along with 'when pigs fly'. Not saying it can't happen, just you are going to need to devise the method of how to do so …
  6. Yup, and that website you just posted (and I removed) is a re-caster who illegally casts and sells miniatures not of their own out of another country. Not really the place to support or advertise as most folks don't realize it.
  7. Three plus days actually, but yes they are sold out at this point and it'll take a little bit before we can get additional ones in. Sorry!
  8. Erm ... it wasn't a little supply. I just put some more in there and having the rest spun right now.
  9. If something didn't show up in your cart, we'll get you sorted. Had a few tags I had to sort back there and frankly, with the redesign and some back and forth between connecting apps, a couple of things didn't hitch properly. Thank you for catching it. Should be all sorted now. Nekima Box and Brood Box were delayed. Chalk it up to 2020. Binh, TOS miniature at this time.
  10. Not in the least, that's still in production.
  11. November releases will be available, nothing beyond that. In the mean time ...
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