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  1. Books do not have punch-out cards, never have, never will, and the cost of something like that ... ooph.
  2. Yup, you're right, that's all that goes into developing and running a company - we should probably just go ahead and price those at cost and put them out there. 😐 Not to mention warehouse/office, development, design, packaging, print, labor, shipping, hardware/computers - and the assumption all of which have somehow miraculously not increased over the years, much less the tariffs, trades - etc.
  3. They'll be available for POD. May print some out for purchase in our webstore, but no promises.
  4. You do know that we have jack all to do with that correct? You submit the events to Gencon, then they go through their process, and in their own good lovin' time put them up. We've had events posted for them for some time now, but here in the forums you can find what we have submitted, hopefully, that'll help with your decision making while they apparently take a bit more time to do what they need to.
  5. That's what the special order bit is for. The special order would have to be for Elijah and all three Firebranded at that point. There won't be 'well I only want Elijah' - the only previously released product in that box was the Fire Golem.
  6. There is no login - that doesn't do anything yet.
  7. Let's see if I can answer a few questions. Yes, the goal is to have all distributors sorted in advance so that they can get the product to retailers by the 28th of June, or as close as possible to that. Naturally, any number of things can go to shit between here and there, but we're looking good unless something pops up. Overseas and outside the US distributors get their product sent out first, then the US - that being said, each distributor outside the US picks its own manner in which to ship product and we are not responsible for any delays on their part (awaiting other orders from manufacturers so that it can all go on one boat for a cheaper price, etc, etc). Then of course if customs decides to get cute or weather decides to wreck a port or some other stuff. Outside of stuff like that, we're looking good. Not everything is being resculpted - not even close. We will be updating/redoing crew boxes as time goes on, some sooner than others, particularly if there is a large change to their box layout as at the end of the day, time to cut/repackage/touch everything and the chance for screwup kinda outweighs just getting a new mold done. Some boxes will be getting a whole makeover. Others will have bits and pieces of it. People keep tossing about the idea that these molds are wearing out and thus the reason for XYZ - lemme tell you - we would have to sell a LOOOOOOT more before these things blow out. We will be updating our Upcoming Releases, Retailer section and a few other things here over the next week to get additional information out, advertising images, etc. Rules and cards will be released online for free. You can download them and print for your own purposes. They are not and will not be allowed to be tied into custom programs/apps - online or offline - nor for other folks to exploit direct sales from (printing cards out and selling them). They'll be some language letting you know what you can and can't do - we're pretty easy with it, but as with anything, some folks will happily ignore for their own wants/sake. Drivethrurpg and Wargamesvault will have the cards available as a print on demand service and you'll have the option of picking up one card, whole factions, by keyword - etc. We'll try to make it as simple as possible. When the translations are available as well (hopefully at launch or shortly thereafter), these will also be placed online for POD. They are actively seeking a printer/partner in Europe and beyond, so if you have suggestions for them (contact them, not me) feel free, otherwise yes, all orders from there will be printed and shipped from the US. Special orders, either directly from us, or from your retailer through distribution is available both inside the US and outside. That being said, it is only for boxes that have been combined or changed up in a manner that say only a single new miniature has been placed within a box (we'll use Alphonse for instance) and the only way you could get it would be to purchase the box all over again. We're not interested in jacking over our customers like that - but we're also not going to go in and allow this for each and every model in the line as that's frankly entirely too much work and ultimately self-defeating. Also why there is a time limit on this. If you're going to want a Wanyudo for your Reva, you'll need to purchase the box - we'll not be breaking that one up. Small rulebook - we keep getting asked about it, so very likely we'll take a serious look at it after the launch. Wouldn't be overly difficult to manage.
  8. It's been a few years but I don't think we ever actually gave her an age in the writing. That being said certainly not a teenager always saw her is being in her early to mid 20s before her unfortunate situation with Seamus.
  9. Sadly isn't going to be a solution that I'm happy with. Gave our opinion, suggested some solutions, but apparently, everything has been tried before. Eh .. Is what it is, till I can find another option. We're certainly not in charge of the shipping there.
  10. Talking with them at the moment - they are looking into it. I would be really helpful if some of yall could send screenshots (I'd get rid of personal information other than the country it's going to) so that I have something to pass along to them. Thanks!
  11. Says it in the description of the website. Not plastic unless we're printing these ourselves directly.
  12. Tuckbox that they are talking about is paper - like you would get around any deck of cards you buy in the store. In the past, I know that there were plastic storage boxes that could get added in if you didn't uncheck the option. I think we went back in and made certain those weren't even an option any longer, but I do know that it was adding to cost in the past. In the meantime, I have reached out to Onebookshelf about the shipping as frankly, I agree with y'all. I know what it would cost us to ship out a single deck of cards and it shouldn't be anywhere near double the price unless it was going out via FedEx international. Working on it, no clue if we'll be able to affect anything directly about it though.
  13. I'm going to reach out about the shipping - that just frankly sounds like crap that needs to be fixed. It's not trying to slip in one of those plastic tuck boxes on you, is it?
  14. Not as of yet, but we're working on it. Should see a load of Penny Dreadfuls and One Shots drop over the next couple of months as well (honestly, just waiting in line for layout, etc as we finish up some M3E and TOS stuff).
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