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  1. Nathan Caroland

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Thank you.
  2. Nathan Caroland

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    We'll be shipping out, unless something goes sideways, middle to late August. Most folks will get them end of August and September (particularly overseas) I would expect. As for that website, apparently, he's selling directly from distribution or has decided to not make a profit so that he can push quantity if I was to guess (there are a few of them that do that oddly enough, hoping they make it up on the added items in their shop or shipping). Certainly will look into it, but yeah - basically it's your internet resellers/retailers that can only do that due to not having to carry deep or can sell and have ordered in fairly quickly from distribution if they are of any decent size.
  3. Nathan Caroland


    Out when they are out, along with the Mansion. Only so much can be pushed through production these days.
  4. Nathan Caroland

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Don't believe so - probably a mistake in the grab, copy, paste of things.
  5. Nathan Caroland

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Figures we missed putting that one there. Nightmare set - $75. That's a dead guild guard being eaten at the Nightmare's feet.
  6. Nathan Caroland

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Still stand by that, and everything else in life. Don't like it, don't buy it. Don't need it, don't get it. That being said, we've seen some chicken little routines here before, as well as the more 'strongly' opinionated folks who are determined to be heard shitting on something from high above and honestly, it didn't make a difference then and I don't expect it will now. We'll never nail it for everyone, ever.
  7. Nathan Caroland

    Any plans to expand the overviews on the Main Page?

    Sure, soon as someone has the time to do so.
  8. Nathan Caroland


    That's the idea - assuming these do well enough to warrant the investment (a significant investment).
  9. Nathan Caroland

    TTB One Shot - The Show Must Go On

    No, the limited quantity small handbook print version would have been free - we always place them online afterward for sale. Check the others. As it is, we have print versions that didn't make it to their location on them, they'll find their way out there eventually.
  10. Nathan Caroland


    I might do a couple contests between now and then to hand out some of what we have on site ..
  11. Nathan Caroland


    Got our first drop in with prototype boxes which of course need to be updated/changed out (less space, etc), but you should see these hit distributors September/October. Currently being set up for sea shipment.
  12. Nathan Caroland

    Above the Law

    Currently being printed.
  13. Nathan Caroland

    Earthside Echo... Amazing!

    Written/published by Americans so yeah, it's going to be done in the American system. Same as the spelling. Always has. Crowds are explained, that's only a part of the story, and one of many.
  14. Nathan Caroland

    Vassal Module

    We'll take a look at it again and see if we can't put it out at the same time as we launch the game and info pages (along with the other goodies we've got planned - etc).
  15. Nathan Caroland

    March Newsletter

    If its credit from a contest or gift card or the like, or we passed out credit for a screw-up we had on our end by way of apology, then yeah it counts.