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  1. Erm ... it wasn't a little supply. I just put some more in there and having the rest spun right now.
  2. If something didn't show up in your cart, we'll get you sorted. Had a few tags I had to sort back there and frankly, with the redesign and some back and forth between connecting apps, a couple of things didn't hitch properly. Thank you for catching it. Should be all sorted now. Nekima Box and Brood Box were delayed. Chalk it up to 2020. Binh, TOS miniature at this time.
  3. Not in the least, that's still in production.
  4. November releases will be available, nothing beyond that. In the mean time ...
  5. Everything but this years Grumpus is available for sale as well. You have the options of purchase, or getting free at X.
  6. We decided not to give it to you and keep the electrons all for ourselves. Or, Matt will send it to those on a time frame that they've got set for it.
  7. They do. We have actually looked into this in the past but haven't done anything with it as of yet. It would require us to go through and set these up for print (as originally they were not - no need for it) and then of course update some of the older ones in some spots. Then its a question of 'how much is too much' because if you put them altogether, you end up with quite the book. Then, do you just drop and go, or do you do it justice and lay everything out, remove the bestiaries and the like into a section at the back, remove duplicates where they show, and add in a proper page count, t
  8. Yeah, not doing this for the nth time as it'll quickly turn into a shit show of name calling and soapboxing.
  9. Paul G. won - we made a post under the review and will do so again for the Halloween one. Thank you for reaching out and asking though and appreciate your feedback!
  10. Other options are printing them yourself (they are freely available), ordering them from Wargame Vault or using the APP which is free. Just to list those out on the off chance one was overlooked.
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