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  1. C) Slap the deck out of their hand and play 52 card pick up!
  2. They're available off of sound file sites which you have to pay for license for use for, etc. Envato or Audio Jungle (one and the same really) are good places to look for them. Or Google, that'll bring you up all sorts of stuff on Youtube, etc.
  3. Hey Wyrdos, This week we've had to explain to Waldo just exactly what social distancing is and despite our best efforts, he's just not getting it ... we're tempted to show just exactly 'what' we shook out of the keyboards after he was done with them, but our lawyers have advised against it. A few of the fellas are still disinfecting. So, while we quarantine the little bugger for a couple of weeks, we thought we would present you with a bit of fun for those of you who are locked up in self isolation and provide you with a good ol' fashion coloring contest! Snippy, whom we'll introduce in the near future, has done a fun piece which she calls 'Plague Boi'. We think it's rather apt. Details for the coloring contest is such: Contest runs from now till the end of day April 15th. Entries must be submitted in this forum thread - simply attach your colored piece for your submission. Naturally, you need an account. There are two categories, digital and ... erm ... not digital. Paint with a computer, tablet, crayons, markers, watercolor ... whatever. Everyone who participates will receive a $10 gift certificate for the Wyrd web-store along with a random puppet miniature upon its use. One winner from each category, as chosen by the Wyrd staff, will receive a $50 gift certificate for the Wyrd web-store and handful of puppets (that's rather vague, but well, that's what you get!). Have fun. Be safe. Stay sane.
  4. *Wargame Vault / DriveThru Card Printing Operations Suspended* Our operations facility that prints our cards, posters, and GM Screen inserts has been affected by a municipal order that all non-essential businesses must close for the next 30 days, possibly longer. The soonest we can accept new orders for printed cards, posters and GM Screens will be April 20th. There was almost no notice provided to businesses for the closure order. Our operations are trying to get all orders currently in process finished, but some orders recently placed may not finish production by the close-of-business Monday, March 23rd mandated shutdown. Our publisher service and customer service teams will be working with publishers and customers on all affected orders and will notify anyone affected by Tuesday or Wednesday of this coming week. We will be making all printed card format options private. When we resume operations, we will automatically reactivate for sale the same titles we will be deactivating to return things to where they were. (Although there are a host of print-n-play options you can still purchase.) We certainly apologize for this unavoidable inconvenience. We will post updates as they become available.
  5. Part three of Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Down is now available! Episode 125: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-episode-125/
  6. Easter. No real sense in running something and then doing something again in a couple of weeks.
  7. Sorry, but I addressed this the other day elsewhere as well. GW, and several other companies people keep touting as doing it in their backyard, actually do produce tooling, plastic, packaging, printing - etc, out of China as well. Mostly scenery and larger kits, but it certainly isn't all UK all the time. I know because I've been in the factory while the tools are cut, the product made, and boxes and boxes of product sitting to be sent along. Not a big deal in the least, but certainly not the '100%' that people like to tout. We also work out of China, Thailand, South Korea and right here in the backyard, 'Murica!'. Of course we could be a bit obtuse about it and pull one over on folks with 'Designed in America' or 'Assembled in America' but all that means is that its come from some other place and 'put together'. Hell, there are another half dozen ways to swing that cat.
  8. I think you're talking about the bottom right one - if so, it's just that, a big ol' pipe that's been pulled and and now re-purposed for bashing someone with. If I remember correctly we even had some head sized dents put into it somewhere on that (it's been a bit).
  9. We've had Shopify for almost four years. It didn't 'just' change. Skinned/Themed maybe, but that's it.
  10. Nope. Ya'll love on and hate on the same artists all the time, just depends on the characters. Cracks me up.
  11. More or less contained - nothing that is overly spoiled one way or another.
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