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  1. That's between them and their freight forwarder. If they decide to hump it across the border by turtle back - that's with them.
  2. They've had them for a bit - couldn't tell you what they are doing with them.
  3. You'll find those in a book.
  4. I think the hollering has run its course.
  5. Week or two. Depends on how quickly print proofs arrive.
  6. You posted a complaint an hour ago, and here you are stating the same of it. We've already responded to you. We wrote the check just fine - it's not being sorted properly on the other end, which is distribution. Have an issue, take it up there, we certainly are.
  7. There are a number of threads here that'll answer or address this same said question. We're not going to start another three today. 😀
  8. Oddly archaic and fucked comes to mind...
  9. Yup, and then who gets the sack of unhappy customers thrown at them.... Don't even get me started on TOS.
  10. Carry a tablet and wait two weeks or so for distributors to get them to retailers again. And anyone selling this stuff on Amazon for $50 is ... well, lemme go see who that might be and who they are getting their supply from ...
  11. I was referencing the missing special edition cards (believe it was Tara and Co from the Nightmare box), not the release cards for miniatures yet to be released. TO's, run how you want.
  12. Unless the IP is mistaken, you're in Nebraska. I know damn well all distributors in the US have gotten it by now unless there was a delivery exception I was not made aware of. West Coast got jacked on the time, we've acknowledged that. Being that you are smack dab in the middle of the US, I'm going to assume your distribution comes from Alliance Midwest, which I know also got it in enough time - now whether it was processed into their system just today or not, I have no clue, but we were informed that they were in the middle of reworking their warehouse - and none of that is smooth or quick if the two I've been a part of are anything to go by. I've made my apologies. I've made information known, and yes, I've tried to turn a joke a time or two to make folks less sour. I appreciate the enthusiasm and interest. I'm very much hoping things will smooth out and folks will enjoy and that we have earned each of you as a customer. At the end of the day though, if folks just think we're plain shite and can't stand it, well I encourage them to live a less stressful moment in life and find a company and game they are pleased with. Enjoy your games, all of them! I can assure you, there is no one that wants this out there and successful more than we at Wyrd.
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