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  1. Nope. Ya'll love on and hate on the same artists all the time, just depends on the characters. Cracks me up.
  2. More or less contained - nothing that is overly spoiled one way or another.
  3. USPS service sucks here. Oh, you have more than a small set of envelopes? Sorry, vehicle too small, not my job, I have a bad back, oh someone else will come get it.... Etc.
  4. Fair amount has already and will continue through today and possibly tomorrow.
  5. I suggest you have him go straight to Lion Rampant then and ask them WTF or find out if there are other issues. Lion Rampant gets monthly orders - they could stand to order more - but that's on them. They also have just been bought out by another company and ownership has changed up and while things aren't supposed to change, things do. Not the area for is as this is for Black Friday but as people are damned determined to find any and all place to holler about it .... we've had stock come in, and go out, several times. If your store didn't get them, that certainly isn't on us, and yes, we have heard from other places (not necessarily in Canada) where larger stores have pulled 'rank' so to speak and gotten their full quotas or more and others were left without. We can't do diddly about that as frankly, we don't control the distributors. To say that we've never sent anything out is frankly getting a bit old - we have - several times - if folks look around you can find them in the damnedest of places, even if it didn't happen to get to, or stay, in your particular corner. I certainly wish otherwise, but I'm also not swimming in them like ol' Scrooge McDuck in the back warehouse for the fun of it. In the mean time, Waldos get added to orders of $150 and above as stated on the checkout that asks you to click it that you understood before checkout in red letters though I understand it can be missed (sadly we're all accustomed to just clicking boxes to get to where we want as its a standard thing these days). If you have any customer service issues, please take them up through there and the front office will endeavor to sort you as best as possible. Thanks!
  6. They are there - look at the drop down box, allows you to go original or variant. https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/collections/black-friday/products/nightmare-edition-dark-carnival-coryphee?variant=22913732673584
  7. Now that's funny ... Sometime in the next hour or so if I can get them to pull their thumbs out on this end.
  8. We're adding and changing up a few things ...
  9. If its on that list, it has an updated M3E card.
  10. Seems like the sale isn't for you. That's perfectly fine. Metal for smaller runs is much easier to do and cost efficient. Plastic is expensive for a reason. Hence that $35 you were upset about. Nope. Not dealing with a European hub - it's a complete and utter shit show each and every time we've looked into it. We would love to accommodate, and we don't make a dime extra on the shipping, but it is what it is, and sadly, not likely to change. Will it cost sales/interest? Absolutely. Waldo - if you don't care for him, don't pick him up, he is not a requirement for the game. That's not negative response to your feedback in the least - as with anything, if its not to your liking its understandable. You can either purchase him, or get him completely free. Or ignore it altogether. Sometimes we do stuff just for fun - because we can. Wild Ones shouldn't have been on that list. Copy paste, thank you for pointing that out.
  11. Alt Hannah will never be available for sale. We might give her away or do something else with her, but not for sale.
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