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  1. Wayland and a few others are honestly very good at keeping stuff like that on hand for just that reason. If I had to guess about the German side of things - BlackFire. If you can verify it, we can have a chat with them about it.
  2. Guess it depends on whom they are ordering with (they don't do direct with us). Might also be one of those where someone just flat out isn't doing their job on the distributor level (shocking, I know).
  3. If I'm not responding to you beyond what I have already done, that means there is nothing to report that you are going to like. I'm not going to give a weekly/monthly update if nothing has changed. We continue to work on things behind the scenes, and will continue to do so in the future, but that doesn't mean I'm going to pop back and go 'alright, update as of ...'. Working on it, but if it doesn't pan out, its not for lack of effort. I very much appreciate the interest, and can understand the frustration (believe me, have more than a bit of it myself), but in this case no news is e
  4. Alrighty - I've come back relatively unharmed after this process. Galleries, broke as can be. Sorting them with tech service right now, surprisingly not my fault. Theme - sorry about the bright white from earlier, had to go through and do some updating/editing/etc and it was best if yall didn't have to see the uglieness through the whole process. You now have a new theme that should be available for everyone, and whether you like it bright, dark, or somewhere in between, you now have that option. On the bottom ride side there is a little moon/sun setup that allows you to change up y
  5. Working through it ... some of this is ... confusing. In the mean time, got Microsoft and Goggle logins working. Apple ... damned if they don't have to make everything difficult. Still working on that.
  6. The forums might look a bit funky for a few days as I do software updates and figure out what got broke in the mean time. If you run across something, post it here. Thanks.
  7. Pretty much the above. Oh we could print, but then it takes longer and longer to recoup funds, and eventually, you end up collecting dust, taking up space, and eventually, losing money because it doesn't sell a full print run. As its available in many other ways, a couple for free, its simply better business to put the funds elsewhere.
  8. No, but there are several stores which are carrying product directly ore are still sourcing and I would suggest you give them your business. Industrial Park Games, Wizard's Loft, BD Cosmos, The Garage Games and Geekery and about a dozen others that if asked I'm sure would put orders in as they have accounts.
  9. Welp, that would explain it then. Hall of Phoenix had some serious shipping issues that unfortunately hit them rather hard and had them holding off for some time for various reasons. There is no French one to my knowledge. Simple, or Wayland, both in the UK, bring in significant stock, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If they use either of them, there shouldn't be issue in the least. If there is, have them reach out to us and we'll happily reach out to either of the others and get things sorted.
  10. Who are they bringing their product in from? That would likely be the place to start with. Otherwise, we've got stock, no reason for us to be sitting on it.
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