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  1. Hey folks! Appreciate the entertainment. Sol_Sorrowsong grundil oistene Those folks were picked at random (random generator thingy online) and should send a PM to me with their information and I'll pass it along the the worker gremlins to send along a sprue. Next week ... I'll probably be bored again.
  2. C'mon now .. that's just fingers! How do I know that's not just some random stranger.
  3. I'm bored. Take a picture with a miniature from the Wyrd line (anything, metal, plastic ... whatever) and add the caption 'Hi Nathan!' to it and post it here in this thread. Next week (eeeh, Tuesday)I'll pick three random individuals to get one of these Rasputina advance sprues I've got sitting here on my desk as of five minutes ago. No packaging, etc ... cards if I can find them. And that is what happens on a Wednesday and no one is around to entertain me .... Next week ... something else. Yeah.
  4. Faction books have been release. Core rulebook has been printed, along with other stuff, and is currently on the water.
  5. Yes, just rules. As we stated a bit back, rules, then cards, are being done. It takes time - a LOT of time. Rules come first - cards a bit later.
  6. Haven't seen a lot of folks talking about the stories as some were worried about spoiling it for others (thank you for being considerate!) - so I thought I would create a thread and see what folks thought of some of the stories and the arcs/characters that were presented. For anyone reading - expect spoilers.
  7. It's a game. If I wanted true world bias, bullshit and politics, it would be something completely different, and to be honest, wouldn't grab my attention in the least. Sure, we take bits and pieces of it that we like, or want to expand upon, some with carte blanche, others with complete and utter ignorance that turned into a happy hap stance or a wince after the fact. We try not to offend folks outright, but at the same time, not going out of our way completely not to either as quite bluntly people get offended just by someone else breathing air they thing belongs to them these days. I'm of the opinion that games are there to be enjoyed. If you don't enjoy it, or find something that is truly offensive and intolerable to you, then find another outlet, avenue, or avoid altogether if it causes someones blood pressure to fluctuate terribly. Are there things that I would do differently in hindsight - yeah, probably - but there are just as many things that I'll happily troll for good fun because of my rather dark sense of humor. Believe me, the guys and gals here keep me in check ... Hell, when people kept pushing for a nude female way back in the day, they got topless Zoraida for their trouble ...
  8. Short and sweet of it - a lot of people acted like asses. We'll bring it back in 2020 some time, with some overhauls, and a 'don't be an ass clause' in there somewhere that I'll ask the fellas to figure out so that I don't just hit the ban button on people who can't interact in a socially acceptable manner from behind a keyboard and mouse. We'll be doing a Halloween contest here shortly and another later in the year, none of which has anything to do with the IP rules/contest.
  9. Eh, I absolutely love Iron Painter - we've run it for years. That being said, competition brings out the best, and worst in people. Not going to say we're infallible, but something has to change, and folks being safe to be asshats behind a computer screen when they wouldn't act in such a way in person - just sort of sizzles my backside a bit and turns something that should be enjoyable into a full on headache. We're bring it back, and some of the others - just going to be a hot minute before we do so.
  10. Honestly, probably not - bit too many assholes last year which soured me on a few things and with M3E and a few other things taking focus right now, time. That being said, we'll probably do something earlier in the year on 2020 though revised and updated a little. Painting contests in general - we'll knock out one or two this year as I'm a fan of The Rotten Harvest and maybe Holiday Horror.
  11. That's between them and their freight forwarder. If they decide to hump it across the border by turtle back - that's with them.
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