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  1. Never beat Lilith. Eventually I eked out a win or two against the resident Lilith player, but only when he was branching out into less familiar crews (and if I remember rightly, so was I). We have had a much closer replay of that match-up in M3e beta, but a. I still lost and b. It just isn’t the same with a totally different toolkit.
  2. Consolidation happened here. Most models with Pull and Drag (look for harpoons and lure-likes) are pulling and dragging from a greater range, that’s all.
  3. I think you missed the “extra action, to a maximum of three” wording on Fast. A master gets three actions natively, so making one has no effect other than to cancel the effect of slow (or in Hoffman’s case, to pulse that nasty Wk duel—I have made people grumpy by spamming that on a well-positioned beater which I had already made fast). Still, I’m intrigued by the general idea. Howard Langston was what I was using for that slot. Mei Feng might bring enough for the extra cost to be a worthwhile substitute.
  4. Why make Mei fast? Countering anticipated slows from Zoraida and co.?
  5. The faction general upgrades seem, to me, to make each faction double-down on what it’s supposed to bring to the table. But ours aren’t a cohesive whole as some other factions are. I’m not sure where you would go for ‘essence of Outcast’ when our scheming is sharply divided from our tough and survivable killing which is also set apart from our resource replenishing killing. Well, I suppose the resource replenishment is part of Outcasts, don’t remember anyone else farming this many soulstones mid-game if not playing a specific master, and after coming from M2E Guild any card draw looks amazing.
  6. It’s...one of three. It is the one I use even though it doesn’t have the blessing of succession, because the underlying structure just works.
  7. Note to self: bring all min3 shooty crew of faction choice to @Davos‘ meta and see what happens. Alyce’s protection is getting to use her Armor 1 (not really worth counter-hiring as only the girls are going to bring armor) but being outside of the Unmade heal cycle and so a slightly higher priority target counters that. Unless you all feel that stoning for a tome equaling a 2-wound difference (-1 enemy, +1 Alyce) is worth the investment? I balk at spending a stone for only preventing or dealing 1 damage. How should I be valuing damage dealt per stone spent?
  8. The OP did mention he had a chance of playing into Leveticus and black blood versus unmade gets unnecessarily self-destructive quickly for both sides...
  9. Continuing the series, Guild gets Broken Promises: Outtakes. One of those old-fashioned scene boards is held up and clapped in between each take. [*]Perdita storms out of the break room. Offscreen voice: CUT! Sonnia: What do you mean, cameras were rolling?!?! [*]Nellie, flipping through a thin sheaf of notes: Are you sure this is everything? There doesn’t seem to be much plot to this... [*]McCabe finishes scrubbing at the floor, gets back up to one knee, camera keeps panning upward to reveal Lucius had been sitting in the nearby chair all along. [*]Nellie gives the coffee machine a good hard sideways kick, which rocks it backwards...and slowly forwards again until it topples over and pins her to the ground. McCabe laughing onscreen, laughter offscreen. [*]McMourning: ...How are you? Love the hair. Lady Justice leans over and opens the fridge. Inside, Sebastian (or at least his head) pulls a big sloppy smile at her. [*]Hoffman and Perdita eyeball each other, but she cracks up laughing an instant before he does. [*]Coffee machine is still tipped over on the floor, but Sonnia pours herself a cup anyway and leaves again, ignoring Nellie’s protests of ‘is anybody going to get this thing off of me? Help! I’m serious here’ [*]Perdita: (struggling not to laugh) Bitch, please. You thought you had a chance with this? Laughter offscreen. [*]Guild guard: Think fast! She throws the severed head at Lucius, who dribbles it twice off of his knees before kicking it back to her. Cheers, applause from one lawyer. [*]Darkened set. Nellie: This is oppression of the press! Sonnia! Justice! Perdita! ...anyone? You guys haven’t all gone home, have you?...
  10. Does the new abom ever last? Around here I invariably announce ‘and now you can’t heal’ which pushes the new abomination into first place on the target priority list. It still absorbs actions, but I’d like to see one accomplish something active before it goes.
  11. Avoiding shipping charges, mostly. While I also sigh at the lessened choice of single boxes, we are blessed with a very responsive reseller whose entire business is splitting boxes and selling singles. Give Gadzooks Gaming a try! They have sold me single minions out of a three-pack, single minis for conversion fodder, and while I haven’t tried their terrain/3D markers yet those have gotten many rave reviews.
  12. Which is doable but clumsy. ‘Way back when I started I played that way with a few Arcanists models, but lacking a way to track their wounds and activated status in the same place as the other models slowed down my learning even more. (Then print-on-demand was introduced, I bought the few cards which matched the metal models I had scrounged, and all was well.)
  13. For the emissary/rider price bracket you’re wrong, those went down in cost I noticed. If I am remembering correctly, the only boxes which increased were M2E wave 1 crew boxes went up to $50 to match later waves’ crew boxes.
  14. Schemes, sch-memes. I have had No Prisoners hunters thrown in my face as self-healing, better-statted mini-peacekeepers. Hoffman just has so many 10ss choices, though...
  15. Grenade can only, as a free action, be attempted once in a turn, but can be sprinkled in with as many regular gunnery attacks as you care to make. (I wish it could double up, but then realize there are other free action attacks I am VERY HAPPY to have once-per-turn only.)
  16. Gnomezilla


    Moving markers to apply hazardous should never have gone live either, but that will just have to play out on the tabletop now. The only 100% successful defense against hazardous is to avoid the area, and moving the area (even if only a base-sized marker instead of the greater reach and survivability of a model generating an aura) instead of the enemy model breaks that.
  17. Hasn’t one of our henchmen already lightly re-written the scenarios for M3e rules? An awkward solution only because the starter set was better for player communities without an existing meta (any henchman happily jumped on the opportunity to match newbie to crew box). I think I was the only known instance after people decided M2E Angel Eyes’ ability to use soulstones didn’t compensate for her cost. Bloodwretch in a Hoffman ‘Gun turret’ crew was very niche and very, very satisfying.
  18. Darnit @trikk, you don’t just hand the Ressers the opportunity to answer “chopped into tiny chunks”!
  19. To me, this is more Taelor than Miss Deed was. Even if I do miss the sardonic grin. (Miss Deed is like the Hodgepodge Emissary; a lovely sculpt that is not at all representative of its relative importance in game.) Student of Conflict is purest squee. Different enough from the old one to provide variety, same animating spirit. Also I have wanted to see puffy ponytails in sculpt form for awhile, ever since someone greenstuffed them onto a Malifaux Child awhile back.
  20. I figured Ressers would pick up the inevitable haunted hot springs episode (with frequent jump cuts to Archie sending flying the latest intruder to the women’s baths) but I’m on board with the Bathory beach chair—extra points if she’s soaking her toes in a footbath which might or might not be filled with fresh blood.
  21. Hamelin befriends the true winged plague: seagulls.
  22. Beach Party Von Schill variant: The Shorts Come Off (then I wondered whether this implied Hannah telekinetically ripped off bathing suits at range and got lost in a loop of ‘cannot unsee’)
  23. Nah, beta established that Beach Party Raspy would be relaxing in a bikini while everyone else (Kaeris included) exposed to Raspy’s idea of ‘balmy bikini weather’ would still be wrapped up in seven layers of coats. ...It’s Beach Party Von Schill that I worry about. “Half man. Half machine. Zero shirts.”
  24. Following the dot worked! I imagine there will be a heathland trade again between people splitting faction decks. This meta already has enough Jack Daws that my spare Outcast Tormented are probably spoken for already, which is a shame as I’ll need to trade for necropunks. (When I get them. Missed the miniature market discounted necropunks again. 😕)
  25. Neat! I don’t have mouseover pop-ups on my phone and missed that. *finds the laptop, because ‘fix that on my mobile browser’ just keeps falling down the priority list*
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