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  1. Kadeton

    July 2018 Errata

    This update fails to address the fact that Nicodem still has "Living" on his card.
  2. Kadeton

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    Yep, a push into base contact is "in relation to another model". P. 43:
  3. Kadeton

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    I figured you would have to use that second AP to walk around Som'er and get into position to charge on the next activation - pushing into base contact with him when he's moving towards the enemy will almost always mean he'll be in the way of your charge. It's the all-in surprise-attack aspect that I think is its weakness. The first few times you saw it, you'd get completely blown away, but it shouldn't take too long to figure out ways to stop it. It's a tactic that inherently becomes weaker the more you use it.
  4. Kadeton

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    Totally, there are plenty of interesting possibilities! Unfortunately, the further forward you push the lead pig, the easier it is for the enemy crew to respond and kill it before you can get started. And your Som'er-bowling pig has already burned one of its activations and left your Master way upfield and lacking either Wds or soulstones... I'm sure there are lots of cool ways that this list can get across the board if it needs to, but they all have costs and consequences - and no matter what, if someone shuts down one Warpig in any way you've lost a huge amount of punch, and there's no backup plan. It's not a brainless list to play, is ultimately what I'm getting at, I suppose. You'd need to be clever and careful (and a little bit lucky) to make it work, because small positioning errors or enemy interference will wreck its delicate machinery. I'd really like to see it on the table, honestly. It would be a really interesting challenge to pick it apart in actual play.
  5. Kadeton

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    Yeah, that's a good example of what I mean about careful placement. The Hog Whisperer has to be deployed within 2" of both Warpigs and Old Major to pull this off, which probably means all three pigs lined up on the edge of the deployment zone, with the Whisperer behind them. Major then pushes both Warpigs 4" forward, and doesn't move. When he reactivates, he can walk forward up to 5", push one of the Warpigs 4", and presumably push the Whisperer towards himself... but he'll have to do that carefully, in a way that doesn't block LoS between the Whisperer and the lead pig, otherwise it will be subject to Set'er Off. That most likely means the front Warpig can't get the full benefit of the 4" push, because they'll need to be going partially sideways to see the Whisperer. A small nudge from the enemy at that point should put the Warpig out of LoS or range of the Whisperer, which would be bad news for Som'er, the Banjonista, etc. Even if the Pork Whisper'n aura is maintained on both pigs, one of them is at most 4" outside its deployment zone, and the other is probably about 7". If you want to deny both pigs their entire first activation and the Major's aura, you just need to stay >22" away from the enemy deployment zone (>18" will deny at least one pig an activation). One round of charges each from the pigs is still very nasty, but it's not crew-destroying (they could get up to 6 attacks each, depending on how they choose targets), and the Gremlins don't really seem to have a plan for what to do if they don't slaughter the enemy crew beyond recovery on Turn 1. Alternatively, the Guild really shouldn't have too much trouble projecting enough force to kill a Df 5 Wd 9 model that's just sitting 7-8" outside its deployment zone, waiting for the rest of its crew to do card-draw stuff.
  6. Kadeton

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    It's definitely something I'd need to experience on the table in order to see how the placement worked, and how close the pigs would normally get before starting their rampage. They have Wk 5, Cg 8 and 1" so they're not going to be more than 14" away without wasting their whole first activation. An additional quirk of the list is that the Warpigs either need to be within 2" of a Gremlin or more than 9" from the nearest friendly non-Pig in order to Walk, if there aren't any enemies within 9" - the positioning of models in the Gremlin crew would require a fair bit of practice, I think, and any attacks that move enemy models around are likely to disrupt that careful placement. I don't think you'd need to push and activate the Nurse as a chain, though - one of the major issues with the setup is that the Warpigs lose a lot of their effectiveness if they go off "early", before all their buffs are in place and the extra cards are drawn. You should have quite a few activations available to do some counter-setup.
  7. Kadeton

    Who's the best dog in Malifaux?

    Um, this poll is missing the best dog in Malifaux: Iggy Pup. I cannot let this stand.
  8. Kadeton

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    I feel like this list has a ton of hard counters across various factions, since it relies so heavily on the charging Warpigs for damage delivery. Anything that shuts down charging or Warpigs (especially going after their Wp before they activate) is going to give it a rough time. Someone mentioned putting it up against their local expert Levy player - I feel like the most bog-standard Levy list (with Rusty Alyce and Ashes & Dust) completely and automatically shuts this entire mechanic down, just by passively existing. Lots of alternative counters in other Factions as well. It really seems to be the Guild that struggles with this the most. It does feel like there are a few key pieces which, if removed, severely reduce the danger of the list. The bit where the Crier turns into a Gremlin and that Gremlin uses Drunk & Reckless - if you can get a shot off on that Gremlin at that point, just about anything will kill it, and you immediately deny 6 cards to the opponent's hand. Similarly, killing the Skeeter early will make it much more difficult to pull this whole thing off. Failing that, just aggressively pushing up to engage the Warpigs before they activate will drop their damage potential severely. (A bit niche, but a McMourning list with some Nurses can just medicate those pigs with Hallucinogens or Uppers, locking them down completely for the entire turn. That's probably the hardest counter I can think of in the Guild.) It's an interesting list, a bit too "all eggs in one basket" for my taste, but against an unsuspecting opponent I can see how it would be utterly devastating. It's sure generated a lot of discussion...
  9. Kadeton

    Proxy Games

    Cameras are sadly unable to capture just how eye-searingly pink those bases are in reality.
  10. Modhat: I think the thread has started going in circles and stopped being productive. Anything new to add to the discussion?
  11. I'm saying that calls to "tone him down" will not stop until he's useless. I've been playing this game for close to a decade and helping to manage this community for a good portion of that time - I have seen this happen. People hold onto their perceptions long after those perceptions have stopped being grounded in reality. Frankly, I think the idea that Sandeep is the best Master in the game is unsupported. Every other Faction has multiple Masters that are easily on his level. His inter-factional balance is, in my opinion, not a problem - it's only within the Arcanist faction that he's an auto-pick. Hence, I think bringing the other Arcanists up to his level would be a good place to start. That doesn't mean that there are no other Masters in other Factions that couldn't also use some attention. My fundamental position is that Sandeep would be a good baseline measure for how much a Master should impact the game - bringing other Masters up is better for gameplay than bringing Sandeep down, because plenty of Masters are boring and inflexible, and Sandeep is not (and I don't want to see him or any other Master become so).
  12. Honestly, that's pretty much how this always goes. Remember when Colette was the "god-tier Master"? The complaints about Sandeep are almost exactly on par with that, and they won't stop until Sandeep is in the same condition that Colette is now. Then those same complainants will move on to Nicodem, Nellie, Titania... whoever becomes the next bugbear. That's why I want other Masters built up, not Sandeep torn down. Sandeep feels great to play! He just needs some viable competition. Colette feels awful, and nobody benefits from doing the same to Sandeep.
  13. Kadeton

    March 2018 FAQ

    "Headhunter - Models that count as two drop two Markers. Models that count as two for scoring drop one."
  14. I would suggest that the other Wave 4 Masters are strong, but they don't overshadow the rest of their Faction in the way that Sandeep does. Reva, while powerful, doesn't hold a candle to Nicodem. Nellie is great, but McCabe is an equally strong alternative in the same style of play, and the other Guild Masters gained a lot of flexibility and power in Wave 5 which can make them more appealing in some scenarios. Barrows was a poor contender against Hamelin and Jack Daw from the moment he was released. Titania is awesome, but so are Pandora and Lilith. No faction other than Arcanists has the "One Master to rule them all" problem. Of the two options you present, I'd definitely prefer to boost the Wave 1-3 Masters that are lagging behind. Wave 4 Masters are multidimensional, flexible, and work with their crews in cool ways. The same certainly can't be said of all the earlier Masters - I'd much rather see them become more interesting to play than see the good Masters stripped back and made less interesting in order to match them.
  15. Prior to Wave 5 and the latest errata, I would have agreed strongly that Sandeep needed a downward adjustment. However, while he's still undeniably strong, I don't think he's game-breaking (and personally, I don't think he was ever the strongest Master in the game). Other Masters have been given significant power boosts through new or cheaper upgrades and models, and GG18. The problem with Sandeep (in my opinion) is that he completely eclipses everyone else in the Arcanists. That's why you're seeing so many "Sandeep players" - he's a really good choice for any scenario, and playing a single Master is easier, cheaper and more reliable under tournament conditions if you can get away with it, which he totally can. I'd suggest that a better thing to think about would be how to make the other Arcanist Masters stronger choices, to compete at Sandeep's level, rather than knocking him down to theirs. Apart from Marcus, the other Arcanists tend to suffer from an inherent lack of flexibility in their approach to the game, or in some cases (looking at Colette and Kaeris) a straight-up lack of strength. Their faction-wide errata adjustments were pretty conservative, because any adjustment would benefit Sandeep as much as any of them, but their individual adjustments were mostly pretty meek as well. Just bringing them up to par would see more variety in games, which would help address the perception that it's Sandeep in particular that's the problem.