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  1. Fetid Strumpet


    I was just asking a friend about his thoughts on that last night.
  2. Fetid Strumpet

    Colette Survivability.

    Umm Seamus’ Gun is once a turn and has 1 more dmg and no board control and he’s been nerfed into the ground because of it and he’s not even remotely as survivable as she is, and survivabity and durability has always been a sub theme of his too and he lost pretty much all of his this edition. To be clear my point isn’t she can’t be survivable. I’m arguing her survivability, as currently implemented, in addition to everything else she can do is too much. Significantly Scale back her ability to do things and hand out conditions on the table and leave her survivability as is. Or significantly scale back her defenses.
  3. Fetid Strumpet

    Colette Survivability.

    I’m sorry, she’s not killy? I’d trade Seamus’ gun for her sword without even a seconds hesitation. And Seamus is stuck with terrible defenses and hasn’t changed because “he’s primarily a scheme runner” so that argument doesn’t really hold water with me. And that’s before we look at her crew. If you want to argue that Colette is where master level design is supposed to be that’s fine, but if that’s true I’d be able to argue pretty convincingly that 98% of other masters need a good deal more work.
  4. Fetid Strumpet

    Colette Survivability.

    Colette has been my yardstick for measuring other masters against. Either she is far too good, or most masters aren’t good enough. I agree without reservation. Currently Colette might as well have a rule that says don’t bother. This model cannot, shall not, and will not be killed or controlled. You might as well just ignore her.
  5. Fetid Strumpet

    Von Schtook's actions interfere with each other again

    To be clear, I agree with you, but wasn’t the argument that h2w and armor together, in a game with vastly reduced dmg lines, is super powerful and like almost all his models have that?
  6. Fetid Strumpet

    Unbalanced Hiring?

    I don’t see what advantages the suggested change bring to the game to make it a better game overall. I’d personally not like to see such a change.
  7. Fetid Strumpet


    Ill absolutely conceed if my proposed change was instituted df number would be tricky to put in place. And 4 might be right. I just find right now dmg is secondary to crippling a model through conditions, and a lower df for H2w and +1 wound over SS cost doesn’t seem like a good trade off given that conditions don’t care about H2W or how many wounds you have. But that’s my perspective and don’t think that’s a universal opinion.
  8. Fetid Strumpet

    Anna Lovelace

    At the moment, that’s correct. A good number of models lost their ability to hire models they could before. I have an entire crew of showgirls I converted and painted as undead when I saw the AKA Sebastian Baker upgrade I can’t use anymore either.
  9. Fetid Strumpet


    @Paddywhack, Maybe. I've noticed that a good number of the summoning in ressers moved to their henchman models. As far as summoning goes I just don't see what was gained by removing it from so many in the faction to be more symmetrical with the other factions, and then slowly adding it back to the others but not him. The only argument I've seen for why he shouldn't get it back is that not every resser needs to summon, which I agree with, but I don't see what's gained by not giving him back his since his summoning was NEVER and issue, in 1e or 2e, and he's always had it as a central concept. I'm totally fine with Molly not having it since it was only her thing last edition and not in 1e. I mean if summoning is balanced now in mechanical terms and not dominating the game to the point where every master was like "I want to summon x" I don't see what is mechanically gained by not giving it back to those models who've had it since 1e. It's not a hill I'm prepared to die on though and am not figuratively leading the charge to get it back. I'd just like a good argument for why he shouldn't get it aside from "Not every resser needs to summon". So sure, maybe giving Sybelle a summon would be fine instead of Challenge. Though for my money the thing I'd most like to try, if I was given the authority and power to change her (I won't be and this isn't a request to a meaningful attempt at getting through) would be to leave her mostly as is. Change her damage on Terror ability to an ability that said if she hits you with her whip, she essentially wraps it around some part of you and whips you around to somewhere else in her engagement range, repositioning you. This would synergize especially well with Seamus, Doxies and Belles, as well as giving her some additional defense since she could make it harder for many models to get 2 attacks on her doing so, as well as giving her a role that couldn't be easily negated by just giving her stunned, since as a beater her dmg spread drops precipitously if she gets that condition. And it would give her a role in the crew and faction that would be uniquely hers since short range battlefield positioning with precision isn't something that anyone else has that I'm aware of. I'd boost the attack stat on her ranged attack to be 6, since that seems consistent with the other 10ss models that are looked on favorably. And finally I'd try boosting her Df to 5 or 6, whatever is the most consistent for 10ss models right now since I stopped closely following the beta a while ago and honestly just don't know, with the absolute understanding it might need to drop down again if she then became an order of magnitude more survivable than similarly costed models who have a sub theme in resiliency. Leave everything else exactly the same and see what happens. I could see a number of situations were that ability would be very useful, and even if she died pretty much every game, even if her defense had to drop back to 4, I think the fact that she would feel useful and would have contributed to the match in a meaningful way would more than make up for her death. I tend to find players don't mind if their models die if they feel they contributed meaningfully to the match. Sybelle's big problem is she just doesn't feel that way right now.
  10. Fetid Strumpet


    Razhem Doesn’t that give pause though when other masters who are theoretically balanced and ready to go have comments like “the master is awesome!” “I can’t wait to use this model!” “I’m so much happier with this version of the master!” And Seamus comments are: “I can see him working.” He’s fine.” “You know you can easily kill scheme runners.” “He’s pretty ok in the right pool.” I mean even if you accept he’s balanced, and i don’t concede that argument at all, that there is absolutely no excitement or energy behind him or his crew’s design? I mean I agree with you on his crew too. Aside from testing purposes I would never, ever hire Sybelle as she is now. I’d hire the emissary 100% of the time because for the same cost he is I think undisputeably better than she is. And I don’t understand why in three editions she is a model in particular that has never been gotten right. I mean they’ve costed her at 10 stones, that’s signature centerpiece model range there. She’s more expensive than Archie, and honestly I’d take the 1stone tax and take Archie over her. And I think that says something about how useful she is to the crew. From my perspective it looks like they are trying to make her a control beater rather than a straight up I’ll kill your model bruiser, and if that’s what they are trying to do that’s cool then do that. Give her an ability that if she hits you with her whip she can just place you anywhere she wants in her whip’s melee engagement range. That would synergize with belles, Doxies, and Seamus. Give her an ability like the old M2E pounce where of you enter her melee range not on your activation she gets a free hit on you. Give her an ability to remove ruthless from models. Give her an ability to give terror to models in an aura. Give her an ability that means models engaged by her are more easily susceptible to the non-damaging attacks of the rest of the Redchapel crew, like maybe actions taken be Redchapel models without a dmg flip automatically get to add a suit to their attacks. Give her an ability to transfer debilitating conditions from her crew to the enemy crew. Just something to make me actually want to include her in the crew she is supposed to be nominally a part of, rather than being happy, enthusiastic even, to pay a tax on buying an out of keyword model who does what she does but better. Sorry, Sybelle, even more than Seamus has been a sore point with me for a good number of months. Apologies for venting.
  11. Fetid Strumpet

    Things that caught my eye

    Most of the name changes from 2e to 3 seem unnecessary. I mean I just don’t see what we gain. Is there some reasoning that was expressed for why this change was instituted that I missed?
  12. Fetid Strumpet

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    I haven’t been really following for awhile since I thought she was one of the ideally balanced models of M2E and I thought that just about anything they did to her would be a downgrade. That said did anyone try some variant ability that if a friendly model discarded a card, an enemy model within some range would also have to discard a card? So that playing against a Molly crew would just plain drain an opponents hand in a faster way?
  13. Fetid Strumpet

    Not-very-special Dispensations

    Fine with me.
  14. Fetid Strumpet

    Not-very-special Dispensations

    That’s my point. The whole argument for a little extra power when facing undead is that if you don’t face undead you are worth less than your cost, and if you do face undead you are worth a little more than your cost. The problem is fundamentally that is unfair one way or another. Given the way Malifaux’s hiring works there is little to no chance of you ever making the wrong choice, so the balance of them being worth less if you guess wrong goes out the window. You know from hiring if you are going to face significant amounts of undead. So if we assume that a model is fairly costed when they face undead and overcosted when they are not, then you are artificially limiting the models utility to only thematically appropriate situations. Which is nonsensical to me. I mean does the family get weaker when they aren’t killing NB? However if you argue they are fairly costed vs everything, and get a boost vs undead, that’s not fair to the undead player because now every time they go against guild they are going to be at a severe disadvantage because the opponent gets a whole plethora of better value for cost models ten the undead player has access to. Neither situation seems fair to me. I personally am opperatibg under the assumption that if the anti undead abilities are fair against such an easy to trait to distinguish, then they are fairly costed no matter who they play against and this I see no reason to limit them to undead. I mean there is no real danger of guessing wrong anymore.
  15. Fetid Strumpet


    Faction as a whole, not individual master.