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  1. Agree. I’ve disliked the pass token mechanic pretty much since it was incepted. And while I know the initiative flip is beloved, personally I think just eliminating it and saying that if you have the last activation in the previous turn the opponent gets the first activation in the next is far more elegant a rule. I really hate counting up the total models each player has at the beginning of each turn and then calculating how many pass tokens are generated. It’s just another step of bookkeeping that interferes with game flow and the mental cinema, at least in my opinion.
  2. That wasn’t what you wrote however. You’d need to reword it to work like that. Not sure I’m onboard fully but I’ll mull it over. Initial thought is that it’s anlottle too much fooling with the rules if there isn’t going to be more time to test.
  3. Not a fan as it means that they can never be locked in combat since they can count as an enemy model when declaring a walk action, and they can drop a marker after leaving.
  4. Disagree. J is superior to both in my opinion and experience.
  5. Yan Lo is a resser too. So if you declare ressers and yan lo as the master you get access to resser upgrades not TT ones, and Yan Lo can hire Chiaki regardless of which faction he declares as.
  6. I’d personally prefer no triggers. It’s going to close off design space for a number of interesting triggers if you can get them by attacking your own models. I’d rather keep that space open personally.
  7. I would disagree with that. Engagement countered shooting a ton in my experience, and cover less so. And given how much faster engagement is now guns would be next to useless on anything but a sniper if you couldn’t actually fire into combat with any regularity. But regardless it won’t happen because that is not a minor change, even if you accepted that not every single icon weapon would need to change enough of them would that this is not a final last update sorta change. BtW it feels much better now that we are disagreeing again. It felt,... unnatural agreeing with you all the time.
  8. Maybe not on a total scale level since not every model has an icon attack and everyone can focus, but it would still be a massive change, and would require rebalancing every single model with an icon attack.
  9. Same thing if friendly fire was changed though. That would require a massive rebalancing of models. And let's be realistic, neither is going to happen before release.
  10. The focus is more of an issue for me, and I’ve argued for awhile it shouldn’t last across turns.
  11. You misunderstand, we’ve already effectively seen what that looks like in M2E. In M2E the competitive models with ranged attacks that were taken had ranged attacks that ignored cover, didn’t randomize, or just flat didn’t have the icon, and in general those were the only ranged models that were taken. The difference now is only that more models can do it so a larger variety of models will be seen not that they will be more common. I mean we all saw the collodi/shen gublube lists right? I mean I’m not saying the ranged icon game is perfect, or that no changes should be made, but actively making guns bad or unable to fine into combat once again is not something I want to go back to personally.
  12. I disagree. Malifaux sort of needs to determine how they want to treat ranged attacks, and stick to it. For the majority of the game having a ranged icon made the attack subpar, while at the same tine models which had it paid a premium to have that because “range”. I also don’t think it’s an issue because if you look at competitive models from last edition many of the used ones had ranged attacks with no icon, or didn’t randomize. So it isn’t as if this is a new phenomenon. Yes, gunlines and snipers are not fun to play against, and yet the new edition is so mobile, especially offensively that if we did what you suggest ranged weapons would again be effectively worth less than comparable melee attacks, and if that’s the case why even have them?
  13. To be fair it wasn’t the faction, at the tail end it was Nicodem.
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