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  1. @Mycellanious has the right of it. Seamus loves the opponent to take big expensive enforcers, because that’s what he can kill the easiest. He hates SS users if they have a cache. He hates H2K (seriously rail workers are so frustrating to deal with). He hates Models like McCabe that can hunt him down when he jumps away. McCabe if he catches him can usually 1 round him to death even on full health. He hates models with ruthless. Seamus himself is actually a master in this edition far unlike previous editions.
  2. I think it’s very matchup dependent. I tend to favor what I call a pop up+ playstyle, because my matchups mostly involve opposing crews that will, and have, torn apart anything that intends to try to bubble up. And Seamus is just too fragile to stand out in the open. Bombs in Yer Belly Mei Feng will do that to you. And I still maintain Madam Sybelle is absolute and total garbage. And I’m not wrong no matter what Craig says. 😁 Thanks for the episode.
  3. My fix for Sybelle, and for red chapel generally: Scarlet temptation range = to largest melee range on the model. Bump in the night changed to: when an opposed duel involving a model within 6” aura occurs, Red Chapel models may add a mask to their final duel total. Personal attention changed to: Enemy models within 6” aura gain injured 1 and subtract 1 from their duel totals during their activation. Rotten Belles gain a bonus action: Until the end of the turn, all red chapel models involved in an opposed duel with a model engaged by this model may add a ram to their final duel totals.
  4. By your side for red chapel is too good. That’s why it got changed to keyword only because late beta Seamus was abusing Crooligans.
  5. I want to love Sybelle and I used her in the first 60+ games I had with Seamus to see if there was some magic I was missing, but I cannot fathom how anyone could think she’s in a good spot. She’s utter trash comparatively. Honestly I think she’s one of the worst models in faction, by a large margin. She only has 2 AP with a very bad set of bonus actions. Her ability to give out extra actions to minions is very situational and more importantly *requires* bunching up *and* extra additional investment in minions that aren’t very good, so the required costs don’t come close to the payout received. I mean she isn’t anywhere close to as useful as other 10ss models out of or even in keyword. I mean I’d struggle to fit her in if she cost 7 and had 9 wounds. The ONLY thing she brings to the table is min 3, but you can have that and extra actions, and or more utility for the same cost out of keyword. I mean compare her to Mr. Graves and Mr. Graves easily comes out on top. Comparable stats and defenses, better bonus action, better movement ability, better attack and dmg, and he isn’t really anything to write home about and is rarely taken in most Lynch crews I see and he’s 2 stones cheaper. If you want to compare in faction Archie outshines her by so much it’s not even close to a comparison for the same cost. I mean Kentauroi outclass her by a large amount for dmg and utility, and they are a stone cheaper even out of keyword. I mean she fit the original parameters of high cost models for 3E, but changes to what 10 stone models can get away with on other models, plus the late changes to conditions, especially injured, really took a toll on her design. And to be clear I think the condition change was necessary, but there is a large difference between needing to go first and be close to an enemy, and having that enemy have to activate Within 6”, and all you get for all that set up is -1 to their stats, for their activation, instead of being able to bonus action out injured 1 which hit their stats on attack and defense for the whole round, which if memory serves is what that used to do before the injured changes. I really, really, REALLY want to like her. I hate not including her in crews, but I’d argue she’s vastly worse than she was last edition, and costs more, and she was pretty bad last edition.
  6. That’s pretty much been the consensus I’ve heard. I don’t think anyone complained about Seamus himself being a bad model this edition. It’s all down to his keyword not really functioning very well with him, or together. I‘ve gotten so many games with him since the final closed and that tally’s with my opinion. I personally don’t like Mortimer or Gravediggers, but my opinions pretty much tally with the rest of yours. As an addendum to your opinions above let me recommend a Nurse. I especially like bringing a Nurse if the emissary is along as sometimes it’s hard for Seamus to get back to her to get the focus, and the emissary I find often has trouble getting in 2 shots a turn since I normally have to move once. He loves the focus for blasts, and her heal with the enissary’s H2K, plus her ability to use bedside manner to protect him I find is very useful. Not to mention all the shenanigans you can pull with Tools for the Job.
  7. @Kyle is that the same issue with the High Society box? I ordered one for Gen Con and it still hasn’t arrived.
  8. As an aside my most played against master is Mei, and my opponent is a big proponent of Sparks, and more recently Minako Rei. She’s pretty much become a defecto auto include. Scrap drops very regularly so she always has the resources to summon on hand. The Katashiro are bonkers summons, especially in any scheme marker based pool, and they really fork your opponent. Kill them and they are going to drop a scrap, allowing another access point for her rail walking shenanigans, with the prospect of Minako just bringing in replacements. Don’t kill them and Mei gets access to 2 effective free leaping models a turn to run her schemes or just be annoying. Coupled by the fact that Minako herself is just annoying to deal with because of her Kharmic fate Mechanics.
  9. You’ll need to ask someone who uses them. I don’t like using gravediggers with Seamus.
  10. Ehhhh, Molly is one of the masters I don’t actually get much mileage out of the Emissary for. I mean he isn’t bad or anything for her, but she can hire other models that just have more value with her. I’m not saying don’t go Molly, just that I don’t see using the Emissary pretty regularly on Seamus as being a positive for going Molly.
  11. I do it with a nurse, Grave Spirit’s Touch Blasphemous Ritual bonus action, and a corpse created by a Dandy.
  12. Not a fan of the Gravedigger, personally. Molly works because of Archie. Yan Lo works because of Toshiro and Yin. The Emissary is a 90% of the time hire for Seamus I find, and I get pretty good use out of him in my Yan Lo crews. Molly or Yan Lo would seem to have the most shared model overlap to me.
  13. Mourners are also pretty garbage. And even the models that are useable I wouldn’t call “good” just mostly functional. So I would disagree with just those two models being the issue with Red Chapel.
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