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  1. What exactly are you asking? I don’t follow what you are asking about.
  2. Agree. But it’s doubtful they changed it before printing, and doubtful they will change it before wider outcry, assuming that will be a thing. I’d estimate you have a year an a half before any major rework or errata happens, if it ever does. The current developers haven’t given any indications of how regularl FAQ or errata updates will happen.
  3. I do demos with crews of 1 henchman as the leader, and 2 minions, and the effigy. I try to have both sides have a few stones. I run a custom scenario that ignores schemes. I put a 30mm treasure chest in the center of the board, and models within range of their longest ml attack can spend 1 action to place it within a 1/2/3”. Goal is to get it back to a 50mm marker in their own deployment zone. It plays a little like battle soccer, but it’s a good training scenario for basic rules without overwhelming.
  4. Bushido minis from GTC studios have good Japanese warrior minis that could serve as stand ins until the official model is released.
  5. I could be wrong in this but the rules say to draw a series of sight lines. They don’t define the edges of the base as the only sight lines that are relevant. A better way to think of it, in my opinion would be a window, the boundaries of which are defined by the outer most edges you’ve drawn above. Inside the boundaries are still a theoretically infinite amount of sight lines can be drawn. This is evidenced by the graphic on page 16 between Raspy and the Sorrow. You’ll notice they draw 3 sight lines. One in red is invalid because the points selected to draw the line actually cross over portions of the base, which is illegal. The other two are valid and you’ll notice that one sight line is center to center. So in your example above, assuming that is a standard ice pillar, in both instances the model would have cover. The ice pillar has the required traits to give shadow. In both instances the model targeted is in the 3” shadow (I assume) of the ice pillar. In both instances 1 or more sight lines pass through the object from the targeting model to the targeted model. Therefore in both instances the target has cover.
  6. I’d say remove rapid fire, personally. Being bad in melee isn’t as bad this edition because it’s so hard to actually effectively lock anyone in combat. Charge her and if you don’t kill her all that’s likely to happen is she’s gonna disengage from you, then rapid fire you.
  7. Carrion Emissary has an 8” range min 3 with poison and blasts.
  8. Abbreviation for cough.
  9. And yet the Colette players are singing the same tune. Not as good as the beta. Why do the devs hate Colette. And so on. You certainly might have some valid concerns. Pandora is #3 of my masters and I can see some of where you are coming from. But Pandora had legitimate issues that needed fixing. I’m also not saying their fixes were the best way to go about it, but let’s not pretend Pandora was perfect as she was.
  10. I don’t really find her especially vulnerable, I find that she doesn’t bring enough to justify her cost. Her impact on the table is equal to or less, in general, than models I can buy for 8 or 9 stones. I mean everything in the game is relative. 10stones of effect is only meaningful if you compare it to other options for the same cost and role. And Sybelle’s role as a beater is more than eclipsed by Archie, who even with the out of keyword tax, costs the same. And he’s even more versitile because with leap he’s better at scheme running than she is, he hits harder, and with flurry, more than she does, and has about as much synergy with red chapel as Sybelle does. The only things Sybelle does better are: Having a longer melee range, which is a problem for her because if she’s using the longer range she isn’t effectively utiliIizing her Scarlet temptation. And she’s red chapel so Seamus can more easily shoot whatever she is engaged with. I more than think that a better dmg line, more attacks, and leap are more than a better trade for those.
  11. That just makes me mad. They haven’t made a good version of Sybelle or Bete noir in 3 editions of the game.
  12. Well undivided attention is one of those hoops I mentioned. What it does is ok, but to get that just ok ability you have to: 1) Activate Sybelle before anything you want to affect with it. 2) have a already gotten, or will immediately get models you want to affect within range of the aura AND engaged. They can’t have activated already. 3) used a 6+ card to make the ability function. I mean that is a good deal of setup for an ability that doesn’t really do a lot. So it’s not just me? She’s just not good even in her own keyword?
  13. So I wanted to gauge opinions I’ve been trying to get Sybelle to work and I’ve just been really dissatisfied with her, and I wanted to see if it’s me, or if she really is lack luster. I mean even in her keyword Archie does what her ostensible role is better, for the same cost, and has more mobility. I mean the buffs she gives to a Red Chapel crew are ok, but the hoops you have to jump through to get them just don’t seem commensurate with the effect she gives. Seems just better all around to just hire Archie.
  14. I personally think one of the biggest issues for 3e in the long run was their condition change, and focus lasting across turns is going to be a major problem going forward. I perfectly understand that a change to it would impact multiple crews negatively. I also understand changing it isn't going to happen at this point in development. I still argue Focus (and many more conditions) should flat out end at the end of the turn, and the crews that depended on it should have been redesigned to not rely on that mechanic. At this point however the mechanic is baked in and to change it, without some time to adjust some crews just isn't going to happen, and all we can do is see how everything turns out.
  15. Close it in my opinion. Whether this instance is too strong or not is irrelevant to me. Many of the problems that have cropped up over the years had root causes of letting a loophole through that at the time wasn’t necessarily too strong but spiraled later.
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