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  1. For myself, I agree with hopefully GG banning dual masters. For myself I’m more concerned about the crews, considered holistically, that are pretty garbage. I’d rather begin by bringing up all the lower tier crews and trying to bring them into the top rather than playing whack-a-mole.
  2. I believe because this is basically the exact same scenario as 1e where you have a model such as Izamu activating multiple times a turn that was abused so much they complexly reworked Yan Lo for 2e. And that mechanic wasn’t as good as it is now since you’ll get more movement out of it now, as well as sending your Gokudo across the board.
  3. And there are a number of cheap models with hyper efficient movement. That is the default model that is successful at scheming. Necropunks, Katashrio, Crooligans, etc. if you’re paying 10 for one model that can do that, and I pay 4 stones for 1 model or 8 stones for 2 models that can do that I am achieving far more efficiency than you.
  4. Don’t really agree with that. We talked about this on the discord. I personally think the issue is there just aren’t enough models in every keyword that can efficiently drop scheme markers. This I think has been an unfortunate side effect of the otherwise mostly great keyword idea. In 2e each faction had very efficient ways to drop scheme markers. I remember being in arguments with people about how such and such a master didn’t need their own persona scheme runner because as a faction we had X, Y, and Z. I’m in the reverse argument now that every keyword does need its own efficient scheme runner. Remember, as unsexy as it is, Malifaux, stripped down to its most basic, skeletal structure, is a game of resource management. You are trying to turn your resources (SS, cards, wounds, actions, etc...) into VP more efficiently than your opponent. It costs the same amount of actions and resources to perform an interact for a low cost model as it does for a high cost. Since the vast majority of High Cost models pay that cost for abilities that have little to do with scheming, it makes sense that in general you’re going to want the lower cost models scheming for you since spending 4 or 5 stones to get markers is vastly more efficient than spending 10 or 11 for the same amount of markers. The issue of the keyword system then raises its head. Lower cost models are vastly more inefficient to hire out of keyword. Not only is there often a loss of synergy, but if you hire an OOK model who normally costs 4 and you pay 5 that’s what, 25% more expensive for you? In a game that is win or lost on the margins of efficiency that’s a hard pill to swallow. I personally feel the next GG document will need to take the fact that very few crews will want to take scheme marker based schemes into account, or they are going to need to make a concerted effort to give every keyword something efficient at dropping markers, if they don’t have them already.
  5. For myself my Redchapel core list is: Seamus w/ The Whisper, CCK, Carrion Emissary, X model that can give Focus usually either Toshiro or a Nurse. Everything else is negotiable, and as a general rule of thumb I try to not hire any additional actual Red Chapel models. Dandies I think are the most common Red Chapel Keyword hire for me because if I take the Grave Spirit's Touch upgrade, and or Toshiro, I want a corpse on 1st turn, and they can create one for me while actually still being useful the rest of the game, unlike Mourners. Bete is a total thematic failure, never hire her because you want to kill things with her, she's atrocious at it. Hire her when the scheme pool absolutely requires the opponent take a scheme marker based scheme because what you hire her for is her trail of gore action. She makes the opposing player have to be inefficient in scoring scheme marker based schemes because she can threaten to testlessly remove even guarded schemes at 15" (17" if she starts within 6" and LoS of the Emissary). Even if she doesn't stop the opponent from scoring, which she does...fairly...reliably, she makes them often spend more actions on scoring then they would like to. That's basically what you hire Dandies for too, but they have a little more utility since they can also make corpses for you, at the expense of needing a 7+ to actually destroy the scheme marker, which is a not insignificant cost since Seamus is greedy for cards. If you're thinking of getting into Red Chapel I'd advise not buying the Red Chapel core box since the majority of models in it aren't worth hiring. Find Seamus or the CCK as singles and buy them individually, and pick up the High Society box for the situational hires it contains. Absolutely buy Carrion Fate, and I'd consider the Eternal Servitude box since Yin, Manos, and Toshiro have far more utility and benefit to Seamus than anything in his own keyword does. And as a happy byproduct, you'll be most of the way to a full and playable Yan Lo Crew at the same time. I'll second @thewrathchilde's suggestion of Archie. He's pretty much a staple in most Resser crew's I've played, and unless you are playing something like Jack, generally is so powerful he's worth dropping something from almost any in keyword model to hire him.
  6. Back on topic, I like the Emissary in a number of crews. I generally only like the Effigy in a limited number of crews. Molly being the big one. If the master isn’t undead, or if I’m not going to have really important majority undead models it can keep up with, I don’t bring it.
  7. No, not at all really. I mean I’m glad the ability exists, but no, because it’s too hard to use. Terrifying is an ok ability but if you are relying on to survive you aren’t going to. And in order to even use the ability it requires too much easily avoidable set up. You need the Mourner to get within 6 of the model with Ruthless, and actually stay there while the model with ruthless attacks. That requires specific activation order, forced clumping, and your opponent to oblige you by staying in the aura, and that they don’t have an equally useful target to attack instead of the terrifying model. So I regard the weeping widow ability as a niche “bonus” ability. It isn’t an ability, that at present, I would ever hire for. It’s an added ability that might be useful once in maybe 20 games or so.
  8. I personally find that a trap. If you can engineer dropping corpses where you want them to count as schemes, and can keep the mourner alive to actually be there when the schemes are scored, you probably could have just hired a model to drop a scheme there cheaper, and more efficiently then trying to do it via corpses. And if you are counting on getting it from killing an enemy model, keep in mind many enemy crews use corpses, and, when it drops from them they get to choose where it drops, so you have to count on your opponent to be willfully not paying attention if they ever drop a corpse in a location you could use it as a scheme to score. I mean, I was definitely in your place when I was first trying to use them, but the single solitary good use I’ve found for ever hiring a mourner, is if you are bringing Toshiro, because she can cluster near to get his bonus’s and can provide you a corpse for first turn summoning. That’s pretty much the only use for Mourners I’ve found.
  9. You rang? Lately, if I take Seamus as the leader, I tend to try to take as few actual Red Chapel models as possible. I tend to bring Bete or Dandies as counterpicks when the specific scheme pool warrants, but other than that I’m gernerally just hiring versatile or out of keyword. Better to hire amazing models and get slightly less value out of them because of the SS cost penalty then merely ok...ish models, which is the highest I think the best Red Chapel models reach, for cost.
  10. I got everything but the High Society Box I ordered. I assume because they ran out of stock. Is there any internal tracking regarding this? I’m totally understanding and willing to be patient. I just don’t want 5 months to go by, never hear back, and when I follow up get told it looks like that order was filled. Is there any email that could be sent just so I have official documentation that that product is still waiting to be fulfilled? Thank You.
  11. Doxy can’t move Fuhatsu around. He has a rule that allows him to just not be moved by opposing effects.
  12. @Kyle thank you for the response. To clarify your response was all I was looking for. I assumed you wouldn’t be able to look up my order individually. Thank you for your time.
  13. @Kyle, thank you for that. I did have a quick question. We placed two separate orders days apart. We received the first one, but are still waiting on the second. The second did not involve any books, and we understand the delays. Our question is when should we contact you about the status of the order if we don’t hear anything tomorrow? We’re patient we just don’t want to slip through the cracks.
  14. I had a lot of trouble with that one. The secret is the right leg (I believe) actually comes forward. The picture obscures this fact. The thigh comes forward and then the shin goes down towards the ground. I stumbled over that one for awhile.
  15. There are 4 that I know of. Schemes and stones. Steam powered Scoundrels. Malifaux General. And, Malifaux.
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