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  1. Stone for suit. Ability that adds rams to duels.
  2. I personally favor both, ban DMH and ban double master. Though to be fair, I’d be more in favor of just ditching the DMH concept entirely.
  3. The physical book is out. It is identical to the pdf document except the physical document has a fluff section at the front that has surprisingly improved writing, and ties together a good number of elements with better clarity.
  4. My point is you focus, pass the terror check and then use the focus to hit and in general Cause as much or more dmg with 1 hit then you would taking two swings. Not to use the focus to pass the check. Then you don’t need to make 2 terror checks to attack twice on the same model.
  5. I just find it interesting people’s reaction to Terror. It’s basically the old irresistible rule from 1e which was just annoying but nothing game shaking. And in a world where focus is often free, and lasts across turns... I dunno I think Terror is over rated.
  6. Yes you do, so you focus first and attack them once and do more dmg in one hit.
  7. ? what do you mean? The final release has happened and it’s not in it. And we know why they don’t. Terrain is always an issue because they don’t define what must be on the table to be fair.
  8. War game vault I assume. Can’t imagine them actually printing it as it would be such a bath on cost to profit. Just glad we have images we can print this edition. Wanted them for all of second.
  9. Personally feel if specific terrain is required to make a balanced game Wyrd should have made that a requirement in the book.
  10. They are almost certainly going to have to make an effigy, since that’s how they decided to balance the lack of totem for henchman led crews. The Emissary will likely also have to come because of the generic upgrade effigies can take.
  11. So if the program is limited to 1 year, is that 1 calendar year, or 1 year from the release of the product in question? If the former does that mean there will be an aggressive push to release all the content as rapidly as possible? For example it doesn’t do much good for someone if High Society gets released, say, August 2020 if the special order program then ends the next month if they want to get ahold of the Dandies and not Bete and the Doxies.
  12. No prob. Just keep us posted. I’ll let you know when the community event is if you or a group want to head down.
  13. I’ll be most likely doing a community event in Oxford in early August if anyone in Memphis wants to come down. If you do a weekend event I have a group that might be willing to come up.
  14. Did they give a timeline for when those orders would be able to start. I already have 2 Bete Noire and 2 Doxies so I really don’t want to get another full set of each just for the Dandies.
  15. There already is one. https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/11/13/monday-preview-alternate-rasputina
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