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  1. Mine too. I only play 1 crew that doesn’t have H2W on most of their models and I still get moderate and Severe dmg inflicted on my models all the time. I mean one of my previous suggestions to correct Bump in the night was to give masks to red chapel models when one of the participants of the duel was in the aura. But I don’t think you could give out any suit since that could either get out of control real fast or shackle your design space in the future.
  2. An opponent really doesn’t have to respect a min 5 dmg from Sybelle as all that impressive. They really don’t because at that point her dmg, for one swing, assuming you’ve set it up all right, is 5/5/6, and in order to get that she has to hit you, after spending a SS, and connect using a ram, So... considering how difficult it is to even get to that you might as well cower in fear and respect the possibilities of just about any model hitting you for their severe because it’s a heck of a lot easier for just about any model to hit for severe than it is for Sybelle to hit you for 5. And considering that set up 5/5/6 is laughable dmg. You want to kill my 6 wound model that’s gonna still take 2 swings. Sybelle doesn’t need Leap. Leap is frankly too common in the game and it’s utility is shutting out many other models in favor of those who have it. Seamus is fine. He doesn’t need mucking with. If anything the only thing that could help tone him down if his crew gets reworked is to remove the corpse marker portion of Cause for Celebration. And that’s if his crew is improved to the point that they are better than the versatile models and out of keyword models he’s currently taking. If they make them approximately the same then It’s possible nothing would need to be done. Its an interesting idea about giving suits out, but open ended like that... no. I saw what happened in 1e with the filth list and we don’t need to go back to that. I’d be ok with giving out 1 suit, for specifically Red Chapel models only, so that the interaction could be more tightly controlled. Giving out any suit you want to any minion you want could be as bad for the health and design of the game as opening Nicodem’s summoning to all undead resser minions was in 2, and making the old version of Agent 46 was to Guild.
  3. Killjoy isn’t actually all that highly valued. If Killjoy didn’t give out the upgrade he did I wouldn’t actually hire him. I see Killjoy as an 8stone model tax I have to pay to get access to the 2 stone upgrade I want on Titania. I hardly ever see the Arcane Emissary even talked about, let alone taken. Where as the Carrion Emissary is taken because of the criteria I mentioned above, it has a bonkers bonus action that provides as much value as an extra action. I mean in concept I could agree with you, but if any such models accord with that design ideal they are few and far between. So sure in a theoretical world sure I agree with you that it is *possible* to deviate from the criteria I mentioned above, but in practical everyday terms, probably not. So again I’ll stand by my opinion. Totally fine if you disagree but I would argue there are far more concrete examples supporting my supposition than otherwise.
  4. Valedictorian is another good point. Archie was so bonkers good he really overshadowed everything and I forgot about her. I don’t like how they fixed Archie but at the least he isn’t in every crew any more.
  5. Counterpoint then? Name a commonly taken and universally agreed good model of 10ss that doesn’t have an extra action, bonkers bonus action, and or amazing ability that provides about the same value. I feel my point can be proven by how often Archie, Manos, Rusty Alyce, and the riders are taken. I can’t think of any high cost models that don’t conform to that basic premise that are taken, let alone universally agreed to be good. I mean you can see in Sybelle and some of the other models in her cost bracket what it looked like the designers were trying to do with high cost models. The problem is as soon as you let some models break a pattern by getting better than other models of their cost structure, they become the default standard value. I mean compare Rusty Alyce to Sybelle and try to honestly explain to me why they are the same value proposition.
  6. Yin seems better for this. Constriction actually seems relevant.
  7. @Maniacal_cackle no she doesn’t. You are looking at theoretical maximums and not how often those happen or the resources to do so. 1 Stone for 1 extra dmg unless THAT is the dmg that kills a troublesome model is not a good trade. Especially since you might not even get that dmg since you might not hit. I’ve personally found that in actual practice a 3/3/4 dmg spread is less good than a 2/4/5, especially with the prevalence of easy focus, and focus lasting across turns. Your red chapel change is better, more in keeping with a better design philosophy, but it’s too good in my estimation. Seamus does not need to be made better at all. If anything he might need to lose the corpse marker portion of cause for celebration if they actually fix his keyword. He’s already the focal point of the crew, he doesn’t need to be better. So at least in my estimation looking at fixing the keyword through him isn’t really the way to go. The solution is to actually make the rest of the models valuable to take. Belles, Sybelle, Bete Noire, and Mourners are the problem, and the solution is to tweak them in some way. My general solutions, which aside from Sybelle have not been tested: Give Bete Mobile Warrior and bake a mask into her attack. My biggest problem with Bete is she is unreliable. If there is a corpse on the board it might not be in a position to be useful, and more commonly there is an enemy model standing near it in some way that prevents Bete from using the free charge she gets from unburying. Allowing her to always charge when she comes back would allow her to more regularly get the mobility or extra attack from coming back and would also give her value in being very hard to lock down. And allowing her the mask would allow her to do tricks like attack- bury, unbury & charge in another area of the board, attack. Her dmg isn’t better than many 5 and 6 stone models so she needs something extra. Sybelle, as discussed above, give her tools for the Job, change her bonus action to apply to all enemy models that enter the aura not that begin engaged. Still a minor effect and still forces her to activate early, but actually gives better return on investment, and then change bump in the night in some way. Remove the minion restriction, or change it to give distracted, or change it to give masks to red chapel models in the aura, or just something else. Mourners: Would need testing, but possibly give them an ability similar to Metal Gamin That drops a corpse in B2B with them at the end of their activation. Possibly replacing the free market they get at the beginning of the game. Belles: bake the mask into their Lure and give them a bonus action that puts up an aura that when an enemy takes an interact action in the aura the belle can remove 1 distracted from said model to cancel the interact. Not sure how well all would work or if combined they would be too good, but that would be my starting point.
  8. I like just for the thought exercise figuring out how to fix the keyword. I don't like your change to Red Chapel Killer as you aren't fixing the keyword, you are basically applying a gate that says you must hire these bad models to get use from your master. I don't mind synergy, but as was proved by the 1e to 2e and now 3e versions of Jakob, if you want synergy the model must be good and the required synergies work on top. Not being able to have focus in the current edition is really bad depending on model and role. A primary dmg dealer with a mostly usable once per turn gun requiring the model he targets to be engaged with his models to have any chance of doing real dmg? No thank you. Make the bad models better, not the other way around. Your change to bump in the night is far better than what she has now, but I don't think it would fix her. You still have to hire bad models to get effect out of it and that only works if the enemy model gets moved into an area around Sybelle, AND end engaged, AND it has to not be their turn? So instead of getting Focus on a minion, we get Distracted on an enemy? Possibly better, but really not by much. She's 10 Stones and she isn't a beater, she isn't very good support, and there exist better models in both roles for her cost even if hired out of keyword such as The Dead Rider, Manos, and Toshiro. A 10 stone model HAS to have better action efficacy then lower cost models, and she just doesn't. And just improving Bump in the night won't do it. She needs Nimble, or Leap (not really just an example), or Flurry, or something like ride or Fly with me, or a just flat out amazing bonus action that is the equivilant of an actual action. Or she needs to get basically that from an ability on the front. And right now she just doesn't have that. What she currently is a model that has about as much effect as a 7ss model you spend 3 extra soulstones on for wounds. Having played Titania a bunch now I'd basically rate her as about as effective as an autumn knight, and she's way more expensive. I'm not sure it would do enough but my current thoughts on Sybelle, that we've tested a little in the past on the table, would be to remove the minion restriction from Bump in the Night, and give Sybelle Tools for the Job, to give her a little more control over her triggers.
  9. Models that do regular consistent chip dmg. Titania coming in on her can kill or cripple her generally in 1 turn, because a good portion of her dmg is just constant infliction of multiple 1 dmg bites. Unless she’s injured first I tend to have issues with Seamus doing it. Her defenses are mostly set up to prevent the kind of dmg he wants to do.
  10. Depends on the master. There are masters that will each her for lunch, wipe their chins and go on the eat others without regarding her as any particular challenge.
  11. Not sure how common the realization was, but we got that within a very short time of starting our first game of it.
  12. I’m aware. It isn’t enough to go toe to toe. If he isn’t one rounded he 100% dies the next round even with the healing.
  13. It isn’t the unsuited leap that makes him poor. As said one of my preferred solutions would have been to just remove it. The problem is he is just inconsistent all around, and there exist models that can do his job that are not inconsistent. If you need a dmg dealing leaper Manos exists. If you need dedicated beater, The Dead Rider and Rogue Necromancy exist. Also if you aren’t playing in a dedicated singles environment, Seamus and McMorning exist. You can’t rely on him to do your hitting because he can’t focus and there are so many often taken models in the game that have Serene Countenance, Manipulative, or high Terror Scores, all of which the general play around it to take less attacks but more meaningful ones, and Archie doesn’t have that option. You can’t rely on him to provide disruption because he doesn’t have the defensive tech to actually go toe to toe with the majority of other taken beater models in the game. You can’t rely on him to do your Scheme running because you can’t rely on having the leap when you absolutely need it. Im not saying Archie is bad because he lost his reliable leap, again I personally thought he should have as I don’t think any model should have had leap and flurry. I’m saying he isn’t competitive because losing the reliable leap AND ruthless WHILE also keeping numbskull makes every job he would be hired to do inconsistent and high variance, and competitive models are not high variance models.
  14. They do actually. Doxies. And the distraction is actually a side benefit since the action melts any accumulated focus. And focus is beyond relevant at this point, and being able to nuked any that has been accumulated is very useful since it comes wrapped in a distracted package.
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