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  1. Ah, yes. I really haven't felt the love others have for the new Necropunks. I miss them being able to self-heal with a non-action. Without that and now a Df of 4, I find they die quite easily if the opponent spends any time going after them. So I've been reluctant to rely on them for the scheme heavy schemes. I honestly almost never pick any of the scheme marker related schemes in GG1. They just seem so much more difficult than the other schemes.
  2. Even if there ends up not being much armor, the Student of Steel still can hit hard with the same 2/4/5 dmg track as all the students, still puts out Stunned, and even brings a heal for all your constructs. They are good even if not facing armor.
  3. They can die pretty fast for their cost and need Reva or someone to keep them healed. I have been able to get a lot of movement out of them. If you keep a low Mask (although everyone in Reva's crew wants masks) you can Draw Off Flame to place within 8", then Charge one of your own (Shieldbearer preferably, but anyone can do) for another 5", use Shove Aside Trigger to move the other model and the Draugr another 4" and if you end in range of an enemy still get to take a swing at them. Does mean you need someone to Draw Off Flame from and be willing to hurt one of your own a bit, but I find that
  4. And I definitely don't think that is the intent for extra Bonus actions. The timing is similar to Seamus' ability. Ikiryo does have different wording so may work differently (though why?). Sure would like a FAQ to avoid someone trying to pull a 'gotcha' at a tourney. Especially for the Bonus actions and Seamus.
  5. Seems like a lot of people are mentioning the Mech Rider (for good reason). So does anyone have a good way of dealing with it? Anything that works well for you? When I hear Arcanists I like to try and bring something to help with armour, as they seem to have a lot of it. I used to favor Shikome, but now that she has to kill something first to get her auto-trigger I'm less inclined. Student of Steel is always good and has other uses as well.
  6. Um. Not sure what you mean here. Dense: LoS can be drawn into or out of Dense Terrain, but not through it. If a model is in Dense terrain it can see out and anyone can see it. Most Dense also has Concealing, but not necessarily. You might be thinking of Concealing. With that only the model in Concealing can ignore it (if close enough to the edge), but Concealing doesn't block LoS at all.
  7. Yep, but FireBranded have the same Bonus action, so Reva and her crew will face the same issues. Reva and Draugr without Burning can fold pretty quick. Her Pyre Attack is pretty good and Kaeris' crew will like to stay near them, so definitely a thing to consider.
  8. Seems like it would be a swingy, but fun match up. In keyword: Both have access to Embrace the Flame (Kaeris wins this though as she can take 3 cheap minions with it while Reva can only cast it twice) Both have access to Draw Off Flame (2 Draugr vs 1 Fire Golem) Both masters get a + from Burning, but Kaeris only if it on her. Reva can pull from any friendly nearby Kaeris gets better use of Pyres as she can push them and cause a duel for 2dmg, plus whatever effect Both hava Blaze of Glory (3 Firebranded vs 2 Draugr - Draugr can hit harder, but only in melee - Fireb
  9. Nice write up - thank you! Someone else pointed out to me that the Student of Sinew's Keeping the Peace is often most useful for that extra attack. For a 4+ Rams, a suit not much needed in the crew, he gets a free attack. It can be hard to use that bonus action instead of Lecture Notes, but with their good damage tracks it can sometimes mean another dead model. And if you have a high Crow you have decide between Lecture Notes with 3dmg or a Command Corpse. Command Corpse gets all the attention, but it can be very card dependent.
  10. Another nice set of mdf terrain from WarCradle. I really like my Dunsmuth set and am sorely tempted by this set too. Their stuff is good quality and you get a lot for the cost. https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/warcradle-studios/76702-gloomburg-sprawl-set?search_query=gloomburg&results=1 I'm currently putting together my BattleSystems Fantasy Terrain pledge, and while there are some great pieces, I'm a bit worried about stability of their ruined houses. There isn't much weight to the cardboard pieces and they seem like they will fall over easily in play. I've got a lot to assemble,
  11. Oh I do that too, but I find I can burn (ha!) through it very fast. That and I don't like risking too much fire damage at the end of the turn. Reva can get off a lot of Actions with her triggers and needs to keep some for Df as well.
  12. Wanyudo are quicker, but I don't like that you have to take dmg to get burning from them. Lampads can Hovering Flame and give out Burning without anyone taking damage. And don't you still have to take the duel from Wanyudo? So you might pass it and get nothing (or waste a card). Lampads are definitely overpriced for their stats right now though. Drop 'em to 6SS and they'd be golden (might even take 2).
  13. I find few of our minions don't melt like butter. And why in heck are they 7SS? I haven't bothered to use them as I don't play Jack and 8SS OOK seems way too high for what they do. I can grab a OOK Drowned and have had a lot of success with them (as long as you have a way to move them). I can't justify 8ss for a Crooked Man though. Their attack ignoring Resistance Triggers is great, but not worth that much.
  14. Hey, if we don't keep looking forward we stagnate. We disagree. I find it a bit game bending and less fun overall, you don't. Again, not stopping me from playing, just wish they had explored more options before sticking with this way. I like choice, and currently I don't find much choice - Focus is really needed to make sure your models function effectively in this edition. Especially any damage dealing models.
  15. Sure, but that just exacerbates the problem. And they still have ways to add Focus on top of those pseudo-focus. Condition Removal sounds fine, but most is short range and you may have 1-2 models with it vs an entire crew of Focus. And when your condition-removla piece is smashed in one Focused hit, you are kinda out of luck I'm not saying its a huge problem or ruins the game completely, but I do think it is a problem. It was brought up open Beta I believe, but nothing was ever done to try and correct it. At some point you get so used to seeing so much Focus and almost every model havin
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