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  1. Crap. I went through most of the beta and can't recall this one coming up. I think I mentally added in a 'minion only' restriction on it without realising that wasn't the case. There is still some counter play. Killing Gokudo isn't that hard. Anna is harder, but still doable. I would think the easiest fix, if needed, would be to make it minion only. I do think the Stitched could go to Df5 and still be above par. Do they really need Df6 on top of everything else they bring? I haven't faced ShenLong yet, but as a Result I read the day...
  2. Got my VonShtook box assembled. Mostly easy and no big gaps. I did have terrible with the Prof himself though. His left hand is split lengthwise and or runs between his two fingers. I thought I had a good dry fit, but ended up with him giving the Vulcan salute... Tried to fix it, but round the detail of his hand. Last night I went ahead and chopped off his ruined hand. After scrambling I found my old plastic Nicodem. It was an extra anyway as I still have a painter metal alt. Do the good professor got a walking cane. I'll try and post a pic. Not my best job ever, and I need to prime him to see if there are any issues still, but he turned out pretty well. Need to smooth out a few places of green stuff still too. I still don't love the Undergrad with the pipe. He doesn't really feel like he fits. I thought about modifying that arm - attaching a new arm with blade attached or more wires, etc., but I couldn't find suitable bits. I don't have the giant bitz box I used to have with a certain other game set in the future.
  3. Got my hard copy a day earlier than tracking indicated! Sweet! Haven't had time to dive in and read yet, but am looking forward to it.
  4. Understood. Something to keep in mind next edition or 3.5.
  5. Interesting idea. I suppose you could say it affects all non- attacks. Cover is much weaker this version so I'm not sure if it would cripple ranged crews or not. Too big a change for now though. If you made it affect everything there is a big possibility that it would have made ranged attacks much less useful and shifted things too far to melee. It's a tricky balance, but overall I think this edition is pretty close. Cover is less useful than 2nd, yes. Concealing is much better most of the time, but Cover still has it's uses. Part of me does miss the simplicity of 2nd Cover though....
  6. Molds are very expensive and I for one am tired of buying unpainted terrain. I wish they'd partner with someone like this https://shop.battlesystems.co.uk to make terrain. I backed their most recent KS, so I can't yet say how good they are, but they have existing lines of terrain and it looks good in pictures. I'm anxious to see what it looks like in person. The Plastcraft Malifaux stuff is OK, but they haven't put much out and they are still very expensive. I have high hopes for the Battle Systems stuff and it can fit well with Malifaux as is.
  7. I wasn't sure if that would be cool or not. Didn't want to risk it.
  8. Yeah, not sure I need 9 Rabble Risers... I also already own like 6 Flesh Constructs and 3 Rogue Necros. I had an idea today to try and kitbash another Rogue necro out of a Cojo model....
  9. Got a shipping notice that my Resurr book will arrive on Thursday, but even better, I got my link for the free e-version. Haven't read it all yet, but there is new artwork for Flesh Constructs, Zombie Chihauhua, Philip and the Nanny (I think), Rabble Risers, and Soul Porter. The art for the Rabble Risers looks very good. I already have two painted Punk Zombies and the new Skellywags to assemble. Not sure I need even more Rabble Risers... or do I....
  10. You are confusing 'When Resolving..." and "After Resolving" triggers. When Resolving occur during Step 5 and only if the action was successful. After Resolving occur regardless of success and happen after the action is complete. P12 eRulebook
  11. Got mine today. Mine said everything was shipped, but they put a note in the box that the shipment was split in two and the rest (books for me) will be sent as soon as possible. If I go to the webstore it looks like the whole order is fulfilled, but it's not. Likely a limitation of the shipping software they use. So even if you order says delivered, you may find that it was in fact split in two, just as they said.
  12. And TT can have more than one samurai and Fuhstsu and lone swordsmen. All are versatile too... I know they're not unbeatable, but it sure seems like TT got a major power boost. Don't get me started on jorogumo... 😁
  13. Thanks! I agree the samurai are pretty OP. Darn TT.
  14. Page 52 of the physical book. If at least one of the sight lines between two objects is unblocked, the objects have LoS to each other. That, to me, says LoS is always reciprocal as long as any sight line btwn the two objects is clear. In the above case there is a sight line clear between the top and bottom model because of the shadow rules so they can both see each other.
  15. Sorry. TTs are tough to face. A lot of great versatile models. I'm really annoyed they put Izamu there instead of in Ressurs. They have enough big guys and we could have used another one. When you're not so annoyed, care to post the lists used? And are you using enough terrain? Without it that big guns can get ridiculous.
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