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  1. I don't hate her as much as some others do, but she is a stone or two to pricey for what she does. As the OP says, Archie fills a similar role for the same cost and more reliable output. I do like her Beckoning Call way better than Lure (wish the Belles had it too). I wish she had a trigger built in to her Bleeder Lash (maim?). Or if Undivided Attention just worked regardless of engaged maybe? Love the alt model, but she's a hard sell at 10SS.
  2. As long as the model carrying the upgrade is outside Von Schtook's aura, then yes. Seems like. Rereading the rule, yep, mimic away!
  3. That's how I read it right now. Its an Ability so, as far as we know right now, does not follow Trigger timings. That may change with a FAQ, but that's how I read it.
  4. No, but you're already saving one card for Flurry, and every card you cheat here means less for the actual Attacks, making it more likely your opponent can beat you or stall your efforts to kill a model quick. It sucks trying to top deck important attacks, even with Focus. And I'm sure we've all had games with your first turn hand nothing over an 8... Bad Things and all
  5. Yeah, you would. I'm not sure you can avoid 'That F'n guy' though. They always find ways to argue. To me, that is the next closest spot and doesn't appear to 'additionally' benefit the Blue player. Yes, they are in a better position, but would have been if it dropped on the X as originally intended as well. It is the closest point to the original.
  6. Yeah - its kinda hidden in there. I missed it too. Wish they would have bullet pointed the Obey stuff or something to make it easier to parse.
  7. True. Lead the Way being only 2" really stings for me.
  8. I love the ability, but I've had 3 turns go without drawing a single card from it . There have been a few games where I've done much better, but for me it's been swingy. Need more games though. Can't Lead the Way twice on the same model. They are using the Totem and the emissary for a +2 Move during her activation I think.
  9. I guess my flips/cards aren't that good. Even with Focus I can't always kill a model in one activation with Val unless I can get to something really small and weak. Flurry means I'm down to 5 cards, fewer if I want to use By Your Side too that turn, meaning I don't often have enough good cards to beat the opponent to one activation kill a model. Maybe I'm just unlucky though.
  10. The issue there is that Francis can then trigger Vengeance when targeting friendlies with his Tactical. In the rules forum is seemed more people fell on the side of it only being Attack actions since they capitalized 'Attacking'. I'm not 100% sure that's the intent, but willing to live with it as it doesn't break anything or make Vengeance bad. At least until or if it gets a FAQ. It would have been very easy for them to use the term 'Attack Action', which is a defined game term. And there is room on the card as the ability already dips into 3 lines and adding one word would not have altered the card layout at all.
  11. They were likely confusing Vengeance with Triggers. It is 'after resolving the action', but it is an Ability, not a Trigger. Triggers that Resolve After do not take effect if the model is no longer in play. Vengeance is an Ability so it should take effect regardless of if the model is still in play. I think it would be Step 6 of Actions or Step f. in the detailed timing chart, after the Damage Steps. But again, it's not a Trigger so isn't bound by the rule about triggers not taking effect if the model is not in play. As an Ability it seems like it happens no matter what as long as the requirements are met (targeted and damaged by an Action). Most people believe it also has to be an Attack Action which I am mostly on board with, but could see it being read as any Action.
  12. Sounds good on paper, but with terrain and other models on the table I still don't see how you're getting a kill turn one unless your opponent screws up. If you fling Val that far forward, how is Anna getting close enough to clean up? I understand it's not impossible, but I think it would be hard to do on a regular basis, at least on the table we usually run. It is something to keep in mind that it is potentially possible though. I'll try it out my next game with them and see how it goes.
  13. Seems like... but I've not had luck. Part of my 'bleh' is that they used to be so much better with hard to kill and a self-heal that wasn't an action. I might give them another try, but at 5SS, I often want to just get an Undergrad instead. I've found them quite good at schemeing and some minor killing.
  14. Hmm. I have not liked the M3e Necropunks at all so far. They have always died to a stiff breeze, though I haven't used them since the last update when they got a +1wd. Maybe that will keep them around a bit longer. I wish they had a Df5 and severely miss their self-heal which made them self reliant. So far I've really preferred the Undergrads to Necropunks. YMMV of course. By Your Side is great, though I sometimes run out of cards and can't do it. How are you summoning one on turn 1? That seems very lucky to get the upgrade out and kill something on turn 1 unless the opponent really messes up somehow.
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