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  1. I don't recall them being so, but it's been a while since I've seen their 32mm stuff. The 28mm stuff is just about perfect imo. Maybe a little small if you look too close at details, but that makes it much more playable on the table. I have Curse of Dead Man's hand and that is always a blast to play on the table. Might pick up a train set from them for sale going on now. If you want really playable interiors though, the 32mm will probably be better.
  2. Ach. This year being what it is I don't have $200 to spend to get that sweet foil deck...
  3. He's not working alone. Use some of his guys to make a lane for him. He also hits pretty hard with a 3/5/6 dmg track and stat 7. He's a good model with good abilities. So is Toshiro. I just don't think Toshiro is a real problem, especially when so many of our other models are below par. Though, thematically, what if Toshiro's attached a summon upgrade something like: Brittle Bones - During the End Phase this this model suffers 3 dmg ignoring Hard to Kill. You have to either put in resources to keep them alive or let them die. Might have to make his summon a bit easier then. Just spitbal
  4. Can't kill him if you can't catch him, or hit him.
  5. Ashes and Coppelius don't even need to be Henchman to compare. And Fingers has Df6 with Squeel built in - good luck killing him quick. Phiona is a Hench with 10 wds and Montressor matches or better Toshiro for resilience (their move is the same so a wash - and 10wds to boot). Those are just some 9ss models with similar staying power, there are others, especially if you go up to 10ss, which is where Toshiro usually is. I'm not saying he's not good, but hardly OP. He supports minions - without minions he's not delivering much. Yes, he can be good, but he can be just as much a resource sink
  6. He is not even in the same league as Mortimer for toughness, but I take your point about him being somewhat hard to remove. Although last time I played him I was against Leveticus, and removing him was trivial for that crew xD But I think Toshiro is just bad against Outcasts anyway, so probably shouldn't have brought him in (since their Emissary hands out Don't Mind Me upgrade). To the main point - given that he can summon Ashigaru to protect himself, I can see there being an argument that if he needs a nerf, you should either hit his survivability or the OP combos (aka, Chiaki).
  7. Oh, I have the Battlesystems stuff too. Battle ground set, mostly for the ruined cathedral. It's nice, but is very light and can shift easily. I'm not sold on taking it apart and putting it back together either. See myself leaving it together. Mostly good, though a bit tricky to put together well. If you don't use a marker to line the edges I find it a bleh. Still, great for the roads and lakes, smaller pieces and solid buildings are good. The bridges are great. I don't care for the ruined buildings. Tend to tip a bit too much for me. If you have time to assemble, its pretty good v
  8. I'm loving Warcradle Scenics stuff. I have the new Gloomburg sprawl set that I am still assembling and the Dunsmouth set. Both are pretty nice. Dunsmouth in particular comes with a lot of stuff. If you don't mind a more American Southwest/steampunk fell the Rio Sonorio sets are nice. They just released those individually, though the set is a better deal. I like their stuff as while you have to assemble it, it's better than most MDF sets since they do have some color pieces. Looks better with no painting needed, but can really look good with a little paint. The only problem is findin
  9. What is that? His action is Once per Turn. How are you getting around that? He seems fine to me and while helpful isn't breaking things most of the time. Looking around at other factions and keywords he's hardly game shattering. He is one of the only non-master ways we have to summon, which may be causing some people issue, but OOK he's 10ss - he better be doing something. He's tough to take down, but is pretty much purely support. If you don't have some way to move him he also falls behind the minions he's trying to support. And it's not like any of our minions are quite as bad as
  10. I can go either way, but for Baby Kade good lord yes. I would hate to try and put that thing together if it needed assembly... so tiny...
  11. Just got my Baby Kade Bear yesterday. Great little (very little) model.
  12. Not a real problem now with 1AP charges being a thing. 12" would be fine with current rules and make her worth her while. Even just upping it to 10" would help, though really it's her keyword that's really lackluster now.
  13. And they don't really hit that hard... You mean 8" right? I wish it were still 12". That would make Reva much stronger.
  14. I agree, this one is hard to wrap your head around and will lead to some arguments on the table. Wish they had found a better way to word it.
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