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  1. I'm thinking denying your opponent more than just getting your own. It's likely some of your Pyre markers will be on your side of the table, making it that much easier for them the score Research Mission as well. Dragging them over helps you and can hinder them. Technically, but I rate Deadly Pursuit pretty highly myself - I always put it on a minion (Draugr, Lampad, Shieldbearer). It's not impossible they won't bring any Terrifying. A Rogue Necro with Von Schtook can be a nightmare. As long as it starts with an Upgrade he can give it Fast.... That with the crews card draw can be deadly. It's an odd choice yes, but not impossible. Or a Student with GST for Terrifying 11 can be quite annoying to put down.
  2. Not bad. I like Lampads, but agree they are probably too expensive for their stats and abilities (one Stat 6, one built in Tome, and make Hovering Flame give them Burning too and they might be OK at 8SS). They are a good way to hand out Burning though and stack their own once you have Pyres out there. With Reva on the table, Research Mission is a lot easier, so don't forget to use the Lampads and Vincent to move Pyre Markers over the center line. If he brings Anna it really shuts down Reva's healing, which is very important in my mind. She should be a priority target if you can manage it. You might consider a Killer Instinct or two as the extra SS from corpses can be very helpful later game. That extra push can help too.
  3. You could also make just some of the ponds count as severe (they're deeper) and most are just normal. You could alter it each game to help keep the table fresh too. Could make a few more terrain pieces that are just wood sticking out of the much with a ht marker as if they are measuring the depths of ponds.
  4. Awesome! I couldn't resist and ordered a set even though I have way too much terrain as it is.... Does it seem to scale well for Malifaux?
  5. This seems to be by the company that makes Mythos and says it's 35mm, so might be a bit big. Looks really good and seems like a great price for all the terrain and little bits you get. https://scenics.warcradle.com/red-beam-products/dunsmouth-dock-set
  6. Just started playing with Reva and have a couple of rules questions. 1. Ethereal Reaping - Since you can draw LOS and range from a Corpse, could you do so through a Mindless Zombie or Candle and target that model itself? That way you can kill it to drop a Pyre/Corpse. In my case I could have set up a corpse within range of an enemy I was just out of range to. The model isn't attacking itself, so I assume you can? 2. Similar question for Feed on Grief - If you target a Mindless Zombie or Candle, do you get the to hit since the target is within LOS and 2" of a 'corpse'? So potentially Reva can heal up to 3 dmg from killing a Candle/Zombie with a Ram trigger? I believe it works, but want to make sure before trying to play it that way. Thank you! Oh, and after playing a couple games I can see why people complain about Lampads - 8ss they should at least have one stat 6 action... or start with some Burning maybe....
  7. His summoning is very swingy, even with Molly's card draw. I've gone entire games with no summons and most with one small summons. It's great if you get it, but not reliable enough to count on. I wish he had his old mechanic of bouncing around the table and summoning when he dies instead.
  8. I might go back to my old favorite Yan Lo, but maybe I'll make myself try someone else. Molly just isn't clicking with me - shame as I love her models. I was thinking of kit bashing an Archie though, so that may make me play her a bit more again. I may try the new Reva and see how that goes. I was disappointed by the changes from 2-3 for Shieldbearers. They lost a lot of their flavor for me.
  9. Go for it. Always good to have more talk in here. I'm just about done with my 10 games with Molly and I'm not feeling her (maybe I miss her summoning from M2E too much - Lethe's caress doesn't make up for it to me). I need to find another Master to play 10 with.
  10. The difference between the Errata abilities and Gravity Well is that a strict reading of those abilities meant that a model could never be Unburied at all. They didn't allow the model to be placed anywhere, so could never unbury at all. The Errata removes that loophole so that the models can still be returned to play. It was intended to fix a broken interaction. Gravity Well just stops them from being Placed within 6" of Anna, but the model can still be Unburied in their Deployment Zone per the standard rules. It never broke the game or made models disappear forever. Gravity Well should still work as intended and isn't one of those abilities that makes a model unable to unbury - it just says you can't unbury 'here'.
  11. Holy crap, that is a good 6ss model. Price of progress seems like an amazing keyword ability. It makes them almost like SS users and can make getting those timely triggers very easy.
  12. I swear they had this broken down somewhere, but I can't find it - maybe I'm remembering Beta still.... I would argue that the 'Target' isn't determined until Step 3. Targeting is complete. Abilities like Protected seem like they occur within that step, and can change the target before the step is complete. Step 3. Targeting declares that unless otherwise mentioned, every Action with a target must target a single model. Due to that I would think you'd only take one Terrifying check based on the final target, no? That is just my reading though and could be wrong. I swear I thought there was something that laid out how to determine the final target, but maybe I'm crazy. I can't find it now.
  13. Protected says it 'changes the target to a frinedly Urami model', so Model A is now targeting Ikyro. I would say that Model A has to take a Terrifying check.
  14. I'll see your Guild Hounds and raise your Canine Remains. All the same problems, but you can only have 3 for some reason and an attack stat of only 4. Hard to Would does't help with such crap defensive stats and only 3 health (they used to have Df5 I recall). Guild Hounds have a nifty trigger on their attack (Hold Down) and a better stat. Canine do have a bonus, but it appears to be geared toward old school Nicodem, who isn't really around anymore. I'd rather another trigger on their attack action. I used to take them on occasion in any crew as they were fast and didn't always die to stiff breeze, but now they are garbage and I can't ever see hiring one. Both models are pretty crap, but I think Canine Remains edge out the GH imo.
  15. That... that seems really strong just built in. I hope that it is specific to this model and not the Keyword. Otherwise this new keyword is going to suck to play against.
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