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  1. Ah - I don't go that page anymore. Too many negative experiences. Hate when they put stuff there instead of here... Edit - sorry - thought you meant a Wyrd Place. I see Wyrd has it's own page and it's mentioned there.
  2. I don't see anything that says one way or the other if this is ToS or Malifaux. Being only 3 models leans towards Malifaux, but they could be ToS.
  3. Solkan beat me to it. After Succeeding Triggers happen after the action is complete(Step f.) and effects, including Damage, happen in Step e. No Shove Aside if you kill the initial target, sorry.
  4. I hope they are Malifaux, but could be the Otherside. Can't tell from looking up a Daeva what faction they might fall in.
  5. I like your idea, but not sure they'll want to split them like that. Depends on how the sprues are set up I guess. So far most boxes have 4-6 models. So maybe one box with Val and the Viscera (all being 50mm) and one with all 6 of the other other students.
  6. Yes! I finally received them right around Christmas. Hopefully you get your soon. Now if I could find my other cards - somehow I misplaced my entire card holder....
  7. Kentauroi are also paper thin in my experience. A stiff breeze against their low Df and they fold fast. McMourning has a decent amount of healing available, but a good opponent will make sure to focus on them and take them out early game. For 9SS out of Keyword I'm having trouble getting him to pull his weight. You can pull some shenanigans with them charging more than once a turn (use RWM to Push out of combat) and even use Stampede (though at the cost of Wds, making him more fragile) to do a decent amount of damage. I like them, and love the models, but still never have much luck with them. Most people seem to use him as a taxi service, which can be great, if you can keep him alive. Unpopular opinion, but I'd lose Ride with Me to get more survive-ability and some other ability in its place.
  8. Nice write up. This line should say 'per Activation' though. Important distinction, though from later reading you seem to know.
  9. Yeah, I created the Canvas one that you did a lot of the work on. Sadly, I think PMF is pretty much gone though. It seems like there are too many different ones all half-formed that none are really useful. A lot of the info is so outdated with the edition change that I've thought starting fresh would be a better idea. There have been so many changes that a lot of the old entries would have to be redone from top to bottom. I thought about starting a Resurr specific one off the ashes of the Canvas one we created, but I haven't had time. I'm glad to unpublish the Canvas one to help thin the ranks. It was a lot of fun to create, but I don't think it's had much traffic.
  10. Not even in Von-here's a focus-Schtook?
  11. True, but I've often got Focus stacked out the wazoo, so don't always need the triggers to get that moderate damage
  12. The Obey is nice, if you have the card and something useful to do with it, but most of the time I'm not worried about. When I tried to make that my focus with him, he really didn't feel worth the points. Maybe if he had a way to make other models count as Undead I might be more interested. What I try to do is look for those low Rams for the extra attack. With that he becomes a pseudo 'flurry' model on the charge. With his great dmg track and triggers, another attack is always good. I have never had the Aura matter though. It feels a bit wasted other than the free attack. You are right though, he is more card intensive than the others. I wish they had varied him a bit more with the other students. Upped his Df to 5 or something. My main problem is that he and Steel are both so slow. Steel at least has a ranged ability. Not sure what you mean here? He has Puncture on Rams and Flay on Masks. Both are great and don't require the target to be Undead. Other than Obey he doesn't actually do anything special against Undead. If kills an enemy Undead, then he gets a card.
  13. I found these interesting. Don't love the art myself, but love the design of the box itself. It is Kickstarter, so do your own research and at your own risk etc. I am not associated in any way, just liked them. http://kck.st/2DanmNi
  14. Yeah - I misunderstood what you were saying, but we're on the same page.
  15. Just found these. Not sure if they are new or I just overlooked them, but I always love pre-painted terrain. These even have a Malifaux vibe. They appear to have five different ones, so plenty for a table and the prices, for the look of them, is pretty good. https://www.deepcutstudio.com/product/model-trees-32-mm-scale-chestnut-copy/ Once I have some extra money I may buy the whole set. I just have a lot of terrain right now and more from KS on the way. Not sure if I should keep adding...
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