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  1. You can say that about a lot of model though. I agree wholeheartedly that Nox just doesn't seem all there. He's missing something to make him worth the cost. I still want to try him out more though. Rancid Smell might mean he takes a couple of hits instead of other potentially more important models. Flight has some advantages, but Archie has Leap.... Maybe there's more play with Bring It than I expect, but I don't see it.
  2. I don't know, if it affected him too, then that with HtW would make him darn near impossible to kill. I wouldn't say no to a longer range though. 6" would be nice and let it actually, maybe, work.
  3. Screw theme! Honestly, make Rancid Smell a Bonus and suddenly he's a lot better - worth his cost then as he can do his support role stuff and still try and get 2 attacks/turn. Or he needed another Bonus as you don't always need/want a corpse.
  4. I can't believe they put it on a Master.... It's such a nasty little trigger.
  5. That's more an issue with mass of tentacles being one of the best triggers out there imo. At least it hits friendlies too, so Maxine has to be careful. And on Calypso/Bebe you don't even get a chance to resist as it can Thriller Driller to use it. And with Reconfigure, any Tome in hand will get the Trigger. I will say I'm not sold on Noxious Nephilim. I think they thought Memories in Blood and Last Memory were big deals and I'm not sold for just card cycle. If Rancid Smell were a Bonus Action, I'd like him a lot more, as I don't always want/need another Corpse especially at the cost of 2dmg. So he effectively doesn't have a Bonus some turns and that sucks for a 9ss model. A Df5 for a 9ss model wouldn't have hurt either.
  6. Ah... Gotcha. There aren't very many Hazardous, Impassible are there? So not a huge problem, more like an annoyance.
  7. Are people really arguing that the word 'through' means all the way through the physical piece of terrain? That seems reaaaaallll rules lawyery. A quick FAQ would squash that, but I've never seen anyone argue for that strange interpretation.
  8. Well, he had to waste actions he could have used elsewhere for that, so that's something. Seduction is awesome now. And even if he had 2 focus, he'll only get one focused attack off (as soon as he takes an action he'll gain Distracted from Seamus, negating his other one). And then it sounds like he was just sitting there with not much else to do. If you had some healing to bring Seamus back up it would have ended pretty well.
  9. Well, any master can be built against. I'm not sure Jaakuna brings enough for 8ss. I'd rather bring the White Hat Co. for the hats to help block dmg. I think the biggest negative in keyword is healing, so bringing something to help with that is pretty important imo. Sybelle's little incidental heal is too weak. Card draw is missing too. With his models being relatively cheaper, I do see him bringing more models to help clog things up and give out distracted/ping damage. Were you at least able to kill the executioner in return? With Sybelle and Seamus' aura's up to give Distracted and 1 dmg every time a bell moves it (and at a neg wp if you move someone in) you should have gotten some free attacks. Not sure who you were facing and deployments (wedge doesn't leave much time to get prepped). And how are they handling distracted? I find once you stack 3-4 Distracted on a model it has a real hard time interacting with you. Condition removal or something else? I don't think he's going to necessarily be 'easy' to learn, but I do think he will be fun. It seems like activation order on him and sybelle are tricky. Both are beater-esque models, which like to activate later, but they both have aura's that need to go up early in the turn. I'm also not sure he's great for Leylines. I want his models using their movement tricks on enemy models whenever possible, not friendly.
  10. This seems to be the least broken way to play it. The Aura still exits, but cannot affect any model that is within Alone in the Dark range. I feel like they forgot an 'other' in action. "Ignore and ignored by 'other' enemy auras". Maybe I'm wrong though.
  11. I think he has major impulse control problems, hence the lower WP. But yes, Wp4 is going to hurt for a Master, but I love the Df6! That with Stealth and Talent Scout are pretty decent protection. Especially with all the movement tricks his keyword models can do to help get him out of a jam. And hey! He helps his keyword models be actually useful now. I'm looking forward to getting him on the table! Yes - Distracted is a such a huge negative and being able to ping for damage at the same time - yikes! I think, as I often do, that thinking of him primarily as a summoner is where you go wrong. You want him getting his bubble up and getting in as many out of activation free attacks as you can. His summons are incidental - sure first turn summon a Doxy, maybe second turn something else, but after that only if you really need to do it to win the game. Otherwise I think his actions will be better spent elsewhere. Urban Legend with Alone in the Dark is really nasty....
  12. The models in a Twisted Tale look awesome! I don't even play either Master, but both look great. Jack Daw has a serious serial killer/monster vibe and Nellie looks like a deranged librarian. Auguste looks like a typical 'end of the world' crazy dancing on a corner. Great box and sculpts.
  13. How long did Val live after you sent her in?
  14. I don't have a problem either way, but just reading the ability, I'd be inclined to lean towards the 'per model' interpretation. Reason being is says 'friendly Forgotten models'. It would have been very easy to say something like 'one friendly model in range' instead if that were the case. This is a Master's Bonus action after all (and her only bonus action), so it should be a good action. I've never much liked 2-card bayou for important models. Cheating from the top of the deck is fine as long as I don't really care if I succeed or not, but important flips I'll still cheat normally. It also helps with her crew's need to discard a lot, but isn't guaranteed to help all the time. Definitely hope they FAQ it just to be clear. I can kind of see the arguments for either interpretation.
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