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  1. Albus Von Schtook's Academic Superiority. What happens when an Action on an Upgrade is declared and successful outside 6", but moves the model to within 6" of AVS and still has steps to complete? Does the Action complete or does the "ignore any Abilities or Actions printed on their Attached Upgrades (other than Insignificant)" mean the Action is interrupted once within 6"? I could see it going either way, though lean towards allowing the Action to complete.
  2. I would say that the action has already been declared and was successful so should be allowed to complete. The card is blank once he is within 6", but the action was already successful. I don't know if that's correct though and I don't remember this interaction being brought up in Beta. While I lean toward allowing it to complete, I could see it going either way. Might need a FAQ?
  3. Ok. Found some interesting options. No binders, but some nice secure storage. https://www.makeplayingcards.com/design/plain-tarot-tin-box.html Nice little tin, no minimum order. Took a while to get, but seems to fit well. Cards with sleeves are a bit tight sure to the interior corners being round. Still fit, but if you clip the top corners they fit even better. They make thick cardboard boxes as well that would likely be perfect as they are square corners. They are actually more expensive than the tins. I think I can fit about 50 ish sleeved cards in one of the deep tins, so you'd need more than one. I think I'll put pictures on each box of the crews them to help keep track.
  4. He's not 'bad', but he's not great either, especially for his cost. In Yan Lo he helps the Ashigaru, Komainu, and Gokudo punch a bit harder, if they stay close. He does heal and hand out Focus - though I find myself really missing him handing out Fast. I think with Kentauroi you are going to have a hard time keeping him close to them. That really goes for anything. I find it's easy to get outpaced as he uses actions other than walk and all of his abilities are built around 6" ranges. If you can keep him in range of your minions, that + Flip can feel great, but I find him not doing much else. I'm starting to wonder if he's worth the cost, especially out of theme. If you know you're getting stuck in and can afford to have a bunch of models all together, then maybe. Someone like Seamus, who tends to go off on his own, but bring a lot of minions, might benefit from him. The other big on is Von Schtook as most of his models are Minions and can hit really hard - if you can keep him close to that action again. His summon is hard now, but useful. Not sure its worth bringing any extra corpse marker creation (unless you know your opponent isn't dropping any) - though GraveDiggers and Mourners have their own uses. You could bring a MZ for 2SS and if you get the right card (and or use a stone) turn it into Ashigaru on T1. That saves you 3SS right off the bat. Might be my go to combo with him from now on.
  5. Didn't mean to imply Ashigaru are garbage. They are quite good for their cost. It's just that Komainu are even better for their cost Still not sure about Gokudo. HtK helps, but they still seem to die to fast for me. They can be very mobile, but that's about it.
  6. I'll grant it not 'bad', but I'm not sure it stacks up against Armour 2, a short ranged attack that effectively does 3 dmg (with Burning), and the extra movement from Pounce. And Pounce still gives out Injured just like Vile Reclamation. We also have several heals throughout theme (Yan Lo, Toshiro, Sun Quiang). I usually use Vile reclamation to hand out Injured and help make things easier to hit. I had not thought of using it on my own models to give him a 'cheap' heal though. If Komainu didn't have HtK I'd have a harder time choosing between them. I'd say the biggest advantage Ashigaru have is their 2" engagement. Especially with how much rarer it is now.
  7. Is this the right box set? I can't remember which one included the story? Pricey though: https://www.amazon.com/Wyrd-Miniatures-Malifaux-University-Transmortis/dp/B00E9PU93U
  8. Agreed! Much better view than anything else I've seen. However, what is up with the third undergraduate? Why is carrying what looks to be a cannon over his shoulder? He just seems out of place to me. The other two are quite nice though. I hate the new Anna, so agree you should buy the current one The rest is really up to you. If you can find the Transmortis box it wouldn't be a bad buy. I would just get one now as I'm sure when the new models come out they will be pretty sweet. I'm guessing you might be able to buy the Valedictorian alone in the new box anyway as the students are all multiple hires. And I'm hoping the students get new sculpts so having the old ones will give you different choices in poses. If you are playing mostly friendly you can ask to proxy as you're waiting for new sculpts. Most people will be fine with that. I find with Albus that you want to stay in theme almost more than most other Resurr masters. His summoning shtick requires Transmortis models to work. However, I am always open to some slight additions on occasion (Rogue Nero with an upgrade was fun to run with him). Dead Rider and Emissary are Versatile, so at least you can use them elsewhere. I wouldn't call either necessary though.
  9. I disagree with that interpretation. If they wanted it to be specific, we have a method for defining game terms - Bolded and Capital first letter. They purposely did not. Anytime you are moving to something or from something you could be said to be moving "toward" it or "away" from it. I don't think they meant that every instance had to use those specific words. Otherwise we end up with weird arguments like this. In trying to simplify the rules it would be more reasonable to assume if you are moving to something, you are moving towards it and that the toward/away rules apply. For whether or not the Push happens if you can't make it BtB I believe the intent is that you still Push, but I agree that the language isn't as tight as it could be. The quoted part about Actions complicates it. I believe the intention is that you move as far as you can and stop, even if you can't make BtB. The other interpretation could break and or severely impact the usefulness of actions across all factions - to the point of potentially breaking models. If you MUST push a full 5" for instance there are going to be a lot times you can't Push at all. That does not seem to be how the models were tested or designed for play. I can't recall anyone ever arguing this during Beta, but that doesn't mean it just wasn't missed. If clarification can't be added before printing, then a FAQ would be useful. Changing the Pushes to say 'up to' in every instance and the 'base contact' to a Place or Drop instead of a Push might work. It doesn't solve the weird "...effects cannot be resolved, they are ignored" issue in regards to Pushes. I'm not sure how many Pushes there are that don't have the 'up to' clause though?
  10. I don't care for the face cards much myself, but I know others like them. I really like the rest of the deck though... Wish I could get a SFW version with more subdued face cards as the style of the rest of the deck is really great and easy to read.
  11. After looking around I might actually see if I can find something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Plano-23780-00-Stowaway-Adjustable-Dividers/dp/B0010XFKF6/ref=pd_rhf_dp_s_vtp_ses_clicks_0_11?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0010XFKF6&pd_rd_r=d9924ec4-ab65-4eb2-b3af-9bff7766a89f&pd_rd_w=Hw1T6&pd_rd_wg=REFDP&pf_rd_p=2a39cfb2-722e-4088-8e83-f4a3a96394c6&pf_rd_r=57ZF3XYX2XY7BD3QJ8CB&psc=1&refRID=57ZF3XYX2XY7BD3QJ8CB i'm thinking something that can store cards on one side and tokens all in the same box. This one has what appears to be a large open area on the right that looks like ti can be divided into two spaces about 4x5. Too big yes, but not bad if everything can get put in there. Going to keep looking for better ones, but I kind of like this idea, especially if I can find one a bit smaller than this.
  12. This case looks interesting. Kinda big, but might work. Interior dimensions will give a little wiggle room on the sides, but cards can stand upright in the case. Should hold a lot of cards too I'd imagine. Not perfect, but interesting. https://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=129506&catid=598 Might also look at something like these and separate out by Keywords. I think a keyword would fit within each one... https://www.amazon.com/BENECREAT-Rectangle-Containers-Earplugs-Jewerlry/dp/B07F5MFX4Y/ref=sr_1_126_sspa?keywords=mini%2Bplastic%2Bstorage&qid=1554930532&s=gateway&sr=8-126-spons&th=1
  13. Honestly, it looks like Komainus might be too good for 6SS. HtK, Take the Hit (which I didn't realize they had), Armour 2 and Empty Vessal is a lot. It also has a better ranged options. Not sure why they have hard to kill tbh. Poor Ashigaru are only 5SS, but Df4 really hurts and as they don't have Empty Vessal. I agree that the Komainu wins out. However, Extended Reach can be well worth the points versus some crews as it really throws off the game plan and can help you survive a tad longer. Ashigaru could get Empty Vessal though and not break anything imo.
  14. Yeah, thats the best binder page I could find too. I'm waiting to get the actual cards in hand before I decide how much extra space is too much, but you may be right. I'm hopeful that some of them will be close enough not to matter.
  15. Ah! That explains it.
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