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  1. Paddywhack

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Do you really think a 2dmg Blast is really going to make that big a difference? He's always had this available and it's never been a go to for players. Decay is really used for healing your own guys and if you happen to get splash damage on the enemy great, but it's not why you cast Decay. If he had a way to up the damage a bit then maybe I'd see a use case and that could actually give Nicodem a new way to be played. Maybe in a future upgrade....
  2. Paddywhack

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    I don't disagree in theory, but I've found it can get pretty boring to play that way (and I've often used the Fast Spam with the Malifaux Child and Toshiro). It can be effective and a huge help at times no doubt, but I've never heard that it was a top tier strategy at any tournaments. It also gets boring fast. My Master, the model most players really get into in a faction, gets a turn and just hands out three AP to other models and he's done.... Not very exciting when you've got Masters that actually do something themselves which feels more thematic and fun to play. He's definitely going to play differently now, that's for sure. A Fast spam list might still be effective for him allowing his crew to get more done while he buffs them in his bubble.
  3. Paddywhack

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Yeah, and i never played that game with him anyway, but giving up a Master AP to give someone Fast is not always a great trade and kinda boring play wise. Buffing is good and he can companion still, so he has options, but they are definitely cuddled options. Crew selection will matter more for sure which could be good. I'll have to see how he feels on the table, but I do wonder if they swung a little too hard with this nerf hammer. I'll be curious to see how fares on the tournament scene, but I suspect we won't see him as much if at all. Instead you'll see more of Reva.
  4. Paddywhack

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Ouch. He may have needed toning down, but this seems a bit excessive. I was never a spam corpse person, but I find it hard to spend a Master AP, Upgrade slot, 2 corpses, and a high card to summon a model on 3 wds. I'm not sure how that will play long run. Summoning at 1wd is OK for Molly as she has a different summon mechanic. I will try to give this a go, but I have a hard time wanting to slog up that hill in the few games I get to play. Even if they had given them 2wds it 'might' feel better, but 1wd in most cases means I spent all those resources and a Master's AP and one gimpy hit from any peon on the opposing crew cancels it all out. I appreciate Nicodem gave us great flexibility, but I still think the problem was the glut of resources recently - Asura, the Emissary, and other 'always' take models with him were a problem and really needed to be toned down. Even the downgrade on Undertaker would have done a lot to rein him in without hamstringing him. I will give it a go and try and think of use cases, but I already used him more as a buffer rather than a spam bot and now the summons I do make are far less effective. I'm having trouble seeing how he is still effective as a Master. Ironically, now that I need even more corpses, I might have to switch the Asura/Emmissary play style to make him work when I've never used those models with him so far. I'm going to need far more corpses to allow for more healing than I used to rely on. Maybe if they had buffed his attack spell to at least make that a viable alternative to his play style now that summoning is much more difficult?
  5. Paddywhack

    PullMyFinger going away?

    Thank you! A quick tip, if you haven't figured it out yet, is to look for the little box symbol next to a link. That means that the link goes to another website and is an old link. If the there is no little box, then it should be linking to a page in Canvas. I've done some here and there as I went (Resurrs should be good, but a double check never hurts). Adding Pics can be a bit counter intuitive sadly. I've added some to the Files section, or if you click on Images in the sidebar (or bottom bar, depending on your screen), you can go to Flickr or upload a new image. I did create File Folder for each Faction so we can save pics in each to make it easier to find them later. I also can't find a way to add styles to the pics without going into HTML view - things like Float and Padding. If you are comfortable doing that, I can go back through after and do that. Thanks again for all the help. Really, you've done a bulk of the transfer work.
  6. Paddywhack

    PullMyFinger going away?

    Good idea. I can add it to the Templates moving forward, but all the current pages would need it added. Might be easier to just add it those pages that have been Errata'd instead. I believe their is a list on the Malifaux page, so that should be easy to do. I might add it to the top of the page in the Overview, so that it isn't missed. Something like this? This model was Errata'd. Please see the FAQ and Errata page for the newest card information. Some information may need updating. I added that to the Ironsides page and it might be easier to just point people to the Errata. Over time the pages and tactics will hopefully be updated, but this gives people some warning that there was an Errata. For models that just changed SS cost, I might just add that that was the only change.
  7. No worries. I had some time and didn't want to lose all of that info. I got approval from Wyrd so we moved ahead. A lot of work was actually done by Morgan Vening along with a number of others. I think we now officially have everything moved, we just need to clean up links, add pics, etc. I've added some pics here and there and the Resurrs should be all done. There shouldn't be any references to V1 or V1.5 anymore on the site. Feel free to add or ask for changes to layouts, etc. And feel free to share the link too! https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/1293024
  8. Paddywhack

    PullMyFinger going away?

    Looks like we are still missing the non-dual faction Gremlins. I will try and get working on those ASAP. I just fixed The Jury as well.
  9. Or you could see this post from while back: We've moved most is not all of the content over to a free site on Canvas. You're free to help out here or make your own. We do have to pretty it up a bit an make some corrections or additions as needed. I'm open to any suggestions. I had a lot of help to get this done so quickly. Hopefully we haven't missed anything. Here is a direct link. To make edits you do have to join the 'class'. https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/1293024
  10. Paddywhack

    PullMyFinger going away?

    https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/1293024 Try this. I may not have all the settings correct to find it in the Canvas search as it wasn't presentable yet.
  11. Paddywhack

    PullMyFinger going away?

    I'll try and do that ASAP. Starting a new job this week, so a little busy of course.
  12. Paddywhack

    PullMyFinger going away?

    Fixed Bishop. Let me know if any others are missing as well. Canvas handles text strangely. I've found it best to select all text, cahnge the font size to anything and then immediately change it back to 12pt. That helps get everything on the same page. For headings I've been just using all CAPS and bold to help differentiate. It's easy and keeps it clean (imo).
  13. Paddywhack

    PullMyFinger going away?

    yes, they all should be good. I'll fix the Gremlins format later today (I was falling asleep last night). i noticed a couple of Neverborn appeared to be missing (Jakob Lynch). I thought he was done, but apparently not. Might be others randomly missing as well.
  14. Paddywhack

    PullMyFinger going away?

    Shoot! I can't believe I missed her. I swear i thought I had them all done. Some didn't have anything yet in PMF, but maybe I missed some. Especially the newer models. Those still need some love and attention.
  15. Paddywhack

    PullMyFinger going away?

    ressurrs are all done. Did those myself first as a proof of concept. Arcansists were started, but not sure if they are done.