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  1. That was my thought too, but no way are they resculpting just one. And it's hardly the first model that wasn't to proper scale for model size (looking at you Flesh Constructs....).
  2. It seems logical, as they have upped the allowed model count for these models, that the new artwork are representative of the new sculpts we should be seeing. I expect we'll see a box for each of the student types - Sinew, Steel, Viscera - with the old sculpt from the Transmortis box previously sold and new sculpts to get up to the allowed number for each. I am curious why my Faction Deck has new artwork for one of the necropunks. it replaced the artwork for the tall skinny one with the staff. I think the download files still has that artwork on one of the cards, but the deck I received does not.
  3. Not sure that's a fair trial though. McM is a beast of a killer, especially against something like shield bearers.
  4. Oh shoot! I didn't see that they stealthily added them in there. I looked before and didn't see them. Shoot... now I have to spend more money. Thanks!
  5. I'm just worried I'd be clumsy and accidentally spin it and screw up how many I'm supposed to have. Individual tokens lessens that issue for me.
  6. Yeah, I actually really like Chimeric Designs versions and those are the 15mm I like. Right now they have the opposite problem of 'only' having a bundle of the M3E stuff. I'm waiting for them to split it up so I can get specific ones I want. I've already got their Fast and Slow and I feel like I might need more Distracted and Injured than just the 5 in the set. I also don't care about the SS tokens and don't like their Stunned, though they have one for another game system that I think is better that has an '!' mark. For anyone that has ordered from TerraCutter, how much was shipping to the states? It's odd that I can't see shipping costs until after I submit the order. All they say is it will be bewtween $15 and $30, which is quite the range for doing a small order.
  7. Wow, those are pretty sweet. I never saw this company before so thanks! I prefer single tokens as others have mentioned and I really like the smaller 15mm tokens from other companies, but those are really nice. I think I'll be ordering some new scheme markers and maybe the Corpse markers. Might look through some of the other lines to see if there are any Activated markers I can grab too. Very, very nice.
  8. Nah, instead they should make new creepy crooligan deckhands with mops and buckets and daggers. Keep the Pirate theme going!
  9. Yes. It is a Drop and it is still in base contact (edge to edge or overlapping).
  10. I am very tempted by this KS set of terrain. I don't know the company nor have I ordered any of their stuff, but I am sorely tempted by them. My only hesitation is funds with M3E just coming out and that fantastic Nightmare set for GenCon, I don't think I can plop any more funds down for terrain as I already have 3-4 tables worth. Battle Systems Fantasy Wargames Terrain. Usual caveats that this is a KS and d your own research.
  11. With the nerf to Cover it's also important to make sure there is some Concealing terrain on the board. I don't think most people played previously with terrain that would be called just concealing. Forests, yes, but those are slightly different. Steam vents or patches of fog or other things that are just concealing and nothing else can help balance play against an all shooty list. Cover alone doens't help nearly as much as it used to. Oooh, I just thought of using some crates on a patch of ground to count as broken up bee hives with swarming bees. Concealing and Hazardous?
  12. Sure, but order is determined 'after' you have seen who is affected, otherwise you can't know that there are multiple models affected at the same time. I'm saying once you have determined who is affected, you can't go back after resolving some of those effects to see if new models are affected. You've already gone on past the 'see who is affected' part and are resolving the affects of the action. So for the OP, I'd say yes, it is theoretically possible to block LOS to a marker from a pulse if it's lined up exactly so or using the Rule of Intent. When the Pulse goes off you determine who/what is affected, in this case the first marker as the second marker is out of LOS, and then resolve the affects. The second marker was not affected as it was not in LOS when the Pulse happened. That's how I've always interpreted it and seen it played anyway.
  13. Wow... love those Scallywags. Best ones yet. The giant diver looks more like an alt-Archie than the Necrotic machine, but whatever. Hope I can grab one before they run out.
  14. I have never seen or played it that way. When the Pulse goes off you see who it affected - who is in range and LOS, then each model is affected. You've already gone past the part about determining who is affected and the Pulse is over at that point - you've moved on to resolving effects and are past the point of 'who is affected'. Shouldn't matter if new targets then pop up, they were not affected when the Pulse went off - it's not an on-going process in my mind like an Aura might be. I don't know why you'd get to then add additional targets after you have determined range and LOS from the Pulse.
  15. I'm willing to help, but I'm not sure the platform I chose for mine is the favorite. I could start revamping it with M3E info, but as stated above we want to avoid too many different sites.
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