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  1. Was he using Chronicle to place every activation or something? I'm trying to see how he did it.
  2. The Goryo and their spirits were...challenging.... to figure out correct placements. Any model with heads in more than one (maybe two) pieces should have been rethought.
  3. Looks great! Love the look of it over Vassal. Now if I can find someone to help me figure out how to play on it...
  4. Ouch. Have they not been playing Malifaux long? Seems like a bit of an overreaction, especially taking Reva against a top-tier master. While she is much better than before, she and her keyword are still low-mid at best.
  5. Give it a try first and see. Proxy for a bit and make sure it isn't going to be fun before deciding. Some groups might be fine. Also depends on who your regular opponent is going to play.
  6. Are the train track severe? If so, wouldn't the top right be better for you and jam them up a bit? Bottom left seems to be funneled into a few choke points. I know the crooligans can bounce, but why jam up the rest of your crew? But I'm awful at deployment, so what do I know?
  7. It is guaranteed all the time with Will of Cadmus. Can't even kill Nexus to get rid of the upgrade as it just passes to the another model.
  8. The totems are ridiculous. Who else has 16wnds, 4 action, totem with average df (should at least be 4), and from the shadows? They are crazy for a free model. Last activation (and first often with the Archvist) is also just bad play. It leaves no room for your opponent as no matter how he sets up, you are guaranteed another activation to stop it. If Cadmus didn't have this ability at all, they would still be ultra strong. You could literally play without it and they would still be near unbeatable.
  9. Depends on how you can remove them. You can remove Distracted with Assist, but most people find Assist to be a waste of an Action (so I've read for competitive play anyway). It does boil down to Slowing one model to remove a condition. It sure sounds like Cadmus is way too oppressive to play against and just not fun. Even for very good players. That seems like a problem for the game in the long run. Imagine a new player going up against Cadmus and just saying 'forget it'. I know I had similar issues getting into Malifaux during 1st Edition coming on here and reading some of the broken interact
  10. Would making there be some way to remove Parasite Tokens help at all? Even if it costs a couple health or something? Or is it just too easy to get more parasite tokens out there? For Insignificant models interacting, I assume you mean Will of Cadmus with a Crow? Or am I missing yet another trick of theirs?
  11. Yeah, Explorers, at least a few of them, can really seem overtuned at the moment. Some of it is just not knowing how to play against them yet, but I'd argue that some are overkill and need to be nerfed. Sadly, I doubt we'll see any nerfing for at least 6+ months as they are new. It does amaze me how some of them made it out of playtest as they are. Ivan being one of those, though Cadmus is also right up there. Try your best to not let it get you down and look for help in how to counter them. Or look for some non-tourney games so you can look for people not playing ES and just have fun fo
  12. Ok. That's what I'm assuming, but I've been wrong before. Leader is a station, not a 'name' as far as I can tell. I just wanted to see if it has been discussed before, but couldn't find it anywhere.
  13. Tried finding this in search, but couldn't. Can Terracotta Warriors use Just Like You on Ototo for The Storm is Coming? Storm mentions 'Leader' and while I don't think that falls under the 'list a model by name' limitation, I wanted to see what others thought before I play.
  14. I may have done more stress buying than needed recently. Trying to cut back a little. Selling some Battle Systems Terrain. Please see pictures as it is a good bit of terrain. It most of the Kickstarter set I backed (I'm keeping a few things: river, lakes, ruined cathedral, a couple bridges and wagons). In the photos you can see examples of the buildings I've built out as well as the pieces not used and still on sprue. If you have any questions, please let me know. Everything punched out has been edge lined with marker to make it look better. I'll take apart the buildings to try an
  15. https://blacksitestudio.com/product/luffing-crane/ https://blacksitestudio.com/product/slums-markets-pack/ So I finally got to put these two sets together (mostly). While they are fine, I was less than happy with them overall. To be fair, I think these might be older sets for the company and maybe newer stuff is better made. I'd have to try some of their other items to see. First the MDF is much thicker than other kits I've assembled. Which sounds fine, but in practice actually made them harder to work with and make them appear even more 'blocky'. Also, these sets had a lot of r
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