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  1. Takes a lot of good suits/stone, but yes. Albus vs anyone that needs Scrap like Mei-Feng can be a rough match. Albus is pretty squishy though.
  2. I agree wholeheartedly that he is very, very squishy. He can stay 10" away, but then he can't use his pulse to good effect, so he needs to be close to his crew to really support. And 10" isn't a very safe distance in M3E with new charge rules. The idea about Stunned is themey, but Stunned is a much bigger detriment than Adversary so might be too good. Manipulative might be a nice middle ground. 12 wds would be nice too.
  3. I'd be afraid that only during activation would make it too hard. During your activation you already have to worry about getting a higher total so you are often much more limited in what you can cheat in. If it's between winning the duel and a card, you're just going to win and not worry about the ability at all. Is just be afraid it would neuter it too much. Still, I'll take what I can get as the current official version has little effect for a lot of time invested.
  4. Transmortis likes scraps (and corpses). Anna, Albus, and Undergrads can all turn either into Schemes and Valedictorian can eat them for cards.
  5. Yes! The Df/Wp trigger is great in theory, but in practice I've never had it go off as the opponent will just declare any trigger, even if it doesn't matter, to stop it. Most models that are going to go hunting your master likely have several triggers and/or triggers they want to go off anyway. Stunned is hard to get off on the right model, at the right time, and not have it removed by the enemy anyway. It's very fluffy and interesting, but could we give him 12wds at least?
  6. OK, got one game in late last night. I'll try and post a basic batrep later today, but it was very late and I focused on taking notes about Studied Opponent, not really other stuff. We played it as reading something like this: Studied Opponent: After resolving an opposed duel with an Enemy model, this model draws +1 card for each different suit in its duel total that is also in the enemy model's duel total. Break down - T1: 2 cards, T2: 6 cards, T3: 2 cards, T4: 4 cards Called as I was at best getting 4VP and opponent would have 7 easy). So 14 cards all game. Turn two was a big one as there was a lot of action and opposed duels. Other than T2, it didn't make a big impact. During turn 2 I was starting to wonder if it should be After Succeeding, but honestly by end of game we were both fine with it as After Resolving. My opponent didn't find it OP, but he did think about cheating low every now and again to avoid giving me a card. If he hadn't done so there may have been about 3-4 more card s over the course of the game (should have tracked that, sorry). He did have a 7 card hand so tossing low cards to stop me getting a new one felt like a good trade to him. If you don't have low cards to spare though it might feel less OK. It felt faster to play, but that may have been perception as an extra card was more important than a +1. It was easier in all that I cared about was final suits - no math (even simple). So that did feel better. I also cheated in low or even mid sometimes to try and cycle cards if I was losing already. With as many simple duels as my opponent was throwing at me with shockwaves I went through cards fast. Without some card cycling/draw this game would have ended even worse for me. As it was, it was a lot of fun and the extra card cycle really helped with the crew. It's hard to tell if this is too much card cycling though? I'm trying to think of other card cycling crews and how much they can get? I should have tracked how many were from Failures and how many from Successes as that would have been good to know. At a rough guess from memory it was probably about 50/50, maybe 60/40 in favor of failures as it's easier to drop a low card to cycle if you're already losing and can't beat it. Couple of questions/concerns that did come up: With the wording we have above or similar, Albus and SS users or other models with Suits built-in could potentially draw 2 cards from one duel. It would have to against another model that also has built in suits to DF/WP or SS for suits, so I think it would be very rare. It didn't happen in this game, but we noted that it could with the right opposed duel. Might not be an issue with how rare it could be. We decided to play the ability as applying to opposed duels with Enemy models only. I think right now the Undergrads and Albus are the only ones with an opposed duel that you want to target friendlies, but with Relenting giving both models the same total (including suits right now), its an easy free card. Makes Administrative Review even better granted (yay!), but maybe too good? New models would have to be designed with this in mind as well, so probably best to close the loophole. If it allowed Friendlies, I would have gotten 5-7 more cards in the game from Take the Lead and Administrative Review for no real cost on my end.
  7. Hmm. I actually might like him. Need to see him in person I think. Curious to see the Undergrads closer too. If that is a new Anna, I do not like Her current model is more fun to me. Thanks for posting! I can't seem to find much coverage of GAMA on line anywhere.
  8. I'll have to wait to see the actual model, but I'm already looking for ways to mod a new version.
  9. Ah... not what i was expecting then.
  10. Possibly, but as both other models are Guild, I'd guess that is a Guild model. He looks more like a Guild model. It might be him.... But I'm not sure.
  11. More pics! Still waiting to see some new Transmortis models . Very interested to see the Professor himself as well as any new Student sculpts.
  12. I think it came up in Closed as well. Still not sure if it's intentional or not. If the Relenting model shouldn't be able to declare Triggers, it's an easy fix to have them skip that step. If they can declare triggers it could open up some interesting or possibly very strong interactions down the line. I'm not sure if it's a problem or not?
  13. Possibly. If it's easy to break that way we could always make it after Succeeding an opposed duel rather than Resolving. Then Cheating Low won't help you, but your opponent could do so to block you from getting a card if they are already losing.
  14. Hmm. Well then. Remove the 'may' and that should fix the wonkiness. I don't think that LOS should ever by one-way.
  15. Thanks for considering! I will try and get a game in ASAP. Having a toddler and working finals next week makes it very difficult... stupid adulting.... Hmmm. What should the timing be? After Resolving an Opposed Duel? After declaring the Duel Totals?
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