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  1. I dunno, it's a hard balance. For every old scheme one prefers there were crews that just couldn't do it. And to be honest I prefer schemes that force you to in some way interact with the opponent. I think some of the old missed strats were just too easy and lead to non-interactive game play. I prefer the new outflank, personally, to the old one. Yes it's harder, because the old one was way too easy. The only new scheme I'm personally not a fan of is Death Beds, but I don't hate it.
  2. That's my take. I also read it as the conventional interpretation for a very long time. If you use the RAW interpretation of the rules, she's pretty good, I've been testing her with that interpretation and she makes it into 80%+ of Redchapel crews I've put together. If you don't use that interpretation, she's pretty much garbage in my opinion, and that comes from extensive GG0 games. I can't comment on GG1 as I didn't play much of it. I also agree with @Maniacal_cackle to an extent. I think needing to bring a corpse engine for Bete is a trap, and if you have to do it, you should rethink hiring her. If you have to hire another model to support her, and the primary purpose of that model is just for her, You've effectively increased her cost by that much, and I think that makes her too expensive for the effects you get. If you happen to bring a corpse engine because the model works for the scenario irrespective of bringing Bete, then go ahead. If bringing the Emissary, a Gravedigger, or even a Dandy happens to be a model you'd bring even without bringing Bete then she will most likely bring value. I do think if you are playing an aggressive Red Chapel crew, getting corpses off the enemy, assuming they aren't eating their own, works well enough that she's worth it. It does mean your activation order on her is going to be a little scripted turn 1 if you want full value from her.
  3. I was playing an online game last night and my friend noted that the app, when using it as a replacement for cards, still shows McCabe as having 12 wounds for marking off, while the card, if examined, shows 10 wounds. Just letting you know.
  4. Showgirls suffered the same fate as other low cost lurebots. They were designed and costed for an environment where lure was as good as it was in 2e. I personally think the 1ap charge (great change for the game as a whole) removed a large amount of Lure’s power.
  5. I don't think that it's even a case of not being able to stack distracted efficiently. I think it was a buff, but with my Distract crews I'm finding that there is just too much in the game that: A) Doesn't care about distracted, a scheme runner generally doesn't care if you distract it for example. Or has some ability to ignore it. B) Actually gets buffed by distracted (Looking at you Shenlong and Ivan). C) Has enough condition removal to either negate it (totally acceptable as counter-play is good) or throw it back at you with no chance to resist (Shenlong as an extreme example). I think that B) is a big reason distracted heavy crews aren't going to get much of a boost. In a world where there are competitive crews out there where your core mechanics just make the opponent stronger are crews that just won't see as much play against any faction that has them. from personal anecdote, I've had a few games into TT lately and I've been eager to try out new Sybelle, but every time I go, oh, nope, Distracted won't help here, or oh, nope, Distracted will just make the opponent stronger. Distracted is good, but I'm also coming to the acceptance that in the world of the game as it currently exists, it isn't as good as we thought even at the release of this errata. I don't think Distracted needs a buff in anyway, I think it's fine, but I do think that if a crew's mechanics were featured to heavily utilize distracted and the enemy having distracted doesn't buff the crew giving it out in some kind of reliable way, then those crews might need a slight tune up.
  6. Philip is probably better than Mortimer if you are trying to use aura bubbles to disrupt the interacts. Of course that then just changes the target priority of the other side. Mortimer gets you corpses, and Chatty can be mildly annoying, but it’s not super disruptive. Philip IS super disruptive, but he doesn’t get you corpses, costs an extra stone outside Molly, and will be targeted heavily from the outset if he has any capacity to actually be disruptive.
  7. That was my interpretation as well, but they are separate sentences. They don't seem to to be dependent on one another, and I can't find anything that says if you can't do everything the action fails. You obviously don't get the teleport to a corpse portion, since you aren't unburying, but I can't find anything that prevents the second sentence from happening. Tried her that way and I think she's pretty good if that remains the case. Doesn't feel broken for the cost, since while it isn't exactly analogous to needing a high mask to get a corpse, it isn't a totally trivial thing either, especially in a crew that want's to potentially eat them for other shennanigans. Reva I think gets the most direct ability to use her, but then she's paying 9 for her, and there are several models in the 9ss range across the factions I'd rate better than Bete. I'm kinda surprised the FAQ didn't deal with it, but its always possible they either missed the questions, or decided that it wasn't going to destroy the game to just let that interpretation stand for the moment and see what happens. If she starts destroying the fun of everyone for that cost they can always step in later, if she doesn't, then they didn't have to do anything and she's suddenly better.
  8. I did do that. Still have my zombie Showgirls. Was using them as proxies for Dead Dandies until the actual models came out. Doubtful they are going to do that, crossing keywords could be a balance nightmare. Would certainly be cool in a world they could make that work however. If I had to guess, I'd suspect he still is a scary killer he just trades super solo gunner for crew dependent slasher.
  9. Don’t see how that could work with the current way stuff is announced, you announce faction, then master, reveal if using second master, reveal crews and titles, only whoopsie, that second master I declared, it’s illegal, and the faction I announced is different because my title card is a different faction from the one I declared, and the second master I hired is in.
  10. Kinda interesting. Has the potential to turn super solo masters, or keyword ambivalent masters into crew dependent or keyword boosting models, based on the new aura on Sonnia.
  11. Fair. Though 15 SS for a scheme runner and you could just buy a mobile master. Im still not sure if she’s good, I’m at the moment hovering around Kang equivalence, but I do like how Sybelle does encourage more red chapel. She can’t give out distracted as easily if it’s just her dealing with whatever if after her. I do think she’s going to work well with Bete though, since she can send models into Bete to fire Bete’s pounce. So maybe, if you are bringing Sybelle Redchapel drops to 1/3 OOK?
  12. It could just be my opponent's, but any time I've tried a swam of belles they got run over by McCabe (Not a thing any more I know), or just shot completely off the board by Fuhatsu, or caught in the Rail Golem's Vent Steam Aura, or Mei Feng breathed fire over them and beat them apart, or the enemy sent a terror causing model into the center of the pack... and on and on. I've generally found that bubbling as a main game plan is a really bad idea unless your bubble has massive advantages, like a Pandora bubble. If I have to spend 15ss, and that expenditure comes with a fixed way I have to operate for any real effectiveness, I think I'd rather just buy the Dead Rider, since he gives the ability to adapt my game plan as the situation develops. Totally willing to be convinced that there are enough crews out there where a pack of Belles actually is a good thing, since my opponent's, before the pandemic even, were more limited in what they brought. I just haven't personally experienced them being a good buy.
  13. I dunno, I kinda split the fence on this. Some of the models are good and have a defined role, and some I just don't know what to do with. Doxies and Dandies I think are fine. Doxies because the are solid generic minions who don't die especially easily and have some movement shenanigans, and Dandies who are in keyword corpse generation and anti-scheme runners. The others... not been in love with them. It's probably ok that Mourners are better with Reva and don't really have a great role with Seamus. Not every minion for every master is taken or very good, look at the general distain for Bultungin.
  14. Apologies, I'm still confused, what is the TLDR synopsis? If she uses We Own You to grab an enemy model, and has it take swing at one of it's team mates, does it suffer the distracted?
  15. Sloth was always pretty good with Seamus too, but with Sybelle changes, if you bring her, in the right pool he becomes better too. Here, have a distracted, or more. Also, btws, you're gonna be slow as well. Toodles!
  16. Not sure what you mean if the aura could work on her...it does. If an enemy model in her 6” aura ends a move engaged by a friendly Redchapel model when it is not the enemy model’s turn they get distracted. It doesn’t say other friendly Redchapel model, just any Redchapel model, which she is one. Which means that if you use beckoning call and pull something in to her melee range they automatically get distracted, and maybe 2 distracted if you get the trigger. I’m not singing her absolute praises, but I think, based on your post you might have gotten the rule wrong.
  17. Added to Resser's good auras, Sybelle's new Bump in the Night aura also now kinda protects against having an enemy throw one of their models up into melee with a friendly movement effect. If you throw a model into melee with a Redchapel model inside the aura using something like Lashing Tendrils, or Toss, or With Me, to get around disguised, or avoid getting tied up with Sybelle's 2" melee ranged, or just get more attacks, you also get smacked on the nose with the distracted. Doesn't protect Big Bird though... think if he's there he's gonna draw even more fire, which is probably a good thing.
  18. Probably. Her and the Ikiryo were one of the more successful master totem integrations in the game in my opinion. Her card, without the Ikiryo, especially with the changes to summoning, seems like not worth it to hire outside of her being the leader. Molly can still tag along with Kirai pretty successfully.
  19. Hmmmm. Belles, with Sybelle specifically, seem... not bad? Their Wp attack’s movement trigger seems pretty good if they are near Sybelle and have the neg flip for the defender. Near Sybelle, with the amount of distracted you can probably build up, unexpected ferocity, while it won’t go off often, can be more reliable and somewhat impactful I think? Need to see how well bubble crews and or tarpits work now, but at least initially it seems closer to getting the results that warrant bunching up, since there are considerable downsides normally to doing so.
  20. Dunno. I don’t know big the Bete thing was when it first came up. Might have been too recent, or not enough attention was drawn to it. Conversely they could have just decided to see what happens. Worst case scenario it makes her real strong for 6 months to a year and they yank her back later if she’s a problem. Best case, she’s good, hired often, not broken, and they didn’t have to lift a finger.
  21. Seduced is a tiny bit stronger now too, since it removes the focus first, then gives the distracted. While it was always good for that in the past, not being able to use focus to still get the bonus flip makes losing the focus first, and then basically getting slow to just burn off the distracted seems a bit better for that action to me?
  22. Sybelle is definitely better. I'll be fersnookered they actually worked on fixing her. Still not sure she's worth 9 since so much of her value I think is in the distracted change. Need to see how well it works in practice, but I'm cautiously optimistic. Distracted canceling Focus, and her giving it out relatively easily means she really has the potential to be a melee tarpit. Dunno how good that is yet, but it's definitely something.
  23. Sure, but generating corpses has to be done carefully because it's a resource a lot of Ressers use. Like some others I think in many cases it's the easy access to resources (Cards, Corpses, Schemes, whatever) that breaks some of the other models that are often deemed too strong, rather than the action itself that gets complained about. From my own perspective playing Seamus, the fight for TNs makes things interesting, and I think mainly keeps his better lists in check. Fighting for the TN for his movement, a hit, a cheated dmg card, the coffins, and then any other TNs the crew has I think is a good thing overall. Trying to decide between a Dandy to generate corpses, which is cheaper but has a higher TN and is more action intensive vs a Gravedigger vs (sort of) a Mourner for a one time corpse, I think makes list building more interesting. I think you have tread a little lightly as far as the Grave Golem is concerned. He's so survivable that you can't give him too much or he'd be seen more than the Rider, but I often felt a little underwhelmed when I was using him. I think rather than letting him generate corpses as a bonus action, maybe a suited trigger to give the opponent a bonus flip to the dmg, but it generates a corpse? The enemy hits him just a little too hard and it dislodges a corpse. I just personally wished he had a tiny bit more useful bonus action. That's generally my complaint on a lot of the models that don't get used. 3E really pushed the importance of the bonus action, and a higher cost model not having one, or it being only situationally useful, or not really useful at all really feels bad. Then you look at a model like the M-Rex and shake your head. Also, just tossing it out there as an additional thought on Redchapel fixes, something I suggested late in the open process was creating sort of a dual set of keyword traits instead of giving most of the models exactly the same thing. What I mean by that, instead of giving every revenant The Final Veil, for example, is that the minions could mostly be given one set of defining traits, and the enforces and up could be given another. They've already kinda done this with Redchapel anyway, since Dandies don't have Scarlet Seduction, and the higher costed models don't have disguised. Late in the process I always imagined Redchapel as being the crew that lead you into ambushes and set up scenarios to capitalize on your bad positioning, which is how they were pitched when they still had lying in wait as a keyword ability, so I always imagined Redchapel wanting you to get engaged and close to their minions, because once you got close to the minions, they themselves might not do to much to you, but being next to the minions powered up the Enforcers, Henchmen, and Masters. So, you could remove Scarlet Seduction from Sybelle and Bete, thus mooting the desire to fix the gap between Sybelle's melee range and the limit of that aura, and just give them both Redchapel Killer instead. I don't think alone fixes Sybelle, since I'd probably only pay 7 stones for her effectiveness on the table as she is currently constituted (with a corresponding drop in wounds to 9 of course), but it would also be an indirect buff to the minions since if you are hiring Bete and or Sybelle, you actually might want a few extra Red Chapel minions along to buff your higher costed models. Again, just tossing the idea out there for discussion starters.
  24. Fair. Different experiences are going to happen, and we just have to see what points of view the developers agree with.
  25. Personally I agree. When the general understanding of the rule was as traditionally interpreted, she was pretty lackluster and was rarely taken. With the current interpretation, I think she’ll see more time on the table without being broken, or 100% include. Especially since she’s going to start fighting with Seamus for corpse markers, and that might cause different crew builds if you want to bring her. I’d say the above post is the current correct stance. If that is how the rule is written, then use it that way, but warn your opponent about how the rule is written in advance, just to prevent the possibility of a gotcha win, which no one really likes. Regardless, I think the developers should call this out either way in the next FAQ.
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