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  1. Lucius, Sandeep, Marcus, Yan lo, Sonnia, Ulix all have some mulit keyword thing going on to some extent, so quite how its going to work we'll just have to see. But yes, we expect the Explorers society to end with 8 masters all with new keywords. Waldo has spoiled a few names and keywords already, and Wyrd have announced a few more (at GAMA I think). Its not the first time we've seen Umbra
  2. Adran

    Harness Chi

    I don't agree with this as an example to support your argument. From the shadows expressly tells us that you don't deploy the model in the deployment phase but instead in the start phase, so its a very different case. The core rules can be overridden by Cards, but they normally tell us. I can see the argument that you calculate the duel total and the Ability tells us it modifies the duel total. Its not clear if it is supposed to modify the initial duel total, as well as both final duel totals. we probably either want to add the word final to it, or ideally mention modifiers in Step B where you first calculate a duel total. (I don't know which is right, there are good arguments for both) (And in hindsight, we probably want to change the wording somehow for 4th edition because calculating a final duel total and then having to calculate a new final duel total after that is a little confusing when you look in detail of how abilities interact. I don't mind calculating multiple current duel totals, but multiple Final duel totals breaks the meaning of the word final. )
  3. If you read the whole of that section Wakefield is talking about how leverage earns pass tokens at the start of the turn but after the initiative flip, so they won't give you a bonus to initiative unless you carry them over to the next turn ( when they will then be discarded before you earn new ones).
  4. I think some of the rule books pdfs have Newspaper cuttings, and there might be some in some of the Chronicles PDFs which are free.
  5. Adran

    Harness Chi

    Good point, I'd forgotten that
  6. Adran

    Harness Chi

    It adds to the duel total not just the final duel total, so it can change who cheats first. EDIT Actually reading the rules show that I was wrong, and the modifier isn't added until after cards are cheated.
  7. I think that this was the intent by the release of M3, but the examples in the rule book do still call them blast markers. They follow the rules for dropping markers if they are a marker. We managed to get through M2 without anyone noticing that the rules don't tell you to remove blast markers, but I guess there wasn't anything that interacted with them. I'll have to check my older rules to see if they were removed in 1 and 1.5, and that obvious line of text was just removed without anyone noticing... Edit - it's not mentioned in my first edition rule book either! We've never been able to remove blast markers!
  8. Adran

    Harness Chi

    It says you use it after flipping 1 or more cards, so you need to spend it before you cheat, but it will count towards the final total even if you cheat.
  9. It's a shame the trigger is a when resolving trigger not after resolving, so it does need to succeed.
  10. Can you tell me how to conduct a duel between 2 models when there is only 1 model? I can't tell you how to do that in the rules.
  11. Best guess at the moment is her trigger doesn't work, because its a when resolving trigger, so it alters the action as it is resolving, and because the target is dead before you get to the duel, so you end the action before you get to the part where the trigger would apply. I can't see something in the rules that expressly say that a dead model can't take part in the duel, or that the removal of the target from the duel means you don't carry out the action, but likewise I can't find anything to tell me how to resolve those.
  12. There are a few man sized models that are on 40 mm base, and its not always clear why Yamiziko, Mr Graves, Ryle, Ototo, Sandeep, Toshiro, Wrath, Oxfordian mages, Paul Crocket, Willie, Carlos. Kang, Crime Bosses ('m Sure I've missed a few) Some of those might be because they have Huge weapons (Yamizako, Ototo, Kang) or Questionable personal habits (Toshiro, Paul Crockett), or just a general aura of danger around them (the Mages, Wrath, Carlos, Willie) or They are just imposing (Graves, Ryle, Ototo). I'd guess the magic powers, enslaved Fire demon, Large Mace combine to just make him someone very protective of his personal space.
  13. Yes you can target the model you are using to draw LOS. Yes I can't se a reason you can't use the walking dead ability at this point regardless of who you are targeting. And yes, if you get the ram trigger, you get potentially 4 wounds healed, 2 for killing it, 1 for the trigger and 1 for her Final veil if its close enough.
  14. I don't think so for the following reasons - Blasts don't come off of friendly models. Whilst the Guilty count as enemy models, the FAQ on exclusive interview says that you can be both friendly and enemy at the same time. As such you follow the rules for both. This does mean you can relent (because you are a friendly model, even on an enemy only action) but you can't create blasts (because you are a friendly model). If the rules said Blasts only come off enemy models, it would work, but they don't say that, they say they don't come of friendly models
  15. As said, the marker will be enemy from the view of the dead outlaw, so the combo does work, but you need 2 tomes. And you always have the risk of killing the guilty yourself. It might be low, but its there.
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