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  1. Unless they will gain an advantage for killing the effigy, you are still better off taking it for free I think. ( even if it just hides out of sight of the opponent for most of the game). About the only time you I can think of its better not to hire a totem is to stop them putting an evidence token on ikyru. And that's fairly niche relying on you planning on denying markers with the crew whilst sending ikyru at them to delay them. ( there are possibly a few other occasions when it's not worth hiring a free model, but they really are few and far between)
  2. I would probably hire them most of the time for 4 stones each if I was playing a cadmus list. The value is in how they interact with the list. I mean all totems are good to incredible value for free. (Even though you can find a few niche cases where you may choose not to hire the totem for free).
  3. Thatguys list was about hiring them in other lists, and in fact the quote I put in was that he would pay 4ss for that package in a lot of crews.
  4. Thats quite complex to try and tell a new player, you need to then look at ss value per $ (or currency of your choice) and thats pretty hard to say. And I haven't followed too many Cadmus battle reports recently but there were several that hired the effigy (often with the upgrade) so Black is probably over the top, as I think the biggest problem the Emissary has with Cadmus is the Aura of Courage, which the effigy also has. (Although the full package for the take the hit and Phalanx is certainly well worth its cost). I agree the box is at least yellow, if not actually green. (Its not ess
  5. It only took about 8 years for them to get English Ivan into the game. There is still hope.
  6. This mindset always seems to miss the leader ability that Henchmen have, to gain a 3rd AP. Now you can judge it that the model is taking 150% of the actions it was before(although bonus actions and other abilities do change this, but likewise 3 actions on 1 model is often better than 4 actions over 2 models), or you could base in on the M2e upgrade that you could discard for fast that I almost always bought when I played the right faction, and view 5 extra AP is slightly below 5ss, but on the whole a Henchman as a leader (and effigy) is probably in the the "17+" ss bracket. (which is the
  7. I may well be wrong, but as well as losing Caress, you are losing the necrotic machine for free, which is more useful than the Chuhuahua in this sort of crew. You already can hire experimental if you want, I'm not sure how many you would need to hire to make it the right choice to be leader.
  8. I think if you take out all the big totems (Chompy, Ikryu, Bansuva, Sovereign, Huggy) then you are probably left with the Arcane reservoir totems as the next best. Shang and Doc Mitchel are probably the best of those, since they also have a useful healing action (And Doc has an OK gun, which is a lot better when you don't need to worry about Parker killing him for him having a gun...) (but any with Arcane reservoir would probably get hired if you could) Outside that group Luna is very useful, as scrap is helpful for several crews, and the artifacts are good. The Steam trunk is
  9. In answer to the posted question, Katashiro can be that good, but you need to think how many resources you pumped into them. Firstly you survived Nekima who had a +3 on her attack vs your df, and if she got that hit you were restricted to at most 2 hits on Nekima before black blood got you, and if she got Moderate, you were instantly killed. Then you needed to hit Nekima at least 3 times to get upto 6 attacks. You are only on matching stats and every time you cheat a card to hit, she gets to draw a card. Yes, you were able to get positives to the attacks and damage, and make multiple att
  10. Your group might be different, but even in the past two editions where they made 3 player scenarios, we generally played our own version so that we were playing as close to normal malifaux as possible, just with an extra player. Partially because the scenarios often had altered hiring conditions, or because we weren't always interested in learning the new rules required to play a new scenario. As I say, we play on a square board with what will be in effect 1 person in a slightly modified Wedge, and the other two in a modified Standard deployment, so that there is an equal gap from each d
  11. I'm not sure that the Guild have the main breech so secure that Von Schill couldn't just travel through it when he wanted to. I'm fairly sure the Govenor General would be happy for him to leave Malifaux at the moment, although I suppose the guild as a whole may prefer he stay on Malifaux. (In which case I imagine the TT would be happy to smuggle him for a fee) Based on what we have seen of Guild and Court of Two so far, Friekorps would certainly be suitable to become a syndicate, but I would imagine them as an Earthside syndicate, so quite similar to what we have seen from guild so far.
  12. I haven't tried 3 player games in the new edition, but one thing that we used to do was make the center line a y shape and set the deployment zones based on them. Its not perfect but it does allow most of the current game types easily adapted to 3 player. (I would suggest making the deployment zones stay 8" from the center lines. You can also add scheme restrictions, such that you can't target one opponent more than once for schemes (So if you choose vendetta and Assasinate, one targets 1 player and the other would have to target the other player). This can help when you aren't all even
  13. They were an Earth side unit originally, and came across the breech for a contract. But they seem very influenced by von Schill and I wouldn't expect them to pick up major contracts with out him.
  14. Welcome. I would say there isn't a straight forward malifaux master, and most crews can be built based on combos and tricks. But saying that, neverborn probably have the most masters that naturally fall into puzzle combo style, in which lucius is probably the poster child and zoraida is not far. All in all, play the master that interests you, it makes it much easier to learn the game. Once you know how to play, you can judge crews yourself to work out if they can play the way you want to play.
  15. We don't have those answers yet ( it's 4 months till they get released). Worse case, I would expect the cards would be available on drive thru as all cards are. Sculpt questions will probably get answers nearer the time but I generally use old metals as my master so they already don't look like the " current" sculpts. I also have several limited edition sculpts that I expect to be able to use. ( in some cases I already own 5 or 6 different sculpts for a master).
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