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  1. I think 1 got 14 ( ressers). ( if you've done what I did and search ashes in the app then you will also get models like ashes and dust). Tt do seem to have the fewest but guild and ressers seem to get their starter sets, and there is the bayou Jockies and Outcasts have the halfblood/asylum. Also I think each dual faction TT master got its new models in the other faction. Every keyword got new toys and every every faction gained new versatile options. Other than that things aren't even, but they never have been.
  2. There are a few differences between an attack action and a tactical action. In addition to attack actions having a resist, you also can't perform an attack action on yourself. Likewise you wouldn't get to take advantage of the adversary condition if you were doing a sooth soul action because that states attack actions. Its not an attack action, so Lost love is not attacking and therefore is not an attacking model . I would say therefore they wouldn't suffer vengeance.
  3. Triggers don't normally rely on success in the duel to occur, but the default timing of a trigger (that which it uses if it doesn't have another timing) is after succeeding, whcih does require you to win the duel. When resolving and after resolving triggers will both work if you lose the duel. (So a trigger that is "when resolving reduce the damage suffered by 2" will work if you lose the duel and suffer damage). Hope that answers the question for you
  4. Im not sure what you are talking about. The core rules tell us how to use them as leaders. There is also henchman hardcore, which is explained in the gaining grounds documents. I can't think of any other henchmen variations, but I could have forgotten them.
  5. Can do. I would say a haberdashery is a type of shop that sells fabrics and sewing stuff, and they are still around now as well as existing before the old West. I assume " I didn't hear a bell" is related to carrying on until the referee stops it, the bell makes me think of boxing, but football often tells people to "play to the whistle". I think shadow lark and black birds are named after gangs of street urchins, but I can't say why I think that.
  6. The replace rule has been erratad several times, and this is one part that has changed. Currently you will add all the conditions from all the models you are replacing, so if you have focus +1 on each corephyee then the Duet will get both and so end with focus +2.
  7. I will probably regret this, but the problem I have with this is that the zombie can count as a corpse marker for the targeting and/or the resolution according to its ability. If you are counting it as a marker for the resolution, then the poisoning action doesn't do anything, because poison doesn't deal damage to markers, and markers can't be killed. So I don't think you can suddenly switch the zombie to count as a marker after the damage is dealt. (this is based on the view that markers don't count as models, and so if you are counting it as a corpse marker you aren't counting it as a model, which isn't expressly stated. I used to use a similar logic that if you were counted as an enemy model you by default weren't friendly, but the FAQ said otherwise in that case, so it could be faulty logic).
  8. I think you're right, if you're treating the zombie as a model for the action resolution (as the action can't target markers), then you can't switch it to act as a marker just as it is removed from damage. The FAQ doesn't explicitly say this, but does imply this by referring to what happens when you remove the zombie "whilst treating it as a marker".
  9. Yes. Each model can only gain one burning each action from pigs on fire, but multiple actions can cause multiple burning.
  10. Its not the Underbrush that is dealing the damage, its still Titania. Yes, models that are unaffected by underbrush markers can still suffer extra damage due to the into the thorns trigger.
  11. He can shoot as if he wasn't engaged. It does apply to him as well. It only happens at the end of an action, so you are right deadly pursuit would not cause it. Shove aside will happen during an action, so it can cause this to happen. Herd 'em does cause an action But it doesn't matter how many times you moved through the model that action, it won't ever gain more than burning +1 from pigs of fire The pig minion must be a higher cost than the target and it must also be a size that is equal to the size of the target + the number of burning models moved through. So to turn a swine cursed into a war pig you must run through 0 models with burning. Hope that answers the questions
  12. It is one for each attached head but titans are restricted to 3 assets, so you can only have a maximum of 3 snapping heads at a time.
  13. I agree, treating them as a model that has less than half health does not allow you to treat them as a model with 2 or less health. So a miner on 5 health does not have 2 or less health, even if it is counted as being at less than half health ( it also isn't counted as having maximum health 11+, just in case you were wondering)
  14. That sounds like an error in the app. I don't know much about that, but the rules if the game have you both playing the same strategy and it remains the same for the whole game.
  15. I still have the first edition cards that have Nathan and Eric's names on the cards.
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