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  1. I think you can make the most impressive action in the game if you have Crockett with Cooper and Ullr (and the Rex because why not). You can shoot with Crockett, make Rex attack with a co-ordinated attack, then use scent of Blood on Ullr allowing him to attack and trigger Hold down to let Cooper shoot again. (And if you really want to go crazy you order it so the Scent of blood action and Coopers shot is before the co-ordinated attack, so Rex can rampage off to find a different target for Crocketts second attack because I don't expect things to survive that one). Or- even worse, Crocket
  2. As you say, you do seem to have a good idea of things you did that didn't work. That always helps, especially since we haven't seen your games so can't say what you do wrong. One thing I would have thought about doing was using the First Mate as an Anti-Midnight stalker. If you think they have a mobile model that is going to be dropping multiple scheme markers to score points, then the first mate can be a good choice to deny those points. Between Free loot and Menacing Croak he has several good tools for removing multiple markers, with leap he can get basically anywhere your opponent ca
  3. The advice I am going to give is more of a general view rather than specifics for Neverborn Vs Outcast. Have a plan. You don't have to follow it rigidly, in fact its better to be able to adapt, but you should have an idea why you hired each model in your crew, and what their ideal role is in the game, as well as a second role for them. You want to have at least 1 idea how you're going to score your points, and ideally a back up incase that one goes wrong. At this stage you might also want to think about ways you are planning on denying the opponent points. You don't know how he is goin
  4. I was looking at the raw numbers because I couldn't work out a good way to do it otherwise, especially since I included the surge trigger needing 4. Hence doing things in complete decks. I counted 21 9s and 21 7s, so thats 21 9+ or 42 7+ cards needed in the chain. There are 21 9+ cards and 29 7+cards in a deck, so 42 and 58 in 2 decks. That means I think the 7+ is the limiting number, so I need to see 73% of the 7+ cards seen in 2 decks (42/58 *100) to keep the chain. I have no idea if this is a legitimate way to look at it, but it seems to make sense. As I said I think I have probab
  5. You appear to have missed my point. It may well be a play style difference but I know if I played against Crockett and a Sandworm I would spend a lot of the game under the assumption that my opponent had a high mask in hand to try and get 3 attacks for 1 action. I know that they won't always have one, but unless I know they don't I tend to assume they do. This means that for me the presence of the two in the same list will affect every choice I make during the game. That's not the same as saying it will change the choices that I make, because I might decide that that risk is worth what I gain.
  6. I'm away from working but I think I managed the following l- l-l - c - L- c-L-a for 5 cards as 1 action 9,9,9,7,5,7,5 TN. l-c-A for 1 card 9,7 TN s And the 4 tomes on bonus action for surge trigger . 7 cards. (10 duels) Changling can get 6 cards each activation. (8 duels I think) Lucius gets 7 cards. ( 10 duels I think) 21+18+7=46 extra cards drawn. ( 64 duels in total) I didn't count the card cycling from tools.
  7. Well saying you need the worm within1" I assume meant by default that you hadn't killed it with the worm. I also don't mind if my opponents have to adapt and make otherwise sub optimal choices to avoid my threat. It's like if I know I'm facing blasts I have to spread my models more to avoid them. That doesn't mean having blast markers aren't good even if I never actually land a blast on another model. Reading the chimera threads people seem to get scent of blood off there despite similar issues ( granted Marcus does move his crew more). I haven't tried them together, so it mi
  8. But if you know how they work together then you don't unbury him in a place where they can easily pressure him to bury or die. If you hold the 2 activations till the end of the turn, you probably only have 2 enemy models that can react to your worm placement, and several places that the combo could threaten. 1 You have to end up with the worm engaged with a model that Crockett can shoot. That may be unburying next to it, or it may be the worm unburying and charging or just walking up. (You can also spend one of Crocketts actions walking if that helps) 2 Totally true. The w
  9. I'd agree that previously Frontier didn't get to make use of Crocketts best ability (scent of Blood), there is now a nice beast come into the keyword... And its a model that already wants to be close to models, so ought to be able to take advantage of the Co-ordinated attack trigger. I would probably look to try Crockett again once the worm is out
  10. Yes it is. It will be applied to the new models. But, if you look at the replace rules, then the first healing is done before effects are moved across.
  11. On paper I think the perfect chain allows you to draw 53 cards (as well as 3 Tools for the job). (Starting hand of 7 + 46 draws). There are twenty one 9s needed, (3 masks), a further twenty one 7s needed, twenty three 5s and three 4tomes. In addition to the 53 cards drawn you flip 68 cards for those duels (and +1 for initiative), so you have been through the deck over twice, and there is less than 2 decks worth of cards needed to do the chain. This should get you 12 extra actions from Agent 46. Its 39 SS spent to get here Adding the wicked doll to give advers
  12. Following orders only gets you cards if it's not that models activation, so your numbers are still wrong. ( obeying lawyer 1 during lawyer 1s turn won't get a card). I can't work out if the number of cards drawn is more than the number of cards likely to be needed to cheat to complete the chains ( I probably could but it's late ).
  13. I think I read a report of the extreme Lucius card draw where you had multiple Lawyers and changelings to get a stupid number of cards whilst you feed Agent 46 actions galore. Its fairly TN intensive, but since it draws so many cards it ought to end up positive. In the dream world I think its 20+cards a turn and 14 attacks with Agent 46. It may not be fully practical. But you use lawyers to obey lawyers to obey changlings to issue commands to Agent 46. ( A full pack of both can get you 4 cards each lawyer activation, and each Changling activation, and 7 in a Lucius activation so poss
  14. Yes, it looks like the tokens will be dropped in step 5 (things that happen on a certain health) of the detailed timing, where as the killed/demise etc all happens in step 6.
  15. You're right about Kareris, (Arggh yet another one I miss!) the Golem is Scheme markers only
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