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  1. On a good board there ought to be a terrain piece that's just within 3" of the deployment and reaches 3-4" towards you, so your markers can be almost on the half way line and still score it. If the board doesn't have that I probably wouldn't look to it as a scheme unless I have a model that I know can do it
  2. But your Changling comes with 5 master AP over the course of the game (and in certain builds even more as it can be obeyed to Just like you in each activation), so whilst they might not be the best choice to get to the other side, they can make it such that one of your other models can do it easier. Its certainly possible to make a model take 10+ actions in a turn with your Lucius crew. That will get most models across the board and into the enemy deployment if thats what you want. It takes up a large amount of your actions doing this, as you are largely trading actions from your other models
  3. This sounds true, but the nature of the game being alternating activations means that it doesn't always play out that way. You might be able to activate the changling twice before the tailing model has got to catch up with it. (And even without that what model is cheap enough that its best use it nullifying a changling?) Leap is really strong. I'm not going to disagree. That doesn't mean that it isn't balanceable. You can look at models like Silurids that can leap, but that's about all they do. Yes, they can drop plenty of markers (up to 8 in a game) or get places, but that is all they
  4. <MOD HAT> I find the forums work a lot better for functional discussion if we follow the polite assumption that the people we are talking with are stating what they believe to be true. If you think that people aren't doing so, then I would say the best approach is not to provoke confrontation on the topics. Assigning other motivations to other peoples actions and then accusing them of doing so will quickly cause threads to derail and produce nothing of use. If you think people are posting deliberately controversial posts then please report the posts, and don't react to th
  5. Lets see then, ways to either drop markers or move out of engagement (ignoring getting free actions from obey or issue command) to allow you to interact Under pressure trigger, Entourage, Stand back its evidence, Draw out secrets trigger, I've got your back, False claim, Don't mind me, Lure. Thats quite a few in keyword. Leap isn't the answer. (well ok, leap is the answer, and an awesome answer to this question in general, but its not the only answer, and if you don't have access to leap, you do have access to other tools. ) EDIT- As pointed out Entourage only allows uneng
  6. It it was me, the answer would be all of them (except collodi, to many bad memories from the last 2 editions, he is one of the few masters I have no interest in playing in any form). Why limit yourself to just 1 master? be cryptic, but don't be surprised if people don't know what you are talking about/.
  7. Its only been 12 hours, and to be honest I haven't got a clue what you are asking for?
  8. "Yes - You're clearly not the best Ranged sister" - Anna Lovelace But I view Vanessa as support, I don't hire her because she has a gun, and an "East and West"ed Viktoria is probably a better shooter than Vanessa, although the built in surge on the center line is always tasty.
  9. There is no ranged sister. Both Viks are identically kitted out now. The Slingshot is possible but much less impressive. Activate Vik, bring other vik to you, Dragons bite to move both viks to engage a model with trigger for attack, and go to town. (Almost as good is if the activating Vik is more than 6" from target, you move the first one in and then charge as your second action). 11 possible attacks form that set up will probably kill anything. Its rare you 'll get that easy a target though. The biggest difference is that the Viks no longer have the mark of Shezuul, so defensive t
  10. There are people that have adapted the M2 set to use in M3. From memory the largest choice is do you use the updated M3 ability effects or the M2 abilities as written on the card. I don't think either breaks the game, its probably more what works best for your players. (If they are new to M3, they might not know the M3 shove aside rules for example because they don't own an M3 shove aside model )
  11. Models! (Seriously I've turned up to an event without my master. It didn't go well. My round one opponent was more than happy for me to use a proxy, since we'd already shared crew lists but it threw my thinking off completely) Generally I mark conditions with a dry wipe marker on a card protector. I know plenty of other people that use counters and die. In addition to the rules for Gaining grounds I find it easier if I have a physical marker of what I have picked. (I generally like to use a card with the scheme rules on it that I can flip when revealed. the ease of checking it can sa
  12. Are you asking if the damage the Blood hunter takes to cause stampede will also cause Black blood damage? Because that is a no. The damage the blood hunter suffers is from an ability, not from an action or a trigger. Likewise if something else stampeded into a blood hunter, the damage from Stampede won't cause black blood damage because it is from the stampede ability not from the charge action.
  13. Here is my take away from the thread so far. There are a few possibilities about the state of Cadmus 1 He is totally broken. I just can't play him well, and so haven't seen it yet. (Not impossible there are some masters I do not gel with, so even when everyone else was getting them to perform I just could not) 2 A certain subset of the Cadmus list is broken. This is still a large problem, as competitively this will become the list, but until you've seen this combination it is not overpowered. This may be the case here, I'm trying to work out if it is a combination of the list durabil
  14. 2 1/2 inches. Rounding occurs for any number Except a movement. Maths p67
  15. I don't really have the hardware because my phone is old, and my computer is a work computer so I have restricted access to sites. I can read documents happily in small chunks as needed, but watching and listening to a video is not really possible. Also if I had 2+ hours free (not really possible at the moment in my life) I'd rather play a game than watch a video. Vassel play has seemed to increase hugely over the past year, but I still think only a small minority of players use it. It certainly allows the crossing of meta information, but its not universal. For some people it might have
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