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  1. I'm away from my files but there was something in the last faq about ranges and los. Not just target, but if you place something within range its needs los, unless you are placing yourself. Edit- section2 question10. Not sure how much it applies here, but there have been one or two other rules questions that related to it ( and I don't know what was the question that leads to that faq.).
  2. If the action includes a damage flip then it has to have removed the duel cards from the conflict before you flip for damage. Effect means what they want it to mean unfortunately. Sometimes it might be the whole of an action, other times it's a small step inside the action.
  3. I'm going to start off by saying I read the rules with a view point that if 1 way of reading it breaks the game, then that's the wrong way to read it. (so there should never be a way to remove the lodestone from the game short of killing the enemy entirely). If you are made "Astronomically insignificant" The model can not be placed whilst holding the lode stone Other friendly models can move the lodestone from the model. If you kill the holder the lode stone will move to the nearest friendly model If the model is holding the lode stone it can't claim the leyline. The model can't gain the lodestone. So in effect, it doesn't count it as a model when you are looking for a friendly model to move the stone to, and it doesn't count as a model when you are looking to see if there is a friendly model with the stone in base contact with a leyline.
  4. I don't think you are supposed to get a confirmation of your submission. For what its worth using my mod powers I can tell you that you four have all submitted something. I'm not involved in the competition, so I don't know what is going on in the background, but if there was a problem with your submission Hobby Wyrd should have contacted you. Its a case that no news is good news.
  5. I think the phrasing about only applying to the opposing players schemes is that you can still kill them for reckoning/vendetta etc.
  6. Chi doesn't say +2 to a flip, it says +2 to the duel total. When you're looking at what the wording means, it can be important. (unfortunately it just makes things less clear here, but its still best to use the right wording). A commonly missed case is that Pass tokens explicitly don't add to initiative until after cheating. I would say that Ill omens does since it modifies the flip, and initiative isn't a duel to follow page 10 The Chi question has been discussed before. Chi vs. Cheating - Malifaux Rules Discussion - Wyrd Forums (themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com) Modifiers to duel totals after cheating - Malifaux Rules Discussion - Wyrd Forums (themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com)
  7. Myranda can change back at the start of her activation, and if she then wants she can beast shape during her activation.
  8. For what its worth I make you end 2nd-5th if you win, depending on how other results go. (for second you need Dixon to win, and you need to get a 3 point better win than Dixon gets (or Dixon to draw and you score +6 or better in your game to overtake Vladislavs), as well as a better result than Kenny, where as 5th can happen if the top table draw, and you don't get a better result than Kenny and Dixon). Good luck. Its always interesting to see a inter faction mirror match. Since its a common claim that Arcanist Marcus is much better than Neverborn Marcus, I'm routing for you.
  9. They have to take the disengage action, but she can't declare a disengaging strike Since she has no legal action to take) so they will get the full push distance. They are still engaged for all that means in the game, even though she can't hit them with her attack
  10. I'm afraid I can't tell you which of those boxes is easy to assemble, as I haven't assembled the newest boxes. (Although I think the brewmaster box is the same sculpts as the M2e box, in which case it is not a complex box but there are some small fiddly parts, like Ankle joints.) On the whole Wyrd is harder to assemble than a lot of other companies because it has more dynamic and/or detailed sculpts. But do it slowly, carefully and try and have things like a tray to catch small parts, or use bluetack in your tweezers to keep a grip on the little parts while you place them, and you probably should be fine. (If you don't have pudding fingers you might not need tweezers and can place things with your bare hands, but there are bits that can get fiddly. Where possible try and fit things before you add glue so you know how it works before you add glue. Inevitably when I don't I find I actually needed to put somethign else in first and then have to either fudge it, or unattach the part to fit in the bit I missed. What you find easiest to paint will probably vary by what you like. Robots are often relatively easy as they "ought" to be blocks of the same colour without feeling you need to shade/hightlight/blend across the surface. I like painting Fire effects, so enjoy fire gamin etc, and don't really like painting complex clothing, so don't like painting Colette and her performers. Wyrd has quite a wide range of styles, so when you know what you enjoy painting, there is probably several boxes that fit. Good luck
  11. Variable Profiles Some game effects use variable profiles (such as 1/2/3) to determine their result. Variable profiles are always divided into three segments: Weak/Moderate/Severe, and which segment is used is determined by the result of a card flip. The value of the flipped card determines which of the variable profiles is used: • 0 to 5: Weak • 6 to 10: Moderate • 11 to 14: Severe Some game effects may cause a variable flip based on a value other than a card flip, effects such as these will clarify what card is used to determine the value of the variable flip. Page 8 So this is obviously a variable "flip" using a value other than a card flip (its using the discarded card), as explained on the card. When you read this along with the Jokers section that Rufess quoted above, its pretty clear what happens, (the 0/3/2/1/2 for blackJoker/weak/moderate/Severe/redjoker)
  12. I agree that Titles should not be considered "Errata" for issues, for exactly the reasons you state. That said, The Forgotten keyword is built around discard effects. Any Molly title created is going to have to take into account the fact that the keyword want you to discard cards. I think that is the intent of this thread, not "fixing an issue" that Molly has, but discussion the design space a new titled Molly has to work in (and possible ways to work around in this space).
  13. All costs are in Italics. If the words aren't in italics, they aren't costs. So you will go through the action effects step by step doing as much of each as you can. Firstly you deal damage equal to the burning condition (up to a maximum of 5). Then you lower the burning condition by 5. Page 29 tells us you can't reduce the value below 0, once it gets to 0 you just remove the condition, so Burning +1 to +5 would all just end up being ended by being reduced by 5. Then if the model dies you do the summon There are a few actions that do say "if you do x, do y". But in this case the if you do x is just if you kill the model with the damge, not if you remove 5 points of burning.
  14. I would say that depends on the player, but if you find Hamlin horrible to face then you may well find Keyword Cadmus Horrible to face, regardless of its power level.
  15. I'm away from my cards but it all depends on is it a pulse or an aura for the range. If it is a pulse then no it isn't in range. If it is an aura it is in range.
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