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  1. After resolving: These Triggers happen after the Action is complete, regardless of success or failure, but only if the model that declared the Trigger is still in play. If the Trigger has a target and that target is no longer in play, the Trigger has no effect.
  2. Its pretty likely Neil will be winning the duels; by 6+ especially after that injured. Killing the desolation engine means that the last unmade doesn't resolve, so reckless and 4 attacks does only end up 4 damage.
  3. I mean 4 attacks all passing Terrifying needing a 7 is already pretty good luck for him (or huge resource drain), Then being able to get Severe on a negative flip is lucky, and you half killed his model for him doing it. That's not a bad outcome. If Your opponent wasn't lucky enough to kill you, you had a reasonable chance to get a lot of the heath back when the engine activated next. The engine will get hit, but it generally takes a lot of resources to remove, and if you don't fully remove it, it gets better.
  4. Shielded is not optional. you have to do it when you go through the damage reduction step. And as Hard to kill is not damage reduction, it is done in a later step.
  5. Outmaneuvering and tactical positioning can occur on an empty table, so I'm fairly sure it can happen even with the least restricted move options as long as both players are playing the same rules. It might take more resources, but you could still block that bridge if you had a model touching each edge of it for example, then there isn't enough for even a tight rope walk.
  6. Well its probably burning+2 because of the built in trigger, and also does blast damage, which also adds burning If you get 3 models all within blast of each other, Sonnia can do 4 damage and 7 burning (with a tome flipped on one of the 3 duels or on the spending of a stone), which ends up as 7 damage to each of those 3 models, with a further 3 damage to each next turn without you doing anything. It adds up pretty fast. Yes, your opponent can try spreading out, but that only works in some games
  7. Yes, so only do it if you really need that bonus action to happen in her turn. I'm sure there are times when it is worth it. But most of the time its probably not. But options are good so at least allowing the action to copy bonus actions is better for her than not.
  8. The rules for Bonus actions Limit you to one bonus action per activation. They also don't count towards your models action limits. So the limit to 1 bonus action isn't a models action limit There is a couple of call out boxes that clarify that Bonus Actions caused by Triggers can still be taken if you have already taken a bonus action this turn. Page 12, page 21 and page 22 should give you all the bonus action rules
  9. That seems harsh on yourself, a loss to the overall winner, a win, and a draw where you gave your opponent VPs and didn't reach the end of the game is the sort of outcome that could have placed you second if you actually won that last game.
  10. Yes she could, but it would count as her Bonus action for the turn.
  11. I guess it depends on what you want to get from the ranking. I never declare Keyword in the game, but I do declare Leader, so if you're question is "which master is going to win me a game" then you should include Versatile. If your question is "i'm going to start this game with 1 crew, and I'm likely to want to use only a small pool of models" then basing it on just keyword models is much more useful (although that sort of assumes you would just base your purchases on the keyword and nothing else, which is a strange way to do it). I suppose it could be a list for the benefit of the designers, into which keywords don't work as well entirely on their own right and so need either Errata or New models to make them work right, but I don't think that was the Original posters intent. . I know there were people saying (during the beta) Plague was a poor keyword because it didn't have a beater in it, which I think is completely the wrong way to look at it, especially when the outcast faction has a wide range of Beaters they could take. So I don't think its essential that Plague have a beater in keyword. Then the Seamus/Redchapel is possibly the other extreme, in that lists full of Redchapel keyword may be bad, but you can make good lists with Seamus as your master. I will also say I seem more happy than most to hire out of Keyword, so that probably influences how I would expect to treat this sort of ranking. I just don't think in terms of a "redchapel list" for anything at the moment. Its a "Seamus" list if its led by Seamus regardless of it having no other redchapel models or entirely redchapel models. That could easily be me. People didn't seem to have any problems in M2e determining strong and weak masters when they could field exactly the same lists. Its much less likely that the lists now will look the same. I'm sure they will be able to do the same here, but we might need to make sure we have the same standards/requirements when we start.
  12. The concealment is to the attack duel. So it doesn't carry over to the damage flip.
  13. I don't think there were any gen con orders for" from nightmare".
  14. What is the value of a keyword power list if it's not actually based on the lists you'd use in a game?
  15. Sandeep gives them an upgrade when he summons them that will allow them to merge like that.
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