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  1. You can only unbury in your deployment zone if you can't legally unbury on the table. So if you end the fast condition from a model that doesn't have space next to it to unbury, or one that it buried itself, then you can unbury in your deployment zone, but you can't choose to unbury in the deployment zone if you could legally unbury next to the model you removed the fast from. (page 33) And, as CrimsonWraith said, the player that generated the trigger controls the unbury effect, and the term enemy is in relation to the model that generated the effect.
  2. Adran

    Lady Justice issue

    I'd agree. That's why I question the terminology, because its not what they mean I think its typically a 7% improvement on your odds of hitting if you have that +1 stat, which is not all that big a difference. If I've got a stat 6 vs 5 and a Jack in hand, I'm still pretty confident of the hit. I may be less confident if they kept 2 or 3 cards over from their last turn, and I haven't seen any high cards in their discard pile yet this turn. I'm still making the attack, and if I'm forced to cheat first I'm still probably going to go for a hit. Its a good point about the effect card draw has, the more cards either of you have access to, the more likely you can cheat the flips, and the more powerful raw stats are. I think it is less powerful in M3 than M2, due to the maximum hand size, but still strong.
  3. Rules as written the damage is done 1 model at a time so I can't see why you wouldn't dish out multiple Sin tokens. (page 34)
  4. Adran

    Lady Justice issue

    This is a very good point. I don't treat masters as central to my game, and am happy to use them as sacrificial pawns if that's what I need to do to win. This may well be why I have a much greater tolerance of a lower stat, because it is that much less critical to my game plan than others. The discussion has wound its way through many facets, and I brought this back into discussion from history, so that's on me. Analysing 1 attack doesn't give you the whole story, but it is a good way to compare the difference, and if people were complaining that Justice doesn't have a Stat 7, whilst other masters did, then comparing the actions seems a decent start. Overall if you truly want to compare 2 masters you need to compare not only them and their actions, but also their keywords and factions. The argument doesn't dismiss the complaints, but what I think it does is show people something that they didn't realise. Trikk is a good player with a good understanding of the game as a whole, but he thought that Justice did less damage than Nekima or the Viks per attack. This analysis shows that it isn't quite that simple. Can you show how much extra resource drain Stat 6 is compared to Stat 7? I don't know that its possible to do so, because that relies a lot on player choice. The comparison was made under similar conditions, and took into account the increased number of misses that would occur due to a lower stat. Its possible Rufuss could have had the script show how often cheating occurred in his simulations, which would have started to answer that. The "guaranteed hit" is very useful if you only need to do weak damage to kill a model, but to have a guaranteed hit you need to have a card that allows you to reach a set total, and to have used your black joker, and for your opponent to have used their Red joker. Do you know what the odds of that are? I recognise it when it happens in game, but I don't know how likely it is to occur. Its a common argument as to why Stat 7 is better but I've never seen anyone show me how much better it is than stat 6 for this. If you have an 11 in hand with your stat 7 to hit a stat 5 model does this count as a Guaranteed hit? or does the chance they might be holding the red joker mean you need to have the 12 for it to count? I have a scientific mind, and put more weight on an argument that has some evidence backing it up to its relevance because I am fully aware that some things that look obvious can be wrong. Human perception can mislead fairly easily. And a lot of the things that rely on player choice also depend on play style, so what may be "true" for one person isn't true for everyone. Hiring cost and Master power are related, but there is quite a lot of other things that aren't as easy to include for comparison. So it doesn't automatically follow that the most powerful Master in the game should have the highest cost for hiring. They might derive a lot of their power as a master from their totem, or their keyword, as well as having other limitations when they aren't a leader (Such as plentiful level of summon upgrades or extra abilities).
  5. I'm not sure if I like the Art, but that's because she looks too like my Metal Manniquin (which does sort of make sense). I think I do like the Magic effect going on. Not sure that I need Colette Sculpt number 6 in my collection, but I'll see when the box comes out...
  6. Adran

    Chemical Foggers

    That might well be a sensible view of what happens, but you then need to make the rules say all that. (Currently they don't work like that. You can kill a fireteam with an Adjunct asset, but the reinforcements for that squad can still include an adjunct. And, I think from the rest of the Asset and reinforcement rules the foggers would have stuck around on the squads just waiting to be stuck back on their shiny new cutter when it arrived. ) Plus the wording of the rules at the moment would have allowed any fireteam in the squad to take the fogger action, not just the titan in the combined arms squad. I assume it was too wordy for such a niche interaction it wasn't worth the effort to make it happen.
  7. Adran

    Shenlong "final"

    Sorry, I'm not seeing it. What in the blast rules mean that the stuff that states targets will apply to everything? This might easily be old habits. I assume you're referring to "Some damage profiles contain a Blast Icon. This represents an attack that affects the target and any models near the target." That doesn't tell me that anything that affects the target affects everything that is damaged. It may well mean to say "This attack ignores Incorporeal", and wasn't phrased this way because the attack itself doesn't have blasts so the templating got missed. The Aggressive Chi trigger will affect all damage, but Shadow pin trigger only affects the target.
  8. A good way to try and force people to change lists each game is to have very different table set ups. I've been to several events where people have complained about a certain table being unfair, and its often because that table means their fixed list doesn't work well. Tables with lots of severe terrain will force players to change lists to keep their mobility for example, and tables with long lines of sight will support more shooting, where as tables with relatively free lanes of movement will see more charging. If all the tables are the same, then there is a lot less incentive to change your lists about. Personally I don't treat a Tournament game any different from a standard club game. That might be helped that a lot of my club mates are very competitive and I go to events to get to play multiple games on the same day, but I do generally try and go there with the intent of winning as much as I can. So I'll go to tournament and not expect to use the same list twice. Often I won't even use the same master twice. This approach still can produce good results, but does require you to have a good understanding of a much larger range of models, so to get the best from it, you need to do much more "homework". (I will clarify this is my approach. I don't know how many others would subscribe to this sort of approach, but I wouldn't call it a British approach. 4thstringer does similar in the US as far as I can tell).
  9. Adran

    Lady Justice issue

    Did you look at my earlier posts? I would say soulstone for damage reduction is the best use of the soulstone for all the damage tracks, so doesn't actually hurt Justice any more than the others. Yes, the average damage takes into account missed attacks. The average damage does include the from the great sword (because I am of the opinion that leap will allow her to attack without charging in situations where others would have to charge so the bonus is fairly applied). (I did say earlier that Hard to wound penalises Justice more than the other two) The maths is more complicated than this but as a guide (based on the most likely results, so weak for negative flips and moderate for straight. This does slightly favour Justice because of the slightly higher damage tracks of the other two, but by less that the difference between them) The damage done is in brackets, and this assumes the same card was flipped regardless of the person attacking. Justice Others Miss (0) Tie (3) Tie (3) Win by 1 (3) Win by 1 (4) Win by 2 (3) Win by 2 (4) Win by 3 (3) Win by 3 (4) win by 4 (3) Win by 4 (4) win by 5 (3) Total 19 18 Over this range of 6 results, Justice has done more damage than Viks/Nekima. This obviously has no allowance for cheating, its just on random flipping. The Post I quoted earlier did look at the likelihood of hitting and included the chances of moderate and severe on negative flips by way of simulation, and also has a look at cheating.
  10. I do have some high end tournament play experience myself (best placing of 7th in UK nationals and once reached top 20 in UK rankings, despite having a low tournament attendance rate), and unfortunately you are largely right. Although a lot depends on stratergies/schemes are available, because I am fairly sure most top end players had a different list for Reckoning to Reconnotre when they were both in rotation. To counter that, a lot of the top end lists took several months/ years to hone that tightly. That said, its the way I play, so its my mindset
  11. Adran

    Lady Justice issue

    You appear to be on the mistaken view that Masters all have Df 6 or higher. I've just been through 5 factions, and 2/3rd of the masters were Df5 or lower. From the numbers Rufuss made, and I showed, Justice does more average damage to Df 5 than the Viks or Nekima does per attack they make. Yes, she will miss more often, but when she hits it is likely to be higher damage, so over all she will do more damage. I really don't see the difference as huge. That stat increase will make about 1/13 duels be a hit when before they were a miss. So roughly 1 a game.
  12. Adran

    Lady Justice issue

    So the difference between a 6 and a 7 is huge, whilst the difference between a 5 and a 6 is negligible? Sure, one of those is talking about an opposed duel rather than a static duel, but I'm not sure that makes that much of a difference in real terms. I think I understand what you're trying to say, but I disagree. I don't think there is a huge difference on the table between 6 and 7 in an attack stat. There is a difference, but I think its much more a perceived effect than an actual effect. (Also for you to "guarantee" a hit you need to have removed your Black joker and your opponents Red joker. Which is often ignored, but if you look at the actual numbers I don't think its that far off from the stat difference of 1). I do think the table considered the resource cost, at least in part. It probably hasn't considered the case when it changes who cheats first, but everything else I think should be resource equivalent, so for 2/27 cases its based on the same resource cost. I will say that its really hard to determine affects on players hands and so forth for this sort of difference, and that the perceived effect will bias as well.
  13. Adran

    Lady Justice issue

    Because of Leap I think that in most circumstances Justice can get in place to attack without charging for the same number of attacks as the other two, so its fair to compare her attacks with the greatsword bonus. Yes, your damage output is 0 if you miss. Those calculations look like they took that into account and the numbers given were the average damage over Multiple hits. I know on the face of it the Damage tracks for the Stat 7 models are better, but the chances of reaching those numbers are much lower. When justice ties, her damage output is going to be almost the same as the other two (because for that attack they are also on negative damage flips) and for the next 4 numbers Justice would be on straight flips to the others negative flip, so they are doing lower damage even though they have a better damage track. So if your aim is to do upto 3 damage, then in almost all cases you are going to be better off with a Vik or Nekima, but as soon as you need to do more than 3 damage, the numbers start to favour Justice for most figures (The majority of figures are df 4 or 5 I believe) Hard to wound will hurt Justice more than the other two.
  14. Hire one. If you're determined to not do that and build a convoluted way to summon one, then hire 3 mindless zombies. The next easiest I can see is probably Grave digger and Restless Spirit. If we don't have a cost efficient turn 1 autoplay to summon models, then I think we did well in development.
  15. My mindset is that it matters on what game you are playing. You should adapt your crew to the table, strategy and scheme pool. 1 list to fit them all is not the best way to get a competitive list.
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