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  1. No model climbs for free. And the rules you want to ignore aren't in the height terrain rules, so ignoring the height trait doesn't help you at all during movement.
  2. [Modhat] I don't believe it's worth returning to this old thread, so it's going into lockdown.
  3. I'm not saying its not strong, but that's 16 damage and it took 3 master AP and 4 other AP from 13 stones of models. I can think of several ways to get better damage output in a turn from that outlay. And I know that's not really the best way to get blight ( but is one of the fastest) but the best way means it's only a few points a turn, so its several turns into the game before you get those high damage outputs.
  4. Do you think the trigger lets you use the same card in the opposed duel? I'm going to assume not even though it is "taking the same action" again. So why should it let you skip any other part of the taking an action steps? So whilst in the case you are referring to, you are only allowed to take the Jackhammer action, the rules for taking actions are still the same, as such you need to declare the action. The action is anew action, its just got the restriction that it has to be a jackhammer action, that doesn't bypass any of the steps to complete an action
  5. Step 1 of taking an action is declaring the action. So yes you will take the damage
  6. Some of it depends on how you play, I've seen the corpse candles provide enough options for Anna to blow up in some games. (Although more is better).
  7. You have also missed actions such as Immolate (which is the burning version of blood poisoning). I think the review you have given misses an important section - how easy it is to put those tokens (conditions) on the models, and how useful those tokens (conditions ) are for anything else. So Burning and Poison have the advantage that they are useful entirely on their own. The models don't need to work in combination to get them work, so Sonnia can still be a threat even if nothing else in the crew puts out the burning condition. I don't have enough experience between brilliance and Blight, but a quick glimpse of the cards suggest its easier to get Brilliance on models (if players are actively trying to avoid), and brilliance has a much wider set of effects in general. Blight is much more of a slow developing token, and largely used for damage. So at a simple glance, it looks like Bleeding disease is too strong, but there is often a lot of set up to get it to those levels. Hamlin would need to spend several turns to set a model up enough to kill it with bleeding disease by himself.
  8. I agree with the intent, you just picked a bad example in that the attacker stones first.
  9. Not this one ( we use 54 card decks😜😛). I'm generally not bothered, so even when I do cut decks ( if the event has asked it, I'll do it) I generally just remove the top card to the bottom.
  10. I agree I wouldn't want to win by incomprehension, but if my method to win involves multiple parts, such as Luring Archie into place so he can then charge, and bowling over on his 3 attacks before leaping away so that I can then by your side a Crooligan into place so it can then walk and interact, it feels a lot like the question can become -" do you have a game winning set of plays that I can easily disrupt?" Which isn't what I think was intended as open information. Here I'd mention lures, leap, the bowling away trigger (and probably also Flurry) and the by your side ability, but not explain the combination that I would need to use to get to the marker.
  11. Yes and yes. In both case the model has concealment, so you have the . In the case of the symbol, you can draw a sight line through the marker, so they gain Concealment.
  12. In answer to the first point, you would be in the right to still do your butterfly jump (and such like). Your opponent can't just skip through decision steps, although as said, there is the cavate that you should try to not spend too long on these choices. On the second point it gets a little more complex. In most games, I'd happily say that yes it was possible to reach it. in friendly games I might go through how to do it before I did it, but in a tournament I would be a little less forthcoming with the information. If I truly thought my opponent was trying to gain unfairly by it, then I might go as far as to answer yes, and then tell them a way I could do it, allow them to try and stop that, and then do it the way I intended anyway. I have had a situation where my opponent asked how far I could move my crew, and I explained all the abilities I had, but all he wanted was a maximum, which I didn't know. (It was a first edition Rasputina crew with Snowstorm that had the ability to move modes into base contact with snowstorm who could them push them on again, so it wasn't a straight forward calculation, and had different answers depending on if you wanted to know how far I moved the whole crew, or how far I could move the Ice golem). An open information game does not mean that you have to tell them how to use that information. Sometimes, in the interest of speed you might want to tell them some extra things, but you should not have to tell them all your plans. If they refuse to play until you tell them, or spend a long length of time trying to work out how, then call the T.O. over.
  13. There are a few rules differences, but in general the game plays in a very similar manner. Possibly the biggest change you'll notice is the hiring rules changed to encourage thematic hiring. I'm not sure if any of the master boxes are " bad" ( by which I mean will really struggle to play) to start with so you're probably best finding ones you like the look of. There are some differences between the M2 and M3 boxes, but either could be options ( the M2 box may not have the right cards, but the app has them for free.). Not all boxes are equal points, but most of the time they are close enough that using starting cache will balance it.
  14. If I remember correctly, fatemaster characters get to use the suits you flip against them, so they can declare triggers . There are certain skills/abilities that add suits to your stats. Most of the magic pursuits contain a way to get the relevant suit.
  15. From a lore point of view I see black blood as "acid" blood. From the stories I would have said nephlim were warm blooded.
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