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  1. This is possible, but it would probably have to have a model that uses a similar 2 model mechanic that McCabe uses. I would be very surprised if Rollins Black isn't alt McCabe. But if I were Wyrd I wouldn't rule out solutions to this box until the final solution is finished. So if everything else stayed the same alts, and the Ramones just became alts for "mounted wastrels" releasing cards for half the box doesn't really help the people complaining they couldn't field the box. But that could fall through for various reasons, and they might just make the box an Alt set for Hoffman, using Dismounted Rollins as Hoff, Mounted Rollins as a Peacekeeper (or the emissary) and the Ramones as Hunters, Cherri as Melissa K.O.R.E and Iggy as the mechanical attendant. Releasing the cards now for plan A would rule out plan B.
  2. That was basically the state for the whole of second edition for players using metal models, so I'm not sure its that weird. I imagine Wyrd have a plan A on what they are going to do, but until it is finalised there is no sense in ruling out plans B and C. Mind you I'm upset (at least a little) that I'm most likely going to lose the reason I bought the box (Mounted Guard models).
  3. There are two possible problems with fixed boards. Firstly, storage/transporting them places, and secondly they may get repetitive. But they can look really cool. I would say go for it. Its unlikely to get too repetitive too fast as there are plenty of different deployment zones and missions. There are a few things to plan on when you design a board. These are in general, but because you are trying to build a fixed board you can't easily nudge terrain to correct if you miss them. You want to make sure that the spots where crew deploy have exit routes. This will want to hold true for all 4 sides. You want to try and avoid putting Impassible terrain where strategy markers will be placed. You want to try and make sure that 50mm models can access all section of the board that 30 mm models can.
  4. Some of it is a case of try and see. Deliver orders is a strong ability, and the fact that the model can stay safe to use this and still provide a threat against other models is why it was so popular. The lack of Line of sight needed is really useful. Focus is also your friend. Its a strange thing, but sometimes 3 actions on 1 model is better than 4 actions split over 2 models. Edit This is all M2e. M3 has different rules. But people can still play M2e so they can still ask questions about it
  5. I've had it occasionally in my phone, but I don't think I've had it on my computer. And normally closing the browser and re-opening it seems to make the phone work.
  6. Piglets are Rare 4, so you can never have more than 4 in play at the same time. but if you are using models that can summon piglets, then you will do better if you have piglet models to summon.
  7. I've just tried to work out the probabilities in excel, so I might have made some errors. But these numbers do include the Black joker effect. (but are only valid for a new deck). (they also ignore cheating) The most common result in a paired flip is 13, and that will happen 13.8% of the flips, and this leads to a weighed distribution, where the positive flip is more likely to flip high. (This is the the mode value of a paired flip) (the mean is 9.03) The 7 stat is going to be better if you need to score 21, 20, 7 or 8. The 6 stat is more likely to reach every other target number. looking at comparing 6+ to 8 you are more likely to hit TN 10-17 with the 6 stat, 9 and lower, and 18+ you are better off with stat 8. Once you start looking at opposed duels, the maths gets really hard. (There is a different answer for each opposed stat). Those numbers are still close enough, and the 6beats the 7 by an extra 0.8% chance to reach 19 This is a good rule of thumb. If you don't know how to calculate the odds, this rule is probably all you need.
  8. The number and type of markers will vary from crew and game, but in general Scheme markers (30mm) are needed by most crews to score points for schemes. Some games you may not need any. Most crews will probably want 6 or so, and a few crews use them as a resource so may want a greater number. Corpse/scrap markers (30mm). Generally when a model dies its remains are left on the table. If you are playing living or undead models you want corpse markers. If you are playing Constructs you want scrap markers. Some crews will use these markers as resources. Blast Markers (50mm). Some attacks have the . This means the attack does blast damage and you put a 50mm marker down for each in the attack to find out what other modles get hit. 3 is probably enough in total because they are only down for a few seconds at a time. You can get by with 2 (as if you need a third you can take the first off the board, noting who it hit and use it as a third marker). Stratergy Markers (30 mm). Corrupted idols and turf war need 5 strategy markers. Plant explosives needs 5 markers each. Reckoning doesn't need any. New strategies may need different markers or different numbers but we are unlikely to get any new strategies until at least 2020. Several models will produce markers (such as the widow weaver will make web markers). These markers are 30mm unless it says otherwise (the web marker is 50 mm). Most of these are 30mm, some are 50 mm. There may be a few 40mm markers but I can't think of any off the top of my head. You can use blank bases if you want. You can cut them out of card, you can buy them from lots of different wood/acrylic cutting companies (most of mine have come from Bendyboards, Art of war or counter attack because those were people I knew or convenient for me. I got good service from them and like their stuff, but there are lots and lots of places out there that do good stuff). As long as you know what the marker is in a set game you could use them as different things in different games. I have a set of markers from relic knights kickstarter that have the tokens in a range of numbers, so in 1 game I might use all the number 1 markers as scheme markers, but in the next game I might use them as corpse, and next time use them as scrap, because that was the most common number and so it has the number I need. A different example is I have a set of explosive markers I made, which I might use as the strategy markers for a plant explosives game, but in a different game I can use them as scheme markers because they fit my crew. You might want crew specific scheme markers (so make all the ulix ones look like buckets of slop for example), or you might want a generic set that any crew can use.. If you're using him in Ulix then yes, most of the time piglets will be your best option.
  9. If you are using the walk action, you can not leave a models engagement range. The manner of movement doesn't matter. place is a movement effect, and you are doing it during a walk action, so you can't leave the engagement range even if you fly. You aren't replacing the walk action with a place action. You're replacing move with place within the walk action.
  10. In all honesty, I think the right answer to this depends on how "you" play the list, and what you're trying to achieve, so may well change game by game. Vasilisa might be a relatively expensive model to buy, depending on how she gets packaged in M3, because her M2E version is only available in the Collodi box. There are also upgrades you can use to change lists (a little like war gear or magic items in GW games) around a little. Not using them as you learn is a good idea for reducing complexity, but once you're comfortable with the core rules and your models they can easily be used. What I'm trying to say is don't "lock" in a list just because that's what you would have done in a different game. Malifaux has a lot more in game choices for piloting a list than most games I know, so "net listing" is less effective than most because if you don't understand why something is in the list, you won't always use it the same way. For example, you will probably fine some dreamer players will always have 3 daydreams in their lists and 1 of them with ancient pact. They probably play in a way that they want to maximise Lucid dreams, and so keep the daydreams well away from danger. You might prefer to use the daydreams as a combat control model, able to shift your models into better places. Both are sensible uses, but the second use is more likely to see them die, so they are less useful holders of the Pact upgrade.
  11. Adran

    Nekima Crew Box

    From memory, but from someone who bought most things... No metal Master box was ever sold with totems. (I think I ended up using a voodoo doll that was on Zoraidas sprue to act as the totem for me, but strictly I didn't have the card) The first edition totems were sold separately. (Hollow waifs weren't totems in the first edition, so when the Levi Box finally came out it still followed that rule) I can't remember if Marionettes were totems, but Collodi wasn't a Master in First edition. Every Plastic box has been sold with a suitable number of totems for the edition is was made for. (for a given number of suitable. M2E Sommer is the only one I can think of that wasn't sold with his maximum number of totems, and M3 viks doesn't have a totem) (Strictly Viks have never had their own totem, but they were at least able to hire them in the last two editions and their plastic box contained the student of Conflict, which was a totem at that point and a sister, but not restricted to only being hired by the Viks.) Back to the original question, the totem will be in a master box. I would be very surprised if we saw a mature in there, because I think that would be the first case we have seen of you not getting the rare number in 1 purchase. So I would expect Heyreddin and 4 tots, as the most obvious combination that reaches the Rare numbers. Mature and 2 young is possible, but that means they will still need another box of 2 young and a mature and that seems to go against the reduction in SKU they wanted this edition.
  12. Discounting cheating the state 7 has a mean result of 14, and a range of 7 to 21. The 6+ has a mean of 15, but a range of 6 to 20. I can't remember the model or median results off the top of my head. From most people's point of view the state 6+ will win more duels, but it does depend a little on the duel you are facing. I'm going to move the topic to malifaux discussion, because it's not really a rules question.
  13. Any band member can lead this edition, and the band doesn't have to be just band members.
  14. Unfortunately no. I think they did some looking for an eu equivalent with no luck.
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