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  1. Adran

    Starting Hamelin

    A solid Obey target is a good choice, so that might be Ashes and Dust, or Killjoy, as the most common options. Its not essential, but the core crew is typically low on damage threats to begin with. Personally I have never found Cruligans as a particularly good scheme runner, but I know others like them. (The Place after interact is just the wrong time to be good. if they are engaged they can't escape, and if they're not they can normally just walk to where you wanted them to be anyway). You might find them slightly better than winged vermin, or rat catchers, but you might not.
  2. Adran

    Etiquette on basing

    That's roughly the same as basing your Jackdaw model on a 120mm titan base, and using that as his base size. Do they also model their snipers on top of high perches so they can see over terrain, and gain cover from walls they have put on their base? The rules give us a Ht value for the model, so that should be the value we use for applying the rules, regardless of how the actual model appears.
  3. Strictly speaking you have enough to field 4 forces, each containing 2 commanders. So you can play a 2 commander game at the moment with each faction, its just that you will be forced to select almost everything you have for that faction to get there. As Solkan shows you probably have about 60 script of options (including upgrades) and only 50 script to spend for each faction. more figures you own the more options you have, but I would suggest playing a few games with what you have and decide on how you want to use that force, and once you've done that you will probably have a better idea on what direction to expand each faction. The cheapest significant increase in options you can get at the moment is the duel faction commanders, because they will allow factions access to models from the other faction, but that will only work (as a significant increase) if you're playing an Earth faction vs a Malifaux faction (or you're playing someone who has their own collection) otherwise you have both players trying to hire the same units. So there are about 4 units for each faction you don't own and I don't know the game well enough to say what units you might want multiple of. There are certainly some lists that will use multiple of the same unit,
  4. Adran

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    This may not help, but there were 2 different sort of Kickstarter pledges, retailer and customer, and those who ordered a retailer pledge had to give their distributor. I think the UK retailer pledges came from a different source to the Uk Customer pledges (And took longer to get there from what I've heard from people I know who were getting retailer pledges). Reading the diacash e-mail, it sounds like they have received the retail pledges. It also sounds like they haven't received the customer pledges.
  5. Adran

    Envoy Combinations

    I don't understand the question. There are 3 commanders possible for each faction. If you use the duel commander (homotagah or kessa) then you can also hire from their other faction. If you don't take that option then earth can take Thrace from the guild, and malifaux can take Binh from the court of 2.
  6. Adran

    Expanding my ever growing collection

    Firstly, I assume you know about 3rd ed and that some masters will be moving faction. I'm saying this because Jacob Lynch will stop being Neverborn and Ramos will stop being Arcanist. I would suggest a few extra purchases for the Dreamer crew. Insidious Madness works well as a fast moving model, and stitched together are just the most annoying thing to face ever, so its worth owning a pack of them for summoning/hiring. I'm also a huge fan of the blessed of December for anything arcanist so I would look to her for Rasputina. If you Pick Jacob as your next crew, you would probably want to expand it with either theme models or Ten thunder models. Beckoners, Graves and Tannen and depleted should be good, but I wouldn't look to do things like buy terror tots/gupps to take advantage of his ace abilities. My first advice would be to pick the things you think look cool/interesting. I'm a firm believer that you can build a competitive crew with any master. For most collections I would suggest trying to find masters which share a faction as you can then use support models for both. When you're building your collection to face your collection, that might not work quite as well, as you might find both sides what the same models
  7. Adran

    Backer price is now the MSRP?

    Part way down on page 2 ( 24th August I think it started). Looking at the online shops I think my pledge is still good value. I didn't buy many add ons, but did get a double commander, and I got it for less than I could buy it now.
  8. Adran

    Help with Henchman 101

    Nef is no longer running the henchmen program. I'm not sure who is. I'm assuming you can't see a super secret forum at the bottom of the main page. Hopefully a member of Staff will soon be able to sort out that if you can't. They have been away at Pax and had thanksgiving, so these things can take a little time
  9. Adran

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Mine picked it up and appeared to have assembled it for me but no priming or basing. I suppose she is 90, so I shouldn't expect to much....
  10. Adran

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Probably doesn't help, as I've received the goodies, but I never received any tracking e-mails, just the box appearing on my door step.
  11. I'm not sure we've seen exact rules anywhere. I would imagine that there is some hiring rules that allow Yan Lo to hire Izamu regardless of if he is Resser or TT. the FAQ gives us this information, which offers hints, but certainly isn't anything firm.
  12. You're right. Bishop always was a sky pirate in his head. I totally saw him pushing pianos on people head.
  13. I would have thought that the Thunders style is almost the template M3 is using to base its keywords on. That doesn't help so much when you are trying to work where the "generic" thunders models are likely to go, but I would imagine that most of the time if the master could take the model in either faction, then they probably will still be able to take the model. There may well be a few exceptions (McCabe and dogs/guards is the only one which springs to mind,) but your faction is, on the whole, the easiest to see key words for, and see how they work That said, they might well be a good way to show people the keyword mechanic for that reason...
  14. Adran

    Plug base modelling question

    As far as I can see you don't ever have to use the child base for measuring, so slightly different sizes should make no difference, but remember adjuncts can join a fire team so you might want something consistent across several different squads.
  15. Adran

    Curiosity Killed the Cat advice needed

    Stolen are rare 3 so you do not need more. I Have 2 rat kings and don't think I've needed more. Rat catcher is rare 2 I think. I can't say what you think is the risk of buying now for 3 rd edition, but I'm personally happy to still buy things now both to use in M2E and to use next edition, even though they will have different rules.