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  1. necroon

    Titan Mania

    Agreed on all points. It is admittedly a fuzzy interaction, so hopefully regardless of the intent we will see an FAQ on it.
  2. necroon

    Titan Mania

    Interestingly enough the only place in the rulebook that uses Squad Fireteam(s) is under the Champion rule. This verbiage for Combined Arms Fireteams: I think FAQ 9: Has some verbiage that is just as prevalent to this discussion topic. I have bolded a portion of it that I would like to call attention to for the purpose of this discussion: For Reference Tharce's Fire at Will states: It seems as thought Squad Fireteam and Fireteam (with)in a Squad are not the same thing. As Tharce does not state Squad Fireteam I would lean towards her being able to have the Combined Arms fireteam take the action. I think this interaction is absolutely FAQ-Worthy.
  3. The second one looks like John Blackwood from blackwater gultch . https://www.skirmishgames.com/store/blackwater-gulch/john-blackwood
  4. Anasalea Kaeris: Third Degree Burns: If this model is this Crew's Leader, enemy models treat Pyre Markers as Hazardous (Injured +1) in addition to any other Hazardous effects, and are never considered unaffected by a Pyre Marker's Hazardous Trait.
  5. I really like Gibbering Hordes. I played them the most before getting physical product. It's a fine balance between reinforcements, Endless Numbers, and eating your own units. I will probably return to them in June sometime - I switched to Abys as I had the least amount of play time with them and wanted to try something "new". I saw a ton of GH players at CaptainCon. They all did great, too. Just a bit higher of a learning curve and since GH relies on Commanders a bit more heavily then the other Allegiances (Think "Conservation of Ninjutsu" troupe) they definitely perform better at a 2 commander level. Yeah that certainly won't help hahaha. I never ended up playing a game with them without one. They are really cool.
  6. I, as is usually the case, agree with @retnab As for playing I have been doing 1-3 games a week since at least the KS Rules document was released.
  7. @Razhem I will do my best to answer your questions. I typically only use Electrocutioners with Unathi, otherwise preferring the 10 Scrip slot for a Dreadnaught (3 mounted gunners means 4 attacks with a chance of Tome for card draw in addition to a powerful self sufficient unit that can answer a lot of questions with the auto pinned tokens, a Titan's ability to interact which is invaluable with the 1" restriction in the tournament document, and free STR hit from moving, or being moved by crow runners). My Prototype usage is fluid, given it's timing, and based around the restrictions on Overclocked. If a unit has an engineer (2-3 Units with a Prototype are staple for me) they get a Prototype and 1-2 of my commanders will usually get a prototype (I really like Discuss Grenades on Lord of Steel). Crow Runners don't get one (as they never get an engineer) and usually Overclock into Experimental Rocket Launcher or Shock Batons, depending on how my opponent reacts to them and where their positioning is turn 2. I usually give Mechanized Active Defense Armor as they have become a priority target depending on the match-up (It helps them not get turn one'd by Cult but doesn't guarantee they will survive the initial onslaught, either). On the usage of force make-up and commander choice: I tend to pick one commander that I believe will be good for the operation, fill in some units, and then select the second commander. I have not been using Kassa's Emergency Repair to flip undamage assets as, although allowed by RAW, I just don't like the interaction (I didn't do so at CaptainCon, either). If we make it to another Errata and it's still there I'll use it. Kassa has a Tome built into her gun, which is pretty dang good, so I either repair damaged assets or aim for targets to get card draw, give pinned tokens to (I always take the KE Envoy), and do a bit of damage here and there. A railgunner with Toughness (or two, depending on the Operation) can easily accomplish a decent bit of card draw. They are great for scenarios with backfield objectives and have a great attack they can launch at a target that enters their line of sight (I tend to not Glory them with the 6+ Margin, though, as they can't just keep ditching low tomes and Inspired tokens for free cards). I don't have a play-by-play for my card usage, and I certainly have games with a turn or two were I don't end with "all the cards" in my hand or decide to take a turn 4 or turn 5 card or two, but that's always the result of a choice between an aggressive activation here or there with a few key units, me purposely using The Long Game to mess with activation and jump on a foe trying to take a defensive turn, or ditching crows for Shielded. I also have turns where decisive first few activations see both opponents with no fate hand left and I still enter the next turn with 5 or 6 cards in hand. I do tend to have to reshuffle my deck nearly every turn and often before my regular CotBM opponent. I hope this answers some of your questions - If not let me know and I can try and make sure my next game, and it's resulting video batrep (which my regular opponent, @Nutella, is taking the time to upload to a YouTube Channel from here on out) highlight the sort of interactions that have been discussed.
  8. Typically I spend 0 to 1 TAC tokens on card draw every turn after the first and I start and end every turn with 5 to 6 cards, usually having to discard one or two during the turn as well. The Engineer's ranged attack is also very potent for how he can just passively draw more cards. I'd like it to be a draw / discard instead, as a starting point. It's also very easy for the Rail Gunner to fidget with their gun every turn for 1-2 cards (making great use of low tomes). When tracer rounds provides you a +1 AV bonus for the other fire teams it's very easy to use versatile tactics to generate multiple card draws a turn. For the low low cost of -2 av you can add a tome to your duel total. Plus you'd almost always pack an engineer into the team.
  9. Miss Aligned - Abys Engineer Miss / Mr. Identified - Agent 46 and/or Margret Belle Literally anything being Waldo (the Imp). I think Nellie may be a good fit - Waldo definitely seems to be in the new for better or worse!
  10. What faction(s) are you playing? Abyssinia. I chose them because I've never played the "heavy armor / elite" force in any game before and like the atheistic quite a bit. I look forward to playing some Court of Two when they get fleshed out and some Cult of the Burning man, as well. What faction(s) are you playing against? Cult of the Burning man is my most regular opponent. One or double commander? Most of my games are two commander but I just did a 1 Commander spree to help prepare for a recent tournament. Overall impression The game is super fun! There is some word clean-up and standardization needed here and there but I enjoy it a lot. What do you like/dislike about your chosen faction? Engineer sculpt isn't great. Anything you are concerned about, ruleswise or anything else? Abys card draw is a tad strong. Endless numbers needs a small tweak. Artillery team needs a little love. Overall I like the game's place balance-wise and am very happy with it. Looking forward to....? Sandman! (The Dreamer / Nightmare faction thing that came about as a result of the World Wide Malifaux Event) as well as the TOS Model for the TTB Doctor from the TTB World Wide Event.
  11. It seems odd to me to have to keep track of what models set what cards aside and what set aside cards are seemingly gone forever if said models that did so died in addition to what cards have been generally just "removed from the game". If any of Dreamer's crew used cards that were removed from the game (Or "Set Aside") in a mechanical manner it would be more appealing but this just seems unnecessarily confusing. My side of the table doesn't tend to be the most organized as is.... This would be a nightmare!
  12. I've finally been getting a chance to look through the cards and Rules and something caught my attention so I figured I'd toss it out there. My apologies if it has already been discussed or brought up. Several various triggers, like Burst Damage and Sweeping Strike, use the verbiage This verbiage seems a tad confusing as it could be interpreted that the target would suffer blast damage (damage one step down from what it took) which it cannot as Blast Damage states: And not only is the target in question not not the original target but also no Blast Marker was placed, nor does blast damage as a rule include verbiage for the target suffering + damage, only that (some) damage profiles contain one or more s. I believe changing the verbiage to something akin to the following may make it more clear: This way a player can reference existing in book verbiage (Damage Profiles, for example) to more easily understand how to resolve the triggers in question.
  13. I like the model, rules approach, and story blurb. The mask in the art and sculpt look different? I'd prefer a cross blades across the chest pose, personally.
  14. High and Low, respectively, apply to individual Traits. Per the rulebook: As the Stormsiren does not state "Hazardous 3 [Low]" the Hazardous portion of the Tidepools granted by Lurking in the Depths would affect all types of units, including Titans.
  15. Easy to miss but on Page 39: ".... (This does not change the Unit's Special rules for game rules, Like Deployment)."
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