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  1. This is very exciting! I've been starved, absolutely starved, for TOS content.
  2. Thank you for the kind words! Always happy to be of service.
  3. I used some cheap fish aquarium stuff as base accents for mine. They also are conveniently placed to provide support as the model is quite top heavy. Maybe something like this could help?
  4. I really like this idea. I'd buy one, for sure!
  5. I'll probably skip on the TOS alt, and the sale as a whole, solely because the Edmonton ALT is metal. Quite unfortunate! Hopefully next time there will be something more to my liking. Nothing wrong with more money through the LGS, though, right?
  6. Someone with fantastic hair, facial or otherwise, an elephant rifle, and two deranged looking heavily modified Hunters as his/her totems with a "You, Sir and/or Madam, are now being hunted" action.
  7. Beautiful! I can't wait to pick these up
  8. Looking to jump, run, swim, crawl, transpose, possess, or otherwise get into Malifaux 3rd edition? Come on down for a demo, some open play, and an Enforcer brawl! Whether your a returning player, long-time player, or just getting interested you'll be sure to be entertained. Location 113B Main St, Amesbury, MA 01913 Date Friday June 28th Schedule 11:00am – 5:30pm: Open Play and Demos 6:00pm - 8:30pm: Enforcer Brawl Prizes! Who doesn't love free stuff? Get raffle tickets to win prizes! You'll be entered into the raffle once for each of the following things you do (Limit once per thing) Buy a Malifaux item from the Toy Soldier on launch day Bring a friend with you Get a demo Play an open game Participate in the Enforcer Brawl You can win one of the following: Youko Core Box Basse Core Box Malifaux 3rd edition Core Rulebook Faction Card Deck of your choice (Limit one prize per person. In the event that you leave before the end of the night or the prize isn't in stock because of Distributor shenanigans or Imp related interference please be sure to give me your E-Mail address before you leave!)
  9. I think it is absolutely worth taking. For 2 TAC token (once) and a card every turn (if you want to keep using it - which becomes easier as your radio in enemy movements trigger begins to fuel your control hand: I rarely lack the card to discard) you get to launch off a Prototype action (which can allow you to out-of-activation Glory a unit if said unit has a Prototype with Resounding Success trigger) or attach one to a unit that does not have one. I find, most commonly, my Crow Runners end up wanting either the Rocket Launcher or the Shock Batons and this makes sure I can give them the best tool for the job. It also lets me get a quick Flare Gun shot off first turn when my control hand tends to be a bit weaker (due to my style of play) which can make a big difference depending on what control hands and board positioning look like. Alternatively an extra Chemical Foggers or Discuss Grenades at the right time can be devastating, and these can come out after their carrier has activated which can help keep the threat up on your opponent. You definitely want to weight it's place in your Stratagem deck based on what Units you can attach assets to (As your basic units can't already have an Asset, which includes the Engineer, since Overclock does not allow you to ignore asset limitations in the same way as you can when attaching them at the start of the game). You'll want to purchase the Stratagem turn 1 to get the most of of it.
  10. Although I don't necessarily agree with it and it does seem to be against the grain and theme of TTB, as well as game related balance, what works for your table is what works for your table and that will always be a unique environment. I would first try and use the rule as is written and then talk to your players about how it feels - see if they also don't like it. Then together you can try it the way you've suggested and see how that feels to them, as well. It's perfectly normal for players and groups to come up with house-rules together to make their cooperative experience more enjoyable. Over the many many years I have run various role-playing games I've found that the most important thing is transparency - make sure you tell a group that you may at some times be deviating from rule XYZ in the book so everyone has that expectation: open communication is important and, like you said, while the rules are presented as the standard the rules of an RPG should never take precedent over what you need to do to tell your story alongside the players - just make sure you understand what effects on the game your changes may have and you'll be good to go.
  11. necroon

    Titan Mania

    Agreed on all points. It is admittedly a fuzzy interaction, so hopefully regardless of the intent we will see an FAQ on it.
  12. necroon

    Titan Mania

    Interestingly enough the only place in the rulebook that uses Squad Fireteam(s) is under the Champion rule. This verbiage for Combined Arms Fireteams: I think FAQ 9: Has some verbiage that is just as prevalent to this discussion topic. I have bolded a portion of it that I would like to call attention to for the purpose of this discussion: For Reference Tharce's Fire at Will states: It seems as thought Squad Fireteam and Fireteam (with)in a Squad are not the same thing. As Tharce does not state Squad Fireteam I would lean towards her being able to have the Combined Arms fireteam take the action. I think this interaction is absolutely FAQ-Worthy.
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