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  1. necroon

    First feelings M3E

    As a huge fan of Collodi as a character/ concept since it came out I was a little bummed. More-so because it kinda spoiled that something bad probably happens to it. Euripides sounds pretty freaking awesome, though. And all the Master shifts aside I like the sounds of everything else. I was a bit iffy on the card Sizes but Tarot sized cards for Malifaux is pretty thematic as a friend pointed out to me and I have little trouble transporting similar sized cards for Star Wars Armada. I'm very curious to see what Nekima does with the Nephalim throne. She's not been the most explored or interesting character in the fluff because she only does the one thing (try and kill Lilith) but now that she doesn't have to do it anymore it'll be cool to see what she's like.
  2. necroon

    Help wanted...

    I'm not sure anyone should be anything more then cautious about a few sentences on a web page talking about a new edition that isn't even in Beta yet..... We don't know what these rules will be when the game launches after the edition change. We don't know when the game will even launch. We don't know how communities will choose to approach running events. We don't even know what the new competitive gameplay structure will look like. There's way too many unknowns. The only known is that someone has promised to give the Dead Man's Hand masters stat cards. Far more then one gets with most games. Talk to your local folks, see how they feel about Dead Man's Hand. Continue to post your concerns on the forums: Wyrd listens. And watches. Always watching.... Always.... The people at Wyrd are not monsters. They are and always have been community centered and caring (as well as very tongue and cheek - hence the table flip URL). That's why they probably spent a lot of time figuring out a way for everyone to have active characters in the story, everyone to have the same number of Master choices at tournaments, and the story to have actual risk (Bad Things happen is a poor sales pitch when main characters die and stay dead about as much as a soap opera character on the way to Africa in a Bi-Plane). It is, after all, a character driven skirmish game. I'm sorry you first foray through the Breach was a rough one. I can relate. But Welcome to Malifaux none the less. We are happy to have you.
  3. necroon

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I am happy to see that everyone will have the same number of story relevant Masters to choose from in competitive and casual play come the start of M3E. People may not care about the story and that's fine but I'm here because of it - there were a lot of games out there and what settled me here over then was the kooky characters and interesting stories. I don't actually happen to think The story is separate from the game: The new characters we see and even generic models we come across usually have some barring to what is happening in Malifaux. Likewise it's always a little frustrating to grab a new book off the shelf and flip through it to find my favorite character isn't present at all. I am happy that someone cared enough to provide me with statistics for these Masters, anyways. It is after all a character driven skirmish game and I like to see the Characters drive it.
  4. necroon

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    A different name for Malifaux 3E's "Tokens" would be good. Tokens (in TOS) and Conditions (in Malifaux) seem rather synonymous between respective games, being a fixed list of general status changes that could effect many given targets. Using similar terms between your games is logical and all but not when it may confuse people. That aside this is an exciting announcement! Looking forward to the months to come The rules may change, and have changed in the past, but Malifaux has always been Malifaux!
  5. necroon

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    ...I.... what.... Who are they infiltrating? Why? Where? How? I AM SO CONFUSED
  6. necroon

    Friday Preview - June 8th

    I'll settle for stick figures, stick robots, and stick fish-people 😀
  7. necroon

    Friday Preview - June 8th

    The flag near the top part of the image has the so I'm thinking Guild. Nice picture although I'd certainly rather the Friday previews keep going strong if not stronger from here on out to keep the hype up 😉
  8. necroon

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    As long as it's clear to someone before the purchase of a model which stats are for which faction (for example in a wave book separated by faction sections) I have no issue with a model having a different stat block / card in one faction then in another. To me this could highlight the tactics used by a model in one faction compared to another for a multitude of reasons (McMourning, for example) or even a model at different stages of it's own tale.
  9. necroon

    Monday Preview - False Witnesses

    These look great! Good sculpt variety, fun feel, great poses! Wonder if they are going to be rocking Woe? I gotta say a lot of the recent Guild models have been knocking it out of the park with me, lately.
  10. necroon

    Nicknames and avatars

    Well I was 12 and wanted a Yahoo account named after the "SUPRISE" last boss of Final Fantasy IX. I spelled it wrong and when I went back to make the correctly named account discovered "Necron" is actually quite popular largely in part because of some other gaming company..... so I kept it. Also I didn't capitalize it so that just kinda stuck as the norm. My avatar is an old man playing chess with a clunky looking robot. It sorta speaks to me about how people can come together over a game even if they have so little in common and that really embodies what the (local) Wyrd community has meant to me - everyone is extremely friendly, helpful, and fun to play games with. I've created a lot of friendships with people I would otherwise have never thought to spend time with. It helps to remember it's our similarities, no matter how few, that can bring us together and not our differences, no matter how many, that should push us apart. 😅
  11. necroon

    Monday Preview - Mysterious Gentlemen

    The unfortunate fate of all Wastrals?
  12. necroon

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    I can only hope that this is the host of the most popular aethervox show among the Neverborn: Project Webway. Contestants are tasked with weaving web based garments each week and trying their best not to eat their models or audience members as they attach their silky threads to the quivering horrified victims. "Make it work" He will say to the contestants as he skitters around the dark working area, offering his honed fashion advice here and there and keeping morale high for the contestants (and appropriately low for the models). Each season will conclude with the winner being allowed to seize the prey of its choice from among the season's models as the losers are made to stand still basking in the horror of the audience members.
  13. necroon

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    Goodbye, Sir, and thanks for all the fish, fish-like-Lizards, Fish-like-Men, Lizard-fish-men, and Man-Lizard-Fish-Monsters. You and all you do will surely be both remembered and missed. Best of luck with your future endeavors!
  14. necroon

    Getting Into Neverborn

    My apologies - I have edited my post for accuracy.
  15. necroon

    Getting Into Neverborn

    I'd personally rank it Lilith->Titania->Zorida. Also real special mention to Lucius with Rogorau and Vogel - just a super fun if not rather static crew to run.