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  1. This was a nice distraction. Done in traditional media. Water soluble crayons.
  2. Thanks this definitely helps, and yeah those barricades are sweeeeet.
  3. I am super excited for the wyrdscapes. Any possibility of example photos or renders of the different buildings?
  4. Although I replied already to this, I came up with another alt sculpt I'd love to see. Seamus as his alter ego Sebastian Baker (obviously just Seamus with a ridiculously large moustache) perhaps in a kit with dead showgirls.
  5. Alt Sebastian, to go with Dr. Dufresne and the Alt Rafkin. I'd love an alt Molly in a different pose (one that isn't balanced on a single teeny ankle).
  6. Just wanted to mention that I really like the new format. The information is far more concise. Even knowing what the models do, I tend to listen to the opening bit, and seem to always find something new. Thanks for the work you do for the community.
  7. Nope. They can be a proxy for Montressor currently. The hanged proxy was 1st edition. Mostly they are just groovy terrain.
  8. A grey over black can work fine. I do it all the time. It just depends on the shade of grey. Vallejo spray primers (for airbrush) work great for zenithal highlighting.
  9. For me, pinning seems a bit too tricky with the tiny feet on most of these models. I do something similar to what lusciousmccabe does. The round vents on the sprues are 3 mm in diameter. I drill a 3 mm hole into the base (after getting my basing done, cork, or epoxy, or bark, or whatever), then I superglue the peg into the hole, and shave the peg flush with the surface of the basing. Using plastic cement, the figure is glued to the peg. This makes a pretty tight and secure joint.
  10. Madame Sybelle is an almost auto take with Molly. Call Belle is the main ability that you will use, and it can really help to reposition Molly. Often I'll take maniacal laugh on Molly just to get some activation control. Once you can out activate the opponent, Call Belle on Molly to reposition her close enough to the enemy that she can summon Punk Zombies right into the middle of them, then have the Punk Zombies slice and dice or flurry. It might take two rounds or so to set up properly, but boy is it worth it. Alternatively, you can use Sybelle to get Molly out of trouble. I also really like the Carrion Emissary. Shards can help to block fire and charge lanes. He hits quite hard, and is just great utility. I generally run him with the generic upgrade, Carrion Conflux. I also like the Rogue Necromancy as Bengt recommended, nice ranged support, and the while it has enough heads is gravy.
  11. I thought "Man this box has some scaling issues, these models look too tiny, Wait why are there tiny mechanical legs in here..."
  12. It will certainly help, but Seamus isn't really a summoner. Yes he can call forth a couple belles, but I rarely use his AP for anything but focus, shoot, back-alley. Corpses for him are useful for the distraction, to allow back-alley while in LOS. Against a true summoner like Nicodem, or Kirai, it won't really do much. Both will usually bring their own summoning engines with them. Your best bet in that case is to attack the summoner, or the engine.
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