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  1. Miss Fitz! (entirely not like the band at all, honest)
  2. That's the name I thought of awhile back for an alt Seamus....
  3. I would love to see Nightmare Edition Molly Crew. Don't know what it would look like, but I'd love to see it.
  4. As much as I, too, would like to see an alt Yin or Toshiro, I would appreciate it if they just redistributed the original Miss model, the alt nurse, Miss Pack, in plastic.
  5. Welp... Nope. So, again.... WTB Miss Anne Thrope. In box, so as not to have the wrong head and arms. I will pay cash through paypal. Make me an offer. Please. And searching for a Miss Demeanor, if any leads...
  6. WTB Miss Anne Thrope. I broke mine ?. I have cold, hard cash...
  7. So excited to proxy Asura Roten! Residents of Rottenburg is gonna be great. I'm just picturing a Mindless Zombie attacking with a Ml 5 attack and doing 2/3/4 damage and then some! Now I'm picturing them all doing it!!!
  8. We ran into a question that probably has an easy answer, but the rules we found on pg 46 on general timing in the rule book just left us scratching our heads. Rather than misword the question, two examples; 1. Mcmourning Scalpel Slings Zipp, does Zipp places 6" and then Mcmourning pushes into base contact, or does Mcmourning push and then Zipp places 6" away, and out of engagement? 2. Santiago shoots Dead Doxy, she pushes 4", out of range, can he shoot again from his trigger, or does he shoot again, then she pushes out of range? Would she push 8"?
  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been whining to my Mali-friends that I can only find a Guild Mcmourning podcast for the past 6 months. Now to listen at work.
  10. Hello. Well, Alt Francisco is on his way. Alt Perdita is painted, kissing her guns, and ready. There is no Alt Nino (as far as I know). Now I need Alt Santiago. I'm hoping they made her in plastic at some point, but either way, I would like to get my hands on Santana. Willing to pay shipping, too.
  11. I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons most of my life, and when the 4th edition rules came out, I found I suddenly needed miniatures, since it had gone battle-map. So I went to my local game store to pick some up. I wasn't a big fan of many of the Reaper line of figures my store had, but the friendly LGS salesman asked if I was interested in Malifaux. I said, "What's that?" He said, "A tabletop skirmish game that uses cards instead of dice." To which I said, "Like Warhammer, but without dice? Meh. I can't afford the Warhammer game, and if I wanted to play cards, I'd play Magic." He said, "Just check out the mini's." As a precursor: In 2007, I started playing D&D Online. World of Warcraft was everywhere, and I like to go against the grain. At this time, I had been listening to a lot of the violin/cello band Rasputina, so I named my first character (wizard/rogue) Rasputina. BTW, I still have that toon. So then, when I saw her box; a woman in an animated pose, wearing a furry top hat and goggles, followed around by ice mephits and a golem (this was when metal was still predominant), with the name Rasputina, I HAD to have her! She was my RPG sorcerer mini for awhile, but then I decided to check out the rules for this game she was from. I bought the rules only guide, talked my friend into getting Perdita, and we started teaching ourselves the game. (I actually gave another friend Rasputina's crew a while later to get him to play. Which worked. Only, I had to grab Seamus to make up for it.) Since then, I've collected a "modest" collection of models, learned to paint (poorly), listen to all the podcasts, think about the game all the time, and get mad if I can't play Malifaux at least once a week.
  12. Hunting Party is in the scheme pool, so sure....
  13. I figured you think of this list every game. I expect Ramos every time, and curse you Ramos! stupid spiders *grumble, grumble* Seven Crooligans!
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