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  1. I think he needs something like gibbering hordes has that at the start of the turn if he is your party leader he gets a free summon of bayou gremlin that don't count to the once a turn limit
  2. In my experience problem with Somer is he requires you to flood the board with models to get the buffs so your models are decent, but doesn't have the tools to both flood the board and get your usable summons out.
  3. Since Mah is now immune to her own markers I think it's a lot better. Place them before engaging or force oppents to have to take a walk action to get around them. Worst case scenario can try to heart of the cards to get the card draw.
  4. I asked this earlier in the beta and that is pretty much the answer. The active player drops their blasts first and Sparks last
  5. wizuriel

    Anti armor

    My last game I took Sparks into battle against Mei Feng (who took him against my Mah). Both our Sparks died pretty early doing nothing (his died to a rooster rider, I took him as an easy vendetta target then accidentally killed him top of turn 2) and mine died when it finally got close to the action to the mobile tool kit and forgeling
  6. Still super bummed they removed peacebringers
  7. wizuriel

    Ophelia and Kin

    Wildshot still requires the target to be in range though which is why it seems weird on a
  8. wizuriel

    Ophelia and Kin

    I'm wondering if the triggers on Raphael attacks are reversed? Wild shot on a 1seems wrong. @matt @Kyle
  9. wizuriel

    Ophelia and Kin

    For 1SS difference I personally prefer the bokor over lightning bugs. With magical influence getting the for obey isn't actually too terrible and I like the potential for aoe heal or card draw in kin. stat 5 vs 4 is also pretty nice. Getting more shielded or moving a scheme marker are both useful . Lightning bug has more offensive potential though especially against damage reduction.
  10. wizuriel

    Ophelia and Kin

    Bokor I find works well in Kin. My go to Kin list has been Ophelia + 2SS 3 Young Francois Sammy Rami Merris Raphael LaCroix Raider Bokor Usually Raider/Raph are optional being changed with Burt, Gracie or similar models
  11. Both Pere and Stuffed Pigs demise only checks if it was killed and from an attack (for stuffed pigs) so I think it would count. As for Pere though if you wanted to self destruct him that way you should be using Breath of Fire instead of Flaming Baton as it does much more damage and you only lose out on distracted 1 (which after 2/3/4 +3 damage flip and then another 3 damage chances are you won't need that distracted on the target)
  12. I don't think pigapult has that trigger and imo stuffed pigs rarely get to attack to even use it. Pere also doesn't have to declare triggers so imo just ignore it
  13. mAh careful planning the tome icon is missing
  14. Similar to how darkwing duck appears out of a puff of smoke and mystery except instead of a cloud is a giant fiery ball of death. while the enemy model is distracted by said death, the gremlin throws off his hat to reveal he's been a baayou gremlin this entire time! Wong approve of such theatrics
  15. How does sparks blasts even work if the opponent generates blasts? Opponent places their blasts and you place your spark blast afterwards connecting to the opponents blasts (activate player normally resolves effects first and assuming they would want to place the first blast(s))
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