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  1. wizuriel

    Moon Shinobi

    It also works against the very popular abilities like intimidating authority if the opponent wants to discard a card and....ummm.....Serene Countenance and...............manipulative if you don't want to wait for them to activate first
  2. wizuriel

    Moon Shinobi

    I'm noticing a trend in that happening. Still bitter Lenny lost numbskull to Archie
  3. So asylum kind of got buffed, but anyone else think they still aren't attractive?
  4. wizuriel

    Moon Shinobi

    So with Shen getting nerfed and bringing Moon Shinobi down with him, are they still worth it with drunken gremlin Kung Fu not working on damage flips?
  5. @retnab don't forget models that have analyze weakness. Quoting myself from bayou forum
  6. Bokors for healing / support Iron skeeters / Silurid for scheme running While I think Sparks is a poorly designed model he is such a hard counter to armor / scrap heavy crews that he is worth it by lack of competition
  7. That is much better than how I read it, but I still don't feel it's needed I would say making something injured 3+ is more rare because it really isn't needed to get it that high and you're better off spreading it out after injured 2. Using Grimwell in Guild or Kin in Bayou I would pretty easily get a model to injured 3+, but at injured 2 most of them will be on DF 3/4, WP 2/3 and attacking on 3/4 which is good enough to dodge most attacks and hit what I need.
  8. I almost feel stunned should go the other way and deny actions instead of triggers
  9. I feel injured 3+ making damage irreducible is going be too harsh against certain crews that rely on armor. That is going really devalue armor which models already tend to have lower stats. Now you make it more likely to hit and remove their defensive abilities with injured. I would just cap it at 2 and keep it affecting all flips until the end of their next activation
  10. Without the third bonus action he would definitely more manageable, but most of his attacks I found he was cheating pretty easily for straight or positives and then dropping my models.
  11. So I find when playing Brewmaster he is either poisoning and controlling your crew or doing damage and other things. I don't find many models can do both at the same time (only Brewmaster and Whiskey golem do both damage and poison without requiring a trigger or hitting higher than stat 4).
  12. Tri-chi -Brewmaster I feel hits like a truck and probably does too much damage. Imo his attack stats should drop to 5 and blood poison to 4. Blood poison 8 imo is just not fun espically just needing to tie the target to do full damage. Though with the change to poison I did like attacking stuff, letting them 3 poison damage and next turn just nuking them if still alive -Akaname: These models imo are broken with Asami and made pretty meh n Tri-chi. Brewmaster NEEDS a way to deal with their flicker. When Knight used them against me a single Akaname nova'd and killed a 5SS model with 1 AP. In my game it used flicker once for a scrap so I could statr summoning and another time to try and defend against Grimwell and after that it couldn't do anything or risk killing itself. -Crew felt squishy against an opponent with card draw -Moon Shinobi I feel are 100% outshined by Fermented River Monks. imo they could use more triggers on their attacks and their damage imo should really try to emphasive that severe damage with their drunken kung fu. Elite -Not sure how I would have Dealt with Agent 46. I think his damage is on the strong side, but probably okay if my opponent didn't cheat :p maybe nerf his attack stat to 5 so not so oppressive? Asylum -they seemed pretty weak. I was afraid of Grimshaw, but the rest were meh
  13. not many models in Tri-chi actually care if they are poisoned and can easily generate their own poison for Akaname to share.
  14. Going to resuggest this New Attack Action Consuming a part of your world: RG: 4 Stat: 4 Rst: - TN: 11 All models must pass a TN11 Wp duel or remove all poison on the model. For every 2 poison removed this model may discard a flicker token. It's Going to Spew!: If this model has 2 or less flicker it may take A Foul Gift action change foul gift to Gain a flicker token. Place a scrap or corpse marker into base contact with this model. If this model has 2 or less flicker it may instead place a scheme marker. This way both Brewmaster and Asami will need to be more careful and can't just use Akaname to spam scheme marker to easily do schemes, and Brewmaster crew will have a way to actually handle Akaname flicker.
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