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  1. It's a super cool model, but honestly a bit sad the lack of support Ulix got with his unicorns compared to Molly and Hamelin and even the latest Rasputina set.
  2. Big fan of her. I find her crew is pretty balanced for any schemes / strats. Usually run Ophelia (Bayou) Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Ophelia LaCroix Inferiority Complex Totem(s): Young LaCroix Young LaCroix 2 Young LaCroix 3 Hires: Sammy LaCroix Francois LaCroix Merris LaCroix Rami LaCroix Raphael LaCroix Gautraeux Bokor One going well follow Sammy around shooting her for fast, glowy and a card
  3. Just started using Zip and feel like most games been using between 4-7 Piano's. Usually use them first 2 turns
  4. wizuriel


    In my experience Spark's designed for Foundry and just an afterthought in Bayou. As Myyra mentioned his Pack with explosives is really nice, but you want it on a fast model that can engage the enemy and not blast your own models and survive a few hits (metal golem, howard Langston, emissary's are really good for this). His 6 Hostile Work Environment can really destroy certain crews (cough McMourning) that like to target themselves, but in my experience Spark's is a bit too fragile and expensive to want to be within 6" of enemy models. imo Bayou doesn't produce enough scrap that you're really going to ever use ride the rails, scrapyard mines or Now Yer a Robot more than once a game at most. Foundry though will litter the playfield with scrap letting Spark's jump in and out of troubled areas, heal constructs and make scrap yard mines. For a fun 1 time cheese list you can use packed with explosives, pigapult and stuffed pigs to throw nukes at your opponent if they fail the MV tests.
  5. I've been finding Wong's crew is pretty vulnerable to ranged crews. What do you run with him?
  6. wizuriel

    Zipp Zipp!

    Honestly not been having much luck with the infamous keyword and end up hiring a lot of out of keyword models or versatile. Zipp is a great independent master though and infamous doesn't really synergize amongst itself. Usually look at something like this New Captain Zipp Crew (Bayou) Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Captain Zipp Totem(s): Earl Burns Hires: The First Mate Merris LaCroix War Pig Inferiority Complex Slop Hauler Flying Piglet Whiskey Golem References: Piglet
  7. Mainly card draw and she is a fast model that can throw a wrench into your opponents schemes. What I usually do with her is if anyone gets a wild shot trigger to ping the damage on her. That gives her a glowy token, fast and a card. If she has the health I've also had young LaCroix just following her around and shot her to give her all the above (if you relent chances are they will just do 1 damage). Using a glowy token Sammy has the suit to turn an enemy scheme marker into a stuffed/flying pig denying them schemes or at range can stack injured and bury a model with Jynx and Glimpse of the Void Trigger.
  8. Such as? I haven't been playing much guild in 3e, but don't see much that can reliably put out staggered to help grimwell
  9. wizuriel


    Failed Experiment: When this model would reduce its Df and Wp from the injuried condition it instead increased it by that amount. So in theory you can get them up to injured X and have an insane Df and Wp for 1 round (since you lose all injured at end of the round), but since the test subjects will still take the 1 damage from being in a pit trap you will leave them at 1 wound remaining and at the start of next round they jump back down to Df4 and Wp2. Since they are a 30mm base with a 0" engagement range not sure what you're really going to do with an insane Df & Wp from Failed Experiment.
  10. out of curiosity what kind of infamous lists do you play? generally I find them pretty hard to make crews for. Generally I pick my crew more for strategy / opponents master / schemes but in a nutshell Plant Explosives: Tricksy, rooster riders can get deep to drop bombs and pit traps can protect my bombs. Turf War / Reckoning: Kin, I find they are pretty tanky to not give up points / markers and good at killing. Take a few fast models to grab markers or drop schemes Corrupted Idols: Tri-Chi / Big Hat: Tri Chi have the healing and announce factor on getting the idols and Big Hat can summon fodder to annoy the opponent. I also like Wong in Turf War / Reckoning depending on enemy master and schemes
  11. Just curious what you were doing in this match that Sammy draw so many cards? Personally I've found Levi very hard to play as him and Rusty just nuke models to death before you have a chance to heal them and all the irrudicible damage his crew does gets around shielded, stones and infused body. Sammy and Big Brain Brin seems a lot of SS in support
  12. Just curious but what do people feel are key models with Sonnia? I feel like I have a ton of Guild, yet no crews that are really usable right now
  13. 3E kind of left me in a weird position. I have a lot of crews, but few that I feel I have enough to really play Painted Guild: Every master except Base. I feel can field Hoffman and maybe Lady Justice, Sonnia and Perdita but missing a few key models for each crew Arcanist: Rasputina, though missing too many models to use Neverborn: Dreamer and Nekima. Can field Dreamer not sure on Nekima Bayou: Sommer, Ophelia, Zipp, Wong, Mah, Brewmaster. Can field Mah, Ophelia, Brewmaster and Wong 10T: Lynch, though no where near enough to actually field him
  14. Costs are paid after declaring, but before a duel (step 2 resolving actions of 23). I don't think there is anything preventing you from declaring from beyond to gain a flicker and to the duel then remove the flicker to pay for dust devil
  15. wizuriel


    Problem with Mah running a fake foundry crew is if you just run it as foundry with Mei Feng you get the same gameplay, but it's much stronger as she supports the play style.
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