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  1. wizuriel

    Black Friday 2018

    Disappointing there is no follow up with the Ulix Nightmare crew, but that is a very pretty Reva model.
  2. wizuriel

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Hard to say without looking at models on how bad themed forced will be. Currently models like Ophelia's kin and Mah have very few models. Personally kind of wish they would have broken the factions up more, but guess this might be the same thing if we get new models to give you a choice when hiring. At a min would expect each master / theme to have 2 henchmen 2-3 enforcers 3-4 minions Which I currently feel few masters can pull off. Personally I liked the way warmahordes 2E handled fluffy crews and story changes, but agree their implementation was off (themed forces were either op or useless and rarely a good in between)
  3. So with the announcement of 3rd edition I noticed everyone's favourite named Guardsman has been promoted to a master. I remember when Dashel was a lowly (totem) drill sergeant, He distinguished himself on the field of battle and earned himself a name / Henchman status and finally has risen up to join those he used to work under as their equal. So props to Dashel who proves that even lowly redshirts can make it to the big leagues.
  4. wizuriel

    Family Ortega,tactical topic

    This thread was necro'd from before book 5. /me calls with Death Marshals to deal with the Resser
  5. wizuriel

    Nightmare Ulix box

    I like it, but really hope to see a black Friday follow up with piglets and warpig
  6. wizuriel

    Our worst models

    The trick isn't to buff Ophelia so she is stronger than Somer as much as buff her so she isn't just a weaker version of Somer and has more of a niche. Comparing the 2 Things Somer does better -Slightly better stats with +1HT (good for LOS and prevent devour) -More crew support built into his card by giving suits and card draw -More consistent damage by having an extra 2" range, being able to add to his attack, Bayou 2 card and with Sammy + Encourgement easy -better defensive trigger -Better totem (imo skeeters are more useful than Young Lacroix) Ophelia does better -More defensive with Plink -Can fight in close combat (though with Somer's version of squeel he won't stay stuck in combat unless you really messed up your activations) -Slight advantage to hit with +1SH and easy access to double -more cheap actovations What Somer can do Ophelia can't -Summon -Destroy enemy crews with Bigger Hat What Ophelia can do Somer can't -Flexible with her upgrades (though most of them imo have a meh attack, the tacticals are good). Though takes a fair amount of resources to set this up and limits her upgrade slots severly -Ophelia can help her crew with pushes & trash markers -Setup strong alpha strikes with companion -With a convolated method can also heal and drop scheme markers with trash markers (again by really limiting her upgrade slots and only helps Kin models which really need a good minion) Overall I feel Somer does better damage, more threatening, more useful crew support and summoning really opens up his flexibility. He isn't as upgrade dependent as Ophelia so can take Liquid Bravery and dirty cheater to really up his defense and staying power. Ophelia on the other hand is faster and better scheming (something Gremlin's are generally just very good at) and will probably survive concentrated fire better than Somer. Personally imo Somer's damage should probably be nerfed to make him more of a support master and Ophelia more the damage dealer.
  7. wizuriel

    Monday Preview - Hucksters

    Snakeoil.....! I got snakeoil for sale!
  8. wizuriel

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    Personally I find in HH your opponent will hold on to a card rather than give you reactivate on old major. Though dropping for effigy/survivor + saddle is probably a good trade
  9. wizuriel

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    Old Major + Gracie + Hog whisperer + Slop Hauler. If your opponent doesn't have a way around armor and you can keep the slop hauler safe this list can do some fun things with reactivate
  10. wizuriel

    Master Tactica?

    Lucius wants a word with you
  11. Strat: Supply Wagon Schemes: Dig Their Graves (I took), Guarded Treasure, Inescpable Trap (both took), Take Prisoner (he took on Abuela), Public Demonstration I took Leader: Perdita Ortega (5SS) Trick Shooting 2ss Fastest Draw in Malifaux 1ss Enslaved Nephilim 3ss Francisco Ortega 8ss Wade In 1ss Phiona Gage 8ss Transparency 1ss Abuela Ortega 7ss Brutal Effigy 4ss Guild Pathfinder 6ss Thalarian Queller 6ss Was against a Yan Lo crew. Phiona, the enslaved nephilim and Abuela pretty easy got the wagon up the board in turn 2 (Phiona would push it, use Abuela 0's to push her than walk, Abuela would obey Phiona to interact again, walk and interact then the enslaved Nephilim kept them together to do similar thing next turn). The pathfinder really messed up my opponents plan by blocking his paths. Francisco + Queller + Perdita managed to take down Yan Lo. Won 10-3
  12. wizuriel

    Zipp + Fingers = Overkill?

    Personally I prefer stilts over fingers than using an iron skeeter. Making him Ht2 helps get more in his Aura and he is fast enough to still get into position with just reckless and walking. Zipp can also use his 0 to push him. For some reason I find people in my meta don't like Fingers and often put a lot of effort in killing him. Fingers eat stones like candy
  13. wizuriel

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    So thoughts on these guys? @Franchute: Joss + Mobile Toolkit + Sanctioned Spellcaster = 10 + 3 + 5 = 18SS
  14. wizuriel

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    So travelling for 2 weeks than sick for 1 week doesn't give me much time to paint. Spent all today working on 3 models which I can hopefully finish in time
  15. wizuriel

    State of Gremlins in GG18

    Gremlins do have a pretty big divide between good/useful models and very situational / meh models, but I do believe we have a better hiring pool than people say. Master wise the top 3 are: Somer, Wong and Zipp. These 3 should be able to cover any schemes and strats and work pretty well against any faction. Mah, Ophelia and Ulix are pretty situational, but not terrible picks. I would personally avoid Brewmaster and Zoraida. Model wise we tend to have a few staples: Damage / Support / healing: Lightning Bugs, Slop Haulers Scheme runners: Fingers, Trixie, First Mate, Merris, anything with reckless Damage: Burt, Gracie, Swine Cursed (especially with Wong), Francois, Taxadermist, Raphael Supply Wagon pushing: Gracie, Whiskey Golem Movement: Gracie, Iron Skeeters Cheap activations: Surviviors, Bayou Gremlins Card Draw: Banjoistas (With Somer), Criers (more general, but shine with Mah) Other: Sammy Play wise Gremlins tend to play win hard or fold fast. I find most of the games my crew will be pretty decimated by turn 4 or 5 and I either have a good lead to survive that last turn, or I lose badly. Their strengths are flexibility with reckless giving them an extra AP, pretty card efficient compared to most factions and great damage. Their cons tend to be they don't stay on the board long between lower stats than average and a lot of abilities that hurt themselves (granted some models with Fingers can be exceptions to this).