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  1. off topic, but reminds me of a bloodbowl game I played ages ago. Before the game started some random roll decided an audience member would throw a rock and attack one of my guys, rolled boxed cars on the damage and before the game started my bull centraur was killed. After the half time I got the same result on the dice and once again the audience member throw a rock at the corpse of my poor bull centraur. End of the game the random roll of the MVP for that match was my bull centraur that had 0 actual play time on the field.
  2. deployment: Corner strat: Turf War Schemes: Hold up their forces Take Prisoner Deliver a message (both took) Power Ritual Search the ruins (both took) my list: Ophelia + 5SS + inferiority complex 3x Young LaCroix Francois Merris Rami Raphael Sammy Bokor opponent Von Schill steam trunk Arik Lazarus Midnight Stalker Freikorpsmann Freikorps Scout Freikorps Librarian Game ended 5 - 4 for me (both scored full for Deliver a message and 2 points for turf war, I got 1 for search the ruins). Highlights Ophelia in 1 activation killed the midnight stalker twice Raphael and the scout had a shoot out which eventually he won Merris and a fast Sammy did a good job schemeing (got her to charge Von Schill and using glowy get her trigger) low points Young LaCroix after turn 2 are more a hinderance to my crew then a help Francois continues his streak of never hitting an enemy model Lazarus in the middle of the board is scary, I couldn't do enough damage to kill him with armor and shielded and a Librarian healing him and the gernades gets around Flinch and the Bugger They Are
  3. so some interesting tidbit of information I saw in the Neverborn forum, Disengage is an action which Crowd Control could prevent.
  4. A lot of people (myself included) missed the discard was a cost. They would use Intuition to put a 7+ on top of the deck, perform the duel and then discard the card then discard 10 cards.
  5. For anyone that doesn't follow Facebook Alexanderiel Lam noticed something very interesting with BBB. The discard 10 cards for calculating the possibilities is a cost of the abilitity so when BBB uses this he actually discards the 10 cards first, then flips to see if the action passes and the card used to cast remains In Conflict until the action is fully resolved and can not be shuffled back (guessing cheated card also) I've been playing this wrong for a long time
  6. wizuriel

    Som'er vs Ulix

    That is correct
  7. wizuriel

    Som'er vs Ulix

    If Somer isn't your leader you only have 2 Drunk and Stupid cards to summon with for him. The only way to get more than 2 models is each time you summon to also stone for the or so you can discard the summon upgrade and use it in a future summon
  8. Flank Strat: Corrupted Idols Schemes: Power ritual Vendetta (rooster rider vs wokou raider) assassinate (both took) break through detonate charges (he took) my list Mah + 5ss little lass brin Trixie 2x rooster riders + inferiority complex 2x bushwhackers His list Parker Doc Mitchell Mad Dog Sue 2x Woku Raiders 3x Bandido Game ended 5 - 3 for me (scored 1 vendetta, 2 assassinate 2 strat, opponent got 2 strat and 1 assassinate). Highlights First turn Mad Dog blow up 2 of my pit traps and with fast walked and charged my bushwhacker with run and gun, but unfortunately left him in range of Trixie so the other bushwhacker walked and dropped a pit trap between him and Trixie and then Trixie lured him into and out of the pit trap within range of a rooster rider who brought him down to hard to kill first turn very seperated from his crew. Brin stacking the odds so a few turns I got the RJ twice Bushwhackers killing so many things by pushing them into traps. problems: Sue and a wokou raider killed both my rooster riders (with Parkers help) letting them sit pretty uncontested in 1 corner where all the strategy markers where appearing. The little lass when I tried to threaten the 1hp wokou raider died before she could even lift her spoon in his direction. Little lass spent 3 turns failing to yell at people before she got killed by the wokou raider.
  9. I tend to pretty routinely include bokor's in a lot of my bayou lists. Beyond that I don't think you need anything not covered in theme. On that note though Bayou has some really good OOK models that you can just throw into any list (Bokors, Whiskey Golem, first mate, Brin would be the big 4 that come to mind, after that probably going be more varied)
  10. Tricksy could probably cover most strats / schemes alone 😛 Kin are pretty flexible also, very killy and Ophelia is a great counter to nearly everything that wants to try and live (though terrifying can be annoying for her)
  11. Being launched by a pigapult prevents you interacting that turn. Also with the Ophelia lists I wouldn't worry about the bokor giving focus if you pass. He can only do it to swampfiend or wizz-bang models (so him) and they don't have a great attack. More an issue if he gets glowy to use it for obeys with glowy giving the mask
  12. Strat: Plant explosives Cornor deployment Schemes: Power ritual (both took) Vendetta Take Prisoner (I took against Komainu) Deliver a message (he took) Break through my list Zipp + 6ss Earl First Mate War pig + Inferiority complex Slop Hauler whiskey Golem Merris opponent (off memory) Yan-lo Toshiro Izamu Chiaki Ashigaru Komainu Mindless zombie 1 more model Game ended 6-5 I scored 2 for power ritual, 1 for take prisoner and 3 from strat Opponent got 1 from power ritual, 1 from deliver a message and 3 from strat Was a really bloody game. I dominated the first few turns holding up his force just outside his deployment zone, but between the healing of the crew, the tankiness and damage he eventually killed all my crew but Merris and Earl. Some key moments: I summoned a piglet on T4 that chased down the Komainu on T5. Opponent had 1 attack to kill him to deny me take prisoner and get a point for the strat and red jokered the damage whiskey at WP5 can't make a TN11 terrifying flip T3 Yan-lo can eliminate a model while healing all the damage the whiskey golem does.
  13. The second step of the initiative flip is you can cheat it (pg 20) so it should be based off the final card used generally most tricksy models I find will die before healing will really help them (or in the case of rooster riders you want them to be at half health to turn them into machine guns of death). Bushwhackers I find are much better than survivors. From the shadows lets you place them to start to scheme turn 2 with stealth keeping them safe if you want to play them more aggressively. With stealth and ignoring cover they can usually take some nice potshots without much fear of retaliation. If an enemy gets close I usually drop a pit trap to block their charge lane (unless they want to go through the pit trap which is usually very painful). I've also killed things doing a focused shot and cheating in a to push the enemy into a pit trap. I usually take 2 in my Mah lists which lets me drop 3 pit traps after deployment. Unless the enemy took something like blow it to hell (or is playing Zipp), 3 pit traps can really hinder how fast most models can get around the board.
  14. So been trying to play Brewmaster more since I see a few people on this forum that love him and for the life of me I really can't seem to get his party started. I find one of my issues is I really struggle to hand out poison. I usually find a lot of my crew either doesn't really hand out poison the way I want, or I'm using a lot of AP to setup the poison game that most crews could use just to kill the enemy model. Looking at the tri-chi models Akaname: I love these guys and feel they hit way out of their weight class (espically for Asami), but if they are targeted usually die to 1 focus shot or will self destruct. Most games what I find is they start summoning a scrap / scheme depending on scheme and if I bring cooper and poison some of my own guys. Eventually they will engage an enemy model within 2" by outside their range and slow/poison them. My opponent will realize what a pain they are and something will focus to shoot in combat and cheat for the severe damage to 1 shot them. Apprentice Wesley: Is pretty much gold for a totem, but DF4 and 4 wds does down fast Cooper Jones: I want to like her, but she doesn't hand out poison and I feel I spend a lot of AP for her to summon in gamin (which I know works out SS wise, but it's a lot of resources and starting to wonder if it's a trap). Usually with her I try to setup 1st turn that she ends with 4 poison so next turn can summon in a whiskey gamin with 4/5 wds remaining (so usually she will double walk and either akaname will pulse poison to her and other models will walk and charge her). Finger: Too expensive imo. A small favour on a attack I find means he is using 2 AP and his bonus action and a to obey a friendly model. Using it on an enemy is pretty meh since the enemy is engaged and doesn't consider him friendly there isn't that much useful actions I've found using it on an enemy. Engaging an enemy and using One More Question I've found is pretty useful, but just doesn't seem to be what I want fingers for. A Toast I find though is amazing in a Brewmaster crew and wish other models had ways to obey him to get more uses out of it. Since fingers himself doesn't use poison on him using Brewmaster to small favour him on the lure with a just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Fingers wants to try and make enemies lives miserable but without agile or don't mind me I find he gets stuck not where he wants too easily (though I will admit I'm comparing him too much to his 2E self which was a bit over the top). Moon Shinobi: Usually die pretty fast for me as I have had terrible luck with them. In theory they should be okay models hitting outside their weight class with Drunken Kung Fu, but if they don't kill what they are targeting. they will die very quickly in retaliation. Popcorn Turner: Also a must take imo. More sources of Alcohol Poisoning is pretty great. Unless he puts poison on enemy models though I find he can die faster than you want and his attacks only have a 25-50% chance to apply poison before stones/cheating I find he needs to run with another model to help him out, but with Mv6 and On The Move nothing else in Tri Chi can really keep up with him (and the crew really fits over those cards). Whiskey Gamin: Normally like to summon these guys in, but starting to think might be better to hire them than try to spend the resources on Cooper Jones to summon them in. I usually use Gamin to scheme for me. In theory I want to like Moonshine Dispenser to spread poison, but find that since most of Brewmasters crew hands out poison in that they need to use their AP to focus to shoot into combat (or have wesley or a tanuki to baby sit them to give them focus) Whiskey Golem: A fantastic model imo that I normally take ook. With nimble and min 3 + poison I usually use him pretty independently to flatten enemy models as opposed to try and control them. Fermented River Monk: Haven't used, imo they look like a flat out better pick than Moon Shinobi for the same price. Just don't have the models or cards Tanuki: their DF trigger is gold, but they die very easily and can't really poison the enemy crew, The focus from them can really help with Gamin shooting into combat or getting that initial hit from Brewmaster. Though Wesley on a 7 can heal 2, give focus and condition removal. Honourary Tri Chi models Trixie: I really like the 2nd lure in brewmaster, and her main attack just works so well with brewmaster as she can slow someone and give Brewmaster extra attacks to lay the drink down on whatever Brewmaster has invited to the party. Usually run the 2 of them together to start a party wherever is a convenient lure range to make the opponents life drunk. I find playing Tri Chi you really want to get a model at 3+ poison, but since most things only do 1 or 2 poison getting that 3rd poison is very hard. I want to hire models like Tanuki,cooper ect but then find I don't have enough reliable ways to hand out poison outside of triggers.
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