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  1. wizuriel


    Failed Experiment: When this model would reduce its Df and Wp from the injuried condition it instead increased it by that amount. So in theory you can get them up to injured X and have an insane Df and Wp for 1 round (since you lose all injured at end of the round), but since the test subjects will still take the 1 damage from being in a pit trap you will leave them at 1 wound remaining and at the start of next round they jump back down to Df4 and Wp2. Since they are a 30mm base with a 0" engagement range not sure what you're really going to do with an insane Df & Wp from Failed Experiment.
  2. out of curiosity what kind of infamous lists do you play? generally I find them pretty hard to make crews for. Generally I pick my crew more for strategy / opponents master / schemes but in a nutshell Plant Explosives: Tricksy, rooster riders can get deep to drop bombs and pit traps can protect my bombs. Turf War / Reckoning: Kin, I find they are pretty tanky to not give up points / markers and good at killing. Take a few fast models to grab markers or drop schemes Corrupted Idols: Tri-Chi / Big Hat: Tri Chi have the healing and announce factor on getting the idols and Big Hat can summon fodder to annoy the opponent. I also like Wong in Turf War / Reckoning depending on enemy master and schemes
  3. Just curious what you were doing in this match that Sammy draw so many cards? Personally I've found Levi very hard to play as him and Rusty just nuke models to death before you have a chance to heal them and all the irrudicible damage his crew does gets around shielded, stones and infused body. Sammy and Big Brain Brin seems a lot of SS in support
  4. Just curious but what do people feel are key models with Sonnia? I feel like I have a ton of Guild, yet no crews that are really usable right now
  5. 3E kind of left me in a weird position. I have a lot of crews, but few that I feel I have enough to really play Painted Guild: Every master except Base. I feel can field Hoffman and maybe Lady Justice, Sonnia and Perdita but missing a few key models for each crew Arcanist: Rasputina, though missing too many models to use Neverborn: Dreamer and Nekima. Can field Dreamer not sure on Nekima Bayou: Sommer, Ophelia, Zipp, Wong, Mah, Brewmaster. Can field Mah, Ophelia, Brewmaster and Wong 10T: Lynch, though no where near enough to actually field him
  6. Costs are paid after declaring, but before a duel (step 2 resolving actions of 23). I don't think there is anything preventing you from declaring from beyond to gain a flicker and to the duel then remove the flicker to pay for dust devil
  7. wizuriel


    Problem with Mah running a fake foundry crew is if you just run it as foundry with Mei Feng you get the same gameplay, but it's much stronger as she supports the play style.
  8. Thralls! The model is just very boring for what they are. Handlers are also pretty weird for what they are
  9. Took Ophelia + inferiority Complex + 3ss Francois + inferiority complex Sammy Raph Rami Merris Sammy 3x Young against Levi + 5ss Rusty Alyce Marlena Ashes & Dust Hodgepodge effigy + upgrade Necropunk + Servant of Dark Powers Prospector was Reckoning with detonate charges, dig their graves (me), hold up their forces, take prisoner (him), power ritual (both of us). Had to call the game end of Turn 4 when the score was 4-2, but imo I was in a good position to tie up the game in turn 5 Really struggling against Levi in Reckoning as nothing in his crew really gives points for killing it (Levi is next to impossible to kill, Ashes & Dust and hollow waifs are worth nothing and the rest of the crew hides behind Levi, Rusty Alyce and Ashes & Dust)
  10. Full Load prevents you taking interact actions until the end phase, criers can't get around that
  11. This is a 1 trick list that if the opponent suspects you will lose. I've played it in beta and anything fast can kill the pigapult pretty easily in which case your list falls apart. If going to run it I would personally do it under Wong for glowy stuffed pigs. First turn you can easily get glowy 2 on the stuffed pigs to increase the mv test to 13 instead of 11 leaving must models over a 50% chance to fall to top deck to pass
  12. My normal crew for Mah is Mah +5ss Little lass Trixie Brin 2x bushwhackers 2x rooster riders with inferiority complex General idea is use the bushwhackers to lay down pit traps and scheme Trixie to lure stuff into the open and +1 init Brin mainly just for the cards And as mentioned rooster riders to just kill things.
  13. Just curious what are people fielding with Sonia they consider her a top master. She looks powerful, but her crew seems kind of meh
  14. I'm actually pretty shocked from a fluff point of view he isn't versatile
  15. Wong + 2GIAGS Olivia Sammy 2 swine cursed 2 bokor Lightning Bug Mechanized porkchop 3SS Took against a leveticus list Turf war Leylines Dig their graves Take prisoner Assassinate Claim jump Got tables end of turn 4. Ended up getting shoot off the board between leveticus and rusty Alice. Didn't help couldn't flip anything and opponent kept getting modrrate / severes so stuff died before had any chance to heal anything. Score would have been 4/5 - 0
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