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  1. I think of Obedient Wretch as a 5ss tax on Hamelin. You don't hire Hamelin without her nor you do hire OW without the mad piper. If you think of it this way, evaluating her becomes less straighforward. As I said, Blight mechanic isn't intrinsically bad; quite opposite: give Hamelin more tools (in terms of new models) and Bleeding Disease may become an offender. Currently, it's strength is mitigated by the amount of resources you need to invest into it to make it work consistently over the course of the game (it's not uncommon to nuke a 10+ ss model on turn one, but it's hard to do that turn by turn). If you evaluate an action, you simply have to take all circumstances into account.
  2. I am a huge fan of Anna, she's always an MVP of my Reva crews. The core of my usual crew consists of Anna w/GST, Carrion Emissary, Shieldbearer and Restless Spirit, but in the given scenario Emissary needs to be replaced with Vincent, and thus Anna becomes less appealing (she likes that additional exploding zombie). So I would probably consider giving up on her and take Dead Rider for Ruthless and mobility. You can also go very elite, playing Anna, Rider, Vincent, Shieldbearer and Restless Spirit. With killer Instinct on Reva you are left with 6ss. I like the list in the post above, but it misses Ruthless.
  3. well, that's not how it works, at least not for me. unless I get completely screwed by cards I am usually able to put at least 4 blight tokens on selected target on turn one and that's usually before I activate Obedient Wretch to finish it off. Blight isn't as ineffective as you present it and certainly has a potential to become broken in the future (if new models are released which give a lot of Blight easily), but for now it's not as strong as people may think after their first game against Hamelin.
  4. people I play against sometimes complain that bleeding disease is too strong because I have two-shoted their master or some other important model. what they fail to see is that a) I put a lot of effort and actions to stack that bleeding, and b) I lost the game anyway, because I didn't use these actions elsewhere.
  5. yeah, it would make no sense if they keep Undead characteristic. but I prefer Incorporeal over Undead even if my master can make use of corpse markers! Especially if I can create them in other ways.
  6. Have you been told by your friends that Reva received a solid buff in the recent errata? if not, check her new card at wyrd-games.net or in crewbuilder app. From the two masters you've picked up Seamus is both stronger and easier to pilot, as he has a simple basic action pattern (teleport in - concentrate - shot - teleport out) and can work independently from the rest of the crew, while Reva relies on synergies. Focusing on him during the learning period is probably a good idea, since playing him can feel very rewarding. Just don't forget to Concentrate before each shot
  7. Umbra's models are aesthetically similar to existing Ressurectionists models, but the concept behind them is that of darkness, not death. There was this idea rejected in XVIII or XIX century that darkness has it's own substance (as opposed to it being a result of the lack of light) - maybe it will be featured in Umbra's lore. So your zombie explorer is still a possibility
  8. same here. i'm still using it mainly to play against myself, as we have a baby and I can't really justify being at home and not taking care of her if she needs me not sure if my opponent would be happy to wait 20 minutes until I put her to sleep or something like that. but I agree that its much better than I anticipated.
  9. First of all, our subforum is and always was (as far as I can remember) the least active. It could sometimes go without any activity for week or more. [Side note: This has changed to some degree after Maniacal Cackle joined the game, as (s)he posts a lot (which I greatly appreciate).] So if we do not discuss a master it doesn't mean he does not see any play. I would even say that very often the opposite is the case: once everyone knows what's the meta, underperforming crews get more attention than top tier crews (like now happens with Reva). Speaking of Yan Lo specifically, I think he might be underrepresented among RES players (if he really is, I don't know if that's true) due to the lack of Gokudos (some people are reluctant to go Mindless Zombie route and proxies are not always a way to go for them), the fact that many players don't own him yet (he was really bad for the most part of 2ed) and the fact that almost every RES keyword is competetively viable, so no one attracts much more attention than others. Anyway, I am happy that you've joined Yan Lo Bros. He's among my favs since wave 5 of 2ed and his new design is like he should have been from the beginning!
  10. that's what I do, but I don't think it's enough after errata. now I have more incentive to hire Lampad (I haven't done that so far), but it does not make him/her stronger, only more hireable. that's why I would like to have a cheap model that sets things on fire, not one that costs 8 stones. it does not need to be Lampad, it can be something entirely new - I was speaking about my hypothetical ideal world and added that I do know it's not going to happen.
  11. Lampads could be burning generators for your own models, to satisfy the need of more burning for the new Reva. In my ideal world they are redesigned as 5 or 6 ss support minion with scheming potential, damage track lowered to 1/2/3 and added trigger on their melee to make models in pulse take Mv duel or gain burning (mainly to set your own crew on fire on turn one). However, I know that changes so fundamental are not to be expected. As for Vincent, I also think he is almost fine. With new Reva it would be probably better if he was giving burning in pulse instead of shielded. Cremation is simply very bad action (unless it's on a very cheap model), only really good triggers can help it. Surge is probably one of the best ideas.
  12. Any change to Revenant models should imo take into account the implications of recent changes to Reva, i.e. the increased need of burning on friendly models.
  13. Not sure if Deso is worth it. Have you already tried it? Personally, I haven't, but I have played against it several times and ALWAYS was able to kill it very quickly. I don't recall it having any serious impact on the game, except the fact that I had to take it into account and figure out how to neutralize it in the most effective way. I'm not saying it to brag, just expressing my lack of confidence in this model. I am also sceptical about Montresor. He seems to bring very little for his cost outside the keyword. As I understand, you're looking for non-ranged tarpit, which excludes Mad Dog and Alyce; have you been thinking of Barbaros? He is a tarpit by design.
  14. With proper set up Seamus can do two focused shots for 2 ap and three melee slaps (one from his Ability, the other two for his regular actions) in one activation. Even if LJ stones for negative, Seamus can still flip two moderates (that's not so uncommon) or even two severes from his deck. Once I was able to kill Lucius and Dashel in one game and it costed me only 5 shots from Seamus (no jokers involved). I'm not saying that situations like that occur to me commonly (actually it was my most glorious moment with Seamus), but that's something that at some point can happen to anyone.
  15. Does the Interact that lets the model move o Loadstone token from one model to another involve targeting either of the models? There is no word "target" in the description, but maybe it's taken for granted? I am asking because Hostile Work Enviroment could be a pretty good Ability in that Strategy if it involves targeting.
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