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  1. She's a huge improvement over her OG version, who is, let's be clear on that, among the worst designed masters in this edition. Creating Ice Pillars via bonus action is how it should be from the beginning. What I like the most is that she makes other models better too. Wendigo was a very weak totem (ever tried to create an ice pillar with him?), now it's great being able to use northern winds easily. Ice Golem needed suboptimal models to support it's mobility, now it needs nothing except northern winds from Raspy and Wendi. Not to mention that there will be more ice pillars aka corpse markers for him to heal, boost his damage or make his hazardous aura stronger. On the other hand, new Rasputina is very susceptible to counterplay, as her crew relies on armor and shielded and she's very vulnerable if Stunned. And Kaltgeists are absurdly good.
  2. after looking at all effigies I came to a conclusion that you want most of them. Shadow, Hodgepodge and Intrepid seem to be high priority purchases, Arcane is good if you don't bring Serena or if you need as many condition removals as possible, Carrion is good against some crews or in certain scenarios (set up a kill of a soulstone user), the rest can be probably skipped.
  3. yeah, at first glance his attack looks like nothing special, but a) Stunned can be very potent against some models as it basically turns them off or makes them very, very vulnerable (btw. I wonder how impactful will be releasing more and more models that can apply Stunned for the meta) and b) range 2'' is really frustrating to deal with. Not to mention all those scenarios when you catch someone off the guard and deal 6 damage in single attack. It reminds me of Execute on Kirai's and Seamus melee attacks: "Have you played against Kirai already?" "Yes, many times, I know what she does" [three turns laters] "So, you tell me you have no cards nor stones? Ok then: walk, walk, charge, your master is dead."
  4. I think it's the laziest design ever It puts the entire Fading mechanic on its head. You should rather get some compensation for having an empty hand, like positives to flips or something else what increases survivability of your Keyword models or punishes enemy for engaging in opposite duels with them.
  5. I am really excited for the first batch of nerfs to your shiny-shiny faction... 😈 beside that, I can't wait to get my ordered DUA/Umbra boxes. Ivan has one of my favourite sculpts in the game so far - he's going to be a blast to paint!
  6. I have watched the game and enjoyed every minute of it. Well deserved victory.
  7. If other TT keywords are not aesthetically appealing to you, then you should probably stick to English Ivan. In any case you should know that Youko's profile has been entirely reworked in the latest errata. The way Malifaux is played is that players declare masters before they compose their crews. If your Colette (who was also heavily changed in the last errata btw.) friend knows what is coming (s)he has to adjust and pick other models. I understand that (s)he may not have a large collection yet, but the very nature of the game requires having at least some options. Having said that, Ivan is indeed a very strong master, and Colette used to be one of the strongest (not sure how she fares now after the nerf), but in competitive scene she was played mainly with models outside of her keyword, so if your friend stays mainly in keyword (s)he may get different impression (especially if you insist on playing the latest, i.e. nerfed, version of Colette's profile). Anyway, I hope you will find the way to make the game enjoyable for everyone.
  8. check out English Ivan's crew box for a Lovecraftian vibe (edit: no tentacles tho). Midnight Stalker is also great miniature for an RPG set in urban enviroment in early 20th century.
  9. I don't know what masters do you play, but summoners and masters who are effective killers can really dominate 35 ss format. If you already know yours and your opponents models then jumping directly into 50ss game may not be that overwhelming as it seems.
  10. Cool design overall, but especially passive summoning mechanics. can't wait to give her a try, I was never a fan of traditional summoners.
  11. A small thing I have just noticed: Big Jake's card is missing "Sz" abbreviation in the circle on the front.
  12. now I understand why they didn't buff Rasputina. they probably figured out that she's beyond redemption and it's easier to replace it with entirely new profile 5 mv, teleporting to ice pillars, creating few of them at the start of the game for free, drawing a lot of cards and showering battlefield with frozen corpses for her keyword models to eat
  13. great! we will see how nerfed Kirai performs in hands of an experienced player.
  14. do I understand correctly that you cannot use Paralyzing Kunai outside charge action? anyway, Stunned is very powerful against some models, it can basically turn them off for a turn (Youko for example), so I would definitely rate this upgrade high, even if it's matchup dependant.
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