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  1. The game is balanced around 50ss, which means that judging it's damage potential you must take into consideration not only her basic crew (which is, I assume, Molly, Nanny and Crooligans), but also other Forgotten models, like Archie and Rogue Necromancy, both strong melee beaters.
  2. well, it probably depends on your understanding of "mad mobility". They can place themselves to any Forgotten Enforcer, Henchman or Molly at the start of they turn regardless of LoS and distance - that meets the defintion of mad mobility in my book. And yes, they're not fully independent in that mobility, but if your Enforcers, Henchmen or Molly are in a walking distance of the point where you can score or deny a VP (and in many imaginable scenarios at least one of them will be), then it is also not that situational as one may think.
  3. that zombie with hammer is certainly a crooked man.
  4. "An intermediate miniature painter", huh? Man, your freehands are stunning! I encourage you to post more photos in "Miniature showcase" subforum!
  5. The thing you miss is that you can't attach that upgrade to your own models.
  6. Apologies if this was already discussed, but shouldn't Seamus action A Cause for Celebration be without range? Discarding a corpse is optional, so I would intuitively include that information to the text in italics: "This model may remove target Corpse Marker within 2'' on the enemy table half".
  7. Hello everyone! Long time no see. After several months of not playing our favourite miniature game I have finally decided that the late open beta is the best moment to reintroduce myself to the game slowly. Obviously, I feel a bit lost at the moment, as every model is new for me, so I am here to get some advice (if not the whole list) from you guys. To put it shortly, I would like to start with two masters, Molly and Jack Daw, as they were my first masters in M2E in their respective factions and they really attracted me (and still attract) aesthetically, even if they turned out not to be the most competitive choices. So my questions are: what are they good at S&S wise? What are your usual cores with these masters? What are their specific strengths and weaknesses? Do you often bring another master with them and if so, whom? And last but not least: what has happened to my boy Hayreddin? 😪
  8. Peasant gives Sniper focus, Sniper activates, shoots, focuses for (0) and shoots again.
  9. I have the same concern, especially after talking to people who actually test 3rd edition. I do believe that having two will be a competitive minimum.
  10. Yup. It happened to me several times that Katanaka Sniper within Kang's aura range took down Belle on turn one before she has even activated. The fact is that if someone decides to attack Belle it is because he has good chance to take her down in two AP, otherwise people just ignore them.
  11. I am a bit dissapointed with Kirai, as her dress is totally European..... Lawyers look pretty cool thou.
  12. I don't like the idea of having two masters in one crew from purely aesthetical reasons, but I think it can be balanced by a) high cost of the second master, b) some limitations imposed on him (there can be only one Leader, after all). But yeah, I don't see why it is going to be introduced apart of novelty for novelty's sake.
  13. Not sure if someone has already noticed, but in Perdita's description we read: "Her thematic crew possesses the Bravado ability, which allows them to discard their Pass Tokens to become Focused, effectively allowing them to sacrifice activation control for pure damage." So, they're going to implement a mechanic to overcome the importance of activation control - model-specific Pass Tokens. Interesting.
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