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  1. this game is completely broken at smaller points. masters with huge damage output can wipe out enemy crew really fast. summoners have obvious advantage. this format is ok if one person is a newbie and the other adjusts his crew for a balanced game.
  2. My proposals regarding Rasputina: * Change or expand her leader Ability with one of the following: if an Ice Pillar is removed by an enemy action, the enemy suffers 2 irreducible damage; or enemy models need to disard a card as an additional cost of removing Ice Pillar with their actions; or after deployment, create 2 ice pillars anywhere on your half of the table. * Change her bonus action. Currently it's one of the worst bonus actions printed on a master. Why it removes Ice Pillar is beyond my comprehension. I propose one of the following changes: make it resisted by Mv, so it can
  3. that's an interesting idea. it reminds me of Themes in Bushido (basically: bonuses for your crew if you follow certain hiring restrictions).
  4. my main beef with him is that he cannot target himself with his bonus action being very slow by himself (and if you use one of his actions to reposition your crew then he's even more behind). plus, his bonus action works on a very limited pool of models. These are good points. Opposing crew limits his viability even further. Miners are still very good models, I just don't like them aesthetically as they lack any personality.
  5. I played several (5+) games with Rasputina as I really like her aesthetically (not an Arc player). I am not going to sell you on her (as I also think she sucks), but what I have learned from these games is the following: - first and foremost, don't think that you have to use Winter's Strike every activation. I barely do that after turn one, to be honest. Raspy's best attack is Freeze Over and you should look for an opportunity (or more likely: create it) to use it as often as possible. If you think of her in this way, she stops taxing your hand too much, as she needs 5's to work and occas
  6. it was not intended that way and makes absolutely no sense from the point of view of balance and realism. the mess with ricochet trigger ruling is, well, a ricochet of a ruling on the word "another" in one of Nekima's actions. they answered in a way that is applicable to every action with "another model" in its description. my impression is that they haven't looked at every instance of "another model" phrase being used in a sentence and were not aware of the implications of their ruling for other triggers, like Ricochet.
  7. Hamelin can be played in a lot of ways, but I agree with others that Midnight Stalker is probably the best versatile for Hamelin (and, in fact, for any master). He comes with Malifaux Child in box, whom I personally don't use, but as Zebo pointed out he can be paired with Prospectors for more card draw. These are also very useful versatiles and as such they should be second on your purchase list. Personally, I like Pride with Hamelin, but it may not be easy to purchase him outside Crossroads 7 box. Some people like Hans in this crew, as he can slow down enemy beaters.
  8. he's a heap of grave soil, not a reanimated human/animal.
  9. for a cheap (4-5 ss) model to be good it needs to be highly specialized imo. so every 4-5 ss model without a cleary defined role is a contender for "the worst model" title. I haven't seen Hoarcat Pride in play but when I think about horrible models they are the first thing which comes to my mind. they seem to be completely pointless and designed with no clear purpose within their keyword.
  10. Guild Investigator. I don't play Lucius (yet), but I bought the mini 'cause I like the sculpt.
  11. your colour choices are superb! Hinamatsu looks very cool.
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