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  1. do people really bring the guilty out of keyword in tournaments and do better than those who don't?
  2. They're not for scheme running. They're living blight missiles.
  3. Relating to the topic of that thread: the thing which I dont like the most is the irreducible damage on masters' attacks. I do understand that some anti-armor tech is necessary to keep armor in check, but why on earth prevent ss reduction as well? I though that irreducible damage was universally acknowledged as one of the main offenders in previous edition. Sure, it may be argued that irreducible damage is not a problem per se: Molly has it, yet no one complains about that. So maybe Shen and Levi can keep theirs on the expense of something else. But I would rather get rid of that concept entirely, if I could. Speaking of Shenlong: as a Ressurectionist player I find Drunken Kung Fu to be the main offender. In general, it counters specific masters and, in Ressurectionists, whole keywords just way too hard. I like the thematic side of Drunken Kung Fu and I think it will be not only more balanced but also more fluffy to change the text of Drunken Kung Fu into "When this model performs a duel, it treats all... etc". This change should be combined with the change to irreducible damage trigger: I suggest changing it into the "ignore Armor" trigger. Thus Shen can still use his Distracted trick and counters Serene Countenance, but Masters who rely on it are not doomed, as they can defend themselves with soulstones and Shielded. Just my two cents.
  4. You want to know folks where does this anti-Archie sentiment comes from? People are confused that Ressurectionists finally got models worth hiring! But seriously: the only tweak to Archie I find acceptable is rising his cost by exactly one, yet I don't see how it will make the game any better. KingJocko's comparision of Archie to the Jenga tower is probably the most accurate thing that was said about him in this thread. Pummeling him into fine mist will not make Shenlong any less scary, if you know what I mean.
  5. The main reason it works is that Molly can reactivate her cheap minions and thus outactivate her opponent (activating heavy hitter(s) only when her opponent has nothing - or at least nothing relevant - to activate). And if you manage to win the initiative next turn, it means you get two consecutive activations of your strongest beater.
  6. Hard to kill is not a big deal for my Seamus, at least as long as I can reduce opposing model to HtK in one focused shot. What I don't like to see on the other side of the table are: models able to use soulstones (and high Cache to actually use them), models with 6 Df, models which grant Cover, models which apply Staggered combined with models that can push me far from blocking terrain. As for counterplay, I have only one advice which hasn't been given yet: never let yourself cheat your last card if you have no soulstones left. That's the moment of weakness I am waiting for to promptly eliminate any model I fancy with assasinate trigger on my melee attack.
  7. by clicking on a "paste as a plain text" option which appears in the bottom left corner 😉
  8. I have hired Sloth several times in Jack Daw's and Molly's crews because he looked good on paper and I didn't like him at all. He's slow and his actions turned out to be less relevant than I anticipated. Probably Ride with me is the way to fix his mobility, but then Molly stays where I deployed her. I don't say he's bad, but definitely not my style.
  9. And she's also dead next turn, as she's now most likely within the range of other enemy models with access to free focus (I don't want to sound pessimistic, but that's how my Planted Explosives game against Misaki looked like). I think it may be better to take advantage of terrain and of the fact that they can't do Planted Explosives just by shooting at you from distance.
  10. I will definitely give it a try! So far I've been playing only a very unispired Izamu/Manos/Chiaki/Gravedigger/Gokudo/Gokudo list.
  11. you can also deploy deep. and if your opponent happens to be an attacking player, you can deploy Yan as far from Nekima/Lady Justice/other alphastriker as possible.
  12. there is an information on the box (under an asterix) that cards included are only for retail release models (i.e. models which were sold in shops like ordinary boxes), like alt Rogue Necromancy, Graves, Tannen, etc., whereas cards for promotional (i'm not sure if that's how they're called officially) alts are not included.
  13. you mean Concentrate once during its activation and then for the second time after Shen attaches Low River upgrade? you can't concetrate twice.
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