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  1. I have hired Sloth several times in Jack Daw's and Molly's crews because he looked good on paper and I didn't like him at all. He's slow and his actions turned out to be less relevant than I anticipated. Probably Ride with me is the way to fix his mobility, but then Molly stays where I deployed her. I don't say he's bad, but definitely not my style.
  2. And she's also dead next turn, as she's now most likely within the range of other enemy models with access to free focus (I don't want to sound pessimistic, but that's how my Planted Explosives game against Misaki looked like). I think it may be better to take advantage of terrain and of the fact that they can't do Planted Explosives just by shooting at you from distance.
  3. I will definitely give it a try! So far I've been playing only a very unispired Izamu/Manos/Chiaki/Gravedigger/Gokudo/Gokudo list.
  4. you can also deploy deep. and if your opponent happens to be an attacking player, you can deploy Yan as far from Nekima/Lady Justice/other alphastriker as possible.
  5. there is an information on the box (under an asterix) that cards included are only for retail release models (i.e. models which were sold in shops like ordinary boxes), like alt Rogue Necromancy, Graves, Tannen, etc., whereas cards for promotional (i'm not sure if that's how they're called officially) alts are not included.
  6. you mean Concentrate once during its activation and then for the second time after Shen attaches Low River upgrade? you can't concetrate twice.
  7. you're correct. other models are Archie, Carrion Emissary and Nurse. I played Tormented in my very first 3rd edition game and it was a bad idea. Steep learning curve. Not good to begin a new edition with. I know Molly is your only Ressurectionist master. This is going to be a hard time for you. Please, accept my condolences.
  8. Long time no see! My current personal preferences are Redchapelle for Turf War and Reckoning (caveat: my Redchapelle list has only 16ss of Redchapelle models in it), Forgotten for Explosives, and Ancestor for Idols, but I can definitely see myself playing some of these strats in different configuration. Thus, if you prefer attrition over aggresion, you might do well taking Ancestor or Tormented into Reckoning. Forgotten can do well in Idols, BUT you want to avoid Molly if your opponent declares 10T, unless you're 100% sure they won't bring Shenlong. If you want to play Urami, I believe they can be good at everything (although I don't like to give my opponent initiative in Idols). As for Experimental, Revenant and Transmortis, I have no opinion yet.
  9. Frankly speaking, I haven't been very keen on Transmortis after my first reading of the cards, as I really didn't know how to evaluate them then. Now, having many 3ed games under my belt, I have re-read the cards and they make me extremely hyped about the perspective of fielding professor von Schtook and his eager students in the near future. So much free Focused. So much card draw. So much free movement and additional actions. There is a list I am going to try in the nearest future Albus von Schtook 5 ss cache Assistant Gravedigger Anna Valedictorian w/GST Undergraduate A Undergraduate B [Undergraduate C or Necropunk or second GST on someone and more cache] Here's the plan: Gravedigger gives everyone Focused, walks twice or once and takes Concentrate action. Albus gives an uprgrade to the Undegrad A, makes him and Valedictorian Fast, gives Focused to everyone and pushes them. With Academic Broadcast being 6'' you can deploy Undergrad A deep in your deployment, making him less vulnerable (or even invulnerable) to preemptive strike. Undergrad B tries to push Albus or Valedictorian or both or none, depending on the circumstances. Assistant does whatever. Anna does whatever. Valedictorian activates and at this point you can soften a big target for Undergrad A to finish it off (with stat 7, double Focus, Fast and Flurry she can definitely do that), or kill something else which is up to 4'' from the activated model you want to kill later this turn. Undergrad A jumps 2'' from Valedictorian and now can make 3 focused attacks or 2 focused and 2 unfocused attacks to kill the target and summon another student. What can go wrong?
  10. Daydreams are reasonable choice as Ancient Pact holders.
  11. I recommend you reading this thread:
  12. Very interesting points on Yin! I need to finally read her card.
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