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  1. Peasant gives Sniper focus, Sniper activates, shoots, focuses for (0) and shoots again.
  2. I have the same concern, especially after talking to people who actually test 3rd edition. I do believe that having two will be a competitive minimum.
  3. Yup. It happened to me several times that Katanaka Sniper within Kang's aura range took down Belle on turn one before she has even activated. The fact is that if someone decides to attack Belle it is because he has good chance to take her down in two AP, otherwise people just ignore them.
  4. I am a bit dissapointed with Kirai, as her dress is totally European..... Lawyers look pretty cool thou.
  5. I don't like the idea of having two masters in one crew from purely aesthetical reasons, but I think it can be balanced by a) high cost of the second master, b) some limitations imposed on him (there can be only one Leader, after all). But yeah, I don't see why it is going to be introduced apart of novelty for novelty's sake.
  6. Not sure if someone has already noticed, but in Perdita's description we read: "Her thematic crew possesses the Bravado ability, which allows them to discard their Pass Tokens to become Focused, effectively allowing them to sacrifice activation control for pure damage." So, they're going to implement a mechanic to overcome the importance of activation control - model-specific Pass Tokens. Interesting.
  7. Masters are not models like any others. They're personalities, something players are - strange as it sounds - emotionally attached to. I don't mind changes if they are motivated by game's inner dynamics and balance issues (removal of a Master that can summon any undead minion is a correct move from that perspective). But a game should not be driven by it's story, never. Especially if the story is expressed in a form of badly written novelettes.
  8. Can you tell me more specifically how does he and other models from the box work?
  9. "All model stat cards will be updated and available as soon as Malifaux Third Edition is at your local game store. There won't be any waiting for cards to come in waves." Are you sure you can handle so much playtesting? I don't mind waiting even a year for well balanced products.
  10. Well done! Killing your own model to deny Set Up was really smart move and very Malifaux-ish at the same time - props for that.
  11. I have never played Squatters tbh, but maybe Carrion Emissary with Reva's Conflux wouldn't be a bad thing as he can teleport along the centerline to claim markers? Reva with her mobility can claim two markers per turn by herself, and Doxy and Belle can help removing their long engagement ranges (e.g. Lilitu) from the vicinity of markers. This strategy seems to favour activation control, so again Asura seems not out of place, but you have to use her for something more than just zombie spamming (I suppose that your impression of her being a point sink may come from playing her too cagey).
  12. I've played three more games this week with variations of the Blood Mark Reva list. The most involving game was probably that against Raderk, a Neverborn player from Poland's top 10 whom you may remember from the discussion concerning Sandeep's nerf. He was practicing before the two day tournament that started today in Warsaw, so we played S&S from one of the rounds of the event. The only thing I have changed in this game was an upgrade on Reva – Corpse Candle summoning instead of Riders in the Sky. Standard Deployment, Symbols of Authority Punish the Weak, Covert Breakthrough, Search the Ruins, Take Prisoner, Recover Evidence. I've chosen Punish and Covert and he Punished and Search. Raderk was playing Pandy with her new upgrades and the one which increases SS prevention, Lilitu w/ Melancholy (or however it is called), Baby Kade w/ 10KF, Graves w/10KF, Iggy with Tantrum, Effigy and two Changelings. He deployed more or less between his central and rightmost marker, whereas I deployed Emissary on my left flank, Hayreddin on the right and the rest in the middle. I summoned a Corpse Candle close to the leftmost marker, setting up an anchor for Emissary to pick a marker on turn two. Beginning of the turn one was mostly moves&pushes to set up charges (Datsue Ba made Lampad walk twice, Changeling and Graves pushed Pandy). I have walked up Emissary and Hay twice. Emissary put Shards to protect himself from Lilitu's Lure. Totally forgot that Baby Kade has this action as well, which he used to, well, lure Hayreddin fairly close to his rightmost marker. Pandy was already more or less 6 inches from the middle of the board and had two possibilities: find a way to push within a range of Dark Protection and kill Lampad or push backwards towards Hayreddin and kill him relatively easy. As I hoped, he decided to kill Hayreddin and summoned Poltergeist from him, but was now far away from my crew and – what we didn't know then – Hay's corpse marker turned out to be crucial on turn 5. I activated Reva, summoned a candle, pushed Lampad who then pushed himself with his (0), Reva pushed Candle which approached Mr. Graves and used (0) to chain activate into Lampad; finally Reva used her last AP to do something irrelevant. Lampad charged his Changeling, killing it instantly – and thus scoring me 1 or maybe even 2 points on turn five, but this was another thing we didn't know then. Finally, Lampad pushed twice more or less in the direction of his central marker, stoping at the edge of the board and spreading some irrelevant burning. On turn two I drew really good hand with red joker and some severes, so at some point I decided to go after Pandora, but finally I managed to deal only three damage to her. She charged Doxy, but wasn't aware that I have a trigger to push out of her range, which I promptly used. In a meanwhile, Poltergeist picked up my rightmost marker, Emissary picked up his leftmost marker and was reduced to hard to kill and Lampad died to Changeling. At the end of the turn I kept my Red Joker and 13 in hand I believe. Turn three was absolutely crucial. Emissary regenerated, killed Changeling, teleported back to Raderk's left flank and walked even farther from his models – I needed him alive to do Covert (now I see that I should have changed that corpse into marker instead of walking). Effigy picked up my central marker. Pandora killed Doxy for Punish, pushed towards Emissary and somehow managed to kill it outside of her activation and summon the Poltergeist of it. He used his last card to do that and I could have saved him, as at this point I had Red Joker, 13 and Black Joker in my hand. But I decided I will let him die, because these cards were a death sentence to Pandora. Reva activated and, as I wasn't sure whether he flipped Red Joker or not this turn (he did), I decided to cheat my attack flip to guarantee a cheatable damage and killed Pandora with Red Joker. Then I have killed also his poltergeist for Punish the Weak and walked towards his Effigy. I have positioned Datsue Ba to pick his central marker on turn four. Turn four was relatively quick: Datsue Ba picked up a marker and took some damage from Baby Kade, Reva summoned Corpse Candle close to Effigy, his last minion, to overcome Armor, charged and killed it; with her last AP and (0) Reva killed also Iggy which was probably a waste of AP, I should have walked – it could have mattered on the last turn. At the end of the turn Raderk had all markers for Search the Ruins and believed that he was going to win 7:6. Turn five Belle walked and lured Reva, Reva summoned a corpse candle, placed to it, walked twice towards his rightmost marker and used Look at My Deeds with a trigger ...and Despair – what a fitting name! – to turn Hayreddin's and Changeling's corpses into Scheme Markers and thus scoring 2 points for Covert and taking victory from Raderk (he had no more minions, so I scored the last Punish as well). What a game! Me: Strategy 3, Covert 2, Punish 3. Raderk: Strategy 3, Search 3, Punish 1. All in all, I don't find Lampads that impressive if you don't have activation control Nicodem provides. In my other game I have tried Rogue Necromancy with Admiration and I would also like to try Datsue Ba w/MLH with Izamu. I am also extremely excited to find out what this new henchman from encounter's box offers to this kind of crew.
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