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  1. Cool design overall, but especially passive summoning mechanics. can't wait to give her a try, I was never a fan of traditional summoners.
  2. A small thing I have just noticed: Big Jake's card is missing "Sz" abbreviation in the circle on the front.
  3. now I understand why they didn't buff Rasputina. they probably figured out that she's beyond redemption and it's easier to replace it with entirely new profile 5 mv, teleporting to ice pillars, creating few of them at the start of the game for free, drawing a lot of cards and showering battlefield with frozen corpses for her keyword models to eat
  4. great! we will see how nerfed Kirai performs in hands of an experienced player.
  5. do I understand correctly that you cannot use Paralyzing Kunai outside charge action? anyway, Stunned is very powerful against some models, it can basically turn them off for a turn (Youko for example), so I would definitely rate this upgrade high, even if it's matchup dependant.
  6. Just in case you don't know: Queen's Gambit on Youko's card is a reference to one of the possible openings in chess, when white player moves two of his pawns forward. The show could have inspired them to name the trigger that way, but they could also come up with that idea independently (especially if there's a chess player among them).
  7. I can't believe I live a time when using your master's AP to apply Distracted is actually a desirable thing to do. what a relief that no faction has an access to a bunch of models that can treat those negatives as positives, right? <wink wink>
  8. Von Schtook is not dead, he just needs to played differently now. His keyword had great card draw, survivability, hitting power, scheming efficiency and overall speed. Now they were nerfed in the last two departments. They're still good, but not stellar good. Players just need to rethink the way they play the crew, as they no longer can slingshot fast Valedictorian to enemy DZ followed by teleporting undergrad(s).
  9. Valedictorian as a leader, then obviously the three students. Then Philip and Nanny, Dead Doxy, Nurse and 5 ss. Nurse is pretty good in any crew due to the Tools for the Job, healing and handing out Focus to your main beater. Dead Doxy brings some utility with her push and you can use her aura to make models Stunned with your students easily or to enhance effectiviness of Nanny's One More Question!
  10. it's a shame that these inspiring profiles got so uninspired sculpts...
  11. this thread is meant to be a compendium of (not mine, yours) knowledge on "how I beat ES crews except Cadmus" (I leave Cadmus out because currently a) you don't beat them, you only narrow the margin of your loss, and more seriously b) Pergli has a great thread on that). So, tell me everything you know about particular keywords' weaknesses that can be exploited and lynchpin models that need to be eliminated when playing against one of seven ES non-Cadmus crews.
  12. Catalan "two free Mad Dog shots each turn" Brawler looks pretty good to me. Strong addition to Von Schill. I am also going to test him in Parker crew with Emissary (Regen for him to compensate for Price for Progress and companion for Mad Dog + you can get that friendly marker where you need it). In ideal world you can have two consecutive activations of two Fast models making 9 attacks in total (3 Brawler, 6 Mad Dog).
  13. ...and then Molly activates Necrotic Machine and makes them draw those cards back
  14. I know that, because that's what Adran already said. I was more interested in the specifics: which Ancestors do you usually kill and by which models, as most of them are sturdy and require some AP to be taken down.
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