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  1. Kirai's crew starts to run smoothly once you put Adversary here and there and keep it between turns. Jaakuna's main drawback imo is that she has no way to give that condition out.
  2. @Oddman I think Euripides with his big boyz is your go-to master then 😉
  3. As Nikodemus wrote, you don't get + to that 2/4/6 flip (which is not a damage flip), but you can still lower your Focused value to get + to the Attack action you make against disengaging opponent.
  4. it's not a damage flip, so Hard to Wound or + from Great Sword do not count. however, you apply any accuracy fate modifiers resulting from the difference in the final duel total.
  5. jesus, these weapons... I know it's a fantasy game, but I have a sweet spot for designers who are faithfull to historical details.
  6. these new western-ish ronin sculpts are... well, I'm not sure what to think about them. they're in a way interesting, that's for sure.
  7. the only problem with Bushido minis is their scale - they're slightly smaller (28mm) than Malifaux miniatures. Anyway, if you don't care about the sword size, there is a splendid kabuki actor miniature named Kaede: http://www.thecombatcompany.com/Bushido-Kaede-Silvermoon-Trade-Syndicate
  8. I find new anna's sculpt completely uninspired and generic.
  9. The game is balanced around 50ss, which means that judging it's damage potential you must take into consideration not only her basic crew (which is, I assume, Molly, Nanny and Crooligans), but also other Forgotten models, like Archie and Rogue Necromancy, both strong melee beaters.
  10. well, it probably depends on your understanding of "mad mobility". They can place themselves to any Forgotten Enforcer, Henchman or Molly at the start of they turn regardless of LoS and distance - that meets the defintion of mad mobility in my book. And yes, they're not fully independent in that mobility, but if your Enforcers, Henchmen or Molly are in a walking distance of the point where you can score or deny a VP (and in many imaginable scenarios at least one of them will be), then it is also not that situational as one may think.
  11. that zombie with hammer is certainly a crooked man.
  12. "An intermediate miniature painter", huh? Man, your freehands are stunning! I encourage you to post more photos in "Miniature showcase" subforum!
  13. The thing you miss is that you can't attach that upgrade to your own models.
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