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  1. @Ogruu Event fixed, please check it out
  2. Hi there we are holding a new event in Huesca Saturday 17th of November (10:00 am): 50ss tournament gg18 schemes and strategies in a more competitive enviroment. (20€ inscription fee, lunch included) There will be prizes assured for every atendant. https://www.facebook.com/events/566229057163815/ Event will take place in: LALOLA: Av. los Danzantes de Huesca, 16, 22005 Huesca ROUND 1: Deployment: Corner Deployment (10) Strategy: Ply for Information (Rams) Schemes: * Surround Them (Rams) * Covert Breakthrough (1) * Set Up (3) * Inescapable Trap (6) * Vendetta (12) ROUND 2: Deployment: Standard Deployment (1) Strategy: Symbols of Authority (Masks) Schemes: * Punish the Weak (Masks) * Covert Breakthrough (1) * Dig Their Graves (2) * Hold up their forces (4) * Public Demonstration (13) ROUND 3: Deployment: Standard Deployment (5) Strategy: Public Executions (Tomes) Schemes: * Eliminate the Leadership (Tomes) * Undercover Entourage (5) * Search the Ruins (8) * Take One For the Team (10) * Public Demonstration (13)
  3. I think I will try healing poison Nico (necrotic king, shadow embrace + something else, maybe corpse bloat or spare parts) with little gassers, rafkin for the extra damage aura, Sebastian as efficient summoner. And add ons like belles, autopsies, and crooked men.
  4. I could live better with those changes if after taking so much from him he had gotten something in exchange. we'll see how it goes.
  5. Il try this modification: Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: levi 2 50ss Leader: Leveticus - Cache:(1) Pariah of Bone 1ss Untimely Demise 1ss Oath Keeper 1ss Hollow Waif 0ss Hollow Waif 0ss Philip and the Nanny 8ss Killjoy 12ss The Bigger They Are 1ss Dead Doxy 6ss Abomination 4ss Abomination 4ss Necropunk 5ss Rotten Belle 5ss
  6. thanks all. You were sooo right :). (I've been wiped out by sandeep right now)
  7. Hi, i've been playing ressers for a couple years but recently I began playing outcasts. I played Vickys for 6 or 7 games with little success against sandeep mainly. Now I've moved to pariah of bone Levi. tell me what you think about this. Intention is getting many cards with abominations damaging necropunks, getting more cards from phillip, and thorn attack on friendlie. having lures and debuffers (doxie and claw) to finally launch levi for real damage and abominations summoning. I dont have the emissary so thats not an option but have all resser faction and plenty of outcasts. thanks for your replies! Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: levi 2 50ss Leader: Leveticus - Cache:(1) Pariah of Bone 1ss Untimely Demise 1ss Desolate Soul 2ss Hollow Waif 0ss Hollow Waif 0ss Philip and the Nanny 8ss The Thorn 7ss The Claw 7ss Dead Doxy 6ss Abomination 4ss Abomination 4ss Necropunk 5ss Rotten Belle 5ss
  8. I like to take her a lot, and with hayreddin well positioned she can even charge for a very good amount of damage. its not recalled training but it can work... sometimes...
  9. Thanks @WWHSD. You are right! Last sandeep list I Saw in action (this weekend) had: Medical automaton (to avoid enemy alphas). 3x mages. Raptor (cheap activación able to reorder top deck) . Snow (warding runes and something else). Myranda (imbuyed). Sandeep with positive flips to initiative. About vanasuba I usually get him in my deployment zone turn one with that +2 dmg when dying already on him :s. I find It difficult to avoid him getting there when he can borrow pushes, teleports or get pushed by mages. (Many Times with a lurking myranda nearby) About the positives upgrade its true its only 3'! maybe its the gaming being able to move to where its needed that tricked me think It was a bigger aura. Anyway its the biggest deal to me. Those mages with positives handing slow, burning and pushes, are fearsome. My opponent usually summon an inmobile firegamin with ice gaming giving positives near him and a couple mages near him or being able to push near him. Thats a fire line difficult to overcome (with my non nicodem ressers at least). Im not so worried by sandeep abilities or stats itself. Most of the times he doesnt smell a tiny bit of action himself . maybe if those positives where granted only to minions that would help. That said I love playing against him I consider It as a great challenge that I enjoy. It doesnt frustrates me but I can understand It can be slightly overpowered.
  10. Those to attacks like those horrible furious castings is what annoys me the most. Its such a big boost to all the crew including henchmen, enforcers. Sandeep crew ends flipping all the high cards, obliterating things even in cover (from where he pushes you out)... Vanasuba making 4dmg around when killing It is also a big, Big pain. I would nerf that upgrade that gives those positive flips reducing range to 3 inches or granting bonuses only to restricted models.
  11. I would like Carrión effigy to be usable and the good datsue ba is so fragile... I think she could use some tweak. Also Id love to see tomes printed in yanlos DF and WP stat. Sloth is rather bad too. Id like he could lend his 'just lay down' ability to other models. Its been so long that I played Nico that I cant have a strong opinion in this matter. Before kentaurois I struggled with nico against agressive Alpha lists. DF 4 is such a big drawback that when I read all that Nico hate I remember getting efficiently mauled at the beggining of turn 2. I would say that the engine is far from unbeatable. I've faced It two Times with seamus and have won both. Maybe the opponent was lacking the necessary skill.
  12. The other day a friendly sister activated in LOS of vik of ashes but after a walk action it no longer was in LOS. I lean to think that as AP's are generated before spending any of them my sister still had that extra ml expert AP despite no longer being in LOS after the walk. Am I right? Thanks!
  13. I was recently on the receiving end of an alpha list with cyborg Francisco and Ryle in loop with thalarian queller taking out damage reduction. Really juicy
  14. Testing against Yan-Lo doesnt count. The arcane effigy itself is better than the oldman. Actually those builds are a pain in the ass, almost everything attacks with. And cassandras paralyze ruined my day. Mental note. Never leave chiaki at home. NERF F..... SANDEEP!!!!
  15. Lately I tend to take graveyard spirit in all my crews because otherwise I cant stand arcanist alpha strikes with positive to initiative. :/ Yan lo without chi harvesting in turn one leaves him with very few things to do,not sure about this. About the upgrades I´ve been toying with transfusion and sebastian+nurse in my crew. Despite all the things I said im falling in love with Yan... I can feel it
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