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  1. Ticket bought for Sean Wheeliker. see you there!
  2. McMourning! But if you can’t I’d go Seamus. Reva is great, as is Vincent but that’s about it. Reva relies quite a bit in other models to help her out. Seamus can run around on his own. And belles are always great.
  3. Seamus (Ply), Reva (Ours), Molly (extraction, symbols), McMourning (supply wagons), Yan Lo (Public Execution). of course the crews may change a little based on schemes.
  4. He’s great in Supply Wagons. Take some gupps too and you can get the supply wagon into your opponents half in the first turn (in standard deployment). theyre also useful for handing out slow and poison. I’ve found too that taking them with gupps means most opponents want the gupps dead before the Scorpius.
  5. Try him with Test subjects and 3 gupps, those along with Sebastian’s action to put out soft cover can cause issues. Also any damage the gupps do take can be healed up (1 wd at a time). Plus gupps are great.
  6. I take Jaakuna quite often with Seamus, but to be honest generally have Seamus running round on his own. I usually run him with Sinister Rep, Aka Seb and D.Y.K.W.I.A. That way he can either jump around dropping scheme markers and taking out individual models, or jump into the middle of a crew and hold them all up. the rest of my crew depends on what I’m playing. I love him in Ply with Jaakuna, 2 belles a doxy and Phil & nanny. I am looking forward to getting some performers though. Don’t mind me will come in real handy as well as the scheme marker removal threat.
  7. I’ve looked around and can’t find this question being asked before. If a model passes the Horror duel from Seamus’ Boo! action does that model then have immunity to Seamus Terrifying ability? Or is it a different source of the horror duel?
  8. Rotten belles would be a great help. Luring either the waifs or the anchors into firing/pummelling range. Or start with Vincent from the shadows using his upgrade. Maybe use Bete Noir or killjoy to get into his crew and cause some mayhem.
  9. I’ve found Hands from below more useful for lowering Wk and cgthan df. Especially early in the game. It can really hurt those wk4 models. Even if they have nimble.
  10. Payment sent for Sean Wheeliker. looking forward to my first Cow Wars!
  11. Room for one more little(ish) one? Paid for Sean Wheeliker
  12. Roads have cleared so we’re good to go for a 10am registration.
  13. Guys, we’ve had a heavy snow fall here and the roads are looking a bit dicey, especially as the venue is at the top of a steep hill. With this in mind the registration time will be put back to 10am. I’ll iodate at 7 to let you know if it’s any better. It may have to be postponed a few weeks. Really sorry.
  14. Quick update guys. the beast from the east is settling in and it’s snowing but not too hard and the roads are clear. Unfortunately the council have decided to close the roundabout above J4 of the M40 so avoid it. If you’re driving up from the south then get off t junction 2 and head up the A40 through Beaconsfield. If traveling in from the north get off at J5 and come down the A40 through Stokenchurch. Drive safely!
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