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  1. Wait! You mean there were collodi players that weren't just making stitched do 6 gamble your life per turn.... I think I faced 8 from 1 stitched in one turn once. I can't remember facing collidi without at least 2 stitched. That said, on topic, there are chances for actions to back fire in the current rules ( although more in the last 2 editions). You are more likely to die to a defensive trigger than have lucid dreaming Make the deck worse.
  2. Don't forget henchmen can lead as well so you would need to consider them.
  3. I think it was put in to close one loophole ( killing your own model to deny vp), and that it opens a different one that is harder to abuse is possibly the easiest solution. As is you need to win 2 duel s for that final kill so it's still not easy. Obey is strong, but fairly rare. I don't know a way to have these schemes and not have a loophole.
  4. That 15 usages talked about will be the average, so will have included uses where you removed a high card in those 15 and you will still on average shift your cards up. An ideal 15 pushs your average to about 9. And having 5 models do it for 3 turns doesn't seem unreasonable to still get 2 turns with it. Especially since dreamer will likely summon those models in.
  5. I agree, but setting this up required more than just flipping a 5. Its not that hard to set up, but it does take up actions that may have been better used else where, and it does involve other card flipping. I think I helped break several versions of hazardous in the closed beta, so I remember some of the pain. Doing 15 damage in a turn with snapping -plants at the moment seems to me either Lilith focused strongly on that (making strong use of lures and pushes in her crew) and either the other player wasn't trying to prevent it or just played badly. (That may also have including hiring a bad crew to face Lilith). I can come up with better cases, but yes I agree its a good action. Iironsides as a largely group together master is especially suceptabel to this. that said... Ironsides can move friendly models away, (possibly if she is far enough away from lilith) Amina can push models out of the hazardous Captain can push the aura away Howard can push away, or move the aura (Granted it will still be on him, but he can then walk out if he wants, and the other models will be safe) or just put up his own aura first. And if he is engaging a large number of enemy models then vent steam is great to get off early.
  6. Interact says place a marker in base contact with this model Base contact is part of the actions effect. That's not using a range. No where in the action does it tell you it is a range. It doesn't use the rg stat. Its like Charge doesn't have a range. it has an effect which has a distance, but it doesn't have a range. Although its a good point, the general actions should probably have the standard profile added to them, because I think assist ought to have a 2" range, but currently it doesn't. (Although for all the other general actions it would be a dash in every column)
  7. Did your opponents not just try and leave it with the first AP? I've faced several versions of the Hazardous stuff, and for most of my models I would just leave the hazardous area. It can do that much damage, but most of the time that's the other players choice. Or were you also using actions to bring the enemy models to you?
  8. Yes. I strongly suggest going to read page 25 of the rule book and see if it is clear from that.
  9. But if the Viks use co-ordinated attack then that's a new attack that you can also stone. (And don't forget you can also stone to give extra negative flips). Yes there are a few times when this change will kill a model, but in my experience its really rare to want to improve that prevention flip and have the stones, and not have been able to use them earlier to have had a similar effect. (Granted the way I play I don't have a key model, they are all expendable)
  10. The nearest to this ability I can remember testing was when you could just remove a card from your hand from the game. I didn't try it, but the forums seemed against it as the Dreamer didn't really have enough cards in hand to support that level of discard. I'm not sure what advantage your suggestion offers. I would probably only use it on bad cards, and then never bring them back. I'm not sure of enough occasions where I would even want to use it on a moderate card let alone a severe.
  11. As I said, the interact action doesn't mention ranges at all. Place a marker in base contact with this model has nothing in it that would suggest you can place it in base contact with another model even with Mark of obliteration. I had a closed beta report where I had a hot spell of about 8 cards at the start of a turn , including one or 2 cheated from my hand. I then switched that back to my deck and had a pretty good next 2-3 activations re-using those good cards in a known order. Certainly not all that common, but a decent use.
  12. In the games I've played with it, I normally don't try and force it, until they have emptied their hand. The presence of the trigger on the other side of the table makes me play differently. I will save the poor cards in my hand a lot more, rather than discard them to power up my own effects. You are unlikely to execute a model early in the game, but as you near the end of each turn and hands are getting small, you can start using it to force out soulstone. And as you near the end of the game you can get the trigger to work. You've already said your meta generally chooses to use a large cache, so this ability is unlikely to kill. Other metas vary in crew composition, and if people prefere activations over ss then this is a better trigger And trading ss for ss is normally fine as long as you're the one in control of the trade, which you are here as the attacker. And I think using a soulstone is different to discarding a soulstone. The 2wo examples Solkan mentions have the limit to lower the power of the action/trigger rather than the first part require to allow the second. (Unfortuantly due to recent updates at work my pdf search function has disappeared, so can't find a reference. There used to be one)
  13. You're not wrong, scine the question was posed, the rules have changed. 1 for drawing cards, 1 for reduction. The biggest change is only 1 for modifying a duel, so either gain a suit OR gain a , you can't get both anymore
  14. I disagee, partially because if you are worried about the durability you should have used that 2nd stone on an earlier attack.. Spending 2 stones over 2 different attacks is more efficient than spending 2 stones on the attack and none on the other. And don't think any ss users are low enough health that they are going to die on 1 attack.
  15. Honestly, with the exception of the fact it would involve a lot of deck shuffling, an action which looked at 3 cards, put 2 in the discard pile and one back in the deck would be a really great bonus action. This action is far better than that. Given a choice I would go with last weeks action just because I don't like that much deck shuffling. I understand its one of those actions that has possible bad outcomes that isn't under the control of the player, (Removing a good card from the game, or even just being forced to put 2 good cards in the discard pile) but the odds of the bad things happening are pretty low. They will happen. You will remember them and hate the action if you already don't like it. That doesn't make it a bad action.
  16. One thing I find missing at the moment is the not knowing who has won until you total up the score. Having 1 scheme that scored at the end of the turn and not knowing if they had it, or if they had just failed to score something else was exciting. Of course the down side was that sort of scheme also encouraged the kill everything then score points approach. I am going to assume you never played in the first edition. There were faction specific and master specific schemes out there. They weren't all equal in difficulty (or even equal in faction for all the masters). there is the problem that you need to make an always available scheme harder to do than the randomly generated schemes because otherwise you just build the crew to be able to do that always scheme, and that reduces crew variation. But if you make it too hard it just never gets taken. There is a fine balance point that it works, but its quiet hard to get it right 7 times and for it to stay right over several years of releases.
  17. In the beta process we are trying to make all the crews equal strength, so its impossible to say who has the strongest crew box at this moment. Most of the time you will need more than just the crew box to play a full size game. You can play smaller games with just the crew box if you want though so that should be ok. And not all crew boxes will have the same strength (or the same points value) so its hard to give a full answer. For a cheap start I would recommend avoiding masters that summon, because you will need to own more models than just the initial crew. Out of the ones you listed that's Dreamer, Kirai, Sandeep and Sonnia I think. (Hamlin summons, but his core crew and summons are fairly self contained in his crew box and the brotherhood of the rat box. If you really don't want to buy more than 1 box, then avoid him, he really needs the 2 boxes to work.)
  18. You have to finish spending soulstones in the draw phase before you draw the cards. I would interpret the damage reduction as you have to spend them all at once. Summoned models have no natural restrictions. Deliver a message -yes it would work as you say. The old ways -The damage flip is not a duel so can't use the old ways Iniative, you are right Player A would have to cheat first. Its a way to reduce the advantage of pass tokens (at least in my eyes, that why its like that)
  19. I honestly think that this is not going to be the case. If you expect someone to bring armour (and you already know the keyword you'll be facing) then you probably are going to build crews where over 50%^ can deal with armour. We are at the stage the designers are trying to make everything balanced. If a keyword is full of armour (such as Augmented), then I would expect your opponent to bring a plan to deal with that armour. What we are trying to do is get the Arms vs armour race that will happen, at a good point to start with. I assume that everyone taking part in the beta is doing so because they want the game as a whole to be the best it can be, not because they want to boost their master and ruin other masters. Keeping that frame of mind really helps me in discussions with people to remain polite and accept we might have different views over what is best. Neither of us actually makes the final decision on what is best.
  20. You can spend soulstones to give a negative to the damage flip, so it still has a use. Plus its possible that the trigger has appeared on another attack that wasn't irreducible at some point
  21. The trigger would still be useful in the same number of circumstances, and most of the time be as useful as it is now (2/3rd of the models with armour only have armour+1) It would up the power of the models with armour +2, because they would be a little harder to nullify completely. I don't mind that Critical strike would be a strictly better trigger in all circumstances, because models don't get to pick what triggers they have. I think they changed armour piercing because Bishop had both on his card, and there was no reason to ever choose armour piercing when it only did 1 (And Bishop could choose a suit to add to his duel).
  22. Did the model start the movement in the terrain? Did it move? The source of the movement doesn't matter. the model has to move through the terrain during an action or ability. That could be someone else's action that pushes the model through it, the model has still moved through hazardous terrain.
  23. The rules for dropping a scheme marker say you have to place it in base contact with the model taking the action. It doesn't use range or LOS, so mark of obliteration won't help. Base contact involves both bases physically touching, either edge to edge or overlapping. The action doesn't have a range 0" and is "place a marker in range" which is what would be needed to allow it.
  24. If you can bury the target then that can go up to a 3/4/5 attack. I've had it take out some pretty tough things whilst buried. It might not be the obvious choice, but its certainly not a bad option to consider.
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