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  1. Nightmare boxes are more expensive, its just the nature of the cost of the process and the reduced number they sell compared to standard boxes I believe. Shipping and taxes unfortunately aren't something wyrd can do much about. I mentally count shipping and customs as the "cost " of the free models I'm getting with the order, which makes me feel a little better.
  2. Shipping hurts. Between that and Customs (more ) I end up limiting my purchases from the wyrd web store to just the things I can only get from them. Everything else ends up cheaper through a local shop
  3. The witch boxes are going to have M3 cards as they were produced this year. (The Bearly together were older but the ones I bought last year came with M3 cards - although they may well be pre-errata cards that you get.) The hide and seek box is just the M2e dreamer box, so its possible that they haven't replaced the M2e cards that were in the box. I can't find anything to confirm that they have updated the cards (where as things like the wild ones confirm they now have M3 cards).
  4. Stealth on Lynch is one of those tricky choices. I think in my ideal Lynch games, Stealth would never do anything because I want them inside the range anyway. But it sort of depends on how I expect things to go. I feel its a waste if I'm spending my AP bringing them inside my stealth bubble, but if it means they are havign to spend resources to get into my auras, then its not a bad choice. I like the two choices both bad option, but I do then worry if I'm going to be getting my stones worth. Its something that I would think was very much a meta choice, rather than something I would put o
  5. Elsewhere Nathan said that was being sorted out on its own timeframe. Personally I expect the electronic books not out until the new year for all, but I'm not going to be upset if they are earlier. (But then I generally don't buy the electronic content, I just remember when they started selling it, it was often a month or two after the physical release)
  6. I missed that part. I think it is a misprint as its a TT/Explorers set anyway. My App still has the Ramones as rough riders.
  7. I don't understand, Eli and Patti have been changed to rough riders. Unless you're referring to the box art which still list what they where in M2E. (Unless this is just an attempt at humour I missed). If I read the promotion right, everyone will get a grumpus if they spend $100, it wasn't an option, its only every $100 afterwards that you get a choice.
  8. My reading of it is that your receipt needs to clearly show the store name and that an item purchased was the Explorers book.
  9. I'm not sure how 6 wins 4 losses and a draw make 15 ? although the later breakdown has 9 wins 5 loses and 1 draw. But with 1 draw in total there appears to be 2 players with records of 2 wins and 1 draw? And 21 and 25 placed presumably are 1 win and 2 loses, despite being in the middle of the results At a guess I'd assume you've mixed up loses and draws making the faction 9 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss. (But thank you for the work regardless, I have enjoyed looking at it) EDIT- just started looking at your spreadsheet, and it missed the Misaki games. I have no idea
  10. Yes, it doesn't talk about line of sight, or use a symbol such as orwhich have line of sight rules attached. The web marker needs to be within 12" and then they can move to base contact with it when they start the activation. I'm guessing that it has a range because "within range within 1" of blocking terrain" is clearer than "within 12" within 1" of blocking terrain." Also things like Sonnia can reduce ranges which would affect the secret passage.
  11. No. Its generaly not published to try and avoid the rush at that time. But most of the time the content isn't limited, so you should have a chance to get what you want when ever you visit. And the mechanism for sending out the orders does not appear to simply be a first in first out
  12. ? Protected only applies when you are targeted. So if you target something else with the expectation of blasting the dreamer, then protected doesn't help. I assume you mean that it is possible to place your models so that they can still apply for protected without being in range to be used as a blast point. And if you try and do that whist relying on take the hit, then it is much more likely that the model that takes the hit will then be used to blast from, even from the attack from which the take the hit is applying. And as I said that is true for a lot of the blast options, but q
  13. Sure you can't attack her if she is buried, but pulses and blasts bypass serene countenance, protection and defence triggers, so it'd only be the incorporeal that provides any help across the two models. And I agree you can position to avoid blasts, but that'd also be true for lynch. And there are a few models with double blasts which make protected a bad idea.
  14. I know I'm just throwing your words back at you. But those problems are bigger problems for Colette and dreamer, mentioning the two you listed as better defensively. I'm not saying he is a tank, but he isn't bad for his cost. He does have keyword auras to improve his survivability when close, and you can potentially pay for more support because of the free huggy.
  15. You missed Misaki and McCabe, after all they didn't match her 100% win record either 😄
  16. No line of sight needed. You can place Seamus anywhere within 12" (as long as its within 1" of blocking terrain).
  17. He does also only have 7 wounds, which is a lot less than 11. (Both masters are cheaper than a standard master, with lynch cheaper than Dreamer even though he has more wounds). As a general rule, the Masters that come with a "big 'totem' for free as a leader" are more fragile. Its not completely true (Sandeep really breaks it as a concept), but Vik, Lynch, Dreamer are all in the "fragile section" of the Masters (I wouldn't put Kirai there but then she gets a big totem for free regardless). I'm not saying Lynch is more survivable than Dreamer per say, I'm just saying if you were tr
  18. The Puzzlebox story gives us a witchling stalker with a secret personality, so its not impossible, but specialist handlers feels more likely
  19. I think that Lynch is fragile because he gets a free Huggy, and he almost has Serene countenance built in, making his wounds and DF not so bad. Yes, he doesn't really want to sit in the middle of a fight, but he isn't paper thin either. But most of his crews defences are based on Auras, which makes him a risky pick if you think your opponent has access to guns. I can agree that its a crew that needs you to focus on many things, and a good memory can be critical to playing them well as you look at so many cards and rig the deck so much. Likewise, Tanner is a really strong disruptive
  20. Other opinions can exist. (and not all meta play the same game, so it is impossible to really be completely definitive)
  21. you are right.If you give Tara fast, then it will counter the slow she gained on her second activation. Personally I don't think its worth it. I like the student in the crew (The fast is a safety unbury on a friendly model), but I don't think an extra action on Tara is the best extra action for the crew. (This does depend a little on what you are playign and what ypou can get the student near, its 2 actions to give out fast, 1 to drop a scheme marker and 1 to turn it to fast, so the student can fall behind the crew if you're not careful, even with its free push.
  22. I assume there is standard sizes for the US postage, (there is for UK) and that the shipping boxes wyrd use are based on those, so the wasted space isn't generally paid for. Unless you're talking about removing the product boxes and just sending the sprues, which could be shipped smaller, but is probably a lot of effort to do.
  23. Shipping does not count towards the total for claiming minis. Shipping is a mixture of size and weight, and are prices that are outside of Wyrds control. (books are heavy and cost a lot to post for example)
  24. My understanding is that they are in the process of translating the stat cards into other languages, but I believe it is a slow process.
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