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  1. Someone said that the release is normally the last friday of the month, which if its true is tomorrow, and so the first sendings may well be in the next week.
  2. Away from rules at the moment, but Pandora does not have a melee action for you to take. Self loathing does not copy the action just the effects and cost/restrictions.
  3. I assume it's that some of the subject matter won't have a smaller model. Every sonnia one will have the little sonnia, but the Marcus one may not have one for example.
  4. I'm fairly sure that you choose which title in crew hiring, all you choose in name masters is the name, but not the title.
  5. That explains those similar looking sculpts in the GenCon pictures. I like the idea of these. I'm not sure I have the time to paint up the larger display pieces, but I'm very happy to guess who will eb chosen and what moments they might have chosen. Is there a Story inside about the moment or do we just have to guess what is happening?
  6. I think the debate is on "moves through" and impassable. The Errata for Hazardous terrain came in saying that if you resolve an action whilst in base contact with a hazardous marker you take the damage, but you have to move through it to take the damage from non action moving, and since you can't move through an impassable marker Anya pushing you will never take damage from a geode. Some people think this is unintended and confusing (it creates situations with different results). You need more than Anya and a Surveyor to do 3 hazardous damage in a single push, but its not impossible... I think you can get it to 5 in explorers if you really try, but it does involve several ook hires...
  7. I don't have time at the moment to check your maths, so I'm going to assume the numbers you give are right Based on the numbers you Quote Sue would do 5.4 damage per activation. If you have low cards to discard and no other use for them (not a given, but fairly common in malifaux, certainly more likely than having a decent ram) then the desperate merc can do 3.3 damage per activation. Even if you only do 1 rapid fire across 2 mercs, then you are doing 5.5 damage for 8 stones. That is slightly more damage than the 5.4 you were getting from Sue (I don't know if you took into account the chance of a random ram on a successful attack, so you might get sue nearer to 5.9 damage if you haven't,). On the table top this wouldn't really work, because Sue would typically kill an un activated Merc is he was in range, so the likelihood you are in a situation where 2 mercs both get to activate vs Sue is low. What I can't work out is how 2.2 damage per activation can be seen as 1/4 of 5.9 damage per activation, even before you consider the fact that the 2.2 is damage against a harder to hit target, so its supposed to be taking into account both defence and offense penalties. The situation is dire and I agree that if you have 8 stones there is almost no reason to take 2 mercs rather than sue, but even based on your numbers it is not as dire as you claim.
  8. I've lost track of a lot of the lore, now its being released across 3 different games systems, so I don't know what is official and what is fan speculation anymore.
  9. Probably not. At least not directly, They aren't all that widely known about. Boggarts are more malicious than I see a bayou gremlin. There's not a shortage of possible candidates that they could have based the Bayou gremlin on. It is possible that in the Wyrd world, the fairy tales were based on things like Bayou gremlins falling through rifts, and the ones that ended up in Lancashire where more malicious, but on the whole I wouldn't see boggarts as a typically representation of a bayou gremlin. (A terror tot is probably more likely to have been the source than a bayou gremlin if you were to ask me, and I'm sure there are other creatures in things like In Nighmares that fit the story more than a bayou gremlin does).
  10. Can I remind people that they ought to wait a reasonable period of time before expecting an answer. Especially when you remember that here are time zones in the world, and people have different working patterns. (If I remember rightly Wyrd typically work 4 long days and have friday off, so this could well be weekend for Wyrd staff for example).
  11. I'm assuming you have looked at the upcoming release schedule and can't see the models you want on there yet. In general the book covers the next years worth of releases, so they will probably all be out by July next year. (Its not always true, but the likelihood is that the majority are planned for release by then). We, as customers don't know the order they plan to release them unless they tell us (or they tell distribution centers and you find shops putting certain things up for pre-order).
  12. A whiskey golem card is an appropriate card for the Nightmare Whiskey Golem. As said, what you need is the right rules. Many of my models are the First edition metals, so they don't have the right picture on the card, and that is perfectly fine. At my local club i would be more than happy with print outs, the App or a physical card from my opponent, (or a combination of all thre in the same crew.). Generally we are good at knowign if we have models that have been erratad and play with the correct edition, but I'm not opposed to playing with pre errata'd versions if my opponent would prefer, either because what they are trying doesn't work with the errata, or they are a new player and didn't know about the errata and would rather play the rules they know. I just let them know there is an errata for future reference The Wyrd tournement rules (gaining ground) say that you must have the official rules for the most recent card, but that this does not have to be the errata'd card, it could be a print out or the app.
  13. I disagree with your calculations as to half durabiltiy and half damage. Yes there are certainly many circumstances where it is easier to kill 2 Desperate Mercs than it is to kill sue, but there are also circumstances where it is easier to kill sue than 2 desperate mercs (fewer circumstances but there are certainly some). Can not be charged is certainly some form of defense (especially when combined with the ability to move during the start phase each turn). The loose claim that 5+ hits twice as often as 5 does not sound true. Working out what is the likely damage is fairly complex because it involves making assumptions on how many resources you are prepared to put into the attack, and it does also depend on what you are shooting at. If you calculate maximum (without joker) damage Sue is at best 12 damage. 2 Mercs is at best 30 damage. Plus the mercs are better with regards to both jokers, in that a red joker helps them more and a black joker penalises them less. The likelyhood of that 30 damage is hugely low, I completely agree, but if you need to do 16 damage in a turn for some reason, then Sue has 0 % chance The Two Mercs are probably in the region of only 1 % chance, (gut guess) but that is still a chance. Also if you're trying to Kill Sue, there is nearly 0% chance(you could get the hard to kill damage with the bonus if you are close enough) of Sue doing it in 1 turn. There is a reasonably high chance (maybe 10-15%) of 2 Mercs doing it. I agree that Wyrd got the maths wrong overall on the balance of 4ss models, but I also think that during the beta testing, most players were still playing with a M2e mindset where extra activations was very good, so the data being received was partially flawed because people played the game differently then to how it is being played now. 2 small models are not as good this edition as they were in previous editions, but it took people a while to realise how much worse they are. I'm not sure that I agree with your numbers, but I agree with the general intent that they were made too weak. I would like a change to improve smaller models in general. I don't know if it is the case you need to just errata a wide range of cheap models, or if there is a simple "general" rule change that would work. Making some VPs be based on the number of models on the table would certainly help power them up, and that is something that hasn't been done this edition, but was one of their strengths in other editions (so I certainly know when I did 3rd edition beta testing I considered that this might be the case in the future, and sort of included in in my valuation, which, as well as not fully realising the downsides to the new focus rules, or maximising the power of the pass token will mean that my testing would have given results that slightly powered up my view of the cheaper models than they are now).
  14. More art and professionally painted figures both cost more money. Wyrd has a range of pictures in the rules books and stat cards, but you aren't all that likely to get multiple poses of a minion. They also do wallpapers on line, but again that is more focused on masters. So if you have the stat cards and the faction books and that doesn't have the art you want, then you are probably out of luck. Sorry
  15. I'm pretty sure that this is not set in the Malifaux world. I haven't read the rulebook fully, so I might be wrong, but from what I know it is its own unique place.
  16. HH is henchman Hardcore, an alternative format for the game that uses only 4 models a side. Some people recommend it for learning, because its a smaller size game, I personally don't because I think it can give the wrong impression of the game, but each to their own. (I agree smaller sized games are good for learning, I just wouldn't use the Henchmen hgardcore rules to teach from). There are plenty of areas with less than 10 players. The uk is fairly lucky in that it has quite a large population of Malifaux players, but even then there are parts of the country where people can't find local games, or maybe only have 1 opponent.
  17. Its up to you what you do with them. Some people buy them because they are considered "painted" straight off the sprue, so they don't need to paint them. Others, (me included) buy them to part paint them, and allow the translucent parts show in places. So for example I have the Translucent Rasputina, and all the Ice creatures are still translucent (Although I have done some highlights and washes to emphisise parts), but Rasputina is painted normally. The wendigo is translucent, as is the flesh of the model he is attacking, but the clothes are painted normally, as if the model has been turned to an ice statue.
  18. Depending on what exactly you mean. You have to use a different mold to make plastic miniatures compared to metal, so they can't do exactly the same. There are a few plastic models that are very similar to the metal. But there are plastic models of all the metal malifaux models from a game rules point of view.
  19. Generally Wyrd have 3 sales, gen con in early August ( normally) black Friday/ birthday at the end of November and Easter.
  20. Wyrd doesn't do anything like games day. It does have booth in several large multi company events. Generally since they all based in the USA. They are only likely to have company presence in events there. The head designer did travel over for one of the UK Gts.
  21. I can't speak for all people but most start with 1 faction and slowly expand to multiple in my experience.
  22. They are different. Most of the information in the newsletter is probably covered in waldos, but not all. I get the newsletter via email.
  23. Correct. Time moves forward, and things can change. So far things are only removed in edition changes. Some models have changed faction between edition and a very small number have been semi written out ( dead man's hand).
  24. GenCon is a large gaming convention held in the US every year. It is a mixture of gaming events and stalls. Google is probably a good way to find out about it. ( other search engines are also available).
  25. As far as I know Wyrd doesn't have an official YouTube channel. Edit- but I don't know much about YouTube, so read what others say.
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