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  1. It's not it being a may, it's the nature of the question asked. If the question is did you suffer damage/discard a card then its a yes as far as the game is concerned, if the question is how much damage did you suffer, or what suit/value was the card then you get a null response. If there was an effect that relied on the number of cards discarded then you would count the number actually discarded, but if ingenuity made the number0, it would still count as a number of cards discarded.
  2. I don't have the FAQ to hand, but from memory that is because the trigger refers to the amount suffered later on
  3. The faq question on costs says that your attempt to pay the cost is what matters. It's talking about damage but I can't see why it wouldn't apply here. So I think it ought to work as counting as the card discard. If anything relates to the discarded card, then that won't apply ( such as tools for the job and aethric healing).
  4. Not when you read the story it isn't.
  5. I was particularly answering the view that a majority of Summoning Masters are a problem. Not that the majority of Summoning is a problem (which I believe is even less true). I decided Ulix as a "replacer" did not count (Yan lo was a stretch but I think most of the time his replace causes a summon of a Gukodo, or is on a summoned model, such as a zombie. And he was raised as one of the problems in the initial post of the thread ) I also didn't count masters that just summoned their own totems (Colette, Zoraida, Reva). But it does show you how many things there are out there t
  6. I wouldn't like to say for certain, this past 2 years my tournament gaming has been almost zero. There are certainly some crews that have a "scissors, paper, stone" like effect (either in some match ups or scenarios), that can have pushed the slightly weaker player up. For example Molly vs Titania, the Titania player typically will be able to use undergrowth markers with no risk in most games, but in that matchup if she isn't careful the markers will help Molly more than her. On the assumption they both tried to play their normal game, not adapting for their opponent, the Titania player
  7. Malifaux does have a similar "balance at different levels" problem. I don't think that there is an easy answer for it, short of making it a less deep game, which I think would lose it a lot of the interest it has. It is one of the reasons that most of those "X is broken" threads don't end with agreement. There have been plenty of times over the years you can see people complaining a model is too strong, and at a similar time people complain the same model is too weak. And both can have valid points. My common example from the first 2 editions was Perdita. She was a master with high stats. for
  8. We have news. The news is that it hasn't been released yet, and we don't have a release date for it. (Although soon was mentioned, but that can mean many things to many people).
  9. That wasn't how I read p35, but I can see where you are coming from. If you read p35 with the knowledge of p21, then p35 doesn't say you can force the opponent to score his schemes before you score yours. If you see a contradiction between the two, I would side with p21 first as it is the rules, p35 is a condensed version to fit in the timing table. (There is a similar issue with healing/killed if I remember right, the condensed version of the rules looks like it gives a different timing to the fully written out rules, but if you read the condensed version knowign the full version it doe
  10. As a default I would follow page 21 over page 35, as Page 21 is the rules, page 35 is the timing chart that tries to summerise the rules. I think page 35 is trying to cover a situation like where the strategy is scored by the player with the most models in the middle. We don't currently have any of those this edition (that I can think of) but there were several last edition. Strictly speaking, page 21 doesn't disagree with page 35, and the player with the initiative does decide if you score scheme B first or second, but since they don't know what schemes the other player is trying
  11. I just realised that recently I've answered a lot of this type of thread recently with problems as to why it won't work, and I don't want to put people off posting them, just because the inital feedback looks bad. I certainly don't intend it to be bad, but constructive, I do know the medium of text is not always the clearest for getting over intent. There was a M2 upgrade that did this, it was a greater boost for lower df models, but even then it was almost always put on models with a high DF to make it even higher. Likewise, the +2 df boost from Francisco almost always went on a high
  12. For what its worth I don't consider Henchmen hardcore as a rules set to be considered when trying to design/balance a model. I don't know if that is what the actual designers consider, although those demise (summon) suggest it isn't. I think (from memory) the M3 public beta was given the expectation that the game should be balanced at 50ss games. So if a model was broken in a 30ss game, but was fine in a 50ss game, then it would have been printed. Likewise a model being a non starter in a henchman hardcore game wouldn't have been enough for them to try redesigning it if it did work in a
  13. In the case of Corvus Rook, adding +1" to his melee is probably worth 5 or 6 ss. But that is because of Slippery. For very few other cases is it worth more than 1 or 2 ss (I would guess). I also think that most of the time you would see these upgrades on the models you currently see being played rather than them bringing new models to playability. (See Lead lined coat for example. Armour 1 would make a lot of models more playable, but what happens is it gets put on the best model you have, that you would probably hire even without the upgrade existing). Putting all your eggs in a good
  14. Part of the problem with this, is not all factions are equal. Therefore a generic change is worth different amounts to different factions. Some factions already have a high amount of Ml 2" ranges, and so an upgrade that increased the ml range to 2" is worth less to this faction, and in fact would lower that factions power. (and some models, like Corvus Rook, would gain a huge power if you could increase his melee range). Even a simple action like Collier Pistol (rg 12" 2/3/4 damage spread)would be poor in Guild, Outcast and Bayou that typically have better guns already, but could be
  15. My point on Genbu is that I own some models beyond the current game rare limit. So you need to make sure your rule isn't just based on the specific model (I think I own 9 different zombies from the metal, the plastic and the FLGS free model). That hired mature nephlim that I declared take prisoner on is not the same model (in rules terms) as later grown mature nephlim even if they use the same physical model. So you have to try and make the rules work without that loophole. Its not insurmaountable, but it needs to be thougth about. Good point, its not too hard to set up something in the p
  16. I think this is where I missed what you meant. I didn't think you meant specific model. I also don't think Scoffer thought you meant specific model. This is hard to write rules for, especially as a summoned model in the rules is a different model to a previous version of the model at the moment. By specific model you aren't actually referring to a specific physical model (I have Izamu and Genbu, so they are clearly 2 different models, but you don't want someone to be able to summon Genbu the turn Izamu dies) but rather some permeance in the plenty value. I wouldn't want to t
  17. But by your changes you can't summon a zombie unless you hired one, and you can't summon a zombie if one dies this/last turn. You may have been referring to summoning more than 10ss, but that wasn't in what you wrote. So all those models with minor summoning of a cheap model become much harder to summon those models because you have added these hoops. So the change has a minor effect on the main summoners (who get to choose what they summon so can probably turn) and a huge effect on models which only summon 1 type of model, because I can stop them summoning just by killing something that is ty
  18. I generally only collect the Masters that I like, or that have models in the crew box that I want (I wanted Silurids for Marcus, so bought Zoraida for example). This lead to a very eclectic collection at various points in my hobby (At the end of first edition I had 95ss of Resurrectionists models, and no resurrectionist master, and thats in old money, so about 150ss worth now). By the end of 2ed there was about 4 masters I didn't own because I didn't like them. My purchasing of new models has slown down this edition, but there are at least 6 of the explorers that look interesting, and once I c
  19. Between hopefully prospects, the emissary, lamplighters, Winston, rough riders, anya, Meredith... I don't think they are lacking in healing.
  20. The full band costs 42 ss so you have a total of 8 stones to spend. This can be upgrades or another model. I don't know that there is an "always best" faction for them, so it might depend on what you are playing. Envy as a leader gives you the chance to get arcane resevoir by hiring the effigy (for free) and Magical training. (EDIT - I mean Hire a minion and magical training. I forgot the effigy wasn't a minion) Greed as a leader can lead you to the crazy option of Hiring Queeg, to give everyone fast when they activate. Pride lets you get Malifaux child and he can
  21. Since Toss doesn't have a TN, it doesn't really matter for toss (on friendlies anyway). It does make it harder to toss in the mud when you can't easily see the mud. And in general I think the more useful part of Toss in the mud is the condition removal, giving it a 7 or 8" condition removal action (Charge and remove condition) might be a reason. (although different models might have different plans, such as I can see the pushing through multiple hazardous pretty useful in syndicate) I don't think anything we have with Toss in the mud would break if it was a action, but I'm sure severa
  22. The friendly has to be within 2" of the brawler and scheme marker. The enemy has to be able to legally target the Brawler. So its a relatively tight bubble if you're looking at a 1" action, but not hard to arrange if its a 12" you want protection from.
  23. Short answer - The rules say "The model performs the Action’s effects, as stated on the card, in the order they are listed. If any of an Action’s effects cannot be resolved, they are ignored." So strictly speaking if you choose to not allow the Bandersnatch to bury, then you end up in an unexpected place where there is a Shadow lair out and no buried Bandersnatch. This would basically mean your nurse would take 1 damage and injured every activation until death (either hers or the bandersnatches), and the Bandersnatch can't try and crawl into another shadow until the nurse is dead.
  24. Because its an after resolving trigger, you can get the heal even if you don't get the ride with me. So on a 7 you get a 5" push. On a tome you get a 1/2/3 heal on a model within 3" and its possible to get both.
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