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  1. Painting streams are about to get Wyrd - starting August 2nd!
  2. https://gleam.io/K6bOo/wyrd-bayou-bash-giveaway
  3. Enter for a chance to win one of three Outcast Starter boxes! Win an Outcast Starter Box!
  4. M3E Crew Builder App and website builder. Free. Website, downloadable PDFs. Free. WargamesVault, POD of each and every card. Minimum of 10 (not of each, but of ten cards total). Few places still have them if you look around or ask the community, but as Firestone pointed out, updated errata won't be included in those. Also there is a rather healthy community of folks with additional cards/bricks/etc that trade/swap/sell.
  5. CONTEST LINK! We wanted to take a moment and acknowledge and highlight some of the fantastic people within our community who have been creating community content for our products, whether it's reviews, hobby painting, podcasts, deep dives, teaching the game, or any number of other combinations. Take a moment to stop by each of their sites and if you like what you see, bookmark, subscribe, like, or just send them a message thanking them for what they do. If we missed someone, my apologies, and reach out to us and we'll get you in there the next time! And while you're at it, gather entries for doing so as we'll be randomly selecting and giving away three Malifaux Core boxes. Thank you!
  6. Well, truth told, we weren't, but so many folks have been asking for it, we've gone ahead and sent them off to print and will have them available here in the near.
  7. When it happens tbh. Not a priority, but it'll come up over the next month or two.
  8. Most of what it up right now is stuff that was already in packaging/put together/stashed away from the move to editions and dug out for X reason. There is quite a bit more that'll eventually get put up, just have to have the time to catalog and put together and figure out what all is there.
  9. Yup, we added it into the store for folks as requested.
  10. There is a picture of it up there to check it against, but yes, basically they are oversized. Something that happened about ten years back and sat in a box.
  11. Thursday morning once we roll into the office and have a moment to combat the morning with caffeine.
  12. We can set it up so that you get additional puppet sprues - so $300, $400, etc. you will get additional puppets. If you're interested in additional Eggapults and Eggs, they'll be available for purchase as well beyond the free ones at $100. Thanks!
  13. You get the whole sprue, and cards that go with them. So 8 models.
  14. Father. Son. Strained relationship to say the least.
  15. Also currently on sale on Drivethru for GM week/whatever they got going on over there if you're looking for a reason.
  16. Well, perhaps they should reach out for IP use and permission as these folks did and there might be a larger knowledge of it.
  17. A community project by the Gentlemen Gamers to bring Malifaux to Tabletop Simulator. Just another way to enjoy gaming while wading through this pandemic.
  18. Congratulations Ian F, Justin B, and Ian B on winning a Malisaurus Rex. Check your emails! https://www.wyrd-games.net/giveaways
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