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  1. Hi and thanks @Maniacal_cackle for using my suggestion for the pool! I was a 2nd edition player and so far have only played one game of M3E (right when it was released/ McMourning vs. Nekima) and taken a hiatus since for game-unreleated reasons. So I'm not familiar with the crews anymore and just finished me re-read of the rule book. Also the GG Season 1 Strats and Schemes are all new to me. I have a game coming up with this pool and my opponent declared Guild . He will probably play either Sonnia or Dashel, but that is knowledge that shouldn't come to heavy into play for selecting the crew. Later of course after we declare masters I can then tailor a crew with that knowledge. I have most of the faction with the exception of von Schtook whose crewbox I have but he's neither build nor painted. So, my plan before knowing the pool was to play Kirai because I haven't played her so far and the crew read relatively simple to me (Crews like Jack Daw or Yan Lo seem less then ideal to learn the game again). But then I read up on my opponents crews and I feel if it's Sonnia on the opposing side of the table the Urami Models will melt away super fast with low wound count and the fact that burning doesn't stop at the end of the turn in M3E. So alternatively I thought about playing McMourung again because his crew seems good for the Strat and they are relatively sturdy with all the poison healing. ... but I realy wanted to try Kirai I feel Kirai can get the killing for the strat done easily and her crew will be right in the opponents face so they can pick up those strategy markers easy, but then again they will deliver their own right to the opponent also. Schemewise I feel like Vendetta is probably a good choice with all the killing going on and maybe Research Mission? (btw. are scheme markers one type of marker or do enemy + friendly scheme markers count as two kinds?). Seeing as Kirai doesn't do a lot with corpse markers there should be corpses (altough not much of my own crew), scheme markers, strategy markers and the drowned could put down riptide markers, maybe scrap if my opponent brings something that could drop it. The markerbased schemes (Runic Binding and Spread them out) seem like something Kirai can do but isn't particularly well suited for. Take Prisoner needs a little cooperation from my opponent it seems with the whole no other enemy models in 4" , or me killing them all/ pushing them away. Also it means one enemy model will basicly have immunity and can do what it wants without me punishing it to hard. That seems fine on a cheaper, not to dangerous model but if my opponent catches wind of this (or after the reveal) he could just attack some of my Urami models (which he will do probably anyway) and kill his own model that way with vengeance (and the whole "... or if the chosen model was killed by an enemy-controlled model ..." wouldn't work in that case, right?) But maybe I'm overvaluing the schemes anyway. They only give 4 points now combined and they seem a lot harder to achieve then in M2E. Maybe i should focus on the strat and Vendetta and pick the second scheme on a whim and what seems most easily done that day (game is a few weeks away). So I guess I would take something like: Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Leader: Kirai Ankoku The Whisper Totem(s): Ikiryo Hires: Datsue Ba Lost Love Goryo Goryo Onryo Seishin Seishin Seishin The plan would be to just rush in there with the Goyos and Ikiryo to kill and get strat markers. Seishin + Lost Love are second row and there for support (maybe assist to remove burning if Sonnia is burning the place down ... so she would probably just blast the seishins easily). Kirai summons a model/turn maybe two if Ikiryo is already killed (she would probably deliver her strat marker to the opponent tough) and also shoots parts of the enemy crew with the trigger to let the freshly summoned models hit them too. The Onryo is for Vendetta. It will have to sit back till i damaged the target already, then scream at it and get the reveal point. Then the target can be killed and the Onryo will have to sit back, survive and shoot if there is a good opportunity. Lost Love can try to help to keep it alive. Seeing as killing an opposing model with a intel counter drops a corpse and a strat marker (most likely, the opposing crew will have mostly "living" models) Research Mission doesn't seem like the worst option. Maybe summon a drowned to help that with riptide markers. Like I said i could also see Mc Mourning with his usual core doing mostly the same but sturdier but I would like to use Kirai if possible. Anyway, I will definitly let you guys know what Crew I picked, what Crew I faced and how it went. Thanks for all your Input in advance
  2. Do we have any clarification on this by now?
  3. Easy ... just use Arrrchie, he's almost as good as the original, some would argue better! On a more serious note, i think it depends on what you want from archie. No other model does all the same thing - sure. But if wou want a fast, robust model i would go with Manos. If you want your min 3 beater who can take a punch it's the grave golem. Rider is also fast, killy and is no push over.
  4. You should target models that aren't already staggered to get the most out of your lures 😄
  5. Also, pair her up with a crooked man and every enemy that goes near Jakuna gets staggered. Profit!
  6. I hate games like that so much. I admittedly get salty and that gamenight is ruined.
  7. Not sure if i like Yin in this list. I would rather go for a drowned or crooked man, to apply staggered at range. Also both of them can attack the opponents mv stat - wich is nice. I also want to "force" Jakuuna in there exactly that is my problem. I run out of points. I'm always ending up with something like this: Jack Daw - 0 Lady Ligeia - 0 Montressor - 9 Hanged - 8 Crooked Man - 7 Drowned - 6 Dead Outlaw - 6 Guilty - 5 Guilty - 5 5 Stones Would love to have Jakuuna in there, would love to have Grave Spirits touch on Jack (and the hanged) but i have no idea what to cut. I haven't have a game with him at all so i think this at least let's me try out a lot of different models.
  8. Damn it, i thought i caught something 😁 You need to be in range.
  9. Hey fellow ressers, i just re-read Seamus' A cause for celebration Bonus Action: A cause for celebration 2'' This Action may only be declared if this model is this Crew's Leader. This model may remove target Corpse Marker on the enemy table half. This model may take an Action. If this model removed a Corpse Marker from this action, the generated Action may ignore any special requirements listed in italics. So, cool assuming you removed a Corpse Marker on the enemy table half this lets you shoot twice, use secret passage even if you're not around blocking terrain or it lets you scare your own people. But that's not all ... at least i assume so, please correct me if i'm wrong. It also lets you charge while engaged (and even twice in one activation), Concentrate twice, Interact while engaged (or after disengaging) or disengage while you're not even engaged (HA! ... wait what?) I've never seen this mentioned before, so maybe i'm wrong but this also gets around the requirements (italics) of the generic actions right? Sure most of the time shooting twice is really nice, but maybe you just need to drop that last important marker while engaged. Also charging twice (even if engaged for one of those) seems really efficient. So didn't i see this mentioned before because it doesn't work, or just because everybody knows it and i'm just late to the party 😅 ... or was i just not looking hard enough?
  10. Thanks for the reply guys. I'm still reading cards and trying to wrap my head around M3E Crews. I think i will focus on "forgotten" and "experimental" as they seem to cover most of the strats together. I also have a brand new Jack Daw Crew that i'm itching to get on the table but they seem a little to complex for the first game in the new edition. I'm sure i'll make enough mistakes as it is 😁
  11. Hey fellow ressers, due to some private matters i couldn't play any M3E games up until now. In two weeks time my first game will be played. I heard a few podcasts and i'm really really hyped for M3E. My question is, wich Masters are strong for what strategies / schemes. I know that is a tall order as the answer will depend on the opposing faction / master, the board, is the master played in keyword and many more ... I'm just looking for very generall and broad advice.
  12. Stupid Question, how do you guys test the "new" Nico? Where do you get the new cards? My App still shows his old version.
  13. But that would change a lot more than just nico not being able to summon them. They don't leave corpses, they can't be healed/ given fast by nico for example ... and a lot of other effects in the game that target undead wouldn't work anymore. So that would be a major change to the model, not just the nico-shouldn't-be-able-to-summon-them problem.
  14. To limit Kentauroi summoning for Nico, but not for Molly maybe Kentauroi could have something like: critical mass: if a corpsemarker is sacrificed to summon this model, sacrifice two corpsemarkers in 2 instead or the action immediately fails that way Nico needs more ressources, but molly stays untouched
  15. I know it would be a lot of work (at the beggining), but maybe the app could have a small button-thingy on every model card that you can push to see "weird" rules interactions with this models, frequently asked questions regarding this model or one of its abillities etc.
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