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  1. Kudos to you, but i think git gud is a little void argument. Even if we are not the best players around iam sure we are quite capable- both top 10 ranked in our country, 2 itc top3, i was second at our nationals last year and third on uk nationals- so we at least know what we are doing.
  2. I dont think he has to be the king of everything yet again. Long range shooting, support, summoning and a very good totem. And beast are rather on the speedy side. If he does need to be tougher lower banasuva stats but i doubt it as there is a lot of masters who have similar defences(or 2wds more) and they dont get beefy totem.
  3. I dont see why this shows that deep needs more defensive techs, he has pretty good ranges - 10" plus guru and comes with a very good totem - compare with lynch.
  4. Funny, I could quote here whole colette discussion. Somehow Colette is fine when you get to hit her once and through her other defensive tech and nvb masters with def5 and often nothing are broken and npe when they need to pay 2 additional ss for far worse ability. Still would trade inhuman reflexes for magical training.
  5. They need to be down to one token for this to work (from what we understand when they have 2 they flip back to glory after the action) and you still need 3 margin and rhinos have good stats. But like when you manage to go through all the hoops at the end of the day you get rid of 3 scrips from your opponent. But iam more intrested in general strategy against cult as for me they do everything better- better mobility because of portals, better stats, better damage, tons of aoe most you cant do nothing about and which have ridiculous strenght.
  6. How do you put pinning on whelks? Their ability is an aura
  7. Arent the flip from glory attacks pointless as the rhino just flips back after the attack as it has 2+shacken tokens?
  8. So iam after my first dozen of games. Against abby or empire I more or less know what to do and had some good tigh games. But I struggle heavily against cult, I wouldnt even say those are games as I feel hopeless. The only good units seem to be commandera(I dont own eels yet) and we usually play single commander/singel+10, the rest dies really easily so even healing Magic frenzy cant get enough stuff back. Between his Titan stomps, aoe attacks from rhinos, doomseekers and at later stages breachling strategem I lose 12+ models A turn. My main problem is that apart from commanders my units cant kill enough of cult stuff-even if one fireteam survives they teleport away and reinforce/heal. Rhino seems immortal as only strengh 5 attack is on Alpha who dosent do much damage. Gorysche is quite tough even with low stats and they have the strategem that it come back after death. My stuff is busy walking then dies then comes back and dies again. So any useful strategies or units against cult? As for me cult has more punch and mobility and horde have no shooting
  9. Passenty


    Who are you hitting?
  10. Passenty


    Frankly how many Times a game are you drawing cards with lilitu? Twice A game? How many Times can you do it so the other model bleeds on something? Once? For reason unknown lilitu and lelu are the slowest of nephilim which are generally really fast so its quite tough for them to keep up. Not to mention 12" for lure is excatly the range of most guns and lilitu dies to excatly one shoot with focus+one min damage shoot of any shooter(even the cheap ones like desperate merc, frontiersman, rifleman). Dont get me wrong card draw is very strong I like that she has it but is this plus 1ca really worth 2ss over other lurebots who usually also have some form of utility.
  11. I allready wrote it dozen times Cerber is an always take as other chimera Models are plainly bad(with humble exception of Paul as he is cheap and enables A lot of fun stuff). Order initiates are definetly not worth 7ss, without mutation they have no speed, no damage and bad utility why ever buff it when you can take good model instead(blessed of december?) and buff it. Cojo is the same not sure I would take him for 9 and for 10 he does so Little, if he is to do damage give him min3 and if survivalibity htk or at least htw- I would take just another cerber and give it armor mutation for Cojo everytime. In neverborn its even worse as you cant take magical training or blessed. Hoarcat pride are bad in rasputina crews and even worse with marcus but instead of cost reduction(which still would not make this model playable) they should get something. Min2 would mean they might kill something or +1 damage when they charge- evolution while still bad would at least be a nod to marcus. Frankly I dont understand wyrd idea of damage spread- half 4-6ss shooty minions get 2/3/5 or 2/4/5 12 or 14" attack some of which ignore either cover or concealment while melee cheap minions are stuck with pathetic damage spread. Or just make them scheme runner and give them leap or deadly persuit Edit- Serrated teeth should give an action which gives adversary from range, we would get A mutation which is useful for backline models like myranda, jackalope or initiates. Marcus would also have something to do past turn 1.
  12. Pandora without engagement is farce. Not only she and candy have good auras which opponent can just walk away from but her New opportunist would be much better if she had 2" engagement.
  13. Passenty


    I will Trade stat7 any day for 2ss cost reduce. She is very squishy for 7ss I think she deserves at least manipulative for the cost.
  14. The hazardous aura is ok. With bb it does A lot of damage against melee crews without 2" range. I would really like the tress(blocking ones not the germinate ones) to as against shooty crews you have zero tech and 5 def on All models. Master of malifaux or at least some bigger range on tangle shadow would be nice as now when you wanna use it everything shoots you to death. She is just another nvb masters who needs inhuman reflexes or she just dies.
  15. Passenty

    Are we OP?

    As whole i dont think so but some stuff definitely needs downgrades(particulary some shooty minions)
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