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  1. Passenty

    Marcus NB

    Only one of those attacks has plus to damage. Iam not sure whether the attack from charge generated by Marcus trigger can declare onslaught, can somebody verify it? And hitting so many onslaught is not easy unless you discard mutations or run soulstone upg.
  2. Passenty

    Marcus NB

    Inhuman reflexes are good but A bit of waste as we have mutation that give butterfly jump. How are you making so many attacks with + ?
  3. Two action on one activation and one action on first turn and second one when low ss model is in range makes big diffrence imo. Its much easier to kill those low ss model with focus stacked from previous turns as normally it wouldnt be so easy for big model to spent 2 ap on attacks, with stacked focus its trivial.
  4. Marcus- for me lost oportunity, dosent need much to be in a good spot. Change 2 useless mutations into some utility ones and do something about his keyword models as initiates, moleman and bears are underwhelming. Titania- imo good to go Nekima- imo failure, nothing exciting about 3ap henchman and for me her keyword is plain bad and overcosted Dreamer- imo good to go Zoraida - the voodoo curse and doll need rework otherwise no complains Lucius- overall ok but Iam worried about chaining obeys into drawing. I have seen him draw new hand in one activation. The argument is his keyword is fragile and low damage but i think sooner or later someone will breal the engine with out of keyword models. Euripides - seems good and fun, just rework thoon a bit Pandora- no clue, too many changes from the games i played with her
  5. They are fun no doubt. But I dont see anyone paying 28ss for that. Card draw is good but other nvb crews are more efficient at that so for me its not their selling point, particular that lelu is not doing much apart from drawing and lilitu dies just after her first lure(and iam not paying 7ss and babysit another model for one card). Seriously are you seeing value for 7ss in them or did you just like playing them? As apart from 7ca lilitu is a 5ss model and lelu is the the one not keeping up with rest of the crew- only nephilim without either flight or mv6. I hope they change back growth as now i dont understand ale the tax on nephilim, and at the end of the day is summoning 3-6ss during the game so good that you need do many restrictions?
  6. Youngs are fine, the rest I find larking/overpriced.
  7. New growth is rubish and needs rewording anyway
  8. Lure 6 and 6ss is not enough- compare to belle(5ss). She needs any defensive tech(manipulative? Iam fine with 6ca but just make her be worth 7ss not an overpriced belle. Or make her 5ss with lure6
  9. They should be able to discard growth token for nimble. Generaly I think nephilim are bad. Not terrible bad but apart from young everything seems to pay tax for growth mechanic which frankly is not great and actually pretty bad after last update. I think only nekima as second master will see any play. The nvb effigy has to be the worse effigy in the game, the aura is useless and lure with 8 is bad. All the halfblood Models except tuco need something like anything.
  10. I agree thats not even worth the Space on cards. Iam still waiting for lelu and lilitu cost reduction to 6ss. Now as its much more difficult to grow(and gain insane advantage of 3ss) maybe the could stop paying tax for it.
  11. Or maybe just give them growth marker after killing instead of All this nonsense?
  12. They cost 4ss they shouldnt be drawing 2 cards per turn. Give them something different.
  13. I did not think this mechanic could get any worse but I see I was so wrong. So now not only the nephilim guys are overpriced because you can "summon" 3ss of models from them but you actually cant use their mechanic. I hope this is changed to at least what it was before the update
  14. I think that thoon is the least offending thing in the list. I didnt try changeling with zoraida but with lucious the do very similar stuff. I think this obey chain with card draw is just too good. Maybe changeling should not be ale to copy master action or they should lose the draw ability
  15. My experience with her differs. Tangle shadow range of 8 make it quite risky as you enter most threat ranges(no master od malifaux usually means you are visible). Hazardous and bb are nice when your opponent tries to fight you in melee but problems really start when they start shooting you. All nephilim models are def 5 or worse(lelu is 6 but supbar in other places) with no defensive techs. Stoning is nice but with def5 she goes down really fast and i cant find much of the mentioned utility. I have never so far considered using postule for her ap in a real game.
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