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  1. Passenty

    Kirai - first game

    either take 7 cache or sebastian else you dont have enough stones for summons, i find swirling aether useless and unforgiven an autotake.
  2. GG2018 3 round one day tournament at Strefa MTG. Date: 22.09.2018 Venue: Strefa MTG Polna 30A Warsaw Entry Fee: 20zł Link to fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/244908849563023/
  3. 50ss Fixed Fraction league at Strefa MTG (Polna 30a, 00-635 Warsaw) 4 Rounds, 4 weeks event: I 06.08-12.08 II 13.08-19.08 III 20.08-26.08 IV 27.08-03.09 Link to FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/270599463757451/
  4. Passenty

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I play competitive and still see it as a problem. Its so nice that I can just throw out of the window 1/3 of miniatures I bought and just sulk it up! Merc I understand but deleting masters is over the top!
  5. Passenty

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    The problem is not setting some kind of value. The problem is you need to play 20+ 2h hours games to master a crew and who will do it when they might not play it. I think dead man was announced really poorly. Its an important issue and you have one paragragh about it - Wyrd should write clearly whether they will be legal and supported.
  6. Passenty

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    If big tournamnets will play restricted format no one will want to play unrestricted on the small ones
  7. Passenty

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I think its a little bit insulting to customers like myself - I own almost whole nvb fraction+most of merc, what I'am to do with all the stuff I bought, 3 masters cut out of fraction, merc gone. And really if the deleted masters are to be competetive why put dead man's hand restriction on tournament play - the restriction should be only on world wide campaign which change fluff not normal tournament circuit.
  8. Passenty

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    If they are balanced why are they not allowed at the tournaments?
  9. Passenty

    ITC 2018 Feedback

    Event was great. I think bonus points just should go away as they just feed teams which get easy parrings in the first two rounds.
  10. Fixed Fraction 50ss league at Strefa MTG Polna 30a, Warsaw, Entry Fee: 15zł Round I 04.06-10.06 Round II 11.06-17.06 Round III 18.06-24.06 Round IV 25.06-01.07 Link to fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/163725494321221/
  11. Passenty

    Warsaw Malifaux Championship

    Date: 21-22 July 2018 Venue: Hotel Sangate, ul. Komitetu Obrony Robotników 32, Warsaw Format: 50ss Fixed Fraction Preregistration: via email - please send us your name and surname at sklep@strefamtg.pl with an info that you wish to participate Entry Fee: preregistration is 50 PLN (13 EUR) payable by bank transfer until 17.07 or you can pay 75 PLN (20 EUR) with on-site registration Account for transfer in PLN: PL89 1750 0012 0000 0000 3349 9876 Account for transfer in EUR: PL33 1750 0012 0000 0000 3349 9914 - if you pay in EUR please use this account SWIFT/BIC: RCBWPLPW Recipent: Strefa MTG Transfer title: Malifaux Tournament Your Name and Surname On-site registration will be open 30 minutes prior to start of the tournament Painting: Only Fully Painted Models are allowed Conversions allowed. Proxy models allowed if they clearly represent the model (if in doubt, contact us :pasekmaciej@strefamtg.pl) Missions: TBA Tournament Structure: Swiss - 5 rounds with 31 or lower number of participants, 6 rounds with 32 or more participants, 2h for game +15 min for preperations After 2h last round is called and at 5 mins till the end of the round last activation is called. Estimated Scheldue: Saturday 21.07 9:00:-9:30 registration 9:30- 11:45 - round 1 11:45 - 14:00 - round 2 14:00-14:45 - lunch break 14:45 - 17:00 - round 3 17:00 - 19:15 - round 4 (only with 6 rounds) Sunday 22.07 10:00-12:15 round 5 12:15-13:15 painting competition and lunch break 13:15-15:30 round 6 15:30-16:00 Clean up and awards Accomodation and Lunch: You can get a room in the hotel where the event is held and after giving password "Mistrzostwa Polski MTG 2018" you get the discount price for the hotel rooms: Economical Room for 1 or 2 people 150 PLN (~37 EUR) or 190 PLN (~47 EUR) with breakfast per night Standard Room for 1 or 2 people 170 PLN (~42 EUR) or 210 PLN (~52 EUR) with breakfast per night Business Room for 1 or 2 people 200 PLN (~50 EUR) or 240 PLN (~60 EUR) with breakfast per night For booking contact directly with the hotel: rezerwacje@sangate-hotel.pl During the event the hotel will prepare buffet and during lunch breaks dinners for 30zł (~7,5 Euro) will be available Addional regulations: No alcohol allowed in the gaming area (hotel bar will be opened and you can get drinks there) No smoking allowed (this includes e-cigaretes) No ordering food or drinks from outside the hotel No trading ( no buying or selling of products with cash in places other then the vendors) Link to facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/226322917948169/
  12. Passenty

    How to deal with Sandeep

    If he didnt not activate, you need moderate on one of the 2 first hits and you cant BB him. Right? If he did activate you're slow and pushed away so you have maybe 1 one hit. So generally you need whole activation of nekima to kill a singel 5ss model and Sandeep still has plethora of other attack vectors - banasuva, cerber, 2 other mages. I play her quite a lot. I am not complaining, I'am suprised she is regarded so high against Sandeep and so far none one has showed why is she good in this match up. Dont know what your opponets do with Sandeep that they cant deal with her. What do you mean by static? Sandeep crew is one of the most mobile crews in the game - angelica/captain and places/pushes from sandeep, have you tried WW? Dont own Serena yet but Ill definatly give her a try. If you use the lure tactic what do you try to lure? Its not like Sandeep dosent have means to surgical strike across the board where its needed so He can also apply pressure. Sue is much better then aeslin, and yes he is a good counterpick. I have never stated Sandeep is unbeatable (he is although you are always an underdog) but you cant convince me (so far) that just throwing Nekima into his face is a solid tactic
  13. Passenty

    How to deal with Sandeep

    So hitting moderates on minus is now somehow a viable tactic? You are risking 13-14ss model for that, I would call this quite a gamble. So my argumet here for the whole time is that your not getting 3 swings with nekima due to slow from mages, If you speak about 2 turns of attacks my argument is that nekima needs all 3 hits to kill unactivated mage (bb does nothing against the shield and unless you hit moderate but its still not the great trade), You have x2 rush and wings which is nice, the problem is he has just more cards between arcane res, biting myranda with raptor, IE from myranda and + from gamin and cerber. IE is of course a one time boost but its often enough to assasinate either nekima or lilith, so its not like lilith player can be so bold with everything he does. I have played this match up fair amount against competent players and you may trust me that lilith rans out of cards quicker then sandeep. And for whole time Iam not speaking about any perfect storm of events just normal stuff like a guy with 11 cards is hitting def 5 model with ca6 with plus, knows how to use his triggers, is not walking his models into nekima bb+swing range, is not using his face cards to summon gamins, knows tangle shadows has 5ca and most of his models are wp6 so keeps a high card for that attack. Meanwhile everyone insists that nekima will drain a lot of resources from Sandeep and thats a good way to play the match up, which is in my opinion a bad way to play it out - Nekima will drain more of your own resources and she will maybe kill a model that costs less then her.
  14. Passenty

    How to deal with Sandeep

    I do understand you ever take one horror duel? And what models is she killing? She needs all 3 swings to kill a singel mage
  15. Passenty

    How to deal with Sandeep

    I mean you trade a few stones for some of his ap, and its getting downhill pretty fast from there. Deep will surely outactivate Lilith+nekima crew so he will have more then one model to attack nekima with.