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  1. Who is it possible that for 2 turns he couldnt draw A single 12? Wasted his hand or some bad luck? he has arc res and tools4job so cant imagine beeing beaten 12s. Your games against Ivan are strange. It seems Molly needs some nerfs as she is too good;p
  2. He dosent need to summon though as he can just dish out 9+ damage with + and ignoring concealment/engagement. Oh good thats really comforting!
  3. He takes only wp5 or wp7 models. He hides wp5 and tanks Ivan with wp7. Draws some cards with molly and schemes with croolingans.
  4. Kirai has no draw engine apart from whisper so turn 3+ summons are far from automatic if you pressure her. Even skipping summoning I think Ivan does quite a bit more then Kirai. Also its usually a lot easier to win initiative against Kirai as she usually has some seishin and Ivan has archivist:P
  5. You drawing a lot of cards somehow prevents him drawing a singel 13? Its not like Ivan dosent have card draw - easy access to arcane res, archivist and flush with cash. He also does have some more draw options with surge triggers, prospector or operative.
  6. Yeah other keyword concentrate on doing something fluffy or usuful while mercenary on beeing paper. Not every model has to lack defense, cmon that just encourages so much to take ook and versatile and IS a bug. Viks and most of keyword have that feature dosent mean ALL of them have to
  7. Student of conflict is supposed to be an expert fighter yet in rules she has ml4 and min1. Frankly the fast thing should be a bonus because she never can keep up with the crew. As for tealor i think welcome to malifaux should work on places and unburying and the card discard should be removed. I bet she would see far more table time but unfortunatly not in mercenary. For me she lacks hard to wound- with htw, htk she would be give mercenary some staying power. As Viks are paper thin that would fix some holes in keyword.
  8. Von Schtook with x2 necropunks is good for symbols
  9. Zoraida is good but far from needing any adjustmemt. With gg1 obey became much worse. She is nice but folds to a lot of stuff (shooting, concealment generation and has problem with resources as her bonus is not always safe play). Far from powerhouse like colette, yan lo, von schtook, Sandeep, Sommer or dashel who are usually safe pick. Dreamer is the best nvb master period. Main reason is that nvb suck at generating resource every nvb master apart from dreamer- poor healing(serena in every list), poor durability(hinamatsu in every list), poor card draw, no soulstone generation, no summoning, n
  10. Poltergeist just shouldnt have the antiruthless aura so you dont have all your eggs in one basket. Any other keyword model should have the ability- either aversion or sorrow would get a nice buff by having it. When fear given form is once per activation you almost never want to use it. But having an ability to use it 3/per turn would make it much better. It would work a bit like old incite. I think you dont consider that shooting often can be bad- concealment and stuff. Would it hurt that much if self-loathing had 1" range? Its not that back breakering by itself but master loses some
  11. Pandora for me is totally bad design. She wrecks all the condtion master like brewmaster or mcmourning making them never takes against nvb particulary in multi-master games. The keyword should work only with stunned and gain buffs elsewhere. On other hand on her own in singel master games she struggles against a lot things: - ruthless - turns off most of her defensive tech, most crew has either manipulative or terrying for defence. As you declare master before crew selection its easy to counter Dora by most of fractions. For unkown reason the anti-ruthless aura is on a def4 totem which is
  12. The most important part imo is to learn placement of your models - Shiledbearers x2 and restless spirit are the core for me and they put a lot of restrictions on where your models can be. You need to put out a corpse with restless spirit so the shieldbearer can eat it for the ritua, the same for candle. After your shiledbearer eats candle for the ritual you place the pyre through which you charge with shieldbearers and push reva through. As the ritual has 3" and there usally is some terrain on the way its not the easy. Remember that shieldbearers have "take the hit" ability so when you have 2
  13. He is not too good unfortunatly - def 3 really hurts, no Terrifying must be a misprint:P I still think he is a must for zoraida because of sz4 - perfect node for her.
  14. I think misery is plainly bad design on many levels. The ability should work only with stunned (so dora doesnt counter some masters just by exsisting) , should stack( so there is an incline to take keyword models) and should not be restricted to once per turn. That would make the woes work as they should - putting and removing stunned with a crew for benefits - instead of counter your focus or other condition you need and sometimes dish out a ping. Misery working with stunned only would also disable all unwanted synergies like iggy+kaeris without restricting misery itself.
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