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  1. Man, Third Edition is sounding better all the time. 😉
  2. If we're tossing in rampant speculation with our fondest wishes, here's my speculation that I'm certain -- *certain* -- that Mason took the baddest faction of all, the Crossroads Seven, and made Wrath a viable Master. I feel it in my bones. My hard-rocking bones.
  3. Excellent. I think I might like that better.
  4. I'd say that it's a safe bet Paralyze is gone, reading between a few lines. The new Stunned is actually pretty potent - no "claw" attacks + no triggers )hamstrings a lot of models and indicates the same sort of "fear" effect that Paralyzed represents while also still allowing for a model to do plenty of other things on its activation.
  5. My guess is because they're emphasizing story as part of the meta. Magic rotates cards and sets out of the meta even though those cards and sets are still balanced and various other Minis games have rotated out figures without providing updated balanced stats for those figures in new editions. I get the frustration, but I do think that short of agreeing to keep every mini evergreen through all editions, Wyrd is taking the best possible approach here (and, frankly, I don't think the evergreen approach is either best or possible in the market).
  6. If Stunned takes the place of Paralyzed, I'm very happy (even as a Resser player). It is *never* fun in a game to provide a "skip a turn" condition, be it boardgames where someone takes multiple sequential turns in a game while someone else just watches or paralyzing a mini for an entire round/activation and having your opponent stare sadly down at the mini as it activates and deactivates again. Stunned is a substantial penalty but still provides plenty of options for a model that suffers it. I'm glad to see Paralyzed is likely gone.
  7. I'd love it if some of the alt models were given options for tournament legal models rather than their old Dead Man alternatives. It'd be great if, say, Alt-Nicodem could instead sub in for Von Schtook. But in general, very excited to see where things go from here!
  8. It just makes Pariah of Bone a little harder for me to justify when Iron gives me access to some of the best Bone models I can get (Necropunks, Valedictorian being foremost there) as well as the Scrap that Levy or Rusty can use to much better effect (and, of course, all the Iron models). Yes, I miss out on Belles and Kentauroi and I guess there are some situational match-ups where I'd prefer Bone, but I'd love to find a list in Bone that really impresses me the way Iron can.
  9. Looks incredible. I'm willing to spend a big toe (I've got two, after all). Really excited about these; it'll be great to have terrain that really pulls out the theme as much as the minis themselves do.
  10. So I'm playing around with a Pariah of Bone Levy build and trying to wrack my brain to figure out if Levy has any special synergy with the Corpse markers he can generate via Kentauroi. I'm not really seeing much for him there; obviously, Scrap is generally much better for him, but is there anything that he could do with Corpses that I'm not immediately latching onto?
  11. Just. Say. When. (as in, I'm in.) (and maybe only whisper how much. ;-))
  12. Aw, shoot. I read those abilities three times and still somehow managed to miss something that basic. Goes to show what two nights low on sleep do to you.
  13. You know, I haven't seen it mentioned yet, but it seems clear that Hannah can copy Oath of the Freikorps with her 0 action Make a New Entry. Trading a 0 action for an AP on oneself or another model is, in my opinion, pretty great. edit: and since it specifically allows her to target Von Schill to give him the extra AP since he has the Freikorps characteristic, a 0 action on a Hench giving a Master 1 AP is very, very good imo.
  14. spoiler in [] brackets text you enter /spoiler in [] brackets.
  15. This post contains spoilers! Be wary of reading further until you've read Wyrd Chronicles #33! You've been warned! Super warned! Move on! -Aaron
  16. Just to be sure, it seems to say you get an alt-master for every $100 you spend before shipping/taxes -- so if I spend $200 before those things, I get two alt-masters (that I request in the comments) as opposed to needing to put in two separate orders (with two separate shippings) of over $100?
  17. Does anyone get any good use out of Guild Lawyers with McMourning? I mean, the rest of Moonlighting is so great and I may, um, have some professional interest in running a Lawyer for funsies with his crew, but it does seem like it's not the most efficient use of 6 points. Anyone found a way to make them sing with the good doc?
  18. Overall, it was excellent. I do wish the Wokou Raiders had felt like more than an afterthought. They're the third type of bandits out there and while, yes, they're expensive, I feel like they have to have a little more use than the podcast tossed out there for them. But it got me excited to build my Parker set, so, like I said, overall it was a really enjoyable, thoughtful listen.
  19. Alas, you're right. I thought it was Parker with his goggles on and the hat knocked off, given the similarities in their outfits. Maybe Killjoy got confused too. I still say Parker takes the L for being nowhere in the picture. ;-)
  20. Even in the wallpapers, poor Parker gets no respect. At least it's one of our own doing him dirty; nobody can blame Killjoy for wanting to get a head in life.
  21. I feel like there's more to her than that -- I'd forgotten that Killjoy has Black Blood (I've never run him, as he's not super-useful to Jack) and I guess you could use her to shoot through Killjoy after you bomb someone with him. I do think that she's a bit better than Johan on the condition removal front (they're both suited removals, iirc, no?) since she tosses in healing and can target herself, but she definitely isn't the beater he is. OTOH, she's faster and can't die, so I don't mind her being a stone more expensive than he is. I could see her being able to die and repop being great for schemes like Interference given her flexibility. I feel like the key to her utility for Jack has to be in the repop realm, particularly since she gets it even when Sacrificed, but I haven't yet pieced together if there's something that Jack can do with her. It'd be great if we got a Tormented Nightmare down the line. *nudge-nudge*
  22. So Serena's now part of Jack's potential menagerie. I feel like I can *sense* there're some good plays with her, but I don't immediately see them. For Jack, it seems like she's not going to get much play out of her Black Blood sharing or LOS-drawing as, to my recollection, no other Tormented are Nightmares and/or have Black Blood and she can't legally target her "The Things I've Seen" on a friendly Nightmare to get to the trigger that lets her share it with a non-Nightmare like Jack or whomever. Sad. Right now, I basically see her as a novel alternative to Johan as she can do a little heal AND condition removal action if you don't need Johan's beater hammer and also as a neat scheme runner with a nice Wk 6 (who also can't be charged while she's laying down her Schemes) who, if killed, can either come right back to run said scheme again on the same side of the board or, alternately, come up another end of the table given her flexible re-deployment. Still feels like I'm missing a potential use. Maybe there isn't one as that's already a lot for 7 stones. Her damage and attack types are really nothing to write home about (for Jack's crew anyway). Anyone see something more that I don't?
  23. Rogue Necromancy would be awesome. I'd also second Valedictorian as many people might want her outside her box and, well, I'm not a huge fan of her base sculpt.
  24. I tend to agree with the Librarian or Trapper, if only because the ones I'd normally suggest (Hannah, Lazarus, Bishop) have already seen alts been made. Everyone wants a second Librarian or Trapper as is, so it'd be cool to see one in an alternative pose. If not, I think Sue would be the next best Alt as he's a piece just about everyone values and that pistol just keeps threatening to snap off.
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