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    can kirai summon off a one wound model?

    I always play her with Maniacal Laugh and Asura.
  2. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Misaki & McCabe

    Speaking of overlapping models: Shadow Emissary, Yasunori, Katanaka Sniper, Monk of Low River, Charm Warder, 10T Bros, Terracotta Warrior.
  3. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Alt models : Ototo / Tannen & Graves

    That's what you get if you listen to the forum opinions
  4. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Alt models : Ototo / Tannen & Graves

    Technically speaking, sculpts are nice. Personally, I prefer a dynamic pose of original Ototo, but I know that some people don't like it. Thus when someone asked few months ago which model would we like to see altered, Ototo was voted by many. Same with Graves and Tannen - nice sculpts, but original ones are fitting their characters much more. In his neverborn form - which many people voted for as well - Graves looks more like a generically boring/boringly generic nephilim. As for Tannen, he looks disturbingly and that's cool, but how you can be bored to tears by or chat with a creature like that? No way.
  5. thatlatinspeakingguy

    been a while since I've asked, what was your last list you played

    May I ask about Reva's list?
  6. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Asami help

    I don't know where your confidence in Asami's power come from. Provide a proof and then you can (but still shouldn't) mock people of contrary opinion.
  7. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Anna Lovelace- do you use her?

    People often overlook or underestimate her, as most of us build a crew to achieve something rather than to prevent an enemy from achieving something else. Yet, as you guys rightly observe, she can be invaluable in some matchups and thus should be considered whenever you're facing at least three factions, namely Gremlins, Neverborn and Ten Thunders. Speaking about mercing her, I have also seen her once in a gimmicky Lilith list where she provided third Rush of Magic and her Vortex (that action which pushes models, not sure if I remember the name correctly) was used to trigger triple trapper shot from Changelings.
  8. thatlatinspeakingguy

    July 2018 Errata

  9. thatlatinspeakingguy

    The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp

    I haven't used it even once But I see its potential and will definitely give it another try. I think they can work in every crew that can deliver them upfield and has cards to guarantee the kill and subsequent summoning. The most important thing is to put MLH on it. And I don't recommend using them against TT, as Yasunori will simply walk twice to get within Dark Protection range and kill Lampad in one AP - unless you want to bait them.
  10. thatlatinspeakingguy

    The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp

    I think we too deserve a thread of „What was the last list you've played” type, don't we? I encourage everyone to post here lists, followed by a short information concerning S&S, opposing crew and short encounter's rundown. I will start with my today's game against my regular Gremlin opponent, Michał „Świeżak” Wencel. Standard Deployment Strategy: Public Executions Schemes: Eliminate, Covert, Vendetta, Search the Ruins, something I don't remember. I wanted to play Reva with Lampads despite everything – I have bought the box right before our game and wanted to give them a try. My crew: Reva w/ Decaying Aura, Riders in the Sky, Blood Mark, 6 ss Carrion Emissary w/ Conflux of the Reaper Datsue Ba w/ My Little Helper Lampad w/ My Little Helper Hayreddin Dead Doxy Rotten Belle His crew: Wong, Glowy McTavish, Trixie, Old Cranky, 2 Swinecursed, 2 Lightining Bug. As I anticipated, Michał brought his regular Wong crew, which he always plays into Public Executions. As for schemes, he has chosen Eliminate and of course Covert. I've chosen Covert and Vendetta (Belle – Swinecursed). On turn one he pushed Wong and Tavish with his Swinecursed twice. I Blackjokered Shards of Kythera which let him shoot Carrion Emissary with McTavish once for 5. Combination of Bloodmark and Guide Spirits let me charge one of his Lightning Bugs on my last activation of turn one and summon another Lampad of it, but the whole process costed me my whole 8 card hand. I also lured his Swinecursed, revealing Vendetta. On turn two Wong killed one of the Lampads and McTavish killed Datsue Ba (charged earlier by Swinecursed), which emptied Michał's hand. This let me give the „Death Omen” condition to his McTavish, who was subsequently killed by Reva. To guarantee a point for Strategy, Dead Doxy pushed his Swinecursed, put him on negative and promptly pounced to death. On the other flank I wanted to soften my Vendetta target, who previously charged Hayreddin, dealing 3 wounds to him. So I lured Hay back with Belle to enable countercharge... and accidentaly killed the Swinecursed with severe on my second hit. On turn three he killed my Lampad, Hayreddin killed Lightining Bug lured by Belle and Reva and Doxy killed Trixie. Carrion Emissary used his 10'' place to a corpse marker and started placing markers for Covert. My opponent conceded after turn four, as his last two models, Wong and Old Crancky, were stucked in his deployment zone, engaged by Reva and heavily wounded (at least Wong). Final score: Reva 7 (2 for Strategy, 2 for Vendetta, 3 for Covert) vs Wong 0.
  11. thatlatinspeakingguy

    How does Chiaki’s the calling action work

    You read it wrong. The Calling gives insignificant "until the start of this model's next Activation". Pronoun "this" refers always to the model which uses the action, not the target of that particular action. So the target is insignificant until Chiaki's next activation.
  12. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    But you are not going to bring much corpse generation in post nerf crews (unless you're going nurse/chiaki route), you're going to hire models that can actually do something beside torn out their spleens. And because you will be short of corpses and at some point you will have to start to summon, corpses will be even more precious and important.
  13. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    I was really surprised seeing how much Nicodem was toned down. I know that there are players here in Kraków who were waiting for the errata to start playing Nicodem, so we will probably figure out soon what is he good at now.
  14. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Malifaux Music

    Whenever I hear that, it makes me want to play Jack Daw or Parker Barrows so badly: Not sure if I am able to grasp every nuance of the lyrics, but I really like them.
  15. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Reva for a new Resser

    The most common way to play Reva is to combine the "no reduction" upgrade with Decaying Aura, turning her into Master/Henchman bane. As far as new upgrades are concerned, the one which applies burning seems pretty interesting, but I haven't tried it yet.
  16. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Starting Kirai

    Generally I agree with Clement's advices, except that I would put Philip and the Nanny in "Sooner" category. I am also a bit skeptical about usefulness of Datsue Ba herself, albeit three Seishin that come in her box can be handy. As a McMourning player you can definitely go Flesh Construct route, at least for now. Personally, I use Asura and Maniacal Laugh to generate walking Wounds for my summoning. I don't recommend Carrion Emissary, as it's neither Living nor Undead.
  17. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Go To Master

    I get bored with masters pretty fast. I play one intensively and then switch to another. As for now, no one really clicked with me. Maybe I have to start third faction to find THAT master.
  18. thatlatinspeakingguy

    C’mon baby light my fire

    just love it. edit: and I have just realized how appropriate it is to the thread's title 😉
  19. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Talos and how to best use it

    do you know that thread?:
  20. thatlatinspeakingguy

    How to Alpha?

    It's a "hit or miss" list. If you don't like it, you don't have to play it. But if you suggest the list is bad, then evidence speaks against you, as Tim was 15th playing only that list at Polish Nationals and it is also popular in competitive scene in US. Spreading out sometimes does not help at all, as my game against Tim at Nationals has demonstrated. Edit: you don't have to focus, you have positives to damage flip.
  21. thatlatinspeakingguy

    How to Alpha?

    with investigator Sonnia does not need to walk even once to get to the middle of the board on turn one. This is Tim's de Groot list he made to take advantage of all the pushes the Guild has to unleash hell on turn one (the list was published in "Guild in the competitive scene right now" thread, where you can read more about how it works): Declared Faction: Guild Crew Name: Sonnia Poland 50ss Leader: Sonnia - Cache:(3) Cherufe's Imprint 1ss Cherufes Parting Gift 1ss Counterspell Aura 1ss Malifaux Child 2ss Francisco Ortega 8ss Hermanos De Armas 1ss Wade In 1ss Dr. Grimwell 9ss Expert Sleuth 1ss Papa Loco 7ss Expert Sleuth 1ss Brutal Effigy 4ss Guild Investigator 6ss Watcher 4ss 
  22. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Strickland's Thread

    Can't wait to see your Kirai!
  23. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Reva for a new Resser

    In some way similar (card cycle is almost like a card draw, min 3 damage is almost like a built-in critical strike), but in some way different. I think Sue is better on average, although Anna's anti-push aura can be pretty handy in some matchups.
  24. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Reva for a new Resser

    Nothing in terms of synergy. Being good is usually enough for a model to make a cut in Reva's crew. Trapper (or Hans) can sometimes provide you with another opportunity to pop Bete out in the midst of opponent's crew on turn one.
  25. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Reva for a new Resser

    Stand-alone, Reva is a pretty good master to start with, but her box does not bring anything spectacular (nor horrible either) beside her. As for mercenaries, Sue is a constant component of many competitive Reva lists here in Poland, but that means you want to take also a single Kentauroi to deliver him to the battlefield. I guess that combining Trapper with Bete Noir (which you may eventually want to play anyway) can also work pretty well.