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  1. My proposals regarding Rasputina: * Change or expand her leader Ability with one of the following: if an Ice Pillar is removed by an enemy action, the enemy suffers 2 irreducible damage; or enemy models need to disard a card as an additional cost of removing Ice Pillar with their actions; or after deployment, create 2 ice pillars anywhere on your half of the table. * Change her bonus action. Currently it's one of the worst bonus actions printed on a master. Why it removes Ice Pillar is beyond my comprehension. I propose one of the following changes: make it resisted by Mv, so it can be used as a follow up after shockwaves; or remove the "remove Ice Pillar" clause. As for the others, I think that Snow Storm should be able to command himself. December Acolytes needs some defensive tech. In beta they had an ability which granted them cover if they were near terrain - it would be a small buff, but it will be probably enough to let them see the start of turn 2 if deployed from the shadows.
  2. that's an interesting idea. it reminds me of Themes in Bushido (basically: bonuses for your crew if you follow certain hiring restrictions).
  3. my main beef with him is that he cannot target himself with his bonus action being very slow by himself (and if you use one of his actions to reposition your crew then he's even more behind). plus, his bonus action works on a very limited pool of models. These are good points. Opposing crew limits his viability even further. Miners are still very good models, I just don't like them aesthetically as they lack any personality.
  4. I played several (5+) games with Rasputina as I really like her aesthetically (not an Arc player). I am not going to sell you on her (as I also think she sucks), but what I have learned from these games is the following: - first and foremost, don't think that you have to use Winter's Strike every activation. I barely do that after turn one, to be honest. Raspy's best attack is Freeze Over and you should look for an opportunity (or more likely: create it) to use it as often as possible. If you think of her in this way, she stops taxing your hand too much, as she needs 5's to work and occasionaly a card to discard. Freeze Over is especially great if you manage to position Ice Gamin properly. - there were two ways I've composed my lists so far: Ice Golem focused lists and "loose" lists. Once I figured out I don't need to use my good cards for Raspy, I started to build the crew to support Ice Golem and invest my cards into him. I think he's a great beater with tremendous damage track, but as a model he's good only if certain schemes are in the pool, like Claim Jump, Leave Your Mark, Research Mission. Other downside of playing Ice Golem is that you need to take suboptimal models to support (i.e. speed up) him - Snow Storm or December Acolyte. Loose lists are lists which are based on loose synergies between models, which operate more independently from each other. I like Cassandra in them and Blessed with Soulstone Cache. - Only in-keyword models which are good are imho Blessed, Silent One (always with Magical Training) and Ice Gamin. Ice Golem is situationally good. Snow Storm and Acolytes are imo under the curve. I haven't tried Dancers and Hoarcats. The former seem weak and the latter are among the worst and most pointless models I have ever seen. - OOK&Versatiles I like are Cassandra and Mechanical Rider. They're both mobile and help you with schemes. Rider is also better than Snow Storm in delivering Rasputina where she's meant to be.
  5. it was not intended that way and makes absolutely no sense from the point of view of balance and realism. the mess with ricochet trigger ruling is, well, a ricochet of a ruling on the word "another" in one of Nekima's actions. they answered in a way that is applicable to every action with "another model" in its description. my impression is that they haven't looked at every instance of "another model" phrase being used in a sentence and were not aware of the implications of their ruling for other triggers, like Ricochet.
  6. Hamelin can be played in a lot of ways, but I agree with others that Midnight Stalker is probably the best versatile for Hamelin (and, in fact, for any master). He comes with Malifaux Child in box, whom I personally don't use, but as Zebo pointed out he can be paired with Prospectors for more card draw. These are also very useful versatiles and as such they should be second on your purchase list. Personally, I like Pride with Hamelin, but it may not be easy to purchase him outside Crossroads 7 box. Some people like Hans in this crew, as he can slow down enemy beaters.
  7. he's a heap of grave soil, not a reanimated human/animal.
  8. for a cheap (4-5 ss) model to be good it needs to be highly specialized imo. so every 4-5 ss model without a cleary defined role is a contender for "the worst model" title. I haven't seen Hoarcat Pride in play but when I think about horrible models they are the first thing which comes to my mind. they seem to be completely pointless and designed with no clear purpose within their keyword.
  9. Guild Investigator. I don't play Lucius (yet), but I bought the mini 'cause I like the sculpt.
  10. your colour choices are superb! Hinamatsu looks very cool.
  11. by the way, painting the Stolen I have noticed that their sculpts tell the story: the one with knife is an unlucky urchin who got lost in a wrong place and is hearing a strange noise coming from behind - a sound of a flute or a screech of rats. The other boy is just being put under the spell of Hamelin: his eyes start to gleam with green light and his pose expresses subordination. The girl represents the last stage of subjection to Hamelin's power - poor little one already became a plague fodder.
  12. Some time ago I have finished most of my Hamelin crew (still 10 more rats to paint) and I am pretty happy with my work. Some withered grass is still to be added to the bases, but I didn't manage to buy it before the lockdown.
  13. What's the lore behind Crossroads 7? I have noticed that they are representations of cardinal sins and I doubt they are just a regular band. So who they are and how they became a thing?
  14. While I share the sentiment that enabling players to hard counter certain masters (by hard counter I mean something much worse than a bad matchup; I am not against the idea of bad matchups) makes the game less enjoyable, I don't see how Hamelin in particular is a counter to McCabe - or, in fact, to any master. What Hamelin does is precisely what you said - forces you to come at things differently. My opponents tend to play more cautiously if they know what I am capable of. Those who rushed me on turn one got punished for the lack of experience, I doubt they will make the same mistake twice. Btw. my first Hamelin game was against McCabe and I felt pretty hardcountered by him he had blasts and pulse damage to punish me, he used Ride with Me to save lured Samurai (more blasts!) from being nuked and he even managed to trample through my rats killing four or five of them in one action (which was charge, so he had an attack still - super effective)! Not to mention that he brought Shadow Emissary to render my Lures and Bleeding Disease less effective. @BimVooDoo have you tried Shadow Emissary against Hamelin?
  15. I think of Obedient Wretch as a 5ss tax on Hamelin. You don't hire Hamelin without her nor you do hire OW without the mad piper. If you think of it this way, evaluating her becomes less straighforward. As I said, Blight mechanic isn't intrinsically bad; quite opposite: give Hamelin more tools (in terms of new models) and Bleeding Disease may become an offender. Currently, it's strength is mitigated by the amount of resources you need to invest into it to make it work consistently over the course of the game (it's not uncommon to nuke a 10+ ss model on turn one, but it's hard to do that turn by turn). If you evaluate an action, you simply have to take all circumstances into account.
  16. I am a huge fan of Anna, she's always an MVP of my Reva crews. The core of my usual crew consists of Anna w/GST, Carrion Emissary, Shieldbearer and Restless Spirit, but in the given scenario Emissary needs to be replaced with Vincent, and thus Anna becomes less appealing (she likes that additional exploding zombie). So I would probably consider giving up on her and take Dead Rider for Ruthless and mobility. You can also go very elite, playing Anna, Rider, Vincent, Shieldbearer and Restless Spirit. With killer Instinct on Reva you are left with 6ss. I like the list in the post above, but it misses Ruthless.
  17. well, that's not how it works, at least not for me. unless I get completely screwed by cards I am usually able to put at least 4 blight tokens on selected target on turn one and that's usually before I activate Obedient Wretch to finish it off. Blight isn't as ineffective as you present it and certainly has a potential to become broken in the future (if new models are released which give a lot of Blight easily), but for now it's not as strong as people may think after their first game against Hamelin.
  18. people I play against sometimes complain that bleeding disease is too strong because I have two-shoted their master or some other important model. what they fail to see is that a) I put a lot of effort and actions to stack that bleeding, and b) I lost the game anyway, because I didn't use these actions elsewhere.
  19. yeah, it would make no sense if they keep Undead characteristic. but I prefer Incorporeal over Undead even if my master can make use of corpse markers! Especially if I can create them in other ways.
  20. Have you been told by your friends that Reva received a solid buff in the recent errata? if not, check her new card at wyrd-games.net or in crewbuilder app. From the two masters you've picked up Seamus is both stronger and easier to pilot, as he has a simple basic action pattern (teleport in - concentrate - shot - teleport out) and can work independently from the rest of the crew, while Reva relies on synergies. Focusing on him during the learning period is probably a good idea, since playing him can feel very rewarding. Just don't forget to Concentrate before each shot
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