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  1. Between McM, some other incidental models, Rafkin or Seb, plus two nurses obeying them to drop even more shockwaves on turn 1, I've been able to get 14-21 poison on whatever models I want to stand close together at the start of the turn. Susceptible to early blasts, takes a ridiculous amount of card flips that takes a fair bit of time and tracking, is hilarious, gives a ridiculous end of turn heal and causes your opponent to focus on one model at a time and kill it completely. Kentauroi help move the models forward a bit after all the standing around. You get distract on the obeyed model, but shockwaves don't care and you can deal with it. Whether it's worthwhile or not is up to your playstyle, I suppose. Experimental is the crew where I wish I liked the playstyle more than I do, so I can't really speak to effectiveness.
  2. Under the Markers section, pg 28, is: so in that case, size of either model doesn't matter.
  3. I fully suggest putting the pirate hat on a 50mm base. 100% Wyrd model. Maybe hanging on the corner of a gravestone if you want to get all fancy about it. Here lies Archie, A giant of a man, who loved his ice cream a bit too much.
  4. If any particular dev wants to jump on here and tell us it's the other way around, the Ressurectionist Underground Collective would very much like to make a sizable donation to their Green Party election campaign.
  5. It's always been a thing where people think of damage as a number, oh and also an extra blast. I remember one of the devs back in 2e trying to get people to think of it as one thing, happening all at once. It doesn't do 6, and a blast, it does 6 blast. Blast happens at the same time as the 6 because they're one thing. The amount of actual damage any particular model involved takes does depend on if they're the target or standing nearby, but they're both damaged by the same thing at the same time. This is all more theoretical and any particular fiddly rule in the 3e book might tell you something different, so if someone shows up quoting rules, I'd listen to them.
  6. Being able to bury a friendly model that's in danger, heal it up, and later have it pop out anywhere on the board you can get a fast (out of danger, threatening a target, dropping a scheme) is potentially incredibly powerful.
  7. The unbury can be a lovely thing. A few games ago, my opponent had snuck one model through to my backfield for breakthrough. There was nothing I could really do to stop them from getting those points. So instead I went with it and started unburying everything of theirs I could, 3 other models I believe, in my deployment, away from any real effect on the rest of the game.
  8. I wonder if a 'full' table of Wyrdscape, plus a mat, would be even close to $200. I feel like it would be much more than that. I am all for the idea of a full table of terrain plus options, no matter who I'm buying it from. I try very hard to avoid a table that's part Plastcraft, part MDF, part whatever. The first few things from Plastcraft were like that. Nice in their way, but not a full table's worth. I thin the dark circus set came closest to that mark. I'd love to see a full table of Wyrdscape. It would look as expensive as it would be.
  9. Another option that I tend to use when I want to get rid of bad cards (which I always seem to have in abundance) and want him to burst up in health is Challenge him with a punk zombie on one activation, then next activation activate Archie and have him go crazy on whatever random target. He has to discard to be able to target that model, so with flurry you're talking four discards and four heals. Card intensive? Absolutely. Just doing it once will often leave the idea in your opponents mind that going after Archie just isn't worth it, and he could be safer after that for games to come. Even if you know you're just going to leap, walk, attack once with no flurry, the Challenge then becomes a one card discard to top him up. It's one of the best uses you can get out of a random 6 in your hand to discard for a 2pt heal.
  10. For those still waiting, I got a shipment notice about 3 hours ago, early this morning, so they're still happening. My order was placed about 2 hours after the sale started, and included a little bit of everything; rulebook, faction book, cards, and models. The email said it was a complete shipment of the order, so I assume that means everything is in there.
  11. From the story, if I'm remembering correctly, when they get ambushed in the saloon, and at the end Parker is kinda waiting on Doc to take advantage, Doc thinks about it and then thinks better of it, Parker relaxes his hand going for his gun and rests. Parker kinda knows.
  12. 4) Barely at all. If a model is on a rooftop and ends a move 1mm over the edge, does it suddenly move a whole base width forward and down to whatever is below? 3mm? There's always a bit of issue dealing with most decent terrain. We've always done something along the lines of what Warcry recently codified. If the center of the base is on the terrain, it's fine. Neither is a perfect answer, but I'm more comfortable with a size 4 golem with 51% of it's base on the roof staying up there than I am with him falling off because his toe is over the edge.
  13. It doesn't look like anyone other than a FAQ is going to convince you that the introduction and definition of friendly and enemy on page 26 is more generic than the case of dropping a marker by way of a model being controlled by a model in another crew on page 28. If your group agrees, by all means play it that way. I'd only suggest before you play a random opponent where this might come up, you should discuss it beforehand. They're likely to disagree.
  14. You need someone to sell all these golden monkeys and crystal skulls to. A back alley curio shop owner with connections to all the wrong people. She knew that thing was cursed the moment you walked it into her shop, and has just what she needs to protect herself from its curse behind the counter. Annoy her and you'll leave her shop with a lovely relic that will leave you dead or worse in the next few days. --- Claire Felsworth, Ghost Hunter, uses technical soulstone powered marvels to either recorporate and destroy, or immobilize and capture all manner of ghosts, haunts, and unwanted spirits. Whether laying traps or giving them a sound zapping, incorporeal beings have little chance against her. Your building will be ghost free in no time, given the right price. If she ever found out how her trusty sidekick drummed up business however, there'd be hell to pay.
  15. And, without trying to be all rules lawyery here, the book specifically says "within" means range, so if you have to be within one inch, it has a one inch range. If they had just said the ability lets him take actions on his card while buried it would have saved a lot of questions.
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