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  1. Not a big VonSchtook fan in general and not sure these rules will make me one, but man that is one creepy cool model! I'll get it just to put together if nothing else. Really great job and can't wait to see more stuff!
  2. I agree that is the intent now, but the title of the thread is literally "the problem that molly's new title should solve". I don't want to 'fix' anything with her or any of the other masters. I'm hoping it opens up a new way to play the master and new ways to interact with the keyword models. Maybe make some of the less well thought of keyword models more useful somehow. I've never had much luck with current Molly, so I'm hoping I'm able to wrap my head around new Molly better. Now I'm just waiting every Wednesday to see if they preview any Resurr stuff....
  3. Yeah - I can't read. 🙃
  4. Removing the enemy RJ from the game, potentially all game, really seems to go against the whole Malifaux theme that Fate is always present. Don't love it and hope it changes before print. It's nasty enough removing Severes and high cards all game without messing with Fate.
  5. New Rift Markers for the previews Asami.
  6. Looks great! Send like a lot of work, but fantastic table.
  7. Oh, the Tower top level can come off and you can put the turret/roof on the first level if you don't want it to be so tall. The Domocile is really a nice piece that can offer some interesting variations.
  8. Finally finished putting together the Rio Sonoro set from Warcradle Scenics. Took way too long, but that was just me not having energy after the kids went down to do it. For the best pictures you can view the line here: https://scenics.warcradle.com/warcradle-scenics#rio-sonora I got the set, so just the buildings, no walkways. This was the hardest set I've put together. There were some bits that were difficult to figure out from the instructions and some pieces broke as I applied a little too much pressure to fit. Some things I decided the change on the fly to make the pieces more playable (the workshop wanted to glue the top on and leave a wall open.... I adjusted and made the roof removeable, though it wasn't as easy as I thought). The workshop also had a much bigger footprint than I liked so I didn't add the overhang or chimney in the back. I would give this set a 4 out of 5 for difficulty. If you are familiar with putting these kits together you should be fine, but go slow, always dry fit, and look a few steps ahead if you aren't sure how something fits. As always they are beautiful pieces. Most of these building are a bit larger than I like for Malifaux, especially the Domocile and Town Hall. I knew this going in though. The Town Hall is especially large (8"x7" and about 9" tall I think). It's a great center piece, but really takes up a lot of real estate. Unless you want to play inside the building, it makes is rough. Real downside of the Town Hall is there is only one door on the ground floor.... The Domicile is large as well and has limited roof space. I modded that one and didn't glue the smaller building on top. I left it so I can remove that piece. Then I used the punched out piece from the roof and glued a bunch of the leftover scrap wood pieces from the Workshop overhang I didn't use to make it look like the roof was 'patched'. Now I can play on the roof too and it's more interactive imo. I also left the Tower section unglued and I think it can work as a standalone piece as well to help fill space if you don't want to use the whole Domicile. So you can use all the pieces together, or take the building off the top and have two peices, or just use the tower and/or the building off the top for smaller footprints (see more pics below for a better idea - you can see the small building near the bottom of the image included in this post). The Dwellings are fine, but a bit taller than I like. The Foundry is a great piece that will see a lot of table time for me. My biggest issue with them is the set is severely lacking in scatter terrain. The Dunsmouth set is still my favorite and gives a ton of scatter terrain to really help any table. I feel like this set overall may be better for RPG play, but you can see the pics of table I set up using all but the Town hall. They make a good Malifaux table with some thought and a few more scatter pieces thrown in. I'm not sure how much I'll use the rooftops, but they're there if we want 'em. Still, I highly recommend any of the Warcradle Scenics stuff. Takes time to put together, but just enough color and texture I don't feel the need to paint them. The Dunsmouth set is still by far the best bang for your buck though. More pics on OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkfXqHIwwjCDg68muat2Lrt54muWrQ?e=OMfVh8
  9. Sure, but there is a huge difference in options for a Corner Deployment vs Flank vs Standard vs Wedge (wedge seems like the hardest as you can get two back in the corners far from the opponent). I haven't tried the 2/2 split. Might have more success with that. When you castle are you just putting them in a more or less 8"ish square I assume?
  10. Does anyone already have sketched up the 'ideal' placements for Symbols in each deployment zone? I know terrain may affect it, but a simple guide to 'this is generally the best spread' on each deployment type would be helpful as a pre-game tool.
  11. I'd say get that box. Chiaki is still great as handing out reliquaries before the model dies and lets you really increase the impact of the crew. I don't think you need her to be successful, but she can bring a lot of support with moves and condition removal. Using her to remove Focus and give Slow to an enemy is brutal. Komainu are really a must - once you give them a Reliquary they are on plus flips and Mv7 - take them as Resurrs and give them GST and you've got a model with Terrifying 11, Armor 2, Pluses on all Duels, and Mv 7. With the changes to his resummon action I'm having a hard time using Gokudo anymore honestly. They are very fragile and since you can't resummon until T3, they have to hang back and avoid getting killed before you can make use of them. Komainu take a lot more to get rid of, especially once you get a Reliquary on them. Sun Quiang's nerfs did kind of kill him for me. Especially as Toshiro has a heal and is arguably more useful overall. But try Sun Quiang out and see if he works for you.
  12. But LoS has never required being able to see the whole base/marker. That feels like a little bit of a jump to add that in. It would come down to 'is the marker completely within range (physically)' and 'do you have LoS to the marker'. If both are yes, then it should be fine. However, it's more likely this ability was an unintended consequence of the FAQ and this ability (and likely others) needs an errata to say 'ignoring LoS'. While it can work wthin the FAQ ruling, it does make it far less impactful and difficult to use. I feel RAI would be no LoS.
  13. For further consideration, if we take the broad interpretation of "Actions generated by Triggers (and any subsequent Actions generated) cannot declare Triggers, and like other generated Actions, they do not count against a model’s Action limit." then how would we handle the Burn Out trigger? Is the action you get from the Fast not able to declare Triggers since the Fast was given by a Trigger? I don't think anyone is playing it that way and would require a good deal more tracking than normal as that Fast model may not activate for some time (not to mention there's nothing in the rules about which 'action' is the Fast - is is always the third action? Can you declare any one the Fast Action? ect.). My reading of the term 'subsequent Actions' seems like it's referring to the 'Actions generated by the Trigger'. Not anything that might happen after the action(s) are resolved. So you have Trigger > Action from trigger > Action generated from Action from Trigger. The easiest example is Marcus' trigger to make a model Charge. Since the Charge was the Action Generated by the Trigger and it generated the Attack itself, that attack cannot declare Triggers. Hunter's Call Trigger generates Charge Action > Charge Action Generates subsequent Attack Action. An attack generated by a Trigger does not in itself generate a Flurry attack. Flurry generates the attack outside of the action (yes, there is a timing restraint for Flurry, but again it's outside the description of the Action). The Attack resolves and there are no further Actions to be taken. You could move on to something else or even endthe Activation - nothing has been generated that still has to be completed. Then the model declares the use of Flurry and follows the ability instructions - the only limit being it has to be after resolving a melee attack. That's my reasoning anyway.
  14. I still disagree it's not generated by the action. It is generated by the ability. Nothing in the attack action generates the Flurry attack. That action is completely resolved before you can even declare Flurry. A charge has the generated action spelled out in the action. Same for Onslaught or other actions generated by triggers.
  15. The Second attack was generated by Flurry, not a trigger, so yes, it can declare Triggers.
  16. Hard call. The Goryo are great models and also great summons. But I do love Drowned. I think on a limited budget I would get the Goryo first, but as soon as you can get the Drowned. Kirai certainly is the hardest to do on a budget. Edit - You could honestly switch the Drowned with the Shikome and Gaki. I know that messes with summons for Datsua, but that doesn't happen all that often.
  17. While I love the model, Rafkin is a hard sell to me. He and Sebastian offer a lot of the same, but Sebastian's Ruthless, HtW, Blood Poisoning (for friendly heals and enemy dmg), and occasional Canine remains seem better. I've found Sebastian's stat7 attack to be very helpful when I'm low on cards. Rafkin does have Swift Action on his Flask, but unless you get luck on Masks T1, it won't help. Same for his Lucky Knife - it's got good triggers, but he can't stone to guarantee them. Without HtW Rafkin is going to go down fast for an 8ss model. If he were even 1 cheaper I'd be more inclined. I love being able to summon in another Flesh, but you're spending a lot of stones to make that happen. I think Mortimer and Asura may be a bit overkill. You could drop Mortimer all together and stone for Asura's Swift action T1 (assuming you get lucky with 2 crows), then do it again T2 and summon your Flesh on T2 pretty easily. Possible further upfield too. Asura can be very useful as others have pointed out. I think Mortimer can be too, but Asura just edges him out with her pseudo-obey and Accomplice. If you really want that free corpse, then a GraveDigger is fine too. Saves you points on Mortimer as you say.
  18. Pretty good, but I'm not a super competitive player. I do think the Dead Rider is sometimes a bit higher than I would suggest, but I know others swear by him. Experimental I think you are going to want those Nurses before Dead Rider. Sad part is the rest of the box isn't great.
  19. So he only got 1 or 2 leaps each all game? That does not sound great to me for a 6ss OOK hire. They used to get 3-5 a game and often all 5. But yeah- that seems like a strange list, but I've never understood this Seamus...
  20. What did you opponent bring that let you smash him so well? If you recall.
  21. Good note on Mindless Zombies. But, Asura is a pretty good model in her own right so definitely not a bad buy. Not in the green for anyone though. Sloth sadly is not good for any Budget constraints since he is only available in the big box. But he can be such a good model in a lot of crews (especially as a way to still get a Fast Valedictorian). You may mention that everyone is going to have that trouble with the Crossroads seven and maybe try and do a group order and split the cost of the box to make it better?
  22. With changes to VonSchtook I think Valedictorian vs the box with Viscera is a hard call. Viscera are brutal models. For the Reva list I'm not sure I'd ever take all three Shieldbearers. I'd recommend making the Draugr a green (taking you to $101). It gives you a lot better options for crew construction and more Burning focus. If you want a Corpse focus then as Maniacal said you will need the Bring Out Your Dead soon so maybe make it yellow. For Yan Lo I'd rank Descendants and Guardians over Dead Rider, even after the nerfs his crew received. Chiaki, Sun Quiang, and those Komainu are all great in keyword models. Maybe not necessarily in the Green, but above Dead Rider imo. Sloth is great for several keywords - Seamus, McMourning, and VonSchtook for sure. Anyone that has mostly Undead models. Problem is he's in that box with all the others.... Asura is also and interesting pick for Seamus if you are staying in Keyword (not that many do). Most of his crew are Zombies so she can give an extra action to most of the crew (including Sybelle). I would rank her slightly higher for both Seamus and Reva honestly. Not an always take, but offers a lot when staying in keyword.
  23. Yeah - you can fit a 30mm inside a 40mm and just have a double edged base. She'll be a bit taller, but should be easily doable.
  24. What is it? He is listed in the Errata doc. What do you see on the card that changed that isn't noted?
  25. Well, it used to be a 6., but yeah. I'm not sure they did enough to really make them worth 8SS. I still would have preferred they lose their Demise and open up how they could build them. I really think that Demise is why they ended up so blah. You can't make them too good and be hard to kill. I do wish they had built in the Mask. That would have been a great little buff that could have helped a lot. Especially as Reva's crew is already Mask hungry.
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