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  1. That is not a list I was expecting, but I haven't faced Ivan yet. He's going to be limited to summoning one a turn and even with the Dead Rider you have a good chance of avoiding a Brocken. Keep a high card in hand if you can. Sadly you can't even surprise him by using the Nurse to Stun him as he just passes it to Mordrake. Speaking of Mordrake, how does his Demise work with Martyrs? It looks like he doesn't count as being Killed unless you use something like Execute (p25 eRB). You have to kill Ivan before you can actually Kill Mordrake. This makes Martyrs with him a lot easier for the se
  2. Yup. They are a bit over the top to be honest. Sadly won't see an errata on them for some time. They usually like to let things live in the wild for months before they make changes. At the very least Ungentlemanly Affairs should lose the Distracted. It plays havoc with too many other crews and becomes a hard counter. Ah. Yes... That is awful. You may as well have just made it built in as Ivan can just stand by any one of his minions and the target then 'has' concealing. It should say, "if the target is in Concealing Terrain..." That appears to be more the intent imo (you're in a shado
  3. How is he getting 17" range? The +1 dmg is only if the Target is in concealing, not Ivan. Unless I'm missing something else. I haven't had to face him yet, just battle reports and banter. I do think he is on the top of the scale for Masters. I would expect to see Calypso+Beebe as they are a real PITA. If you can time it, Molly's Irreducible will do well there if you do have to face him. You need to wait until after Beebe's Activation though as otherwise he'll just heal Calypso right back if you didn't kill it in one go. Beeb can heal 4 on Calypso without a chance of failing and no cost.
  4. Tough call. They're both expensive and if there are a lot of forests (concealing I assume) both are going to be hampered. If there is a lot of severe you might throw a curveball and take a Student of Viscera? Rush and Unimpeded along with Stunned and Ambush. Lots of movement, good dmg track/triggers. Not sure it fits what you are looking for to fill the spot though.
  5. It still limits where he can place them and might make them not come in at all in some cases. If you've limited yourself to avoid few models with less than 6Wp that is a big help. Those are his best summons/hires. The Daeva look annoying, but not as bad as a Brocken. Vincent is a good idea, but he can't ignore the Concealing that all the the Umbra have. So he'll be shooting at a neg flip most of the time without Focus or other +. Could make it hard to be effective.
  6. Won't Anna's Aura shut down Ivan's summoning? That would be really helpful as getting a Brocken summoned from 10" away is a bad day. Though the Nurse for Distracted removal is good too...
  7. Yeah - it's more flavor or just wanting to change things up with McMourning and OOK. Flesh Constructs are so good, Nurses are good (I wasn't on board for a while, but now I see their usefulness), Sebastian can be good. Kentauroi die fast, but offer a lot of uses. Other than some versatile it's hard to find a need to go OOK. Except for the obvious Student of Steel if facing a lot of armor.
  8. Concealing is just part of the marker. It's one of it's traits regardless of being lit/dim.
  9. Bleh - I hate the aesthetic they've gone with so for me they hold no appeal. I can appreciate skill in creation, but I hate the product.
  10. I think it works. It's a problem giving out free suits in aura. There will likely be other issues down the road. Now, you still have to hit those attacks (and dmg in Crockett's case) to keep the chain going. I agree that it feels like a loop hole. Easiest fix would be to make Scent of Blook Once per Activation. If they really think it's a problem that is.
  11. They blew up the whole world and rewrote the story. Completely threw decades of IP out the window imo. But hey, some people claim they like AoS, but I've never seen it played anywhere.
  12. Well, considering they killed the game I'd be surprised if you knew anyone that still played. I think what hurt more was not investing in creating good rules for Warhammer Fantasy as they didn't see it as financially viable as 40K. People can get over buying new models (heck most of us in the hobby are a bit obsessive in collecting - how many people do you know with stacks of unassembled/painted minis), but if the game itself isn't good then at some point you start to lose people. Wyrd however continues to make the game better and fresh so even if it stings a little now and them to lose
  13. If you have adobe pdf, select all the times in fine manager and right click. There should be an option to combine all into a PDF. If not you may not have the right program. I'm not sure if it's available in the free version. You can print as multiple. I like 3 x 2 and vertical order. That gets there cards front and backs per page. They are just a little smaller than tarot size when printed.
  14. Took a while, but finally got this set assembled. This set is definitely harder to put together than the Dunsmouth set. I'd say a 3.5 out of 5 on difficulty. Some bits a 4. The roof on the Tavern is especially fiddly. The instructions for the Warcradle stuff are OK, but not great. You have to be careful and go slow. Dry fit, dry fit, dry fit. If you aren't sure where something is going to fit, look a few step ahead to see if you can figure it out. That goes for any mdf terrain, but especially with this set. My wife got me some sets from Black Site Studios and I'll be putting those together soo
  15. This seems to be this sticking point. My interpretation is this rule is ONLY to determine LOS. Nothing else, as it is in the LOS section of the rule. It even says, "When drawing LOS...". And just before that, "A model's size can impact LOS." You can ignore it for LOS only. So you can see it. It does not mean you ignore it for all other effects. Otherwise cover doesn't work as a terrain only has a Shadow if it has the Blocking and Height traits. If you are ignoring those traits, then there would be no shadow. If there is no Shadow, you can't apply the Shadow rule about "even if ignoring it
  16. Yeah, I got focused on the 'place' and missed the can't return to the table part. I'd buy it. His Demise is pretty specific that you have to place to heal.
  17. As much as I hate Leveticus I'm not sure that is an accurate reading. It's only saying can't place a marker, not can't 'Place' isn't it? I'm not super familiar with Leveticus, but that rule seems to be about markers placed after death, not Place in general. You never get to the Marker part because his demise goes off and he, not a marker, is placed. Oh - I see. Its the first part about only Unburying with an unbury effect. Hmm.. I guess you're right, though I'm not 100% either. Demise happens after killing and once he's 'killed' is he still 'buried'? I hate Levi, so anythin
  18. Plenty of wagons and carts out there. Don't forget to check Etsy - a surprising amount of terrain on there, though usually not pre-painted. I really like 4Ground's crate set - use it a lot: https://store.warlordgames.com/collections/terrain/products/shipping-crates-and-freight-boxes?variant=31469100990544 Some 3d printed stuff on Amazon can work. These boulders could be useful and don't necessarily have to be painted: https://www.amazon.com/EnderToys-Boulder-Tabletop-Miniatures-Paintable/dp/B07SH2YDYS/ref=pd_sbs_37?pd_rd_w=iq8XI&pf_rd_p=ed1e2146-ecfe-435e-b3b5-d79fa072fd58&p
  19. But it can't have a shadow if you're ignoring its traits... By the the time you get to the shadow you're already using the terrain traits of the terrain to get the shadow. And even then, that is just saying that LoS is blocked when normally it wouldn't be due to size. Yes, because it's just about LoS. That's it. Your want to add concealment rules to the section, but concealment is a separate issue to LoS. Concealment rules tell us that if a sight line passes through the terrain, the model has concealment. The fact that you can see the model doesn't matter. The FAQ is irrelevant and th
  20. So here are literally saying that model taller than the terrain gets to ignore the terrain traits period. Here you decide that Shadow Rules (which are only applied due to terrain traits of Blocking and Height) are not ignored. If you are ignoring the terrain traits it wouldn't have a Shadow. It is the same as Concealment. The rule for Concealment simply say if any sight lines pass through it the model gets Concealment. That section is called Line of Sight. Everything in that section is JUST about drawing LoS. Reading further into is an error.
  21. I think you are making this FAQ apply more broadly that intended. The FAQ specifically is asking about abilities that do NOT need LOS to work. In those cases you don't draw Sight Lines and are not affected by normal cover/concealment. If you need LOS, then you still draw sight lines. If any sight lines passes through Concealing Terrain, that model gets Concealment (p73 CR). Do you need LOS? Do any sight lines pass through concealing terrain? If both are yes, then there is Concealment (barring some other special rule of course). The rule on p53 CR about Line of Sight and Size is only
  22. For anyone looking I ordered the Rio Sonoro set from Watrcradle Scenics from this site. They seem to have the other two sets as well. https://www.philibertnet.com/en/mythos/86312-mythos-dunsmouth-dock-set-2100000681983.html?search_query=warcradle&results=27 Best price I've seen for any of the sets and even though shipping was kind of expensive ($30 - from France to US), I got the package very fast. Ordered on a Wednesday, received it on Monday. International. Crazy fast shipping. I want to order some stuff from Black Site Studios to see how their stuff looks, but they seem
  23. Surprised honestly. Their aesthetic isn't that interesting (with a couple of exceptions), but they seem really strong. I've played them a few times and Reconfigure makes my hand so much better. Pretty much every card I have is useful for someone in the crew - and pretty decent at a 9. I like to take Rams for Maxine and then every suit is covered by someone. Tomes is the least with only Beebe and Calypso. The card draw from Maxine and Machinist as well as deck manipulation from the same can really help as well. I always feel like I have a good hand. Deep Discovery is something I only use sparin
  24. huh, I was trying to wrap my brain around this, but I think you are correct. It's very weird that they did it that way, but as a 'cost' you would have to pick the card when you declare the Trigger. However, you don't get to place it until after the Action is complete (damage flip and all) as it is an After Succeeding trigger. Strange timing issue there. I'm not sure why that part is in italics? If they left is normal it would simply be an After Succeeding trigger and everything would resolve after the action is complete. Doing it this way seems really strange. I imagine this is going to
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