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  1. hydranixx

    Molly in GG18

    I've found her to be pretty good in GG2018 so far. Solo'd her in an event a fortnight ago Horror, Spirit, Spirit. I find Shikome to be incredibly appealing so I usually lean Spirit with Molly, at 7ss even hiring one is fine if you set things up correctly (Reactivating Shikome hitting minces anything). I also have a lot of love for big aggressive Kentauroi+Kentauroi+Rogue Necromancy+Mortimer for Fresh Meat style crews. The variety she brings means that it's hard to grow tired of her. In my opinion Back On The Job basically breaks the game, and there lots of scheme pools where this upgrade alone means I go for Molly. I think it might be too strong, but as long as I can take it for 2ss I will every game.
  2. hydranixx

    Legal substitute fore mindless zombie

    There's also a lot of boxes out there that have 3 copies of the same model that you will never need more than 1 or 2 of. For example, I would never want a 3rd Railworker in an Arcanist or Thunders list. Even 2 Railworkers is pushing it. So, with some minor conversion work, that third unused Railworker became a Mindless Zombie. A little bit of gore, pale coloured skin and dirty clothing and he was perfect. I traded for 3 Mindless Zombie models then added a few from existing Malifaux models that would otherwise sit on the shelf doing literally nothing.
  3. hydranixx

    Reva, where to start for purchases

    Yes, it was off the Shield Press trigger. No biggie, I haven't been misplaying this little interaction; since Nurses are 6ss now I've stopped hiring them altogether. It is slightly discouraging to know I'd 'only' have to work my way through the first 71 FAQs to find out... I wonder how many people are unknowingly playing with less than the full rule set since neither they nor their opponent have read every FAQ or Errata.
  4. hydranixx

    Datsue Ba and other masters

    I think you're spot on with your analysis; CCK and Porter are always worth their 3ss, but other than them I think only the Chihuahua is auto take as far as our totems go. But I did want to add that Necrotic Engine sometimes has a place to be hired, especially in Horror lists. It's main use is early game. It can really help get a heavy crew get moving turn 1 with it's (0) - a 4" move for almost your whole crew (provided you hired smartly) is legit for a 7+ card. Also, since basically any 2ss activation is worth considering just to help with activation control early on it's not awful just to take for that reason. In fact I think it might very well be the only 2ss Minion in the game - so he's a really cute hire in Interference/Reconnoiter.
  5. hydranixx

    Datsue Ba and other masters

    It's possible, but of the last 10 or so lists I've read and heard about by Kirai players I've never seen Lost Love show up even once. I can't speculate on why that is too much, maybe she just has ridiculously competitive choices to make in hiring - maybe neither LL nor GYS can find a place. More malevolence coverage can only be good but the question is: is it 4ss good? The best opponents will still find a way to work around Malevolence with placement or pushing effect or even make it work against the Kirai player - Ikiryo suddenly arrives in my lap, well I guess I may as well farm her for Ply For Information or have an easier time with Public Demonstration etc.
  6. hydranixx

    Datsue Ba and other masters

    Yeah, me too. Our Ressur forum is often the most stagnant of the 7 faction forums. One fun thing with Datsue Ba I did was pairing her with her Graveyard Spirit. 6 wounds is not many, but when she's guarded by both Armour+2 and Incorporeal, then she becomes a lot harder to get rid of. From non Ca sources she needs a hit of 7+damage just to deal more than 1 damage - and you can always use Soulstones too. This was with Spirit Molly nearby too so every swing she took there was just as much returned Black Blood damage. A nice big Goryo standing there hugging the GYS let him stay safe from incoming attention. Next time I'd be keen to try it with Jaakuna instead/aswell. Packing so tightly makes s scary but Datsue Ba can use a sacrificial Seishin to give your models immunity to & for a round entirely. It's also a nice little bonus that Graveyard Spirit's (0) helps Datsue in draining even more cards from the opponent. GYS is generally more useful than Spirit Molly and Kirai's totems, and I take it with Nicodem sometimes too. I prefer Copycat Killer for Seamus, but basically, for the other 3 masters I'd even start to consider hiring Datsue Ba for, I would also consider Graveyard Spirit. Overall I'd like to see more from Datsue Ba but I think she's still a decent pick against some factions. Guild and Arcanists often have a lot of reliance on Armour that she can get around. Arcanists in particular have tonnes of Hard to Kill models that she can counter and convert into Onryo with her chained attacks. Still, it can be risky since Arcanists do have access to lots of Ca models. Guild and Arcanist's two masters that typically threaten our Spirits the most (Raspy+Sonia) are neutered pretty heavily if you are prepared to sacrifice a Seishin to ignore those blasts too.
  7. hydranixx

    Datsue Ba and other masters

    The Seishin wall was always appreciated by Seamus, but I always thought the main attraction was the fact Datsue Ba can supply 3-4 WP tests per activation (MLH dependent) for enemy models just by attacking, plus extra WP tests if she's targeted, which makes Seamus very happy. With Sinister Rep up, all her WP attacks become much harder to avoid. Nonetheless, I agree that she feels underwhelming compared with recent additions, especially with all the Ca sources that have been added lately. Emissary, Asura & Phillip are competing with all our support options and often just outright better. For 8ss, she could really go up to WP6, 7 wounds, and have Spirit Whispers built-in to her card - that way she could take some cute combination of My Little Helper, Admiration, Spirit Anchor in addition to her summoning. She still would not be the best choice all the time, but the times you do decide to hire her would feel better.
  8. hydranixx

    Condition Removal: A Luxury?

    Well, that's true, you miss out on Pull of the Grave... which is a good upgrade. Basically gives her a Belle's (1) Undress... But for me the biggest issue is spending a copy of MLH on Chiaki in the first place. I want 2 copies of MLH pretty much every game, and I want it on models that have good/great (0)s, or could abuse the Dark Protection buff since they hit like trucks, or both. So, even if Chiaki could take two upgrades, using one of my MLHs on Chiaki seems like a waste of an otherwise phenomenal upgrade.
  9. hydranixx

    The Jury

    Well, it sounds like it works every bit as well as I hoped! Executioners definitely appeal to me; anything that ignores Df triggers is welcome in my Arcanist/Thunders drenched meta. If I ever pick up Guild, I look forward to a few 'oops there goes your master' moments, myself.
  10. hydranixx

    The Jury

    Has anyone tried the Austringer/Jury combo to murder their hand, but then followed that up with Executioner(s) threatening their Assassination trigger? That seems like it'd decimate anyone's hand and soulstones in speedy fashion. Summoners need their stones too, not just cards. If they choose to summon anyway, they're risking outright losing actual models to Assassination triggers too. The other thing I'm interested in is partnering the Jury with Convict Gunslinger(s). If Jury's aura work for non-Guild models that is? Assuming it does: Gunslingers don't have to pay for Rapid Fire like Santiago so they're free to take DTTG instead, and they can also shoot in melee so are more reliable at getting that one 'god turn' in. Doubtless someone has already thought of it / tried it.... but Rapid Firing 3/4/5 attacks on a platform that has access to 'free' s to trigger more attacks has a certain appeal to me. I think that automatic Sh 6 with built in makes it very scary towards the end of a turn once hands are depleted (Austringer+Jury+Executioner, maybe?); you might need a couple cards to discard but it's not unrealistic to expect 4 or 5 or even 6 hits from Rapid Firing once. The only issue is helping him get into position, perhaps Nimble from McCabe or extra AP from Nelly would be helpful here. Any thoughts on Gunslingers+Jury?
  11. hydranixx

    Condition Removal: A Luxury?

    Being neither a Spirit nor an Undead model you're taking her purely for her kit, that to be fair is amazing for 6ss. I also played her very extensively while new to Ressurs but nowadays play her far less. I agree with OP that she often doesn't make the cut at 6ss or 7ss if I don't 100% need her Condition removal. There's so many good options like our Emissary, Phillip and the Nanny and by the sounds, Asura, and cheap scheme runners that a 6ss or 7ss cost can be awkward sometimes in the crew composition. Looking at Condition Removal there's also the Johan question for us to answer. I can't see him replacing Chiaki unless we're desperate for some more hitting power (especially since his ss cost increase). There might be some weird scheme pool and opponent that makes us reach for both Chiaki AND Johan but that'd be rare. My meta doesn't generally make Condition Removal a must-have for me but Chiaki will still be high on the priority list for games of Public Executions and Ply For Info.
  12. Tournament on the 25th of February 2018, run out of Hobbymaster Ellerslie. $20 entry buys 3 rounds of 50ss Fixed Faction GG2018 goodness and an entry into a random raffle draw. Prizes included for top 3 and Best painted. Further details are available here.
  13. hydranixx

    Reva, where to start for purchases

    Glad to have helped. First things first, I'll preface my suggestions by saying that I don't rate Mei Feng in Arcanists very highly, but Mei Feng in Thunders can be very strong especially if the player is good. The match up will depend heavily which faction she's playing. Either way, Ressurs do have all the tools required to deal with her. Carrion Emissary with Carrion Conflux pays off big time vs Mei Feng as the to nearby Minion Attacks means she can't just Vent Steam once just to deny your Lures - she needs to Vent Steam twice just to keep you on negative flips, so 2/3 of her activation is wasted just trying to stop you, and even then you could decide to just Focus -> Lure for a straight flip anyway. His wall can also be crucial for separating Mei Feng from other models that she wants to protect. A few things in general when hiring other models or picking masters vs Mei: - Impossible to Wound is worth a lot in this match up as it is very annoying for Mei Feng - a lot of her common picks (Shadow Emissary, Rail Workers) as well as herself have trash Min damage. - Bring multiple models that ignore Armour or can summon models that ignore Armour. - Mei is permanently immune to Slow and Paralyze and Kang is always an option to completely deny Horror duels, so don't invest heavily in Terrifying-based play styles. - Students' Lecture Notes are incredibly powerful against Mei Feng, both offensively and defensively. - She's very fragile without her Df trigger and her attacks are terrible if they can't combo into multiple additional attacks through their triggers, and Lecture Notes stops all of this.
  14. hydranixx

    Reva, where to start for purchases

    Here's my thoughts on 35ss with Reva: Don't bother with Kentauroi. One of their greatest abilities is ferrying masters around so they don't have to waste AP or card walking, and Reva is the only master they can't do this for since she's HT3. They're also insanely easy to kill for their price, and when one dies in a 35ss game, which it will, you're really going to feel it. You're right that our Emissary can seem steep at 35s; anything at 10ss would. Even so, it's worth considering if you're going minion-heavy. If you commit to something like 1-2 Belles and 2 Shieldbearers as your core, then Emissary+Carrion Conflux is still amazing for all the buffs he hands out. On that note, either commit to multiple Shieldbearers or take none. Their ability to gain Fast for discarding or using SS nearby is very underrated if you have lots of them. I would basically say, bring 2 or 3 of them + the Emissary or leave all of them out. I rate Vincent very highly, he's really infuriating to deal with for your opponent if you position him well (with his upgrade this is almost every game) and his basic attack comes with 3 really useful triggers. There's a lot of people saying there's little need to play him with Reva though, since they do similar tasks - pressuring at range. I find space from him in some Reva crews - usually ones where the board lets him abuse his From The Shadows and free push mechanics. Your preferences matter a lot, of course, but I personally reckon he's the tits. Admittedly at 35ss you're really stretched for SS, so he might not make the cut all the time. But he's definitely a good model to at least consider and to practice with. I found this list relatively straightforward to work with for 35ss: Reva with Decaying Aura, Beyond Death. Carrion Emissary with Carrion Conflux Rotten Belle Rotten Belle Shieldbearer Shieldbearer This list was also a lot of fun - though it is a bit risky and highly dependent on terrain: Reva with Litany of the Fallen, Decaying Aura, Guises of Death. Vincent with MLH+DWD Bete Noire Friekorps Trapper Crooligan
  15. hydranixx

    Errata hopes and dreams?

    Aesthetics are always subjective I suppose. Personally I think his model is fine; not the best Wyrd has done but hardly the worst - put him next to Night Terrors and he looks terrific in my books. You may feel the opposite and that's ok too. I would say that there's heaps of conversion opportunity with the model if you're dissatisfied with him visually - but rulewise he's as solid as far as 6ss models go.