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2020 Monthly Painting Challenge - February

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11 hours ago, Caedrus said:

@zesty: Gorgeous colours on Sidir. Red and (cold) white works very nicely. Kudos!

Thanks @Caedrus! I'm pretty pleased with how the colours turned out. 

Next thing to work on is definitely metallics. For some reason I just hate using metallic paints, I never seem to get them to blend in well with the rest of the model and end up dulling them down quite a bit (see: Sidir's gun). Any tips on getting true metallics to look decent are welcome! I'm toying with the idea of trying enamel metallics but I should probably focus on getting good with acrylics first.

Anyway, I'll be starting on a Ruffian next. If I get him done by the end of the month I'll add him to my pledge, otherwise he'll become part of my March pledge.

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On 2/5/2020 at 2:31 PM, Purple Mist said:

Hi everybody,

my pledge for current month includes the couple of small scenics (ruins) I left unfinished past month and a new Corner Shop from "Streets of Venice" Range (in the pic):


I already primed the main componets, till to be glued altogether. 


Happy painting all of you!


some 10 days ago I was on the way to complete my Corner Shop when by accident it gone crashed.  😠 No way at all to repair it.!

So, I moved to a different scenic: 3 floors Noble Palace from Streets of Venice range.


Down here a couple of pics documenting the relative WIP:



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Some progress after procrastinating for nearly all the week-end.

1st time I'm painting flames. I'm quite pleased with the results. I still have the 3rd one to do, but I ran out of red and orange on my palette. I doubt I will have them done and based by next week-end. But I already have a nearly finished Vanessa Chamber that I can get done in a few hours if need be. And these will be transferred to next month.


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