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  1. @Wintergloom goodluck getting out of a slump. I always slump when I try and switch from painting to assembly and vice versa. I'm also feeling like I can't paint at all recently so not a good place. Ha. That said, you always produce amazing paintjobs so I'm looking forward to whatever you do.
  2. @Caedrus For July put me down for 19 as that's the pre-proxy amount from finishing mccabe.
  3. Box at gencon had the m3e art style.
  4. @Caedrus you're not going to see much for me this month as I've already passed my quota and decided to give my wrist a break. I'll go back and total points/look at the old docs when I have a computer and am not trying to bother wyrd at gencon
  5. If you're kind of a 'take the damage and fight back' kind of play style. I would probably say Guild would be a good one to look at. Lady J is a great team to just keep beating on someone. As for control, there's a few flavors of it, but Neverborn has a lot of control aspects with Zoraida's obeys, Lucius's support of his models, or Pandora's misery conditions.
  6. If you're a total n00bie, one thing to think about is keywords. Keywords in m3e are huge, as they identify your usual hiring pool. An example is if your master is Rasputina, you can hire any Arcanist model, but if you hire December models, they should have some more synergy with your master than a Augmented or Wildfire model. Obviously there are some models that have interesting out of theme connections, or versatile models that any master can bring without a charge, but when I think about master playstyle, I think keyword first. For super high level playstyle (yes every master is a bit different) here's my call on the factions: Guild - Have a lot of guns, can be a bit slow, usually a bit sturdy with defensive tech. Rezzers - Lots of focus on undead, either summoning them or using corpse markers for effects. Arcanists - Has a lot of focus on status / magic effects. Distracted / Burning / Slow / etc are all big parts of their keywords. Neverborn - Trickier interactions, more in keyword synergy than some factions. Outcasts - Kill em quick or quicker, lots of hard hitters with damage focused syergy Bayou - Similar to Neverborn, can be tricky and synergistic. They also tend to be glass cannons with silly redneck vibes Ten Thunders - Usually quick with movement / positioning tricks, tend to have a bit of every playstyle
  7. One thing that could be cool would be some of the broken toad scenic basing material. They make an atlantis style that could make sense depending on what you do. I haven't picked any of these up yet, but their guild ball bases are pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to basing my malifaux models on em. https://www.brokentoadstore.co.uk/index.php?id_product=1189&controller=product Micro art studio does some deep water bases, but they probably won't fit / match what you want to do.
  8. @Wintergloom Love the ghostly blue highlights! I'll have to try something like that on some of my models, it's a great effect.
  9. Depends on what you want... I'm not a huge arcanist, but most of the masters seem to have a trick or 2 (burning, distracted, power tokens, terrain, auras, etc) that you need to watch after. I'm also big on 'buy what you think you'll like, and you'll figure it out' nothing in m3e is so hard that you can't pick it up with a few teaching games / podcasts / questions on the forem. With that disclaimer, I'd say if all factors were equal, I'd pick up a master who was: 1) A generalist, or at least one with a varied starting box 2) Early on the m3e release list 3) Doesn't need you to buy the entire faction to get a list 4) most of the models are in arcanists rather than a secondary faction(s) With that in mind, I think Raspy / Kaeris / Marcus are pretty newbie friendly as they fulfill most of the above factors. They're definatley all a bit tricky, but there's an easy 1 sentence description of what to do with them for pure noobies. The rest are also good, but a bit pricier for a keyword buy in. Sandeep requires a lot of summons that are currently in a variety of boxes. Ironsides has her stuff split across a number of boxes currently (or i would of put her in my easy starter group). Colette is pretty specific (in theme) so you may end up buying out of theme to pad the list. Hoffman is 1/2 in guild, and Mei Feng is 1/2 everywhere (really just bayou / ten thunders) so they're less useful if you want to expand deeper into arcanists (as you wouldn't be able to take those models). But again, buy whoever you want to play, cause that's where the fun of the game is. I'd also say grab some other companies models or markers and proxy some quick games to see what you like. No need to buy before you try anything.
  10. Yep, mutimaster list are now a possibility in M3e. Not every master is made to be a secondary (or third or 4th!) but it opens some other possibilities when you need to fill a hole in your team.
  11. Sometimes they give a set time, usually they don't tho. You'll know cause they'll take down the store for a day or so to get everything set up. So when the gremlins aren't working anymore... that'll be when you can get it.
  12. I say go with what interests you. My eyes locked on lynch when I started the game, and he's been my favorite / near favorite ever since. My boyfriend on the other hand took 2 years and 3 factions to decide he's a guild guy and now loves playing lady j / lucius... neither of which he would of guessed when we started. TT is also a great place (in my opinion) to start out. There's a bit of everything in TT so it gives you a good grasp of what is out there if you wanted to specialize later.
  13. Thanks @Caedrus they're from the demented games twisted line of steampunk models. They got a lot of good possible alts. I just ordered a mummy to use as an alt kabuki for my mccabe crew from them
  14. muraki

    wong help

    Haven't played a lot of Wong, but I'd say anything with the Wizz-Bang keyword would be good with him. I assume you'd start with his current box, which (fyi) is being changed in m3e to lose mancha (who's going infamous) and gaining a new henchman alphonse (who we haven't seen art for, so it'll be a while before we see him released). You can still pick up the current box and get aphonse as part of the special order program (and use mancha or something else as a proxy until then). Going with the idea you'll still buy the current m2e wong box... If it were me, my first purchase would be swine cursed (to get a brusier minion) and bokors (for the heals and obeys). After that I'd probably go for taxidermists (to summon stuffed/flying piglets). Models like Sammy could also be good, but as she needs you to buy either stuffed piglets or flying piglets for her to summon, so I'd go taxidermist first (since they come with stuffed piglets). With just swine cursed, lightning bugs and bokors, you'll be over 50 stones (specially if you're proxying alphonse), so that should be a good start and it would give you a better idea on what you'd like to add to your list. You'll probably want some more beaters (as you'll have a ton of squishy ranged models), and there's a lot of options in Bayou for that, so I'd say play a bit and proxy some things (like the lucky emissary / burt / gracie / etc) and see what clicks with your playstyle.
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