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  1. Feels like nexus is deep in a 'damned if you do/dont' path. Not saying she's not generally ovetuned, but there's been so much ink spilt talking about how her og is op, that it felt like there were only 2 ways the secondary title was going to go, do something interesting and get hated on for being another op nexus, or punish it for og and make it worthless cause people don't like playing against the og form and don't mind that the 2nd title is something noone would want to play. Surprisingly it seems to of fallen more to option 1 than 2, which is a good sign for me / the game. Does the keyword still need nerfs to bring both forms into something more manageable? Sure, but least the devs / testers didn't seem to want to nerf the new keyword models into the ground cause 'theyre strong enough as it is, so they don't deserve anything worthwhile' Which, is something I think the community needs to work more on with new stuff in general (nexus or not). Posting threads about stuff being over/under tuned. Sure, go for it. But they can easily turn into 'what were the devs even thinking, this is so fucking stupid' which just seems a shitty way to try and make a point as it just makes the community toxic. As while getting models fun to play against is a noble idea, it has to be balanced with keeping them fun to play. Not calling out anyone specifically (or even in this thread tbh), just more something to be aware of. Constructive criticism / politeness beats expletive filled rant.
  2. Agree here, this is the best advice, more games will help you decide 'heres what I think is priority 1 for each title which makes it easier for you to day 'oh if I see y across the board I won't enjoy it' Like as maniacal says, if summons are your #1 reason to bring Pandora2 then anti summons are going to be a bad time. That said, personally I don't expect every title to be a 'in this pool I x and this pool I y'. More often than not I'll assume a single title will click and be an 80/20 or a 100/0 split for a player rather than a 50/50. Pandora could be 50/50 for you, but also don't feel bad if you end up preferring one or the other.
  3. Some so far have been pretty far out... but honestly I'm fine with that, for 2 reasons If all of the 'logical' ones were paired up, the remaining ones may be even more illogical than the ones we've seen A lot of the logical ones already have crossover models For me, the second point is why I'm pretty happy that some of these pairings are beyond strange. While McMourning / McCabe is still a head scratcher, it at least makes me excited to see something new that bridges those 2 keywords in interesting ways. Comparatively, seeing another Mei / Mah crossover model just made me say 'great another tricksy/foundry model, put it on the pile of the rest of them that work better in one keyword or the other'
  4. I honestly think the pairings must have been picked from a hat. I would have sworn Mcmourning and the only other poison Master Brewmaster would end up sharing a model. Looking at the mcmourning + brewmaster cards, while they both use poison, it really feels like wyrd is trying to keep 'booze poison' and 'poison poison' separate, which ... i guess helps explain it....? But I'm no where near focused enough on the fluff differences and just want my poison masters to get crossover models! ha.
  5. Because you have 4 red jokers and no weak cards or because they have different backs? I made my own too, just printed pictures etc. on an old guild starter deck, I glued the severes on to the weak cards to fool fate. For the record it would be 5 rj-ers . But nah, with card sleeves with opaque backs the card back issue is solved, I just feel weird using it cause I figure everyone would assume I added / removed a card or 2 in the process, and don't feel like having to explain myself / do a card count every game, ha. I also wasn't crazy about the classic rezz/guild/nb/arcanist pairing, which is why I'm working to make my own where i can drop rezzers/nb for factions I like more.
  6. thats why i made my own faction deck by frankensteining 4 faction decks and 1 m3e core deck together.... im sure noone ever wants me to use it tho...
  7. Continuing my inability to actually post on time.... I did a few things in August and tries a couple other. In honor of new J i painted up a bit more necro verson and put it on a 40mm base: A vernon and welles for a friend: When I was giving that vernon to the friend, their boyfriend told me to paint a rider for him cause he hates painting, so i tried the white highlighting with contrast paint method everyone links people to lately. Whitelines: Finished: (is it bad i kind of prefer the white line version). While I was at it, i was like 'sure i'll paint that rider, but give me back that seamus avatar I painted last year so i can make it a bit more comic' So seamus from last year: Update with a bit of comic lining: That one, i think looks better with the finalized version. So that puts me at 15 + 11 + 8 for 34 stones @Caedrus
  8. From their site: The pack includes: 7 Soulstone markers 5 “sunken ship” Scheme markers 5 “sunken treasure” Strategy Marker 3 Poison flag markers 3 Drowned Corpse markers (Red fluor) 8 “Wave” Activated markers (Smoke trans) 16 Wound markers (8 small, 4 mediums, 4 big) (Red fluor) 3 Fast & Focus”compass” markers (Yellow fluor) 2 Slow markers (Blue fluor) 3 Shielded “shell” stance (Blue fluor) 3 Paralyzed markers 3 injured “broken paddle” markers 1 Stunned “fish” Marker violet 2 staggered 3 confused “Seahorse” markers Obviously you could repurpose some of them, is just still annoying that they haven't seemingly updated to m3e.
  9. Kinda frustrating that they produced a new nightmare marker set... But haven't updated their markers to match m3e? 7 soulstones + paralyzed markers + no distracted? Seems sloppy work as m3e has been out for a while now.
  10. As burning man tends to be connected to portals of any kinds, the teleport nature of misaki's bury / unbury with shadow markers or the 'personal portal' that the thunders have could be the connection point between them. I know it's not connected to the lore as much, but from a mechanical stand point there is a similarity between how misaki plays with how the burning man allegiance plays in ToS. Off topic, but it's part of my reason why I have difficulty getting excited about allegiances other than burning man in ToS, they have all the best toys! (Card manip + teleportation + fire???? who can say no). I also wonder, while the other masters in Thunders should be able to see signs of madness in her... what would / could they do about it? It's been a while since I read all the lore, but how would the greater thunders deal with a crazy leader? Kill em and replace them? or try and minimize how much damage they do / clean up messes / try and project strength? Both of which could be difficult if the burning man change is enough that either the status quo is knocked aside (so there's no time to do things bout it), or it helps her win a significant victory.
  11. Agreed. There's no simple answer, I'll sometimes take dupes (scheme runners) if I need them, but Malifaux has so many great options (even if you stay in Key) I have had times where I only am hiring a single minion, and the rest is enforcers+. So it's just more that I like other options. I also have issues hiring a lot of minions as a lot of my keywords have minions that die to a stiff breeze, and if my opponent can easily 1 shot a minion off the board, I wonder 'why didn't i just take 1 9-10 stone models' or 'if i need to strap on an upgrade to make him survive more, why not take something that didnt need the upgrade as 2 upgrades is a lot of stones' That said there are times I take multiple minions, hucksters / torakage / operatives / gamin / etc have a habit of showing up in lists in pairs either because they're good models, or I expect one to be wiped off the board. Also depends on the pool, if I feel like going for martyrs, a few low cost options to confuse my opponent are always nice.
  12. And here I assumed the true intro would be realizing 1/3 the cards are errataed and they've been using the wrong ones....
  13. Sorry no, I'm not taking promotional copy as rules law. The faq is clear about targeting / changing targets for take the hit. That's an official vetted responce. As it is I read it as 'has take the hit' 'has vengeance' just cause they put it in the same sentence doesn't mean it works together... As anytime I target the gwisin to try and remove the bodyguard ill have to decide if it's worth my while.
  14. As everyone else has said, you're trying to get more than it is made for. Distracted + focused are great examples. As for why not everything is written exactly the same, because english is an imperfect language and the game is written by developers not language scholars. As for the serene countenance example, it could be because it was part of the m3e push when some of the terms were still new, it could be a different dev writing the description, or it could be because people were afraid someone would try and rules lawyer it like this if they didnt write it more specifically.
  15. This evening the app just hangs on the 'loading user data page' keep trying to close it and it just goes back to that page when i reopen it.
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