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  1. End a condition is in italics so it's a cost. So you need to remove it to get the rest.
  2. And thinking about it I think it'll still work for summons as the ability itself does not attach an upgrade the replaced model merely happens to have one. The restriction is really more so you can't have shen / yan do upgrade shenanigans.
  3. Replaces aren't summons so summon tokens do not apply in this situation, but that really applies to hired eyes and ears. As for summoned ones I'm not sure....
  4. Loftcraftian monsters I tend to think either Jacob Lynch's honeypot crew, or Tara's Obliteration crew. Tara is closer to it than Lynch but there's still some tentacles / etc in the honeypot. As for Assassin creed style, I would think some of Lucius' Elite models (like Agent 46) or some of the Syndicate models (Rook / Operatives) are kind of cloak / dagger looking. That said, that one is a bit harder for me to figure out cause I dont play those games so I dont know the aesthetic too much, but there's a lot of dark cloaked people with weapons in malifaux, so a lot could probably stand in Biggest down side of these thoughts is that they're all in different factions, so if you wanted to start playing the actual game you wouldn't be able to play any of the models together.
  5. Why does it have to come through the app? If you wanted black and white copies of the cards... why not just go to the drop box, download the entire errata card list + combine them in adobe + print them 3 cards (3 fronts 3 backs) to a page (the perfect size for the card sleeves)? I've done this with the entire explorers faction cards and it works really well (I actually sent it to staples and had them use their nice color printer so I real nice explorer card proxies). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wicc6rs8kg46bt7/AACUSxdWhyaHQYaD1cGf0nzga?dl=0
  6. muraki

    Bayou Errata

    There's a known issue that the new card fronts for the erratas don't always load. The current recommendation is to reinstall the app or delete + reload the cards (I reinstalled)
  7. The Shadow Emissary has a similar issue with his dragon's fire ability.
  8. Wooo been waiting for this for weeks!!! Cant wait to sign up.
  9. I'd buy one, specially if they come in a set with those sweet hoodies that are never on the webstore
  10. Also, this is a terrible idea, but if you're already playing with the rule set enough that you're changing hiring rules / messing with caches / etc. And still want to do a similar feel for summoners... What about just replacing the summon action to a standard one for all summons? Say 'back to the fight' - rg 3 stat 6 TN 15 mask. Once per turn. Name a model that was killed this game with cost 6 or les. Summon the named model with slow anywhere within range. Obvs you could just use the true summon skills and just limit it to a single model of cost 6 or less. But having it be something hired would allow you to rehire non-keyworded models (since you're dropping the keyword tax). You can play with the stat a bit (most summon skills are cost +3ish hence the 15 TN) and could increase the range to 6 or drop it to base contact. Could also drop the 'killed this game' and turn it to 'hired'. I also purposefully left out the 'minion' as while there aren't a lot of cheat enforcers... Why not leave em back on the table. Biggest issue would be big power totems, so maybe non-totem could be a restriction. Obvs this messes with the game more than a little but would at least let your summoner masters still feel like they could do something like a summon (not that I think summoners are terrible in formats where they can't summon)
  11. I'd almost say just play sans upgrades. Or upgrades on minions only (which is nearly the same thing). Depends on the feel you're going for. You could also do a fixed cache (say 2-3) or allow any sizes cache but only let stones be used for cards (so basically the same thing) cause nothing steams me as much as a radically bad starting hand.
  12. I think it's an interesting concept. I think it'd be fine with a Master Lead Crew rather than Henchman led (as someone who plays regular 35 stone games), cause, sure some masters will mow down those cheap models (looking at you j if they clump up) but with the lower stone count there'll be more 'oh geez, i gotta score points!' moves so unless a master is really good at doing both schemes/strats + killing stuff, some of your weaklings may sneak free. My bigger issue is that some keywords just don't have a lot of low costed models, so it may feel like 'choose the best master + best cheap minions in the faction' super friend list. Like, for instance, last blossom you can only hire torakage, while wastrel gets cryptos / hucksters / ruffians. So any keyword that needs more internal synergy to function will be left on the drawing room floor as they may just not have the pieces that help it to function. Losing the OOK cost would also make it easier for someone to just say 'guess it's (choose strongest master here) and 3 hucksters, lets go!', so I'd probably keep the OOK cost, even if it would make some keywords/masters even less viable. Another idea could be that X% of your stones need to be minions, or you need X minions on your team, which will force more cheap model picks, but not stop you from getting what you need/want in higher costed models. Cause who's to say that Dreamer/Carver/Serena/3 wicked dolls is any better than Dreamer/3 stitched/insidious/alp/daydream. If anything I'd be more worried about the stitched crew as that's just way more useful AP than the carver/serena crew (not saying either crew is good, just was going through to see what you could make if you had a 'at least 3 minions, or even at least 3 minions of sub 6 cost'. One thing to note (if you haven't done many 35 stone games) is 35 is actually a decent amount of stones for a game, as with a normal crew list, I tend to bring 1ish less model in a 35 stone game compared to a 50, and 3-4 less stones (as my cards last a bit longer, and I have fewer stone users). With a 'all cheapos' list you'll only have 1-2 stone users (depending on the master/totem combo) so I really don't think you'll need more than 2-3 stones for a cache, which gives you a lot of cheap AP to throw around (hench that dreamer list where I would bring 8 models, with 1 insignificant one).
  13. Sandmen were in the 'Homefront' campaign to decide on the next syndicate for ToS (where it was between 'the council', 'the sandmen' and 'the order of the chimera') and looking at this fb post from Dec 2017 So looks like there were (back in 2017) plans to build a syndicate for them with their victory in Homefront (which is a shame, I wanted the order of the chimera, but I also didn't play any games, sooooo that's on me). Homefront did mention the order of chimera + the council, so if those ideas are still on the burner, that's a few more syndicate ideas they have lined up.
  14. The dropbox has gg2 encounter cards look in the xencounter cards folder if you wanted to print em yourself. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wicc6rs8kg46bt7/AAByfps0u8hI0peDAPxfcPmda/Malifaux Third Edition/xEncounter Cards/Gaining Grounds Season 2?dl=0&subfolder_nav_tracking=1
  15. Yeah. I don't like the way that faq is written as chronicles says heals not would heal which makes me think the FAQs 'would heal' is more a wording thing in the text than a ruling that all would heal effects should be treated the same as 'heals' . But then I've wanted a healing timing chart since jedza/cadmus were released to clear up these kind of questions and right now it's pretty murky.
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