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  1. Yep, here's the crux of the issue, whether then requires the previous to happen or if it's timing. I'm fine either way tbh. (edited to say,i do care, i'd love an official ruling, more i just don't have a firm opinion either way, i'm just waiting for code to compile)
  2. Hm. I would say there's 3 stages of this action cost - target an enemy scheme marker place in base contact remove the target and draw a card. So clearly no matter what happens the cost happens (but the cost is just a target compared to other ones, so it's not like that is removing the marker by itself... so not like the wrastler attack). Then you have 2 separate sentences, which people have before argued that if it's separate 'things'. There is the word 'then' in the second sentence, but most the time, that's more for timing / placement effects (so you dont do like I d
  3. Flight being wholly within makes sense as flight is just another flavor of walk, which is wholly within. If flight was not wholly within youd have situations like: walk / disengage / lures would move you a lot different than a normal flight. If you 'reduced' everyone's movement range to account for the place you'll still see the difference between a walk / lure and a fly but you'd also see: mv duels would be super strong on flight models as they'll end up in a 2-4 range rather than 4-6. disengage failures would mean that a lot of time they wouldn't leave engagement r
  4. Yes and no? No, I wouldn't take a 'should' in the rule book as a hard and fast rule or refuse to play on a table with buildings larger than 6" on a side... That said, I think I've permanently boxed all my buildings that are over 6 inches as I don't think they add that much to the game. Maybe it's just the tables I've played on with big terrain on em, they usually lack other terrain types (scatter, concealing, severe, dense, etc) and don't follow the terrain % rules, so they ended up being a shooting gallery with few options to move around it / etc. Larger pieces of terrain (like fe
  5. Thanks! It's definitely a fun effect. I was doing it on kitty to show her ghosty side.... But it wouldn't be out of place on most models in the honeypot... Hmm
  6. Got some work started on my honeypot team. So far got Kitty and a new Lynch done! That puts me at 24 for the month. Now to decide if I want to keep going, or if I should veer off and try for a rotten harvest model? hmmm...
  7. A little late on the shelf of shames, but here you go. Didn't feel like going downstairs for the unbuilt models, so you will just have to imagine 2-3 20 gallon storage tubs filled with models. As for the built shame here's some ToS and for malifaux, it just felt easier to post it all (as the shame is mixed in with the painted
  8. For more general things, I'd also say start reading / understanding the schemes and what they're good / bad with, as it's easy to get into a situation where you grab 2 schemes you 'like' but they're difficult to do together or with the strategy (like I enjoy both breakthrough and spread them out and will probably grab either if it's in a pool, but if they're both there I don't take both of them as I rarely have the AP to do both at the same time, so I prefer taking one of them and something like vendetta). Also on the topic of schemes, I'd say learn both the initial point and the end game
  9. Hey there, glad to see you're enjoying yourself. I'm sure some of the Raspy / Arcanist players will weigh in on what works / doesn't work with her. But from a new player standpt I think you're doing everything right. And draws are really good for a new player (god knows I didn't start drawing for way too long ha). I think you're moving in the right direction with her. Silent ones are definitely solid for getting more Pillar support out, and the blessed is a great model for scheming. Whether you consider her too expensive to scheme or not is up to you. For me, it depends on pools. I
  10. Also while not quite carver there's also last year's scenario with the harvest men for more halloween fun. https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2019/10/9/waldos-weekly-hope-from-a-grave
  11. Nice! I like Zipp a lot as he's fast and has some fun ways to mess up opponent's plans (don't forget to charge and 'attack' nothing with a wrastler to remove a shadow marker off misaki, as costs hit before you find out if you have a valid target). First Mate is also just a fun model to play with.
  12. Ooooooh new halloween scenarios? Carver v trick or treaters? Sounds like the perfect time to pull out the Carver I painted last year for rotten harvest!
  13. Haven't played perdita but feel like she'd have a tough run against misaki with all the stealth she'd be up against. Also don't know if guild is as good a faction for pure themed lists but the guild forums would be more informed.
  14. Hm. If you go outside the core box you may have more luck if you try bringing first mate to chase people down or adze/wisps to lure em and bokors for more obey fun. I know stealth is tough for ranged hits, but targeting through a siliuid would let you get past it. Also changes if you were playing bayou or neverborn as bayou has some models (like the versatile emissary) who'd be able to helarious chase down his models. The speed game is tough, as a lot of the more synergistic crews can also be slower as a lot are bubbles. Stuff like wastel / mercs can keep up but not sure if you'll feel
  15. Great call out. Especially as a newer player there's various 'ah ha' moments with crews when they start clicking and sometimes it's just 'i brought a model I've ignored for a while'. Synergy is also tough. I love crews like honeypot/savage for their keyword abilities that you're always thinking about (rather than some keys where the synergy is more hidden), but I'm not sure I'd do great against misaki with a core list in either keyword, so some counter tech/scheme pool specific builds are kind of necessary if someone finds a trick that works real well
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