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  1. Reaper makes some packs of musical instruments, if you look on ebay they should be 5ish. Looks like they have a violin or something that could be used as one (or just go bayou proxy and add the washboard, ha) https://www.ebay.com/p/1604660111?
  2. Thanks @Boomstick. It is funny that this month was me trying not to choose bright colors for once... Guess it can't be helped. I like the glow on chompy you did. The Alps are also a lot of fun. Really makes me want to paint them myself (I'm trying to be good tho and paint stuff I may actually play).
  3. Finished the last of my Lucius keywords with the 3rd lawyer and an Alan Reid proxy. So I think that puts me at 52 ss for the month not counting the quick color change on some changelings.
  4. thanks @Viruk I did those investigators last and really like em (kinda wish i could go back and do the others the same way / style). The dopple conversion is funny cause it looks so much like her, idk if people will even know it was a ToS base model. I like the killjoy's base, the tree stump with the blue eyes is pretty sweet.
  5. Alan / Lone Marshal / Quellers all have startle to give out staggered, and traps give it as part of their bite. Investigators have it as a built in trigger on their Garrot. Field reporters also give it out with their flash photography action. So I could see Grimwell fitting into a Lucius / Basse crew easily, with Lady J / Nellie / Sonnia being more limited (in keyword) options.
  6. @Purple Mist agree with wintergloom. As much fun as it is to do themed months, I have a lot i'm trying to get through, so I'm not sure I'll always have something to contribute. I think back to the summer one to 'paint in flag colors' and I thought about it, but it just didn't fit into anything i was doing. But hey, if other people have stuff they'd like to do / enjoy the challenge / inspiration... go for it. On a purely selfish note, if it were more competitioney... well i know i won't get anywhere near the top and it'd be a bit of a disappointing month for me. I'd rather people be excited for everyone's paintjobs, than to just wait for the top few painters to give their submissions on the monthly thread.
  7. Finished a couple more models. This time it's 2 investigators! I may actually finish Lucius' models this month as all I have left is a proxy for the time wizard Alan Reid and maybe a proxy false witness.
  8. Keeping chugging away at lucius' crew with a lawyer + dopple I also did a quick Joss for a friend
  9. Hoping to finish up the Lucius box I started last week, if my arm / shoulder calm down. If I can finish that, I have a kitted doppleganger + some touchups to changelings to work on.
  10. Thanks @Caedrus I liked em, but they're a bit tough to paint cause there's just so many details. I tried for a more limited pallet than usual but then I was painting Lucius being like, WTH do I do with all these bangles, same with 46 and his knives. Am not 100% happy with em (main concern is how close the 3 look, similar pallet is great, but the models are close enough that they started looking cloney), but good enough for now.
  11. Started on the new Lucius box this week. So that's 26 stones for Lucius+scribe+46
  12. There's art for the old metal alts (like the alt ramos or Marcus or Viks). Obviously I'd love cards for all the metal models, cause I'd print them in a second (and have been buying up metals all summer). That said, new art for them would be a big effort / cost, so while I'd love it, I'm happy they've gone as far as they have in creating cards for legacy models.
  13. Order Initiates are rare 3, so not sure why you would want 4 (unless you're basing them differently for Arcanist / Neverborn). I haven't played a ton of Marcus, but so far they rarely get into my lists / friends lists with him. They're kinda pricy and do a lot of the same as marcus / myranda, and since marcus' keyword is a bit top heavy, their stones usually go to better things like cereberuses.
  14. @Wintergloom goodluck getting out of a slump. I always slump when I try and switch from painting to assembly and vice versa. I'm also feeling like I can't paint at all recently so not a good place. Ha. That said, you always produce amazing paintjobs so I'm looking forward to whatever you do.
  15. @Caedrus For July put me down for 19 as that's the pre-proxy amount from finishing mccabe.
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