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  1. Nooo I just bought an avatar so I can paint some more magicy Colette... Aw well, guess I'll just have more to buy/paint. Art looks great, looking forward to the render / model.
  2. I think Marshal is pretty easy, they haven't changed radically from 2nd, tho there are some new abilities to play around with. That said if you played m2e relatively recently it shouldn't take too long for you to get your head around your favorite m2e guild master. Yeah the cards have changed but the general flow of the game is pretty similar.
  3. I think he means he wishes they were new unreleased nightmare models to expand dreamers summoning pool rather than an alternative of one of the existing summons.
  4. @viruk yeah the eyes look a bit off in that pic, which is kind of annoying. In person, they look a bit better. I wanted to do more asian-esque on the rabbit suited vik, but i kind of liked the way they came out (kind of reminded me of skeeter from doug funny). I may go back at them when i get set up again, and see if it's just a bad image or if I can make em a bit better. I do prefer to do anime eyes, so we'll see. Those Cereberus's look great. I was thinking of the same color scheme for mine (when I get around to it), though i was thinking a darker blue for the mane / stripes rather than grey. I may have to change my opinion after seeing these, the contrast is nice.
  5. muraki

    Gunfighter issues

    As trikk says, the text of gunfighter itself says that the (gun) can be treated as (melee) 1". It's not a both, but an or. Its similar to M2e where an attack could have both a ranged and a melee option (ex: Lynch's hold out pistol, that was either a (gun) 8" or a (melee) 2"). It's just been moved off the action and into the abilities section. For it to still be a projectile it would somehow have to be a (gun)(melee)1", which doesn't match with the logic that malifaux has been using. I can see how the 'may' could be confusing, since a lot of other m3e cards use may as 'behavior 1 or behavior 1 and 2' (aka bravado where the 'may' means after concentrating you can also push, but don't have to). This time it just means you can shoot or beat a guy with a gun.
  6. Decided that this month was going to be about Mercs, so I started with the season specific viks to get ready for Easter. Trying to decide how many other viks I should paint... Think I have 4 versions ha.
  7. @Diddick that necropunk looks amazing. I was wondering where you were going to go from the black lining (which looked good by itself). Great work.
  8. It's a risk / reward thing. Sometimes you gotta balance 'wow I can kill that guy, but I'll get dinged on points for it... Screw it, I'm doing it, cause it's too perfect. Good luck without your master' with 'ill keep that guy in my pocket for a bit cause when he goes down it'll put me ahead.' As for flavor. It all depends on how you look at it. I see battles as being more cloak and dagger people trying to outsmart + complete plots than ok corral show downs. So it's more 'i need to find the double agent who has secret info to give me, but while I'm here I'm going to plant some bombs, tell a rival master that I've kidnapped their friend and if I have some free time... Yeah, sure, I'll kill some people.' I can see how it seems odd that a game where people fight each other... Don't seem like they want to do it all that much... Ha. But that's what I like about malifaux. Fighting is great, it gets you a lot of perks, but it isn't the end all beat all and there's space for non fighters like Nellie to shine.
  9. Not bad, ordered. I assume the pin up one is just female masters? If so, kinda a missed opportunity to add some diversity. Maybe could release a separate male deck?
  10. His keyword is honeypot, so gwen / kitty / graves / tannen / beckoners / illuminated / depleted should work pretty well with him / make up a large portion of his list, but versatile models can be bought for the same cost (like the always fun tanuki), and out of theme models are just +1 cost which can be totally worth it in a certain pool. As for upgrades, lynch puts out 'the darkness beckons' when he kills models / summons minions and you can put the 3 general upgrades (silent protector, trained ninja, masked agent) on any model. Sure they're pricy but adding hard to kill or stealth/unimpeded on a model is great for certain matchups. I think my biggest issue (beyond wanting him to do 5+ damage a round without a gun icon) is that I keep trying to play him in any strat pool, and m3e isn't as good at that as m2e. Trying to get him / his crew across the board to do back field events, or things where multiple interacts were needed is a bit painful as that's not his keyword's forte (and TT has better movement / interact masters). Another thing I've noticed in m3e is that sometimes masters need to just put in the work for a round or 2 and score points rather than being a big board threat. Yes, there's still the big swingy rounds where they go crazy and win the game (cough lynch succumbs 2x , does 5--10 pts of damage and summons a model or 2)... but other times they end up walking / healing / dropping a marker or two to score for a scheme / strat. One other thing is I feel I need to plan his turns a lot more to get use out of him. There's less of the 'well at least i'll draw 3 cards and ping a few people with pay for blood... no big deal' from m2e. I think the next time I play him, I may try a lure game, use some beckoners to lure models into Gwen and her play at my table ability with lynch to lurk nearby to heal / give out more brilliance / summon depleted or teleport huggy into enemies. Very pool specific, (I'm thinking turf or reckoning) but could be a fun time.
  11. Ditto'in Adran's comment. General upgrades are standard for a faction rather than model / master specific, and they've definitely tried to cut down on upgrade bloat this edition (which I like, as I was never big into upgrades). There has been comments from the devs about releasing alternate model cards (that can be used with any version of that model) with the same name, but a different title. The title system would open up alternate play styles (like maybe a melee or summoner raspy like in her wave 5 upgrades) for a model without having to balance a base card + a bunch of upgrades like in 2nd. That said there hasn't been an ETA for alternate titles or any details on what the alternate play styles would be like for any master.... so I'm taking it with a grain of salt. I do agree that sometimes (as I played lynch for a lot of the beta) he feels like he's not doing much, but that's partially due to Huggy being pretty powerful, his keyword being pretty diverse and rig being awesome. He's also had a big change from 2nd and across the beta, so I need to put in some real time with him before I make a final decision myself. I think my biggest issue is that I need to stop thinking of him as a mid range blaster, and more of a buffer / ball of death master.
  12. You could try table top games in westport ma. They have a lot of wyrd's line in stock. Not sure if they'll let you order over the phone/ship to you, but could be a possibility. I'd say I'd go down there and pick it up for you, but I'm trying to curtail my malifaux spending, so I'll only go if it's deperate
  13. Spent the last 2 weeks building models so I have a lot to choose for this month. Maybe Parker, Tara, Wong or viks. Whatever it is, it won't be Marcus models to compete with viruk
  14. From the post in the main forum about the book release is this quote Nathan: ' Dual masters will show up in both books, as well as Faction Decks. Dead Mans Hand models will be available via Faction Decks as well as downloadable online. ' So in my opinion that means mei feng / the forgeling will show up in both books. As for her minions / enforcers, well, most models are single faction now, so I'd assume they'd show up in the faction book / deck they're primarily assigned. So you'll have to get the bayou book for sparks, the arcanist book for the metal gamin, and the tt book for Kang. Course that's just my opinion, we'll see what the future holds. As it is, I'm optimistic cause it seems Wyrd is all about giving the rules / cards out for the edition change, so I'm confident we can find the info we need on models without buying books / etc we don't want.
  15. Thanks Retnab! I've only really tested zipp, and his keyword is broad enough that I will probably go in theme for 80% of my models, so I don't even think about what faction I choose for him, I'm just choosing Zipp (and sprinkling cups of coffee / midnight stalkers as needed ha). I'm interested in the people who say 1 faction over another, why that's the case. Are there holes in the keyword that they need verse / out of them models to fill (like marcus and cheap beasts), is there an upgrade that is a needed thing, do people just like a certain faction, or something else? All are valid, and it's interesting where people land. I (personally) will only be playing Mei Feng in TT cause I just like TT better than Arcanists at the moment. But I didn't vote for TT for her, cause, well, i haven't played w/ her yet.
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