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  1. I think you have some good choices there. I enjoy Zipp / Kaeris a lot this edition and keep wanting to play Marcus but get distracted by other keywords. Starting with any of those boxes should give you a good taste of what malifaux is as they all have interesting play styles. if you're on the fence about a few masters one thing I would think about is ease of expanding your keyword, as nothing is more frustrating than loving a master only to find out their models aren't being released for another 6-9 months. Looking at the future release pages I see the following (apologies if I miss one that has an upcoming date): For Zipp its: M3e Boxes Zipp Core Box Off the Top Rope (December) When Pigs Fly (January) Bayou Smugglers A Hard Days work (for Johan) (December) No M3e Release Date found Burt Gracie For Marcus it's: M3e Boxes Marcus Core box Altered Beasts (November) No M3e Release Date found Cojo Cereberus Molemen Paul Crocket Slate Ridge Mauler Razorspine Rattler Not Listed Neverborn / Arcanist beasts as that requires you to have a faction in mind as you can only bring beasts from your declared faction. For Kaeris it's: M3e Boxes Kaeris Core Burning Bridges Center Stage (for Carlos) (January) No M3e Release Date found Iggy Right now, Marcus is a bit more difficult to expand to his full non +1 tax hiring pool as a lot of his keyword hasn't been released in m3e (a large part of that is that they redid his starter box, and it looks like they're adding new sculpts for some models). Additionally, since he can hire beasts from his declared faction without a +1 out of keyword hiring tax, you may find yourself buying other master's add-on boxes for 1-2 models. None of this is bad, just some things to think about. Also, as you see, none of the masters I looked at have all their models released at this time so whoever you choose you may have to either wait, proxy, or find m2e models. I've found the m2e boxes for most of these in the last few weeks on ebay, online stores, the wyrd webstore or local places that promote wyrd products. The models in the m2e boxes are exactly the same as the m3e ones, you just need to get the m3e cards (either by printing them yourself, getting them from wargame vault, or picking up a faction pack). It's pretty simple, and as a lot of places have been clearing out their stock, which is affordable when you just want 1-2 things.
  2. Not home so the pictures aren't the greatest but wanted to post the rest of my December pics when I had the chance. To start I did a little marshal So judge / justice / lone marshal / death marshal is 39. Then I did some frontier models For 74 pts. Then to just make things worse I painted a little terrain. So with the 31 I did before I think I'm at @Caedrus169 (39 for marshal, 74 for frontier and 25 of terrain) for the month. Which I believe puts me at 604 for the year... Which is pretty darn good.
  3. @Wintergloomlooks like you got to 500 for the year. Good work! How do you like those customeeple tokens? I was looking at them today and (since noone stocks em in the states) was wondering if they were worth a special order.
  4. @PetitDalek that firestarter is sooo nice. Love the hair + jetpack.
  5. Nice metal chompy @Caedrus... But don't you think a stouter more corpulent chompy would be nice... If only wyrd made one
  6. Obvs its in the future and that page is a good tool to gauge interest in shows. That said, I did notice that there's only a 'what would you feel comfortable demoin question'. Since I know people help out in booths in GenCon (the only one from the list I go to) it would of been nice for that to be an option also, no biggie tho (specially since it's probably a standard form and not all events would necessarily have booth volunteers). Assume there'll be discussions closer to the events. Till then, goodluck in Vegas!
  7. Slowly working through my painted models for the month as I give them out (a lot are already done, but can't show em). So here's the first batch: So Serena (8) + a Yokai (6) + Flame (2) + Sonnia (15), so I'm at 31 so far. There'll be a lot more after Xmas.
  8. @Caedrus I'm in. I think I'll try for Master this year as (looking at my stats) there weren't many times I was under 15 for a month. I like the idea of a buy in / buy back (as this is just a fun competition anyway). 50 stones is a lot, so maybe it's good (that said maybe it's a bit high). I wonder if some people would have to paint for a few months to get 50 stones. It could also be impossible for people at the minion / enforcer tiers. Maybe it should could be 2-3x their buy in / proposed buy-in?
  9. Been painting a lot for my boyfriend for xmas this month, but since he's on the forem I can't post those till December. Also since I'm not sure how the rotten models factor into monthly allowances I quickly finished a kaeris while he was doing his Xmas swap paintjob. @Caedrus Along with the Carver that's 25 for me this month.
  10. After you put the amount of money for the free models in your cart, you'll get a popup to select your free model (and it'll add to your cart with a cost of 0). I kept closing popups and didn't understand it. The text seems to say the waldo will be added if you get over 150, but i didn't see that in my cart, so maybe they just know?
  11. @NoisyAssassin. It's not a sale per say, as the models will be sold on the site at MSRP. It's more a chance to get special limited edition models with some perks thrown in for high buy amounts. Easter / Black Friday are the 2 main times to get nightmares and alt models without having to pay a kings ransom on eBay.
  12. The wyrd online store has outcast faction decks, and ebay has a neverborn box up with free shipping. You could also pick up cards at drivethrurpg (not useful if you're buying a full faction as it gets pricey). Not perfect I know, but from tracking posts it seems some of the supply issues are out of wyrd's hands. (but what do i know, i'm just a player). Goodluck finding what you need. It can definitely feel like a bit of hide / seek sometimes
  13. Thanks, I did the metal Carver for 10 stones:
  14. hey @Caedrus what are the rules about posting rotten harvest entries in this list now that voting is complete? Do they count for model totals / etc? I'm not worried either way, I'm just wondering.
  15. Congrats winter. Those pics you posted of urami are some of my favorites. I have kirai's pic saved on my phone for when people are like 'your models look so good' and I'm just like 'no... These do'
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