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  1. Lit lamps could also help you if you happen to put dust clouds such that you need that + to get through the concealment... just saying
  2. It's still on the upcoming release page for febuary, so unless it disappears it should be out pretty soon.
  3. Naaah. There's a lot of issues with riders as masters which include - scarcity - only 4 factions have riders so that's bringing the 8 master per faction symmetry out of wack. - similarity - it would adds a very specific master type to 1/2 the factions so other factions would either have to get a horse or a non-horse horselike master to keep up, and I'd far prefer more interesting masters like some of the explorer ones than rider-esque ones to fill out a roster. - balance - as a core of riders could show up in 4 factions there could be unforseen issues / combinations - cost
  4. on page 10 of the rule book about duels it says: So since you defend against sharp wit with WP it is a wp duel. Attacking has no stat associated with it, so it's not a WP attack. It is instead a gun/melee /etc duel (which defines what kind of modifiers it has due to terrain / etc).
  5. You don't have a negitive to attack, but if you were using sharp wit on someone in a distraction aura they'd have a negitive to defend.
  6. Thats one of the fate decks that come with the other side starters (back looks like it's malifaux side rather than earth side). Hence the slightly different suit appearances.
  7. Super excited, TtB releases are super fun... now if only some of that amazing art could make its way to models.... nudge nudge
  8. I get this one. As a bit of a completionist, I hate seeing a model or box set I want on ebay for 3-4 times the MSRP and wondering if it's worth it. I remember picking up a cherri bomb/alt rafkin for 40+ each off ebay when it seemed that Wyrd wasn't going to get them on any of their usual sales. I know you mentioned not loving proxies (which I get, proxies can be surprisingly jarring). But I've seen some good work done with the wyrd multipart kits (tho the females models are a bit amazonian) and I really love using ToS models for proxies (tho since few people sell them piecemeal it'll pr
  9. Oh I mean sure, was more just a 'the second sentence is making the statement that both are kind of in the 'declare action' stages of the timing chart' not that they're identical. That was more for rules as intent, rules as written was more the page from the rulebook on engagement, which Adran sums up better than I could.
  10. I agree with @Sweet Tooth. I read the action as 'when declaring an action, things typed as 'friendly' or 'enemy' can be played with. Looking at the ability it says: this is a bit vague, but if you look at the second part where it talks about friendly it says Since the ability is a 'friendly / enemy' affecting action, the first 1/2 and second 1/2 should be basically the same thing (with of course the control in the hands of the operative). Using that as an example, the second half clearly calls out the defining characteristic being things called out as 'friendly / keyword' so
  11. Depends on what you're going for. If you're looking to pressure people, he's better in DUA with all the shadows. Same if you want obeys / psueto obeys ngaatoro is more versatile with bully. But if you want to run him mid field along with Winston to lay some scheme markers and drain your opponents hand he has his place. For me it's really pool dependent on whether I bring him with Anya.
  12. I'm looking forward to another year of painting Malifaux models with this contest. It's helped keep me motivated for the last 2 years... sadly not motivated enough to paint more than I buy.... but what can you do
  13. I'd also be leery of playing your flavor of hh too much as you have a killy strat 3 killy schemes and 2 center of the board ones... So to me that means I'm teaching my players to swarm the center and kill everything that moves and that'll score you pts.... Which isn't true for a lot of scheme pools. It's fine if you're teaching, but that's why I like plant explosives better for hh cause the placement scheme balances the killy ones. As the original question was 'make summoners a pick in hh', with your setup I could ask back 'why speedy / fragile models?' as there's no benefit for a mobile
  14. Id say yes to the expanded scheme pools and no for the summons / upgrades. I'm all for making small games of faux more interesting, but not at the expense of the actual game mechanics. Sure, playing HH and not being able to summon means you're playing a model a way you may never play them in a 50 stone game, but it's easy to mentally parse as 'i don't feel like / have the cards for' x summon action or trigger. Adding a new upgrade to the game that's never been there before / will be there after means you're not teaching them to expect something that doesn't exist, which doesn't feel
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