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  1. There's a story in the neverborn m3e faction book that talks about them a bit.
  2. So was wondering if anyone had any luck modifying the shadow emissary so his tail doesn't stretch out past the base so much? I have a great painted one that I love, but it would be nice to have a version that was a bit easier to transport / play with (specially since it looks like i can find a spare to play with for cheap). I'm not great at kitbashing, and I'm not sure how hard it'll be to get the scales / etc to line up / look ok if I start playing.
  3. This month I worked on some proxies as if I don't have enough normal models to paint. Since there's still no indication where the wild ones will go, I'll assume these babies are still mounted guards: And because I wanted a proxy for a kabuki (and i wanted to try a bit of comic styling: And because I was tired of transporting my favorite master with a long delicate appendage, a updated McCabe with the correct weaponage. I tried to learn how to do some simple NMM on his sword, and ended up making a comic version of it, which i think looks cool. So that ends up being 16 + 7 + 15 so @Caedrus 38 stones for me this month, and I think I can finally consider my Wastrel keyword done.
  4. You talking about stuff like Rig? I thought if you just grab the cards off your deck + put them where they should be flipped, then drag them back on top of your deck however you want them, they'll flip out in the correct order + your opponent wont see em (thought he only saw when you hit the 'flip' button). But I've never played a game, just what i learned watching some youtubes yesterday.
  5. It's hard to find an exact match (in my mind) with what you have. But in general if you wanna give your opponent a bit of a boost v you, I'd go for cheaper models at the station on your side. Is an easy way of making things a bit unbalanced. In general I'd think McCabe would be a good match up, wastels also have the melee + shoot options that bushwackers have (and are 5 SS to 6). And the masters are both mobile with some support option. The henchmen are a bit diff as Trixie is more support than sidir. But you can always choose not to rock face with him. Mei could also be a good option but I don't play her, so can't really tell. Viks are also a possibility, but as they're a lot for a new person to counter I'd stay a bit more support focused to start.
  6. When I try and bring people in who've never played this type of game, I stick with a 3x3 board but put minimal terrain out there (just enough that they have to move in angles, but not enough to really block any of their shots if they moved a bit), and maybe start them a bit forward (tho standard now is pretty good). I start with henchman lead crews (1 hench, 1 enforcer, 2 same named minions, but 1 hench + 3 minions would be good too). I usually start everyone with 2 soulstones (really just so they can get more cards when their hands stink), and like to do harness the ley line for a scheme and turf war for a strategy (I think I usually do both, but I'd be fine just doing harness). Any interact heavy scheme / strat would be fine. I just dislike how the 'into to malifaux' demos are all about killing when that's only 1/2 the game (tho sometimes the funnest part, ha). The only things I'd mention is, since you have so few models out, power curve, bad type match ups, and SS cost differences are really apparent. At gencon I ran demos of Chompy + 3 alps v Judge + 3 death marshals and the chompy side was usually wiped by round 3 (even with a few soul stones tossed in his direction to balance things). So if you have limited models and you know one side will end up being a little underpowered, I'd take that side on the demo, cause who cares if you get wiped by a noobie.
  7. muraki

    Fae T-Rex

    I was just going to post that! It's a great adventure!
  8. Won't get the wheels done today, but did finish a (non wyrd model) I'll use for a proxy (I'm thinking a acolyte for the never to be a thing, beach party raspy) But since it's non wyrd looks like that's a 5er, so @Caedrus I'm at 25 for the month.
  9. All the talk about painting yellow made me want to try it myself. And man, priming (or base coating) in Pink makes bright yellow super easy... which is probably why my desper was yellow yellow this month, ha.
  10. Guild and Frontier are good starting places for people. Basse has a pretty simple mechanic (they start farther forward, can push each other a bit, and give themselves cover). In guild I think the following masters are decent places for new players: Basse Lady Justice - jump around and kill undead. Perdita - shoot + support eachother Sonnia - catch people on fire to buff yourself I'd stay away from Dashel (cause summoning requires more models to own), Lucius (lots of obeys / trickines), nellie (non-damagin crew, so different than most). Hoffman i just didn't include cause I don't play him, but he's probably fine too. Goodluck. All the cards are online, so feel free to look at em / proxy / shadow box a bit. It's the best way to try stuff out before you commit.
  11. Haha @Pastorii used the exact same bases for my Lucius crew!
  12. Chugging along with more wastrel models this month Got 2 more hucksters and desper for a running total of 20 so far for the month and means I'm done with that boxset. Hoping to get his nightmare wheels painted too (not that I can use em... They're just cool as heck models), but we'll see how the rest of the month goes.
  13. Nice new scheme. Sounds fun. Is it going to be added to wargame vault for a professional Copy / will it be added to the app?
  14. Getting the last few stones in on the last day. To complete this month I finished a huckster: As much as I love the new m3e models, man do they got a lot of junk going on, which makes em a bit of a hassle to paint. Guess I'll have to soldier on, ha. @Caedrus that's 16 (10 + 6) for me, just sneaking by, hopefully next month is a bit better.
  15. @Caedrus nah, just the base was airbrushed. I just haven't used my airbrush for more than priming, so even that little bit was a big step for me. The mini was painted but I had a lot of trouble getting good green coverage so it ended up being a bit lighter than I wanted. Same with the skin tone, so while it's not a great photo it's prolly partially me. Won't be my emissary. Gave it to a friend at the shop I go to since I had 2 of them and wanted to paint it + try adding a street lamp to his hand. He said he's gonna use it for an Archie or emissary in a Seamus crew... That said he didnt know I was painting / giving it to him, so who knows what he'll do with it. Ha.
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