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  1. muraki

    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    Gadzooks gaming sells split models, they don't have trappers in stock right now, but you could try asking when they'll be back in stock.
  2. muraki

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Been checking this thread on and off. Thanks Mason for giving answers to a lot of people's questions. I love that this company cares and responds to the community so quickly and thoughtfully... Specially on something that's not even in beta yet. Super looking forward to m3e. I'm sure the changes will make me wanna pick up the masters I don't currently own (and new boxes for the ones I do own to get new sculpts / models ).
  3. muraki

    Backdraft Gremlin Boys

    Proxy played with popcorn and Cooper yesterday in a brewer list against kaeris with the arcanist side of the box (symbols and we both took search and undercover entourage). Popcorn was pretty fun at denying points in search the ruins. Cooper didn't do much (no scrap to summon off of), tho her armor +2 did slow down a couple hits against her. They would of been more vicious if I wasn't playing against the fire golem who could just take / eat all the burning, but I wanted to see how both sides of the box interacted.
  4. Awesome Monday preview. I wasn't expecting this for the nightmare edition and I'm looking forward to picking it up since it's a master who's original box didn't excite me. Although, I may have to get the classic box too since I like the idea of grizzled ulix surrounded by bright ponies in kind of a 'how did I end up with these annoying buggers' way. That said, I am a bit annoyed that, for once, I may not have the brightest/most pastel crew on the table. Guess I'll have to work harder to get the least grim-dark crew possible. I'm thinking rainbows and glitter effects
  5. muraki

    Any players in Metrowest Boston/Worcester?

    Hi, I'm not sure about communities, and I'd be interested in the same thing. I'm relatively new (been playing for 8ish months but I don't get many games in) and live in Worcester. I haven't found a local shop that has tablespace setup, so I play at home. If you know of a place that could be set up for malifaux, I'd meet up for a game. I have the mat / terrain / etc needed so that's not a worry, I just don't know anywhere that has war game table space for rent. In general, if I want to play against others I do it on a weekend and drive farther. There are communities of players in the Providence / Hartford / Hadley areas, downside is most of their regular play days are weeknights and that's too far of a drive for me. I have gone to a few tournaments recently, and while I get destroyed the people are nice and its a good way to find out who's from where. There's a tournament coming up in Westport Ma at Table Top games June 2nd that I'm planning on going to. Beyond that, if you wanted to check out shops, here's the places I'd recommend: Table top Games - Westport Ma - Has a full line of models, has tables with the right amount of terrain, staff plays / is knowledgeable (I asked a lot of n00bie questions to them when I was starting out). Battlestandard - East Windsor CT - Stocks some models, has a decent amount of used models, so you may be able to find some deals / rarities (I picked up a trixiebell for 5 dollars last weekend), has a hench / players who play regularly. I've also gone to tournaments at Game On in Warwick, though if I was driving to RI, I'd prefer to go to Table Top cause they have more stock to buy. I've also heard good things about Off The Wall in Hadley MA, but I haven't been (though I've played against some people from there in tournaments). Hope this helps. Feel free to drop me a PM if you want to know more. -Muraki
  6. muraki


    My purchases arrived today, thanks a lot. It was great buying from you. Although now I'm tempted to pick up some more stuff....
  7. muraki

    Help choosing a model to complete an order.

    Thanks pyrflamme! I went with toshiro and I'll admit I didn't look at his card before tossing him out of the running to begin to start. Thanks for the advice, now I just gotta decide how I want to paint him.
  8. Hi, so I've recently switched over to TT and found a old gift card in a drawer, and was trying to figure out the last model to fill out an order. The models the store has / I don't have are: Izumu Queeg Sue Toshiro Yin Shadow Effigy And since I'm toying with the idea of getting some Gremlins Gracie Burt I've been playing mainly Lynch or McCabe, and I'm interested in Brewmaster. I also Yan Lo / Mei Feng but they're not a priority since I'd play the other 3. I already picked up a decent number of TT models (TT brothers, tengu, yokai, jorogumo, samurai, low river monks, shadow emissary, terracotta warriors, etc), so a lot of bases are already covered. I was thinking Sue or Yin, but I'm not sure if one makes more sense than the other, or if there's a different option for those 3 masters that I'm overlooking.
  9. Hi, I was looking for an unpainted plastic Cassandra to go with an incomplete Colette set I picked up. If anyone has one that they'd like to get rid of, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  10. muraki

    Easter Sale is Live!

    I just looked at the sale and can't seem to find the translucent lime 'No Shelter Here' Pandora set that was in the preview post, is that going to be added later?