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  1. What I remember from talking to Mason back in Gencon wasn't that there wasn't going to be any gaining ground, but rather that the yearly cycle was too much, as the wave 4 masters (for example) were balanced towards a set of schemes / strats that didn't exist in the next gaining ground. But again, any info from Mason was in the past. Things he said were hard and fast (10 being the cap for model cost) have already become more loose, so I wouldn't get worried about anything yet.
  2. Distracted could be nice actually. Injured made sense cause you're smacking someone with a piano, but hey it gotta be pretty distracting too. Guess it depends on if the goal of that attack is to soften up models for future hits, or to strike first and survive / cage fight the way out. Both are good, but if the goal is the first he needs something so he isn't sent on a suicide mission.
  3. Agreed, I mentioned it in the other thread about Zipp's crew, but he was always fragile, but with the new changes he'll die nearly instantly. Not to mention get almost no use out of cage fighter. Stat 5 def or a diff tech would be nice. I was ok with him having a lower def stat when injured affected everything and since hard to wound models tend to be a bit lower overall, but there are henches in other factions for the same / less cost with better def tech than him, so it seems to be an oversight now.
  4. muraki


    I've been on both sides of Nellie throughout beta. Verse beaters (like emissary) are nice to beef up the damage output / threat of her keyword. Heals are also nice to keep her peeps on the board. That place trigger on her press release is vicious (specially when your opponent stones for it every round). The lack of don't mind me is tough, but Undercover / False witness do offer a little scheme marker generation to help. I think she's one of those masters that if you underestimate and let get going, your team will be a mess (as there's only so much you can do when 1/2 your team is slow, distracted and possibly stunned). That said, it also means that if you start to shut her down at the start, she may fold. Undercovers I go 2 ways with. I've played games where high rams kept coming up and they crewed through a crew, and others where they get deep in enemy territory and don't do anything but walk + drop markers. Currently I use them as a schemer / anti-schemer for stuff like Search the Ruins or ones where I need tokens near people. In general, I can't tell if she's weak, or if her play style is just different enough that it takes a while to warm up to her. Feels like (if you stay in theme) you just need to toss out as many negative conditions as possible so that they can't do anything and want to quit... which isn't the funnest game to play (on either side).
  5. She's actually pretty easy (but I started with zipp/Titania so I'm crazy) and looks like the image was lost to the ether. The forums have a low limit on pictures so they usually recommend hosting on imgur or other places and pulling em in that way.
  6. Ah too bad. No worries tho. If you had any questions feel free to send me a message here and I can try and help out (or just keep posting in the forum). There's been a lot of good master ideas in this thread (nice to see everyone has a few favorites). I definitely spent way too long starting m2e trying to find the perfect entry pt (and ended up taking too long so I got a master as a gift and I still play him all the time ha), so I'd say print some proxies and jump in. The first couple games may be rough but it's a good system.
  7. Well that makes you better than me at Photoshop, I'd be playing with blank bases with numbers on em, ha. I assume you're no where near Massachusetts, cause I'd do a demo game to get you/your friend started if you were nearby. You could check to see if there's any henches / m3e testers in your area who'd do an intro game.
  8. Glad I could help. I thought about the increment scenarios from the 2 player starter (which I used to start, and I taught in gencon demos). I'm not crazy about them cause they only really teach attack skills, so (specially with the starter boxes) it showed off my previous worries of melee v ranged crews limiting fun. I do like the starter box setup of a hench / enforcer / 2 identical minions for a super intro game (with maybe a strat and a scheme and a couple stones) but as you started the conversation talking about master boxes I didn't wanna go deep down that path. If you wanted to give that a try Taelor / Vanessa / 2 Ronin v Frank / Santiago / 2 monster hunters (or 2 pistolers whichever balances the SS better) could be a good starting pt for either the incremental scenarios or to jump into a 1 strat / 2 scheme game (although 4 models is pretty low for most strats/schemes so prolly just harness or deliver with turf or no strat). Mirror matches are also good. I just never had the models to pull it off so I didn't even think of it ha.
  9. Revisiting this topic with changes to injured. Should mancha still be at def 4 with the new injured change? Or should cage fighter just disappear for something more useful?
  10. Ten Thunders is fun. Sadly my favorite TT masters (Lynch / McCabe) aren't on your list (but I'll survive, and watching a first time player try to understand rig the deck is tough). In general, I've been switching between TT and Gremlins with some Guild thrown in for flavor for most of the Beta. Personally I think Perdita would play against the Viks well (if anything I'd be worried Viks would table Perdita ha). Viks have a lot of movement tricks and most of the models have guns, I doubt you'll be shot of the table before you were able to engage. Additionally, you could hide behind stuff for cover and let battle tempo / on the move get you out of it to shoot / engage. I played Ophelia against Viks 2 weeks ago (again not the same but close) and it was a close match. For friendly matches, I think M3e makes things a lot more balanced out of the gate than M2e. Just make sure your table has enough blocking terrain to block some shooting lanes. If I were to try out factions (and it seems that Guild / Outcasts / TT / Rezzers) are in your top picks. I'd give some of the following masters a try (for the record these groupings aren't perfect as not all masters are analogous). I also expect to get a lot of hate on this list, as these are my opinions and I haven't tested all of these in M3e to know them well enough to know if they're any good at what I say they do, so grain of salt : Shooters: Perdita or Sonnia / Parker Melee: Lady J / Viktorias / Mei Feng or Misaki / Reva Support: Lucius / Von Shill / McCabe / Molly Debuff: Nellie / Hamelin or Jack Daw / Youko / McMourning or Jack Daw And when you're feeling a bit more comfortable Summoners: Dashel / Tara / Asami / Kirai Not all of them are easy to pick up or have a great starting box. They also don't all play the same way, but you should at least look at the cards and kind of see 'oh this guy wants to be in melee, far from it, supporting another model, or weakening a model, gotcha'. There's not true shooters in Rezzers / TT, if I had to play with a ranged attacker, I'd prolly go with Seamus / Shenlong, but that's mainly cause most of their models have some kind of ranged attack (not saying it's good or particularily damaging). I put this grouping together more because if you're trying to stick in a faction, you would probably want a couple different 'feel' keywords so you could switch up your gameplay to match the strats / schemes or to confuse / counter your opponent. This is also only 4ish of 8 masters in a faction, so there's a lot more out there with areas of expertise I didn't list. If you were to start playing games, I'd recommend 35 stone game (I've actually played a lot of 35 stone games over the beta, and quite like it, it lets me easily see what a keyword does in a short timeframe) with about a 4 stone cache, to get used to the concept and 2 schemes that you both work for, and an easier strategy. This makes it less secretive, sure, but you're both there to figure out how to play, so any additional help is useful. I'd recommend something like: Strategies: Turf War / Detonate Charges As for Schemes, I like to choose a marker based one and a non-marker based one, so something like: Marker schemes: Breakthrough / Harness the Ley Line / Search the Ruins Non Marker Schemes: Hold up their Forces / Outflank / Deliver a Message / Vendetta I just did a teaching 35 stone game of Turf War with Deliver and Search and it worked pretty well. There's a lot of other good schemes / strategies in the book, but these have worked for me and don't require a lot of tough marker setup or killing a master. I tend to stay away from the real murderfest strats / schemes cause 1) new players pick up attacking pretty quickly, it's usually more a struggle to convince them to collecting points and 2) some keywords / starter sets are just better at bringing the pain, so I try not blow a new player off the table and give him a negative experience.
  11. Agree with others. The value of the starter box minions in M3e is a lot better than in M2e, to the point that I need to go back and make the rest of them (I usually just built one). I'd give the same recommendations as in the previous edition, if you want to start and stick to a base box, stay away from summoners as they're less fun without a variety of models to summon. I'd also go for a box that has a more standard build of Master, Totem, henchman, 3 minions. The exception from your list would be Perdita, as her whole box has some fun stuff in it (and would probably just need a box of monster hunters or pistoles to get a good team going). Couple of recommendations if you're starting out: 1) Play some proxy games. The cards are there, so there's no better way to find out if you match a master / faction. 2) Try and choose a faction to stick with for a bit. I know it's hard when you don't know what you like to play, and keywords make it easier to flip factions in casual play, but having 2-3 masters in a single faction makes tournaments easier to plan around. 3) Don't get stuck on the 'best value' box. I know this sounds odd, but even for good value box (like the viks) only fields 31 stones of models (Taelor is 9, student is 4, ronin are 18 for the full 3). A standard game is 50 stones, so that's means you're missing 16 stones of models (less if you take a healthy cache). As you'll probably have to grab a pack of minions or a solo model or 2 to fill out a basic 50 stone in theme list, that opens the door for other masters' whose starter boxes are a bit lower value but have great add on models. 4) Take a look at the keyword as a whole and see if it matches what you like to do. Some keywords are pretty diverse with their model offerings, some are geared towards a certain thing (damage, debuff, etc). High damaging tanky models are easy to learn on, but they're not everyone's cup of tea. I like a lot of movement and unique models who can hold their own, my boyfriend likes a lot of obeys/out of activation actions and team synergy. 5) You say you and a friend are getting into it. So I'd recommend getting 2 masters who are similar in stats / playstyle but in different factions. So try not to get a fast shooter and a slow melee unit or debuff team or a low stat/wound team and someone with a lot of injured or min 3 damage. There are some matchups that are more fun than others out of the starter sets.
  12. If we were going to look deeper into buff conditions, I wish the negative conditions had related buff conditions to cancel them. For instance, Fast counters slow, and focused and distracted (mostly) cancel each other out. So I wish there was a counter to injured that gave + to a stat. Something like: Advantage + X - Before flipping in an opposed duel, this model may lower the value of this condition to get +1 to its duel total. End this condition at the end of this models activation. or Advantage - Before flipping in an opposed duel, this model may end this condition to receive a +1 to the duel. I know something like this would require a lot of balance changes, and opens the door for someone to get themselves at a semi-permanent +1 to their stats (which is why the stacking version I proposed has the 'goes away at the end of the turn' restriction and can only be lowered by 1 per duel). But could help make injured seem less damaging.
  13. I've seen it used with Nellie, but that's mainly cause her team gets a lot of free focus and don't have much DPS to worry about. I am kind of worried that if focus changes to not stacking it'll be yet another rewrite to journalists, since 'chasing a story' seems to be the keyword ability and I'm not sure if it'll have the same value at a max 1 focused. Course it could be an opportunity for them to get cooler like some of the recent crew re-balancing... hmm...
  14. I like the ideas, but will require some balancing as it affects a lot of models. The focus change is the one that I'm the most interested in on how it plays. I agree cutting down on stacks of focused sounds like a good idea (specially if people were spending a turn to focus all their models), but as others have said, I'm worried about how it'll affect defense. Take Nellie's crew for instance, the focus they stack up allows them to stay on the table longer in defense duels. If its switched to a non-stacking condition, I don't think there'll be many situations where I'd burn it to help in a defensive duel.
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