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  1. Yeah, abilities disappear when a model died. Which is why the lamplighter card specifically calls out the behavior of lit lamps 'even after this model leaves play'. If something like harsh winter were to stay until the end of the game, would need a similar call out as it's not covered in core rules.
  2. You're 100% right. I just usually want the move more than I want the heal . It is a seriously good free action tho.
  3. True, but needing a 7 means if you're low on cards it's a uncertain action. It's how I know how bad my opponent's hand is, aka if they kick up dust and reposition instead of ride with me, well time to lay down the hurt as they're holding a bunch of 1's!
  4. That's a good call out. I forgot how the beta tried to take a lot of 2 inch melees and kick em down to 1s where possible.
  5. Well Toss is a 1 inch magic attack, which I've seen so many people forget that it's not a melee and charge + toss (ha). Sword trick is also 3 inches and magic, but as a free action it's not as worrisome for the charge.
  6. Looking back at open beta cards (yeah I never got rid of em), it was not a melee attack. That said, I think people weren't as upset about it not being a melee as the switch from m2e to m3e and the changes to charge probably kept people from realizing how useful it would be as a melee rather than a close magic attack.
  7. Coming in a bit late due to busy work at the end of the month... which is sad, cause I totally finished these models like 5 days into March (didn't post cause I was hoping I'd actually finish more models...' Finishing up my apex keyword I got a crypsis corp guy And because it was sitting on my paint station 1/2 done, yet another Lady J So that 22 for March for me @Caedrus
  8. Looks at the m1e nekima still on a spure sitting in a box with a bunch of other forgotten metals in the basement 'yes you're not being played, but at least kharnage doesn't have you....'
  9. So what you're saying is... you'd trade it all for cheaper shipping
  10. Forget you international people, us us folks also want extra puppets
  11. I was thinking you'd have to wire em together, and was afraid you built them all from scratch (as they look too amazing for me to find them easily). Great work and thanks!
  12. LOVE the pig knocking over the box of apples. Where'd you get those props?
  13. You also get a little clue cause they usually close down the webshop beforehand so that'll give you a ballpark idea (tho it's usually closed for hours so not that close). I'll assume it'll go live sometime business hours for eastern usa, rather than midnight/etc cause the last few sales have had minor hiccups and (if it were me) I'd far prefer to troubleshoot that stuff while I / my tech team is at work...
  14. If there's anything I've learned from watching sculpts from shows, is that Wyrd doesn't toss many sculpts once they've been built, even if the purpose changes. Like for instance, you could see miss guided on some 2019 game show shots, same with tidecaller. I wouldn't be surprised if there's either a second expansion planned or if those modes may come in as alts / misses / etc (I want that crock rider as an alt McTavish for instance, it seems to be on a 50).
  15. There's also the Easter Viks, so not *all* of them There's definitely a lot of Easter Bayou models.... I'm hoping there's a 9th master for Bayou as the 'king rabbit'... cause clearly there's somewhere in they bayou ran by rabbits at this pt....
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