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  1. Just the duel as that's the 'attack' part of the action. Damage is seperate and things affecting it are usually called out explicitly.
  2. I'd be happy with any master who has kept the same box with minimal changes since M2e. Guild / Neverborn would be nice, but I wouldn't say no to anything provided it looks cool... which I'm sure it will ha. Since I always liked Miss Fire's aesthetic, it'd be fun to have a mei feng crew where they're bike messengers/couriers. Kinda a steampunk postal service vibe, ha.
  3. As study season reaches it peak I get to spend weekends by myself, which means painting. Over the weekend I finished 2 false witnesses and a yamaziko for 17 stones. Which is enough for the month, but since I have another free weekend in store maybe I can dent some of my backlog, maybe dashel or Alan Reid.... Or maybe even terrain haha.
  4. https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2019/12/11/waldos-weekly-more-news-from-nowhere Is at least 1 page
  5. @Gloomy due to my love of your minis, i just picked up the last of both of these from my gameshop. Guess I gotta play around with em a bit to see if I fall in love with em like you did... if not maybe I should just mail em to you, haha.
  6. Is noone going to start speculating on this? Miss models + nightmare sets should be coming soon! Any thoughts/hopes?
  7. Oh! Was wondering if we were going to get a weekly today with the other post. Glad to see we got something. Coming out of retirement huh? Maybe I need to go back through my old edition lore books...
  8. I should of used that excuse to get me an extra day
  9. Last minute submission for a few more misaki models. First 2 katashiros And then another wokou raider So that's 18 for me for June @Caedrus
  10. I would love love love this to be made into a model for an alternate doppleganger so I can have a full lucius crew without a naked lady in it
  11. Ooh, angry plant guy. Wonder if we get some people and some plants or a combo? However it goes, interested in the models!
  12. Hilarious, love it. Glad someone else other than TT has to deal with models that are bigger than the base
  13. Kept working on some last blossom models this month even tho I have no clue how to play em and there's new boxes out soon. Tried painting fire a bit differently than usual but couldn't get a non chunky vellejo Fleur red so didn't turn out like I wanted. then tried some comic on a ototo and a wokou So @Caedrus that looks like it puts me at 20 for May. Hopefully I'll start next months before the last weekend....
  14. It isn't but they have a grit that let's you add a suit to duels and Amina could let you have the grit fire at above 1/2.
  15. I love asian themed tables and have made them. The only reason I don't always make them is that victorian terrain is easier to find in my area.
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