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  1. One cat princess (7ss rat king alt model) fulfills my May enforcer pledge :) behold the horrendous glory! http://imgur.com/gallery/pRPw2cz
  2. @Caedrus Hi! I did a charm warder in January, my only mulligan was March! Havent post up my May one soon.
  3. Boom, and the "Nix" is done.... More pics here http://imgur.com/gallery/BGaMK8q Rather happy with how this one turned out since I've not picked up a brush since Feb lol So glad also I've managed to do my enforcer pledge for this month!
  4. http://imgur.com/gallery/d2vWYoA Hi all I have a fully painted pandora box to trade, happy to also throw in an unpainted (but assembled) Carver and teddie, pictured at imgur link above. I'd be looking for offers of versatile Ressers. Also looking for any Mcmourning models, preferably collected as per 3e boxes (to avoid doubling up on boxes as I add to them), unpainted or unassembled is fine. Also interested in some Urami like the undertow box, vengeful spirits and, datsue ba. Again, preference is on unpainted/unassembled.
  5. Obskeree


    Has this been sold? What is the postage like to the uk? Ball park figures fine.
  6. Woohoo I'm not dead! march was a mulligan. April I will be doing Nix to fulfil my enforcer pledge.
  7. One finished shadow Emissary. That'll more than cover my 6ss pledge More pics http://imgur.com/a/Zy7awN9
  8. Feb pledge is going to be the shadow emissary 🙂
  9. Was enforcer, charm warder was my 6ss 🙂
  10. @Caedrus Thanks so much! The yellow is simply aveland sunset with iyanden yellow contrast on top. It ended up pretty striking, i love it. I love bright colour! :) Gonna do the same yellow overcoat on my second warder too.
  11. Finished! Charm Warder, which fulfils my Jan pledge
  12. Hi! My model to meet my Enforcer pledge will be a charm warder. Love these weird floaty ladies.
  13. Hi! I'd like to sign up and do Enforcer Started malifaux briefly back in early/mid 2nd ed, stopped for a while, then picked it up again September 2019 with my housemates... also may have splashed out on the Black Friday sale so when that haul arrives I'll have plenty to keep me busy.
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