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  1. The range on asamis summon is 6 inches. That requires line of sight because that's how 6inch ranges work. So it 'overwrites' the base contact + los core rule with 6 inches and los. And I'm gunna stop responding cause hey, you aint changing your mind so ain't worth responding anymore.
  2. Well the actual rule states: 'Summoned models are placed into base contact and within LoS of the model whose action or ability summoned them unless the effect states otherwise.' In this case I'd say 1) Toni grants the global ability to summon to her keyword 2) the ability states where the summoned model would be summoned into (here base contact with a scheme marker) which will trump the LoS / Base contact with Toni rule. I have difficulty using the summon into LoS unless stated otherwise rule' to say this has to be in LoS of Toni, when the full rule states 'base contact and LoS unless overruled' which is literally overruled in nearly every situation as very few summoners summon in base contact. So I still read it as 'sure toni has the ability, but it's being used by another model + theres location rules on it, so use those instead of the core'
  3. It's Ironsides' ability though, and the ability is what is doing the summoning, not the Interact action. I'd much prefer it if you didn't need LoS for it though, so I hope I'm wrong or that Wyrd changes it. Does this mean that dreamer can't summon at all because they summon buried? I say since it's a global ability that allows another model to summon (since it says that model not Toni) next to a scheme marker so that model takes presidence/determines the rules.
  4. Is there a date for the outcast starter box to get in the app? I just picked mine up yesterday at my gameshop so it'd be nice to start building crews with em.
  5. I would say yes to emergency mode and no to code red as code red specifies a number, while stand together just says 'treated as under 1/2' tho I'm sure someone will try and use rj rules to say 'i can treat it as any number under 1/2 so I'm treating it as 1 wound' but that doesn't feel like the intent. Seems to be more of a 'your life is either under 1/2 or there's a scheme marker nearby to make life based abilities work' rather than 'choose a number under 1/2 and that's what your life is treated as, and oh look my under 1/2 abilities proc'
  6. Oh true, I always forget there's no nesting in M3e, so you can still get a place + focus + made to kill hit off, which is pretty nice.
  7. Not being able to pick the order is kind of annoying, but if you could choose the order, I'd hire undergrads and do undead first (to get focus) and then the place for constructs to get made to kill to fire and use the focus. Seems a bit of a cheese.
  8. Light wont damage your own stuff if they're transmortis (as they can choose to fail and heal 1, and with a 3 inch range, it's a pretty big heal aura. Additionally if you put down scheme markers you could get 3 effects from study (if they're already undead constructs like most of his minions, wont work as well on anna).
  9. Should be a lot of fun, those robots look pretty good once you get some paint on them. That said, I may be an edge case, but I really wouldn't worry about how difficult malifaux models are to assemble + paint. I came in with some work on super dungeon explore models as my only experience with assembling / painting things and wasn't that bad off (and I started with some of the harder boxes like Zipp). Just take it easy and follow the instructions on the wyrd site and you should be good. So guess I'm saying 'don't feel like you have to paint robots if you want to paint weird rock guys or evil lawyers. Since you're new... I don't know if you have any game shops in your area, but if you do, talk to them to see if they have hobby nights. My shop has a dedicated area for crafting, and the folks there / store employees are always ready to help out with new crafters, so there may be something similar in your area. The only other advice I'd give for assembly (since Adran hit the big points) is that Wyrd models can be assembled with plastic glue, it forms a way stronger bond than superglue (tho it takes longer to cure). If I tried to assemble wyrd models with superglue I'd still be working on my first box. haha. I've had luck with various brands of plastic glue, tho some people have their favorites. I also wash + dry my models before assembly to get off any release agents / dust / etc as part of the manufacture process.
  10. Build difficulty on all of those should be about the same. Robots sometimes have small leg connection pts but in general they should all be about the same as most of those boxes are 'human-ish' so it's a lot of arms/legs attached to torsos. Each will have a bit of difficulty (like the surveyors chains, the mech attendant, gremlins notorious separate feet, etc) but I wouldn't consider any of those to be on the top 10 hardest to assemble. As for painting. M3e boxes tend to have a lot more details than their m2e counterparts. Which is good / bad. Lucius is real cool but there's a lot of medals/belts/bangles/fringes to paint so it can get a bit busy. Anya could have a similar issue. That said that's mostly masters / henchmen, minions tend to be a bit less ostentatious.
  11. My main objection is that if we say "something is moved through", it basically means the same as "something moved through". Adding "by" just tells us who or what caused that movement, it does not change the subject. I've asked some of my friends and we all agreed that the original sentence sounds incorrect. I guess there will be other people, too. Ideally, it would be nice to see a detailed explanation from the developers. While I dont think the line isn't the clearest, it does make sense. I think the issue with any revisions on the sentence is that unlike most things that go 'when X does Y' this one is more 'when Z is affected by A/B'. Like Anchor goes 'when a friendly model would x, then y', this one is just strange cause its 'when x happens to an enemy, but y hasn't happened to the enemy, then z'. So my read is 'when something happens that moves a friendly Urami through an enemy model, if that enemy hasn't failed a duel, take a duel to see if you get a summon'. The summon check being the piece that I think forces us into this odd grammer, as if you flip it around (say maybe 'after any action in which a friendly urami model moves through any number of enemy models, if the enemy models have not...' ) you end up with questions like 'it says an urami moves through an enemy, so only 1 has to duel?' etc. Which is why I'm 'fine' with the current wording, as it's at least clear that the enemy is the results. While of course there must be a perfect phrase for it, the current wording is clear in intent (aka urami moves, duels happen if they haven't failed, summons occur) so I don't really see why this would need a revision/faq/etc. Is it purely grammatically correct? IDK, but show me a native speaker who always uses correct grammer (god knows I don't).
  12. I don't have the newest set (had the first printing) but they did not / these packs usually don't have the nightmare / alt models. You'd have to go to wargame vault or self print for those.
  13. Unless they just forced the testers to sit at home and do nothing but test... and when they complained were just like 'i KNOW you don't have anything better to do, get back to testing!!!!'
  14. I want a new relic for a magic horse so he can give out size+1 and ride with me to friendly wastels.
  15. Another slow month for painting but at least I was able to finish my 16 stones. Did a puppet misaki i also did a torakage So that gets me 21 stones for June! @Caedrus
  16. Yeah I also had the same issue, started a game and leaving it with the 'save' option wiped the game and I had to restart (and then it hung on my side at the dual master select while my opponent got to crews / etc. Android 1.3.10
  17. I think the page 26 that maniacal posted is pretty clear. Farther engagement ranges make people they can reach engaged, but they're not engaged.
  18. Whenever I play a game with my usual opponent, if i create the game, his secondary master step is automatically set as 'confirmed' so if i next through it fast he'll immediately get to the next step without having time to update his. Hes on an iphone at 1.3.6 and i'm on an android at 1.3.8
  19. im on 1.3.8 on a sansung note 20 and have been getting the white screen when I join other players games more often than not. Just happened this morning, but last weekend/weekend before it was happening too.
  20. End a condition is in italics so it's a cost. So you need to remove it to get the rest.
  21. And thinking about it I think it'll still work for summons as the ability itself does not attach an upgrade the replaced model merely happens to have one. The restriction is really more so you can't have shen / yan do upgrade shenanigans.
  22. Replaces aren't summons so summon tokens do not apply in this situation, but that really applies to hired eyes and ears. As for summoned ones I'm not sure....
  23. Loftcraftian monsters I tend to think either Jacob Lynch's honeypot crew, or Tara's Obliteration crew. Tara is closer to it than Lynch but there's still some tentacles / etc in the honeypot. As for Assassin creed style, I would think some of Lucius' Elite models (like Agent 46) or some of the Syndicate models (Rook / Operatives) are kind of cloak / dagger looking. That said, that one is a bit harder for me to figure out cause I dont play those games so I dont know the aesthetic too much, but there's a lot of dark cloaked people with weapons in malifaux, so a lot could probably stand in Biggest down side of these thoughts is that they're all in different factions, so if you wanted to start playing the actual game you wouldn't be able to play any of the models together.
  24. Why does it have to come through the app? If you wanted black and white copies of the cards... why not just go to the drop box, download the entire errata card list + combine them in adobe + print them 3 cards (3 fronts 3 backs) to a page (the perfect size for the card sleeves)? I've done this with the entire explorers faction cards and it works really well (I actually sent it to staples and had them use their nice color printer so I real nice explorer card proxies). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wicc6rs8kg46bt7/AACUSxdWhyaHQYaD1cGf0nzga?dl=0
  25. muraki

    Bayou Errata

    There's a known issue that the new card fronts for the erratas don't always load. The current recommendation is to reinstall the app or delete + reload the cards (I reinstalled)
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