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Monday Preview - August 7th


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Yeah these are absolutely not what I was expecting. I actually don't know what I was expecting by my possibly non-existent expectations have been blown out of the water. 

I feel like I really adore the sculpts for factions I previously had no interest in... so stop that ;)

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@necroon said it all already. Ok maybe not. I appreciate that these have a very distinctive stance and pose and you won't make any mistake in identifying them on the table. The individual monks' sculpts are excellent but a little too united thematically, so facing Ten Thunders can be confusing. And spellcasters can often be equally confusing visually.

16 minutes ago, SoylentRobot said:

they look like magic space hoppers to me, sorry

Vanessa has the same spell casting gesture on one hand, if you want to proxy before its release--but given what I said above, please at least give it an oversized lantern somewhere? And a dynamic body which her still stance absolutely does not provide?

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2 hours ago, retnab said:

Those are freaking amazing!  Not at all what I was expecting but holy crap that art is good :D  I can't remember if they were still Mercs at the end, but I hope so so that I'm not buying them just to paint haha

They're recruiting you. It's okay. Just don't accept more favors than you can handle.

32 minutes ago, Boomstick said:

I come to Malifaux expexting some crazy gremlin to ride a paper lantetn like a rocket. But no, SURPRISE! Thunders.

If nothing else has proven to me that they are infiltrating everyone, this has.

Hey, the tech trade has to go both ways ;)

You might ask them if they had some of the Brewmaster's special stuff. You know, the stuff they used to interrogate Von Schill?

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42 minutes ago, LordZombie said:

They look amazing, but also with a terrible point of contact for the base. 

Zipp does Ok with his smoke trail contact point. Those who were planning to leave off the lanterns might have an interesting time. The bottom half of Kudra's model is skirted and stands on its base just fine, in case the warders* don't.


*I'm having the worst time not typing "wardens". :P

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