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  1. Honestly it's usually Mei or the Golem who's charging in first, with Neil as a secondary beater who forces the opponent to divide their attention or risk getting hammered to death. Normally what I do is split my deployment into two groups with at least one Walking Forge each and try to make a square of Scrap Markers so I can hop forward or side to side as needed later on. If I have a 4+ in my hand then I have the Forgeling drop a Scrap Marker in my DZ for people to hop off of, otherwise usually I'll have a Metal Gamin give Shielded to whoever is hopping forward first and sit put to drop that starting Scrap Marker, and then my other Walking Forge models and/or Mei will walk forward to create the second line of them.
  2. Don't forget with the Golem's 5 Stat it's also by far the superior option for attacking models with Manipulative/Serene Countenance/etc effects. Having a Stat 5 compared to a Stat 6 in those cases is VERY much my preference. I have played with the Porkchop a lot and... I really really don't like it. It's not really a tank, half of its triggers are actively bad for it, and with its low health pool it basically kills itself to use its own moves. Mv 6 is the only thing it has going for it TBH.
  3. This thread is almost a year old and out of date from the current edition, should probably make a new one. But yes, M3e Colette is better than M2e Colette
  4. It's a simple duel using the Fireteam's speed, so you did it right
  5. Ahh I see what you're saying, yeah if you get the trigger it's 3". Yeah my bad on the discarded, typo there.
  6. Freight Train is a 1" push plus 2" per scrap discarded, so if you're doing it with no scrap nearby it's just a 1" push.
  7. Thanks for the heads up, it is appreciated. Just to confirm, that promo is for purchases made starting July, not June?
  8. The Gamin and the Golem are the same model for all intents and purposes. I'm on @DumbLuck's side on this, both effects take place in the same step so you can choose the order to resolve it in, nothing says that you must end the "start of activation" step after replacing.
  9. 2) Rhinos reduce damage by 1, not to 0. Currently only Eels can do that, unless you're suggesting Rhinos only be allowed to reduce by 1 once per damage source? 3) That would have a significant impact on Horo as well, if it was made either Versatile or Once Per Activation it would essentially neuter the support Horo playstyle. 4) Portal Markers do not have any impact on where Supply Cache's Objective Markers can go, might want to reread that. 12) That's not how turns work, start of the turn is still part of that turn. Only way around that is if we added a blurb to Endless Numbers that said these Squads can activate normally this turn, which is workable, but is also a huge nerf to other summons.
  10. You choose the order of things that affect your model, so yes you can gain Stunned and then lose it
  11. Personally I find that Fitz and double Gunsmiths is the mandatory core to my Ironsides games. After that, some mix of Howard, Captain, or Emissary for kill tech and Miners (Union or Soulstone), Amina, and Colette for scheme tech. I really find that if you're playing the M&SU then it's going to be outside hires that do any scheming, the crew wants to bubble up hard and leaving their aura bubble is a challenging ask.
  12. So with M3e's release later this month, figured it's time to start talking OOK models. Who do you take out of their keyword and when? I'll start us off by pointing to Cassandra, who is both an excellent scheme runner thanks to Mv 5, Nimble, Don't Mind Me, Celebrity, and Changing Plans, as well as Upstage letting her fit into basically any crew and borrow their gimmick (personally I find it funny taking her in the Foundry and combo'ing Finesse and borrowing Vent Steam for pseudo-Serene Countenance, or borrowing Off The Rails and just ram through the enemy lol).
  13. Pit Trap tech is especially good with Sparks, since he can make them into big "counts as" Scrap Markers and give them a secondary Hazardous aura
  14. I usually take a unit of Broken. Their card draw is unreliable (between 0 and 8 cards during their activation) and they take damage for the chance, but they're otherwise just meat shields so they can take it
  15. Mei Feng is a radiant diamond and you all better freaking appreciate her! Sparks is a huge gamble and the pig sucks though, IMO. I've already got a write-up on her mostly done, but I'm waiting until release to confirm nothing's changed. It is from an Arcanist's perspective but that only really affects the Versatile and OOK hires section so w/e. Yeah... I was pushing early on for toning down Vengeance (making it a 0/1/2, making it an aura just on the big names that gives the effect to nearby friendlies, etc) and I'm surprised it went the whole way through with no changes. Kirai's big gimmick of "the more I summon, the more hurt I am" is kind of undone by the sheer amount of healing in the crew. RE: Asami, she seems like she has a solid kit and crew but I never got to play against her so *shrug*
  16. The big thing is that it has to treat Interact as a , so while it can bury and unbury to get almost anywhere on the board it means it won't be dropping a scheme marker that way until at least turn 3 and it can't do the "bury, next turn unbury, next turn scheme" trick more than once per game. It's reliable, but also slow to scheme, and since outside farming soulstones scheming is all it really brings it's a major limiter for it.
  17. No, DI's wording says "you may place its unit in base contact with any other friendly Portal Marker", so it's asking you to choose one Portal Marker to place the whole unit at. Ahh I missed that on Pillars, haven't looked at it in a while. But they are FAR from useless, they are extremely good anti-Titans and -Commanders (against a loaded Titan they're Strength 7 before triggers).
  18. Yeah the only times I don't Mine are when I need that other action to do something, usually it's when I'm trying to get into the enemy's DZ and I want both walk actions to scheme in the back lines next turn. But then you have to think of it like "would you spend a ss to take a walk action" and a lot of the time that answer is no. First turn with it 100% of the time is Mine Soulstone, Concentrate for Focused +1, and Drill Into The Earth.
  19. @frumpypigskin it was Reckoning, Corners, Breakthrough, Harness the Ley Line, Search the Ruins, Power Ritual, Outflank, vs Mah, and I was the Defender. She actually survived until the last turn, and until then was having a pretty good time creating ss for me, Obeying the Rail Golem to use Off the Rails out of activation, and using Walk the Line to counter Trixie's PITA Lure. That said, Reckoning was definitely a bad strat for her, since all she could offer to help score it was the Obey. Yeah the Medic bot being Augmented felt really weird to me, seemed more of a "it's a robot" decision than giving Hoff any valuable new tools (only really matters for GuildHoff if he's hiring non-constructs, which seems niche?). Steamfitter's a dead model to me.
  20. It's because of this part of Interaction with Squads: "When a Fireteam from a Squad is affected by a place effect, every Fireteam in the Squad is placed unless the effect specifically states otherwise." As far as the ECB go, Pillars is good but IMO it's something that's better to do in the early game, since later on it just gets harder and harder to do. That said, if you're playing on Corners as the Attacker and on your first activation can Coordinated Strike from someone who can get them to Glory quickly (Fenton, Horo), then you can do some absolutely insane damage to the enemy before they even leave their DZ.
  21. Arguably the best 1ss model in the game
  22. It's best used in 2C games where you can have more cards in hand, but when that does happen if you draw a high mask (or the RJ for crazy value) being able to use it on all of the attack duels and pen flips in the activation is really wild. I agree the second part is more of an "oh crap" move than anything else, if I'm about to take 2 damage and it's my last asset anyway or if I'm about to get hit by a bunch of attacks I'll proc it just to get somewhere hopefully safer. The fact that neither of those takes up an action slot is pretty nice too
  23. 1) Best way I find is to give him a shaken token when you flip one of your first aces and then have him take the focused effort order for the 2nd 2) just have to accept you'll never really table them. Best thing is to get them down to 1 fireteam per squad to keep them hurt but deny them from resummoning elsewhere 3) on Adeodatos I like A Memory Stirs and either Hovering Portal or Relics of Ancient Malifaux depending on how supporty I want to play him
  24. Yeah you should be basically always maxing out on assets since they're the models' health pool (exception is Goryshche who you can give only 2 to, since it can grow a 3rd on turn 1). I'd drop Goryshche from that list just to get your points back, then you can give 5-6 scrip worth of assets to your Commanders and have enough left over for some Madmen and a Breachling or something
  25. So the beta forums are closed now, but I wanted to continue the conversation I had going on there. About taking Amina with Mei Feng, I tried it this week and it was okay? Got good use out of everything on the back of her card and even scored 2ss from her too (got the dream and 4/5 schemes were interact based). That said though, for 10ss it's a hard sell when the front of her card is more than half blank. Not sure I'd do it all the time, but when the dream comes up and interacts are almost guaranteed it's a maybe take to me.
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