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    Tournament Rules?

    It's balanced around both 1C and 2C games, but 2C's closer to Malifaux 50ss activation-count-wise so it's probably going to be considered the more "real" game size. Game length is going to be hard to tell at this point with everyone still learning, but I did a 1C demo game last night with two brand new players and they finished a game including learning the basics in under 2.5 hours, so maybe half that for players who know their crews inside and out?
  2. retnab

    Idle TOS Curiosity

    RE: flyers, strongly disagree but YMMV. We already know there's more units coming out, the back of the core rulebook teases the next couple allegiances and envoys.
  3. retnab

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    1) No, they are still Titans and they are not Squads (you cannot pass off damage from Champions onto a Walker/Cutter), though they still have to follow Cohesion if they're the CA in a unit that is otherwise made of Squad Fireteams 2) No, the unit includes a Titan and thus the unit is deployed in the Titan step
  4. retnab

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    List and reasoning sounds pretty good! Regarding Envoys and Assets, in the Hire Your Company section it says: "All Assets must be attached to units that share at least one Allegiance with them."
  5. retnab

    Lack of Quality Assurance.

    Weird, I haven't heard of that before. Got any examples?
  6. Everyone who was Foundry still is. I don't like the Bayou models personally but the Arc and 10t ones are all good to great
  7. retnab

    Idle TOS Curiosity

    The game having a basically 2D height system (High/Low) means that "flying" models a la 40K are basically impossible to do without redoing the entire LoS/terrain system. That said, there's nothing stopping them from making an Envoy in the future with tanks or whatnot.
  8. retnab

    Looking for Different Abyssinian Colour scheme

    Looks good! Also for uploading pictures, right above the Submit Reply button there's an Insert Other Media button, click that then Insert Image From URL, and put in the Direct URL link to put your pic into a comment
  9. Agreed, it feels like it's mostly Augmented just to give GuildHoff some Living help (which on its own is weird, since I don't know when he'd want to hire Living Guild?)
  10. retnab

    Dimensional Instability

    A Cult unit can teleport if it starts its activation in base contact with a Portal Marker, but you can't take any movement from your Order if you do so.
  11. retnab

    Card Draw in the King's Empire

    Maggie gets to draw 2 cards for free in Glory if you don't want to Backstab with her, and the RRC's Noble Procession's good also for spamming out IT's when they're forward enough to toe the center line.
  12. retnab

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    Way I read it, she targets one of the Squad Fireteams, and any of its Fireteams can take the action. Might be wrong though, the fact that the Fireteam she's targeting doesn't have to be the one who shoots is what makes me think it works.
  13. retnab


    However, the open beta starting this coming week means you shouldn't have to wait long to take a look, even if it's not the final product
  14. Reinforce: "...When a unit Reinforces, it discards one of its Reinforcement Tokens to add two models to the Fireteams in its unit." Reserves: "When a unit with the Reserves special unit rule Reinforces (see pg. 28), it may add an additional number of models up to the Reserves value (x). It must follow all other Reinforce rules."
  15. No, you need to discard a Reinforcement Token to Reinforce
  16. 1) Yes, they persist like all tokens 2) There is no starting hand, you've got to pay up for them if you want cards
  17. retnab

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    Couple things: the Capture the Flag push is 5" total so unless the objective marker is completely within 3" of the center line the best the KE player can do is put it on the center line (which I think means both score off of it). I strongly suggest always having as many assets on your commander as possible, so giving Prince a Soulstone Necklace would majorly improve his survivability. If you do decide to keep the Engineer instead I'd put it onto the Mech Infantry unit personally since they have their stacking accuracy buff he can benefit from. What prototypes are you using and on who?
  18. retnab

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    KE's one of the easier factions to learn with, but they're not unstoppable. For the Hordes, don't forget that your tide pools give you cover so you can place them in ways that protect most of your army on their way in (and take Whelks, multiple units preferably, they really help with the pinning thing). For Abyssinia, you have the better stats overall so best you can do is move up into range and try to focus down one unit at a time. They'll outnumber you probably, but if you even those odds you'll have a better time (don't forget you should have the card and activation advantage too).
  19. retnab

    M3E Open Beta is close

    If when you think Hamlin you think a mountain of rats mostly as spam activations and big beaters who go late in the turn, you'll be disappointed. If you think Blight is cool and want it to have depth (and rats to actually do something) you'll be very happy
  20. retnab

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    I don't know where you go that, but DMH masters do NOT work in any faction. DMH is its own "faction" that doesn't share any models between each other. They can only hire a specific pool of models noted on the front of their cards or that share their keyword.
  21. retnab

    Gibbering Envoy

    So let's talk about our fishy friends, who do you all want to invite to the BBQ with Horo? Personally I'm thinking Whelks as a counterpick to the Empire, some Barbed Crawlers with Morphlings to use the Doomseekers or Black Ops' ranged guns with their built in Piercing on discard, maybe Speckled Crawlers for a tasty snack. I'm a bit tempted by Skulkers and Yarazi as well as Flanders but I think we already have lots of speed available to us.
  22. retnab

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    I'm excited for the meme potential, can't wait for people to "drop the Basse"
  23. 1) AFAIK they're terrain only but the marker example does mess with that, think we have to wait for an FAQ to clarify 2) Hazardous 3. It would be 4 if it was multiple terrain pieces, but as it's the single piece it just uses the highest instance available
  24. retnab


    *at the heat death of the universe* "Good news everyone! We perfectly tested and balanced every combination of models against each other! ...guys?"
  25. retnab

    Radio Transmitter

    Correct, it's adding the suit to an AV and pen flips don't use AV's.