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  1. I've converted mine into an Exocist, and the second into my Obliteration-themed Hodgepodge Effigy
  2. Pretty sure they're all female from the 3d images. This is what sold me on getting this set as so far we've had 6 male Death Marshals (& Miss Sterious). Thanks... That's a shame. That was one of my favourite things about the M2E set. I've used the spare heads for numerous conversions. Non-flaming-skull heads would have also made it easier to tell that they are female.
  3. @Clockwork_Fish or anyone else in the know, do the new Death Marshals have the option for non-flaming-skull heads?
  4. If that restriction applies, then wouldn't that mean the child can't copy Plenty of Wares off the Emissary at all then because of the trigger? I know logic should be that it just couldn't declare the trigger, but this is rules-lawyering and logic doesn't apply! This would be doubly silly as that would mean that he can copy Plenty of Wares from the Effigy, but not the Emissary.
  5. So here's something I thought about today; the Malifaux child uses Just Like You to copy the Hodgepodge Emissary's Plenty of Wares action. No problem there. Now the question is can he then take the Something in my pack trigger to attach a Trinket upgrade? I would say yes, as it's the trigger, not the action the attaches the upgrade, but I fully realise this could be a bit janky... What do you you guys think?
  6. Lady J has always had a hugea$$ katana... Even her very first sculpt all the way back in M1E. She's never had anything remotely like a huge double bladed greatsword like a medieval knight.
  7. Am I the only one who thinks the new Judge would have made an awesome 10T model... I really want to get her and use as the Lone Swords(wo)man!
  8. My 2c, from what I can gather. I sadly think it's a cost, not a restriction, with the following explanation. That said, I do think it SHOULD be a restriction. I think costs include a verb, like a demand. Do X. Whereas restrictions are a statement of fact. X must be true For the Death Marshal's Trigger to be a restriction, it would need to be Buried models only.
  9. @Caedrus That's looking awesome! I was thinking about changing the candy cane for a gun.
  10. As a 10T Main who dabbles in Neverborn, I'm not really sure Neverborn has that much of the premier counter-tech for 10T anyway... There's no anti-Demise for Yan-lo and McCabe. There's very little attack buried models for Misaki. There's no anti-summon. About the only real counter tech I can think of is maybe including Serena or other anti-armour vs Yan Lo or Mei Feng. Otherwise the big one I'd say is that I'd want a crew that's fairly mobile and can spread out otherwise 10T will generally run rings around you. Pandora could be good a option as 10 still like conditions (especially Focused, so maybe Carver), but they also have a lot of Fucused. Zoraida's good to Obey Fuhatsu (Wp3!) and Samurai to shoot their friends! Otherwise, I agree with the above of playing to the Strats and schemes and dictating your game plan on the enemy.
  11. @IamW I definitely have a gaki and probably a seishin. Do you have any preference about which one?
  12. Wow... That's a backhanded compliment if ever there was one... way to put a player down on celebrating their win... 🤬 Good work on the win! Don't worry about people being very salty about Guild and being seeming conviced they're crap... Especially when they then asks basic questions about their rules and core mechanics.
  13. From Gencon. Hopefully it's going to be an Alt Rogue Necromancy.
  14. From Kirai and Yan Lo's, we know there's some form of afterlife for them to pull souls from. Yan's soul walked the path for century's while cursed. The Soul Porter collects these as well. At least Japanese souls have to cross the River Sanzu to get to their heaven. For Western souls, there again there has to be some form of afterlife to create the Drowned and Hanged. The best notion of the afterlife comes from Francis' fluff (Kirai's M2E totem) is that souls join the aether, slowly dissipating over time as they lose their memories and will to hold on to their former lives. So basically, either way, your soul pretty much just becomes magically energy in some form or another.
  15. I think they're the top Fae minion and would generally want one in the list. It's a shame as they're super hard to find.
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