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  1. The Changeling is copying those actions with Just Like You and targeting a Fae. Looks like good tech!
  2. Not sure if it's come up, but a great little tech pick is the Shadow Effigy. For a 7, Remember the Mission gives: potential 3" push (with a ) an Interact (even if engaged) so generally a scheme marker if targeting a Last Blossom, you get a shadow marker for generating an action out of activation Do this to an Archer, who drops the Shadow Marker in front of him for guaranteed concealment for Shadow Pin if he triggers it Combo that with a Wokou Raider who can then use that scheme marker to gain Fast. Why do people especially like Minako? Is it still for the summon or something else? What do people think of Jin? When would you run him?
  3. This is basically going to rip off The Other Coast, but I thought their idea for a generic rule for ending conditions with a value. Something like If a condition has a value, instead of ending it, reduce it by 2/3/4 (or even 2/3/5, reward that severe!). That way you can't just strip 15 Burning of a Golem or 86,473 Poison off Brewmaster with a single action/ability. It's still better than Assist for friendlies, as most condition removal has a greater range and this removes more.
  4. I've had a game with her and she's very good (although I did miss the whole discard a card at the end of the turn or lose the upgrade as well as taking actions through champions... ). The Boar was good too. Take aways were: Champion Autumn Knights are very good. Df7 with Parry, Wp6 then 3/4/5 sword swings with into thorns or Puncture for offence. Rougarous are good with upgrade too The crew is very mobile early turns with the whole crew basically getting a 2" push. This becomes much less useful later when models become engaged Titania herself is not nearly as damaging without the + to attacks and straight up ignoring concealing Mostly used Never needed to use Bloody Command. It's really good with the Coordinated attack trigger (rex gets Predatory, minions get +1stat). Think my list was: Titania - 3 cache Gorar - He becomes more useful since you're bringing cheaper minions Emissary - 10 Boar - 7 Rougarou - 8 2 Knights - 14 1 Adze - 8
  5. That artwork is stunning! Looks like she's got the Masamune on her base too. What do you reckon the odds are of Titania 3.0 is wielding it??? Here's the Champion upgrade Looking at the artwork on the upgrade, is her whole lower half a tree?
  6. Something I noticed listening to the Boring Conversation tonight was there was a bit of talk about loading up Shojo with poison in an Open the Gourd aura (think that's what they were talking about anyways... I was in it for the Qi & Gong talk!). However, because she's Incorporeal, she ignores the Hazardous Poison +1 from the aura. Don't know if it's been picked up by the community, but thought I'd share.
  7. Well... Thanks for that... That's not going to haunt my deepest nightmares... Not at all!
  8. Wyrd had religious people camping outside protesting Nephilim at some point IIRC... As an aside, in the Wyrd universe, Christianity would be very, very different in a world where magic exists to the extent that I doubt it would exist at all. Jesus performing miracles? Well... so's every other mage... big whoop. The Inquisition and burning witches becomes an awful lot harder when there are numerous real witches that actually have the ability to turn you into a newt (from which, you ain't getting better! Points if you get the reference!). One of my favourite things from Harry Potter was when a witch actually enjoyed getting burnt and just cast an anti burn charm on herself (it tickled). The only way I could see Christianity existing would be if they embraced magic as bestowed by God. It would certainly be interesting. I'd say it would almost be a small underground cult than the world-wide power it is in real life. After all, exorcists do exist (and are described as fanatical zealots), but so do actual daemons in need of exorcising! As for other regions shown in universe. I personally view both Oni and the Asura as more daemons from other dimensions than gods (may be my Warhammer bias talking). Neither are as omnipotent as what I'd imagine a god to be... What sort of god would get stuck in a mace (Banasuva), need a human's help to free him (Kandara), need to possess a girl to manifest (Amanjaku) or need humans to perform a ritual to summon it (Lingxuzi, possibly the most powerful oni??)? I don't know... that's my take, feel free to tear it apart! It's certainly an interesting topic...
  9. I read it this way too. It's part of the attack's effects, so IMO, it just adds damage to to the damage track.
  10. To be fair, she originally had Exotic weapons, which an umbrella sword deffo is!
  11. Very mixed feelings about Youko's artwork... While I love it, it really looks like a Last Blossom model... Which is interesting as the new Misaki Artwork could really pass for a Qi & Gong model!
  12. Really cool! Love home-brew models
  13. Would it be worth swapping these two out for a Grave Digger? Can generate 2 Corpses for first turn, or 1 and a focus bomb (as you shouldn't be discarding the corpse due to RRR). Then each turn can either make a new corpse or Focus bomb. Can heal undead. Much hittier and sturdier than the doggo if need be. Deffo gunna be getting me a box of these guys. I reckon a fairly standard list is gunna look like: Insanitary Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Dr. McMourning Totem(s): Zombie Chihuahua Hires: Sebastian Nurse Rogue Necromancy Kentaurai Curator Gravedigger References: Flesh Construct I'll probably take an upgrade as I don't think Insanitary McMourning is gunna be too stone hungry and I generally run pretty light. Thinking either The Whisper on Sebastian or Curator to help with suits or GST on the Kentaurai (just a great upgrade). Rough first turn playbook: Chihuahua goes, focus, pass give everyone poison Gravedigger goes, Blasphemous ritual (RRR to keep marker) & double walks or focus walks. Sebastian goes, summons doggo (RRR to keep marker) & either walks/focuses/Flask of Formaldehyde Doggo goes, Carrion on corpse (making a second with RRR), then walks Curator goes, Cursed Sludge to hopefully drop a scrap, but Sludge is good too). Walks, Focuses or Dredge up if I need to move a marker McMourning goes. Charges Curator, to drop a second scrap. Makes a Fleshie. Desperate Plot RN over the scrap for upgrade, hopefully trigger a second time to do the same to Ketaurai, maybe?? go for the +2Mv?? Plastic surgery something... ideas? Give RN Tools for the Job? The next lot are flexible Fleshie walks/focuses & shoots Kentaurai Taxis Sebastian up, does something useful with 2ap Nurse walks, assists McMourning to remove Distracted, drugs up (Painkillers) Curator if desperate (he'll heal thanks to poison), then walks again? Could also charge RN to push him up then heal/remove Stunned RN goes, Ambush, then walks, charges and kills something with 2 attacks... That's living the dream anyway! It's not too card intensive needing a: Doggo summon - 6+ Cursed Sludge - 5+ (preferably either or), not super necessary... Desperate Plot - 6+ (preferably ) Ride With Me - 6+, not super necessary Bottle of Painkillers - 4+, not super necessary
  14. So that's where McCabe's horse went!!
  15. I was reading it as getting 2 Flesh Constructs first turn, not every turn. I think I can see a way of doing it, while leaving 1 McMourning AP to hand out upgrades with a Gravedigger, Sebastian summoning (or just hiring) a Canine remains and either doing 4dg to the Corpses Curator or bringing a second Gravedigger). Not sure if it's worth it...
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