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  1. Firstly, she's a gunsmith because she makes (smiths if you will) guns... they're not going to call her a cabinet maker Secondly, her card is outcasts Thirdly, I just got into Outcasts, so all my crossed fingers are making her stay that way (as well as making it really hard to type!)
  2. As someone just getting into Outcasts... Please Please Please make this a model! She sounds awesome... makes me think of Lt Aldo Raine... I want my scalps!
  3. yeah, I realised that the above is basically living the dream... but gotta aim for something! At least most of the TNs are low enough that hopefully I'll flip a some of them (although I am often cursed with TNs... need a 5, flip a 4!). So what are you guys generally doing first turn with Schill? Handing out Rocket launchers and blowing them away? Or is there not really a playbook (I'm imagining there's a few different approaches) for Schill and you just have to get reps in to realise what is needed when?
  4. Hey guys, I'm getting into the Schill-ster and was wondering what the current thoughts on upgrades/first turn set-up looked like. The list I was thinking was Schill, Trunky, Hannah, Arik, Drachen, Librarian, Engineer, Freikorpsmann/Scout First turn, I was thinking something like (activation order depends on hand, what's on the discard pile for engineer, deployment and enemy): Steam Trunk gives Freikorpsmann/Scout Rocket launcher Von Schill gives Drachentrooper Rocket boots (preferably with trigger to take action) Arik Rocket boots (preferably with
  5. Lady J is still Stat 6, and is therefore unequivocally, anecdotally rubbish Seriously, I love these changes and agree that the problem is not Lady J herself (she was the first master to break the 15ss master-cost in beta), but her keyword and the weaknesses within. The only other change I'd still like to see is for Recruiters to actually work with Death Marshals rather than being a better take OOK (I'm looking at you Guard!) Maybe summon DM off Corpse Markers? Advanced training (+1 stat for DM attacks within arua 6)?
  6. hehe... Cornish Rook! Love it! Can be targeted by non-melee attacks from any distance. The restriction is on melee attacks only.
  7. I had a game where Mordrake Claimed by Shadows my poor Titania and then Eva Locked it away... bye bye master activation that turn... Sad days for Neverborn with basically no ranged marker removal... It was basically living the dream for him, top decked both a high Tomes, then high Crows 😱
  8. Throughout the playtest (at least my group), we played it as no go for passing the buck with fully healed models and mentioned this several times. Since it wasn't changed, my interpretation is that you can't chain We Are Legion with fully healed models
  9. Agree with everything @Alcathous said. You can't heal if you are full health. There is also a distinction on the cards between would heal and heal. If it says heals, then you have to actually heal... ie. if you are at full wounds, the heal is ignored and the effect isn't triggered. If it says would heal then it doesn't matter if you are at full wounds or not. Looking at Jedza's card. Chronicle wouldn't trigger if the target is at full wounds, but Inevitability of Death would. You also cannot pass healing along through Cadmus models that are at full health.
  10. Agree... but that doesn't exactly inspire confidence... Wyrd's scale has gained a bit of infamy that I wouldn't be surprised if Sovereign did end up being Tweety-bird-sized (I found that itty-bitty warpig super cute in a schadenfreude kind of way!
  11. Just had another look at the artwork, yup. Completely agree. The artwork is really a roughly cut shard, as opposed to this one being a perfectly cut jewel. Also the face on the render has absolutely no expression... maybe it's just the render for this, but she looks like her face has been pumped full of relaxants and is just kind of there. At least she isn't allergic to bees (a problem a lot of other models had was super puffy cheeks)! And yeah... Dat neck! that's certainly going to scratch some fetish's itch!
  12. Lots up on the upcoming releases page https://www.wyrd-games.net/upcoming-releases Anya core (hope the renders aren't to scale or Sovereign is more like Tweety-bird!), Ivan core (awesome renders... WILL be buying!), Dirty work side box (damn those Operatives are awesome minis!), Cooper Core + side box + dino, Sandworm and Wonderlust (with a giraffe-inspired Jessie!)
  13. Is it just me or has the render of Jessie Halliday followed the example of Lara Croft's gargantuan neck? --> Hoping the real sculpt is a bit less giraffe-inspired
  14. What are you talking about... she's the most broken filth in the game...
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