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  1. Damn, those Hopeful Prospects are definitely compensating for something...
  2. Whelp, figured out what I'm actually going to use this guy as... My Revenant Bete Noir! I've got it on a 40mm currently, but going to take him off and put it on a 30mm (bit of overhang, but really, that's par for the course with Wyrd!). What do we think? Haven't done the Greenstuff yet, but any ideas to make it more Judge-like? (He's got the head, sword and a Death Marshal duster currently).
  3. Oops, copy, pasted and forgot to remove. Edited.
  4. I often took Lampads before the errata. It's interesting in that the changes made them both better but worse for one of the main reasons I took them. It's still a quite mobile model with a large toolbox, which I like. I also don't find the crew that card intensive with the mass positives I get from Reva, Bete and Toshiro if I bring him. I also generally give him GST. Like you said, it makes him super hard to take down. I like him better as a schemer than Wanyudo as he has much more survivability with Burning Body (especially with GST, which he gets mre use from). I'll take the scheme-move-scheme option over Mv7, but no bonus move. Worse: less efficient burning batteries as they now use it for themselves Better: finally a stat 6 attack! (even better with Toshiro!) and built in ram, so Flame Wall has 1 less hoop to jump through (though still hard to get off with needing 3+ burning before the attack) Even better at sharing the burning with more pyre shenanigans and better stat on attack and hovering flame (previously needed a 6) better at moving pyres with a mask (probably not something you can count on as lots of models use low-mid masks, might might be crutch) much better resilience with Flaming body (& GST lessons this need as well) Note, he still basically comes back with the same amount of health from his demise ability (except from irreducible), since he'll get one burning from placing in the Pyre before removing it.
  5. Another important thing to note is that Catalyst doesn't actually reduce a model's poison. It just suffers 1dg or heals 1 if it has Perverse Metabolism.
  6. I'm not actually sure McMourning did res the Judge or if he just happened to find him/pick him up. It sounded like the Grave Spirit was directly talking through Judge into Justice's mind, so maybe the Grave Spirit brought him back as a meat puppet to torment Justice. Spoilers from the Guild Book Another angle I was thinking,since I posted last night about kitbashing with the lampad. Since Justice basically cleaved the Judge in half and left him to be consumed by flames in the burning school, well who uses burning? Reva! Who's lacking a heavy combat henchman type model? Reva! So take 2... Burning Ghost of the Grave Spirit Judge Dead - 9ss Henchman REVENANT, Versatile Df5, Wp5, Hp8, Sz2, Mv5 Abilities Funeral Pyre Incorporeal Intuition (representing the Grave Spirit's influence through him) The Final Veil (kind of like unnatural Vigour) Attack Actions Long-arm blade - 1", 6, 2/4/5dg Blaze (bit of burning synergy) Crit strike Quick Shot Long-arm pistol - 10", 5, 2/3/4dg Blaze (bit of burning synergy) Get in there I was the Law! (I had to bring "I am the Law!" in there somehow! not sure what the effect should be) Rg: 6", Stat 6, Rst Wp. Enemy only. Move target up to its move. If this move ends in a Pyre marker, it gains Staggered. Mental Trauma Tactical Actions Draw Essence
  7. I put High Tolerance due to him already having Unnatural Vigor and Draw Essence for healing... I'm actually going to remove Experimental as Adran's given me a better idea. I chose McMourning because he was the one that set him on Justice in the story... but from my readings, it wasn't him controlling the Judge, more the Grave Spirit or whoever is tormenting Lady J (pretty sure that's the Grave Spirit, but it could be something else like the Gorgon). I'm actually going to remove Experimental and maaaybe give him the Zombie keyword? This would let him hire a few models without tax... Although the one one of them I like is the Rabble Riser. Maybe the Forgotten keyword then? would go with the Rabble Riser and Forgotten Marshal. Otherwise just leave him as Versatile. Not a big fan of the Urami idea as he really doesn't fit in with Kirai or anything she's trying to achieve (& I think Kirai would kill him on sight). Model wise, I have a spare M2E Judge... options are: Keep it simple. Just a head swap with a flaming skull and sculpt some flames on him kitbash him with an M2E flesh construct kitbash him with a Lampad something else??
  8. So after listening to The Risk of Reason again, the duel between Justice and the former Judge made me really want to see the poor guy come back as a resser model! Definitely got the creative juices going and got my (poorly) designer hat on and thought about some rules. Naming him Judge Dead for pop culture! Judge Dead - 9ss Undead, Henchman EXPERIMENTAL, Versatile Df4, Wp5, Hp 9, Sze 2, Mv5 Abilities Hard to Wound Hard to Kill Unnatural Vigor Intuition (representing the Grave Spirit's influence through him) High Tolerance (so he doesn't take damage from all the poison McMourning throws around!) Attack Actions Long-arm blade - 1", 6, 2/4/5dg Crit strike Quick Shot Long-arm pistol - 10", 5, 2/3/4dg Get in there I was the Law! - Move target up to its move. Mental Trauma Tactical Actions Draw Essence No idea if balanced, just tried to look at the M2E Judges card and some ideas for making him more proper undeady!
  9. Yes and no. While he is truly awesome, I already have my own converted Witch Hunters crew based around him. Although if he became an Outcasts master...
  10. Hoping you guys do something like last year with Third Floor Wars. Those videos were amazing for those of us stuck on the other side of the breach/planet!
  11. Fair enough. I'd be interested to know how he/she uses them. They've never done that much for me other than die fairly easily... Pre-nerf, Lampads worked as a burning battery for Reva that could also put out some damage and tank. now they are loads better at damage output, moving pyres and tanking (especially with GST). Besides that, I always take the Restless spirit to provide some extra corpses for Blasphemous Ritual, attack vectors or other purposes (Bete/Toshiro/Grave Golem) and give Shielded.
  12. I would 100% of the time be putting Lampads & Restless Spirit in green and Draugr in orange. both models are basically auto-takes in my crews, especially post errata.
  13. I reckon Beyond Time should be in Green, you're pretty much always gunna take Aionus, and post errata Talos is super good. For Bandits, I'd put Dead Outlaws in Orange
  14. Nah, that's all he can do. Walk and Interact. Maybe Dark Bargain for a Bonus. His sole ability is Don't Mind Me
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