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  1. Not wanting to double up on anything but apparently 2 pictures was too much for one post and I thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing my son's tribute! Without further ado, I proudly present his masterpiece, I think we can all agree that the talent skipped me and went to him!
  2. Huge thank you for this, brilliant idea! It kept me, my 5yo and 3yo entertained for a morning! This is my awe-inspiring contribution! Bow before the might of crayon on paper (non-digital obviously)!
  3. Embrace the Flame is already an action... Also, this is basically a Death Urge with a shorter Push, and the damage part could be a Trigger. Pg 15 of rulebook Therefore (at least by my understanding!) is that models entre the Pyre marker with Death Urge & Vincent's Carry the Flame trigger as the model/marker is pushed to the centre of the object
  4. They're not bad, they're just not great. Not super fast, a bit tanky (unless they want it dead, then it's going to die...), not super hitty. High level players will probably be able to see what you're doing with corpse --> scheme markers, but it'll get a lot of players for a while. That said, if your opponent lets them live and you can get one in there, Reva's pretty guaranteed for The Unquiet Dead/Feed on Grief (this is about the only time you'll use this attack! Especially if you can get the triggers). Combo with Anna & maybe Bete for a nice little core. Also if you have a Shieldbearer with GST nearby and he Takes the Hit, the opponent is on neg for Terror! Corpse Candles (& Mindless Zombies) will still count as scheme markers as you're not using the model as a Corpse marker (at least that's how I read it).
  5. Totally agree with this, would much rather they gained Incorporeal over being Undead. That severe terrain just kills their movement (which is probably the main thing going for them outside of being tanky). Totally agree on how much better Hanged are than Lampads, so much more internal synergy with itself and keyword (Tormented is a really good example of keyword synergy). Hits a lot harder and has huge debuffs, is almost as tanky, has card draw rather than discard and moves faster in terrain. Lampad moves a lot faster in open ground, and is situationally immortal (provided you have enough cards {yeah right!} and pyre markers nearby). Really, looking at them in a vacuum, Hanged should be 9ss & Lampads 7ss...
  6. Listened to the last Son of a Breach Podcast today and probably the best idea from it was to give Lampads Incorporeal (at the expense of Final Veil), while it wouldn't help against getting nuked by blasts, it would actually make them mobile while in terrain(!) and make them much more worthy of their 8ss cost (in addition to stat 6 on the melee IMO)
  7. I'm not really sure I'd say the crew has fantastic threat range if you compare them to other ranged crews as there's nothing with a range over 10" (& only Vincent has that). Compare this with say Perdita or Parker where basically everything has range 10"+ or even just like Sonnia, Levie, Alice, Von schill's rocket. Even in Ressers, there's quite a few 10" attacks (Schtook, Anna, Manos, Kirai) and lots of solid 8" attacks (generally without the projectile). Add to this for Reva to have any range, there needs to be a corpse within 2" of the target, so the enemy needs to be coming to you. If they out-range you, (read in South Park ski instructor voice!) you're gunna have a bad time... The crew seems to be made up of specialists, it's seems very much the Eldar Aspect warrior Swordwind if anyone knows 40k, with each piece being part of the puzzle, providing their niche and if you remove one, it all falls down. I think this is why I've been taking so many versatile models as they are well, more versatile. For example the Draugr dies way too quick for me, so kind of needs GST, in which case why not take the Grave Golem for 1ss more? How often do you find yourself using Toshiro? He seems good, but is another drain on SS for summoning and other than Draugr (who gets +flips anyway), Revenant minions don't have great attacks or stats... I'd be curious to see some example crews.
  8. Da Git

    Fae T-Rex

    That should be "King" of celebrities!
  9. Not really much point giving the Restless Spirit focus, he usually tries to avoid attention as much as possible... Completely pointless giving the Bone pile Focus, as he cant gain conditions! Otherwise, everything else was in the pulse bar the Candles
  10. Depends on the game, for example, last game I needed to get to the leyline markers so I had my crew fairly heavily bunched in the middle of standard DZ. activations went something like this: Restless Spirit had Lodestone. Dropped corpse next to Shieldbearer, double walked to Leyline. Corpse candle lit the way for other candle, then double walked (extra move from Emissary) Bone pile walked to receive Lodestone from Spirit after walking once tossing him the lodestone and then double walk to the other flank's Leyline 2nd corpse did same as 1st (now dead), (extra move from Emissary) Shieldbearer gave everyone focus, pushed Grave Golem, charged and pushed again. Lampad moves into position (extra move from Emissary) Grave golem walks & charges Emissary double walks, Exhumes Reva summons candle, walks, heals emissary 3, walks, charges Summoned candle does same as predecessor.
  11. For Vincent being a sometimes pick, I rather disagree with that for what is (currently) the only in-keyword henchman. I feel that should be about as strong a contender for always take as you can get and the only other case I can think of is Sybelle who also needs work IMO. To quote his vignette: How is this a sometimes take? I get the point of choice being key, but how many other cases are the main in-keyword henchman a tech piece? (The Jury is the only one I can think of and that's ok IMO, cause the Judge exists and is her main henchman, or at least the last one was... ). That said I could come around to just making Cremation a bonus action (and give shielded) and swapping Rapid fire for Run & Gun. I don't think you can change Dancing in the Flames to be move rather than walk. This ability is on Fire Gamin/Golem and I think they specifically didn't want it affecting Charge or the Golem's Draw Off Flames. as for making the Lampad 6ss, and that slot being overcrowded, I didn't actually mention the Mourners because I forgot about them! Which is a indication of how great they aren't! These lovely ladies also need work. The easiest way would be to drop them to 5ss. The other option could be to give them Cremation if it were a bonus action... although that wouldn't help Seamus...
  12. Increasing the movement of Corpse candles is the least one I care about, using both their Light the Way actions means they can get 11" up the field, but it's something people said. If their movement was upped, I could see giving them Mindless as giving the opponent pass tokens can & has bitten me in the rear before... Vincent I definitely think is the epitome of less is more, and he has too much! The reason I'd prefer Run & Gun over Rapid Fire is twofold, first it encourages a more mobile style of play, which is needed as the crew is very fast and helps get him to where he's needed while still being able to shoot once or twice over Rapid Fire's turret style (and can't shoot at all if double walked). This allows him to use his triggers and bonus action more effectively. The second is R&G doesn't require a discard. For Shieldbearers, being <2" >50mm is an incredible small distance (.8mm to be exact) and then completely doesn't matter if you want to use Take The Hit. Maybe add to Plant Shield that attacks targeting this model do not generate Blasts. @KingJocko Love the idea of Cremation giving the model Shielded. That would really suit the theme. The problem with making it a bonus action is both Vincent and Draugr already have bonus actions (2 in the case of the Draugr). If you went with the Demise/Unearth Draugr option, then it would be viable as he would lose Juggernaut.
  13. As we all know, Reva got some nice buffs in the recent Errata to the point where (I feel) she is now a solid master. That said, it kind of felt like a bandaid to fix a missing limb since (as all you Red Chapel players know!) a master doesn’t make a keyword and from what I’ve been seeing on the Resser chat, AWP, podcasts, here and my own experiences is that Reva almost seems to be a duel keyword master: Revenant and Versatile, with Versatile choices taking the lion’s share of the SS! While I don’t necessarily mind this (I mean, how often have you been hearing about the Grave Golem and Asura elsewhere??). I do think that the Revenant keyword could use some buffs. Corpse Candles: Buff their movement, these guys get left behind so easily! Cremation: Currently not an action really worth taking. Drop TN to 10 and add some triggers. Vincent: This guy’s card is all over the shop. He’s a big, beefy bruiser whose main schtick is a crossbow that want’s him in the backline sniping people! Why does this guy need the kitchen sink when it comes to defensive tech and a bonus action that wants him in the middle of the crew? It’s almost like he tried to copy the wrong Outcast, rather than fail as Rusty, he should have been going more for that Mad Dog vibe! This crew is just too fast and really doesn’t want a sit back turret, it wants someone who can keep up! My thoughts: Drop: HtW, Agile, drop stats to 7hp, Df5, Wp6, Rapid fire, Buff: drop to 7ss, Run & Gun, build in the Tomes on Cremation for Shifting Terrain This makes him a bit cheaper, which is a big thing! Run & Gun lets him get where he needs to be to be able to shoot & move Pyre markers with his trigger, keep away from the threat of engagement, use his bonus action and get in Pyre markers, so he can get Shielded and Burning for Reva to use. Draugr: This guy feels like he should be the big bruiser of the crew, wading in there, shrugging of hits and cutting fools down with his axe. Instead, he’s such a glass cannon and I currently skip these guys and take the Grave Golem instead. The Wanyudo also fulfils the glass cannon-flanker role plenty well. There are two ways I cold see this guy going: Option 1: increase to 8ss, increase to 9HP, give Surge trigger on Cremation. Nice and easy, helps him survie a bit longer to actually be able to use Juggernaut or heal from Reva and with the crew’s hand issues with Surge. Option 2: Increase to 8ss, drop Juggernaut, gain Demise (Immortal Soil) & Unearth. IMO, this is the more fun option, turning them into mini Grave Golems. Gives them good survivability while keeping in theme of using the corpse markers this crew can churn out. Less card intensive. Could be too similar to Lampads, but they use different resources and gives the crew a cool Undying theme! I also loved the story when they came out of the Draugr trying multiple different ways to off himself and failing miserably each time! Lampad This guy seems like he’s meant to be in the thick of it as a tarpit, tying people up and coming back to life through his demise and bringing the Pyre markers to the enemy (making Vincent’s crossbow trigger a bit superfluous). Alternatively, he’s an overpriced scheme runner… Again, there are 2 ways I could see going with him: Option 1: drop to 6ss & 7 Hp, makes them a really nice scheme runner which Revenant currently lack. Option 2 (again the more fun choice!): keep him at 8 and buff his melee attack. Currently, there’s not much reason to take this over Breathe of Fire unless you want the extra movement of a charge, engage someone or the target is concealed. Make Flaming Fury stat 6, build in the Rams OR Tomes and either give it another trigger only either a Crows or Masks (I’m thinking something along the lines of Severe Injury or Quick Reflexes) OR give Hovering Flame the Sudden Strike trigger to make a melee attack. Shieldbearers: I think a pretty fine for the most part, but I wish the lost the staggered aspect of Plant the Shield… I get the fluff aspect of it, but it really hurts, and I find myself not taking the action a fair bit because of it. The Df 4 is a real liability against Blasts too since you need them close for Take the Hit (they only have 5Hp too, so Df 5 would no where near be unreasonable). Thoughts?
  14. Had my first game of this last night and agree that the first 2 points are pretty easy, but the next 2 become quite a bit harder.
  15. I reckon breath of fire is fine as is and would increase Flaming Fury as currently, I'd always take Breath of Fire over it unless I want the extra movement of a charge or need to engage. That said, I reckon the Son of a Breach guy had it right with dropping them to 6ss and 7hp. The bigger issue to me is the Draugr needing a few more health. Bump them up a SS to 8 with 9hp. That way they can actually survive a bit to attack/heal. I'd also like to see a trigger on Cremation to make it an action worth taking.
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