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  1. First off, Yey! I'm contributing! So, I had my second game with Tara and while she's a blast and I have a fair idea of what she can do (mass reading, listening & two games against), I need to get a heap of games with her to practice. Standard Deployment (Attacker), Plant Explosives, Assassinate, Breakthrough, Harness the Leyline, Power Ritual, Take prisoner -I took Assassinate & Take Prisoner on Iggy My list Tara - 7 cache Karina Aionus Scion of the Void The Nothing Beast Ashes & Dust Midnight Stalker My Opponent Euripides, Primordial, Thoon, Geryon, Cyclops, 2 Gigants, Iggy Ended up losing Euripides scoring probably 5, to my probably 3. Thoughts from the crew, Tara is a lot of fun, but I needed more keyword for more Stutter Times. from the pressure and losing health, I Buried Tara, Aionus, and Scion at the end of turn 3, then he killed Karina and I had no way to unbury! Oops! Therefore, I would probably drop the Midnight Stalker for two Void Wretches. I also felt the Scion was a bit of a trap as his bury Rst trigger adds more pressure on me to unbury. Although not a fan, I think Talos could have been a good choice as Euripides would have struggled with armour. Some positive: Tara herself was really flexible, the one Void Hunter she summoned was also great, love built-in Glimpse triggers. The Nothing Beast and Ashes & Dust were brutal, Aionus and Karina give good support, but need to hang back (especially Karina, as she's super fragile). The problem with this is that she needs to be within 8 of Tara if she's in trouble or if she needs to unbury. Maybe I needed to keep her back a round longer. Aionus was also good for unburies and I liked using Tick Tock to give my models Fast.He's a touch squishy, so needs a lot of care on placement.
  2. I like them a lot! Highly doubt it, but they would be cool Obliteration models. Tara would like some new summons! They kind of remind me of the monsters from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.
  3. Those would certainly make him a lot more interesting, I particularly like the inbuilt on the Void Hammer. The trigger would be sweet too. If they all come into place then he'd certainly be worth giving the H2K upgrade with all the healing. The only issue is it wouldn't stop him dropping in an activation like I've currently found happens.
  4. Had another thought about Talos if the designers don't want to give him From Nothing. Cruel Disappointment would really help his survivability and suits his fluff. With Df4, it's really easy to ensure a straight damage flip on him and this would stop those big severe damages killing him in an activation.
  5. They used a hotly debated rules interpretation where Hannah can target herself and use a general action. I believe that this will disallowed in an FAQ. If it's confirmed the other way, then yeah she's flippin amazing OOK. There was no special synergy between Scavenger and Hannah that I could see.
  6. She doesn't need to be awesome out of keyword, just viable. Which other model completely loses their bonus action OOK (other than Seamus, who was balanced around it)? Even just give her Consolidate Power, seeing as she's the chief librarian and all.
  7. Da Git

    Tara & Hannah

    I think a lot of people are in for a disappointment when it's confirmed she can't target herself for a general action with Adaptive Tactics... Agree, despite Terrifying and Armour 2, he's really fragile. Agree that that would be the first place to start. I'd almost go further and up him to 9ss, Df5, Terrifying 12, and 8hp (along with Beyond Time)
  8. To go back to the original question, my gaming group has pretty well said no to Adaptive Tactics using general actions for the same reason @Angelshard said. Models don't own general actions. Upgrades say "this model gains", the general actions rules say they "are available". We also felt it wasn't the intent of the rules to allow her to take general actions. That said, I'd love for an FAQ to come out saying otherwise as it'd give her use OOK.
  9. Probably more an FAQ, but I'd like confirmation on whether Hannah can use general actions with Adaptive Tactics. I'd really like it to work as she has so many good in keyword actions she can use, but allowing her to use general on herself would make her viable OOK. Otherwise, allow her to target any minion.
  10. So, It appears Tara overcame Shenlong at the recent tourney. Something I noticed was the the list included Hannah and I was wondering why? Can anyone see any secret synergies I missed (the only obvious one is Ancient Words has Glimps on it)? Did she just skip Adaptive Tactics or were there any other Freikorps models in there? Otherwise was it just cause she's a solid model with Arcane Reservoir?
  11. I like 1 Mature to taxi around Angel Eyes/Serena/Lilith/Heyreddin/etc. Then I find 2 BBS are really good for mass focus, growing into matures, scheming, healing. The rest of the crew is made to taste with Youngs/Tuco/Twins/tots.
  12. That could mean anything really... but I'd hazard a guess that she has big plans for the Thunders and Malifaux...It could mean that she intends to put a hold on some of the worse traits of her father's reign, but who knows...
  13. That's basically what I was saying, she's a little "nicer" (the "" hear meaning not nice at all!) than dad in that she'll ask you a few times to join her and play the long game rather than just cutting their head off at the first refusal, Misaki's still far, far from nice. She's the head of a crime syndicate after all! I used the fact that she's still running the protection money rackets as an example that she she hasn't fallen too far from her father's tree. whether this will change in the future now that she's in charge and how much she continues to exploit the poor souls of Promise and Little Kingdom remains to be seen, but exploit them for her own gains she most certainly will. I read that a little differently, that Misaki was threatening Mei that if she tried to escape through the breach at a later date (to me, the whole commit suicide from failure is Japanese, not Chinese, could be wrong though), then she she would take her vengeance out n the Foundry, the people Mei professes to love and protect. Mei's foremost desire was to escape Malifaux and the clutches of the Ten Thunders because she didn't want to be used and abused and then killed after she wasn't useful anymore as be Doc Huang's warning book 4 (I think).
  14. While Misaki's a lot "nicer" than Dad, she's still utterly ruthless, killing anyone even approaching a rival who doesn't bow down to her and running all sorts of things a crime syndicate would. One of the worst imo is the protection money rackets, exploiting an already used and abused population. The story of the Thunders brutally killing the sweet-maker on the holiday for not paying protection money is testament to that. Also, the fact that she tolerates Huggy and what goes on in the Honeypot is pretty horrible. Sure, she doesn't kill Mei, but she basically enslaves her to her will, blackmailing her against the lives of the Foundry. A fate Mei remarks as worse than death.
  15. My super duper happy wish-list for Talos is simply giving him the From Nothing Ability. Then he'd be sweet as! I want to love him, but he just doesn't synergise with the crew and has 2 huge glaring problems of being too slow and dying too easily (despite Armour 2)
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