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  1. I've taken the Wanyudo a few times with McCabe or Asami/McCabe and love it! I run McCabe as basically a melee-shockwave with the amount of simple duels he can pump out in an activation and the Wanyudo doubles up on this very nicely. You do have to be very careful with him though as as said above, that wagon wheel is made of paper. Use his speed and Unimpeded to keep him hidden until everything's engaged and use his push after hitting to get out of range of retaliation (or just get greedy and remove their whole hand so they can't hit him back! Then activate him first so it doesn't matter so much if they kill him).
  2. Who are the focus of the 3 stories?
  3. I keep wanting to like Reva, but I really think the Revenant Keyword needed a bit more polishing in the Beta. The issues I have with them are twofold. Too much discard and no in-keyword card draw. Reva and Vincent generally want to discard a card a turn and then Lampads can discard multiple cards for their demise. This leaves you with half a hand or less if you take all three! Too many sub-themes. Pyre-markers & burning, corpse markers and shielding all make the crew very convoluted to play to the point where it's no longer synergistic. I wish the whole keyword would lose the shielded shenanigans and swap it for Burning (and not suffer damage from Burning). That would make the whole cre so much simpler! That said, I still like the keyword and have had some success with it, it's just not as free-flowing or intuitive as any of the other keywords I've played (which have been a lot) or against. Crew-wise Reva - all the damage, seriously, great variety of attacks. I actually reckon The Unquiet Dead is the hidden gem. I often don't have much of a hand left when I activate Reva, so only requiring a 4+ to go off is fantastic. 2 great triggers too (cast it 6 times a turn if you're living the dream!). My favourite trick for this is to use The Forgotton Dead on a Corpse Candle. this gives you 2 Pyre Markers to use The Unquiet Dead to full effect pretty much where you need them. Her other attakcs are great too if you need more reliable damage. She's pretty fragile through, so you really don't want her in the thick of it and a few stones for damage prevention. If you're desperate, use Feed on Grief on a Corpse Candle to heal 3wds. Vincent - good, but I've stopped using him as I can't afford the discard for Rapid Fire. Wanyudo - used this a lot in 10T and love it! Super mobile, great damage and more simple duels to go with The Unquiet Dead. Very much the glass cannon though. Lampad - I take 1 with Grave Spirit's Touch to make it super tanky. Very mobile with Hovering Flame, can get those Pyres where you need them. Not super hitty with only stat 5s, and Flaming Fury seems super niche, Breath of Fire is generally my go too unless I'm charging or need to get around Concealing. Mourners - I love these and usually take 1-2. I'm throwing out a ton of Wp duels, so Scarlet Temptation means these go off very easily. The free Corpse marker(s) at the start of the game is gravy too! Carrion Effissary or straight up Emissary. Great attacks, speeds up a lot of the crew. makes Mindless Zombies (Oh so useful!) Anna Lovelace - OOK but give me some much needed card draw (hopefully she's netting me at least 2 a turn). Her gun targets Wp again and makes MZs on the trigger which is great as she generally uses her Bonus to blow these or a Corpse Candle up! Draugr - want to like, but oh so fragile... Shieldbearer - Don't know why, but never been a fan... not my style maybe? Would rather... Toshiro (and Ashigaru) - 4ss more than a Shieldbearer and gives so much (Minions hit harder & heals/Focus). Summoning Ashigaru do kind of the same thing as the Shieldbearers too with Take the Hit).
  4. Has anyone used Ohaguro much? I love the model and want to like her rules, but she just seems meh without a action...
  5. Some general tips for taking Youko into Nekima. Disguised is a great defense as Nephilim are pretty much all about combat: Kunoichi, Chiyo, Geisha all have this. Combat Finesse on Kabuki warriors is also amazing for this too. Avoid things with a 1" melee or less if possible to reduce Black Blood splash damage. For this I'd avoid Hinamatsu as well as she relies on lots of attacks, which will just kill herself from Black Blood. Try to Focus and do big hits. I'd take Bill over Hina. Nephilim massively out-speed you so will dictate fights on their terms. To prevent this, use Lures to bring them into you (after they've activated). Another option is to take a shooter. My favourite is Fuhatsu. Yamaziko could be a good choice... with Extended reach and Finesse, she's surprisingly durable and can protect others from chargers. Great teacher will greatly aid Kabuki warriors/Kunoichi actually hit Mature Nephilim (they also have Combat Finesse).
  6. Well, that slightly changes things then In that case, I agree The Jury is the absolute perfect counter-pick. How did the opponent deal with her? Go for her throat? Not self-bury with Stutter time? Wait till after she activated? Or just cop her Exorcism ritual on the chin and play normally? Congrats on the win!
  7. Why the jury against Anna? She doesn't summon (MZs don't count, no upgrades) or bury.
  8. I can't find these... I would really like cards for my original M1E Lady Justice, Perdita, Kaeris (although she was a Henchman back then) & Kirai to name a few, and I am sure there are others who would like the same.
  9. Those are great suggestions there @bstorz, I had the same idea with Razig (mine arrived a few days ago... For my Night Terrors, I was planning on going the simple route of using Yarazi from The Other Side. They should look good with the alt RN when he's out (in the meantime, will use the Morphling).
  10. I'd be keen to see a pic of this if possible...
  11. I've converted mine into an Exocist, and the second into my Obliteration-themed Hodgepodge Effigy
  12. Pretty sure they're all female from the 3d images. This is what sold me on getting this set as so far we've had 6 male Death Marshals (& Miss Sterious). Thanks... That's a shame. That was one of my favourite things about the M2E set. I've used the spare heads for numerous conversions. Non-flaming-skull heads would have also made it easier to tell that they are female.
  13. @Clockwork_Fish or anyone else in the know, do the new Death Marshals have the option for non-flaming-skull heads?
  14. If that restriction applies, then wouldn't that mean the child can't copy Plenty of Wares off the Emissary at all then because of the trigger? I know logic should be that it just couldn't declare the trigger, but this is rules-lawyering and logic doesn't apply! This would be doubly silly as that would mean that he can copy Plenty of Wares from the Effigy, but not the Emissary.
  15. So here's something I thought about today; the Malifaux child uses Just Like You to copy the Hodgepodge Emissary's Plenty of Wares action. No problem there. Now the question is can he then take the Something in my pack trigger to attach a Trinket upgrade? I would say yes, as it's the trigger, not the action the attaches the upgrade, but I fully realise this could be a bit janky... What do you you guys think?
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