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  1. Da Git

    The Hobby Side - TOS Models

    When you say give the models a clean, does this mean in soapy water? Do this for all the models?
  2. The things one learns on the Internet! makes me doubly glad I converted my Asami using Chiaki as a base model! Although there's a few more questions about Asami's attire like the hook-sleeves... This explanation I love!
  3. Go Waldo! You're awesome, keep going! (Get over it Kyle... that arm will grow back... I promise!) Artwork & new masters were exactly what I was hoping (and quietly!) screaming for, so big thank you there! If I could scream a little louder, more fluff would be great... On to Youko, Overall, I like the artwork and execution. If I could humbly offer two critiques, I think she's a bit sexualised with the shoulder of her kimono slipping off (yes, I know she works in a brothel, but I highly doubt the Oneesan (matriarch) would personally "service" the clientele) and the big one for me is the sword handle. The whole point of having the sword in the umbrella is to make it look like it's not a sword. However the handle clearly belongs to a sword. I'd like it to look like a continuation of the umbrella handle. See how this is a continuation, not an obvious handle. I also agree that I had an older woman in mind... Otherwise really like it! As an aside, katanas were about 3kg, that would make a very heavy and unwieldy umbrella (I'm willing to forgive this one though!)
  4. Da Git

    Introducing Waldo's Weekly

    Here's hoping for some sneak artwork releases for the new masters... Youko and Euripides please!
  5. Think you may be a fair bit too late there mate... they're preparing to ship them out in the very near future... If not you should get the full pledge bonuses for each faction, so 2 full sets of King's Empire & Cult in your case.
  6. Da Git

    First feelings M3E

    I don't think they should be able to go together in Neverborn though... Nekima probably wouldn't take kindly to Tannen & Pandora wouldn't care for Graves that much. Especially if they're encouraging keyword crews. I do hope they're duel faction though as well as Darkened, Nephilim/Woe, Mimic keywords.
  7. Da Git

    First feelings M3E

    Definitely they'll stay Nephilim. I actually think the opposite though. In 1.5 Lelu was a Woe of Self-depreciation and Lilitu a Woe of Forbidden Delight. I've never really understood why they were Nightmares though, I always kind of assumed it was just to pad out the Dreamer's toys when he was released. I also don't really count the half-caste stuff as Nephilim... not truly. And I definitely don't want them to be able to grow.
  8. But maybe there's more to life than just being really, really ridiculously good looking? That Lucius... So hot right now! I actually prefer the old model though... That one just oozes class!
  9. Da Git

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    I agree 100% on this. I'm really hoping that Lucius is the Guild's evil twin of the CIA! Mimics are really Neverborn, and despite being Duel, Lucius is more Guild in his toys and none of the Guild stuff are actually Mimics (besides Lucius himself and The Scribe). So I think he'll go back to his old Elite Division keyword from 1.5. So yeah, things like the investigators, Lawyers and the like. I think there will have to be some new models coming out as we've seen in the previews. Nellie also requires some new toys too. From the Previews, we've seen Undercover Agents, Newsies, Hucksters & False Witnesses. Hucksters don't sound very Guild, more like Outcasts, but I think the rest belong to Guild. Undercover agents sound like they could be Elite Division and Newsies & False Witnesses go with Nellie (or maybe FW combine with Investigators in Elite?). Either way I'm hoping it's SPECTRE in Malifaux!
  10. Da Git

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    That actually sounds really fun! Deffo go for 3 pairs of Jokers... Go hard or go home!
  11. Da Git

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    I'd like to see Lucius focus more on the Elite Division, so definitely think Investigators fit that under umbrella alongside Guild Lawyers. Executioners also fit under there too, but they might be too overt. I'd like him to be more behind the scenes manipulative (the SPECTRE of Malifaux if you will), with his hidden snipers, investigators, Lawyers, we might see some new secret operative/assassin-type models (again, think of the whole host of SPECTRE agents we could include in the game... poison knife shoes!). That sounds like a great list and thoughts of what he might be like. I'd also add Austringers to that list. Much like the Guild Pathfiner, they've always seemed like the type to spend most of their time away from the city.
  12. Da Git

    First feelings M3E

    Oh, perhaps my biggest hope for Neverborn is that Graves & Tannen keep their Nephilim and Woe keywords respectively. Their new models fit so well with their Neverborn crews that I really think it would be a shame to not allow it in M3E, especially as they're going to be a general sale and not just a special edition like Niko's alt. Additionally, I'd also like them to keep Mimic or Lucius's keyword as, like the doppelganger and changelings, fit very well with him. Not as sure how this would work, but I'd like Lucius to focus more on his Elite Division in Guild and Mimic characteristic (of which I hope Graves & Tannen remain) in Neverborn.
  13. Da Git

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Strongly agree with this. It's really comparing apples and oranges. 10T Bros should not be in combat with Izamu. It would be very difficult for him to catch them & get more than 1 attack against them unless it's on the 10T bro's terms, in which case, they probably have Df7 and + to Df meaning Izamu's probably only going to land 1 hit anyway. So I'd say it will probably take him about 3-4 activations to kill them. I call that a win for the Bros, as they're very much doing their job of holding him up. If their job is to run schemes, good luck on catching them with Izamu. Catching one is possible, but both when they're one either side of the table? Not gunna happen. For a closer comparison, take Izamu Vs 2 Komainu. This would be much closer battle, especially if Komainu are supported by Toshiro like they should be. Komainu, between armour, HtK will last 4 weak hits from Izamu or 3 if one of the first two hits were a moderate or severe, at least 3 at the bare minimum anyway. Komainu have Slow & Burning triggers (built-in if near an ancestor). But even here, it's still an unfair comparison. In Malifaux, combats are usually won and lost on who determines them, get the match ups in your favour and you'll win. The game overall is won and lost on Strats and schemes. You can win every combat on the board and still lose the game. However, I strongly disagree with this. I used to think the same as you, but I've since come around to the idea that jokers are integral to the game for all the reasons others have given. The Jokers offer that element of uncertainty that forces good players to adapt. As others have said, it's no difference than rolling snake eyes or box cars in a dice-based game. Luck, both with dice and cards, also make some of the most enjoyable and memorable moments in games. I've had my SM biker biker sergeant kill a Daemon Prince on the charge or a single Scout sniper rifle destroy a Wave Serpant to win me games of 40k. On the same token, I've had an enemy Malifaux Rat survive a Yasunori charge (thanks to Jokers) or an enemy Huggy kill my Reva with my own Archie (with no jokers involved)! If you can't look back and these moments and joke and smile about it (no matter how frustrated you were at the time, I was super pissed when my Archie killed my Reva!), than honestly, you probably do need to re-evaluate why you're playing and maybe look at that old cliche of play chess. And really, if Jokers are an issue for your whole community, than come to a gentleman's agreement and take them out. I highly doubt the Wyrd Police are going to swoop in and take your models and cards . Even if we did remove Jokers, Malifaux would still have a substantial luck element. I can remember games I lost because I didn't draw a single 13 for 3 turns running or Marcus players not drawing any Tomes or my local Arcanist player not winning the crucial Initiative flip for like 6-7 games running even with Seize the Day (this one really makes me smile @Morgan Vening!).
  14. Da Git

    First feelings M3E

    My thoughts: For whom the bell tolls: Honestly, not that phased as I never really played these masters that much... Don't get me wrong, I loved Collodi's aesthetic, that's super cool and unique, but child murderers just seriously don't do it for me... That's a huge no right there. Lynch is cool and I really liked how he toed the line in both factions, but agree that with Titania & Nekima in charge, it's high time he (& Huggy) bailed. That said, he may team up with Mama Z & Lilith in the future to make a comeback. Lilith is the one I'm saddest about as I loved her playstyle. However I agree she had her toes in too many pies. That said, I still see where she can potentially fit into Neverborn in the future with a new-Misaki-esque playstyle of burying assassin that also uses tangled roots and lures. New kids on the block: Euripides: I'm not 100% sold on this one, I think I'll wait to see his fluff & models (not that I actually have a choice in this!). But he does have potential for greatness! Marcus: Was so excited, I love his M2E playstyle, but M3E seems to have done away with this a bit, so that's dulled my enthusiasm a bit, but he still sounds very cool, so I'll wait and see. The Survivors: Titania: Her Grace, The Autumn Queen herself (I'm a slight fan!). Really happy here, all her fluff stats that she grows plants, from her first footfall in the Badlands sprouting a cascading effect into a primeval forest to returning an extinct species to life, creating forests is what she should always have had (and is possibly part of the reason of Lilith's departure). Hopefully she becomes a bit more plant-y and Waldgeists join her as they also have Germinate and fit her aesthetic. Hopefully she has a for more tricks & depth this edition. Zoraida: Honestly, not that fussed... Hope shes not such a pain to play against this edition. Really glad Iggy can't set the Voodoo doll on fire for like 10 damage or Nurse's can't paralyse it. Pandora: Again, I hope she's not the pain in the rear that she has always been and again, glad Paralyse is gone. Hope she can still summon Sorrows as that was cool. Dreamer: Glad Chompy's staying... For me, He's always been the star and the one I liked. Hopefully he'll get more tabletime.
  15. Da Git

    10T Keyword thoughts

    Super excited for this, Hina is such a beautiful model. Ever since I saw her I wanted her in 10T! That would actually be really cool. Hopefully she does have some sort of commander abilities now that she's the Oyabun... just as long as she still cuts people's heads off!