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  1. I posted this in the Wyrd Place post, but thought it would be useful here too (& that you deserve much praise!) This is a phenomenal resource! Thank you so much. Two small bugs. 1st, Shadow Effigy is missing the Trained Ninja upgrade and 2nd, when you include the Effigy with Faated upgrade, it would be nice if the emissary were included in the crew list somehow and the downloaded Pdf. Although this second issue will be solved by the reference card feature. Thanks again!
  2. This is such a great idea!
  3. I third this comment! Would love to see Cremation swapped out for something else on both Vincent & Draugr as well as SitF on Vincent & Reva. Reva dearly, dearly needs HtK back.
  4. I used Aeslin. Here's a bigger picture, although since then, I've added an extra set of Dryad arms underneath those shown.
  5. The Tanuki is flippin fantastic and as a versatile model, I'm not sure the 10T are entirely lacking. The problem is variety. When we only have 1 good (read amazing!) choice, he can become close to auto take in many, many crews. By spreading out the condition removal throughout the faction, the Tanuki then becomes a choice on his whole package (& what a package he's got... if you know what I mean!) rather than just being the only model (aside from Chiaki) who's got Condition removal.
  6. That's not what the OP's saying though (from what I can gather from his post). He's saying that she's basically auto-take as a crew leader. I 100% agree that Shang is auto-take with her in the same way Luna would be an auto-take with McCabe as a second master. However that's almost 2/5th of your crew on 2 models, so I'd expect some serious returns the same as if I took 2 10ss beaters.
  7. To the OP. If you've only had one game against her, then I'd be very surprised if you didn't find her OP (the same goes for any master in the game). Now that you've seen what she can do (especially if she gets lucky, which it sounds like she did), you can work to counter her. There are lots of counters to Misaki as have been mentioned above. This is just looking at her weaknesses from having played her. Shadow Markers: Any model can remove them with an action from 1" (not an interact, so Insignificant or engagement doesn't matter). Models with Destructible terrain removal abilities (Blow it to Hell, Willie, SS Miner, Luck Emissary, lots, lots more) Move a 40-50mm based model over the top so she can't place in base contact (or better yet push one of Misaki's models that have already activated over one!) Offense HtW & armour, anti-charge tech heavily neuters her damage Shockwave requires a 7 so hardly guaranteed. Mobility Shadow markers can be removed Requires activating early or Shang using an action needing a 6 & a discard or her movement is hit. Utility The Oyabun's Command is great, but it means she's not swinging her Bisento. It also requires an 8 and is limited to a Friendly Charge (so hardly psudo Obey). Likewise, Abandon Honour is also good, but requires a lot of luck to get the best use out of it. The action itself, really isn't that amazing, you really want the trigger which requires a Crow (which you also want for your attacks for execute, so you're looking at 4-maybe 8). The trigger then requires more crows in your discard pile and your opponent can simply discard a card to avoid it. Also you need LoS & Stunned did just receive a cuddle. Resilience The activating early bit cannot be overstated. this leaves her very exposed and other than SS, all she has is Df6, 12wds & anti-charge (which may not matter if you've sent her in for the kill). For example, in one game my opponent's Brewmaster took 9wds & 3ss off her in an activation (leaving her on Poison 1, so 2 more damage at the end of the turn). Please note, I don't think this is to say that Misaki is underpowered by any means. Just I (& my opponents) haven't found her to be OP in any way & think any of the other 10T masters can give her a run for her money.
  8. Sadly, I agree with this. The model is no longer in play when Vengeance kicks in, so no damage. Good catch! (hopefully it gets changed to have the same timing as Black Blood). Also, the Urami models definitely get credit for Vengeance kills.
  9. Da Git

    Are we OP?

    While I can't speak for everyone, I've played Misaki and Youko a few times and my opponents haven't found them op. I've also played against Shenlong twice and didn't find him OP either. I'd also say 10T are definitely the sleeper faction with the fewest players, so that helps too. This can make them harder to balance as the first time you play against any new master, they'll always seem OP until you've seen and had time to digest what they do and/or how to counter them. As always, repeated games with and (more importantly imo) against a specific master/faction is needed. Also, just in case it was missed, my previous post should be taken with a Galaxy of salt!
  10. Something I just noticed with Penetrating Stench & not sure if other people have caught it or not, but if an enemy model starts its activation engaged with multiple models with this ability, it would have to discard a card for each of them or gain Stunned. Is this correct? It's not an aura, so I think it would stack. Maybe it needs changing to (bold mine): Penetrating Stench: Enemy models that start their Activation engaging one or more models with this ability must either discard a card or gain Stunned.
  11. I converted my own. Originally she was Hannah, hence the book, but I think she works well still! Killjoy's to Gorar's left & my converted Aeslin's to Titania's right. I think the Fae are looking like they're in a fantastic place overall. Killjoy's the best he's been since the Open Beta started and I actually want to try him out on the table. Aeslin's awesome now with built-in Into Thorns on Decay. All the Minions seem to have their place and come down to personal preference. Will done crew! Edit: Sorry for the tiny pic... it won't let me make it bigger for some reason & my mini's are in a galaxy far, far away...
  12. I like all of these suggestions! Adding blasts to Conflagration would make it very interesting... although maybe 2/3/5 would be better as min2/mod3 for a master is stupidly weak still... As an additional bonus action, Embrace the Flame would be amazing (although maybe something different if the next suggestion is followed) This last suggestion for an healing instead of damage aura for Burning would be soooooooooo good! Please make post haste! Yes Please!! Please Devs, listen to this! Other than a few more ways to create Pyre markers, I think the crew would be done!
  13. Da Git

    Are we OP?

    As a 10T/Resser/Neverborn/Terrorist... I mean Arcanist player, I think I can completely unbiasly say that despite never playing with or against the faction, that Guild is clearly OP and should be nerfed into the ground!
  14. I'd really like him to drop the attack trigger on leap in return for a Mask (and maybe drop a stat or 2). He's also really not killy enough. Either give Yari a baked in Rams to make him choppy or make him shoot as Jamie said. Then he can actually get to use Assassin.
  15. I like this idea a lot, though I'd also include Irresistable Although forcing your opponent to discard cards/ss is also really useful... It's just not what Execute is supposed to do!
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