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  1. As it says on the tin. Why are these guys Rare 2 when you get three in a box? They really don't seem anywhere near broken (I'd say not broken at all!) enough to warrant it. Hope it's a mistake as there's no reason in this case not to let people use their models.
  2. Not really to do with the Easter sale, but will the T-shirts ever come back in stock? Specifically looking for a Large Purple Neverborn shirt
  3. I'd love to get a purple Neverborn "Ours" T-shirt, but they're all sold out and have been for yonks. Are these ever going to be restocked? (specifically, a Large)
  4. Da Git

    Nephilim games

    So I had two games with the Nephilim this week, and thought I'd share my experiences. First game: Nekima - 5ss cache Inhuman Reflexes Blood Hunter Lilith Inhuman Reflexes Cherub Mature Nephilim Black Blood Shaman 2 Terror Tots Deployment: Corner Strat: Reckoning: - 1VP Schemes: Search the Ruins - 2VP, Power Ritual - 2VP Vs Hoffman (Reckoning 3VP, Search the Ruins - 0VP, Assassinate - 1VP Big take aways from this game: Inhuman Reflexes was absolutely fantastic and very much needed to try and keep the two masters alive (they still died though), the crew is incredibly fast with most models having ~20" threat range, I had both schemes down turn 3. Grow works really well, I turned Black Blood into a Mature & both Tots into Youngs. The crew really struggles with armour. JOSS having no cap on his Demise (Electrocution) is BONKERS!! He spent the first two turns just piling it on and did 8dg & Injured! Second game Nekima - 5ss cache Inhuman Reflexes Blood Hunter Angel Eyes Mature Nephilim Young Nephilim Black Blood Shaman Terror Tot Tuco Deployment: Corner Strat: Corrupted Idols - 2VP Schemes: Take Prisoner - 1VP, Claim Jump (Terror Tot -> Young) - 2VP Vs Viks (Corrupted Idols - 3VP, Search the Ruins - 1VP, Detonate the Charges - 0VP) Big take aways - Angel Eyes doesn't like flipping Black Jokers for straight damage flips... TWICE!! Otherwise I thought she was solid. Tuco didn't do much though and thought that Stealth & Disguised should swap between him and Angel Eyes as Tuco has to be close for all his actions so Stealth doesn't really do much whereas Angel Eyes sort of wants to hang back a bit. I really liked the suggestion of Tuce gaining Blow it to Hell! action, but the biggest thing for me would be some extra range on his Shotgun (or give it the Mask built-in for Staggered). The speed of the crew was again instrumental in getting me the win. I played like a bit of a numpty and completely forgot Inhuman Reflexes this game which was a bit of a pain. Grow was still great! I turned the Shaman into a Mature and the Tot into a Young again. Recommendations (I hope it's not too late!) The biggest annoyance for me though in both games was the triggers, particularly Meat for the Young. There are so many restrictions for this... First, you need the suit, then you have to kill the target & finally, there has to be a friend within 3". This is all way too much, & I'd recommend that the Rams be built in for Nekima, Lilith & the Mature, so they can actually get use out of this trigger. Overall, I really enjoyed the crew & want to play it again with a few different variations. It's very fast and packs a whollop (until you face the Hoffball!), but is very fragile so you have to be very careful with your models. It seems like a really simple to crew to play, but it's all in the positioning! The other thing I'd really, really like is for Lilith to gt Master of Malifaux back, or at least Unimpeded. She really missed it having to trudge through severe terrain.
  5. They're Nightmare Minions, why wouldn't Dreamer be able to summon them?
  6. Misaki would 100% be a crow, off with their heads!
  7. Da Git


    If you extended it to about aura 8" I don't think there are many models that can charge beyond that... Also don't forget the it also helps stop models from charging past Mr Graves. For example: (E=enemy, G=Graves, F=friendly, >=direction of movement) E>>>>>>>>>>>>>F G
  8. Another postage, note this is all in AUD, so the prices are a lot higher, but if $17AUD = $12USD, than $21AUD = ~$13-14USD
  9. Anyone got a good image to use for the marker? I usually just make some and print them out and stick on cardboard... (I'm a uni student!)
  10. Damn, it's more expensive for shipping than the deck... Hope there are alternatives for those not in the States... Maybe put them in as part of the Easter/Gencon/Black Friday sales... DriveThru's good for Pdfs, not great for a physical product if this is what it costs for shipping
  11. Hey, I know it's probably too late for this, but I had this thought last night. Often in my games, my opponent or I spend activations (especially on the first turn) just Walk & Concentrate, so we can try and nuke someone later and we kind of found it a bit gamey. While I like the idea of focus stacking and lasting multiple turns, what about if Focus reduced by 1 in the end phase, exactly like poison does. I think this would create a good balance of it not being too powerful, but models like the Tanuki are still usable. The other option we thought would be good is as mentioned, Focus gave to Rst & to any resultant damage flips. I don't think I've ever seen Focus used for Rst. Probably because the opponent can still force attacks through as we're finding that the attack stats are typically equal or higher than Rst.
  12. I'd love for her to get Master of Malifaux back... it's such a huge part of her fluff.
  13. Love the decks! But need some more info... What's the material? If we're overseas, how much is shipping?
  14. Shadow markers are 30mm, but otherwise this is pretty good advice. 10 to be absolutely sure, 5-7 is probably safe.
  15. The Wanyudo has the Revenant Keyword, so Reva can hire it out of faction. It's a super solid model for her too.
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