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  1. It's a general rule. Can't hire masters with Henchman leaders. Pg42 choose Faction and Leader
  2. I've used pretty well the whole gamut with Misaki in one way, shape or form other than archers. One of the best things about Last Blossom is there's so much depth between keyword and versatile models that I really don't think there's going to be a "best" list. There are so many fun combos to find! My favourite dedicated shooter is by far Fuhatsu and a Tanuki. The amount of damage he can put out is phenomenal. Otherwise, I like the range and From the Shadows on Snipers. Have Yamaziko toddle on up to give them a + and they'll be doing solid damage from turn 1. Just to be mean, I like to supplement that group with a Samurai and Effissary. Honestly for ppwer, I agree with getting the box set and samurai for short term success. If you want to stay keyword and go long term, box set and either Crime Bosses or Wokou Raiders, followed by Yamaziko and Snipers. Can you break this down for me as I'm the opposite. I love the Lone Swordsman, I find he's bonus move easier to use, he's quicker, tankier and is a fantastic finisher with Last Breathe. The Wokou Raiders I love for the +to hit with their swords. I also like that they have a gun. They make a great flanker piece. The biggest benefit the Crime Boss has is 2" reach.
  3. Dashel and Hoffman could be interesting with Warden summoning.
  4. I can't see why anyone would say Ryle and Melissa is broken when Fuhatsu and up to 3 samurai is a potential thing... Melissa's a great solo piece, as are Hunters. I'd be including 2-3 of the above in every list. A guardian is quality too. Something interesting to try could be Dashel in there to summon Wardens.
  5. You'll win the Internet if you make a YouTube video of yourself doing this!
  6. So the Schemes & Stones Outcast review piqued my interest in Tara... Her mechanics seem really interesting but require a heap of finesse. Activation control seems to be key as you don't really want your opponent taking advantage of all the fast you're giving them (unless they have 2 wds and are within Age to Destruction range!). Popping up and down seems like a hoot, but again it requires Fast, which is generally on your opponent, so you're reliant on their positioning. Otherwise, the crew seems mostly melee damage with a sprinkling of ranged damage and lots of bury tricks. What am I missing? Does it all go together when you actually put it on the table? Is there a general rule for Stutter time (eg. bury your models early turn, then hand out Fast after they activate?). Any tips for when and how you use your bury tricks on friendlies? As for the models, from what I can gather from reading the cards. Please correct me if I'm (highly likely!) wrong. Tara - from her 5AP you generally want to be summoning every turn, when is the best time to do this, first or second activation and when do you usually activate her for both activations? Otherwise, she seems to mostly want to hit things with her sword or use the Crow trigger on Timeslip to redistribute Fast from enemy to friendly. Stutter time to Bury/Fast as necessary. Karina - hang back or run up a flank using her heal/unbury trying to look inconspicuous, maybe run some schemes, then try to move within 8" of Tara when she gets low on health. Aionus - This guy seems rock solid with some quality stats, but hagain has a lot going on. Do you hang back a bit to keep him safe and use Sever Timeline to unbury for mass pass tokens or get him in there for giving out Slow/Fast? With him in the crew, it kind of feels like you want a small-elite crew to generate as many pass tokens as possible to take advantage of Buffering? Servant of Dark Powers or Wanted Criminal seem like good potential upgrades. Scion of the Void - Seems like you want this guy buried as much as possible using Siphon Essence with trigger to do some quality damage... Otherwise, if you've got low Tomes, you could use Hungry Emptiness on you own models that don't have conditions to get the Surge trigger... Talos - seems like a beast! Armour two, Terrifying 11 and 3/4/5 damage. Really wants you to play the aggressive bury game for his burning abilities. Servant of Dark Powers seems good on him to get him up there and keep his health topped up. The Nothing Beast - Quick, tanky, good damage, this guy seems pretty great! All the Void beasts want you to play the aggressive Fast game to get + to flips, do you find yourself holding back and attacking buried models or getting in there to use Accelerate Time? Servant of Dark Powers or Wanted Criminal seem like good potential upgrades. Void Hunter - This guy seems like his ideal turn would be charging away somewhere not useful, attacking a buried model and then unburying it and burying himself! Otherwise, going late in the turn when you've got no cards in hand and attacking in the hopes to bury enemies. Your premier summon, do you ever hire these guys? Void Wretch - Good schemer, good that Glimpse is built-in on his attack, good going late turn when neither player has any cards. Your backup summon when you don't have an 11. If you have a 12, would you find yourself summoning 2 of these guys or would you prefer a Void Hunter instead? Some Versatile models that seem good - Hans for long range damage (could be a cool Undead Guild Rifleman conversion here if you cast your mind back to the Dead of Winter story!) Midnight Stalker for easy access to Fast; Malifaux child to copy Timeslip, Channelled healing, Accelerate Time; Effigy for Plenty of Wares (can also be copied by Child) and retrieve Soulstones, Effissary to hand out upgrades and more healing/Companion/Don't Mind me as required Prospector - SS and scheme manipulation are always handy! How have you found the crew from actual experience/theoryfaux?
  7. First off... Kneel before the true queen of malifaux... Muhahahahaha! Now that's out of the way, time to actually contribute Sounds like a rough game... to be honest though, it generally always is if you go into a crew blind... Do you at least have some idea what you can do next time? Eg. Don't end a push/move within 2" of an Underbrush Marker! Also was the opponent spending stones or just getting lucky flips to get the Crows for her trigger? Seriously, wish I had that luck though from what you posted! he passed every terror with Titania, Aeslin and Killjoy? And then hit everytime? That deck's on fire! Disagree with this comparison (& an master comparison, for that matter) for a few reasons You're looking at the attacks entirely in a bubble and ignoring everything else (although I would agree that Titania's the stronger master)... She also only gets the + if the target is in Severe terrain (admittedly, not hard) Titania needs to either get a crow or stone to get the trigger, Nekima has it built in so can use her triggers, which aren't bad. The reason I disagree with master comparisons is key words. A super master can have a rubbish keyword and be kinda-balanced (not counting versatile). This is where Nekima comes out on top IMO as Nephilim are a really good key word. Their raw speed and mass Flight will win you games (not too mention, they're rather hitty!).
  8. I remember someone used them to great effect in the Honeypot crew as there are lot of Wp attacks there too. Don't forget it also works for terror if you bunch near Huggy, Yin/Toshiro or the Emissary.
  9. I have it on the best authority, just ask any of my friends, that Latigo will pay for the wall. It's a gunna be huge, beautiful. I make the best walls... - Attributed to the late Governor General
  10. Kabuki Warriors or Geisha could be useful combining their Distraction auras with the plethora of Wp attacks Neverborn have...
  11. Everything has been refreshed in the game, so at this stage (remember, the game isn't even out yet!) it's it's pretty well impossible to tell what is weak or OP, especially in the long term. Remember when wave 4 came out and people were saying Sandeep was crap? This is some super solid advice. It applies to me in that I loved both M2E Asami and Kirai's mobility and now they've become more generic summoners (although at least Asami can move her friends) and Misaki has taken on a whole new lease of life for me with the edition change (hint, I like mobility tricks ).
  12. I'd be interested in seeing these! For my contribution, I've played Misaki a few times and one of the better tricks I've had was combining Yamaziko with a par of Snipers for some highly accurate firepower. Combine that with a Samurai forces the crew to come to you, then I had Minako (who summons a Katashiro to scheme), Misaki, and an effigy-come Emissary waiting for them. The snipers are really good basically ignoring every negative for gun attacks from up to 24" away, even if they get engaged, they just push out with their bonus & shoot twice. Crew consists of Misaki (Trained Ninja) + 4ss cache, Shang, Minako, Yamaziko, Samurai, 2 Snipers, Effigy (of Fate) Ototo is really good too, just beware of McMourning!!
  13. As it says on the tin. Why are these guys Rare 2 when you get three in a box? They really don't seem anywhere near broken (I'd say not broken at all!) enough to warrant it. Hope it's a mistake as there's no reason in this case not to let people use their models.
  14. Not really to do with the Easter sale, but will the T-shirts ever come back in stock? Specifically looking for a Large Purple Neverborn shirt
  15. I'd love to get a purple Neverborn "Ours" T-shirt, but they're all sold out and have been for yonks. Are these ever going to be restocked? (specifically, a Large)
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