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  1. Doesn't help Guild... but the Explorers have a freakin' T-rex! For what it's worth, I reckon Paul's a pretty swell guy for 6ss... I really don't think it's fair to compare him to an 11ss rider!
  2. Thanks for all your responses. To me, it sounds like the best solution would be to make Focus affect would be the Opposed duel OR Damage flip. That way you can get around whichever defence you need (eg, manipulative or HtW), without getting the positive on the other flip as just gravy. Makes the action useful rather than just a default choice.
  3. It's not so much about the hittiness of smaller models, but the ease of being removed. Also the fact that you have to kill a model completely before its effectiveness is removed. I also agree with Adran about not all AP being equal. Fuhatsu with Tanuki handing him Focus is worth a whole heap more than the sum of its parts.
  4. So something that has been very prevalent is how strong focus is and to counter this, the rise of elite crews with very few of the little-to-mid range guys getting a chance to shine unless they're the bees-knees! Models are just too fragile, that really shouldn't be and I think Focus plays a huge part in this. I'm not talking far flanking models like Crooligans, Wind Gammin or Watchers that will hardly be seen, but models like Performers, Lotus Eaters, Wanyudo, draugr, fire/poison gammin etc that don't have HtK or HtW just becoming glass cannons. How many first turns have looked like
  5. I can confirm this... I'm pretty sure he must be the majority shareholder with how much he buys Then again... I'm not too far behind 😬
  6. That was the joke I was trying to make... 😜 Apparently unsuccessfully! How's it been going for you? Any hot tips? Do you use Bete in Retrieve evidence? Shame she can't bury, but reducing 2dg each time is still ok...
  7. This looks really familiar I have a couple of differences. I like the Emissary over the Golem as he's another source of Corpses and speeds the crew up even more. I also like to bring a Lampad (generally instead of the Bone Pile, although I'd possibly take a Nurse instead of a Bone Pile). Reva's really good. Ideally, every flip she makes should be on a positive! Bete doubles down on that with her stat 6 Positive too. The Rider is just one of the top models of the game. Lampads are ok, want focus to get the blasts on Breathe of Fire, but their main purpose is to move pyres and be
  8. Wish he had of been duel Faction Guild. They would love a solid schemer even for 9ss OOK.
  9. With 3 raptors and 8 traps... All the lil' guys! In all seriousness though, I'd probably keep them all together and run up a flank for scheme hunting/running. Then take some bigger guys to take care of the enemy.
  10. I find it amusing that the Neverborn rag on Nekima compared to Lady J and the Guild rag on Lady J compared to Nekima That said, I do think both keywords could do with a helping hand (not much though!). For what it's worth, I'd probably rate Justice over Nekima but the Nephilim models over the Marshal models.
  11. Is anyone else having issues posting anything? Sometimes I'm having to write it out, then refresh the site a few times before it actually posts/sends a message. Ironically, it worked perfectly for this post... But a minute ago, I had to refresh the site 3 times to send a PM...
  12. Gah! My eyes!! The forums just changed to light mode... not what I needed at 10:40 pm! To return the favour, here's something for your eyes. I hope you see it just before bed! I'd love this to become a model one day! Maybe alt Coppelius?
  13. Honeypot would love those Neverborn upgrades and versatiles...... I hear those Ten Thunders ones are rubbish
  14. An idea I just had for the crew is to make False Accusation on both the Jury & Exocist Stat 6 and give the target Adversary as well as making them Undead. Could get rid of Hunt the Dead trigger... maybe swap for Delay (gives Slow). This would really help with hand control as you wouldn't need to cheat as much. The attack would actually have a decent chance of hitting and becomes a good action rather than niche. Definitly make the DMR be good in keyword rather than outside it... Give him Shouting Orders (Marshal) would help as their and Death Marshals' bonus is very niche. Make Co
  15. I agree, I'd love the m2e art to be in there... Although I actually still use the original Lady J and would love her in there!
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