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  1. Yes Yes Yes! Everything you just said is perfectly correct!
  2. Oh, all the Hells to the yeah for that idea!
  3. I believe you do... there is no "may" in the sentence.
  4. I wonder if oval bases would work...
  5. I don't mind the size and reckon the model looks awesome... just don't see the point of not upping the base size if the model's going to be that huge anyway. The current 50mm base looks ridiculous IMO and kind of pointless when models won't actually be able to get in base contact (or even within 1") from some angles... Then terrain/other models will inhibit pivoting...
  6. Sorry, but that base looks ridiculous... Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful model, just that base looks way too small it actually detracts from the whole thing... It kind of reminds me of a giant elephant balancing on a ball at the circus... It'd actually look amazing if someone if someone converted that and painted clown makeup on him!
  7. I like all of these ideas. Especially the Aionus ones to make him useful again. Agree that the crew was guttered by the nerf to him. The only thing I'd change to these ideas is to change Into the Furnce to be stat 3, but attack Size. I mean he's picking them up and throwing them into a furnace... how does willpower stop that??
  8. Heavily depends on the board and strat/schemes. If you've got something like Public Enemies with schemes like Vendetta, Assassinate, Let Them Bleed, or even things like Claim Jump/Leave your mark. Then just sit back and gunline. Even if you just go 2 riflemen & Steward, that's only 18 ss leaving plenty of room for other stuff. Guard also have one of the best schemers in Guild with Mounted Guards (super fast, can drop 2 schemes a turn and even if they die, you've still got a significant model who may be able to finish the job) and a super good beater in Executioners.
  9. Dashel is F'ing bent!!! Sorry for the hyberbole, but that's my opinion of him! He's the Pre-nerf Nicodem of M3E. If you don't need to move him (my last game against him was Public Enemies & he took Assassinate & Vendetta. He basically just set up a gunline with 3 rifleman, the Steward, 2 Wardens and a Death Marshal Recruiter. Everything 6ss or less, everything bar the Wardens can be turned into Death Marshals on death and was drawing 2-3 cards a turn and multiple SS after the first. And before you say it there was terrain. He basically ignores concealing with the amount of focus and there was a huge hill in the middle, so he couldn't see across the centreline. My options were either stay behind the hill and make it a hugely dull and boring game or try and get in there. I chose the latter and was pretty well tabled for a 7-1 defeat. Couldn't scheme (went for breakthrough but he summoned a Mounted to scoot over to deny it, Assassinate wasn't happening with armour 2, a surplus of SS and Steward to heal, Runic Binding & spread them out are just playing into his hand (gimmi dem scheme markers!). Vendetta didn't happen because he chose the right model to blast off the table!
  10. Off the top of my head, the following crews are typically half or less keyword. REVENANT MONK... Really any 10T crew can be as they have such strong versatiles, but this I think is the main one. Agree with RED CHAPEL, I usually go mostly in key word for QI & GONG, but you definitely don't need to (see above)
  11. Hi guys, I've tried to open the online app (https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/) a few times and it just opens up the opening screen with the logo and then does nothing else. No menu, no nothing. Is this happening to anyone else? I'm using Firefox.
  12. I really like attention least 1 Akaname in my starting list. Drops schemes and then corpse/scrap for healing summons and have a fantastic attack for their stones to gum up the enemy in engagement. Bargain for 4ss often take 2. Would sub them in for the Obsidian Oni.
  13. So I've been playing a few more games with Revenant & listened to the new Schemes & Stones podcast today and got me thinking about this thread again as my findings have been very similar. Reva is great, an absolute blast with mass positive flips allowing her to pump out some decent damage to models that can't reduce). However her crew is really lacking and I keep finding myself reaching for the versatiles/OOK. For Lampads - giving them Incorporeal would actually be a terrible idea (I know I suggested it above) as then they'd be immune to Hazardous and then wouldn't be able to stack Burning from Pyre Markers!! I've found these guys to be ok in-game, but each time kind of disappointing with their stupidly low stats. Df4 just makes them so easy to hit and a liability against blast masters (Curse you Freikorps rockets!). Up them to Df 5 or give them HtW and up their stats to 6 on both their attacks and they'd be in a great place. Honestly, I'd actually be perfectly fine if they lost the demise ability altogether and got Spirits in the Flames and Flight. Vincent still needs a reason to be anything other than a counter-tech against summoners or Incorporeal... lower Df, Wp, HP by 1, change Rapid fire to Run & Gun, drop him to 8ss and make Cremation a Bonus would be a fairly simple way to do this. Draugr - drop Juggernaut and gain 2HP. like Vincent, swap Cremation (ideally with the same trigger Vincent has) to a bonus action.
  14. Challenge accepted! NDA signed, sealed & delivered... May the better man/fire-daemon-imp win!
  15. Are you thinking of Joss? When she froze and shattered his arm?
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