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  1. Woah, never heard this before... When did this happen?? I definitely don't think that's RAI and I'd almost argue against RAW due to the wording of then. If it is kosher, then she just became sooo much (more) awesome in my Reva crews! Anyway, an idea I had for Transmortis that is unlikely to happen as you'd have to do every card is turn Studied opponent into a look at your top card on your deck and if it is a non-joker, you may discard it. Otherwise put it back. This on top of some Wd reductions for the Iron Zombies. Wds=cost+Armour+HtK is a bit much.
  2. you gain the suit of the discarded marker?
  3. Yes, but if the enemy model is not engaging the Brawler (as well as whet he wants to hit) then the brawler is not a legal target and the enemy can pummel the target to he's heart's content!
  4. I don't know what brass knuckles you've got, but mine are like 12" long Looks ok, I'll deffo need to see on the table. Almost feel like he needs another bonus... Condor security also seems hard to use against Ml attacks, have to be within 2" of the friend and a scheme and be engaged by the enemy... that's quite the bubble! That said, it should be pretty good against ranged attacks like Ancient Words or Breath of Fire that you can still use up close.
  5. If you spend $400 do you get 2 puppet sprues (& 4 pigapults) or do you only get 1 Puppets sprue? If the latter, that kind of sucks since we want to do a big group order from Australia to save on shipping, but multiple people want the puppets...
  6. He clearly doesn't know his Roman Mythology by entrusting the society to Janus...
  7. I would actually really like to see Plaag face Cadmus. People always say the best way to learn how to counter a crew is to swap. Also, just out of curiousity, how many imes have your opponents faced Cadmus? It's not really that uncommon to get crushed when facing masters for the first few times.
  8. Are there any examples of Neverborn written text anywhere? What do you think it would look like?
  9. Them's sound like fightin' words! I think I'd actually watch Steve take on Plaag's Cadmus... I know he won't be pulling any punches!
  10. The main place airships are mentioned are The Mountain's straight Reply (ep30, I think) and Zipp's Led Zepplin story Think the framework is made of metal... the Guild generally like the solid materials... Otherwise think the Hindenburg. Look forward to seeing the table!
  11. Wow! Someone thinks Youko is OP... or even good She's by far the worst master and keyword in TT and one of the weaker ones in the game (imo) For Bayou, as someone who plays Zipp (in Outcasts!) I would say Wrastlers, maybe an extra wound and a 1"ml No idea what else... I'd be interested to see how Wong goes into Cadmus actually... Lots of low stats for his Shockwaves...
  12. I hate to go with the old fall back and saviour of the faction, but I reckon Dreamer would be a good pick into ExSo. Exso are fairly weak against Wp, so that's always nice. Against Cadmus, Dreamer has: Removing lots of weaks makes those simple duels a lot easier to pass Can probably out attrition with great summons with armour and Incorp Everything can attack from range to avoid getting in close Chaff models that don't really care about getting parasites Cadmus has lots of low Wp, so Stitched can really shine against Husks & Nests They'll also strug
  13. Will try to give the video a watch, but IMO looks like you ran into a bad match-up with a bad pool. While I'm definitely not renowned like Kharnage or hugely experienced with Nephilim, I have had a decent few games with and against Cadmus and can safely say that trying to engage them generally ends in tears... My experiences with and against Cadmus is basically this ^ Gunlines = good. Avoidance = decent, but probably not super fun for either player. Cadmus are fairly slow and bubbly, so I would have taken this approach with Nephilim. Sadly, the pool doesn't really allow
  14. They all need nerfing Filthy Arcanists🤮 Hmmm... maybe I should cut down on the TFW... Pretty sure there's some conditioning going on...
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