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  1. Da Git

    Map .vsav Shares

    @Gorbad, does this still exist at all?
  2. Da Git

    Homemade maps

    So, I'm getting a little tired of playing on the same maps over and over, so I'm starting to make some new ones. Is there a compilation somewhere of maps others have made or some way to share the maps I'm making?
  3. Great show! Can't wait till I get back in the same country as my book! (It came about 5 days after I left ). Looking forward to the Malifaux side of things! Really loving this little Lore series as well. Great stuff!
  4. Well, it worked when I asked for the Alt Titania artwork, so I thought I'd push my luck try again! Could we please get a Wallpaper Wednesday for the new Alt Reva model? That artwork is amazing!
  5. Da Git

    Tales of Malifaux Podcast

    Hey Kyle, love the podcast! Been trying to catch up on these again. I'm trying to download Episode 73 The Dead Man's Ball part one, but each time I try to save it there's an error. Same for when I just try to stream it by pressing play. Kind regards!
  6. Da Git

    So long! Have fun ...

    Thanks for all your hard work & efforts Kai! Good luck in whatever the future brings! From Japan & Australia! Agree on all points
  7. Da Git

    Waldo's Weekly - Movement in M3E

    That's Ok, I've cancelled the lynching mob and pitchforks
  8. Da Git

    The Hobby Side - TOS Models

    When you say give the models a clean, does this mean in soapy water? Do this for all the models?
  9. The things one learns on the Internet! makes me doubly glad I converted my Asami using Chiaki as a base model! Although there's a few more questions about Asami's attire like the hook-sleeves... This explanation I love!
  10. Go Waldo! You're awesome, keep going! (Get over it Kyle... that arm will grow back... I promise!) Artwork & new masters were exactly what I was hoping (and quietly!) screaming for, so big thank you there! If I could scream a little louder, more fluff would be great... On to Youko, Overall, I like the artwork and execution. If I could humbly offer two critiques, I think she's a bit sexualised with the shoulder of her kimono slipping off (yes, I know she works in a brothel, but I highly doubt the Oneesan (matriarch) would personally "service" the clientele) and the big one for me is the sword handle. The whole point of having the sword in the umbrella is to make it look like it's not a sword. However the handle clearly belongs to a sword. I'd like it to look like a continuation of the umbrella handle. See how this is a continuation, not an obvious handle. I also agree that I had an older woman in mind... Otherwise really like it! As an aside, katanas were about 3kg, that would make a very heavy and unwieldy umbrella (I'm willing to forgive this one though!)
  11. Da Git

    Introducing Waldo's Weekly

    Here's hoping for some sneak artwork releases for the new masters... Youko and Euripides please!
  12. Think you may be a fair bit too late there mate... they're preparing to ship them out in the very near future... If not you should get the full pledge bonuses for each faction, so 2 full sets of King's Empire & Cult in your case.
  13. Da Git

    First feelings M3E

    I don't think they should be able to go together in Neverborn though... Nekima probably wouldn't take kindly to Tannen & Pandora wouldn't care for Graves that much. Especially if they're encouraging keyword crews. I do hope they're duel faction though as well as Darkened, Nephilim/Woe, Mimic keywords.
  14. Da Git

    First feelings M3E

    Definitely they'll stay Nephilim. I actually think the opposite though. In 1.5 Lelu was a Woe of Self-depreciation and Lilitu a Woe of Forbidden Delight. I've never really understood why they were Nightmares though, I always kind of assumed it was just to pad out the Dreamer's toys when he was released. I also don't really count the half-caste stuff as Nephilim... not truly. And I definitely don't want them to be able to grow.
  15. But maybe there's more to life than just being really, really ridiculously good looking? That Lucius... So hot right now! I actually prefer the old model though... That one just oozes class!