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  1. the Cadmus boxes randomly appeared on the Upcoming page, must have been a reshuffle on release order
  2. Shenlong and his students! and the Gokudo for Yan Lo
  3. what is Harata Ngaatoro's relation to Mr. Ngaatoro? are they brothers?
  4. im wondering why theyre Syndicate too. if Syndicate needs more models they should be released in an ES box, not hogging another faction's starter box too. makes me worried theyll be more useful in ES than Outcasts
  5. i guess they couldnt look like the more out-there Outcast keywords like Amalgam, Tormented, or Obliteration since theyre Versatile, but they are kinda dull to me regardless. every faction has Bloke With Gun, these dont really look raggedy or rugged enough to be Outcasts imo, they could easily be some generic Guild or Arcanist too. also this guy doesnt know how to use a gun
  6. more Outcast crews! Von Schill - Friekorps Irregulars Viktoria Chambers - Loyalty to the Coin Tara Blake - Out of Time (i miss being able to take Death Marshals in this crew Wyrd pls fix) Leveticus - Salvage & Logistics. My first crew!
  7. Here's my Outcast ones too. Got a handful of models to finish first before the other Outcast crews are done. Parker Barrows - A Fistful of Scrip Hamelin - Pestilence
  8. Been a very long time since I've posted anything, but I've got a lot done over the lockdown. Here are my completed crews (fancy bases by Micro Arts Studios, they do great 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm bases for Malifaux). Resurrectionists first! Prof. Albus Von Schtook - Transmortis Dr. Douglas McMourning - Body of Evidence Aloysius Nicodem - Open Graves. Yeah the Rabble Risers are in Molly's keyword now, but I'm a traditionalist Jack Daw - Guilty As Charged. This monochrome look took me a while to get the hang of but I'm very pleased with it. Seamus - Shadows of Redchapel. I didn't realise how small this keyword was until I grouped them up like this Reva Cortinas - The Mercy of Death. Big Bird is versatile, but he has to go somewhere and I think he fits best here. Molly Squidpiddge - Take Back The Night Kirai Ankoku - Vengeful Spirits Yan Lo isn't here just yet, i need a few more Ten Thunder models to finish off his crew.
  9. question about the Will of Cadmus upgrade: does the model with the upgrade always have access to the Will of Cadmus action on the card, or can they only use it the second time they activate in a turn with the Connected Conscience ability?
  10. that looks like the alt lazarus model in a different pose.
  11. i notice the box has the Syndicate keyword, i thought that was an Explorer's Society keyword. Dual Outcasts/ES master in the future perhaps?
  12. Pythagorean Quake: Are the models that form the corners of the triangle also within the triangle? are the triangle's points from the centre of those models' bases or from the edge of their bases? maths is hard!
  13. yeah bottom right haha, im smart ill have to take a closer look when i can for those dings!
  14. Got the Von Schtook kit, its really neat and i like it, but what exactly is the big pipe thing carried by the 3rd undergraduate? bottom right render here I cant figure out what its supposed to be, its got some heat vent holes on it and a weird handle. i thought it was a bazooka or something. what is it?
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