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  1. Ah thanks, I seem to only have the core rules errata thing. I can't seem to find it, can you point? EDIT: Ah, I found it. Just search FAQ instead of errata.
  2. I remember this discussion but can't find it. I don't see it mentioned in the new errata so I assume people kind of agreed? Does Hoffman's temper steel "it's armor ability can't be ignored" prevent irriducible from cutting right through or does it ONLY work against things that IGNORE armor in their abilities?
  3. Yan Lo with his ASH upgrade gives: "friendly models within 3 have concealment." So even if you are within 1" of Yan Lo, if it's a non- attack action, you get flip? In the same game, another question came up, the Symbols of authority are concealing and impassable. So two models in btb with the same marker, one model attacks the other with a non- attack action, does that also get flip? LoS lines go through the marker, and you are not inside it, which means the penalty comes into play?
  4. Laugh off is worth something here, in case people had forgotten about that. Stealth too. Don't just pick the cheapest minion to carry the stone. It will be interesting to see how people play this after a handful of tries.
  5. I've never seen anything other than stopping a push when first contact occurs. That puts all base sizes in the same distance to the center of that marker (in this case) and is easy to do in exactly the same way every time. Very relevant question!
  6. Yeah I see very little reason to hire TT brothers. I would have thought the errata made dance of heavens a bonus action again, they are just not worth 6 stones.
  7. "Friendly scheme markers within 4 may not be removed by the effects of enemy models" Is pushing the marker considered removing it? How about placing it within 6" of its current location?
  8. I've seen several times a person I share my crew with, can't see the upgrades. For instance I had used 6 SS on upgrades with 8 SS to spare but in their app it said no upgrades and 14 stones left.
  9. Malifaux Meyhem 3 Sunday 23rd of February. Rogue Trader - Copenhagen Harsdorffsvej 8A 1874 Frederiksberg Denmark 14 spots, 50 SS fully painted! (incl. bases) Single Faction and with no secondary Master in your crew. DMH is allowed. Game 1 starts at 10:00 and we are done at about 18:00. Lunch included. 100 DKr for members of Rogue Trader, otherwise 145 Dkr. 3 games. Wyrd prizes. Proxies for some (few) models will be accepted, contact me for further info. Erik
  10. Where do I see the version? EDIT: Here it is I think: Build 1.0.15 (?) I have an android. (Samsung Galaxy). It happens with different models in different factions for me. Shows 9+1 until I give them an upgrade, then it's just 10. (or whatever their cost)
  11. If I buy say Manos out of keyword, he is listed as 9+1 soulstone but if I give him an upgrade is just says 10 soulstones. Reverts back to 9+1 if I remove the upgrade again. Could be a problem with some schemes if people think a model costs more than it does.
  12. Wow, really? How unusual. I played Euripides yesterday (2nd game of M3E with him), I guess you will soon learn to bury people with Thoon, that's one of the most dangerous things in the crew! And protect primordial magic! I buried Santiago in late turn 2 and Fransisco in start of turn 3. That makes half the enemy crew try and free those models instead of doing strategy or schemy stuff. It's a fun and different crew, which crumbles if people can ignore HtK. Mei Feng using freight train on enemy models... ouch.
  13. Once again nothing on the board for unimpeeded models. I see that a lot unfortunately. A bunch of blocking evenly distributed. The end. Did you guys play 40K before? I like the visual of seeing the table on the left with the stat card and you guys on the right. Personally I would like battle reports to be BATTLE reports... meaning that I know the rules and I want to see how the game went, not listening to people explain rules or what the models do, I already know that. I assume new players would find it more enlightning. This is kind of a summary of a game with thoughts and reflection? Showing the crew and explain WHY you took those models is fine I think, that's interesting to hear but beyond that I would prefer more focus on the game as you played it but some might prefer the summary/reflection. More diverse terrain and not completely symmetrical and play again!
  14. Now my app sorts in factions and alphabetical order it seems. Was there going to be an option to have the good old "Henchman/Enforcer/Minion" with keywords first or is this the new way of crew building? If I can change it, I would like to know how.
  15. Ah, right. Thanks. My SPD 11 Goryshche made up for the King's Hand seeing everything and shooting 4 times pr turn.
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