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  1. I see Aionus is in the lead. Which makes sense. I played against him and Tara again today. The more models Tara summoned, the more sure I was of losing the initiative because of Aionus' brain fart action that requires no TN, no suit, and gives the crew not 1 but 2 pass tokens every time he unburies a friend. I would gain 2 pass tokens for those 2 models, then my opponent would give himelf 4 pass tokens... It needs a TN and IF (that's a big if IMO) you still want him to generate pass tokens for no good reason, that should require a suit, and then only be 1 pass token. All other summoners gets a disadvantage to summoning, Tara and Aionus just gets even more pass tokens along with those extra models. I'm just glad I brought Shenlong and his Flaming kick to the face, to release all my pass token frustrations.
  2. I think this is a major issue in M3E. We don't have guard the stash or similar strategies anymore, pretty much all schemes need you to spread out. Yet Hamelin & friends really want to stay in a close pile and they want the enemy to do the same, which is not gonna happen very often. I miss Hamelin's Obey but I like the idea of him being more of a Vermin controller than standard Obey. I think stealth on Rats would make sense both logically and on the table. You create and want rats close to you but they are lethal to your own models if the opponent has brought Blasts... and guess what? They will, because they know they are playing against Hamelin. I wish I had the perfect fix. Not yet.
  3. But 4 misery models can't damage the same enemy now?
  4. Everyone wants to play M3E even though it's still in Beta. That's a good thing! So we'll take another day of fun before the official rules arrive. Sunday the 12th of May 2019 in Rogue Trader Copenhagen. (Harsdorffsvej 108, 2000 Frederiksberg) Doors open up at 09:00 This will be a bit different due to beta rules: The last update from Wyrd in MARCH will be the valid rules/cards/upgrades for this event. Whatever comes a few days before will be ignored, to give everyone a chance to know what rules we will be playing by. The price is 100 DKr for Rogue Trader members and 150 Dkr for non-members. This includes Wyrd mystery prizes and lunch. 50 soulstones and only 2 rounds to give everyone a chance of finishing a game, which not many of us can manage in 2½ hours just yet. Fixed faction. Unpainted miniatures will be allowed since some models have switched factions and players might have to bring something they haven't used before. Which bring us to proxies: Obviously if you want to play somone like Euripides, proxies will be allowed. But not just any proxy. Put thought and effort into it, or bribe me with chocolate. Models which exist can't be replaced by whatever is on your shelf simply because of keywords or faction swap. 14 slots for this event! Feel free to ask me any questions regarding this day or the new rules. Erik
  5. Thanks all. Knew I saw it somewhere! Yeah, Hamelin has a different one so I assume that would be Blight +2 as well.
  6. What are the rules these days? If an enemy model is activating within 2" of Hamelin and 2 Stolen, does it get Blight +3? A summoned model within 2" of 2 Charm Warders takes 4 damage? Mad Dog shooting with damaging 3 veangeful models, does he take 3 damage? And is that damage actually 3 or 1+1+1 making it really dangerous for armored models?
  7. Rasputina might have problems with ice pillars around her against Euripides but all of Euripides' crew will also feel it, with the HARSH WINTER that also affects even the ice yeti giant crew. It's a cool (and cold) match up. Second VP for deliver a message against Euripides? Nice work. I like both masters, have played Euripides 5-6 times in beta, and was a great excuse to make a lot of ice pillars. I can't imagine leaving Snowstorm on the sidelines though, he seems very solid?
  8. So, it negates severe to moderate. What about red joker damage? Is that still severe +1, or is it just moderate instead? (Or moderate +1?!)
  9. I played my first game against Tara tonight. I think it's a straight up ridiculous action from Aionus, unburying a friendly model with NO TN!?! AND getting 2 pass tokens. That negates the whole idea of summoners giving pass tokens to the opponent. Other models can earn a single pass token from attacks with a certain trigger... fine! But an action with no TN that gives 2 pass tokens AND unburies a friend?! It might a "bad" use of his actions beyond turn 1 or 2 but the fact that it negates the normal mechanic of giving out pass tokens because you summon models, feels wrong to me. Especially with no TN. Another thing I noticed was Tara has Timeslip. You can never prevent her from going from one side of the board to the other in a single turn. 5 actions each turn, and Timeslip is not a -action which the similar action is for Lady Justice, it's just a tactical action that requires a 6. Why would she walk 5" when she can place herself within 6"? If my opponent had more experience with Tara I would have never caught her. She is probably the best scheme runner in the game, with 5 actions and a very cheap 6" place. A part from that the crew seemed to work fine, Scion of the Void seemed a little odd.
  10. I never got the ram trigger for him when it was relevant. In turn 4-5 I could have used it but it turned out allright I suppose. He did heal a couple of times so I was satisfied with him. Only let down was Sensei Yu who was not worth his 9 stones.
  11. Erik1978


    Mmmmmm Emily Browning.
  12. It's still the same duel whether you cheat afterwards or not. No doubt there in my eyes. You do have to decide when you flip though, not after your opponent cheats. I played Shenlong last weekend, used all 4 style upgrades throughout the game, which is a good sign. My models all ended the game with 0-2 Chi, it didn't really pile up, some models could use some more and only my Low River Monk had plenty. They seem to be in a pretty good place now. I'm still not very keen on Sensei Yu though. I really want him to be cool and necessary but those 9 stones for a support model that deals very little damage and hands out fast once or twice... well perhaps give him another chance but he just doesn't impress me. Hive Mv 5 might be an issue, he seems to be too slow, falling behind very quickly especially when he wants to do something other that walking.
  13. Erik1978


    The stat 5 gun is what often makes me bring Fuhatsu instead. Also: stones, hard to wound, rapid fire. Don't get me wrong I've used Samurai and will in the future. It's a good model but no more.
  14. Ah I see, it just say it may not BE reduced to below 1 health, so it's not damage reducing per se. Thanks.
  15. Had a game with Shenlong vs Von Schill today: Question 1: Drachen Trooper's action Burn it Down: 4" Remove all destructible markers within range. Until the end phase, other models threat the area within range as Hazardous (Burning +1). So, what happens if he is standing within 4" of destructible terrain, uses this action, then walks past more destructible terrain? Does he remove the terrain when using the action, then the hazardous terrain "follows" him around to wherever he ends up but he destroys no more terrain? Or does he leave behind an area of hazardous terrain where he took the action? We agreed it was: remove terrain upon taking this action and no more, and hazardous was always 4" from wherever he ended up, not where he initially declared the action. Correct? Question 2: Does irreducible damage ignore hard to kill? I used all 4 style upgrades for Shenlong during the game, I guess that's a good indication that they are fine now. I rarely used anything other than wandering river style back in M2E.
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