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  1. Erik1978

    Gamble your life?

    What happens if a Stitched together casts gamble your life on a model with "the old ways"? Can the target decide to take 1 damage to instead flip from the discard pile?
  2. Erik1978

    Voodoo Curse functionality

    None of that matters, Zoraida lost her ability to take any one living minion into her crew, making it a swampfiend. I was getting ready to play with a Nurse or a Gunsmith and have fun. 😥
  3. Erik1978


    "Oops sorry, we meant 16th of January 2020, have patience, everyone."
  4. Erik1978

    Thank You, Mason

    I hope Wyrd will rectify that silly mistake in the next standard employee contract.
  5. Erik1978

    Thank You, Mason

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. 😥 (But good luck, Mason)
  6. Incorporeal models who are affected by a blast from a Ml attack will reduce the damage by half, right? Same goes with Sh I suppose. Even though it's a blast it's still from an attack they can reduce I assume?
  7. A different, Christmasy story encounter Malifaux tournament! 2nd of December in Rogue Trader, Copenhagen. (Harsdorffsvej 8A, 1875 Frederiksberg C, Copenhagen) 10:00 to approx. 19:00 50 soulstones, fixed faction & crew (this includes upgrades!) No painted minis demands this time, HOWEVER, several of the juicy prizes can only be won if your models are painted! Prizes are given for 1st place, best painted, weirdest crew, and other secret objectives! 125 DKr for members of Rogue Trader, 175 DKr for non-members. This includes lunch, coffee, the, perhaps cake. 1 proxy is allowed if it looks like the intended model, for instance some models are not in stores yet. For Danish read here, questions either there or straigth to me: Danish site BR Erik Gertsen
  8. I am pleased to announce I will be hosting Malifaux at this years VIKING CON. The very popular annual game weekend will include Malifaux for the first time. This kicks off the 13th of October 2018 from 09:00 to approx. 19:00 Read more about Viking-con here: Malifaux at Viking-con The rules will be: 50 SS Fixed faction Painted crews only (Yes this includes the base!). GG2018 Room for 14 players. Don't hesistate to contact me for further info. Erik Gertse
  9. Wrath's 0-upgrade states it can be used regardless of faction. Does standard Gaining Grounds format allow for Wrath to be the leader or do players HAVE to choose a Master as their leader? (I can't find anything about this in my pdf document.) And if so, what is the general Henchman/TO attitude towards this crew at tournaments?
  10. Do you choose which comes first or does follow the path come first since it says WHEN this model activated, which sounds before "in the beginning of the activation"?
  11. Erik1978

    Pushes towards and away

    I had an opponent yesterday who strongly disagreed and wanted to push a model to the side of a scheme marker. I told him it was always directly to/from whenever 2 objects/models were involved but I thought it was in an errata. I will direct him here, if it happens again. Thanks.
  12. I was almost certain that ALL pushes towards or away from object/models in Malifaux was center vs center, always. I thought I saw it in some errata example but I can't find it. Did I just remember it wrong? Some effects that pushes a model into base contact with something else, doesn't necessarily have to be directly towards the center?
  13. Erik1978

    Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Only a rat from enemies or friendlies with blight if KILLED.
  14. Erik1978

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I'm sure that person isn't the only one out there but it still seems strange to make tarot cards because of 0.2% of the customers? I'm sure we can find others with disabilities that Wyrd could take into account but usually a company looks at the majority of their customers. But I hope your friend will able to play with the new cards, I can't stop it anyway, I just hope 3rd edition will be just as good as 2nd, for him to get excited about. Something IS easier now: I don't have to take all the cards out of the sleeves or even out of the binder, everything becomes obsolete at the same time. Look at the bright side I suppose...
  15. Erik1978

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Hey lots of people love their phones, even people older than me! I know a lot of people who like having the cards. It's faster and easier for the opponent to quickly see something, like how many wounds everyone has left. I've heard a lot of people being happy about Warmachine and the app there but not everyone has a brand new smart phone... or even a smart phone.