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  1. It must be a good sign that you find it hard to keep up with the same number of people! I would hate for the case with M3E to be: "well we only really need 1 employee now... to dust off the cobwebs in our warehouse filled with stuff we can't sell." Keep it up and I will keep bringing more players in here in the cold north.
  2. It seems strange the model which takes the damage, chooses which Sorrow damages her. (But it's consistent with other rules of course.) I shouldn't read stat cards late at night, I obviously miss tiny words...
  3. So auras don't stack, which means even if you are surrounded by 3 Sorrows and gain stunned, you won't tkae 3 x 1 damage. But can 1 Sorrow give 1 damage, while the 2 others each move 2" because the aura then affects 3 different models? Same goes for activating within 3 Sorrows regarding Life Leech: Will your model take 1 damage and 1 Sorrow heals 1, or will your model take 1 damage but all 3 Sorrows heal 1?
  4. It helps knowing the rules for Monks to begin with I suppose. The concentrate boost for one thing. And as Cursed25 said: LRM doesn't really fall behind by standing still in turn 1 but if you want his 4 wounds in the front lines be prepared to lose him to a stiff breeze.
  5. You've lost quite a few with Shenlong? 😮 I already know a few people who ask me to not field him. He seems VERY strong. I usually have 1 LRM, cheap healer who can also give Shenlong 3 Chi in turn 1. HRM are always doing great. Yasunori is good with Shenlong since Monks can heal him pretty easily.
  6. Am I reading this right? If you already had stunned (or couldn't gain that condition) you HAVE to choose to discard a card if you have one? Which means models who play against a Rasputina lead crew, and who are slow while activating within 1" of her or an ice pillar MUST discard a card if they have one?
  7. Yeah that made most sense to me. But other effects can then kill him or would that also be negated by emergency healing?
  8. Had a few games with him and this came up, question 1 applies to others as well I suppose: 1) Montresor is killed but discards a card to heal 4. In what aspects does he then count as killed? Dig their graves? His attacker has a healing trigger/ability when killing a target? None? 2) 3 models had a "The Hanged" curse on them. We guessed that meant I could curse no more models until one of the other targets died in accordance with "a second copy of the same upgrade will be discarded with no effect"? It would be nice to just curse a new target and remove the curse from one of the other models of my choosing but nothing seems to support that in the rules?
  9. Hanged aren't Undead, so they can't be healed by "Stitch Up" which is a real bummer. Guess they didn't hang long enough to become Undead? I don't think he is bad to meet. As with many others: if you have no idea what you are walking into, then perhaps. But when you know how he works, he's not bad. I'd rather meet him than Zoraida for instance.
  10. It's an attack that gives him (or a student) a 6" move. I assume it needs a target because it's an attack? He can't simply discard a Chi and move 6" to get away from someone, correct?
  11. Interesting, we've had quite a lot of explosive tokens go to waste because models already had some.
  12. I'm gone 1 day and my 3 little questions have turned into a book!? 😵 Well I guess that means it were some decent questions. It sounds like some Wyrd clarification would be nice.
  13. First official M3E tournament in Copenhagen! Rogue Trader Copenhagen, Harsdorffsvej 8A, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark. 25. of August 09:00 to about 18:00 Fixed faction 50 SS and 3 games. Lunch is included in the 100 Dkr for members or 145 Dkr for non-members og Rogue Trader. Contact me for any questions and bring your beautiful new cards and have fun. Erik
  14. Let's jump right in: 1: Hoffman's "temper steel" says armor can't be ignored on his target but irreducible still plows right through, correct? 2: When (the very fragile) Youko dies in turn 3, does the opponent's card hand go back to what it was? 3: Gluttony's Maddening drums can't destroy a turf marker but can it still push a model in base contact with one?
  15. Ah, important distinction there. Thanks.
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