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  1. Because you have 4 red jokers and no weak cards or because they have different backs? I made my own too, just printed pictures etc. on an old guild starter deck, I glued the severes on to the weak cards to fool fate.
  2. All the faction decks look quite nice, only problem is the factions who have a color that looks like a specific suit, like Neverborn, where all cards looks like at fist glance.
  3. I speak somewhat German. It's a nice table! Too many tables have an open killing ground in the middle, flanked by some symmetrical terrain hugging the sides of the table. Could do with some of the concealing terrain being areas where you can walk in but apart from that very nice. I also like the stats and the way you film. Your strat markers seem incomplete? I printed the same ones for idols. The Neverborn faction fate deck?
  4. Oh, I forgot one thing you could try: Shenlong can both push Emissary away from the others, and win the important duels with Chi, that's also a weapon against the bubble. Afterwards, Fuhatsu (or if you are cool like me: Miss Guided) will blast away at Nexus/Meredith/Archivist. Some Archers could also due good damage and with blast.
  5. I played 1 game against them in the beta, which probably doesn't count for much, I've played them 3 times. First was a draw, then 2 wins. I haven't used Emissary but I can see why that kind of breaks the mold in terms of durability. I would (if you can't play Hamelin), go for a lot of ranged blasts. Like Fuhatsu. Terrifying will prevent a lot of attacks from Shambling Nests and Eyes & Ears. I know Husks don't care but most of my parasites have come from Nests, except when I played against Yan Lo and they were afraid of everyone. Asami summoning Obsidian Oni bombs. One of those can nuke a batch of ears and take some chunks out of an important model too, with a bit of luck. As several have said: kill Nexus, Archivist, and Meredith. Ofc that's easier said than done if Emissary is standing there. Cadmus RULES the center of the table, so if schemes/strat allows it: go for the flanks. It's not a fast crew, apart from Spider, which I always take for the mobility the others don't have. I wish we had more time with the explorers beta but time will always be an issue if they want to stay alive as a company, which is fair since they've made the best game in the world. Just don't pull a M2E Sandeep and let them win tournaments for 2 years before Wyrd finally nerfs them.
  6. Apart from Explorers being a new faction people need to adjust playstyle against, Cadmus is so different from everything else that people probably need more games before they know how to play against them. That said, I think a few adjustments to Cadmus would be in order. I'm reluctant to play them at the tournament next month, I'd hate to be that guy bringing people frustrating games. I do like the crew through. The totem models are so cool.
  7. Yeah we went through that and neither of us were sure, in the end it meant Yan Lo lived through a few extra attacks, dying a horrible poison death, while parasites were eating his brain.
  8. So you're saying the Cadmus player can say "That's my friendly model, you have to discard a card!" when Yan Lo targets with a heal? Okay, so Yan Lo is "killed" from the initial damage, the demise triggers, and he receives 2 irreducible damage from the parasite token?
  9. Played Nexus vs Yan Lo today: Say Yin has a parasite and she is within 4" of Archivist silence aura, can Yan Lo still heal her without discarding a card? We voted he could for this game, since me (Cadmus) choosing Yin to be a friendly Cadmus model didn't affect whether Yan Lo thought of her as a friend for his own action? Yan Lo had a parasite (in the BRAIN!! ...laying eggs!) He had 2 wounds remaining, received 4 damage and a parasite for 2 irreducible because he didn't want to discard a card (Nexus attacked him). He had a demise ability to discard a reliquary and heal, which we thought came after both normal and irreducible damage, agree? (Not: receive 4 damage, then die and heal, then parasite damage). Siphon power is 1 irreducible for a friend who has to CHOOSE to take that damage, which means you can't give it to an enemy model with a parasite BUT can you give it to a friend who then uses we are legion to bounce 1 damage to an enemy model with a parasite even though he still has to suffer 1 damage because it's irreducible? We weren't sure about this but reading we are legion, it looks like you can bounce 1 damage on to an enemy even if you still suffer irreducible damage?
  10. Ah yes, good to keep in mind. BTW when dropping a shadow marker, ice pillar etc you always need LoS, right? Or can Ototo leap to the other side of a big building by dropping a shadow marker over there?
  11. I assume a summoned Eyes & Ears who then gets replaced by a Berzerker Husk, still can't do strategy interact actions, since he was replacing a summoned model?
  12. Her only attack can't target flying models, so can they just leave her engagement?
  13. And now that we know it stacks, do we discard 2 cards to target a third model, not challenging us, or just 1 card?
  14. @Adran Does that mean if Dreamer passes an attack on to Chompy you DO have to resolve Dreamer's serene countenance but not Chompy's terrifying?
  15. Overpowered? You must mean other instances than a terrifying check then? An Operative is a very squishy model that doesn't hit very hard. Sure, you can get some fun stuff out of Infiltrator but overpowered?
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