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  1. Revelation trigger could use some clarification. It's a 6" pulse some would argue, then again, in the same action higher up they make sure to write "within range" but not here. Would be nice if they added a few words to make sure everyone was on the same page.
  2. Has anything been revealed regarding gen con and what will be put up for sale? (Apart from Miss Guided as a bonus).
  3. I can't seem to find downloadable M3E cards for McCabe on motor cycle etc. They haven't been made?
  4. Good point, Solkan. I know impassable markers can make for a whole other head ache, like in M2E. It's probably rare to have a crew where all models don't care about severe terrain (unless you actually play a crew that's incorporeal) I mostly play Ten Thunders at tournaments. True 8 markers of hazardous become the same trait but standing in a huge pile of those still mean my models take 1 damage for every move or action, and it's tough to get out of since half move through a bunch of 50 mm markers means too many move actions. Mysterious emissary can be taken by all NB masters. Wh
  5. Keep in mind that a model that can remove them often removes ONE marker in an activation, and those markers are not hard to create for the opposing crew. Please don't think I just create my crew without a second thought as to what Master Im up against. I just think it's strange that some crews can get their destructible markers removed several at a time, while other crews spit out hazardous and severe that not many can do anything about.
  6. So not many. But Lotus Eaters is good news.
  7. Not all keywords have an abundance of those. I don't think Titania and mysterious emissary relies on the enemy being bogged down in severe and hazardous but it certainly makes things easier for them. Mysterious Emissary can't be moved when in severe but I suppose it could work on others. However I've found over the last 50+ M3E games that too many models to counter these markers (or something else) might mean you are not very well geared for the strategy and/or schemes. When it comes to avoidance: remember Titania can both create and move underbrush markers. 1 or 2 models wil
  8. M2E had some big annoying ice pillars that could lock down a flank or a model very effieciently, Wyrd saw the light and made all those markers destructible. Then there are crews that make pit trap markers, again, destructible. Fine. Then there are crews that spew out severe and/or hazardous terrain, 50 mm markers, that stay on the table and there's nothing you can do. Titania makes half the table concealing and severe, except for her own crew. Mysterious Emissary can easily make 3-4 hazardous markers every turn, and the opposing crew can do nothing about that. I think pyre
  9. Think I saw this mentioned before but if you attack and kill a model with vengeance (Urami), will that ability still deal 1 damage to the attacking model? Same question with black blood.
  10. Ah thanks, I seem to only have the core rules errata thing. I can't seem to find it, can you point? EDIT: Ah, I found it. Just search FAQ instead of errata.
  11. I remember this discussion but can't find it. I don't see it mentioned in the new errata so I assume people kind of agreed? Does Hoffman's temper steel "it's armor ability can't be ignored" prevent irriducible from cutting right through or does it ONLY work against things that IGNORE armor in their abilities?
  12. Yan Lo with his ASH upgrade gives: "friendly models within 3 have concealment." So even if you are within 1" of Yan Lo, if it's a non- attack action, you get flip? In the same game, another question came up, the Symbols of authority are concealing and impassable. So two models in btb with the same marker, one model attacks the other with a non- attack action, does that also get flip? LoS lines go through the marker, and you are not inside it, which means the penalty comes into play?
  13. Laugh off is worth something here, in case people had forgotten about that. Stealth too. Don't just pick the cheapest minion to carry the stone. It will be interesting to see how people play this after a handful of tries.
  14. I've never seen anything other than stopping a push when first contact occurs. That puts all base sizes in the same distance to the center of that marker (in this case) and is easy to do in exactly the same way every time. Very relevant question!
  15. Yeah I see very little reason to hire TT brothers. I would have thought the errata made dance of heavens a bonus action again, they are just not worth 6 stones.
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