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  1. Malifaux Meyhem 3 Sunday 23rd of February. Rogue Trader - Copenhagen Harsdorffsvej 8A 1874 Frederiksberg Denmark 14 spots, 50 SS fully painted! (incl. bases) Single Faction and with no secondary Master in your crew. DMH is allowed. Game 1 starts at 10:00 and we are done at about 18:00. Lunch included. 100 DKr for members of Rogue Trader, otherwise 145 Dkr. 3 games. Wyrd prizes. Proxies for some (few) models will be accepted, contact me for further info. Erik
  2. Where do I see the version? EDIT: Here it is I think: Build 1.0.15 (?) I have an android. (Samsung Galaxy). It happens with different models in different factions for me. Shows 9+1 until I give them an upgrade, then it's just 10. (or whatever their cost)
  3. If I buy say Manos out of keyword, he is listed as 9+1 soulstone but if I give him an upgrade is just says 10 soulstones. Reverts back to 9+1 if I remove the upgrade again. Could be a problem with some schemes if people think a model costs more than it does.
  4. Wow, really? How unusual. I played Euripides yesterday (2nd game of M3E with him), I guess you will soon learn to bury people with Thoon, that's one of the most dangerous things in the crew! And protect primordial magic! I buried Santiago in late turn 2 and Fransisco in start of turn 3. That makes half the enemy crew try and free those models instead of doing strategy or schemy stuff. It's a fun and different crew, which crumbles if people can ignore HtK. Mei Feng using freight train on enemy models... ouch.
  5. Once again nothing on the board for unimpeeded models. I see that a lot unfortunately. A bunch of blocking evenly distributed. The end. Did you guys play 40K before? I like the visual of seeing the table on the left with the stat card and you guys on the right. Personally I would like battle reports to be BATTLE reports... meaning that I know the rules and I want to see how the game went, not listening to people explain rules or what the models do, I already know that. I assume new players would find it more enlightning. This is kind of a summary of a game with thoughts and reflection? Showing the crew and explain WHY you took those models is fine I think, that's interesting to hear but beyond that I would prefer more focus on the game as you played it but some might prefer the summary/reflection. More diverse terrain and not completely symmetrical and play again!
  6. Now my app sorts in factions and alphabetical order it seems. Was there going to be an option to have the good old "Henchman/Enforcer/Minion" with keywords first or is this the new way of crew building? If I can change it, I would like to know how.
  7. Ah, right. Thanks. My SPD 11 Goryshche made up for the King's Hand seeing everything and shooting 4 times pr turn.
  8. That's pretty strange. But then again a Commander with a rifle can stand behind King's Hand and shoot at people who can't see him, right? I just played my 2nd game and couldn't find any mention of size. The Titans vary greatly in size, how much terrain can a King's Hand see over, compared to a Goryshche for example? We just played it true LoS kind of.
  9. Sure I've won 8-1 and the game was decided in turn 2 or 3. In my experience, only very uneven games are decided by turn 3, the close ones are decided by the last couple of activations in turn 5.
  10. 1) That's how we played it. Damn that was a lot of shots each turn from that Kingsman Titan shooty robot! My Gorysche came with 1 bite and 1 tail swipe but it all worked out.
  11. Playing... but already have these 2: 1) If a Titan has 3 assets that has a versatile action, can the Titan then take 3 extra actions each turn? 2) Some squads have a "flag" action on their cards but the rules only mention the Commander taking one of those, which leads us to believe the other units can only use that action instead of shooting or other actions? From Focused Effort order for example?
  12. When I construct a crew it now shows keyword, versatile, out of keyword instead of Master, Henchman, Enforcer, Minion. Did the app change or did I do something?
  13. After a few games against Dreamer it's pretty obvious this mechanic is too much. Perhaps fewer models should able to do it, or it should require an actual action AND an 8+ to succeed or something? A crew who has very small chance of dealing only weak damage on a damage flip in turns 4 and 5 is a bit much. Plus it takes time for all those models to exile those cards all the time.
  14. Thanks. I'm UNDEFEATED so far... let's see if that's the case tomorrow night or if I suddenly has as many defeats as wins. I think my opponent has TWICE the number of games under his belt... a total veteran! Stand by for further n00b questions.
  15. Approaching my only second game, I saw Fireteams in the same company can ignore each other for LoS. So a commander can stay behind a friendly unit and shoot at enemies he can see but who can't see him?
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