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  1. What happens if Sparks is standing in a sea of scrap markers, and Hungering Darkness has 1 wound left and attacks and kills him? Darkness takes 1 damage (and injury+1) after completing the action, right? But then Sparks is dead... but when he took the action there was hazardous terrain? We played it like he attacked in hazardous and killed Sparks but died himself because the scrap was hazardous when he made the action.
  2. Personally I would hate to see him like early M2E where he is the most adaptable master in the game AND a crazy unkilliable tank with great damage output. It's sensible he has SOME weakness, like other Masters. The Mastes who are very tanky don't have half the tricks Sandeep has, which is fair.
  3. Where can we see the miniatures?
  4. Stitched Together are TOO powerful IMO. You pretty much have a guaranteed 3/4/5 damage flip against enemy models (that can be cheated often enough), which isn't even an attack, so no Vengeance or Incoporeal. They are approaching NPE I think. (Frustrating instances where you can't cheat or prevent anything but your opponent can get around the "Not cheating" part and use a 13 or whatever.) Perhaps it just means people will shoot them very often? I'm still against this mechanic and high damage TACTICAL action in its current form.
  5. I totally missed the asset limit was different for Titans. Better read those rules a bit better. Thanks.
  6. Can someone explain this for me? Rapid regeneration allows for attaching one snapping head asset. I have one snapping head asset card (which I assume I should make some copies of??) And some that cost 1, one that cost 0, which all have slot (body) or slot (tail). How does my Goryshche get those tail and body upgrades? I assume I can purchase ONE of them from the get-go, does that include the 0 cost body slot upgrade? Which means I can pick 1 of those 5 upgrades and the rest of the game I can only get snapping heads, which I only have one card of? Also, I assume it matters whether I have a body or tail upgrade somehow?
  7. Really? All 3 abilities? Those are pretty awesome upgrades he hands out. I bought the Hamelin Avatar because that donkey is both silly and horrible. I always take at least 1 Convict Gunslinger, and often with wanted criminal which suits Parker perfectly, Parker always gets one. Run & Gun is great, takes some getting use to but is really powerful. Make sure Mad Dog is allowed to shine, he is your most dangerous model and only effective weapon against armor.
  8. It's a fun crew but hard to play IMO. Having 5-8 models on 50 mm bases with Sz 3-4 will quickly become a challenge. As soon as an opponent lures or pushes one of your models, everyone is in the way of everyone. Euripides is the star player of this crew, which might make him more of a secondary master but we'll see. I'm getting that crew for sure.
  9. I really don't follow. How do you "yo-yo" back to a shadow marker using her bonus action? Aren't we talking about the card/stun trick called Abandon Honor?
  10. I hope you will find a good place. I have 3D printed terrain like crazy for almost a year now, so I have enough for at least 5 tables. I'm also a Henchman who hosts tournaments though. But at home I can easily fit 2 table for a good old time of 4 nerds having fun. (I have about 550 models now). I host tournaments in Copenhagen, plenty of nerd clubs here. I just wish there were more players (but I hope the dormant ones will wake up when the rules are official) because right now I don't always play every week (and then I fall into withdrawel). But a lot of people have put Malifaux on hold here, while the beta is running. I really hope everyone will jump back in, and some new players too. Lady Justice is a good in-your-face Master that doesn't need a lot of set up or subtle tricks, I played her a few times in M2E and had fun (my opponents also had fun in spite of being hacked into pieces) but I have yet to try her in M3E (so many "new" Masters to try now!)
  11. The Dom? Sounds like terrain is on your to-do list.
  12. But cheating on purpose feels better? (I know what you mean, and me too.) I'm wondering about 3 low river monks, the list seems to lack punch. I usually bring one but they hardly scare anyone. If Wyrd wanted to do something smart, they would make SURE that Sandeep was nowhere NEAR the top of the power mountain in M3E. He was among the (if not THE) very best Masters in M2E before the nerf, and a lot of people got him for that reason. If they made others better, they might sell more of those rather than power players just keep playing Sandeep. (I have no idea about his power level in the beta, never met him, but it sounds like he's pretty tough).
  13. As 3rd edition Malifaux is announced Im hoping to have lots more demos! I also give demos in The Other Side games but Malifaux is (of course) my main game.
  14. No pictures I'm afraid, finally figured out how to not use up space on this forum for them, so next time!! 1: Plant Explosives (standard deployment) 2: Search Ruins, Hold up Forces, Take Prisoner, Deliver Message, Assassinate. 3: Just over 4 hours, 5 turns. (Ironsides player is not very experienced with M3E and had 2 kids and a pregnant wife in the same room). 4: Misaki 5 - Ironsides 4 5: Erik1978 (attacker) Misaki with masked agent, Shang, Ototo, Yamaziko, Crimeboss with masked agent, Dawn Serpent, Torakage (6 SS). 3 VP from strategy (should have been 4 but made a sleepy mistake), 1 from deliver message, 1 from assassinate. 6: N/A (Steven who made that cool M3D crew builder/printer program) Ironsides, Mouse, The Captain, Amina, Howard, 2 Gunsmiths (5 SS). 2 VP from strategy, 1 from deliver message, 1 from take prisoner on Crimeboss. I fell in love with ressers, then Outcast, thinking TT had weird models that probably wasn't for me. Now I have all TT Masters and have played them in most tournaments and games in 2018 (I have 6 factions now and my collection has expanded well beyond 500 models). It's a healthy and fun sickness! I can already say that Misaki will be one of my favorite Masters in M3E. I really love her mobility and the unpredictability she can bring. The excuse to make ninja star shadow markers also helped. I've only played her 3-4 times in the closed and/or open beta and had yet to try Oyabun's Command. This game I used it every turn, mostly on Ototo who killed both Gunsmiths and took down the last half of the bloody mess formely known as Howard. Amina is a really good model against Last Blossom! That 6" counter charge aura is solid gold against a crew that has charge through on half its models. I obviously took masked agent to stop my models from dealing 1-2 damage to Ironsides and receiving more in return on her nasty resistance trigger. Only in turn 5 was Ototo beating her without masked agent nearby and took 3 hits from it for a total of 9 damage before armor (turn 5 he killed Howard out of activation thanks to Oyabun's Command and became FAST). It's a really good way to make Ototo fast by the way. Misaki giving him a charge on something that has yet to activate, and thanks to charge through, he can plant the club thoroughly in someones skull. Misaki did well, although charging and bringing a friend with masked agent was only used twice (but to GREAT effect both times). Ototo was man of the match, Misaki was woman of the match, a real dynamic duo. Ototo was shot twice from focussed effort Gunsmiths in turn 1 but stones and juggernaut kept him in the game, and he was worth every damage prevention and severe card on heals. Torakage planted some explosives and the delayed Howard (very little), I was still satisfied. I noticed the bonus action could be used to get quite far ahead using Misaki's shadow markers. Dawn Serpent didn't do much, planted some explosives and bit a few people. Yamaziko was lucky to survice to turn 3, just as fragile as I remember her but she did give me a pass token and a card from her attack on Ironsides. Great trigger! Crimeboss kept wanting Arcanists to drop scheme markers but why would they in this scenario? He kept hoping though. If he hadn't been the target of take prisoner, he would have been dead in turn 2. Gunsmiths are quite nasty when shooting people in the open. It was no coincidence I killed the first one in early turn 2 and the other in turn 3. Amina is a great deterrent against melee crews. Ironsides dealt 4 damage every hit, constant weak damage +2 from adrenaline, and the Lure thing is not bad. Also not being able to hit others, if you engage her is pretty cool. Mouse failed a heal and died so I don't know what he can do. Howard is still menacing, especially with the Grit aura from Amina/Ironsides. The Captain was on a flank, keeping a low profile but gettin Ironsides 2 VP, he is a pretty good allround model IMO. What a great game, I can't wait for proper cards and new masters... nice new books and everyone wanting to play again when the rules are out!
  15. How are they speed bumps against Lady J? Can't she simply teleport past them and squash her target? Against armor I've found "Analyze weakness" to be quite good. Sidir might have a tax but he is nice to have when armor +2 is in your face.
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