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  1. If Perdita (or similar) charges The Captain, does middle of the storm reduce damage, or will her attacks no longer count as because of gunfighter?
  2. People who can't agree might be thinking of the beta? Back then you could get +2 hand size from reservoir. Now it shouldn't spark much debate.
  3. Which explains his very poor healing ability!
  4. It seems you scored VP in turn 1? That's impossible in M3E.
  5. I guess I should tell YOU about them then... First: Your opponent knows what you are playing and can plan schemes accordingly, which means scoring schemes in turn 4 (if possible). Second: Even if your opponent goes ahead and scores for scheme in turn 2, you will get pass tokens starting from turn 3! That's the EARLIEST you get a load of pass tokens, which means turn 1 and 2 are more even, and only if schemes are scored in turn 2 because your opponent decides he can't wait. So unlike against Aionus, there is something you can do here. There is a big difference from initiative turn 2+3+4+5 being automatically lost to only turn 4+5.
  6. My last game he summoned a cheap model, unburied it, buried it, then unburied it again because he had nothing better to do with Aionus that turn. You don't need to have 3 models buried. I've played against Tara/Aionus a handful of times now, 2 different opponents playing him differently. Common is: they always rule ini and dictate corrupted idol placement. And yeah I agree different masters are good at different strats/schemes, which is fine. I just dislike a mechanic where you get precious pass tokens with no effort. As I said: put in a TN and remove the built in crow and he is good to go.
  7. I often see Aionus made fast. REMEMBER, even if he's standing in his own deployent zone the entire game, he can unbury ENEMY models too (and still get 2 pass tokens), and that enemy is then unburied in the middle of scheme markers or a bunch of swords. Aionus doesn't really NEED to move a lot. I see the point with him "not doing much else" but I would like to see him actually having a TN on that action and not a built in trigger. Everyone else has to do something for their pass tokens (like hit an enemy with the correct suit), he doesn't care what he flips, he actually hopes to burn some crappy cards while guaranteeing ini for the next turn.
  8. Played corrupted idols against Tara today. Needless to say he had +5 or +6 on ini every turn because of Aionus who succeed INCL. trigger on even a black joker(?). I know some people justify the 2 pass tokens with his ability to spend them but that action should at least require say, a 7, and without the built in crow IMO. At least leverage requires schemes to be revealed so it's turn 3 at the EARLIEST, whereas Aionus just craps out pass tokens effortlessly from turn 1. If it wasn't guaranteed I think it would feel less brain farty compared to others who can gain pass tokens here and there?
  9. We know the enemy LEADER we're playing against, quite a big difference in my opinion... there might be a Zoraida lurking in the Shadows, or a Seamus teleporting around to help McMourning etc. Would you take anything to counter Zoraida if your opponent announces Dreamer as the leader?
  10. If Zoraida could "only" move or attack with enemy models (but perhaps do more with her own), I think it would more fun to play against her. And more balanced.
  11. I've only hosted 1 tournament so far (with official M3E rules that is), not surprisingly the winner fielded Zoraida as secondary Master. Yeah, that's great when you know you are gonna play against her. When you are up against Dreamer you can't really put together a counter-Zoraida crew just because she MIGHT be hired into the crew. But even as a primary Master, she is not very fun to play against. Insane range on Obey and besides strats, it's never fun to see your own model walk once, then charge your own model back towards your own table edge, making it a full activation farther behind, as well as hitting a weak totem in the face. And concealment won't help if she REALLY wants to hit that 10 stone beater with her stat 7 double mask attack. And she probably does. I think the range should be changed, the ability to take interact actions with enemies, and her card craw mechanic. I don't mind Obey but I think it should be walk or attack actions, that's it.
  12. Why would you want it to touch BOTH? It never can, unless a model (or terrain) is standing the EXACT distance of a 30 mm marker from the previous strategy marker, ON the centerline. How often does that happen? The new marker should touch the previous strategy marker, model, OR terrain... not both/all of them. Perhaps I need to post some pictures here to clarify what I mean. It doesn't say it has to touch the old marker but that's how we played it, as I said: as close to the original position without overlapping either model, terrain, or marker, as possible.
  13. "...instead drops the strategy marker evenly on the centerline, touching but not overlapping the strategy marker, impassable terrain, or model" We had a game today where there was a strategy marker (from the previous turn) in base contact with a large impassable ship. So placing the new marker touching one of those COULD result in the marker being placed on the other side of that ship, 6-7" farther towards the centre of the table, still on the centerline? We agreed it made most sense that the marker got placed in base contact with the other strategy marker to place it as close to it's supposed destination as possible, thought nothing seems to support it in the rules?
  14. The biggest event of the year will once again host Malifaux among all it's games. Get your ticket and additional info here: https://www.viking-con.dk/ Malifaux will be a 1 day tournament on 12th of October 2019. Game 1 starts at 10:00 and we will go at it until about 18:30 50 SS fixed faction and Dead Man's Hand is allowed. 3 games. However you can't hire additional Masters into your crew at this event. Models must be fully painted bases including. Viking-Con is always at: Taarnby Gymnasium Tejn Alle 5 2770 Kastrup Denmark
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