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  1. I have no idea what could be coming so I'm not sure what I'd want. I have pretty much all the extant LEs I want now, so I'm mostly waiting to see what new LEs pop up, for both Malifaux and TOS. Long shot wish is for presale of 3e stuff.
  2. Aside from another several masters without Avatars, seems like it wouldn't be any more unbalanced to use the 2e campaign rules in 3e than it was to use them in 2e. The campaign system usually gets pretty whacky anyways. As for the RJ, it'll be a change but I don't think it'll be too huge. The models it mattered on with "high" damage tracks - 3/4/6, 3/4/5, even 2/4/6, it only ends up being like ~2 damage less than 2e most times. Still enough to kill weaker minions and enforcers and severely damage tougher models, but gives them design space to put in higher minimum damage without worrying about RJ. 4/5/6 becomes 7 damage instead of 10, that 7 damage is worrisome for the opponent but doesn't have the extreme one-shot capabilities of 10.
  3. Dear god these folks just bleed character. I've been waiting for the new 10T releases mostly, but these are definitely on the "do want" list.
  4. Alt Belles are possible, but another possibility I raised on FB: " An interesting possibility might be Malifaux upper-class citizens who see undeath as either a trendy affectation or a way to beat the reaper, and have the means to either buy the materials themselves or hire someone to "do the deed" as it were? "
  5. I'm wondering if they might have either of the Midnight Stalker's two passives - penalizing attacking him until he's attacked, and not being able to attack already-activated models. Might go with the same upper-class nature?
  6. Thanks for everything Aaron! (Especially buffing Ten Thunders).
  7. TOS has already also been delayed twice - once from December 2017 to this March, then again to April. It's just a ton of work overall and it's not a purposefully delayed schedule. I imagine once they get the Kickstarter orders out the door that life will get a little easier. Hopefully we'll hear another update on delivery soon, even if it's to alert us to another delay.
  8. Doubtful. Wyrd has stated their intention to not do pre-releases anymore except in limited capacity at Gencon, and regular releases only make their way to the webstore 1-2 months after they become available to brick 'n mortar stores.
  9. Loving Gremlin Bob Ross, but sad to see that Undying seems to have vanished :(
  10. I'm actually a little miffed since I had an idea for 10T Saboteurs, down to the blowing up scheme markers Still though, these look awesome and I'm looking forward to getting the box.
  11. Maybe they're opening the forum tomorrow?
  12. I believe that each faction has a special sublist of rules when being brought in via allying. It brings *some* but not all of their home faction's rules, but one of the rules they do bring is their native glory rule. So for example if you brought some Hordes with Horo into what is nominally a Burning Man force, you don't get to benefit from all the rules you'd get if you were running a nominally Hordes force, but one thing you do get is the Hordes models getting to eat stuff for Glory. It's been a while since I read the blurb about allying stuff though, so maybe someone will correct me.
  13. Well, what I was trying to get at was that simple mention of fluid/soulstone trade seems like it'd be bait enough, but the way it was written took it to ridiculous extremes beyond my ability to swallow, with constant harping on what they're doing is illegal. If I saw a cup game coming up on the sidewalk and I walked by two men loudly discussing how to beat the cup game, I would not think "golly, now I can go win some money!" I would think "associates trying to round up marks". The fact the guardsman opted to follow them even after reflecting on how ridiculous the conversation was, makes him an idiot rather than a tragic figure. EDIT: To be clear, I don't dispute the "bait" nature of the conversation. I'm saying that the way the conversation as currently written is extremely obvious and poor bait, and doesn't serve the rest of the story (which I liked) well.
  14. For the second book onwards, some of them have custom scenarios but they're not essential. They're mostly fluff/card list repositories. The exception is the third book, Shifting Loyalities, which contains rules for the campaign system. The campaign system is pretty fun if your shop runs it, and while you may have someone there who will let you use it while necessary, it's a solid buy if you want to do the campaign system.
  15. Overall I liked this issue of Chronicles, but one of the stories really stuck in my craw Specifically, Gift Kentauroi. It started off very well with the Guardsmen trudging along, and the ending third was well executed (especially him lost and wandering, being funneled down hallways by the sounds of things best left unmentioned). The part I took issue with was him listening in on the alleyway conversation. I really feel like the mention of soulstones and embalming fluid by themselves should have piqued his interest, especially since both are described as highly regulated in trade. The whole repetition of "ILLEGAL ILLICIT ILLEGAL UNDERHANDED" felt super-contrived, and by itself turned the protagonist from "an up and comer whose ambition led to his downfall" to "a credulous idiot who got everything he had coming". I think it would have gone much better with the two alleyway conversationalists playing it straight. I actually didn't mind the orange cloak - it wasn't obviously the kind of elbow in the ribs that the conversation was, and provided a useful story tool for the protagonist to follow.
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