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  1. poltergeist and wrath off the top of my head wrath makes them take wp duels and suffer damage poltergeist puts them on negs and they take another damage
  2. I have found (after my extensive 10 games neverborn in m3e XD) that Titania is brutal I haven't had chance to play Nekima, dreamer Euripedes so that may change I can see a reason to take Marcus other than you like the models I played him a couple of times but I cant get that much use out of him. my personal picks are Reckoning -Titania Corrupted Idols - Zoraida/ Lucius (depending on deployment) Plant explosives -Zoraida Turf war - Pandora
  3. I didn't think they would but you know when you read something and all of a sudden you become Mr Burns from the Simpsons
  4. Hi all, The Mysterious Emissary has an action which states that it can target anyone in the same piece of severe terrain. would this mean that undrush markers are classed as the same piece of terrain for the purposes of this action. i'm leaning to no but not 100% Thanks
  5. I'm in its Richard for both days but hoping with a little bit of luck, I will make it to masters
  6. Welcome to Malifaux A note that I am now available to run demos at Wargames Workshop Northampton. There is a friendly atmosphere with a group of gamers into other systems as well as Faux, Expert help is also on hand for modeling and painting help and guidance. You will find me at the following shop address: Wargames workshop, 3 Abington Square, Northampton, NN1 4AE Running Malifaux Intro & Demo Games: Every Monday evening, after 5.30 For further information feel free to phone the shop on 01604 638218 Please also contact me on the forum to allow me to book a slot I am also looking for a venue to run events/tournaments in the future
  7. No, more for healing, the trouble is I've maybe played against him twice and that was ressers I really don't know what to use with him
  8. I was considering trying him out not sure what to run I do like myranda but not sure how viable she is in his crew as I don't think he will be relying on poison like in ressers, im quite excited to get playing him I think he could catch people by surprise. what are your thoughts on him.
  9. ah ok didn't spot this thanks didn't want to do this at a tournament
  10. 1 isn't really an issue as I play quite defensive so im not usually spending cards turn 1 other then to summon 2 I normally use my model to hit the statue then heal him with LRM to get 2 komainu a turn, 3 the push and fast is good but with him the statue is my only real hitting power the rail worker can do a bit of damage but kang is ml7 min 3 which is a lot more consistent damage output.
  11. thanks for all the replies I have considered taking Kang or the emissary for sparks, my issue with the emissary is that people seem to take it with Mei Feng as it drops a scrap marker but the obsidian statue and porkchop do this anyway, I know it makes something fast but you are stil trading 1 ap for 1 ap where as Kang buffs the crew and gives me some hitting power
  12. do we know when these will be available? love the design does unfortunately mean I know need to rebuy my TT to base them again lol
  13. Good Afternoon Guys and Gals, This is my first time writing a tactica of sorts so apologies for any disjointedness or anything that might be missed, but hopefully this gives an overall guide. I am an experienced TT player but never picked up Mei Feng until recently as I was always told how bad she is in the UK. (don't want an argument over USA, UK or any other meta) I recently had the opportunity to play her in a couple of fun games this post is my thoughts, first let’s look at my crew Mei Feng Vapourmancy Misdirection Press the Advantage Sparks The Peaceful Waters Toshiro Command the Graves Obsidian statue Smoke grenades Mechanized Pork chop Rail worker LRM Pretty standard build to be honest, looking at the models in more depth Mei Feng Firstly, she is so much fun, i played her very defensively the fact she can bounce around so much I found her much more useful at being at coup de gras master where she can bounce from side to side killing already wounded models. She can hire 4 foundry models out of faction with infiltration (foundry), is immune to slow and paralyze and has Armor and a trigger to push this model 5” in any direction. The DF trigger did confuse me at first as it’s a leap I would assume it would be a place or ignore intervening model and terrain. She has her 2 attacks on her card, first one being tiger claws which is a 2” range 2/3/4 damage and trigger built in to give burning, to which this attack gain + flips to models with burning, the other Is Jack hammer kick this can be taken off the rail walker action it does 2/3/6 and she pushes into base contact even if it fails or is a disengaging strike, HELLO GREMLINS, with a trigger which gives all friendly models within P3 Armor +1. She can use Railwalker action to bounce around between scrap markers or friendly constructs to capture table quarters or to stop someone picking up a marker as she has a large engagement range. Vent steam is her bread and butter though this puts all sh and casts attacks targeting models within aura 4 on - flips until her next activation. This can be very useful against a lot of crews and helps with playing her defensively. Sparks He is a foundry gremlin, I primarily took him to give out armour and make things constructs…. This was not as effective as I had hoped with Toshiro on the board I didn’t really need any more constructs it was nice making them fast though, where I really got value from him was with his ability that enemy models can’t target a model friendly to them with actions if they are within 8 of him and his attack action which gave models a condition that when suffering moderate or severe damage the would gain a blast. These seemed to be the most effective pieces on his card Nice things though is that he can make something a construct which could help with Kang if its an enemy and gives Armor +1he has accomplice and a decent enough ml 6 attack Toshiro the Daimyo The TT summoner, this 1 and a half eyed gentleman is incredible but you already knew that, he can make any minion fast for an 8 with war fan or can give focused when discarding a nearby corpse. He is pretty survivable with df5 HTW +2 and as a henchman he can survive a little longer he gives all minions + flips to the attack flips of close combat (claw) actions if within 6”. With Mei Feng he works a treat, he can summon 3 models a turn if you can make him fast. Komainu will be the main model you will be summoning with Mei Feng because of all the scrap. Komainu are very good models for free they are HTK Armor +1 6 wounds (they will come in on 3) but can give slow or burning and get it built in if within 3” of a friendly ancestor model. They are ml 6 2/3/4 damage not bad! And can place in base contact with model within 3” and it doesn’t even require a flip. Obsidian Statue It’s a HT3 model its has a low DF of 3 but makes up for it a little bit with Armor +2, a really nice ability with Mei Feng is that when hit it drops a scrap marker in base contact with itself it also may drop a statue marker in base contact at the end of the activation which is blocking HT3 impassable and stops him from being moved pushed or placed by enemy models. Offensively he is pretty good m6 min 3 damage and ca6 against WK at range, his zero actions allow him to either buff casters or heal based on the amount of scrap within 4 I personally used him as a scrap machine for Toshiro then healed him with LRM , I chose him over the emissary as I think he impacts my game plan more than the emissary. (but I’m sure everyone will tell me how I’m wrong😊) Rail worker Possibly one of the best 5ss minions that TT have he can drop a card for + flips on attack and damage turn 1 he can hit the statue for 2-3 scrap markers and later with his armor+1 and DF trigger to reduce all damage by an addition 2 they are quite sturdy and can hit quite hard Mechanized pork chop In a crew that finds scrap useful this model is not bad, DF6 6 wounds isn’t the highest but Armor +1 helps, the real benefit to this little piggy is that he sends everyone else to the market with + flips to the attack and they suffer 1 damage again generating more scrap for the obsidian statue LRM IT’S A LOW RIVER MONK, that is all… It heals with triggers to drop markers, has a condition removal attack at ml 7, a staple in most TT crews These are just my thoughts on Mei Feng please tell me how I’m wrong and how I’m right or what I haven’t even thought of.
  14. ill have to keep an eye on this to see what ill be playing each week lol. I have got ressers out of my system back to TT and the super weasel with a lightsaber
  15. yh it comes down to the board and your positioning but he can get there 2nd activation on turn 1 , and a lot of things come down to the board and your positioning but with mccabes speed he is better equipped than most to deal with this as reapers grin wont affect his shot as it does no damage
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