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  1. spooky_squirrel

    Friday Preview - ECB Black Ops

    Thread-nomancy here, but this unit is a strong drop into Aby in general, in addition to being a titan/character threat. Their deployment and how the rules work for placement allows them to go from covering a wide area with potential threats to being able to focus fire on virtually any point on the board. As an Aby player facing the ECB for the first time recently, they are a solid piece to consider having on your tournament roster if you're playing Burning Man.
  2. spooky_squirrel

    Tokens available for purchase?

    The acrylic tokens look like they're made by Broken Egg Games I think, so you might keep an eye out there. They make a wide range of tokens and have 2D terrain pieces that can help make a table in a pinch. That said, rather than confuse myself using the 120mm poison cloud marker I'll probably end up getting ahold of a 120mm base and making it look like something closer to the Mine Field that Prince Unathi can clog up objectives with. That would be along the lines of what I'd recommend doing for some of the other Markers that various factions use.. I think it would be pretty cool to see some bases decorated with bits and/or painted to be in theme with the controlling force for things like Portal Markers and it would help when a Cult v. Cult mirror match is happening.
  3. spooky_squirrel

    Prototypes what do you take and why?

    Definitely, I just know that the GH player was feeling completely flogged by the Gloried Electrocutioners without there being multiple copies of Flare Gun or Experimental Rockets in play. I know it's been playtested, and I know that there are hard counters out there (ECB BlackOps is a good reason to not stack a lot of anything on your shock troop elements like Electrocutioners, and that's Cult stuff that could be envoy'd in for any of the Malifaux forces). But yeah, short of Machinations (6 tactic tokens to buy), you're not going to see a whole lot of excitement due to limitations on number of actions, even with Prince Unathi prompting shenanigans, and even then, it's spending a lot of resources to do something that's cute and can swing momentum, but it's not going to break the game.
  4. spooky_squirrel

    Prototypes what do you take and why?

    Duplicate prototypes changes a lot of things. I'm pretty sure the GH player who felt soul-punched by Electrocutioners is really going to wonder how some stuff made it through playtesting if the other Aby player starts using duplicate prototypes.
  5. spooky_squirrel

    First 2 Commander List 50

    I'm a huge fan of Elite Training. A second activation of a lynchpin squad like the Steel Legion lets them get a lot of work done. It's also not a bad idea to have the Behind Enemy Lines Stratagem that lets you summon in a supporting element. Get an unexpected unit of Cavalry helping run objectives for the operation for the cost of some Tactics Tokens later in the game when the Cult is either committed, busy, or whittled down via attrition. With how powerful the ECB is against Aby, especially things like our Dreadnought, it might not be a bad idea to have the Stratagem that lets you put the Dreadnought back into play after it's been killed.
  6. spooky_squirrel


    That is what it feels like to play against it. There's attrition and control aspects to it that make it so that if you don't get an early lead as Hordes, take advantage of the cheaper Stratagems to set yourself up for a strong swing turn, then take advantage of the fact that your stuff keeps coming back to put weight of numbers on when the opponent no longer has enough bodies to hold/threaten all the objectives.
  7. spooky_squirrel

    next purchases

    Electrocutioners are absolutely nuts, especially in glory. I strongly recommend having at least one of them. It's also not a bad idea to bring stuff that can reinforce them (the Prince is good for this, but you might consider a Dreadnought and/or Thrace).
  8. spooky_squirrel

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    I'm glad for everyone who is getting their stuff, and yikes to the Yodel business. I can definitely sympathize with "is it coming?" and "oh no, why did the delivery person leave it there?" Cheers for getting your stuff though!
  9. spooky_squirrel

    how about 2/3 motor scouts in a roster?

    Yes.. but like with other spam lists, you'll eventually find yourself coming up short on things you need to accomplish in the mission. As @retnab mentioned: they're not going to stick around very long. Worse still, if you're playing an operation that scores on fireteam and unit kills, you're bringing a lot of easy points for your opponent. Even if you're not, your opponent might have things that trigger on wiping out units. Help your commanders out and put something in that can take a few hits and still keep on keepin' on. Tailor the rest to the operation you're playing :)
  10. spooky_squirrel

    The Other Side - Foam and Travel Cases

    With wide bases and thin, fiddly miniatures and pluck foam: hollow out an area that will hold the figure snugly inverted, with the base sitting on top of the foam. This will work with the models that aren't overly tall. That said, looking at the shape and size of the titans, the bits that hang over the bases, and the dynamic poses, I would recommend something like magnets or slotted slide-in tray set up (one of the people at my LGS has a clear plastic display-type case he uses for Malifaux that holds the edges of the models' bases down) that will hold the base steady.
  11. spooky_squirrel

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    This is a big thing to keep in mind. If you don't have an email from Wyrd about shipping information, contact support to let them know. If you do have your shipping information, keep tabs on the shipping provider to see what the status and location of it is. Coming into the holiday season every package carrier will be slammed, but that will only impact arrival date. You should have information much sooner than that about when it actually goes to the shipping package carrier.
  12. spooky_squirrel

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    I recommend reaching out to support. They will get back to you and provide you with any information that they have. I had been getting a bit antsy over the last month and a half due to lack of updates as well. Shoot, you might even luck out the way I did and see the emails confirming your order packing before support even gets the email.
  13. spooky_squirrel

    Gibbering Spam

    Exactly this. The only thing that I foresee happening if someone spams eels in my local meta is that people will adjust their playstyle for only that game and not worry about it otherwise. List construction won't change: it'll still involve balancing threat-objective play. What will change is stratagem priority and targeting priority. Other GH players are still going to be surging across the table and pulling you out of position. BM players are still going to teleport around the battlefield causing problems from multiple angles. KE players are still going to have things shooting at you, things appearing behind your lines, and pieces like Belle doing their job. Aby players are still going to have things shooting at you, appearing behind your lines, and pieces like Marauders and Lord of Steel doing their job. You might see an uptick in people looking for ways to deal with tokens, but that's something they'll be doing to counter other crews as well. It's not a change to their play that will only work against eel crews. It'll help them a lot against BM's glory mechanic as well as being invaluable against everyone else's reinforcement/inspired shenanigans. Read: they play a normal list, just more aggressively in response to the eel-spam gimmick being entirely passive during turn one.
  14. spooky_squirrel

    next purchases

    This exact thought is why I made sure to order these guys in the first place. Working as a software engineer I started getting a real sense of "will future me be upset with past me over this?" A second Marauder and a second each on Steel Legion and Mechanized Infantry are on my short list. Steel Legion does a ton of work when you need something to rush forward and dish out some pain, and the range of the Mechanized Infantry's titan is helpful for keeping people honest, but you lose out on shooting stuff if you get tarpitted by something that just isn't dying.
  15. spooky_squirrel

    Gibbering Spam

    I played against Cult of the Burning Man last night. They can and will have models in your deployment zone at the top of Turn 1. During scouting when they place portals, they just need to have one near your deployment zone. During the first turn, they then walk a titan into one of their own portals (including the stalking portals), and that titan is in the middle of your area. Or that unit of Warped, or whatever else they were going to drop in there. Maybe and instead of or. As was mentioned above: GH can be fast. They also have tricks for getting your stuff out of position and their own stuff into position. These combine nicely to increase threat ranges dramatically. Earth forces can bring in reinforcements from your side of the table. Both Aby and KE have shooters that can threaten from deployment zone to deployment zone, and some of those shooters ignore cover or have other benefits going for them. Both Aby and KE have fast movers that are very good at removing single models or single fire teams that can threat across the board. If your gimmick relies on you being left alone for the first turn, it's a fragile gimmick. Against less aggressive players it will look like a powerful engine. Against someone leveraging threat ranges, special rules, Stratagems, etc. that is playing aggressively, you'll find that it's not working out so well.