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  1. Which is where token management and manipulation comes into play. There's stuff for handing out or removing tokens beyond just spending them. If you can hand out any token of your choice on an attack, handing an inspired token removes one of the shaken instead. Then, a later attack that knocks the Rhino from glory lets you use the last remaining token to increase your margin so that you can bump the Strength of your attack. Then, as a Cult player already mentioned: cheat in the lowest workable Tome you have that'll let you do enough damage to remove the Rhino from play.
  2. You have 44 Scrip in models listed, leaving you with 6 for upgrades between 2 Commanders, a Champion, and a Titan. So if you drop one unit of Portals it leaves you 9 Scrip for 9 total Upgrade/Asset slots. Retnab has a good start from what I've seen. I'd put at least one Snapping Head on Gory, generally two. If you don't go with two of them, the tail upgrade that lets you move after using a Portal to place will guarantee that she can get into the thick of things, and once it finally is broken you can replace it with a Snapping Head. Uncanny Instincts is another good one to bring, which would spend all 3 of those Scrip handily if you're replacing a 1 Scrip Asset..
  3. With your Titan's Df 3 and Ar 6, no. Fast Regen is nice, but it's even better when you're doing the flip on Snapping Heads. That way if it doesn't work, you didn't lose anything important (and can get back during the course of the game). Basically if you're up against Aby, we're either getting enough of a margin to bump our shots' Strength up (AV 5-6+ vs Df 3; if you are cheating, it's to avoid Margin triggers) or getting a suit trigger of some kind. Either case is potentially bad news for her if she doesn't have additional Assets.
  4. As @MuMantai mentioned, against Aby you might consider dropping the second Stalking Portals unit. In my local group the Cult players worry (rightly so) about giving us an easy target to do things to. Not just on margins, but on a wider range of Tomes on our Prototypes (Flare Guns especially) that are likely to succeed.
  5. Ooh, good catch. Will amend post. I mainly focused on the in-faction. I definitely see more use for stuff with pulling in some Cult shenanigans.. and yeah, on borrowed attacks (even in faction, borrow the Karkinoi's) the piercing becomes much more valuable.
  6. What @Thisendup said is a good approach. It's the same approach I use on the other side of the table as an Aby player. As an Aby player though, I have abilities on effectively almost every unit that require discarding cards (Prototype Assets), so an aggressive card draw engine is the sort of thing we build in. Cards are also the resource that Aby gets an advantage on, where GH gets bodies (all the bodies). You also might consider bringing in the Court of Two Envoy just to have another source of Tactics Tokens. For the abilities that require discard a card to use, what do those abilities do for the scenario? I see discarding a card to keep Thunderstorm in your hand, instead of discarding it. Speckled Crawlers may discard a card to gain Piercing on a S2/3 attack. Barbed Crawlers may discard a card to gain Piercing on a S1/2 attack. Non-GH specific card discarding: Binh Nguyen (Court Envoy) may discard a Crow to reduce damage to 0. Icon of Ancient Power grants the Ability to discard a card to shed tokens. Unchecked Magic allows you to discard a card to have an additional different Squad take an action. You have some in faction card draw if card cycling is something you consider important enough to work into your company: Swarm of Bottom Feeders (Asset, Champion only, has Frenzy written all over it) allows card draw on killing a Fireteam, two if it was a Titan. Barbed Crawlers in Glory have a trigger to draw cards on their Launch Barbs Ability. Out of faction, but available: Binh Nguyen (Court Envoy) has a trigger to draw cards on killing models. That trigger is built in on being in Glory. Uncanny Instincts allows you to draw a card when the Commander activates, in addition to the always Cheating Fate second. Resource Management in general is figuring out what you need as well as how to get it. If you don't need a full Control Hand (or a Control Hand at all), then there's no reason to worry about buying cards. If you're using Abilities that allow you to flip two cards during duels, having the ability to Cheat Fate doesn't matter as much. If you think you need to use one of those six things that require discarding a card in order to score on Objectives for the Operation, then yeah.. buy those cards because they will help you run the scenario and potentially win the game. Or construct your Company so that it has some card draw built into it. Otherwise, the resource management focus might steer you towards using those Tactics Tokens for other things that will help complete the Operation.
  7. Good. They needed to do something like that in order to protect game balance. With all the cards at our disposal, it makes Electrocutioners absurd.
  8. Artillery is traditionally a harassment and interdiction asset. You park it as far from the front lines as you can, and you use its fires to force or restrict movement. For 3 scrip and parking it on a hill or other elevated location (which changes LOS as @Clement already mentioned)... ...it can change how your opponent does things. Even if you aren't elevated, if they're constantly trying to keep the Titan screened from your Artillery, they're restricting their own movement. If you are elevated, then it makes it extremely dangerous for your opponent to move the Titan into places where it might get more work done. This is not a mode of play that matches everyone's playstyle, but for people who like this mode of play who are looking at a table that supports using Artillery, it can be very effective. If your table doesn't support Artillery (i.e. no elevated terrain in your deployment area or lots of LOS-blocking Terrain in the middle that's not also Low Terrain), then yeah, its use will be limited.
  9. Every one of the main Titans except for Horo is Df 3. Horo is Df 4. AV 3 versus Df 3 is a straight flip/cheat comparison, so that's not all that bad to begin with. Its utility improves dramatically if you get it into Glory. So it's not super bad in the context of Titan hunting. It's not the AV 5 of the Area grenades of Grenadiers, which happen to be Strength 3. It is the AV 3 of the Strength 5 (Piercing) Grenadier shots, with a 48 inch range. Additionally, if we look at the Armor ratings of different Titans (12 for Horo, KH, and DN, 11 for AC, 6 for Gory) S3 shots only crack Armor 12 on a flip/cheat of 9+ (21/54 base, but cards are already flipped so the probability is different depending on what cards were flipped), while S6 does it on a 6+ (33/54). To do 2 Wounds with a S3 shot, you need the Red Joker. S6 does it on any Severe. So it depends on what you need out of it. If you just want to disable Assets with a slightly higher probability of hitting while being well within the threat range of the Titan, AV5 S3 shots might work out for you because you have a better chance of hitting in the first place in spite of the lower chance of damaging. The real weakness that I see in it is it may not shoot at Fireteams within 8 inches of it.
  10. The trade-offs on that are what I've been thinking about with templated builds. I could conceivably get 8-9 Tactics Tokens a turn (Unathi + Medal Of Honor and Hand Held Recording Device gives 3, Kassa with envoy and her KE Asset gives 4 but cuts off bringing Thrace/alternatively Kassa with HHRD and Envoy in Thrace, and Computational Brain on Dreadnought gets me all the way to 8, MoH on Kassa brings it to 9), but it cuts off my options a bit to a lot depending on Operation and opposing force and it counts on those Assets staying up. If I bring Lord of Steel, that's one less Tactics value to draw with, but discounted prices... and getting him MoH makes him less resilient and less capable of running Objectives for me. It also means that by inflicting some damage, not even lethal amounts, just some damage, my GH opponent can bring my Tactics Token draw right back down or cut off my card management. Cutting off my card management means that I can't just shrug off Tactics Tokens for cards, and Thrace means a little more cost up front to make things happen. So while I can conceivably get more Tactics Tokens and thus be able to do more breaking away from things like the Alpha Crawler, I do so at force composition expense and greater risk of being interfered with by a canny GH player, because I've now tied up 13-14 Scrip (little over a quarter of my available total) in Assets that will be shared between 3 Champions, a Dreadnought, and 2-3 squads. Ideally I want to be a bit lower than that, even if only 10-11, as that gives me enough room to bring in things that will get work done on the battlefield--because the money sink of up to 24 scrip (w/ Dreadnought and Thrace cost) means that half of my force is dedicated to getting Tactics Tokens and managing the card draw (need 2-3 squads for the 2-3 Engineers for more card draw to make up for card use). Instead of, you know, the Operation. I end up missing out on bringing specialist Squads and Fireteams that do lots of work because I'm counting on Tactics Tokens to carry the day. Which makes life easier for the GH player when it comes to target priority with the Alpha Crawler. It goes after the things that might complete the operation, while Karkinoi and either Horo or the Frenzy go into the things with the Assets and breaks all the Assets. In the meantime, their Striped Skulkers and Yarazi are running objectives unmolested because.. well.. I don't have all the Unit tools I need.
  11. Thrace is granting an Action to a Squad. She checks range to see if a Squad has at least one Fireteam in range, and if so, a Fireteam from that Squad then takes the Action. The consensus that we reached was that once any Fireteam in that Squad took that action, then the singular Action granted to the Squad is complete. Granting an Action is different than modifying an Order. Modifying an Order is not granting it an Action. With the Rush Order, Squads are not doing a single melee attack, they have the restriction that normally the only action that may be taken is a melee attack. Due to the wording of "instead of" this Ability modifies the Rush Order, thus you replace the portion of the Order that says "a " with "a " which changes the action restriction as a part of the Rush Order. I agree that the wording could be clearer, perhaps to language more along the lines of "[Rush Ordered Squad may discard a card], if it does so then after moving, every Fireteam in this Squad takes a Action if able." ...which explicitly substitutes in the modification I described above, but is clumsy about it.
  12. Thrace is granting an Action to a Squad. This modifies the Rush Order, which limits Actions available to a Squad as a part of that Order, note the key word "instead" in the Ability.
  13. Looking at page 17 of the PDF: It follows that Fireteams placed by the Dimensional Instability (DI) Ability have moved as a result of DI and thus moved "in that way" and may not use any remaining movement for their Advance/Rush Order.
  14. One card for the whole Squad. The text of the Ability granted by the Allegiance card answers this explicitly: The Squad receives the Rush Order and may choose to discard a card. If it does so, it can shoot instead of stabbing at the end of the Rush Order. This Ability modifies the Rush Order itself (pg. 21 of pdf): Since both the Ability and the issuance of the Order refer to the Unit level (Squad), the modification affects the whole Squad if the cost of discarding a single card is paid. If the Ability were worded "King's Empire Fireteams in this company" then it would be one card per Fireteam in the Squad. There are deeper implications of this wording than just making it more expensive for a Squad, but that's for another topic.
  15. Makes much more sense now. You're still feeling out force composition and how to plan your own placement on scenarios. There's a lot of depth to the game beyond "what should I hire" when you start accounting for your opponent's faction and the Operation. With Single Commander games on a 4x4 board, the Operations that feature player-placed Objective Markers will play out quite differently depending on how they are placed. In scenarios like Supply Cache, where your opponent is trying to destroy the markers you place it's in your best interest to place the markers as far back from the center line and as far apart as possible in general. If your opponent has things that deploy outside of the Deployment Zone, then you'll also want to think about the limitations on that special deployment and plan your Objective placement accordingly. As @solkan said: beware of early exchanges. I mentioned a scenario above where 3 Tactics Tokens net 2 VP on the first activation of the first turn. The issue there is that those Infiltrators are on a suicide mission, and different factions will have different levels of enthusiasm about it: Abyssinia will take advantage of the Df4 to get their most dangerous stuff into Glory (just need a margin of success or a Tome on a Prototype). I mentioned Inspired rewrites of history because at the last event at my FLGS one of the Aby players did just that to win the game: Gloried Electrocutioners nuked Objective Markers (using inspired tokens and hand set up by the Aby card draw engine), nullifying his opponent's entire gameplan halfway through the game. KE Allegiance will get themselves to Glory a fireteam at a time With Advance or Focused Effort Orders and picking off a single team as part of it; they have the whole turn to do so and will have a much easier time making up those VP as a result. Any other elements that were planning on running Objectives will have to worry about a Gloried Margaret Belle and Gloried Royal Rifle Corps picking them off, even as the rest of the opposing KE main effort plays the scenario on their planned schedule. Gibbering Hordes will also have less concerns about this exchange, because that early lead from you lets them get their Stratagems cheaper and they likely weren't going to be getting their VP scoring on until late Turn 2 or even Turn 3, after they've ripped the heart out of your ability to stop them. Something nasty and clawed/toothy will happily scamper up and engage those Infiltrators, knowing that any real effort at countering them will cost more resources (cards, Tactics Tokens, Actions/Activations) and that even if the counter works, those gribbly fiends will be back the next turn... because what better way to use the discount savings than to plop some those recently dead Skulkers right back where they present a continuous lurking threat? Cult has movement shenanigans that outclass the Infiltrators, even outside of the ECB. They'll even out the exchange by gaining their own 2 VP at the cost of 2 Tactics Tokens over the course of the turn, putting them ahead on efficiency right off the bat, which will really start to show in later turns. It will also likely be very painful to not just your Infiltrators, but anything near your own Objective Markers. In a tournament with players of varying skills and time limits there's a possibility that the game won't make it all the way to turn 5, but when that's the case, the scenarios and balance don't work. GH attrition play, for example, really starts to sink in in Turn 3, when their first assault wave has had a chance to Endless Numbers back in and take advantage of Reinforcing at least once and start playing the scenario more; their trading half of their Company for half of yours works out to their advantage in the long run if you're not playing GH as well.
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