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  1. spooky_squirrel

    Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    ...already planning on painting them this way.. only thing missing is the hat
  2. spooky_squirrel

    Friday Preview - Armored Whelks

    c-c-c-combo breaker.. ...how many people will see the wave reference...
  3. spooky_squirrel

    Friday Preview - Armored Whelks

    I sea the tide of puns has ebbed. I know:day late from the point of view of people who had their workweek end yesterday.
  4. spooky_squirrel

    Rail Crew, Metal Gamin, Rail Golem, then what?

    ...makes me wonder if I crossed my eyes or something. Editing post.
  5. spooky_squirrel

    Rail Crew, Metal Gamin, Rail Golem, then what?

    Fire Gamin are interesting. I've enjoyed using them as effective grenades (jam them into the middle of your opponent, force them to deal with them), and as constructs you can use them as Railwalker targets. If they can give out burning, then a late-activating Mei Feng gets to go to town with her claws (usually a good thing). They just have to hit something, which ends up being their weakness if you're trying to do it at range. I learned this trying to use them as turrets with Command Sandeep--ranged threat created a bubble of terrain denial for things with low defense, but not enough of one to deter main efforts (anything with Def 6+ can overbid on defense and just ignore your shooting or otherwise stick to cover and know that they've got a reasonable chance of being missed (Sh 5 with a negative). So my two scrip is that they make for interesting pieces, especially when you're getting them deep into the opponent's area of operations. You might hire them, but you might not get the same amount of work out of them as you would some of the other 4 stone options.
  6. spooky_squirrel

    Monday Preview - Bureaucrat

    I like the idea of robust social mechanics that are well defined. This helps keep them from being useless dump stats, while providing a framework similar to physical encounters (combat, environmental hazards) to help steer unspoken expectations towards mutual understanding. ...before a scenario comes up where the group's Face is trying to figure out how to get the most reward for the least risk during negotiations with expectations on how their stuff will work while the FM is on a completely different page. I think I see where your concern is coming from. The thing I would recommend keeping in mind with favor trading is that even in a story the other characters (non-Fated, non-primary antagonists) that generally support the story one way or another should have some agency (makes them believable, less "red shirt of the moment"). That is, Joe Fated showing up and saying "remember that time I save your life? I'm calling in that favor, I need you on point for this haunted mine investigation" to Sam Supporting Character isn't going to automatically work, even if there really is a life debt. Sam might be extremely claustrophobic, they also might remember things differently. With that in mind, Joe might not have an easy time of convincing Sam to return the favor. If Joe is a bureaucrat or has ever been one, he'll know more about leveraging people. It could be name dropping, it could be the threat of Sam being blacklisted (or worse) with just a word, it could just be practice at reminding people about the value of honest, debt-free living. Sam still has his or her agency, but Joe now has bonuses that make it so that he's more likely to succeed in convincing Sam to do the favor. This also applies when asking for a favor from a Fatemaster Character that doesn't yet owe anyone any favors. Joe Shooter has only his shooting skills to offer, and they might not be in demand, so it'll be harder to convince Sam to risk their life or comfort to help out a stranger. Joe Bureaucrat knows people, has connections, can help get people with the right skills to the right places to make things happen--that's their whole reason for being--which makes convincing people like Sam easier. In this case, you're trading your potential value of returned favor(s) for a favor from someone else right now (favor credit). A streamlined system helps the FM not have to generate enough of a character profile for everyone that lives in Contract Town #132688 to provide cues/justification for randomly encountered character to say yes or no to the favor trade. Instead, we can focus on the handful of personalities that aren't just background characters, but full-fledged supporting characters (either for or against the Fated) that will have something far more interesting and compelling for the story than most other people within the town. Everyone can engage in favor trading, but Bureaucrats have an edge, much like a Marksman has an edge over someone who shoots cans out at the ranch. As a side note: I love the idea of a character that actually has the ability to have a guard who pissed them off end up stuck on sewer details for a month with just a letter.
  7. spooky_squirrel

    Help picking a second faction

    That's why I went Hordes/Abyssinia. Two completely different approaches that are much easier to introduce people into the game with. The former uses weight of numbers (the quality of quanitity) and the latter uses effectiveness of elites (quality of quality). They're also the two most visually appealing to me
  8. spooky_squirrel

    M2E Ironsides

    Shutting down enemy escape measures and being able to shoot into the cluster are huge. The only reason I wouldn't run Anna is she doesn't benefit much from HPM and has a merc tax... but that's not a steady position for me. If there's something along the lines of FFM in the pool, Anna's a high priority target for many types of crews.
  9. spooky_squirrel

    Joining the party late via backerkit

    In the meantime, think of it this way: the door is still open to get some awesome looking models ordered, along with an early grab at swag and the potential of hitting the next milestone.
  10. spooky_squirrel

    Monday Preview - The Commander

    If you never have more than two at a time: name them all Jankowski and Santiago (recurring red shirt names from horror-shooter games FEAR and Gears of War respectively).
  11. spooky_squirrel

    Monday Preview - The Commander

    I approve of this notion. Half the fun is naming the lobsters and waving back at them as they go into the pot! Then you can put their method of dying as a title on them. For instance, Frankie the Drowned had a far more gentle fate than Alex the Eaten-while-still-Alive.
  12. spooky_squirrel

    M2e Kaeris

    @spikes a head's up from a Mei Feng/Foundry player: There's a Foundry upgrade called Hard worker that lets Foundry models pitch a card as a (0) to ignore Armor and Hard to Wound with all of their attacks. Mei Feng has no competing (0) actions. You didn't run into it here, but it's something to be aware of when you're thinking about dropping Carlos into suspected Foundry crew.
  13. spooky_squirrel

    Kaeris in Wave 5

    Reread Nemesis Ward. It doesn't give you the bonus tome always, only when using the (1) attack action (refers to Elemental Bolt by name). For the (0) execution, you'll still need a card tome in the attack duel.
  14. spooky_squirrel

    M2E Ironsides

    Largely what @retnab mentioned: Being able to bounce back is incredibly strong, especially when you draw a Neverborn opponent with Eliminate the Leadership. The Steamfittter is one of the models I didn't pick up from GenCon, so I didn't field anything like it. I instead was going with some bonkers-level control with Amina and Toni pulling things around and messing with conditions and triggers to isolate things and set things up for the Ironsides wrecking ball. Amina even got me one of the VP for Make Them Suffer (turned dude into Peon, then shot him to death with HPM). The healing trigger on the upgrade is nice, but it never came up due to Toni always being surrounded by enough stuff to spend stones on the Follow Up trigger to turn 1AP (Ml 7) into several more attacks (when you're camping a half dozen+ Adrenaline, that uppercut is Ml 8 even when fired as a trigger, which chains nicely into another straight punch with the Brass Knuckles). I had the choice to stop attacking and cash in on a heal (especially on the upper cut), but I get more work out of continuously attacking for 1 AP, then using her remaining AP to "You Lookin' At Me?" more stuff into her.