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  1. You may like to avoid them but maybe others don't. Unless this is just for yourself listing all the units that can generate scrap in a TT crew would be nifty.
  2. I'd assume it's so you can't just have these pump up the flicker on your own units, like give Asami+3 or something just because you managed to summon one in a nice position. Never really imagined it as choosing a condition on yourself only and a target to put it on. A bit poorly worded if it's that. Might be nice to get some clarification on that.
  3. Downside to that is that the Katashiro are rare 2. So no more drowning the field in puppers. Also no burn or slow to hand out.
  4. @whodaresAsami is like the one master where they are great. They're a tarpit in a bottle, plopping into existence out of nowhere, tying up models with Ml7 and doing a Ml7 2/4/5 attack, and in their activation they can do another place within 5" for another attack and more tarpitting. And if your opponent does kill them due to them being nuisances, you have scrap on the floor for more summons. As for the condition-action, I suppose I need to read this in full to fully grasp it. I took it as, take a condition affecting you and another target, then lower the other target's condition to 2, then end the condition on you and apply it to the target. Dunno, I struggle to think of things to do with this (things that will actually happen in a game, I'm sure we can dream scenario away).
  5. And the range on that attack? Because it's that Ml7 engagement zone you really want to summon them for.
  6. Depending on the range on their (2) attack the Katashiro seem great with Asami as an alternative to Yokai. Ml7 tarpits that you can plop anywhere on the field, that will actually drop flicker feed if your opponent goes through the effort to remove them? Opposed to that though... The attacks aren't exactly interesting; the extra attack on a summon or place is nice but at Im guessing 2/3/4 it's hardly a game-changer. The condition thing seems insanely niche, to the point where the biggest use I see this having is an opponent Obeying them when you're playing an Asami crew and removing your own summons/master. Like maybe I'm misunderstanding but needing a condition that another model has at least 1 of and this model has at least 2/3 of to be profitable? Its only realistic friendly use seems to be to combo with Wanyudo, but I'm guessing I'll play against Obeyers with Asami a whole lot more than I'd field these and Wanyudo, and she's already hard countered by them. Definitely not units you'd ever hire, but with Asami, an Obsidian Statue or Mei I guess I wouldn't mind summoning the odd one. Minako is a tough one. If she has a 5/6-ish defensive statline and only 's to defend against attacks? Combined with needing to be close to attack or apply that retaliate condition she seems a bit high risk low reward. Wanyudo summoning is incredibly situational, the Katashiro summons at full health is great, but does need Mei or the Oni to set her up. I guess that alone should balance her out but eh, they're not exactly units you'll always want. And Wanyudo... Hmm... I mean I guess the basic move of (2) to push for burning » attack and trigger to push for burning/hand out burning » push again for some extra burn is gonna rack up some good damage, though with less control over when they'll die. I'm guessing he really stands or falls by the exact numbers on his card, especially how much burning and at what TN he hands it out. Can technically be summoned, but you can't ever pick Minako for a match with that as a reasonably expected outcome.
  7. I do like masters having a cost. Rather than a cache, you can essentially better balance masters by upping their pool? And if it allows for multiple masters, that sounds incredibly neat.
  8. I really don't like the focus on thematics. With thematic crews costing less and being designed with a specific master in mind, there's going to be little reason to look outside for combinations. Seems like every master might just become their own little island and beyond that be fairly irrelevant to their faction, also requiring you to "repopulate" a new island every time you buy a new master, rather than getting a small handful of nifty (if not too general) staples that will do a decent job at a decent price for all masters. And with that focus on thematics, I'm guessing the now lost masters won't be getting any particular additions to their crews? I'd hate to play Neverborn right now. On a side-note, if all models will be getting cards and have them released immediately, wouldn't that age the game much faster than if you released them in batches? And be quite a bit more likely to have the game be unbalanced out of the gates? I mean I get wanting to not put a lot of people off having them wait for their models, but still...
  9. I always like McCabe if the pool allows for a nice mix of scheming and murderhoboing or if the schemes take you all over the map. With McCabe (3), Luna+3dogs (13), the Emissary (10), Dawn Serpent (9) and Yasunori (13/14) you're at 8 activations and a cache of 3/4 SS and are set to deal some major carnage while your doggies dart around being schemey nuisances. Another nice little combo for him is with an Illuminated and Gwynneth, who when reactivated gives you a very good return on Gwyn's set-ups. Personally not much of a fan of the wonder weasel for him, since the access to cheap activations are a big reason why I take him.
  10. Toshiro is a neat 2 extra activations t1, with the possibility to litter the field with Komainu/Ashigaru later on but even if you do need the cards somewhere else he's handing out 's to the Komainu/Porkchop/etc and has them built in himself, actually saving you cards. Really cannot imagine how anyone could dub Toshiro "bad". As for Izamu, he's slow and that upgrade hardly fits in Mei's already packed-to-the-brim upgrade slots.
  11. I really like Fate of Mortals if I'm taking Borrowed Time. The card draw is always nice and bumping Asami's flicker allows you to use Borrowed Time more recklessly, punishing opponents scoring points by making it sustain my master. And Asami definitely isn't the strongest summoner. Not even close. She's incredibly card hungry, lacks particularly strong or versatile support options, will fold to a stiff breeze, doesn't have a varied toolbox in her summons, her summon's aren't exactly stellar with low stats, damage and so-so abilities across the board, her summons generally won't count for cheap activation fodder... Sandeep, the Dreamer, Kirai, Hamelin, hell even Ramos and probably still Nico are all quite a bit better.
  12. Binge is amazing if you notice your opponent holding on to some cards and can deplete their hand or if you want a cheap friendly obey for him and Wesley. Getting Wes to obey a Yasunori on a 1+ is a special kind of fun. It's not like the Brewmaster is loaded with upgrades to begin with, and I don't think I've ever not gotten use out of it.
  13. I'd drop Yu and the HRM, since you should already have enough support-y options in Shen and the Emissary letting you spend those points in say a Sniper (don't play Shen without a trusty Sniper, the amount of board control he provides is insane) and something actually sturdy and kill-y (Shen and the Emissary are really not particularly effective brawlers, and their AP are much better reserved for support with the odd blow here and there). Also there are so much better options than the HRM even in the 5SS bracket. And make the Charm Warder a strong maybe rather than a core pick, giving you... Shenlong+Wandering River Style+Low River Monk upgrade (don't forget that one, it's fun and it's free) -1SS Peasant -2SS Shadow Emissary+Conflux -10SS LRM -4SS Katanaka Sniper -7SS ...for a very effective all-round 24SS base with 6 activations. From there on you can easily sneak in 2 of Izamu/Yasunori/8-9SS beaters and have SS to spare on upgrades, cache or maybe even a little schemer. Shenlong is, at the end of the day, an enabler. And as an enabler he shines through the various models you bring with them, making sure you're getting the most out of them. With your list you don't have a lot of particularly outstanding models, instead relying on Shen's attack which is the most lacklustre aspect of his card. You'd be much better off picking models specialized in doing what they do best and let Shen have a more centralized position, allowing him to direct his crew to be so much more flexible. As for which models you'd fill that 26 SS up with... Well, that can be pretty much anything. Izamu+Yasunori+upgrades, Izu/Yasu+8ish SS beater+upgrades/cache, 8-9+8-9+5SS+Cache/upgrades, a ballsy 8+8+8+an upgrade or two... 50% of what makes Shen so versatile is that the models he can optimally work with are so versatile. Look at what the board and pool are lacking in and only fill the list when you know what can do the most with the setting you're given.
  14. I've always felt Yan Lo was much better in TT than in Ressers. I haven't seen him in Ressers with wave 5, so something big might've changed there, but TT brings plenty of new things to the table too. Beyond though, in either faction Yan Lo is incredibly easy to play wrong. Pair that against Lilith, who is incredibly easy to play right, and especially beginners are going to struggle getting Yan off the ground. The biggest issue with Yan is that if you don't plan a turn or so ahead, or guess it wrongly, you will struggle to get back on top, and it quickly becomes this domino effect of mispositioning units and cleaning up after the mess that's made. If you want to get results with Yan you're above all going to need a very good feel for positioning, which you'll only gain through experience. You aren't going to stumble into a victory by chance or because your opponent made a few mistakes, which more versatile and easier to pick up masters might get you. It's all going to have to come from your careful planning and execution. What lists have you played so far?
  15. Huh, always thought they only errata'd the Once Per Turn-thing. A bit disappointing but not a massive deal. She can always jump towards a Komainu t1.
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