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  1. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402)991-8699 Dates: April 29th Time: 6pm Cost: $5 If finding work in Malifaux is too hard, there are always over ways to make some money. Word on the streets is of a train crossing through the city with money and supplies for Latigo. Time to get a cut. This event will be a special story encounter. Players will create a 10ss crew, but for this event, Enforcers can be made Leaders and must be chosen to lead the crew. All other rules for creating a crew are still the same. There will be 3 rounds as you try to grab as much of the entry fee as you can.
  2. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402)991-8699 Dates: April 22nd Time: 6pm Cost: None There is a legend of a rabbit in Malifaux that comes around once a year. This creature is no normal rabbit, it is often called the Spring Bunny as that is when it normal shows up. As the story goes, it hides egg around the city and mysterious things can happen to those that find them. Turns out this year, the Spring bunny is still around. Time to find out what he is up to. The Spring Bunny Returns will be a 25ss event using a fixed list. Bring your best list in for some themed encounters as you try to hunt for the mysterious eggs.
  3. So do we think that last update was truly the last update? You think it is safe to print out all the cards for a faction, cut them out, sleeve them with some playing cards to give them some stiffness, and sort them out? Not saying I have done that with the last "final" update, but I do plan to...again.
  4. June 1st and 2nd We are exactly 8 weeks until the return of Malifaux at the Bugeater GT. This year will feature M3e and two big events. Saturday will host a 50ss standard tournament. Sunday will host a special Story Encounter in which the choices made in the encounters will effect the outcome of the next encounter played. There should be prizes from locals for a truly unique prize pool. I will be posting up a rule packet this weekend so keep an eye out. As there is no events for Friday, I do have another event in the works so keep an eye out for that also! I am hoping for a really good year this year. gt.bugeatergames.com Rules Packet https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P4ccNjeEVNP5rWfLSNrqVwJS9mF4rJBz0sUzNmUtmoY/edit?usp=sharing
  5. @Caedrus I am going to have to use my first mulligan. Just could not get myself into gear the month. Next month should be better I hope.
  6. I am working on them now, actually. I did take a before and soon after shot.
  7. Since dual masters will be in each faction book, we will finally get to see (hopefully) what the masters are like when they are part of the other faction.
  8. Think I am going to wait for a final final update before printing anything.
  9. Total cost for the whole set of 7 would still be about $315. After paying $45 for the half book that was Broken Promises, seeing how many total models are per factions, add in stories for each master within a faction, and if there is going be to a encounter per master also, that adds up to be a pretty heavy book. That said, I would love to buy a book that talks all about the Resurrectionist and all the models instead of paying for book and getting only a small part of say book dealing with Resurrectionist. I don't have much hope for dual faction masters being in both books, that didn't happen in the arsenal decks, can't see it here.
  10. I really need to post up my pledge for the month. I have some, really I do. lol
  11. If there was anything I dislike about m3e is the strategy and schemes. If there was not going to be a gaining grounds, I would not have minded as much. But now we know it is coming back, I really wish we could have had some enjoyable and causal then what we got.
  12. After all these years, I finally got Kirai chan done! But I had to also get her posse also. So here is my Feb list. Kirai (15), Lost Love (4) and Ikiryo (5).
  13. Personally, I hope we don't get any new models the year after the release. Let everyone soak in the models, the metas, the ETC. Now some adventures type encounters, maybe some alt models. Keep is simple, I hope.
  14. Location: Game Shoppe Date: March 4th to 25th Time: 6pm Cost: $0 With M3e looming in the horizon, there is just enough time to run one last Shifting Loyalties campaign before it is gone. The Final Campaign will be a 3 month shifting loyalties campaign broken down into one month chapters. Players are free to use their crew from the last chapter or start new using the late start rules. This campaign will use all the basic rules for getting started as in the rulebook. All encounters will be story encounters, as they will also be gone once M3e is out. Players will get to pick locations and that will give you the list of story encounters you can play. The following optional rules will be use: The Plot Thickens (the weekly event), Individual Events, Stay Dead. Get those crews ready for one last adventure.
  15. the real question is, would you want a gaining grounds document? if you think the strategies and schemes in the rulebook are tough, one's in gaining grounds would be even worse.
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