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  1. A campaign didn't come out until year three of m2e so I don't see one anytime soon. The rules for the m1e might work well with m3e. I will have to look those up.
  2. I don't know, but I like your thinking.
  3. I think the idea of the Bans is to stop second masters in the case of this event since it was not made a singles event. I feel the game is still too new to really have Bans make a difference in games.
  4. Where: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 402-991-8699 When: Jan 6th to Jan 27th Time: Classes start at 6:30pm Tuition fee: $10 Are you confused by the term “double negative flip”? Are you unsure how much damage you take if you have Burning +5? If you opponent declares Shenlong, do you think you will have an enjoyable game? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you need to join The Malifaux University for higher learning to gain the knowledge needed for today's games of M3e. Learn about crew selection, scheme choices, and about your opponent's crew. Each week will focus on the 4 main strategies and all that goes with preparing for that game. At the end of the semster, the students with the highest GPA will win prizes of their choice to help with their journey in Malifaux. There might be some other prizes up for grab as well, so focus on your studies. Sign up today. To sign up, you need only pay the $10 tuition fee at the start of the league and enroll one crew starter and one keyword box to use for the league. You will only be able to use these models, so choose wisely. You may enroll a starter box from any edition and models will be based on that starter box.
  5. I am going to borrow some ideas from this for my next league. Thanks for the great ideas.
  6. I never seem to be able to post in the Facebook, but I will be at the event! Trying to drag as many others as possible.
  7. Third year is a charm, right? I am going to try once more for 2020. Sign me up at Master level and I will work my way down if need be.
  8. I will be adding an option to the event to buy in for $5 to get a model to use in the event. They will be painted by me.
  9. If I have the day off, I would love to join in, but that day is already out to request off so it is all up to fate now.
  10. All that enter should also have to post a pic after of them eating the terrain. lol
  11. Where: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 402-991-8699 When: Dec 30th Time: Games start at 7pm Cost: see below There is just enough time for one last event, why not make it a snow brawl? Battle it out in a Holiday Village as the prizes are the models being used themselves! The entry fee: To enter the event, you must have a fully painted and based wyrd miniature. Holiday theme and conversion not required, but encouraged. You must use this model for the event, but don’t get too attached to it! At the end of the event, starting with the highest score and working down, you may take any one model that was used in the event as your prize! So make that models something special for someone else! This event will use the All Out Brawl rules from GG Season 0 with a few additions to flavor the event, be ready!
  12. Encounters for malifaux you say? Special, story, and holiday you say? This sounds like my calling.
  13. Where: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 402-991-8699 When: Nov 25th Time: Games start at 7pm Cost: $0 The town of Paradise Falls has been taken over. All attempts to save the town has failed. All the cultist have taken over. Now the cultist of the lesser tyrant Huehxolotl seek new members. What better way to do that than to host an all out brawl with a big prize pool. This event will use the All Out Brawl rules from GG Season 0 with a few additions to flavor the event, be ready! So get your favorite model painted up and get ready to try out the new format.
  14. Still not able to post on the Facebook page, but I wanted to let you know that I will also be joining the event. Time for the meta to mix.
  15. Here goes encounter number 3 plus rules for Pumpkin Zombies. Story encounter 3: Mad dash for the pumpkin patch With fall in full swing, the Fauxmaha gang prepares for Halloween. On a cold Autumn day, Mike and Micheal go out to the local pumpkin patch to find a pumpkin. Micheal selects the largest they can find, and makes poor Mike the one to get it back to the house. He becomes distraught when it turns out Micheal is going to gut it to be a jack-o-lantern. Set Up Place a 6" by 4" Pumpkin Patch piece of terrain (Concealing, Severe) in the center of the table and 10 Pumpkin Tokens are placed on it. Special Models may perform a Tactical Action “Pumpkin Pick” when in base contact with a Pumpkin Patch terrain to take a Pumpkin Token and place it on the model’s card. A model may not carry more than one Pumpkin token at a time. As a Bonus Action, any model may discard a Pumpkin Token from its card to drop a Pumpkin Strategy Marker in base contact with the model. If any model is moved out of its activation will cause the model to discard any Pumpkin Token on its card and drop a Pumpkin Strategy Marker in base contact with the model before it is moved. Models may perform an Interact Action while in base contact with a Pumpkin Strategy Marker to remove it and gain a Pumpkin Token on its card. Victory At the end of each Turn, a Crew gains 1 VP if there are more Pumpkin Strategy Markers in the Crew’s deployment than this Crew has earned VP from this Strategy. Pumpkin Strategy Markers must be completely within the deployment zone to count. Special Occurrence Bloody Harvest!: This occurrence is in effect for the entire game. These pumpkins are not your normal, everyday pumpkins. They are a risky crop to collect! During the Resolve Effects of the End Phase, the last player to activate a model flips a card. This flip may not be cheated. If the flip is 5 or less, all carried pumpkins attack their carriers! Any model carrying a Pumpkin token suffer an unmodified damage flip suffering 1/2/3 irreducible damage, and discard the Pumpkin Token they are carrying and place a Pumpkin Strategy Marker in base contact with the model. If Living models are killed by this effect, the model is replaced with a Pumpkin Zombie and Heal 4. See next page for stats. Pumpkin Zombie Minion, Undead, Versatile ZOMBIE Df 3 Wp 3 Wk 4 Sz 2 Hp 4 Insignificant: This model cannot take the Interact Action and is ignored for Strategies and Schemes. Hard to Wound: Damage flips against this model suffer a -flip. Pumpkin Head: This model counts as being friendly to the crew in which the model it replaced. This model may not cheat fate or discard soulstones for effects. Jack o lanterns: When declaring or resolving friendly Actions or Abilities, this model may count as Scheme Marker. If the Scheme Marker would be removed, this model is killed and does not Drop a Corpse Marker. Gourds on a vine: During this model's Activation, it increases its final duel totals by +1 for each other friendly model with the same name, model with a Pumpkin Token on its card, or Pumpkin Strategy Marker within aura 3. Attack Actions Gnashing Bite Rg:slash0" Stat: 4crow Rst: Df TN:X Target suffers 1/1/3 damage. (crow) Infect:Models damaged by this Action gain Poison +1 for each crow in this Action's final duel total (to a maximum of Poison +2). (crow) Zombify:Living only. After killing, the target does not Drop any Markers. Replace the model with a friendly Pumpkin Zombie into base contact with the target and Heal 4. Tactical Actions (bonus) "Braaaiiiinnsss" Rg: 8" Stat:X Rst:X TN:X Target an enemy model with less Health than its maximum Health. Move this model 3" toward the target.
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