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  1. The info for the event. Round 1 Reckoning with Wedge deployment Dig their graves, Hold up their forces, Power ritual, Claim jump, Vendetta Round 2 Corrupted Idols with Wedge deployment Breakthrough, Harness the ley line, Search the ruins, Dig their graves, Power ritual Round 3 Reckoning with Standard deployment Search the ruins, Hold up their forces, Take prisoner, Outflank, Claim jump
  2. It was the only day that was up for grabs with Nuke Con coming up. Besides, my community doesn't travel and I feel Des Moines will not waste time with a smaller event.
  3. Where: The Geek Room 1215 S 180th St, Omaha, NE 68130 (402) 933-6080 When: Sept 21st Time: Register starts at 11:30. First game at 12pm Cost: $5 Welcome to the first of what could be many Central Conference games. This event will count for scoring on the USFT, if the minimum number of players is reached (which is 8). Once again, due to a limit of space, there is only 16 spots open, so you must post here to hold a spot or at the Fauxmaha forums. Rules Fixed Factions 50ss crews All models must be fully painted Proxies for models not currently released are allow with TO approval This event will be a little more on the serious side, let this be a warning to locals. Prizes will go to top three. The Fauxmaha Forums: http://fauxmaha.boards.net/thread/470/usft-central-conference-tournament Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/347130899527708/
  4. Where: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 402-991-8699 When: Sept 30th Time: Event starts at 6:30pm sharp, due to time limits Cost: $5 It is time for the big play offs! You get 30ss to create a four model crew to play in a quick version of the Pigball encounters. For those that played in the Pigball League, you can even carry over models with skills and upgrades from there! If you missed out, you can still join in! Just make a team and jump in! More rules will be posted as we get closer to the big game.
  5. Where: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 402-991-8699 When: Sept 2nd to 23rd Time: Games start at 6pm Cost: $5 Back on Earthside, football is a big deal. In Malifaux, gremlins made it a big deal. Now the hype of game known as Pigball is coming to the city, and everyone wants in on the action. Players will create 50ss crew to use to make teams for a very special encounter that will be used through out the league. Think wisely as this crew is all you will get for the league. As the league goes on, players will gain skills, script, upgrades and injuries from playing in this dangerous game. But the fame is worth it, right? Get there early to get the rules and get your first pick of the city you want to represent! Malifaux is about to get dirty.
  6. Corrupted idols is a little tougher as it is one side of the table versus two. Figured that letting the one player control the idol would help a little. Corrupted Idols in a one vs one game is all about cheating to control the idol, or choking the board to control it, that is only way I have seen it played.
  7. Smaller stone is the way to go. So far, that seems to be the number one response to three player rules, just use the team rules. That does not come out as balance when it is one vs two. I know this as I ran a league once uses the older team rules.
  8. Got a few holds from players with no account. So there is 11 of 16 left.
  9. The Strategies and Scheme for the tournament. Round 1 Corner Deploy, Plant Explosives, Scheme 4/5/6/9/10 Round 2 Standard Deploy, Turf War, Scheme 1/3/7/8/10 Round 3 Wedge Deploy, Corrupted Idol, Scheme 1/2/3/5/6
  10. So we seems to keep ending up with odd number of players. As much as I don't mind sitting out so everyone else can play, I would like to get my game on as it is my only night to game. So I worked on some rules for three player encounters. Please look them over and post up any feedback you got to help out. Set up for a game will be as normal with the following changes: Deployment- there will be two corner deployments on the same table edge and wedge deployment on the opposite table edge. The highest flip is still Attacker and his flip will set the Strategy. Keep track of the flips. Center line is always the line between the two corner deployment and wedge. Scheme-See changes below. Attacker still flip for pool. Deploying- All players split their crew in two. The lowest flip picks one of the Attackers groups, next highest picks one for the lowest flip, and Attacker picks mid flip group. Then go around again. In game- Winner of the Initiative picks the order of play for all players. Strategy changes: Turf war- same Plant Explosives- same rules but corners count the opposite table quarter for placement of markers and the wedge counts the opposite table half. Corrupted Idol- same rules but count the center line that is between the corner deployment and wedge deployment. The player in the wedge deployment always chooses the idol placement and from his point of view. Reckoning- same Schemes: Detonate charges- same Breakthrough- target player to the left Harness the ley line- same Search the Ruins- use rules for placement the same as Plant Explosives Dig their graves-same Hold up their forces- same Take prisoner- same Power ritual- same Outflank- same Assassinate- target player to the left Deliver a message- same Claim jump-same Vendetta-same
  11. Date: August 17th Where: 1215 S 180th St, Omaha, NE 68130 (402) 933-6080 Time: Register at noon and game one starts at 12:30pm Cost: $5 Time to get a little geeky with malifaux at the Geek Room. This will be a 3 round, 50ss crew, and fixed Faction. Dead Man hand is allowed. Each round will be 1 hour 30 minutes, due mainly to time. The event will have a limit of 16 players due to space. If you like to hold a spot, be sure to post up here. This event will be very beginner friendly event for many of the new players in the area. All fees will be collected and divided into 3 equal parts and raffled off to all the players based on placement. There will still be awards for top three and some prizes for them. Hope to see everyone there at the area's newer game store.
  12. Date: August 5th to 26th Where: The Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, NE 68116 402-991-8699 Time: 6pm to 9pm Cost: Nothing Time for a slow grow league. A great way to learn those models! Here are the rules: This league will be 4 weeks long. Players will start off declaring a Faction to use for the league. Players will then start with 5 card profiles. A player can take as many models as possible within the limits of the card picked. For example, if you pick a Minion (3) card then you can take up to 3 of those models. On the other hand, if you pick an Enforcer then you only get that one model. So you got to pick wisely as you can only use models of cards you pick. Encounters will start off at 35 ss max size and each week 5 ss will be added to total. Will you be able to pick the best crew for the league?
  13. Some extra rules of the event. Players will declare a keyword instead of faction. Players will be able to switch up their crew between rounds if they like. Crews can include Versatile models, but no out of keyword models.
  14. There is really not much more theme you can get out of the Viks. When you see them, you know stuff if going to die.
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