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  1. Fair enough. I'd be interested to know how he/she uses them. They've never done that much for me other than die fairly easily... Pre-nerf, Lampads worked as a burning battery for Reva that could also put out some damage and tank. now they are loads better at damage output, moving pyres and tanking (especially with GST). Besides that, I always take the Restless spirit to provide some extra corpses for Blasphemous Ritual, attack vectors or other purposes (Bete/Toshiro/Grave Golem) and give Shielded.
  2. I would 100% of the time be putting Lampads & Restless Spirit in green and Draugr in orange. both models are basically auto-takes in my crews, especially post errata.
  3. I reckon Beyond Time should be in Green, you're pretty much always gunna take Aionus, and post errata Talos is super good. For Bandits, I'd put Dead Outlaws in Orange
  4. Nah, that's all he can do. Walk and Interact. Maybe Dark Bargain for a Bonus. His sole ability is Don't Mind Me
  5. The Plague-pits returning for Hamelin could be cool... Ghost Levi? After he can't actually return.
  6. Euripides title is Weight Watchers: 30-day-challenge!
  7. Do you guys still think the Benny Bomb is still worth it now that you max out at 2 Focus?
  8. Nah, he'll start off the ultimate alpha-striker and get progressively worse as the game goes on... Title is of course Old man Yan! One of his actions is Get off mah lawn! Target is pushed away from this model as far as possible! If it ends the push less than 6" away, it suffers X damage where X is equal to 6 minus the turn number.
  9. Leader's (masters or Henchman) & Totems for said leader are free. The SS cost for masters is only if you hire a second and you need to pay for their totems if you take them.
  10. Glad they announced this with plenty of time. Looks like DZ is going to have lots of fun with the app in addition to the multiple masters changes... Good luck!
  11. I reckon Reva and Jack are a fairly good pairing, from what I've heard, Jack is kind of like a turtle, slow but super hard to crack and will hold an area to suck the enjoyment out of your opponent. OTH, Reva's my girl and she's super fast and how I play her, she can make a loose line of skirmishers to spread out and scalpel with the best of them!
  12. Why Von Schill specifically? Zipp (& Earl & Malifaux Child) bring pianos Mad Dog Blow it to Hell (can't be used for end point of Death Beds as you need 2 of the same marker) Alice brings Pit Traps Add that to strategy markers, schemes, corpse & scrap and Outcasts have a few ways to get markers for Death Beds or Research Mission
  13. Thinking about this on Rough Riders for a McCabe crew. Stealth helps their piddly defence and WP. Charge & flick a kunai, then shoot and either Ride with Me or Trigger Reposition on Dust Cloud to get away. Should be a great scheme runner/skirmisher model. Unimpeded is great for them too with their speed and being one of the few horses without it. Samurai are still amazing with this. Charge 6" with rush & flick a Kunai, Bonus Focus, Gatling someone away! Stealth & Unimpeded are awesome still... Stealthy, sneaky dudes in full samurai armour with giant Gatling guns is still a thi
  14. Anything from a Tanuki (although that's no longer possible). Biggest culprit was probably FuFu and his gatling gun... 3 Focused shots from that was just ouch! Otherwise Rat Kings with 7+ focus turn 1 Sandeep's replacement Golems could get high too.
  15. They actually could be viable and interesting lists. Especially Weaver bringing in the puppets! So Nb just effectively gained two potentially competitive leaders
  16. Lucid Dreams still snowballs, just at a much, much slower rate. let's say you Lucid dreams 6 cards every turn and don't bring any back with Stitched. End of turn 1, 3 cards removed permanently from game, 3 discarded start of turn 2 (6 cards total) End of turn 2, 4 cards removed permanently from game, 5 discarded start of turn 3 (9 cards total), old was 12 cards gone forever End of turn 3, 5 cards removed permanently from game, 5 discarded start of turn 4 (10 cards total), old was 18 cards gone forever End of turn 4, 5 cards removed permanently from game, 6 discarded start o
  17. Thanks, that makes sense. So models in BtB have a 180deg push arc (360deg if one of the models is incorporeal). The arc becomes a lot narrower if the models are further apart yeah?
  18. How does one do that (on Android)? And does it delete all my pre-made crews? Nevermind, it's under settings (phone settings, not in the app). Found it and no, it doesn't delete crews for anyone interested
  19. Great job putting a quick fix on the app! Appreciate that. Would have been awesome if Wyrd had of given the app-designer the cards ahead of time so s/he could have had it ready to go. Other bugs include that the front of the cards need updating too. Tanuki, Lampad, Dreamer, Somer, etc still have the original front of card. Sparks is still listed under Enforcer and still gets a Bombs in the Belly Upgrade in the reference list. Dreamer still gets Stitched together in the reference list. Ash Ascendant is still the old one in the reference list when making Yan Lo (who also hasn
  20. You also can't use fully healed models as part of a We Are Legion healing chain.
  21. My interpretation (which could be wrong!), is that models in BtB have about a 60deg arc of pushing away (using two 30mm bases, might change with different sizes) if choosing the left most point on one model and right most point on the other. it then gets pushed diagonally away. Something like this: How can you push a model away while going through the targeting model? Wouldn't than bring you closer? Is this right?
  22. Edited to correct my horrid reading skills (although more like me assuming I was right and only reading half the sentence ) I do feel somewhat targeted by having two people correct me within ~20min Good to see the mods are on the ball! (It was all a test, I swear!)
  23. Fly with me may target engaged models. It just can't be taken if itself is engaged Disregard... apparently I read goodly not
  24. Woah, never heard this before... When did this happen?? I definitely don't think that's RAI and I'd almost argue against RAW due to the wording of then. If it is kosher, then she just became sooo much (more) awesome in my Reva crews! Anyway, an idea I had for Transmortis that is unlikely to happen as you'd have to do every card is turn Studied opponent into a look at your top card on your deck and if it is a non-joker, you may discard it. Otherwise put it back. This on top of some Wd reductions for the Iron Zombies. Wds=cost+Armour+HtK is a bit much.
  25. you gain the suit of the discarded marker?
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