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  1. @Sweet Tooth: Ah, now I see it. I always read it as 'same friendly model only once', so different models yes, one model just once. I guess I have cheated a couple of times unintentionally :/. It could still work though. Graves pushes Pandora and is pushed in BtB. Then does whatever (move somewhere, lay a marker). Then Doppelganger moves up in a way she will be blocked by Graves but is within 2" of Pandora. Mimic and push Pandora. Lilitu will have to walk up there. Maybe you can move once and have someone in range of a Lure. If your opponent activated a model and moved it up, then Lilitu could lure it forward and Pandora would then be really clos eto the poor bugger. Generally I'D try to do the push combo either later in the turn if you think your opponent will move up or try to get initiative and do it quickly if there are a couple of models deployed opposite of pandora so that they can't all get away in 2 activations.
  2. Here's alink to how I set up the Graves-Doppelganger push combo when I want to push multiple models / don't want Doppelganger to be pushed into btb.
  3. If you leave out Playtime and handing out fast, you could activate the Wretch and Doppelganger before Dreamer and you'd still see a few cards. But, yeah, it's a gimmicky list I wouldn't take on tournaments. (And Teddy won't even have many wounds even after Dreamer's aura and Regeneration). Just remembered you could take Gracie who can reactivate herself. If you cast Playtime on her, she can Take A Bite to heal herself back up and draw 4 cards in total (I'd field that for the lolz).
  4. That's what I meant. But with the list suggested you could at least have some movement and summoning. And a decent-sized starting crew.
  5. Edit: If you give B.wretch fast in scenario b) and attack the bandersnatch, it'll die and you'll have to attack sth else with Doppelganger. Still, as your models heal near Dreamer, that would actually not be a problem at all, as I just realized. Though you'd miss on summoning. Basically, in a) you have seen 18 cards and Bandersnatch lives, in b) you've seen 17 cards and Bandersnatch dies or you lose on movement. (Note that you could still flip 13M or RJ during all those duels)
  6. Sue can hurt himself today to draw a card. (He might be nice in Dreamer as he gives some protection vs. Ca and heal back up next activation if near Dreamer) You can take Lilith + P.magic + Anna Lovelace - but is it worth it?
  7. @Fablo I like the approach, though I'm not sure if it is cost efficient. And it depends a lot on your opponent letting you do all of that. I guess it'll only really works turn 1 - and you might be more or less a turn behind. The main issue I see is the cards flipped for attacking/defending/relenting. The more card cycling you did, the more likely it is that the 13M or RJ turns up in an attack or defense flip. Also, you might not have cards to cheat low on the defense flip, so you'll have to relent, drawing 3 cards. That's an even bigger chance for the 13M and RJ being flipped there. And if you don't get them, you have wasted alot of ressources for one (rarly three) Teddies. It seems more efficient to just take Widow Weaver and summon mass stichet who can be turned into a Teddy later on. But I'd like to try it out. Though I'd leave out the emissary and Marlene Webster. I don't see her value. Sure, she comes back, but you could use a cheap incorporeal model to get hit, and you can resummon it later. Maybe even daydreams which can be used to push around models first. A 'light' version could be this. You lose card draw/cycling but have more SS left for consturcting your list and not using so many AP with Dreamer Dreamer (Otherworldly, DoP. Wings, +4 SS) --> 12SS B.wretch --> 5SS Doppelganger --> 7SS Mr.Tannen --> 6SS 2x Daydreams --> 4SS Bandersnatch --> 5SS (since it has +1 wound than I.madness at the same cost) That leaves 11 points for whatever. I'd suggest maybe Mr. Graves (there is not much damage output in the list) and another Daydream to sack for Dreamer on the defensive. Or even Marlena to make some Nightmares so that Da<ydreams can push them forward since you lose a lot of movement. Though that would be yet another support model. 1. Dreamer stones (+3 cycled) 2. Dreamer activates. a) If you have a 7+ tomes in hand: Cast Playtime on B.wretch and Doppelganger. Then summon Lilitu if ableo or sth else. (If Lilitu, she can Lure Dreamer up the board later) b) If you don't: Give B.wretch fast.. Then cast playtime on B.wretch. Then, either cast Palytime again on Doppelg., or summon Lilitu if possible. 3. a) If you do: Start with B.wretch. Rage Builds + 1 hit on Bandersnatch. 2 dmg (most likely) (+3 cards, discard 1) b) If you don't: Start with Doppelganger. Mimic Rage Builds and hit Bandersnatch . 1 dmg (most likely) (+2 cards, discard 1) (+3 if you cast Playtime and didn't summon) 4. Activate Bandersnatch near Dreamer. Heal to full. Walk somewhere. 5. Now: a) Activate Doppelganger, Mimic Rage Builds (use 7+ Tomes) and charge Bandersnatch. 2x 2 dmg (+6 cards, discard 2), Bandersnatch probably even lives because Doppelganger does base card damage. b) Activate B.wretch. Rage Builds and charge Bandersnatch. 2x 2-3 dmg (+6 cards, discard 2), Bandersnatch is killed. 6. Do some other stuff with rest of the crew.
  8. @Franchute First of all, thank you for your praise, it is very motivating when people like your work Mhm, I thought I were more or less tied to what I could claim for the challenge, since I have quite a mass of once-started-never-finished models on the painting table. But those were WIP before I entered the challenge, so that they wouldn't count. I could upload photos of the minis I have finished this month, at least. My two concerns are the projects I already have lying around in varying WIP stages pre-challenge and non-Malifaux stuff which doesn't have soulstone costs. So if I want to paint minis for other systems or just for fun, I'll probably not be able to make a challenge and have to mulligan.
  9. Treehouse


    That's a very cool conversion of Huggy!
  10. @Franchute: Sorry to say that I'll be dropping out of the challenge. I found that I work better if I can jump between projects and don't have a monthly list to work on.
  11. Lynch box, Doppelgänger, Mr. Graves, Beckoners (or Lilitu, who is better with Lilith/Dreamer) and Mysterious Effigy (for the Def. push on Lynch). If you'll eventually get Lilith, you'll get Terror Tots who work nicely with Lynch. On Waldgeists, I bought them but never really played them. I tend to just pick Illuminated. But that's down to taste.
  12. Frankly, if you plan to play Pandora, I'd get Nekima instead of Teddy. He dies really, really fast and Pandora has not a big deal of synergy with him. So, Pandora, Doppelgänger, Iggy and Nekima is a good start, though at some point you want Lilitu (for Dreamer too).
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