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  1. Three Kingdom and Kimon, this is the best NEWS I have heard this month.
  2. The models of squads are only used as the markers of hit points. So I have an idea, how about design a skirmish game for them?
  3. I understand that Wyrds focus on TOS and M3E recently. But it has been six months since the last update of Bayou Bash.
  4. There is no Monday Preview last Monday.🤢 Possibly these undead gentlemen come from Earth.
  5. These Portals looks much more scary after painting.
  6. The figure appears a new race rising in the background. I wish they belongs to the Court Of Two.
  7. This dinosaur sorcerer is really COOL!!! Who are the Ngaatoro sisters?
  8. Awesome! Twisted Horrors are capable of many replacements. How valuable!
  9. Wow! The dark-magic-steampunk Agents! And they betrayed their duty! ECBs are the true symbol of The Other Side.
  10. Introduction is so simple. Shield is the most important part in army.
  11. The Corps are the true symbol of King's Empire. Because KE prefers the strategy way than Abyssinia.
  12. Does either Neverborn or Gremlins have their own Magewright?
  13. Sorry, Alpha crawler, we missed your forum. The background is clearly. It explains why Goryshche is the cheapest Titan. But I am so surprised about the Russians.
  14. Hmm. A large swamp fly. By the way, I think that Gremlins should hire more swampfiends in their crew. Maybe Ulix or Somer can fit this.
  15. Do Charm Warders mean "式神(shikikami)" in Japanese?
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