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  1. Monkeysword

    Monday Preview - Mysterious Gentlemen

    There is no Monday Preview last Monday.🤢 Possibly these undead gentlemen come from Earth.
  2. Monkeysword

    Friday Preview - Stalking Portals

    These Portals looks much more scary after painting.
  3. Monkeysword

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    The figure appears a new race rising in the background. I wish they belongs to the Court Of Two.
  4. Monkeysword

    Friday Preview - Horomatangi

    This dinosaur sorcerer is really COOL!!! Who are the Ngaatoro sisters?
  5. Monkeysword

    Friday Preview - Twisted Horrors

    Awesome! Twisted Horrors are capable of many replacements. How valuable!
  6. Monkeysword

    Friday Preview - ECB Black Ops

    Wow! The dark-magic-steampunk Agents! And they betrayed their duty! ECBs are the true symbol of The Other Side.
  7. Monkeysword

    Friday Preview - Armored Whelks

    Introduction is so simple. Shield is the most important part in army.
  8. Monkeysword

    Friday Preview - Field Intelligence Corps

    The Corps are the true symbol of King's Empire. Because KE prefers the strategy way than Abyssinia.
  9. Monkeysword

    Monday Preview - Magewright

    Does either Neverborn or Gremlins have their own Magewright?
  10. Monkeysword

    September 1st - Gorysche

    Sorry, Alpha crawler, we missed your forum. The background is clearly. It explains why Goryshche is the cheapest Titan. But I am so surprised about the Russians.
  11. Monkeysword

    Monday Preview - Adze

    Hmm. A large swamp fly. By the way, I think that Gremlins should hire more swampfiends in their crew. Maybe Ulix or Somer can fit this.
  12. Monkeysword

    Monday Preview - August 7th

    Do Charm Warders mean "式神(shikikami)" in Japanese?
  13. Monkeysword

    August 4th - Fenton Brahms

    Love Fenton! His background is really impressive, too. Poor Adeodatos, Fenton Brahams spreads much more Chaos on the board.
  14. Monkeysword

    Monday Preview - July 31st

    I have seen all models of Broken Promise posted now. Bokors are my favorite!
  15. Monkeysword

    May 8th - Divergent Path Child

    This design is better than I expected. Good Job!