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  1. Speckled Crawlers help a LOT both in general but specifically Pitched Assault. Reinforcement Tokens are our bread and butter.
  2. Giga Bites Cafe in Marietta, Georgia.
  3. This is the most accurate statement. If you don't clean there is a small chance things mess up. I didn't clean any of mine (got too excited) and just hit it with a nice white primer and didn't run into any issues. But I have with other kits before so it's a better safe then sorry sort of thing.
  4. I'm actually doing this for the most part with my stuff. Just makes painting large amounts of miniatures easier. Another friend of mine has decided to learn to airbrush.
  5. Now that we are entering the second to last round it's time to buckle in and persevere until the end! Only one more round remains after this! Who will win? Who will place? And who will be eliminated? We want to say thanks again to our awesome judges, the Iron Painter participants, and all of our voting community members. It has been really awesome to see yet again this year, that the Iron Painter community is one that really supports each other, and revels in the awesome hobby we all share! This announcement contains the round four theme and pairings. A link to the round three results can be
  6. As always I want to begin by thanking everyone for their participation! There have been plenty of awesome, eye-catching pieces to be had last round. We have posted only the results in this thread. The Round Four Announcement can be found here: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/141052-iron-painter-2018-round-four-announcement/ The scores for the Gold and Silver tier are posted using this format Name, Average (Judge 1, Judge 2, Judge 3) GOLD TIER The gold tier was full of some monstrously magnificent works! But after all the mashing was done, onl
  7. This is me deciding I need a bigger Hobby Desk. And this is demoing some stuff at my LGS!
  8. Happy Thursday Wyrdos! Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 38 is now live! This Is Halloween. Messing with Malifaux: Take a trip down memory lane and revisit some old favorites in M2E! Smilin's Easier Than Frownin': Two thieves find themselves caught within the crosshairs in their latest heist job. Tricks N' Treats: Celebrate Halloween with a Waldo pumpkin stencil and a Wyrd coloring page. Community Highlights: Interested in trying out a tournament? Here are some tips and tricks to get you started before the first round begins.
  9. Hey Wyrdos! The Third Edition Beta continues to move on, and we have been spoiling a little bit of information in our Waldo's Weekly segments. For those who missed out on the previous chance, want to give you another chance to see what is exciting about Third Edition. We are really excited to announce that we will be accepting new applications to the closed Beta. Joining the Beta is a way to get a peek at what is happening in Third Edition and provide valuable feedback. You will be able to see some of the design processes for a game you love, and be able to see the changes happen an
  10. Very true! https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/gallery/category/115-round-3-eliminated-finished/
  11. Hey Wyrdos, With The Other Side’s release, we thought that it might be a good change of pace to take a peek into its world. This story takes a look at the perspective of the men and women of the King’s Empire who piloted the zeppelins floating above London after the battle broke. This short story is an exclusive glimpse into the Other Side that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, including the core rulebook! The story can be viewed on our website! You can also click the image below to download the PDF.
  12. The countdown ends and the ghouls and ghasts need to head home from the Monster Mash. The spooky and silly made its debut in this round! First off thank you so much to everyone who continues to participate. The Round Three Theme, Monster Mash, brought out some of the denizens of the night and we all enjoyed getting to party with them! With all that said, it's finally time. Round Three of submissions is over! Brushes are down, paint is dry, the monsters mashed. That means it is time for the voting! While we may be voting in the Bronze category only this time around, you wouldn't know it f
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