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  1. Speckled Crawlers help a LOT both in general but specifically Pitched Assault. Reinforcement Tokens are our bread and butter.
  2. Giga Bites Cafe in Marietta, Georgia.
  3. This is the most accurate statement. If you don't clean there is a small chance things mess up. I didn't clean any of mine (got too excited) and just hit it with a nice white primer and didn't run into any issues. But I have with other kits before so it's a better safe then sorry sort of thing.
  4. I'm actually doing this for the most part with my stuff. Just makes painting large amounts of miniatures easier. Another friend of mine has decided to learn to airbrush.
  5. Now that we are entering the second to last round it's time to buckle in and persevere until the end! Only one more round remains after this! Who will win? Who will place? And who will be eliminated? We want to say thanks again to our awesome judges, the Iron Painter participants, and all of our voting community members. It has been really awesome to see yet again this year, that the Iron Painter community is one that really supports each other, and revels in the awesome hobby we all share! This announcement contains the round four theme and pairings. A link to the round three results can be found at the bottom of this post. But now it is time for the part you guys all REALLY care about, the theme! Theme We have been clashing head to head for 2 rounds now. Everyone knows sometimes when the stakes get high, people start to fight dirty. We thought we would encourage that a little bit with the Round Four theme: Lowdown and Dirty. Now don't go using dirty language or using dirty tricks on your opponent, but we want to see what lowdown and dirty miniatures you can bring to the table. Or under the table... Now Iron Painters, it's time to get assembling, converting, modelling and painting! Submissions Galleries to come Round Four Gold: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/gallery/category/117-round-4-gold-finished/ Round Four Silver: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/gallery/category/118-round-4-silver-finished/ Round Four Bronze: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/gallery/category/119-round-3-bronze-finished/ Round Four Eliminated: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/gallery/category/120-round-4-eliminated-finished/ Round FourWIP: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/gallery/category/116-round-4-wip/ Pairings Gold Silver Bronze Reminders Again a few reminders because it never hurts! 1) All submissions should be one image. This could be a collage of multiple angles, but it should be one image. It should be submitted as a.jpeg and no larger than 7000 x 7000 pixels. 2) Work in Progress photos (WIP) and sharing is not only allowed but encouraged. This contest is not anonymous so share as much as you want! You should be proud of your Iron Painter work, and we want you to be able to share how awesome it is. 3) Some participants will not finish their painting in time. It happens! Anyone who does not finish their model automatically loses their Round and is eliminated from the competition (not just dropped down a Tier) If there are multiple DNFs in a Round, their opponents who did finish their models will be randomly paired up against each other, as long as they are in the same Tier. Iron Painter is a competition, and if your opponent couldn’t handle the pressure, we’re going to go ahead and get you an adversary that is made of sterner stuff. It is possible that this will still result in a participant without an opponent, in which case that participant will automatically win that round (assuming they aren’t disqualified by the Easy Way Out restriction; see below). EASY WAY OUT Any submission that is up against a DNF may be disqualified if it gets a total score of less than 12 points (averaged). This counts as a loss. This rule is intended to stop people who see that their opponent will be a DNF from taking the easy way out and submitting a “meh” piece of work. 4) An image should be of either a single model, diorama or scene. MULTIPLE MODELS THAT ARE NOT SET IN A SCENE OR DIORAMA WILL RESULT IN A DISQUALIFICATION!! 5) If you have any questions please ask me! I want to help, and make sure there is no confusion. Round Three Results: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/141050-iron-painter-2018-round-three-results/
  6. As always I want to begin by thanking everyone for their participation! There have been plenty of awesome, eye-catching pieces to be had last round. We have posted only the results in this thread. The Round Four Announcement can be found here: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/141052-iron-painter-2018-round-four-announcement/ The scores for the Gold and Silver tier are posted using this format Name, Average (Judge 1, Judge 2, Judge 3) GOLD TIER The gold tier was full of some monstrously magnificent works! But after all the mashing was done, only one could stand as the ultimate monster. I am going to remind people of the head to heads, and list the winner next to it, as well as provide the bracket with new pairings. A reminder that the people who lose in gold, will be put into the silver bracket to continue competing. Icatsai, 16 (18, 17, 13) vs Rzaba 19.33 (19, 21, 18) > Rzaba Wins! Whirler, 19.33 (21, 20, 17) vs Sleepwalker, 17.33 (17, 17, 18) > Whirler Wins! ConqueringWyrm, 19 (20, 23, 14) vs Dirty, 11.67 (14, 11, 10) > ConqueringWyrm Wins! Radamset, 12 (13, 13, 10) vs Nathillien, 15.33 (16, 17, 13) > Nathillien Wins! Silver Tier The Silver tier had some spectacularly spooky works! Some of these monstrously good painters will continue on in silvers while others will be pushed out. But remember that even those who lose this round will continue to duke it out in bronze! Below are the results. Bozydar, 17.67 (18, 19, 16) vs SallyFN, 16.67 (17, 20, 13) > Bozydar Wins! Gos, 13.33 (13, 14, 13) vs Darklord, 15.67 (16, 20, 11) > Darklord Wins! Ynysley, 13.67 (17, 17, 7) vs Zanna 14.33 (15, 15, 13) > Zanna Wins! Nikita 10.67 (12, 14, 6) vs LadyDraco, 16 (16, 19, 13) > LadyDraco Wins! helldrad, 13.67 (15, 16, 10) vs Darthslider 11.33 (14, 12, 8 ) > Helldrad Wins! Corrgon, 13.67 (16, 13, 12) vs Colour Charge, 14.67 (17, 17, 10) > ColourCharge Wins! Guslado, 15.33 (18, 17, 11) vs ArD, 11 (12, 14, 7) > Guslado Wins! Ayvran, 13.33 (15, 17, 8 ) vs Glamage 12.33 (13, 11, 13) > Ayvran Wins! Bronze Tier The Bronze tier impressed us with their eerie entries! Duking it out for a better chance at the raffle, they showed how much they still want to win. A reminder that if you lose in bronze, you are eliminated but should STILL continue to submit works. If you do not complete every round, you will not be eligible for the raffle. Arclight vs Stonewall78 > Arclight Wins! Annanas vs Senya1987 > Senya1987 Wins! prosefeorn vs Sweeps > Sweeps Wins! domperignome vs cbtb11234813 > Domperignome Wins! Masskit vs Reagen Helms > Masskit Wins! Natsugawa vs Dmitry > Natsugawa Wins! bas_2312 vs PranicAttack > Bas_2312 Wins! Vo1demra vs generalbear > Generalbear Wins! Thimblesage vs Remx61 > Thimbelsage Wins! Fateweaver vs Mrcoblin > Fateweaver Wins! Euclid vs lusciousmccabe > Euclid Wins! Gaspard vs ReservoirDog > ReservoirDog Wins! Malvain vs Dionysus > Malvain Wins! A quick reminder that even if you lost in bronze, you can and should still participate by submitting a miniature for every round in order to be eligible for the raffle at the end!
  7. This is me deciding I need a bigger Hobby Desk. And this is demoing some stuff at my LGS!
  8. Happy Thursday Wyrdos! Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 38 is now live! This Is Halloween. Messing with Malifaux: Take a trip down memory lane and revisit some old favorites in M2E! Smilin's Easier Than Frownin': Two thieves find themselves caught within the crosshairs in their latest heist job. Tricks N' Treats: Celebrate Halloween with a Waldo pumpkin stencil and a Wyrd coloring page. Community Highlights: Interested in trying out a tournament? Here are some tips and tricks to get you started before the first round begins. Zepplin Transcripts from Beyond the Breach: A brief glimpse into the King's Empire after the battle of London broke. Old Bones: A Bultungin reawakens, only to find that the bones of those she loved are missing from their graves. Earthside Dossiers: Take a deep dive into the Cult of the Burning Man's Commanders, Adeodatos and Fenton Brahms. You can find the latest issue of Chronicles for the low cost of FREE on DriveThruRPG!
  9. Hey Wyrdos! The Third Edition Beta continues to move on, and we have been spoiling a little bit of information in our Waldo's Weekly segments. For those who missed out on the previous chance, want to give you another chance to see what is exciting about Third Edition. We are really excited to announce that we will be accepting new applications to the closed Beta. Joining the Beta is a way to get a peek at what is happening in Third Edition and provide valuable feedback. You will be able to see some of the design processes for a game you love, and be able to see the changes happen and even have an influence on them. For any new applicants, please be aware that you will be put into a new group if accepted. The Beta is currently split into multiple groups, and this will create a new group for this wave of testers. If you have friends in one of the other groups feel free to play with them and discuss with them. The group will give you an opportunity to have your voice heard by the designers. You can find the Beta Application here: https://wyrd-games.net/m3e-closed-beta-application
  10. Very true! https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/gallery/category/115-round-3-eliminated-finished/
  11. Hey Wyrdos, With The Other Side’s release, we thought that it might be a good change of pace to take a peek into its world. This story takes a look at the perspective of the men and women of the King’s Empire who piloted the zeppelins floating above London after the battle broke. This short story is an exclusive glimpse into the Other Side that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, including the core rulebook! The story can be viewed on our website! You can also click the image below to download the PDF.
  12. The countdown ends and the ghouls and ghasts need to head home from the Monster Mash. The spooky and silly made its debut in this round! First off thank you so much to everyone who continues to participate. The Round Three Theme, Monster Mash, brought out some of the denizens of the night and we all enjoyed getting to party with them! With all that said, it's finally time. Round Three of submissions is over! Brushes are down, paint is dry, the monsters mashed. That means it is time for the voting! While we may be voting in the Bronze category only this time around, you wouldn't know it from many of the entries! The monstrous minis were mighty indeed! All this means is that the submissions are ready! Make sure you read ALL of the information below before heading to the poll (link provided at the bottom) A reminder that our Gold and Silver voting will be handled by our esteemed panel of judges. If you want to take a look at the awesome entries, head on over to the galleries! Gold: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/gallery/category/112-round-3-gold-finished/ Silver: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/gallery/category/113-round-3-silver-finished/ A note that the Silver bracket was changed to include repairings based on DNF's and drops. This means some of the pairings in Silver will be different than the original pairings posted in the announcement thread. @SallyFN, @ArD, and @Ayvranwere moved to Silver due to DNF's or Drops in Silver. The updated bracket is included below. For Bronze, the voting will be handled via a Forum Poll (which is linked at the bottom of this post). We have attached images for each entry, and all you have to do is choose your favorite out of EACH head to head pairing. Please make sure you vote in each head to head. The gallery for Bronze can be found here: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/gallery/category/114-round-3-bronze-finished/. Feel free to head over there to comment on your favorite pieces or to get a closer look at some of the images! A few notes about the pairings. Due to multiple DNF's, there was a significant amount of repairing. This means that some of the pairings will be different than the original pairings posted in the announcement thread. In addition, three painters were moved up to Silver due to DNFs in that bracket. Thank you again to everyone for participating! There were some awesome submissions, and we can't wait to see what you have ready for Round Four! Below you will find the list of people who were either a DNF or dropped. If you were paired against one of these people, you were re-paired to have an opponent if possible. This repairing was done randomly. If you feel you are incorrectly on this list, please PM me. Beerzerk88 KID55 Iio9ilnik Decoy werdipi Regia RevaMcEntire argailwall Terry conykchameleon Oscrix gypsy If you made it to this point, that means you are ready to vote! Head on over to the polls: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/140804-round-three-voting-polls/
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